Sunday Discussion: Why Are There Always Bad Apples?!

May 25, 2008

Sunday Discussion: Why Are There Always Bad Apples?!

It seems that all that is on people's mind this weekend is how bad the new Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was. Everyone knows that I gave it a fairly positive review, even though my opinion changed a bit the second time around. Now that we've capped off the first four weeks of the summer movie season, I think it's appropriate that we look back at the selection so far: Iron Man, Speed Racer, Prince Caspian, and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The question that rattles around in my mind when I think of these four is why the heck there has to be bad apples every summer? Are we ever going to get a year where every last movie that's highly anticipated delivers? Probably not, but it's still a possibility that I've been thinking about. To be honest, I've enjoyed all of the big movies this summer so far. Have you?

I guess my reason for really claiming I've enjoyed the summer so far is that in comparison to last year's May, this year has by far surpassed the crap that we had seen then. Last May we had Spider-Man 3, 28 Weeks Later, Shrek 3, and Pirates of the Caribbean 3, all rather mediocre let downs. But this summer has been pretty solid. Iron Man was fantastic, Speed Racer was amazing (at least I think), Prince Caspian was great, and even Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was fun and entertaining. However, I think I'm alone in my thoughts this time. I know not everyone liked Speed Racer, most thought Prince Caspian was just okay, and plenty of you were let down by Crystal Skull. Why are there always bad apples?! Why couldn't all four of these be enjoyed by everyone?

The problem is that we always go into the summer movie season with incredibly high expectations (sometimes unachievable) and immense anticipation. That's the trouble - Hollywood studios build up the buzz so early on that by the time we actually get to the summer, we're hoping every last film is brilliant, but that just ain't going to happen. If only everyone walked in to movies during the summer with the same mellow amount of hype that they do the remainder of the year. Maybe we'd all enjoy so many more movies if that were the case. It almost doesn't matter what your opinion turns out to be a year from now when you watch them all again on DVD, because you'll still remember the experience of seeing it for the very first time. And if that was great, you won't forget how much you enjoyed it then and still enjoy it now.

So how has the summer been for you? Is it everything you had hoped it would be? Or has Indiana Jones really killed all of your excitement? Was it really that bad of an apple or was it just a rough patch of road that we needed to get past before moving onto the remainder of great movies left this summer like Get Smart, Wall-E, Hancock, Hellboy II, The Dark Knight, Tropic Thunder, and so on. Is anyone worried that we're going to hit some other really rotten apples this summer? Or do we already know to avoid some of the bad ones like The Love Guru, Meet Dave, and The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (refer to my previous Sunday Discussion). If only we could always enjoy every last summer movie…

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I saw Iron Man and Speed Racer and I enjoyed both films. Iron Man was fantastic and Speed Racer was good. I'll get back to you when I've seen Indy. It'll be a while before I see Caspian. My excitement has not yet diminished, I am now more excited for the summer's upcoming films than I was at the beginning of the summer.

Keith on May 25, 2008


I've seen all the movies you mentioned and enjoyed them highly. After watching Prince Caspian though there is no way in hell I can call Indiana Jones corny, Even though I enjoyed Prince Caspian it was one of the more cornier movies I've ever watched. The summer is just getting started! Can't wait for The Happening, The Strangers, The Dark Knight, The Incredible HULK, Get Smart, Wall-E, Wanted, Hancock, Hellboy II, The Xfiles and tons more coming in August-December out of the summer months.

duff on May 25, 2008


look i'm convinced that iron man isn't as good as everyone thinks it is. Because of the the major let down that last summer was everyone is just use to seeing mediocre to bad movies. all the sudden a decent/pretty good movie comes out and no one knows what to do so everyone just assumes thats it amazing. also indy was pretty good, but pales in comparison to the others

Mark on May 25, 2008


Iron Man was an amazing start to Marvel's new production company and I personally thought it was the best (besides the first X-Men). Prince Caspian was what I expected it to be...exciting but also Kid-friendly...there was the action for the young teens and adults to enjoy and then there were the corny jokes by the furry wildlife creatures that even brought a chuckle from me... Speed Racer was one of my favorites...it completely embodied the television show and also brought a modern take on it...plus seeing John Goodman throw people around is always fun... Then there was Indiana Jones...not my favorite but definately a satisfying film...yeah it got a little SciFi on us but everyone knows they couldnt keep throwing the religious stuff at the audience...they went a different direction and in my opinion they did it very well...one of my friends said that it was too unbelievable but then again these are the same people that seemed to find the story of the Ark and it melting everyones faces off as real... I am completely excited about all of the other movies coming out this summer...I am even wanting to see some of the "bad apples"...maybe I will make my friends pay for my ticket for those 😉

Maxx on May 25, 2008


Iron Man was really cool, it was a great Summer popcorn movie. It's fun. Prince Caspian is a terrible movie. Indiana Jones fell flat on expectations. It's a mediocre adventure movie, that's probably not even as fun as National Treasure. To be real, the quality of Cristal Skull is about on par with the Tomb Raider Movies. A disappointment.

Discateia on May 25, 2008


"problem is that we always go into the summer movie season with incredibly high expectations (sometimes unachievable) and immense anticipation" But your website does nothing but contribute to this "problem"

Andrew Wickliffe on May 25, 2008


I understand what you're saying about expectations, but... NO one had a higher anticipation for Iron Man than I did (and I know you know that) 🙂 but it STILL blew me away. I saw it 3 times in 4 days and I enjoyed it more every time. Why are people sniping on Indy 4? Because they're calling a spade a spade. I think the only reason the reviews aren't worse is because of the legacy and even critics are going easy on it. There was a lot of lame stuff in Indy, man. It's true. Vic

ScreenRant.com on May 25, 2008


I have only seen Iron Man and Caspian so far and enjoyed them both Iron Man way more then Caspian obviously. I haven't seen Indy of Speed Racer yet but i hope to before then end of the month. I looking forward to pretty much all the movies this summer except the ones you stated as being the bad apples above.

Curtis on May 25, 2008


I've actually enjoyed all 4 of them movies quite alot, and thought that I was lowering my expectations. I'd put them in this order: 1. Speed Racer, I found the bad guys really annoying but I loved the visuals so much I saw it twice and still occasionally watch the trailer in HD. 2. Iron Man, Pretty awesome film but the characters were a little smug and the bad guy sucked again. I'd want to watch it again when it comes to DVD. 3. Prince Caspian, for some reason I really rooted for the 4 kids to show that they were worth it, and felt sorry for them when their first attempt failed. Really got into it when I first watched it. 4. Indy 4, my most anticipated so far. I was willing to suspend my disbelief for the action, which was quite good and a film like Speed Racer that would get my imagination as a kid. However alot of the film, the graveyard bits, the scenes at the soviet camp and the last 15 minutes didn't do anything for me.

Josh Rowe on May 25, 2008


The reason why there are bad apples in the bunch is so that the good ones are better.

Kail on May 25, 2008


My opinion is that there are ALWAYS going to be people either like or don't like a movie. It just seems that the latter always tend to be more vocal about it. I for one, liked Indiana Jones, even though I would agree that it is far from the best in the series. Also, I never ever raise my expectations too high. My only expectation when I see a film is that I am going to like it and, as a result, I only save bad reviews for films I expected to like, but ended up being disappointed. Indy wasn't one of those films.

Sean Kelly on May 25, 2008


I think it's been a pretty solid summer so far. I didn't care for Iron Man very much, and Indy really was a letdown. Speed Racer was enjoyable but not great, and I just saw Prince Caspian last night and really enjoyed it actually. Even the letdowns were still fun films, and I've enjoyed everything I've seen this summer. Iron Man was the worst on my list though. I thought it was soooo boring.

Marty Martin on May 25, 2008


This has been an amazing Summer so far.

Joseph on May 25, 2008


Indy 4 was GREAT. What's all the negativity here about? It wasn't the best of the series, but it was TOTALLY fun... Iron Man was the best so far this summer, followed by Indy 4; Speed Racer was a let-down for me, and I haven't seen Prince Caspian.

Rob Oh! on May 25, 2008


(What about THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM? A pleasant surprise) It's been a decent summer thus far. All four movies had their upside...and the only one without a serious downside was IRON MAN. Look - the studios set us and themselves up for high expectations. If they didn't believe in any given movie, they wouldn't add it to their summer line up...and do all of that freakin' advertising. That said, even if the movie sux, they know they have to market it to at least cash in in the first couple of weeks after release. Word of mouth is going to kill it eventually, so better get as many excited about it as early as possible...and their butts into the theaters as soon as possible. We, on the other hand, WANT to be hyped up. We WANT to get excited for a movie...and we want it to deliver too. The fact is movies with a lot of history behind them (like Narnia, Superheroes, Indy) are almost doomed to disappoint. They can't live up to the legend, the mythos, the nostalgia entirely. It's film's like WANTED (I know its also a graphic novel) or even THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM...OR WALL-E, that have a better chance at delivering for audiences. All in all, not too shabby of a Summer thus far, but nothing life or industry changing like we used to get years ago.

Christopher on May 25, 2008


Great Idea for a discussion Alex ! I'll copy the comment ive posted in the «SUMMER GUIDE 2008» When you look at the past 7 Months of May (since 2000) May 08, was pretty strong! SUMMER BATTLE: MAY 2000 Gladiator, Battlefield Earth (!!!), Road Trip, Mission Impossible 2 2001 Mummy Returns, Pearl Harbor (what else came out) 2002 Spiderman, Star Wars Ep 2 (what else came out?) 2003 X-Men 2, Matrix 2, Finding Nemo, Italian Job 2004 Van Helsing, Troy, Day after Tomorrow 2005 Kingdom of Heaven, Star Wars Ep 3, Madagascar, Longest Yard 2006 Mission Impossible 3, Da Vinci Code, X-Men 3 2007 Spidey 3, Shrek 3, Pirates 3 ...2008 has my vote! Of course it would be great to enjoy every single movie, but for me anticipating a movie is almost as exciting as seeing it. Trying to read as much on it without spoiling the fun, collecting Mags on the Most Promising movies of the year, seeing the posters for the first time, seeing the teasers (i hate trailers they show you too damn much). THE BIG 4 Yes i was disapointed by INDY but it was still a great Movie experience , Iron Man was Solid and Speed Racer was a lot of fun! havent seen Caspian yet... The GREAT SURPRISES Besides Huge blockbuster there are always low-key films that surprise you and end up being superior to Hollywood's big canons. Movies like Son of Rambow and The Edge of Heaven were great films that make May 2008 a great contender in the BATTLE OF THE SUMMERS.

Maxwell on May 25, 2008


This summer for me has felt like the very first part of a roller coaster. The beginning starts super super high and it's only gotten lower from there. 1) Iron Man: exceeded expectations, loved the characters, loved the action, loved the movie 2) Speed Racer: Great fun, but not the same lasting quality as Iron Man 3) Caspian: Just kind of "blah" nothing exciting except for Eddie Izzard voicing Reepecheep. 4) Indy: HUGE disappointment, nuff said. Hopefully, Incredible Hulk will pull this summer from the descent of dissapointment. Then I can't imagine anything but a home run from Wall-E, and then of course we have TDK coming up. I think the two best films of the summer are yet to be seen. Geez, I freaking love movies.

Icarus on May 25, 2008


Also, I think Indy is this year's Spider-man 3, the film with the highest expectations, and the lowest satisfaction rating.

Icarus on May 25, 2008


I am really excited for this summer but I feel like this one is more of a fresh start with less sequels so things are really taking people by surprise (Iron Man). And I don't know about you but I am realyl excited for Mummy 3 too 🙂

Ryan on May 25, 2008


Batman's gonna kick them bad apple's asses.

bltzie on May 25, 2008


Pineapple Express, Get Smart, Tropic Thunder, Hancock, The Dark Knight, Wall-E, The Incredible Hulk, Hellboy II, Step Brothers, Mama Mia, Sex And The City, X Files 2, The Happening, and Mummy 3.

Joker on May 25, 2008


Andrew #6 - True, but I'm just saying that for the sake of discussion... Because as much as I hyped myself (and everyone else up), I still enjoyed most of the movies. My real goal is just to get you to see them in theaters. After that, it's up to the filmmakers and your own opinion. Icarus #18 - So true! Let's hope that nothing else turns out like that this summer... I'm tired of let downs - we just need surprises the rest of the summer! Joker #21 - Do you really think ALL of those are going to be great?! There has to be a bad apple in that list... Mamma Mia, X-Files 2, definitely Mummy 3, maybe The Happening. There's a lot of movies that could turn out bad, although I'm crossing my fingers and hoping they don't!

Alex Billington on May 25, 2008


Alex, your hate towards the Mummy 3 is one of the most entertaining «storyline» on the web. I want to see some kind of Wrestling match between yourself and Rob Cohen... Promise me though, that if it ends up somewhat entertaining (and yes i might doubt it...) you will ...i dont know...post public excuses or better yet, call Cohen himself..:)

Maxwell on May 25, 2008


While I agree that Spider-man 3 sucked, 28 weeks later and Pirates 3 were really good!

Andreas Climent on May 25, 2008


I am holding out for Mummy 3...I am worried about two things...story and special effects...but who knows maybe it will pull together in the end...of course cohen doesnt have the best track record but I like to remember Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story which was a great martial arts film and the Mummy three is going to have a lot of martial arts it seems...who knows...he may do well with this film...

Maxx on May 25, 2008


there will never be a summer where all of the hyped up films will deliver to everyone. That is asking too much. I think we've reached an age in entertainment where most of us want the same thing, but I think it will be a while before we see that. I'm personally waiting for the second coming of star wars. What I mean by that is another would be film that's presumably not going to do that well..and then it blows everyone and everything out of the water. Say what you will about star wars, it has collectively changed the world and the way that films are seen and I'm waiting for something else to do that in such a fantastical way. Others would argue that The Matrix did that..but it didn't..it's not a trilogy that a lot of people are happy with. But that is way off topic. There are too many people and too many different tastes that every single movie can't cling to. And to hope for it is unrealistic. Quit trying to look for a perfect movie season, and just try to find one movie you enjoyed immensely. Don't look for the PERFECT film or the PERFECT summer blockbuster season. When you start to look at things in that light you'll be a lot more pleased with what you find. Which will be a more optimistic version of your current state, which is "I liked them but they didn't meet all of my requirements." and it will change to "I liked them, and in this day and age that's saying a lot."

Garrett.king on May 25, 2008


To much Hype does not lead to a let down unless the movie can not carry the hype. Iron Man delivered, Speed Racer won me over in the second half, Caspian was terrible- even the 200 million dollar action, and Indiana Jones could have been great- with the Aliens-if they had left out the goeffers, the shia crotch shots, the monkeys, the wedding/ family, and as Alex pointed out an ending that brought closure and allowed time to have it resonate. Many people were nocking on the knowledge angle, but it seems that they did not get that the point was that the search for knowledge at the expense of others negated the very purpose of knowledge- which is progress. People are not stupid, but when u throw a stupid wedding scene in right after a confusingly edited ending, that's what you get. It does seem like they got a little lazy and careless, or there success has made them entitled enough to do what they want and not fulfill what we want. It is not daring film making it is careless film making. The dark Knight will obviously be brilliant, so will hell boy 2, tropic thunder, pineapple express, and I think that wanted will really come through. Hulk as well. The rest I think will prove to be let downs from what we expected. I also thought Red Belt was pretty gangsta.

Tyler on May 25, 2008


I'm surprised that people didn't receive Indiana Jones as well. I watched it 3 times in 4 days. The more I watched it, the more I realized that the "corny" element everyone kept talking about didn't appear until Marion arrived. Other then that, it was a relatively serious installment that was somewhere between "Temple" and "Last Crusade" on the dark scale. Not to mention, once again, we see Indy's personality growing (He reminded me of a grand parent of mine that insisted on explaining the nature of everything--Just think about the Library scene and the "quick sand" scene). I think it's the best installment since Raiders. Raiders still stands on top, but this one drives second--Not a close second, but second none-the-less (And trust me...I LOVE all the previous installments). Someone said it earlier, and I agree, "You can't keep doing the religious relics." Don't ever get too stuck on one idea concerning Hollywood films--You'll always be disappointed. 😉

Quanah on May 25, 2008


I am not looking forward to Pineapple express really...I think we have had too many comedies that are marijuana based...it may be great but I think it is kind of annoying because I dont laugh at that...go Get Smart and Tropic Thunder!

Maxx on May 25, 2008


Indian Jones was a definitely over the top, but that was expected. Everyone would have been let down if it wasn't. For the longest time i thought the new Star Wars trilogy was a tragedy but they have grown on me over time. That's all this one will take, a little time to sink in. The audience i saw the movie with duck when the earth mover got hit with a bazooka, counted the waterfalls, and even i was caught with my jaw down when indy was caught in that nuclear explosion. Lucas and Speilberg and Ford know what they're doing.

DUSTYMAN1505 on May 25, 2008


There has to be bad apples if there was a streak of good movies Hollywood would have to elevate their movies to a new standard (which they can't do). Like when we have a good Blockbuster season and the nect is ok, we say it was great but not as good as last time. Good and bad balance each other out even in Hollywood. To answer your question I think it's been a pretty good season so far with Iron Man being my personal fave. Right now off the top of my head my top 3 to look forward to are: Dark Knight Tropic Thunder The Golden Army Or Incredible Hulk

Silver on May 26, 2008


I think DUSTYMAN1505 (#30) makes a good point. Over the top was the way of the originals and that worked for the time period they were released in. In fact, now that I think about it the others were over the top as well. Some of it is ridiculous but it works. It's just slightly jarring for the time period we're living in now and as many of you think you hate it and think it's a disaster now..give it time and it can easily grow on ya. I've always disliked Temple of Doom, it is easily my least favorite of the entire franchise. It was way too over the top for my taste.

Garrett.king on May 26, 2008


I agree with you. Iron Man was fantastic. I LOVED Prince Caspian (because it was a GOOD adaptation of the book - those books are my second favorite series of all time), and Indiana Jones was good as well - at least it was entertaining: bad special effects and goofy scenes aside. I don't know why everyone wants to be a critic nowadays - especially this summer, when the movies all rock.

Josh on May 26, 2008


I loved all of them except Prince Caspian, I had no real desire to go see that one. Iron Man and Speed Racer both went above my expectations and I believe that's what really made them enjoyable for me. Crystal Skull was good, but I don't think it can beat any of the other three Indy films. I'm kind of confused on people who are hating on Crystal Skull though, part of the whole legend with the Nazca lines and the Crystal Skull is that aliens were involved in them. I always believed that there was no way that the Nazca lines could be made without aerial assistance so I was excited to see this film revolve around this particular legend. Also keep in mind that they used two of the best legendary artifacts, the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant, so whatever they do after that one isn't going to be up to par in most people's eyes. I'm definately excited about the rest of the summer movie season, especially August with Tropic Thunder and Pineapple Express. This has got to be one of the better summers for movies that I can remember.

Nick on May 26, 2008


So I've really loved everything I've seen this summer. Iron Man and Indiana Jones both kicked ass 🙂 You can't go into a movie and expect it to change your life...it's just a movie, an escape, and both of these movies delivered in that respect. I haven't seen Prince Caspian or Speed Racer but I wasn't looking forward to them nearly as much as Iron Man and Indiana.

Britt on May 26, 2008


Some comments: 1. Iron Man: exceeded ALL the expectations. Clearly, poits out to be the BEST movie of the summer season 2008. 2. Indiana Jones 4: I'm actually sad about how boring and disappointing it was. Some people said that although it's not a great movie, it still delivers some funny and exciting moments. I wonder if they are talking about Shia Labeouf doing the Tarzan thing... [To me, the best sequence is the opening one, with Elvis glorifying the scene... and sadly, it has nothing to do with the story.] 3. Speed Racer: I had enough with the trailer. I think I will wait to see it on TV (and I'm not talking about PPV!) and hopefuly, I won't have a date that night, otherwise... 4. Narnia: mmm... not a great fan... 5. And for the near future, the rest of the rotten apples of this season: The Mummy (for pete's sake, check the trailer. It's almost a joke!), The Love Guru, and I'm not sooo sure about Hulk... it looks so fake... I hope I'm wrong about that one!

Jorge Leiner on May 26, 2008


I will put my money where my mouth is: The Incredible HULK will be as surprising as Iron Man, exceeding All expectations: There are already 2 MORE new Hulk Clips online (in addition to the 3 that debuted, last week) . Looks like Rhythm & Hues REALLY want us to know they'll be working up to the wire on this one! http://www.superherohype.com/news/hulknews.php?id=7257 http://video.msn.com/dw.aspx?mkt=en-us&tab=s120&dw=1&rf=http://www.movies.msn.com/movies/movie.aspx&m=2080160%3E1=WWW5&fg=&from=msnmovies&vid=ab911633-7915-48ab-a5e0-8fbfd76beaac&playlist=videoByTag:mk:us:vs:0:tag:movies_trailers_trailers_coming%20soon:ns:MSNVideo_Top_Cat:ps:10:sd:-1:ind:1:ff:8A Not to mention, a writeup of several scenes, screened for Internet-posters only: http://www.superherohype.com/news/topnews.php?id=7258&offset=25 I think if we want more great surprises from Marvel Studios, we owe it to ourselves to check out the New HULK. (Really, can't the Happening wait 'till Halloween?) ;P

Djo. on May 27, 2008


Iron Man was great, and Indy was very good. I've seen both of them three each times now. I was in no way interested in Speed Racer. I was somewhat interested in Prince Caspian, but I had never seen the first Narnia film. I had to rectify that so I picked up a copy and watched Lion, Witch, & Wardrobe... and HATED IT!!! So screw the second one. Two out of four ain't bad though. If that ratio continues this should still be a very rewarding summer for moviegoers.

kevjohn on May 27, 2008


I am also not sure why people are hating on Indy 4 -- it's the only one of the summer movies I've seen so far and I loved it. All of the action scenes and the effects were totally badass. Of course there were some parts that were ridiculous and a little corny -- it's an action movie, and you need to suspend disbelief at least a little. Anyway, my fave sequences were the opening sequence, the atomic blast, the motorcycle chase and the grand finale.

Lola on May 27, 2008


@Lola - they hate on Indy 4, because no one (or very few) had to explain away any "over the topness" "corniness" or "poor writing" in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK - which is and always will be the standard. Heck - I make no excuses for even THE TEMPLE OF DOOM. It was dark, but very entertaining. Kingdom was an "ok" movie with a few good moments, but the franchise is known for being "good" almost from start to finish. On the Indiana-Jones-Curve, KINGDOM comes up wanting quite a bit.

Christopher on May 28, 2008


I have seen Iron Man and I thought it was a pretty awesome movie, better than I expected, never seen Speed Racer or Prince Caspien, but I'll wait till they come out on DVD, but I Plan on seeing Indiana Jones this weekend, It has Harrison Ford, Steven Speilberg, and John Williams and that' fine with me, that's all I need.

kenton sam on May 30, 2008

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