Sunday Discussion: Summer Showdown - Iron Man vs Batman

March 2, 2008

Summer Showdown - Iron Man vs Batman

I never would've thought in a million years that an unknown comic book character like Iron Man would've been adapted into a movie that looks like it could give Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale's latest Batman reincarnation a run for its money. But that's what it's coming down to this summer, with Iron Man hitting theaters first, on May 2nd, and The Dark Knight arriving a full two months later, on July 18th. With an awesome trailer for Iron Man just released a few days ago, the question has arisen: which is going to be the summer's best comic book movie - Iron Man or The Dark Knight? In the end, who is going to stand taller, who is going to make more money, and who will be this summer's real American hero?

First things first, make sure you've watched the full trailers for both movies. Iron Man's newest trailer can be seen here. And The Dark Knight's full trailer from December can be seen here. Now that you've seen both, you can give a fair assessment to each. I'm partial to The Dark Knight, or at least I was before we even saw footage, because I love Batman Begins and am fully confident in Christopher Nolan. But now Iron Man has crept up out of nowhere and I feel like Jon Favreau has that character under control as well as Nolan has Batman under control. It's truly a tough call!

Right now I'm leaning towards Iron Man. Favreau has really captured my attention and shown us that he is the perfect director for Iron Man. The footage we saw at WonderCon combined with the newest trailer were what put me over the edge. Although I loved the footage and trailer for The Dark Knight that came out last December, it doesn't have me as excited anymore as Iron Man. Maybe it's just because TDK has sort of been waiting in the background for another chance to launch an all-out marketing effort, and in the meantime Iron Man has stepped up to be in the spotlight. As in, all that's on my mind at the moment is Iron Man and how awesome it will be, mainly because that trailer just blew me away.

However, I'm also thinking that The Dark Knight will truly be the most amazing comic book movie ever, and that in due time the hype will build back up. With Nolan at the helm, there's a guarantee that this movie is going to be taken to the next level beyond Batman Begins, and with that in mind, I'm very excited. The reason why I'm thinking TDK may be the best is that Nolan is a bit more experience than (unfortunately) Favreau when it comes to action-filled comic book movies. Not only has he already made one of the best comic book movies, but he's directed four other movies, including The Prestige. Whereas Favreau has only ever directed Made, Elf and Zathura before Iron Man, three movies that were honestly not that good.

As divided as I am, I'm still leaning towards The Dark Knight in the end, even though right now I'm way more excited for Iron Man. This whole decision is too tough to make, it's like choosing between your two children. Both movies are going to be amazing and I can't wait to see both. In only a few more months the summer will be here and we won't have to wait any more - Iron Man and The Dark Knight will be in theaters, fighting for your ticket money and fighting for your attention.

What do you think? Who is going to win this summer's big showdown - Batman or Iron Man? Christian Bale or Robert Downey Jr.? This discussion is about what the fans and moviegoers have to say and their reaction together. As in, try and convince me (and everyone else) that one is better than the other. Let the games begin!

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Batman will most likely make more money, however I bet Iron Man gives it a run for the money. Iron man looks excellent, and of course Batman will NOT disappoint either, but Batman is a sure thing, Iron Man may not be.

Michael Cohen on Mar 2, 2008


I believe "The Dark Knight" will make a little more money because "Batman Begins" was a great flick and an optimum re-boot that left the other Burton/Schumacher movies in the dust. Also, I believe that being Heath Ledger's last completed role will stimulate curiosity from non-Batman fans alike. On the other hand Jon Favreau and "Iron Man" seem as though it is Marvel's answer to Christopher Nolan and "Batman". The trailer looks fantastic and I think Favreau really nailed the true essence of the comic book---much like Sam Raimi did for "Spider-Man". "Iron Man" is definitely generating a lot of hype and much will boil down to it being a good movie--hence, word of mouth. All in all, I know that both DC and Marvel comics have a great summer to look forward to because they are both winners. Edge: Marvel......has "The Incredible Hulk" up its sleeve! Just like the hunch I had with Favreau directing "Iron Man", I can almost be sure "The Incredible Hulk" is going to pleasantly surprise.

Spider on Mar 2, 2008


This is a tough one for sure, however I'm kind of thinking that Iron Man might have the edge because of it being the first of its series, for me, I love the beginnings of all the superhero movies because the character building is so fun to watch. However I agree with Spider, that The Dark Knight will definitely make more money because of Heath Ledger's last role. Either way, I don't see a loser.

Mark R on Mar 2, 2008


Iron Man... Batman... Who to choose? If we are talking about box office receipts, I think you can't overlook "Indiana Jones and the Kindom of Geriatric Heroes" as the clear frontrunner to rake in the dough. Between these two flicks though, I want to say "The Dark Knight", purely because it has less competition in late summer. I would like to draw your attention to the May release calendar, which will see "Iron Man", "Speed Racer", "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian", "Indiana Jones" and "Sex and the City" in consecutive weeks. What comes out after "Dark Knight"? "X-Files 2" and the third "Mummy" film, only one of which is getting big buzz. Additionally, and I don't mean to sound crass, the tragic death of Heath Ledger is going to have an effect on the box office performance of "Dark Knight", it is undeniable. I say "Dark Knight" wins, but neither film really loses.

Neil Miller on Mar 2, 2008


Quality wise, that is a draw for now but B.O. wise, Dark Knight hands down. It already has a bigger built-in audience, where as Iron Man is just the first of the franchise and Dark Knight has virtually no big competition. As the poster above me said it is Iron Man, Narnia, Speed Racer, Indy Jones, it certainly will have a tough time finding a decent amount of screens to be shown on in the upcoming weeks while Dark Knight really only has X-Files and The Mummy, which aren't as nearly as big as Narnia or Indy.

Ryan on Mar 2, 2008


I think someone failed to mention that Christopher Nolan also made memento which was a great movie. I saw the bank robbing scene for batman in imax before i am legend and it seemed amazing. so i have no doubt that TDK will be a great movie. As for Iron Man it is hard to tell while some of the early footage from the trailers does look amazing, it is still only a trailer and even a bad movie can have a good trailer.also Favreau Hasn't made the best movies but im sure there is a good director in there some where just wiating to come out and this might be that movie. In the end i think Iron Man will be a good movie and give TDK a run for its money but TDK will ultimately prevail.

CHEEKYmonkey on Mar 2, 2008


the incredible hulk might top both TDK and Iron Man reason being it has a great cast, a blockbuster director and the cgi hulk looks quite good. when u look at the competition well batman begins was great and recaptured the batman series but the director hasnt put up much since batman begins and the prestige but on the other hand iron man looks incredible in its trailers but the Jon Favreau hasnt had a history of making action films but zathura was still a fun ride. as for elf (it was good but doesnt fit in with the great). My choice will be The Incredible Hulk.

Darrin on Mar 2, 2008


In terms of B.O., yes TDK will win the contest even though i'm rooting for Iron Man. I'm an Iron Man fan but TDK already has a successful reboot of the franchise coupled by the fact (sadly) that this is Heath Ledger's last opus. Iron Man, on the other hand, as commented earlier, is just the first and hence will be subject to how well the character development is handled. Christian Bale is an excellent and intense actor but Robert Downey Jr i believe nails his charcter with accuracy. Both are great actors but comparing Bruce and Tony, i'd go for Tony coz his character is essentially fun to watch.

Madstick on Mar 2, 2008


Well I think Batman will do better than Iron Man but I know for a fact there's one movie that will surpass them all; It might not be visually better but it will make more money than both of them at the box office. And no I'm not talking about the Incredible Hulk…let's see if anyone can guess?

Sean on Mar 2, 2008


Ryan #5 - THANK YOU ... that is exactly the point I was going to make on why Iron Man may get overshadowed in May.. and may also be why we have seen a strong push recently with more advertising (i.e. Lost to launch new trailer, numerous time slots in the early evening, etc.) What I can already see is that Batman WILL probably gross more box office money, I have personal differences with the story development of BB(some have already read that, sorry for being a skeptic). But I am nearly certain it will be Iron Man in monies. What I would be interested to see is the demographic of the people attending... 1. Iron Man launched its new trailer on Lost last week, hitting the 25-35 working class demographic. 2. Features an older acting staff(yes gwyneth is not old, but addresses an older viewership) 3. We were introduced to Iron Man(Tony), after he was a successful MIT grad, where as we know of the hardship far earlier in Bruce's life, thus still enabling younger audiences to embrace him as well. The reason I mention it all???? I believe Iron Man will be an amazing flick, and in my mind may edge Batman, BUT I also worry that it is being marketed to an order public than will be truly interested in a Big Blockbuster action flick. For me, Iron Man will have a better story prep and perfection, but Batman will be a clear winner for the summer IN THIS GENRE.

Dusty on Mar 2, 2008


Am I the only one who isn't head over heels in love with Iron Man? Sure looks like it... Judging from what's been shown so far on Marvel's end there's no doubt in my mind that Iron Man will be one hell of a thrill ride. Trailers do a stand up job of showing off the goods as far as blockbuster material is concerned but I still have my doubts on the overall package. Hell, Transformers had one of the most intense trailers ever concocted and the movie was pound per pound a highly entertaining popcorn flick but nothing more. Let's face it, besides Spider-Man and X-Men Marvel's movie line-up has been downright embarassing. My point is I think Iron Man will be an enjoyable if typical way to spend 2 hours in the theater this summer. As a film I have concern that it won't stand the test of time like Spider-Man and Batman Begins will. Based on quality alone I personally think TDK has the edge. The experience of the cast alone speaks for itself, but in addition to that with Goyer off the screenplay I'm sure the Nolan brothers can whip up more down-to-earth dialogue. Cast performance, a highly skilled director and his exceptional execution of what is potentially a well-written, more mature story makes Bats the champ. To sum it up, TDK looks like it can deliver as a summer blockbuster but it doesn't stop with the action. For me, personally, it'll be a better film overall.

Frame on Mar 2, 2008


Sorry correction.. I mistyped in my previous post #10.... "... But I am nearly certain it will ...NOT... be Iron Man in monies." Sorry that was probably confusing to read. (wow, typing too fast for brain to keep up) Good points Frame, #11, regarding Marvel's movie selections.

Dusty on Mar 2, 2008


If you ask me, this is sort of like asking someone to pick which of their kids is their favorite. I, personally, am hyped for BOTH of these movies. I've been following both movies since before they were filming and have watched their respective trailers more times than I can count. It is going to be a great summer for comic book movies! To me the main difference between IM and TDK is their tone. IM looks to be a bit on the "lighter" side with a little bit of humor and a whole lot of action. The promotional stuff for TDK has all been real dark, feeding off of Heath Ledger's dark portrayl of the Joker. If I absolutely could only see one of these in the theatres this summer, I would have to lean toward TDK (how much would that suck?). As several other posts have commented, there is already a solid base behind the new Batman franchise - Bale, Nolan, Goyer, etc. I have too much faith in them and am sticking with my hunch that TDK could be one of the best comic book movies ever. I'm not writing off IM though - I think it will be extremely entertaining and I'm hoping more like the first X-men and Spider-man movies. Bottomline: IM trailer got my excited for the movie, TDK trailer literally gives me goosebumps every time I watch it.

Boo-Yah on Mar 2, 2008


The Dark Knight has the higher profile because there's already one Nolan picture under Warner Bros. belt and they have the pedigree to back it up. But they're going to have trouble marketing it in the face of Heath Ledger's untimely demise. In Iron Man's corner is a shit-hot trailer that EVERYONE is talking about. I haven't heard anyone talk about The Dark Knight in my circle of friends beyond "I'm interested in that, too." Iron Man's big advantage is getting there first. They have the first big slot in May, effectively kicking off the summer blockbuster season. People are chomping at the bit to see this movie.

Tom Brazelton on Mar 2, 2008


The Dark Knight, hands down. If we're judging by the most recent trailers, and only the most recent trailers, then it is indeed a close battle. Iron Man, without a doubt, looks really good, and Robert Downey Jr. brings Tony Stark to life unlike anyone else could. The hype generated from this movie will definitely bring in some big bucks, and I'm sure this movie can live up to most of that hype. Most of it. Looking beyond the trailer, though, I'm not seeing much of a plot that will drive the movie. Sure, we're going to get a great performance, awesome action, and an origin story that will definitely make Iron Man a favorite movie above many that we have already had in the past, but is that enough to bring it out on top of TDK. Not quite. From the look of the trailer, the plot seems pretty simple. Stark ultimately takes a 180 turn from his power monger lifestyle to that of protecting the innocent; which is just fine in my opinion, but as he constantly perfects his suit that allows him to fight against those odds, I'm left wondering where these odds are actually during half the movie. (yes, I do believe most of the movie will be him creating and getting used to that suit.) From the few glimpses in the trailer, it seems Iron Man WILL be fighting another suit of armor, and I'm sure we will see a pretty amazing action flick that will get most of the audience cheering. But beyond that one enemy...there's not much else. Character development seems sparse, and there's no deep conflict going on besides what's presented on the surface. Basic and simple. The thing about TDK, is that Batman Begins has already delivered a pretty good origin story that went beyond the basic: Find purpose, per-fect suit, and fight evil genre that we've been delivered time and time again. That's the glory of Batman, is that not only is Bruce fighting crime, but he's also fighting himself and his past; and also more than one evil. People seem to forget about the ealier speculation of The Dark Knight, in that the joker was originally rumored to not even appear until halfway through the movie. I'm not sure if this is still true, but we cannot forget the presence of The Scarecrow as Cillian Murphy returns to the role I thought he played flawlessly. I'm not sure if it's only a cameo or more, but none-the-less it will bring more diversity to the lovely looking plot. Then there's Harvey Dent, as we witness more of his origins and how he became two-face, though that character may or may not appear in the movie, it can't be forgotten that he will be an important part of the film besides that of the joker. It also seems that the city is somewhat AGAINST batman, as seen by the smashing of the bat signal and the presence of a better police task force from the trailer; also, we can't forget Alfred giving another speech to the Bruce Wayne who doesn't know what he's to do with his doubts. Then, there's the joker. We don't need to say much about that. Heath is top-notch in this role, and I'm anxious to see how the joker's rise to fame began in this phsycho turn. Indeed, though most will flock to the movie just for this aspect alone, we will finally witness the start of the famous rivalry between the Joker and Batman. I have no doubt Christopher Nolan will deliver. The Dark Knight is the winner, both in it's concept and it's already established fanbase.

maverick on Mar 3, 2008


Who cares???? I'll see them both and I'll enjoy them both too!!! Cheers.

Hermond on Mar 3, 2008


It's picking Comedy vs. Tragedy. Batman is a tragedy, through & through. Dead serious, no pun intended w/ respect to the excellent Heath Ledger. Iron Man is the movie that people want to see NOW. It looks awesome, interesting, like a rollicking roller-coaster and above all- what Bruce Wayne utterly lacks: a sense of humor. If there were any possible way for Marvel to release it sooner, even in sneak previews several months early, they'd be taking advantage of one the most remarkable trailer buzzes in recent history. TDK is a shoe in, and it knows it. It will play its PR cards carefully and stand on its own merit, like the gigantic GQ ad it's come to be known as. (meaning, it's a guy's movie, but cool girls w/ heads on their shoulders'll be into it, too) Iron Man being removed from a head to head release by a full 2 months gives it the advantage of ramping up its PR even after DK has left its box office imprint. That they're following up as opposed to leading in, though, means Marvel will have to walk a careful line of marketing their movie on its own merits, b/c it would be easy to say "Iron Man's named after a song by a band that used to EAT BATS HEADS OFF ONSTAGE." But to go any farther than that would be disrespectful of Heath Ledger's tragic loss. But if they just sit back for a bit, and use their licensing of Black Sabbath's iconic tune consistently, w/out overdoing it, everyone will get the picture and pour their pockets out at the box office. ***IDEA: Each successive Iron Man ad should employ a different section of that epic, iconic metal song w/ a new, Iconic shot of Iron Man flying, fighting, or galavanting around as a playboy. They should only do 1 or 2 new ads, and release them only after TDK, in June & July. So far they've been very good about showing us their progress on the movie through their previews. If they keep that up, w/out spoiling the film, they'll keep up the public interest they've already generated. GO MARVEL!!!

Djoser on Mar 3, 2008


There's some great posts on hear, and everyone has pretty valid points as to why Iron or The Dark Knight could possibly be the victor. There's even a mention of The Incredible Hulk. First, my personal pick is The Dark Knight. I'm not real hyped about the new batsuit, but if it's explained I can live with it. At least he gets to turn his head now. Iron Man looks pretty amazing, and I'm sure it will be a fun action flick that all of us fanboys can rally behind. I have no doubts after watching the last trailer they showed during Lost. The Incredible Hulk is really behind on the marketing, and the lack of a trailer is going to hurt it tremendously come opening weekend. It won't matter if it's the best comic book movie ever...if it's not promoted, it will tank. Batman Begins is one of those movies that I think crossed over the comic bookfantasy genre in action/drama. The level of realism they added to a fantasy world made Batman a more credible character. Like a previous posters said about watching the trailer ..."I gave me goosebumps".

TCox on Mar 3, 2008


O.K. first of all Iron Man is NOT an unknown superhero! Before their respective movies were made, you could call The Punisher, Ghost Rider, and Hellboy unknown superheros. Not Iron Man. Give me a break. People know of Iron Man going all the way back to the 60's with his "Marvel Superheros" cartoon shorts. Even beyond the comics, he's been around in pop culture for some time. Secondly, the "Iron Man" movie did not come out of nowhere. The buzz has been going on for almost a year now. Where have you been? Who will be the victor at the box office? I hope it's both of them! "Iron Man" will be incredible, "The Dark Knight" will be even more intense than "Batman Begins", and I trust Jon Favreau as much as I trust Christopher Nolan...completely and totally.

Editboy on Mar 3, 2008


I can't even believe this is a discussion. As sick as Iron Man looks, it holds no water against TDK. Christian Bale vs. Robert Downey Jr.? Really? Favreau vs. Nolan? These are no brainers. You know the answer. As long as Batman is in the hands of Bale and Nolan, it will kick every other super hero movie's ass. Hands. Down.

Steve Ormsbee on Mar 3, 2008


Hmmm....Batman vs. Iron Man Marvel vs. D.C. Robert Downey Jr. vs. Heath Ledger and the winner for Comic Book movie of the year goes to......................... HELLBOY II in a stunning upset!!!! Just kidding. I'm gonna see all of these. As long as I'm entertained I could give a crap about B.O. competition. You know they're gonna pull in HUGE gobs o' loot.

jason_md2020 on Mar 3, 2008


No one has even mentioned on here that for sheer blow-your-freaking mind quality, Hellboy 2's looking to push envelopes that neither of these movies can even TOUCH. I'm psyched, on all fronts. IRON MAN: looking to counteract Marvel's recent output. Add Norton's HULK reboot and they're easily back on track, in a way NO OTHER SMALL STUDIO can claim for growth percentage in their first Indie years. DARK KNIGHT is proof that Warner Bros. isn't exactly suffering. This'll continue to make up for that sourpuss Superman reboot (which will be balanced out, yet again, by the upcoming 'Man of Steel'.) Iron Man is first fully self-financed Marvel Studios flick, so they're banking a TON on its success. ($186 million worth, according to IMDB) Hulk clocks in at $150 mil, currently, which is tied w/ Dark Knight. So- this clearly illustrates that Marvel is putting Iron Man as the horse to push itself ahead. Then, it looks like in 2009 we'll be looking forward to Wolverine vs. The Man of Steel. THAT could get interesting... Wolvie's set for May & Supes is set for June... Man this IMDB is addictive!

Djoser on Mar 3, 2008


Looking at the release schedule, Iron Man's main contention turns out to be Harold & Kumar escape from Guantanamo (!). Hulk will be contending w/ Kung Fu Panda & Get Smart, which are tough acts to be sandwiched by. By the time Hancock (our standard July 4th Will Smith fare...) & then Hellboy come out, everyone will already be anticipating Dark Knight, so Hellboy's got a tough patch as well. Looks like Iron Man is in the best position of any non-Batman comic/superhero movie, b/c of what it is up against and how much excitement it is already generating. None of this changes that Bats still stands to reap a heavy reward, but as far as its' studio is concerned, it's pulling less weight in the overall picture, in proportion to Marvel's stake in Iron Man. All in all- I simply can't wait for Iron Man. BRING IT ON ALREADY! (we'll deal w/ Bats when he comes along, too, of course...)

Djoser on Mar 3, 2008


Great villains make a good superhero film into a great superhero film. The Joker. Nuff said.

A Fok on Mar 3, 2008


Are you guys insane? Iron Man looks absolutely wretched.

James on Mar 3, 2008


The Dark Knight for sure it already has a huge fanbase with the last film being so good and everyone knowing that its going to be amazing, on the other hand Iron Man's trailer looks like its really action packed and it could be a lot of fun and i mean how can u turn down a guy in a metal suit destroying stuff for 90 minutes. I think The Dark Knight will be a better movie and make more money but Iron Man is right behind it and it will make a good amount of money.

Curtis on Mar 3, 2008


Gee wiz James, that sure was insightful....HOW does it look wretched to you? It certainly doesn't to me. In fact, to me, it looks like Marvel's about to make it's best movie yet, by far. Xmen 1 & 2 were both great, and Spiderman was good as well, the rest of the Marvel movies, have been...mostly tragic, (though I sort of enjoyed Ghost Rider), but with Iron Man, it looks like they are finally listening to the criticisms the earlier movies recieved, and are trying to make a real big boy, grown up movie. (About time too if you ask me). As far as scomparing the two, why bother? They will both be outstanding movies from the looks of things, and as a fan of both comic characters, I couldn't be happier.

monkey on Mar 3, 2008


I confess I'm looking forward to Iron Man more than Batman. I enjoy Batman but I find the weight of expectation that everyone places on it means it can't be as free or give you as many surprises as something new can. I enjoyed Batman Begins yet it still had the predicatability of the ticking bomb, crumbling buildings, race against time finish. I love Bale but I just didn't engage with the characters as much. Maybe it's because my heart will always be with Batman:Mask of the Phantasm as the best version of Batman created.

Payne by name on Mar 4, 2008


I think both will be good films at the very least. However, I the The Dark Knight just looks like it's going to be a way cooler film. More dark and edgy. I think even if Heath Ledger didn't die that The Dark Knight will make more money than Iron Man.

Dan Geer on Mar 4, 2008


since i was a child im a batman fan but i dont think so iron man is good as batman....ever and ever BATMAN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!batman movies always make money but dont be disappointed with me if i say that iron man is after the money of batman...

heather on Mar 5, 2008


Thank you, #30, for enlightening us with your eloquent banter. You're right. Iron Man is after the Batman's loot. Because the Batman really does exist, and his movies are actually what fund all of his 'wonderful toys'. But now, instead of having one extremely wealthy billionaire crime fighter, we're going to have to settle for two really, really wealthy ones. Thanks to super villains, there's only so much money to go around. It was supposed to be a secret. Now you've given it all away. And Batman and Iron man are both very disappointed in you for saying that. 😉 -Djo

Djoser on Mar 5, 2008


FTA: "I never would've thought in a million years that an unknown comic book character like Iron Man would've been adapted into a movie" UNKNOWN comic book character? Have you been living on the gorram moon? That aside, I'm looking forward to both movies. It's like compairing apples to oranges but both are sweet and tasty.

Absinth on Mar 6, 2008


There is absolutely no doubt that "The Dark Knight" will lead the race.... The reasons are... 1) When Batman Begins movie ends and Gordon hands over The Joker Card to Batman and he says "I'll look into it.." Everyone wished that he could look into it instantaneously......that wait for next installment is being infinite by now and all the bat-fans can't wait to see Batsy back in action.... 2) Ledger has delivered performance of his lifetime (as quoted by Sir. Michael Caine "It's Heath....he's gonna surprise many people with his stunning performance") 3) The movie gets more intense and dark as it progresses....remember Heath is one Cold-blooded mass murdering clown...and that Not all jokes are funny... 4) People are really curious to know how would Aaron Eckhart look as "Two-face" and don the role...so thats a bit of surprise... 5) Ultimately the famous dialogue by Joker "The only sensible way to live in this world is without Rules.....and Tonight you are gonna break your own rule"....I really wonder what rule is he talking about...may be Batman has a choice to make to either save Alfred or the chick....can't wait to see whats it gonna be.... 6) Breath taking visuals, stunts, action sequences and finally one-on-one between Batman & The Joker... 7) There is one character in this movie who claims to know Batman's true identity....can't wait to see this one as well.... 8) How is Scarecrow gonna be projected in this movie.... It's hands crossed rather than fingers crossed this time.... Iron Man? who is he anyway? Cheers!

Ram Kunchur on Mar 7, 2008


Can't say which will be a better movie, but The Dark Knight will make more money, its got the death of Heath Ledger, not that its a good thing, but its like free publicity, as this will be one of his last films, and plus its a sequel to a great movie, which is always a good thing, the hype will be all the more strong. Iron Man looks good, and will make a lot, but TDK has Nolan, Ledger's death, a big IMAX release, a July release, and sequel hype, it'll definately make more in the long run.

Chris G. on Mar 8, 2008


The Dark Knight for sure. The Incredible Hulk a close second. Iron Man does not seem to have a very interesting plot based on the trailer; no emotional turmoil, conflict or any interesting development. Nothing deep at all. Also, if it's gonna run purely on the stupid and lame jokes cracked during the trailer, I foresee a disaster.

Cas on Mar 12, 2008


Ironman an unknown? The writer must be like 18 because I remember reading the heck out of all my ironman comics. Research next time? Ironman movie looks fracking awesome I can't wait for it. Batman imo has been alot of suckage lately so Dark Knight might come in 2nd but sadly I doubt it since we seem to be easily suckered out of our money even when past performances may not recommend it.

CM on Mar 22, 2008


the dark knight will be victourious but it will be amazing to see both films

rich on Apr 3, 2008


I am one of the BIGGEST Batman fans you will see, i love his movies, the stories, the comics. BUT after i saw Ironman, i mean, WOW. That was actually good. I always thoought of Ironman as a second runner up superhero. BUt, man, this new movie changed my look on Ironman! He is awesome. But i am not going to diis Batman, just like that. He is simply the best! Hands Down, I mean he beat the "Man of Steel", nuff said, right? Ironman has becomed like my second favorite Hero, taking Spiderman's place. But, after seeing Ironman, and seeing how much people went, without a shadow of a doubt, The Dark Knight will make the most money, and will be the better. I mean, read comment #24. Thats all true. Joker? you can't beat Joker. Especially when its a fantastic actor like Heath Ledger! RIP. well, enough said, i will go with The Dark Knight, but Ironman is right behind him! Its close, oh yes it is. But Batman comes on top.

Iron-Batman on May 4, 2008


I watched Iron man last night. Absolutely brilliant!!! Pure entertainment with a capital 'E'!! Really looking forward to Batman which Im sure evokes deep thought, but I've never seen a more entertaining comic film adaptation like Iron Man before. It is exactly how it should be - light hearted, action-packed, excellent CGI... Iron Man's gadgets beat Batman's hands down! I cant wait for the sequel...bring it on!

Dan on May 4, 2008


iron man vs. batman-who will win at the box office? the answer to that is easy, iron man by a landside. if you don't know the reasons for this, it is because of one reason, you are obviously batman fans. the fact that you batman fans can't see this coming just goes to show how out of touch you have become about reality.

chester on May 24, 2008


George Clooney played a better Batman. He fit the 'look', too. I prefer Christian Bale in Little Women. No doubt Christian is swoon worthy but his soft chin just can't fill the Batman badass look. Robert Downey Jr., despite his age, made Tony Stark come to life. While watching the Iron Man trailer, I was like, what the hell were they thinking casting this guy? He doesn't even look the part. But hey, My foot was shoved in my mouth when I saw the movie. Halfway into the movie I was drooling all over the cinema's floor. RDJ is very hot at 43. I don't watch that much superhero movies. I usually wait for them to be aired on cable. Since I slept more than half the time while watching Superman Returns. I've sworn off superhero movies. But then I went to see Batman Begins, due to the fact I was a fan of Batman. But I fell asleep on that too. I didn't want to see Iron Man but my mom was practically all over me, saying RDJ was her favorite actor. 0.o I now thank my mom every single minute that she forced me to watch Iron Man. I'm now a bigger fan of RDJ than my mother was. Oh, and I didn't fall in love with Iron Man. I fell in love with Tony Stark. And I sure do hope the next film in 2010 will deal more with the inner demons that haunt Tony Stark.

chu on May 27, 2008


Im beting on "the Dark Knight" because "Batman Begains" kicked A** and all the batman series kicked a** from the start as for me, i am a huge fan of Ironman, but i still think "The Dark Knight" will still rock Ironman. Also "Batman Begains" made alot of money because,well, its batman and so wat is stoping batman from winning this one also.Also the Batman raised the bar so high that the next one will do the same But also Ironman was rated the best movie in america so abiously it can not lose what rating it got, but still "The Dark Knight" Has a long way to go to catch up.And also Batman has vihicles to ride and he can fly also, also u can see his face not like ironman. And ironman has nothing on "The Dark Knight". Batman Rulez

Near N on May 28, 2008


Iron Man was mediocre. The Dark Knight has the number one opening weekend gross of all time and is becoming a true cultural phenomenon. Batman wins hands down.

Chuck on Jul 24, 2008


I am writing this on September 21st 2008, a date long after both movies had been released. And the result is out for everybody to see. How wrong Iron Man fans were when they said IM was going to kick The Batman. I was thinking, can somebody really kick Batman and then win? Is it that straight? NO. The Batman IS after all THE Batman. The talented team behind 'Batman Begins(2005)' and (now) 'The Dark Knight' has only delivered what The Batman truly deserved. A real Superhero with NO superpowers but only sheer willpower, physical/mental strength and some great gadgets. And maybe that's why he is perhaps the world's greatest (and most adored) superhero, isn't it ? He's is a mature man's Ideal and not just a child's. 'Iron Man' is good like any other well handled superhero movie. But, at the time of writing this 'The Dark Knight' is up there already (reached the 2nd position on America's Domestic Top grossing movies) behind just only 'Titanic(1997)', the movie with a mediocre love-story nothing else but great mind-blowing visual/sound effects. In the World-wide Top grossing movies, TDK is going for the 4th place right now and still going strong. As somebody with a really good foresight above said - Comment #24("Great villains make a good superhero film into a great superhero film. The Joker. Nuff said.") - that should have been the end of the Discussion. Can't really wait for the Riddler and the Penguin in the Nolan's Third Batman. #4 really sounded crass because - Peolple are really going to appreciate the great work of any good actor irrespective whether he is dead or alive. Ledger's death was not even directly related to TDK unlike 'Titanic' where a lot of people went to see the mediocre movie (with great visual effects) to witness how 1527 people actually died sinking on a big ship. There is where the sympathy votes went. But a lot of other comments out there were insightful and spot on. The End of the Discussion and the Debate. Period.

Amol on Sep 21, 2008

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