Sunday Discussion: Who Got Robbed? Who Reigned Supreme?

February 25, 2008

Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill at the Oscars

The Oscars just wrapped earlier tonight and No Country for Old Men took the top prize, as it was expected to do (check out the full list of winners here). Although a few people were wondering if Juno might upset the awards and take Best Picture, it only walked away with Best Original Screenplay courtesy of Diablo Cody. Both The Golden Compass and Tilda Swinton were two of the most shocking winners of the evening, as was the seemingly unexpected Bourne Ultimatum, which ended up with three technical awards by the end of the night. Despite there are always upsets, we can't forget about the ones that deserved to win and besides Diablo Cody, both Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová from Once deserved every last ounce of the golden statues they got.

First off, I've got to say, did anyone really think No Country for Old Men would NOT win? I had felt it all along and knew that it was easily going to take the top prize. Personally, I would have preferred There Will Be Blood, but instead I'm satisfied that No Country took it anyway. I'm not a huge No Country fan, so I'm not exactly excited that it ended up with four, but I am happy either way. It would certainly have been a bigger upset if Juno or Atonement would have won, even though I liked both of those movies, too. What do you think about No Country for Old Men? Although it dominated the Oscars, to me at least, it really doesn't feel like such a huge moment because it was almost entirely expected.

The best moments during the Academy Awards are always when the nominees are all fantastic and equally deserving and an underdog, or somebody who "should" win, ends up taking it. For example, both Diablo Cody and the song "Falling Slowly" from Once were great moments this year because, although I was predicting both of them would win, it could have gone any which way and yet it didn't. All of us, including Ken and Peter from SlashFilm, were all rooting for both Diablo and Once, but it wasn't entirely a shoo-in like Daniel Day-Lewis. Those thrilling edge-of-your-seat moments where the Academy does come through and does give it to the very best of the best are always the most spine-chilling and exciting every year.

However, it's time to address the upsets, as we must, and this year they were: Tilda Swinton over Amy Ryan for Supporting Actress; There Will Be Blood for cinematography over Roger Deakins twice; La Vie en Rose for make-up; and the big one, The Golden Compass for Visual Effects. While I could also mention The Bourne Ultimatum as well, it did deserve to win Sound Mixing, Sound Editing and Film Editing, despite what may be said, so I'll let that one fly. But the rest are definitely a problem that I must address.

First off, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End should have won for make-up instead of La Vie en Rose, but there's not much we can do about that. Over the franchise's four year reign, the Pirates movies only ever took home one Oscar, which was for Visual Effects in 2007. We'll get to this year's Visual Effects soon enough, but I really don't have any liking for La Vie en Rose which is I guess my problem. As for cinematography, although There Will Be Blood has great cinematography, I'm very partial to The Assassination of Jesse James instead, which easily had some of the most stunning work in the last few years. Roger Deakins, who was nominated twice, both for The Assassination of Jesse James and No Country for Old Men, deserved to win for at least one of those two!

With Best Supporting Actress, Tilda Swinton did not deserve it, hands down. Literally a minute before they announced the winner, I was telling Peter that almost all of them were fairly good nominees, except for Swinton. She didn't seem to fit in that list, but anyone else would have been a fine and acceptable winner. And mere seconds later she won! Come on, over Amy Ryan or Cate Blanchet, or even Ruby Dee?!

Lastly, you may have hated the movie or you may not appreciate it at all, but Transformers easily should have won the Visual Effects Oscar. Did anyone think differently? Everyone saw it and knew it was going to win; it was shoo-in on the level of Daniel Day-Lewis. But that atrocious flop of a movie The Golden Compass got it?! I could name another 10 movies last year that had great visual effects, but there was never a moment throughout its 133 minutes that I ever though to myself "these are great graphics." It did NOT have great graphics and it honestly sounds like New Line Cinema CEO Bob Shaye bought a win in the Oscars just so the failing company could get some positive recognition - how ridiculous!

Well, there's not much I can change and complaining won't get me far. The Oscars are over and so be it, I'll still love my Transformers and Gone Baby Gone. What do you think? Are there some surprises that shocked you? Who got robbed at this year's Oscars? Who reigned supreme and kicked ass?

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There Will be Blood got what everyone expected with best actor, I dont think it was snubbed by not getting either picture or director. Obviously No Country kicked some major ass, deservedly so. Swinton shouldnt have won best supporting actress; if you saw her on the red-carpet preshow she honestly belived she wasnt going to win or didnt deserve to. Transformers should have won best effects. No Country should have won Cinematography as well, or maybe I just need to rewatch Blood and Ill see why it won. Overall I think it was a very nondescript Oscars, in that there were no huge upsets, or fantastic acceptance speeches (sorry Alex). Thats not to say I didnt enjoy it either, cause I did.

Keith on Feb 25, 2008


I'm still upset Zodiac was snubbed to begin with. The biggest upset for me was Amy Ryan not winning for GBG. I also thought Gilroy was a shoe-in for best screenplay, but I'm glad Cody won. I agree that TWBB should have won Best Picture.

Aaron on Feb 25, 2008


My biggest upset was Deakins not winning for Assassination.

Zach D. on Feb 25, 2008


What a joke that transformers didnt will best visual effects!! golden compass didnt show the audience anything new in terms of visuals! crap, crap, crap!!!

spider-ed on Feb 25, 2008


O my— Marion Cotillard for 'La Vie en Rose' —— What a wonderful and pleasant suprise !!!! Thank you so much, mr/mrs Academy for not passing up this movie 🙂 … a Beautiful and Haunting take on Édith Piaf, truely well done.

Nasya on Feb 25, 2008


Transformers should have won theirs.

Stephen on Feb 25, 2008


I thought it was great. happy for Bardem. Really glad Ruby Dee didn't get the "Martin Landau Let's Give It To Them Before They Die Oscar" She didn't deserve the nomination. the whole time I said: "All she did was slap him!" and that was the exact scene that they showed. I didn't know Conan O'Brian was in Michael Clayton...

Animal_Mother on Feb 25, 2008


Diablo Cody looked like a hot mess in that Flintstones dress. Pass the coke.

Nick on Feb 25, 2008


Transformers should have won all 3, O'Connell deserved his awards for Transformers, also Amy Ryan should have won. and i think Gone Baby Gone should have been nominated for more than one award, Because Ed Harris, or Morgan Freeman could have been nominated for best supporting actor, and Ben should have been nominated for Director.

Blake on Feb 25, 2008


There really wasn't much to complain about last night except the lack of upsets. I didn't see Tilda Swinton's performance but it does seem like that was the controversy of the moment. For my money, I hate that Wes Anderson was completely passed over all weekend. I'm not surprised that he didn't get any Oscar noms but I was surprised that he was passed over by the Independent Spirit Awards as well. I may just be a sucker for Wes Anderson movies but I still think The Darjeeling Limited was one of the best movies released last year. Certainly one of the best indies. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong...

Knox Films on Feb 25, 2008


I saw both of the films that Amy Ryan and Tilda Swinton were in. I don't know about the other actresses because I didn't see their performances, but if Swinton winning this award over Ryan is one of the absolute worst decisions I've EVER seen come out of the Oscars. It's a crying shame.

Matt on Feb 25, 2008


transformers still rule with or without oscars

Darrin on Feb 25, 2008


Amy Ryan got robbed! Anyone from Boston would have told you they found here on the streets of Southie and threw her in the movie-I didnt recognize her, and shes a New Yorker, Amy hope to see you again-cuz you got robbed! EMC-Boston,MA

E on Feb 25, 2008


Nothing too shocking though in the major categories. Tilda Swinton shouldn't have won but I am not too upset about it.

Ryan on Feb 25, 2008


I would have picked Cate over Tilda (who I think was terrific in Orlando a few years back but not that great in Clayton). If I could change anything about this years oscar ceremony, It would have been the host. Stewart was a bore! I laughed not one time! It got so bad, I went and baked bread and made vegetarian tamales. Please bring back some real joke writers!

Jan Scholl on Feb 25, 2008


I was surprise it by the cinematograpy of there will... i dont like it, and i am very glad for the song falling slowly

Paulina on Feb 25, 2008


I agree..Transformers should have won for some type of technical award. Dang.

Bry from Chi on Feb 25, 2008


I thought Tilda Swinton winning a Oscar was total bull, as good as Micheal Clayton was she did not deserve the Oscar not over Amy Ryan she was amazing in Gone Baby Gone. As much as i enjoyed There Will be Blood i did not think it should have won over The Assassination of Jesse James there Cinematography was breath taking in it and deserved the Oscar hands down. Don't even get me started with The Golden Compass winning, total bullshit!!!

Curtis on Feb 25, 2008


Transformers sucked, but it deserved the visual effects award over The Golden Compass easily. You can barely disguise your disdain for No Country, Alex. I'm just happy voters didn't fall for the hype machine of Juno.

avoidz on Feb 25, 2008


I am so glad that "La Vie en Rose" got acknowledged for Best Make up (the transformation of the actress into Edith Piaf over the years was amazing) and for Best Actress. This movie is absolutely amazing as is the performance. Thank you to the Academy to recognize a foreign language film in these categories.

Christophe on Feb 25, 2008


Despite the fact that Deakins did shoot two beautiful films this year I whole heartedly agree with the Cine win for There Will Be Blood. They shot entirely without DI which is an achievement in and of itself nowadays, and they still made a film that looked as pretty as any of the others.

spopp on Feb 25, 2008


#7: Oh that wasn't Conan... it was David Bowie. I think Tilda won based on the fact that she chose to dip her fingers in her unbelievably sweaty armpit and had alot of intense stares. Absolute BS! Honestly... I don't see why everyone is so hyped on Micheal Clayton. Sure, Clooney did a nice job but the story and film was nothing great in my opinion. Here's the movie cliffnotes: Evil corporation is dirty. Evil corporation's product kills people. Evil corporation gets in trouble. Evil corporation tries killing everyone that knows their secret. Lawyer tapes evil corporation admitting to doing wrong. Movie over. Oh... and throw in a wierdo that strips naked in court while professing his love to a young girl somewhere in there. I'll be using the DVD as a Tron disc later.

C-Young on Feb 26, 2008

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