Surprise? Harrison Ford Still Interested in Indy and Jack Ryan

October 15, 2008
Source: AOL

Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan

Hot on the heels of the DVD release of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull this week, AOL asked Harrison Ford fifteen questions, focusing on a few prospective sequels and future projects. Ford thankfully confirms that it was never the idea to hand over the Indiana Jones reigns to Mutt. "I think it just doesn't work that way. And there's definitely a distinction between passing the fedora and someone picking it up." Additionally, he mentions that his interest in returning for a fifth Indiana Jones movie depends on the script, and that he "wouldn't mind doing another" Jack Ryan movie, if one of them came along. Surprised?

What's so very interesting about this interview today is that Harrison Ford has re-emerged into the spotlight this year, becoming the center of attention even though not everyone liked Crystal Skull. I even remember hearing him say years ago that he wasn't interested in return as Jack Ryan, but now he says that he would. And as for Indiana Jones, I'm not fully opposed to the idea of having Ford continue on with another one, but I'm a bit weary this time around. We've actually covered a few rumors regarding both Indiana Jones and Jack Ryan projects, which is why this is all an intriguing discussion today.

Our most recent Indiana Jones 5 update arrived barely two weeks ago, when Ford said in another interview that "George [Lucas] is in think mode right now." All that means is that we'd need another story, which took 15 years to come together for Crystal Skull, to convince Ford and Spielberg and Lucas to get together yet again. Ford said when he first got the script for Crystal Skull: "I was relieved when I read a script that I felt fully confident in. That's what I'd been waiting for." And his response to a fifth movie is much the same: "Again, it would have to do with the quality of the script that I read, if and when we decide to go forward."

Finally jumping to Tom Clancy's character Jack Ryan, here is what Ford had to say. "I thought that we hadn't quite exhausted the potential of the Jack Ryan character. Those films were, I think, very good movies. I wouldn't mind doing another of those." It just so happens that the revival of Jack Ryan was announced back in March with Sam Raimi attached. Raimi has since gone on to work on Drag Me to Hell and will most likely start either Evil Dead 4 or the back-to-back Spider-Man 4 and 5 films, meaning the Jack Ryan revival is in need of a director. With Ford showing interest, will it gain traction again?

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With the vast amount of source material available, the long history of the character, and with quite a few talented political/action/thriller directors out there, I think it's quite possible that we could see another Jack Ryan film and even that (gasp) it might be really, really good. However, Indy is going to have Lucas attached in some way which means there is almost no chance it would be good. I'd really like to see a director like Tony Scott pick this up with maybe David Arata co-writing with Clancy.

Peter on Oct 15, 2008


Hey did you anyone see Indiana get raped by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg??!!

Alec Baldwin on Oct 15, 2008


Id have sex with him

Dan Link on Oct 15, 2008


Link you're such a homo

My One Eyed Willy on Oct 15, 2008


I'd prefer to see Alec Baldwin reprise Jack Ryan in the presidential years. However, I'd just be happy to see some more Clancy material on the big screen.

Rick on Oct 15, 2008


I'm sure plenty of directors will now jump at the chance to work with the legendary Harrison Ford and resurrect the Jack Ryan franchise. These reboots and remakes and sequels are the hot commodities in Hollywood, so I wouldn't be a bit surprised! Bring it on!!

Spider on Oct 15, 2008


More Jones ? - No thank you. More Jack Ryan - Now yer talkin' although I'll want to see body of lies first before I comment on how fresh a new Jack Ryan movie could be.

Dr.Duvel on Oct 15, 2008


A Jack Ryan film directed by Christopher Nolan would be interesting. I also wouldn't mind another Jack Ryan film from John McTiernan, although he needs to whip himself back into form, after a disastrous 8 or 9 years (The 13th Warrior and Rollerball were both crap; his last good film was the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair). As for other directors for a new Ryan moive... David Fincher, Peter Weir (odd choice, I know, but I love his films), Brian DePalma (if he can deliver this kind of a story without getting on his soapbox), and my two darkhorse (as in, it'll never happen; but it would be very cool if it did...) Steven Spielberg or Clint Eastwood... particularly Clint Eastwood.

Dave Lister, J.M.C. on Oct 15, 2008


@ 7... I just saw Body of Lies last weekend (not very good by the way) and I didn't see any similarities with the Jack Ryan world...Am I missing something here? What does Jack Ryan have to do with Body of Lies?

Peloquin on Oct 15, 2008


Yeah south park expressed my feelings for indiana jones pretty well and if Ford thought that was a good script then just wow

Cody on Oct 15, 2008


@9.. Yes, you are. Jack Ryan is the king of spooks. DiCaprio's character was closer to John Clark from the Jack Ryan universe, but in the end they're both the same genre

Rick on Oct 15, 2008


oh long as we're just talking genre...I thought you meant the characters and story were similar...

peloquin on Oct 15, 2008


I would be interested in another Indy if it was more like "Raiders" or "Last Crusade." I'd love to see him in another Jack Ryan movie.

Drew on Oct 15, 2008


Lucas went off the deep end. Sorry, Lucas.. but I think old age is getting to you. You have to be bloody mad to consider Episodes I-III to be better than Episodes IV-VI. Look at Aliens (1986). The space scenes in that movie look light years beyond ANYTHING in Episodes I-III. Just because you can make more complex scenes with computer graphics doesn't make up for the fact that they look less "real".

Awa on Oct 15, 2008


I prefer another Indy so I can forget the ending of this last one. But just leave the storytelling to someone else..not to George. He's a great producer..but has too many "warm fuzzy" stuff in his action movies that screws it up. But yeah..bring on another Indy. And shoot..that thing made a bazillion the studios must consider it a viable project. Jack Ryan..that's fine...I prefer Alec Baldwin though. He was my fav Ryan. Shoot..I would not mind the dude from Stargate Atlantis - John Shepherd (can't remember dude's real name)..he can probably do it. Give a "realtive no-name" a chance. (well..he's a name to me!). 😀 sum up...bring me some more Indy and Mutt. Jack Ryan okay, but with a new dude.

Bry from Chi on Oct 16, 2008


he's getting raped... again?!

Calvin on Oct 16, 2008


Please dont make another jack Ryan movie starring H. Ford. Bring back alec or find a new actor.

martin on Oct 16, 2008


i dont see the hate for Cyrstal Skull. in the theaters i didnt like it as much, but after rewatching on dvd, id say its close to being on par with all the others.

Al on Oct 20, 2008


Personally, I was thrilled to see Harrison return to the screen as Indiana Jones! He is an incredible actor and an icon in this character. What was lacking in Crystal Skull had nothing for me to do with Harrison's ability to still pull off the role, but with the storyline. George Lucas gets stuck in a rut as a writer and I wasnt really happy with the storyline of the Return of the Jedi in the original Star Wars trilogy either. When they were making those, Harrison had pushed for George to have the character of Han Solo die to add some emotion and weight to the story which would have actually been genius but a bummer cause he was my favorite character and I thought it was criminal that he and Chewbacca were not piloting the Millenium Falcon in the final fight. I think one thing that hurts the storylines is this interest in turning it into a marketing giant for toy lines and collectibles. That would be my only concern is that the storyline will suffer. I think Mutt being Indy's son was enjoyable and interesting but if he had come out with "Mutt, I am your father" I think I would have lost my faith. I think Harrison should continue on doing whatever roles he finds worthwhile because he is one of the top actors of all time for a good reason, he is one of the best actors of all time. As far as all this talk of him being too old to pull it off, please. He IS still pulling it off! With style. ditto Link, me too!

kat on Nov 17, 2008


I liked Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan, and I like character of Jack Ryan much better than Indy. So my vote is for another Jack Ryan movie with ford. Especially from Ryan's presidental stories to acompany Ford on Air Force One again. ,-))) I hope they manage to connect the planned Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six storylines as they all connect to the Ryanverse. Paramount as a great TV series maker could also develop a good TV series (possibly with new faces) from the earlier years of Jack Ryan....too bad a lot of good Clancy ideas are allready consumed in 24 and The West Wing.

visitor on May 4, 2009


Alec was the man. DiCaprio could do it to or maybe Bale

joe g on Aug 7, 2009

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