Sunday Discussion: So, What If The Dark Knight Wins Best Picture?

November 23, 2008

The Dark Knight

Does it mean we've reached the end of great cinema as we know it? Or will it usher in a new era of impeccable filmmaking? Like it or not, it's looking more and more likely that The Dark Knight could end up winning Best Picture at the Oscars next year. Why am I making such a ludicrous prediction so early in the game? Well, out of all the big Best Picture contenders, none of them have turned out to be as amazing as expected. First things first, I haven't seen all of them, but being in Hollywood and with the friends I know, I've spoken to someone who has seen at least every big contender (we'll get into those later on). And while most are turning out good, none of them are turning out amazing, which only leaves The Dark Knight.

Here's the thing - I love great films and I love the Oscar season. And there are a handful of potential Oscar contenders that I've been very excited to see. As time has gone by, most of my friends (or other people I know within the industry) have seen most of the big contenders, but no one has come running to me proclaiming that they just saw the Best Picture winner hands down. Besides The Dark Knight, the other films in the running for Best Picture include: Australia, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Doubt, Frost/Nixon, Gran Torino, Milk, Nothing But the Truth, Rachel Getting Married, The Reader, Revolutionary Road, Slumdog Millionaire, The Wrestler, and Wall-E. Out of all those, the only two that haven't really been seen by anyone are Gran Torino and The Reader. However, based on the trailers for both, I doubt they'll be strong enough to take down the others in that list.

So there's this year's Oscar line-up. There could be some other anomalies, like Steven Soderbergh's Che or Changeling or Seven Pounds, but for the most part nothing else really has the industry buzz to even make it to the Oscars. I don't want to breakdown each and every movie on there, but I've heard only "good but not great" feedback on almost all of them. Well, except for The Wrestler and Wall-E. Those two could actually give The Dark Knight a run for its money. But then I think back to the fact that The Dark Knight has made nearly $1 billion worldwide, that it almost was the best reviewed film of the year (until Wall-E took that title), and has been heralded by critics and fans alike the best comic book movie of all-time.

That is exactly my point. Remember back to the Oscars in 2004, when Lord of the Rings: Return of the King earned an unimaginable 11 statues. The other nominees for Best Picture that year included Lost in Translation, Master and Commander, Mystic River, and Seabiscuit. Besides Mystic River (and maybe Lost in Translation), it really wasn't the best year. The other nominees, while great, just didn't have that edge needed to beat Return of the King. That's the exact same feeling I'm getting this year as well. A film on its way to earning $1 billion (just like Return of the King), a strong but not-strong-enough selection of other nominees, and the critical backing necessary for an off-kilter win. When you put things into perspective like that, it doesn't seem as unlikely that The Dark Knight might win after all.

With that result in mind, that brings me to my next topic of discussion today. So, what if The Dark Knight does win Best Picture? Are you going to be happy or upset? I'm honestly a bit worried that if my prediction turns out to be true, the reaction could be severe. I know there are plenty of people (like myself) who believe it deserves to win and would be very content if it did. But there are also a few people who really don't like the movie and would be more than upset if it wins. Would it really be that crazy if it does? It just seems like it'd be another off-the-wall year like back in 2004 with Return of the King. I'd actually love to see it win just because I love shaking things up in Hollywood and a win would do just that.

Don't get me wrong, all of the other big contenders this year are all fine films. In fact, I loved both The Wrestler and Australia and I think Milk will end up the most highly underrated film of the year. So I'm not saying that the other nominees are bad by any means, I'm just saying that The Dark Knight does have the edge needed to win this year. With every new day I hope to hear from someone that one of the other contenders is indeed a masterpiece, but every day I hear more feedback to the contrary. It's making me more and more skeptical and I couldn't help bringing up this discussion today. And in the end we've got to face the facts - The Dark Knight really is the frontrunner for Best Picture at the moment.

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If Wall-E beats Dark Knight, I will declare open war on Hollywood. Sorry, but I just can't see ANY of these films defeating Nolan's masterpiece. Dark Knight is simply more unique than any of them in my opinion. Have we ever seen anything like it??

McScottsonfelds on Nov 23, 2008


the wrestler is the best movie of the year, no tdk or wall-e shit

Not You on Nov 23, 2008


agreed with 2, wall e and tdk were great, but i feel wrestler will get this. although, i will be happy if either of the 3 win.

al on Nov 23, 2008


BAAAAAH HAHAHAHA HAHA HA HA HA HA HAAAAHAHAHAHAHA... wipes tear... Oh that made my day. Bless your heart. But seriously. It won't.

George on Nov 23, 2008


I honestly am basing this opinion on trailer but i think that The Wrestler can win in the end. Loved TDK and Wall-E.

Flavio on Nov 23, 2008


go TDK. here's my reasoning. if a piece of shit film like Titanic which was a big money maker and pop culture phenomenon, could win 11 statues, why can't TDK. We won't see a film like TDK in a long long time.

andrew on Nov 23, 2008


Agree #6. As good as The Wrestler surely is, The Dark Knight is a much more unusual film to say the least. It invites no comparisons to any other film of its own type, while The Wrestler will surely be compared to the Rocky films. I'm not saying it's not a whole different thing than Rocky, but you have to admit that people in general will probably make the connection.

McScottsonfelds on Nov 23, 2008


I would love to see Dark Knight win, and I'm pulling for Wall-E to just get nominated. (I think Beauty and the Beast is still the only animated film to get a Best Picture nod.) Those are the only two movies I've gone back to see in theatres (though granted I went back for a different experience: Dark Knight in IMAX and Wall-E at the El Capitan) this year. Unfortunately, I think the Academy's just too snobby to admit that a comic book movie could be this good. I think that too many of them will look at all the evidence in its favor and say "...but it's a comic book movie!" and vote elsewhere. Heath Ledger's pretty much a lock for Supporting Actor, though. Who wants to vote against the dead guy, especially when his performance deserves it?

Lady Aerin on Nov 23, 2008


You also forgot to list The Secret Life of Bees, which seems like it might silently creep its way up to being a surprise contender.

George on Nov 23, 2008


I do hope that Wall-E wins. I'm a pixar fanboy, and in the animation business myself, and I really do think they deserve to win Best Picture for their movie. Though its a tough choice for me, TDK was amazingly good as well. Both deserve it, but my hopes go for Wall-E. I haven't The Wrestler yet, so I can't comment on that.

Rickmeister on Nov 23, 2008


I would like to see Wall-E win the best-film. As incredible as TDK was, i think Wall-E was a 100% perfect, original film. What they achieved with that film, carrying a lead character throughtout the movie with very very little dialogue is something which rivals TDK's cinematic marvel to a very tight mark. I also think, seeing as Oscars on the majority of occasions are "Nods for everything" Pixar really deserve an Oscar for this, seeing as they are a studio which has never released a bad film (Thats not opinionated, read the figures and reviews) Don't slate me for this opinion, i loved The Dark Knight, and i think it is an incredible movie, I just think that Wall-E was truley a film out-of-this-world.

Stuart Mellor on Nov 23, 2008


I don't think the reaction would be that surprising. Im probably in the minority, but I still don't understand all the praise the academy gave to The Lord of the Rings franchise. They were really bloaded, wildly over long and far from message movies. The Dark knight is better than all 3 Lord of the Rings films. I strongly believe that. It's tighter, features a great performance from Ledger and has a totally compelling story which transends its comic book roots. Lets see what happens! Chuck on Nov 23, 2008


The Dark Knight was nothing short of a master piece flawless in all categories. I don't even know what the reaction being severe means, Titanic won, and so did Crash- not a very good film-just marketing. People move on quickly. The Best Picture of the year is supposed to be just that, a movie that is the best, and over all audience appeal is a factor in that. For Nolan to have made such an intelligent thriller with such deep themes, it is amazing the appeal was so great. I thought for a minute that audiences might be getting a little wiser about what they enjoyed based on the Dark Knight's success, but Twilight's 70 million dollar weekend shows that crappy movies will still have a place at the top in this wonderful world ours.

Tyler on Nov 23, 2008


The academy rarely gets it right. Babe was nominated for best picture at one point and Shakespeare in Love won. So i wouldn't be surprised if they just give it to Clint Eastwood AGAIN!?! I also have the feeling that Dark Knight is going to be surpassed as the best comic book movie when Watchmen comes out. I just really hope they get the best actor right in giving it to Ledger. I also hope they don't downgrade him to supporting actor. It was a great movie and he carried it. i think this should be the discussion.

sumonesumtime on Nov 23, 2008


Just read the earlier article. Thought I was making an originalish point. My bad.

sumonesumtime on Nov 23, 2008


rourke is hands down winning best actor give tdk best picture

nelson on Nov 23, 2008


TDK better win. Whether or not it's due to the fact Ledger passed away, it IS an extraordinary movie and deserves to win.

Andrew on Nov 23, 2008


At this point THE DARK KNIGHT is the main frontrunner for nominations and Best Picture. It's been a very weak year and nothing has come close to breaking out as big as TDK. The only competition I see for TDK is SEVEN POUNDS. Of course I haven't seen the movie yet but on paper it looks good. Will Smith is the biggest movie star in the world, the movie looks extremely sentimental which always pulls at the Academy's heartstrings and there isn't a commercial prospect like it in all of December. I'm not saying it's gonna sweep the Oscars but as of now, it's the only real competition I see for TDK. What do you guys think?

Marco on Nov 23, 2008


The Oscars are so blatantly political in their choices that there's no way that TDK will win Best Picture. Vic on Nov 23, 2008


IMO- the closest competition that TDK will have is The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was screened recently, and apparently it got perfect acclaim from the critics. They screened the film a few weeks ago, but apparently it wasn't completely edited, or 20 minutes were missing, or something; but that screening didn't go so well. Not the case with this recent screening. From the look of the trailer, Benjamin Button looks interesting in its CG and Make-up work in the character aging in reverse. Other then that, however, it looks like a total snooze fest for me. Of course, I haven't seen the film, so I cannot have a reliable opinion at this point. But I have seen enough films in my life to know how a movie will be just by looking at a trailer, I'm usually never wrong. The dull-yellow lighting, the romantic theme, the ballet scenes, and a long running time spanning someone's entire life makes my eyes a bit droopy already. Still, critics loved it, and are claiming it the Best Picture Winner already. They're pro's, and I value their opinion; not like they've never been wrong though, far from it. I sadly predict that Benjamin Button will win it all. That really upsets me, because films like that are a dime-a-dozen, where as TDK overstepped its boundaries of its genre, and became something more and therefore ever-lasting. If TDK wins, I don't see it being looked as a mistake in years to come, but quite the opposite; where as, if Benjamin Button wins, it won't be a bad historical move, just a forgotten one. But again, I haven't seen the film 😀 Of course I'm highly biased. Still, I tend to know how critics and Academy voters think. The Wrestler and Wall-e won't even be nominated for Best Picture, IMO. I would like both to be, of course, but both films have pretty much been written off as Best Picture Candidates. At least Rourke has a strong chance for Best Actor; sure, if he wins, he'll probably make a fool/mockery of himself at the podium, but still deserved.

William on Nov 23, 2008


i think christian bale did a better job than brokeback ledger...everyones wet on joker because he looked cool ,...benjimin button movie has a better chance of winning ,now,have you ever seen a movie like that. if jonny 5 cant win a n oscar ,lol, wall-e wont pount

sick on Nov 23, 2008


19 makes a sad, but very true point. If politics means anything at all, TDK can consider itself booted.

McScottsonfelds on Nov 23, 2008


i don't think it should. Wall-E sends out a better message then Dark Knight in my opinion. Also, DarkKnight was a very well done film, yet, it didn't shock me as much as Iron Man did. I mean, Heath Ledger as the Joker was the great surprise and such with this film, but overall, everything else just kinda seemed the same. Nothing really truly different about Bale being batman really took me like Downey in Iron Man. Jeff Bridges' character also put a big emphisis on the story there, honestly, the only thing truly holding dark knight up was ledger

JL on Nov 23, 2008


(shakes his head) Politics. Call me an idiot, but the fact that TDK is the 2nd highest grossing film of all time should say SOMETHING! The movie was also a fascinating movie as well. Of course there are other movies that could compete for that same spot for best picture but TDK, I think, should blow the competition away!

big r on Nov 23, 2008


If if and buts were cany we would all have rotten teeth. Won't happen, because it's not the best picture.

Darunia on Nov 23, 2008


I would need to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Revolutionary Road and Austrailia before I can support TDK for Best Picture.

bill on Nov 23, 2008


What happened to Slumdog being the best movie released in years?

IK on Nov 23, 2008


I hope it does. It'll do justice for the Academy not giving Batman Begins anything. Bastards!

Bob on Nov 23, 2008


This movie was great. I think if anything you should be questioning why a movie about gay cowboys won so many awards, not a fantastic movie like this. Comic movie or not, everything from the directing to the acting to the story was absolutely superb.

D on Nov 23, 2008


Though I don't think that a film that made a shitload of money should be nominated for that sole reason, it will only help the actual telecast viewership if they were... the exception being that the profitable films in question were universally acclaimed... which in this year's case, could be. The Dark Knight & Wall-E are not your regular money-making blockbusters. They are unique examples of what hard work and putting actual effort & thought into a product, you will get a special result. "Interesting characters" could sweep Oscar(TM) nominations this year with Wall-E, the Joker, Randy "Ram" Robinson, and Richard fuckin' Nixon leading the pack.

Ivan Jaime on Nov 23, 2008


I liked the Dark Kinight very much but I think Heath Ledger performance elevated it. He will win Best Supporting Actor. I think The Curious case of Benjamin Button or Milk will win best picture

Violet on Nov 23, 2008


I really hope it doesn't win best picture. I mean, it was good... but best picture? That says something about this years crop. It was a superhero movie...

Arp on Nov 23, 2008


My Best Picture predictions are Australia, The Dark Knight, Doubt, Frost/Nixon, and for the win- The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. But IF The Dark Knight were to win and it was actually better then the other four movies I just listed (or whatever else starts generating awards buzz ala Slumdog Millionaire and The Wrestler) than I'd be happy. It's a brilliant film that I can't wait for.

BahHumbug on Nov 23, 2008


....on DVD

BahHumbug on Nov 23, 2008


In response to #32: You clearly did not understand the movie. People like you stand in the way of movies, like The Dark Knight, being honored for being genuinely good films simply on the grounds that they are different. Yes, it is a superhero movie, but only on the surface. The Dark Knight is a film that explores themes that are relevant to our time (heroism in the face of terrorism) in a stunning and innovative fashion. The Dark Knight is one of the best movies of the year, and it does deserve a nomination. There are not five better films this year. It's a little disheartening to hear people brush off The Dark Knight because of its superhero origins. The film has an amazing (and award-winning, mind you) cast and crew; it just so happens to be a superhero film. I will be extremely disappointed if The Dark Knight does not receive a nomination come January.

Jake on Nov 23, 2008


As we can already see in a previous post, WB is pushing for Heath Ledger in the Best Supporting Actor category and he probably has the award secured. But The Dark Knight winning Best Picture does not seem like a possibility. Granted, I loved the movie but the Academy as stated previously is very stuck up so I do not think it will win it. I think Wall-E has a better chance of winning this year for its originality and optimistic storyline (which would make it the first animated film to win Best Picture). I would not be surprised if The Wrestler, Slumdog Millionare, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button become big contenders. P.S. Honestly I think everyone is blowing Heath Ledgers performance in The Dark Knight way too much. Really, He was great and all but so was everyone in the movie. I mean come on Aaron Eckhart, Christian Bale, Michael Cane, Gary Oldman. Does anyone feel the same way that I do?

Betterchill on Nov 23, 2008


Here's what most people are failing to realize... If you don't want a "comic-book movie" to win, MAKE BETTER MOVIES!! If there were movies better than the Dark Knight this year, we wouldn't be having this discussion.

NightShiftLoser on Nov 23, 2008


I could see The Dark Knight earning a nomination but a win is a little out of the question at the moment. The real question your article needs to be asking is whether it will be nominated for Best Picture or not. I can easily see the Academy nominating the following films over it: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Slumdog Millionaire Milk Revolutionary Road Doubt Then we have Frost/Nixon, The Wrestler and Grand Torino. All these movies are much more Academy friendly films than The Dark Knight. However, I do believe TDK has a good shot at getting nominated. However, making a case for it winning the whole thing is a little far fetched right now.

Reuben on Nov 23, 2008


Seriously enough about TDK oscar buzz how much more of a fanboy can you become

Calvin on Nov 23, 2008


I think The Dark Knight is a front runner in Viewer's Choice Awards. Best Picture? Don't be so sure.

SS on Nov 23, 2008


oh yeah watch all the movies you listed or drop some names of the "people" you know that are "in the industry", at least one because all it says to me in this articles is "how cool would it be for a comic book movie to win an oscar just like lord of the rings cus i loved both those movies". I get it your a geek, I am too, I love fantasy stuff and comic book stuff. But you know what I also love movies and you do the genre a disservice by making stupid predictions for which you have no merit besides, "oh i heard these people say that those movies aren't good but I thought TDK was amazing"

Calvin on Nov 23, 2008


I think another crucial reason this film, and in particular Heath Ledger will win an Oscar is because there will be some severe backlash if it doesn't, and the academy has to know that. Oscar films are always seen as snobbish film buff movies, and many disregard the Oscar films because they don't appeal to the general public. But when films that do appeal to the general public create enough buzz it gets people interested in the Oscars again. Take Titanic for example. Great or not, there's no way the academy wasn't going to give that movie best picture. The world would have revolted had they given it to Good Will Hunting or As Good as it Gets.....typical Oscar fair. Sure plenty didn't like The Dark Knight, but it's got enough public appeal that it will get nominated, and people will tune in to the Oscars to see how it win. They're not going to tune in to see it get beaten by the Wrestler, a film that is only going to appeal to a handful of people, and even though I think it looks great, it also looks like (and "looks like" is going to be important because many won't see it) Rocky, Million Dollar Baby, and a million other underdog sports films. The Dark Knight really is a special film that doesn't come around often. I don't think Wall-E has a shot. As good as that movie was, I don't think the academy will give it a nomination let alone a win because it really wasn't that popular with the mass audience (not compared to films like Cars and Toy Story) and being animated kind of hurts it's chances. I haven't seen this movie yet, but from the looks of it I think Revolutionary Road is going to be the film to give The Dark Knight a run.

ImaginaryVisionary on Nov 23, 2008


Here is my two cense about this years awards. Forgive me for my long post, I just feel I need to say some things. Here is my prediction for best pic. nominations and why: Milk - though it will not be anywhere near as big (popularity wise) as the other contenders, it will be huge during the award season making more people aware of its presence. In addition most people having seen the film already have nothing but praise for it. Another HUGE push for the film is the whole thing going down in california over gay rights, where ironically the film takes place. This could be the reason why Milk pulls in the win. As said in another post, the academy when given the opportunity likes to make statements, political statements. ALA Crash. Curious Case - To me this film looks great. However will turn many people off for its runtime. The fact that the trailer makes the film look interesting wont hold in the general public, to many common movie goers it looks like nothing more than a snooze fest. However the academy loves this kind of stuff, so unless the film is released to VERY poor reviews its a lock for at least the nomination. Slumdog Millionaire - I've heard nothing but praise so far for this film. It is the little miss sunshine/juno feel good film for this year. Its a lock for the nomination. I don't think it has the power to win it all but expect a nomination. Those are to me the three dead locks for nominations. I cant see any other film taking their spots. Know for what I call the Wild Slots, nomination 4 and 5. Nomination 4 will be a battle between Frost/Nixon and Revolutionary Road. I can only see on of these making the list not both. First, Frost is getting great reviews and expect Frank Langella to get a best actor nom. Im still not sure if it can get a nomination for best picture though, Milk may cancel out it's chances, similar subject mater. RR is a true wild card. Not many people have seen it yet and it could go either way, however I see RR getting the best picture nod over Frost in the end. Nomination 5 is where the battle will be fought: The Reader - As said in a previous post nothing is really known about this film yet, could be bad could be great. If it is great it could take Australia place as yearly WW2 oriented film, or they could cancel each other out. Doubt - I can see the academy giving Steep the best actress nod and possibly a win. I can also see them throwing Hoffman in best actor, I could also see Doubt sneaking in for a best pic nod. Grand Torino - I can't see this film getting much love this year. It just seems too forced. However it is Clint Eastwood we are talking about and the academy LOVES clint, so a nod wouldn't be a huge surprise, they will probably give him a best actor and director nod as well.. The Wrestler - A long shot for a best pic nomination but I feel they'll give Rourke the best actor nod. and win. Australia - Is pretty much out, many people say it is good but not as good as what many whir predicting. Also it was way too long for its own good. However the academy could just throw it in there for there yearly WW2 epic, wouldn't surprise me. Wall-E - I just cant see wall-e getting the nod. Though it is the best reviewed film so far ( Rottentomatoes) I just cant see the academy giving in to wall-e. It is a summer blockbuster and it will be competing for TDK in that category, so I foresee no love for Wall-E except technical awards. TDK - So far TDK is the front runner for nomination 5, but I could see it being shut out in the final hours.. Heres what I feel. LEDGER IS A LOCK FOR SUPPORTING ACTOR, A LOCK. Warner Bros. is already campaigning for supporting actor NOT best actor, because they know that Rourke and Langelle are the two front runners, and not only that there has been NO i mean NO best supporting actor performances this year that matches Heath, if so please correct me. Heath will win on pure talent and lack of competition, his death thankfully will not influence his win. SO I feel the academy will see that as the way to even things out. Make the fanboys happy that justice was served to ledger. Therefore giving the top award to another film. I can also see TDK getting several technical awards as well. Maybe even Nolan getting a rightful directors nod. SO this is my predictions: Best Picture: -Milk. -Curious Case -Slumdog -Revolutionary Road -The Dark Knight With either Curious or Milk getting the win, but if those two cancel each other out expect TDK or Slumdog to grab the win. Best actor will got to Rourke or Langella Best Actress will go to Streep or Hathaway Supporting Actress - ??? lol Supporting Actor - LEDGER Thank all who read this and I hope to hear from you.

JT on Nov 23, 2008


If Knight wins best picture, you can bet your ass all the big studios are gonna start buying even the most obscure comic book properties

Jaf on Nov 23, 2008


#35 I'm not saying TDK shouldn't win best picture because it's a superhero movie, although the last line in my post could have mislead you into believing that. I don't think it should win simply because, although it has many interesting themes and ideas, it's barely scratching the surface in terms of doing something new and different in film terms. It had a great cast, great writing, and superb direction. In fact, I'd give it best director without a blink. And of course Heath Ledger an oscar for best supporting actor. Compare the innovation in No Country For Old Men or There Will Be Blood to that of TDK. There is no comparison whatsoever. It did set the bar much higher for hollywood blockbusters, but didn't do anything to change the way we think. It didn't change the way movies can be made. It didn't do ANYTHING new. It did what it did do EXTREMELY well, it was a flawless movie in its genre, but it did not bring anything new to the table. I do agree with you in that there hasn't been much better however, because this year hasn't had anything that has truly blown me away.

Arp on Nov 23, 2008


Honestly, Dark Knight doesn't have much competition. Movies were terrible this year.

Bored on Nov 23, 2008


I wouldn't be contempt if it won, either. I might or might not be content, however.

Matthew Weflen on Nov 23, 2008


Hmmm....did any of you see the other movies on the list there? Slumdog is an amazing film. It's Comedy. It's Action. It's Drama. I missed out on seeing Wrestler but im sure its great as well. I don't think TDK is as much of a lock for Best Picture as everyone is making it out to be.

heckle0 on Nov 23, 2008


Why should anyone care?

Bozo on Nov 23, 2008


"Honestly, Dark Knight doesn't have much competition. Movies were terrible this year." So, a guy who goes by the screen name of "bored" thinks movies were terrible this year? I wonder, how many of these terrible movies he has actually seen.

excited on Nov 23, 2008


Although, I don't hold TDK in the same "masterpiece" light that others do. (I believe ledger's death primed its audience better than any marketing campaign could have.) I do hope it gets nominated. It'll force studios to take comic-movies more seriously instead of banking on the namebrand, putting out a half-assed product.

Heffer on Nov 23, 2008


poorly written article. No real argument or story, just a speculation that could have been summed up by saying, "What do you think will happen if Batman wins best picture? Discuss"

Nick on Nov 23, 2008


Heath Ledger's performance in the dark night was good, but it didn't blow my mind. I do think he should be nominated for an award though. As for the film getting best picture, I hope that won't happen. It was entertaining, but I don't think it was the kind of movie that should win an Oscar. Without Ledger's performance, the movie would have been fairly mediocre. I hope the academy nominates Wall-E. I have yet to see any other movie that has come out since the dawn of sound that captures the essence of a silent film. The way so much was broadcasted to the viewer without anything actually being said was brilliant.

MG on Nov 23, 2008


look, after "gladiator" won, nothing would surprise me anymore. go ahead and give it to dark knight. it was a fine film. and besides, the best picture category lost its glamor and respect long ago.

dave Ulrich on Nov 23, 2008


Why should anyone care?

James on Nov 24, 2008


@54: But he's *dead*! See? He *MUST* win!! 😉 Yeah, I don't get it either. The film basically was Die Hard 5 without Bruce Willis, missing almost everything a Batman-flick _should_ be about. Heath Ledgers performance was alright, but not to a degree worth an oscar. Wall-E I can see as best picture.

fryke on Nov 24, 2008


Guys just so you know, Heath Ledger should not be nominated as a an actor in a lead role, because he was in a supporting role. To draw a paralel, it would be like nominating Christopher Nolan for best supporting actor.

Edvin on Nov 24, 2008


good luck in that, nerd

lol on Nov 24, 2008


TDK does not deserve to win the Best Picture Oscar, but I do want it to win because as someone here said it would make studios to actually put some effort in comic book flicks.

Shige on Nov 24, 2008


i doubt it would win. i enjoyed it sure and would like for it to win, but the laughable voice of batman probably disqualified it already. if it would get nominated at least would be a feat in itself and would probably be happy with it.

abner on Nov 24, 2008


I have to say, from the outset there is a huge problem with this article. Firstly, you declare The Dark Knight as being amazing. Very wrong. It's a good comic book movie, but it's not even close to a movie worthy of Best Picture - those movies are flawless. Dark Knight is full of horrid flaws. Secondly, you presume that the Academy thinks like you. I can't vouch for this really, but I\m guessing many people in Hollywood, whilst loving the green Batman brings in, sees it in a league below that of serious drama. One final note: Heath Ledger. Ok, he's the start of this movie. However, there is absolutely zero development in his character. He plays the same note throughout, and that's fine, since it was the script's fault. However, next to Harvey Dent and his progression/change throughout the movie, Joker looked stale by the end.

SPOOKY2K on Nov 24, 2008


One more thing... The film is called The Dark Knight, but ultimately is not about Batman at all. Iron Man is about Iron Man/Tony Stark (one and the same), Spiderman is about Spider/Peter Parker...but for some reason, this Batman film missed this fundamental element. It should have been called 'Joker', or, if we're going with the best performance in the film, 'two face'.

SPOOKY2K on Nov 24, 2008


There's no way that a film with CELL-PHONE VISION will ever win best picture.

GlenJM on Nov 24, 2008


the dark knight (aka, the joker movie) is the best movie by far, I have never seen anything like it and dont know if I ever will again, its gonna be a hard one to beat. if people cant see that, then your blind

yoyo on Nov 24, 2008


I will say it is possible, but I don't expect the Academy to give it to The Dark Knight. It is EXTREMELY rare for a sci-fi, fantasy or comic-book movie to win Best Picture. Return of the King was the first in 76 years of Oscars or something like that. I know Dark Knight is great, but there have been so many times where great films that are nominated don't win. Anyone remember "Star Wars" or "Raiders of the Lost Ark"? I think it is more likely that Heath Ledger will win for Best Supporting actor, even though he passed away. He'll at least get nominated, like Johnny Depp was for Captain Jack Sparrow.

Dan Geer on Nov 24, 2008


take out heath ledger and the movie is mediocre. i think most people realize this.

cal on Nov 24, 2008


honestly, as much as i loved the dark knight, i dont know if it will win best picture, lets face it, sure, good script, good score, great "supporting" actor. movies dont win off of best supporting actor alone. Heath, was phenomenal! so was eckheart and the rest of the group, Bale, kinda dropped the ball. Don't get me wrong, TDK amazing movie. Not sure if all the pieces fall in place for it to be the best picture. I would like to see it happen!

taurinh24 on Nov 24, 2008


They're also re-releasing The Dark Knight prior to oscar season to give it a further boost. Honestly. The film is a rare acheivement. You could perform the screenplay as a play without the high budget shenanigans and it will still shake you to the core. I work in animation and even though I regard Pixar as the gods of animation and master story tellers, the Dark Knight deserves to win. As much as I deeply love Arronofsky, Mansell and Rourke and their latest masterpiece The Wrestler. The Dark Knight still deserves to win. Just as Return of the King did in 04. These films are pure magic!

T on Nov 24, 2008


I think it would be more unsettling for Hollywood if Wall-e were to win. While Dark Knight may be classified as a superhero film, it still has live actors playing the rolls. You can see the actors work their craft. With Wall-e, all of the main acting is performed through CG. You only really hear the voices of the actors, with the two leads sounding like robots. Wall-e also does not contain the heavy-handed drama generally associated with Oscar wins. It is a light-hearted movie with a real problem as a secondary storyline. I love both movies and am glad to see that Hollywood is being shaken up a little from the status quo.

booch on Nov 24, 2008


The Dark Night was good, but it wasn't best-picture good, it's nowhere near comparable to Lord of the Rings. If anything, Heath Ledger should win an Oscar for best-supporting actor, but the movie as a whole was just a summer blockbuster, nothing spectacular, nothing that different from every other summer blockbuster except for Ledger's performance. The movie was too long and the moments without Ledger were dull at best; this movie should not win best picture.

Nick on Nov 24, 2008


"Does it mean we've reached the end of great cinema as we know it?" Yes, because While I enjoyed The Dark Knight a lot, I wouldn't call it serious cinema - it was merely a good action movie with one great actor and an ambition to be 'deep'. Too bad ambitions were all it was... No, because Hollywood has reached it a while ago already, and the Oscars are in no way THE place for great cinema:P

yesandno on Nov 24, 2008


The Dark Knight was incredibly good. It was a superhero film, but it was frightening at times in a very deep way. It looked amazing, as well. It didn't rely on tons of CG (it no doubt had plenty), but the camera work really made it feel real and engrossing. It is a weak year in movies, and the Dark Knight wouldn't win most years, but I think it would be worthy of a nomination any year. Wall-e? Please. A boring, predictable light sci-fi adventure. It never went anywhere that other movies hadn't worn well already. Dark Knight at least took the expected and thrust it into frightening new realms with the Joker's acting. The Wrestler? It isn't even out yet? I look forward to seeing it, but I reserve my opinions.

Sean on Nov 24, 2008


I've never really cared much for what the Oscars pick because it's always some political bs. I prefer to see good movies, not something made for about 100 people like some of these snooze fests. In the end, I'd pay 50 bucks to see entertaining and quality movies like Ironman and Dark Knight before I'd walk out my front door to see a free screening of most of the Oscar picks. If wanted to see something on gay rights, I can turn on any news channel on tv for free.. same goes for watching another version of "who wants to be a millionaire"... Dark Knight might not have brought anything "new" to the industry as some say.. but the acting , story and effects were far and away better than any movie this year or in recent memory. It'd be great to see Dark Knight win .. but I know it won't... simply because of how Hollywood works.. that's why most of the top 50 grossing movies of all time are not even Oscar winners.. the public doesn't give a crap what the Oscars have to say.

Brian on Nov 24, 2008


The Dark Knight is a great movie. I heard it is downloaded a lot at bit torrent. That's probably proof that the Dark Knight is a candidate for best picture. thanks from tony

ntopics on Nov 24, 2008


It won't win.

Jimmy James on Nov 24, 2008


I'm pretty sure that the Dark Knight does not deserve to stand next to movies like Casablanca or No Country for Old Men. Original? It was a good movie yes. Completely unlike anything we've seen before? No, I've seen plenty of crime, drama, and action movies, thank you very much, and several were better.

jemaine on Nov 24, 2008


I think it's a great movie but it would be tough for an action hero film to win best movie - I think it's definitely worth the nomination and I sure hope to see Heath Ledger winning something out of it, he's terrific.

Henrietta on Nov 24, 2008


TDK does deserve to win but I can't see those uptight Oscar types picking this to be the Best Picture.

Dercove on Nov 24, 2008


Ok, the best two films of this year are Wall-e and the dark knight. By far, wall-e is the most original in its concept and visuals. I loved the batman movie, mainly because i'm from chicago so i live in Gotham city. Ledgers's role as the joker was creepy, but not enough for best actor. the movie itself is not the best movie ever. The hong kong scenes were useless and not needed. The boat scenes were also out of the element of the film. The beginning was also strange. The use of scarecrow was useless. Therefore, wall-e is the best film. It's message and visuals blew me away. It is the best animated film since the lion king! Wall-e should win best picture. The dark knight is one of the best and different comic book movies ever, but not enough for the top prize...sorry.

Bob on Nov 24, 2008


"I know there are plenty of people (like myself) who believe it deserves to win and would be very contempt if it did." Please proofread before you post. I know you're thinking that you hit it big b/c this page is getting tons of hits via digg, but really, its just that many more people who know what a lousy writer you are. And don't think that shitty grammar is ok b/c "hey, itz a blog! Its supposd to b informl!" Readers like me are looking for ways to dismiss sources. Before I read this, I had no opinion of From now on, I'll associate this entire site w/ your lack of effort. Way to dilute the brand.

alf on Nov 24, 2008


Here's the way I see it. The public tend to see and like genre films more than the films that usually get nominated for and win Oscars. I know that there are a lot of people that WANT The Dark Knight to win Best Picture, but I seriously doubt that is going to happen.

Sean Kelly on Nov 24, 2008


"So, what if The Dark Knight does win Best Picture?" The world will still go on. Well until 2012.

SecretAsianMann on Nov 24, 2008


Hope Dark Knight doesn't win 'cause it was a major dissapointment. But then again Oscars have long become similar to Grammys - let's stick to politics and not offend anybody.. So let's give it the best movie cause how can all those people that loved the it be wrong. So let's eat crap cause how can ten billion flies be wrong.. Dark Knight winnig? Probably. Deserved? Not by a long shot. Oh, I can see a horde of angry fanboys replying to this. Please don't. Get used to freedom of opinion and don't waste your time on me cause I simply won't care 😛

cherrorist on Nov 24, 2008


The Dark Knight very well deserves to be nominated for Best Picture and if other big contenders continue to dissappoint then it looks like it may be the winner. To the point of some poeple not being happy about it winning, of course, not everybody is ever going to universally like the winning choice. I am also dismayed at the people who shun the film because it is based on a comic book, The Dark Knight is so much more than a comic book movie, it elevates the genre beyond it's boundries and has made the genre oscar-worthy. All-in-all, it's almost guaranteed a nomination, and I will be rejoicing if it wins.

SlashBeast on Nov 24, 2008


If the Dark Knight wins people might watch the Oscars again.

Silver on Nov 24, 2008


why does everyone keep referring to No Country for Old Men. I saw that movie and it was not suspensful or thrilling like the critics were raving. in fact, it was plain old boring. the only good thing about the movie was the cinematography. and don't rip on me for not understanding film cause I took film class and do like artsy films.

andrew on Nov 24, 2008


also the oscars are a joke. the voting is done in such a haphazard way. there is no regulations on who gets to vote. previous winners (actors, directors, etc) who get the chance to vote just give their ballots to their relatives and loved ones who then go on to do the voting themselves. so its not like its even the academy or industry professionals. also there's a big discrepancy between critics' opinions and the general publics' opinions regarding movies. most of the time, i believe the critics are way off base in their reviews. so the oscars are actually pretty worthless.

andrew on Nov 24, 2008


The Wrestler will not win. Mickey Rourke will win Best Actor but that's about it...maybe Best Screenplay. As great as the film is, it is too small and intimate to win Best Picture. At this point, with the lack of buzz on so many "prestige" flicks, the nominees will probably be Dark Knight, Benjamin Button, The Wrestler, Slumdog Millionaire, and either Frost/Nixon or Milk (Wall-E is my dark-horse nominee). I haven't seen Benjamin Button, but so far I think that is the safe pick to win it this year. It has a bankable star, a perennial Best Actress nominee, a respected director, and an epic other words, traditional Oscar fodder. All it needs is decent reviews (not great, just decent) and good word-of-mouth and I think it's got it in the bag. Dark Knight is probably too dark for a lot of voters, but it has it's rabid fans...enough that, if the other nominees are all middle-of-the-road entries, it could possibly take this thing due to lack of quality product. All in all, a very weak year for prestige movies, especially after the veritable smorgasbord of quality pictures last year...including 2 of this decades best films, No Country and There Will be Blood (my vote for Best Film of the Decade). However, 2008 was a GREAT year for the popular film. 2 excellent comic book movies (TDK and Iron Man), a decent Hulk, a decent Bond, 3 good-to-great cartoons, and several crowd pleasing comedies...oh, and some trite teenage vampire romance if you're into that sort of thing.

Kevin on Nov 24, 2008


As fantastic as Ledger was, this film still would've been a masterpiece without his presence. Eckard, Dent's portrayal, the plot, the issues of society/city crime/etc., the cinematography, the direction, the score, I could go on and on. Ledger just makes it that much better. TDK without Ledger would be good not great/mediocre? Please. And even if you are right, and TDK would only be a mediocre movie; then Silence of the Lambs would've been a mediocre film without Anthony Hopkins performance, and Godfather III would've been equally good as its predecessors if Sofia Coppola wasn't in it. A masterful performance can mean a lot to any film, and be the thing that makes it memorable. However, again, I think that TDK would be a masterful film either way, with its photography, it's themes, and its messages within a genre that's not taken seriously as a whole.

William on Nov 24, 2008


The Dark Knight definatly deserves to win, and here's why: Nobody makes a comic book movie with the intention of winning Best Picture. Jon Favrue (however you spell that) and his team did an excelent job bringing Tony Stark to the silver screen, ditto with the Hulk reboot, and even Hellboy 2, to a lesser extent. But the fact that the end result of The Dark Knight was what it was, a gripping, well-told (for the most part-- the act in Japan kinda slowed the pace and served only to introduce the sonar gadget-- but as that's it's only flaw, we can overlook it) 2 hour event when most movies can't keep an audiences attention for 75 minuets... I went and saw it twice in theaters, a friend of mine, a girl whose never picked up a comic book in her life and doesn't know Harley Quinn from Harvey Dent saw it 5 times in regular theaters then once in Imax. So like I was saying, with big event type movies like Austrailia and quirky whatever-the-hell type movies Benjamin Button's supposed to be, they look at the script and thing "Oscar." When TDK was being made, they were just hoping to make a better Batman than Batman Begins. So the fact that it came out Oscar-worthy (Much respect to Heath Ledger, may he rest in peace. I, for one, had no faith in the guy from the gay cowboy movie's ability to fill a role last played by Jack Nicholson-- he made the movie. Period.) is a feat in and of itself. Making a dollar out of 15 cents as we say down South. THAT is why The Dark Knight deserves Best Picture. Because it wasn't looking for it. Hell, throw in Best Actor for Heath Ledger. I'm sure Christian Bale's creepy ass was at the top of the credits, but it was Heaths movie, and he took it to a whole new platue.

MJay on Nov 25, 2008


The Dark Knight is not "too dark" to win. If you pay attention to the winners in previous years they weren't exactly the most uplifitng films. WALL-E is the real wild card in the oscar race but even if it gets nominated I'm almost 100% certain it won't win. Ledger's Joker was one of the main reasons for the film's triumph and arguing that removing him would have made the film terrible is asinine. In that case, The Godfather is terrible because if you remove Marlon Brando then the film isn't as good (duh).

SlashBeast on Nov 25, 2008


No way it wins, stop dreaming. I just hope that in the next one, Batman's voice stops sounding like a 5 packs a day barfly.

Tomie on Nov 25, 2008


I honestly am basing this opinion on trailer but i think that The Wrestler can win in the end. Loved TDK and Wall-E.

Calvin on Nov 26, 2008


Movies that earn critical acclaim as high as 94% (Rottentomatoes) are rare. TDK did. Movies that earn a billion at the World-Wide Box Office ( rare. TDK did. The movies that achieve BOTH are very, very Rare. Titanic was a mediocre movie in the eyes of critics. And it really is. But TDK falls in that very,very rare category. It won the general public as well as the critics. Just like Lord Of the Rings. But yes, winning the Academy juries is an altogether different ballpark. I haven't seen those other potential nominees (except Wall-E, though I would like to watch them all) but whoever the Academy thinks is better should win as long as The Academy does NOT go on the lines that:"See, The Dark Knight is a Superhero movie. SO it does not deserve a Best Pic nod." Anyway, BATMAN IS JUST A NORMAL HUMAN. and 'The Dark Knight' was NOT a movie about a guy with some extraordinary supernatural powers and out-of-this-world comic villains. It was a Crime Drama with a contemporary story-line. Only a brilliant one this time. My humble advice (once and for all) for those who find flaws(?) with the characters of Batman (his Voice and all) and Joker: Do your Homework first. Please go and read the TOP 25 critically acclaimed Batman novels (refer and also read 'War Games' to know the real Batman. And then do come back. But, I don't understand what these people who slam TDK in terms of Quality, are screaming about when 94% of critics supported TDK. And to say, "TDK would be nothing without The Joker" is the same as saying : 'A Beautiful Mind' would be nothing without the Nobel-Winning Professor or just 'Slashbeast' correctly said : 'It's like saying: The Godfather' will be terrible without Marlon Brando.' Clearly, those who slam TDK on this point clearly don't have a taste about script, cinematography, background music and direction. And its Common Sense that : Dead or not Dead, Ledger's performance was still unbelievably top-class with he being or not being Alive. And it does not take a rocket scientist to predict that Ledger may win for Best Supporting Actor which he deserves. In fact he deserrves The Best Actor award. 'Wall-E' at the best, may win the 'Best Animated Feature of The Year' and not The Best Picture even though it may be nominated for it. And for those who don't understand this article at all or find it contrived: This article has been written after all the Storm that was TDK, arrived on the 18th of July and swept all (the critics and public) away till date. So after so many months, this article assumes that most people have now understood TDK and gauged its potential to win The Best Picture. And no movie is flawless or perfect. My Top 25 Movies Of All Time are not flawless. Previous Oscar winners were not and so is not TDK. But if Crash can win as the Best Picture so can TDK which is a lot better. ("I know there are plenty of people (like myself) who believe it deserves to win and would be very contempt if it did.") Hey, Mr. Writer, here, either get your logic correct or your grammar correct or better still, get both of them correct because something's wrong here. Two other guys pointed it out to you before but the mistake has still not been rectified at the time of me writing this.

Amol on Nov 26, 2008


^ Perfectly said.

SlashBeast on Nov 26, 2008


I really don't care about what the statistic said about how much money it makes ... But I care that this movie must be in the Oscar no matter what because it deserve it not just because Heath Ledger and the Nice directing by Nolan .. But because it really made Batman to have another dimension ... Oscar for The Dark Knight and for Heath Ledger

Kill the Batman on Nov 26, 2008


wall-e deserves a win, pixar's adventure is amazing and revolutionary. TDK has some of the strongest performances, and an amazing plot line, i could see it winning too. the trailer for the wrestler is amazing, this could definately be a contender. in summary, the curious case of benjamin button will win

Allen Sharpe on Nov 26, 2008


TDK was on another level (a morality play disguised as a comic book caper), clever - thought provoking and Heath Ledger's 'Joker' was a master class in how to portray a comic book villian convincingly. A hard thing to achieve - who can forget Tommy Lee Jones's 'Two Face'? I don't know what was worse the make-up or the voice either way it was all schumachers fault. I hear rumours that for the third installment Warner's are thinking of getting rid of Chris Nolan so that they can get in Joel Schumacher to aim the franchise towards a younger audience. There's rumours that the batsuits getting nipples...Jim carrey's playing the rid...whoah whoah I've been suffering terrible flashbacks lately must be all this milk I've been drinking before I go to sleep. And no TDK's not winning Best Picture and if they do I hear rumours that for the third installment Warner's are thinking of getting rid of Chris Nolan.....

RDH on Nov 26, 2008


I can't get keep these rumours from getting into my head...George Clooney as Batman? Nah...

RDH on Nov 26, 2008


I don't see the problem. The Dark Knight was a phenomenal movie and so was Return of the King that is why they win awards because they are good movies. Why is everyone putting so much thought into this?

Beau on Nov 28, 2008


best picture my ass. Dark Knight was good, not great.

matt on Nov 28, 2008


Is everyone forgetting Aaron Eckhart's performance? Personally I think that should win an Oscar alone, I believe he truly stole the show as Harvey Dent.

Tom Dearsley on Nov 28, 2008


Oh brother. I get sooooo pissed when people say: "the the ONLY reason TDK was ANY GOOD is because of Ledger's performance!" (?????you simply point out how little you know about what makes films great??????) I call BS on such latent comments! Cause, as we all know, every AMAZING film with a stand out role, is nothing more than that particular actor/actress making it so? Objectively speaking, TDK IS a VERY important piece of american cinema that will most certainly stand the test of time as well as serve as a point of reference (in terms of quality) for summer movies in the years to come; the american people have shown with their pocket books that they desire, deeply layerd writing, brimming with subtext and three dimensional characters. mark my words regardless of if the academy chooses to give the best picture their "highest" honor (Brokeback Mountain anyone?) TDK is a time capsule picture and will be remembered far longer than any of these other fine films, based solely on what it's done for the american blockbuster. p.s. my grammar is shite and I know that but I'm still right.

randall appleby on Nov 28, 2008


I really hope The Dark Knight gets the oscar. Milk, Revolutionary Road and The Wrestler are all going to be Academy favourites, while Slumdog Millionaire has as good as chance as any. However, if The Curious Case of Benjamin Button doesnt get some seriously good reviews soon, it'll be left without a leg to stand on (Heres hoping Brad gets an oscar for Inglorious Bastards!) I think it would be a scandel if Heath didnt win for best supporting actor, he was the most potent mind blowing weapon this side of a shot gun, and it would be great for the Academy to honour Nolan as well with a director nod. I think Rourke is gonna get Best Actor, if you've seen the trailer for The Wrestler and he has that scene with Evan Rachel Wood near the beach and he starts crying, that was just beautiful and stunning, he deserves it, and its good to see he got a comeback. However I wish there was a more positive buzz around Christian Bale for TDK, he was brilliant! And yes, Heath was knee-shatteringly awesomw, but Bale was great to (Easily the Best Batman/Bruce Wayne), and yes I was one of the few that actually like his Bat-voice. So in summing up. The Dark Knight, while having strong competition, deserves to win best movie as it was a blistering crime epic as much as it was a comic book movie, Heath should get Best Supporting actor, Rourke should get best Actor, with a nomination for Bale and Nolan should hopefully get a director nom. But of course, this is just one guys opinion

Jake on Nov 29, 2008


@RDH-(98) ("who can forget Tommy Lee Jones's 'Two Face'? I don't know what was worse the make-up or the voice") Ha Ha Ha. That was a nice one! Of the two, I think I would choose...hmmmm.... Lee Jone's Acting. That was unpardonable coming from an Oscar Winning actor. But the director was responsible for that too. I was about 14 at the time, 'Batman Forever(1995)' was released here in Mumbai, India. And at that time and age, I had never read much genuine Batman novels, and I liked the campy version of The Bat that Schumacher offered me at that time. But today I feel, if the younger generation's 'Idea' of fun is a Schumacher movie, then Homo Sapiens will soon be extinct from this earth. And they better be before they are exposed to more Schumacher fire-balls. And milk is supposed to be a laxative, I think you just forgot to heat or refrigerate it before drinking, lack of either way must have caused it to be infected with bad bacteria. I can understand your pain and sympathise with you about your Schumacher-movie nightmares. But my friend, you will have to bear by yourself. It your own personal copy of the Schumacher-Nightmare. I had experienced a share of mine long ago. A little trivia. In 'B&R' both Batman and Robin had the distinction of having a pair of nipples for themselves on their suits but the sexy Bat Girl did not (to my HUGH dissappointment). That really blew my senses off. Those hypocrites film makers! May be otherwise then the public would found the B&R more erotic and contributed more to its Box Office collection. ...But yes, I would prefer bad milk anyday over George Clooney in nipples in a Schumacher movie. PS: As a commentator, I know I can write anything without caring a sh*t for logic, grammar or spelling and also give other fellow commentators a benefit of doubt. But if article writers make that mistake, it's not pardonable. Article writers are not supposed to do that.

Amol on Nov 30, 2008


@ Jake-(104) , I think you are spot-on except ... the Bale nomination. I neither see Bale getting a nomination nor see the reason for him to get nominated for the role of Batman. Not because he was Batman but because I don't think it was anything special. Perfect to the 'T' but nothing special.

Amol on Nov 30, 2008


"Well, out of all the big Best Picture contenders, none of them have turned out to be as amazing as expected. First things first, I haven't seen all of them, but being in Hollywood and with the friends I know, I've spoken to someone who has seen at least every big contender (we'll get into those later on). And while most are turning out good, none of them are turning out amazing, which only leaves The Dark Knight." Your a fricking idiot!

frank on Nov 30, 2008


The Dark Knight might be the best movie I have ever seen. I've never been more "into" a movie like TDK. No disrespect to other contenders (which are great in their own right), but this should be hands down. Hopefully the academy will not drop the ball on this one and will give TDK (and ledger) the nod, and not snub them just because it's a batman movie!

John Doe on Nov 30, 2008


Lets put everything out: The Dark Knight, Watchman, Wall-E, Austrailia, The Wrestler. All contenders and have thier shinning moment in the palm of thier hands. -The Dark Knight is in no question the best comic-book movie adaption made yet. -Watchman is condender due to well put trailer and comic book roots as well. -Wall-E is a feat of Pixar in and of itself will few human voices. -Austrailia with a unique romeo-juliet playoff with a major fight involved. -And The Wrestler with relations to the Rocky movies. Hands down The Dark Knight is the best of them with the best Joker in the history of cinema and comic books all together in all respects. Its a masterpiece that in my opinion no other movie made this year or next can come even close to. The Dark Knight has no competition in terms of feat and acting not to mention more realistic then any other movie with a comic book root. The Watchman has too much of a comic book play-off to compete with The Dark Knight. All said and done.

Kronis on Dec 1, 2008


I go for both Wall·e and Batman, any of the two is ok to me. Wall·e really has a particular edge: a movie with only some moments of voices, the mood is created by the amazingly executed animation. I don't remember something alike (apart from mute cinema). Christian Bale is not an Oscar contender to me, his work was, let's say, something to be forgotten. Everyone remembers Ledger. He should win the Oscar. If you make me choose one, I would have to choose The Dark Knight for all the emotions it generates in the spectator.

David on Dec 1, 2008


As much as I liked The Dark Knight, it doesn't deserve an Oscar for 'Best Picture'. I think the reaction regarding this movie has gotten somewhat out of control.

Manfred Powell on Dec 1, 2008


I am telling you people this right now. If TDK doesn't get nominated for Best Picture and Christopher Nolan doesn't get nominated for Best Director.....than something is seriously wrong with the Academy. It would be plain and simply disrespectful of the Academy if it didn't recognize the terrific work that the crew of the Dark Knight did on the film. Wally Pfister should also be nominated for best cinemetography easily! The Dark Knight is much more than a comic genre film and for those of you who don't realize that....well you have problems. Plus another thing to mention is that it made 530 million domestically. and if a sappy film like Titanic can get nominated and win awards, than why the hell can't TDK? The bias against comic based genre films shouldn't come into play when it comes to The Dark Knight at all.

darkknight01 on Dec 2, 2008


Let's get it right. 'Titanic(1997)' was not THAT bad. Infact it was not bad at all. James Cameron, The Master could not have gone wrong at all. The Visual and Sound Effects were astounding and outstanding and deserved those Oscars that they won. And the Best Picture. It's just that 'Titanic' did not deserve the hype and hoopla created around it and the 'EXTRA' Oscars that were showered on it. Here the word 'EXTRA' means a 'lot lot more'. And it definitely does not deserve to be at the pinnacle of the Top-Grossers of All Time. That's why everybody cheered TDK to topple the ship. But TDK could not (at least in the first round. Let's wait for the IMAX release of TDK if it does happen). After all nothing is crazier than a group of 'hormones-on-overdrive'-teenage girls gone crazy over Leonardo Dicaprio in 'Titanic'. Even Di Caprio cannot repeat that feat today. Plus the sympathy votes. For Everybody who cries foul over TDK by pointing out that TDK reached so high at box office because of sympathy votes for Ledger's Death Here's the answer: Ledger's death had nothing to do DIRECTLY with the movie TDK UNlike 'Titanic' where a massive quantity of people all over the world went to the theatres to watch it to pacify their curiosity of why and how did 1513 people actually died onboard a ship that was never going to sink. THAT is where the sympathy votes for death went. Anyway, Three Cheers for Cameron for his honest brilliant efforts to convert a mediocre subject into a block-bluster with the help of a lot of romance and dollops of astonishing Special Effects ! But TDK has a top-class script with almost NO special effects and excellent acting from all those in that unbelievable cast.

Amol on Dec 3, 2008


Ben Button and Slumdog are def frontrunners over TDK at this moment. TDK is prob in the 5 films along with Frost/Nixon and Milk I would say...

Mike on Dec 3, 2008


People keep saying that it won't win because it didn't "change the way I look at film" or because it wasn't "a groundbreaking film, just an exceptional comic film." But come on. People have been throwing around "Titanic" and "Return of the King". Neither of them where gamechangers, but they happened to a cut above the rest during their particular Oscar seasons Oscar seasons. For many, people consider the Dark Knight the same thing. Do I think TDK is a shoe in? Not by a long shot. Again, people have been throwing around "Benjamin Button", "Milk", "The Wrestler" and a few others, but I think it has a real shot. I think TDK is something uniquely different than anything we've seen this year, and I also agree that it is a shining example of what the genre could be when looked at as "artistic film making" vs. a summer cash cow. I think it would be terrific if it were to win, and I agree with those that think that it is deserved of the honor this year, but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. People seem to be so sure that either it will or it won't. But unless any of you are friends with the entire academy, both sides seemingly inside tracks into the inner workings of the academy's decision don't seem to account for the precedent on both sides of the fence. While it's not unlike the academy to swing more towards the years more "artsy" fare, you need only to remember winners like "Chicago" and "Return of the King". I mean honestly, if a musical can win, why not a comic book movie?

Barry on Dec 3, 2008


Just read the earlier article. Thought I was making an originalish point. My bad..

robin on Dec 4, 2008


Isn't it so dangerous how easily Evil attracts us ? That's why perhaps even though everybody looks up to Batman for inspiration, it's The Joker that commands everybody's attention. But nobody realises the ghastly effects of The Joker. He is the agent of Chaos. He just blasts his way and kills everybody and anybody who comes in his way and makes merry. How easily most people find that illusional Power(?) wildly and animalistically attractive ! But everybody forgets one aspect about those two characters. The Batman appeared only less powerful because The Batman follows Rules while The Joker does not. The Joker is a Psychopath. As if like a misguided person I too used to love and praise The Joker for this Power(?) of his and somehow put The Batman on the backburner untill... ...untill on the 26th of Nov. my Mumbai too was blasted like Gotham in a similar way by similar agents of chaos who simply cared for nothing and massacred their way into our prominent places and took hostages and just killed and killed (at will). Just like The Joker. Only this time the terrorists were some poor misguided youths, mass-murdering in the name of their religion (Islam). It will take a long time for Mumbai to overcome this trauma of 200 people getting killed. Some of the people who died also belonged to atleast 10-12 other countries. It's a trauma for me to find the name of a democratic country like my India (who believes in free will and development of all its citizens) in the top 20 of a list of countries not hospitable enough to be visited. Even though my country is the victim of political and religional terrorism (from the neighbourhood) and NOT the villain herself. Even though it was only some months ago that my India successfully sent an unmanned satellite on the moon. I can understand what United States must have felt after September 11, 2001. Or UK must have gone through after the London train bombings in 2006(Same thing occurred here in Mumbai in 2006). Or what terrible situations Israel must be suffering, throughout its existence. Or what Russia must be facing as a result of the Chechnyan Islamic issues. I hope one day US, UK, India and Israel finally come together and find some solution to curb terrorism against civilians of their civilised society. Enough is Enough. I hope all you good people out their will provide your moral support to us, Mumbaites, or pretty much any citizen of the world who is suffering unreasonable religional terrorism. 26th of Nov. was the day my respect for The Batman increased multi-fold and I stopped praising the psychopathic Joker. The Batman has Patience and Self-Control just like the brave soldiers who saved us. And Patience and Self-Control do not in anyway mean Weakness. This is the reason why I find 'The Dark Knight' so (unfortunately) true to life and such a brilliant eye-opener. Anybody out there who feels TDK is sh*t, should beforehand ask me : "What does the concept of The Joker and The Batman in TDK mean to me ?" And I will reply: "A Lot. Because I have experienced them CLOSELY." TDK deserves The Best Picture. (I hope I was not off-topic and yes, Ledger's performance was mind-blowing.)

Amol on Dec 4, 2008


Oh, Sorry for the spelling mistakes: 'untill' should be 'until' AND 'religional' was meant to be 'religious'. (I never forgive myself for spelling mistakes or grammar.)

Amol on Dec 4, 2008


In the mainstream...the standard for quality movies has certainly lowered. Audiences' expectations for a what a modern movie is able to offer to them is at an all time low. Whatever happened to movies like Sunset Boulevard, for instance? Performances, cinematography, and storytelling top rate. Not sure why this is the case.... but I think it has to do with money as a primary motivator in America. And you just don't need to make a fabulous movie to make bank on it.

jessie on Dec 4, 2008


Ben Button and Slumdog are def frontrunners over TDK at this moment. TDK is prob in the 5 films along with Frost/Nixon and Milk I would say….

Steven Frechette on Dec 4, 2008


If the Dark Knight wins people might watch the Oscars again..

Steven Frechette on Dec 4, 2008


TDK was great and maybe even best pic material but doesn't stand a chance because it's so different. It's a completely new kind of movie and I don't think the academy will recognize it. Benjamin Button looks like this years Forest Gump(obviously) with big considerations in every category as well as revolutionary road. My moneys on a TDK nom and a Rev Road win.

adrian on Dec 6, 2008


Ok first things first, Everyone keeps talking about how if you take out Heath Ledger then TDK is just a mediocre. I 100% agree with that statement, but here's the thing "HE WAS IN THE MOVIE". That's just like if you took Harrison Ford out of the original Indiana Jones. If that happened then Indy would probably just have been mediocre also. As for TDK winning best picture? No, I don't think it will happen. As far as overall "movies" are concerned i think that there were better movies. Such as the Wrestler. I do however hope TDK gets a nomination because not only was it the best Batman movie ever made it was also the best Superhero/Comic movie ever made. And Heath Ledger was amazing in it. If he doesn't win Best Supporting Actor it will be a travisty.

MO on Dec 9, 2008


m'kay....just a few things For those that are saying that tdk cant win best picture. Realistically, it can. Theres always a chance that something can happen that could set a precedent within the industry. It absolutely could win, however , fans clammoring is not what wins best picture...nor is it box office records or even DVD sales...somehow its all politically based...I personally don't thimk it will win best picture. Should it? propably...but I think that before we give a movie a best picture award we should instead give Heath Ledger the best actor award. Hear me out, no one was more against Nolans choice for the joker than I was....I was incredibly confused when they cast Gary oldman, a man that has to me played some of the most iconic psychos in the past 20 years as commissioner gordon!? Think back to Leon the Professional; he was that dirty D.E.A Agent; completely insane. The white jamaican pimp in True Romance, the fifth element...the list goes on and on...Heath played Mels son in the patriot, A knights tale which was garbage and of course "cornhole canyon"...I was irate...But he took the role and made it his own. Not by copying anybody(because there was nobody to copy from),and certainly not by being coached by anybody on how to do it...He delved into the psyche of the most criminally insane,homocidal comic book villan in the history of american comics...and the result was a performance that downplayed 1. Christian bale2. Michael Caine3. Gary Oldman 4. Arron Eckhart 5. Not to mention MORGAN FREEMAN!!! heath was the only one on anybody's tongue, and he did that by developing the skills of a seasoned method actor( similar to daniel day-lewis)...granted its not the type of film that traditionally gets even nominated much less walks away with best picture... think that we should all be satisfied if Heath Ledger wins best actor or supporting actor in a lead role, becaus lets be honest her; Heath aws the best part of the movie, right? why not just be satisfied if the best piece of that movie is awarded? my predictions are as follows but not technically in this order 1. Heath Ledger- Best supporting actor in a lead role or best actor in a lead role(however the academy does it considering hes dead) 2. Christopher and johnathan Nolan- Best screenplay or best director Just My two cents, not a critic or anything but am interisted in talking with like minded people about cinema

CHICK on Dec 9, 2008


Your assessment is ridiculous. First of all, Slumdog Millionaire is easily the best-picture front-runner (not only according to me but to most real pundits I have seen) and is at least as critically praised as The Dark Knight. Wall-E was, admittedly, the most highly praised film of the year but I can't see it in the running for best picture. After Slumdog Millionaire I would put Frost/Nixon, then probably Benjamin Button. The Dark Knight may get a nomination but I wouldn't be all that surprised if it didn't, after all, the only nomination it received at the Golden Globes was for Heath Ledger. And another thing, the parallels your drew with The Return of the King left out a vitally important factor, well two to be precise: The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. The Return of the King was rewarded so highly at the 2004 Oscars because it was the conclusion of the story, they were awarding the series not the movie itself. And in any case, this years best picture race is much stronger than 2004's was anyway. I won't be annoyed if it wins but The Dark Knight has an outside chance, it's not the bloody front runner.

Some Guy on Dec 12, 2008


By the way, I was responding to Alex, not CHICK. I agree with your response.

Some Guy on Dec 12, 2008


Honestly, don't our changing times allow Dark Knight to win the golden guy? Whether it's relevant or not, I find they do. Hell, if Return of the King could win the Oscar, a movie like TDK sure as hell can. I've seen trailers for this Curious Case, and I think it's nothing more then an overrated fairy tale romance with Brad Pitts face stamped all over it. TDK was a masterpiece for the times. It presented themes that we see everyday in our lives, and it made our simple childhood heroes and villains look so deep and complex with the overall theme of power, heroism, and terrorism (and by the way don't we see a lot of that nowadays?). Simply put, the whole world of Movie Goers will burst in tears unless 1. Heath Ledger doesn't win Oscar 2. TDK doesn't get a nod 3. TDK doesn't win best pic if it gets the nod. Whether you film buffs like or not, times are changing, look at our president for god sakes. Which makes TDK an obvious winner for best pic.

Army on Dec 12, 2008


I also like what 124 states. The pic has so much to with politics and themes presented to us every day. It has to win best pic.

Army on Dec 12, 2008


124 wasn't saying that the movie was about politics he was saying that oscar voting is based on internal hollywood/academy politics which it absolutely does. Also, if you haven't seen the other films in the race (especially Frost/Nixon, Benjamin Button and Slumdog Millionaire) then you can't judge who will win let alone who deserves to. And the "the whole world of Movie Goers" won't burst into tears if those things don't happen because most movie goers don't give a shit about the oscars and most of the rest realise that they don't mean anything anyway.

Some Guy on Dec 13, 2008


TDK is a great film, if the academy isn't biased, it will BE nominated. but unfortunately, they are snobbish so i d k. but chances are getting higher, TDK won and got nominated for a lot of Best Picture stuff in other awards. it is going to win the best picture on CRITIC"S CHOICE AWARDS. TDK is on the 1st. and TDK was on the top 10 list on 2008 on NBR. go GOGOGOGO! TDK!!!

julius YEUNG on Dec 14, 2008


golden globes sucks munky ballz! there i've said it to get it out of my system! i'm goin' with the supportin' actor, best director, best pic, and best score!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

juice lee on Dec 16, 2008


Not only will it NOT win, it won't even be nominated. Nor does it deserve to be. It is a terrible movie with bland production, sloppy direction, interminable plot "twists", and a droning unimaginative score. Plus plot holes you could drive a batmobile through. There were far, far better movies out in 2008. Overrated? Absolutely. Oscar worthy, sorry, but no.

sick of the hype on Dec 16, 2008


132- As a fan of the Burton film, I have to agree with the assessment of the musical score. But, again the only time the music was grabbing ahold of the audience in TDK was when the joker was in me nothing will top the score that danny elfman did in 89' for Tim Burton. And I dont know if you know but that batman movie won an Oscar for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration at the 1990 awards( Anton Furst and Peter Young)...John williams was nominated in 78' for best musical score for Superman but went home empty handed. Batman(1989) is truly the only comic-made-into movie thats been nominated and won in any category at the oscars, that being said I dont think its entirely impossible for TDK to grab up some nominations and possibly even win at least one...What was it about the direction that you saw short sided? production etc...

CHICK on Dec 16, 2008


By the way, I was responding to Alex, not CHICK. I agree with your response...

Erik on Dec 22, 2008


I seriously hope The Dark Knight wins a lot of awards this year and please it was any day better than wall-e and the wrestler . according to me it was The Best Movie of 2008 and even the musical score was just too good

tisha bridges on Dec 23, 2008


I really like your picture. I thik you will win

Caden on Dec 23, 2008


I love many Pixar films (LOVED finding nemo, the incredibles, ratatouille, etc..), and I am all for an animated movie getting Best Picture, but if WALL-E wins Best Picture, I will be *really* unpleasantly surprised. So many people loved it. I thought it was just okay. I know I'm probably in the minority there, but I just CAN'T see how WALL-E was THAT good. Anyways, enough of that. Of the listed movies, I have only seen WALL-E and The Dark Knight. Out of those two, my vote goes to TDK.

Susana on Dec 26, 2008


so many fanboys influenced by each others ignorance of film. YOU ARE NOT THE FINAL SAY OF HOW GOOD OR BAD A MOVIE IS. YOUR OPINION ON HOW GREAT THE DARK KNIGHT IS ONLY FUELED BY YOUR LOVE OF THE COMIC BOOK SERIES. FANBOY. YOU WANT IT TO WIN SO BAAAADD THAT YOU FORGET THAT THE MOVIE ALREADY HAD A BLUEPRINT FOR DECADES, NOT ORIGINAL, WALL-E EQUALS ORIGINAL, THE WRESTLER EQUALS ORIGINAL, DOUBT EQUALS ORIGINAL. THE DARK KNIGHTS SPECIAL MESSAGE OF TRYING TO RID EVIL ONLY TO REALIZE THAT EVIL WILL ALWAYS BE THERE HAS BEEN DONE. WE SEE IT IN ALL WAR MOVIES. THE DARK KNIGHT IS A GREAT ADAPTATION MOVIE, BUT IT WONT WIN OUT TO THE MORE DESERVING FILMS THAT SHOW REAL LIFE PERSONALITIES AND EMOTIONS. but ur response will be "but, but, ledger was amazing as the joker and it had a really deep message that you didnt get" or i'll get "damn, did you watch the fucking movie you idiot. go eat a dick cuz you dont know movies like i do, because i was deemed the best movie critic to ever grace this earth and my opinion rules all because i speak in such a manner that makes seem intelligent and i degrade others thoughts and opinions because i think mine are the best and i lick my fellow fanboys sacks in order to feel like one of my stupid fanboy brothers". thats what you'll say and i'll will laugh as my point is proven.

getoverit on Dec 29, 2008


To the untrained (read "non-geek") eye, comic books, and the movies based off of them, are loud, brightly-colored, fun bits of eye candy; a temporary distraction from real movies that are somber and serious, movies that talk about big issues and feature Meryl Streep. The popular comic movies of the last decade or so have done very little to argue this idea: The Spider-man franchise was bright and exciting, Superman Returns was colorful and old fashioned, and Fantastic Four was childlike and retarded. They all had respectable box offices, (Spider-man I and II each broke opening day records), but no notable critic ever included any of them in serious Oscar conversations because they were, after all, just superhero movies. It's the same stigma that keeps out even the most excellent of porn films. Then along came The Dark Knight, a record-breaking, critically and commercially successful, bona fide phenomenon. If you didn't see it opening weekend, you were most likely in the minority of your office. If you didn't see it by the next weekend, everyone in your office hated you. It was directed by a real director and written by a real writer (both had Academy Award nominations to their name). Gone were the bright colors and goofy villains, replaced by moral ambiguity and the startling death of a major character. We watched a tense interrogation between a guy in clown makeup and another guy in a bat-themed costume complete with cape, and it didn't come off as frivolous or childish. For the first time, the creators acted like they weren't ashamed of the material. They didn't make it campy or self-referential, to let their cool friends know they were above it all. For once, they were treating the material as seriously as the fans did. The result was a comic book movie that will get serious Oscar consideration, and we're not just talking about the geeks campaigning for it on the Internet. Already there are two Golden Globe nominations for Heath Ledger, to go with nominations for awards from the Screen Actors Guild, and both the Chicago and LA Film Critics.

Prototype on Dec 30, 2008


Yep, no nomination in either Best Picture, Director or even Adapted Screenplay, told you your whole assessment of the Oscar race was ridiculous. Supporting Actor and Cinematography are its biggest noms and I'm not at all surprised.

Some Guy on Jan 22, 2009


One of the reasons Titanic made as much money as it did was this: It initially flopped in December. It took $30 million dollars in it's open weekend (penuts compared to the $200 million plus budget) so giving Titanic 11 oscars out of 14 nominations was the academy's way of feeling sorry for Titanic. The Dark Knight doesn't need Oscars to improve it's box office. In fact it would have been the highest grosing film domestically, had the academy not felt sorry for Titanic. Also there is a lot pf hype about one of the Oscar bait movies. The one getting the most buzz is also the least likeliest, Slumdog Millionare, a rags to riches film about a worldwide popular game show is getting more hype than homos (Milk starring real life homo Sean Penn. Does he milk himself with his meat and two veg in Milk), Nazi Sluts (The Reader starring a sex crazed Kate Winslet. How many jewish men did she wank in The Reader) politician bastards (Frost Nixon) and a pretty screwed up kid (Ben Button).

Jack on May 1, 2009

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