Sylvester Stallone Directing Jason Statham and Jet Li in The Expendables

November 6, 2008

Sylvester Stallone / Jason Statham / Jet Li

How do you like the sound of that? Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and Jet Li all kicking some South American ass! Remember way back in February, we wrote about how Stallone had been contracted to direct two action movies? This is one of them. The Expendables will follow a team of mercenaries on a mission to overthrow a South American dictator. Shooting begins in February in Costa Rica and Louisiana. This sounds like a Rambo-like action-filled jungle-set violence extravaganza - and I can't fucking wait! This casting news is just like if Rambo asked both Statham and Jet Li to join his crew to kill some bad guys.

Not to spoil anything, but given the title of the film, it sounds like these mercenaries were sent down to South America but realize halfway through that they're expendable and meant to die. So in the end they turn on their employer and head back up and kick his ass, too. Either way, I'm sure it'll have a lot of violence and I know that's the way we all like it. I really can't think of a better combination of action stars - Stallone, Statham, and Li! Am I dreaming or is this really happening? No details on who wrote the script, so let's just hope that's up to Stallone standards, too. Sounds like one hell of a combination?

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I Can not wait for this. Great cast and Rambo was a great 80's throwback. Hopefully this will be as violent as that film. 😀

Spect8re on Nov 6, 2008


Great article Alex and this should be more than enough action with said actors!

Jeremy on Nov 6, 2008


Not that excited. Jet Lit has only been good in films where he speaks Mandarin, think of Hero. And Statham is probably the most overrated action hero of today. - Het's definitely not bad, but even at his prime, in Richie's films, he's never really blown me away. Vinnie Jones is so much better.

Angelo on Nov 6, 2008


Isn't this the third time we've seen Stratham and Li together? They're great, but I need to see a trailer. The writing and direction has to make this one stand out.

NadaNuff on Nov 6, 2008


Awesome! It appears that Sly has his own "Inglorious Bastards"--like flick. So great to see Sly back in the action limelight. This reads as though it'll be a throwback to the 80s action flicks we grew up loving. We all know that Sly can direct and he's got a keen eye for storytelling---he cuts to the chase without the b.s. ! This is redemption for Li and Statham for their last flick, "War". I hope this flick rocks! 😀

Spider on Nov 6, 2008


Sounds like another mediocre American action flick. I am not a fan of Statham at all. The only actor I like who plays the same character is every movie is Seth Rogen. But that's my opinion 😀

Curtis G on Nov 6, 2008


they are shooting in my country!!! fucking cool...pura vida !!!

Drunkimus on Nov 6, 2008


This will kick ass. Rambo was a really solid little action film with buckets upon buckets of blood and grue. Adding crazy strong martial artists to the mix and South American cartels and shit will only make things better. I love this news!

lincoln on Nov 6, 2008


It's third time Jason and Jet are in one movie, I really hope it's better than the other two.

dave on Nov 6, 2008


HAHAHAHAHAHA this movies is gonna be kickass, i cant wait for it. Knowing what Stallone can do when he directs, I'm sure this movie is gonna have over the top voilence, huge explosions, lots of gun shooting and maybe a little pun in the end

cmedina on Nov 6, 2008


Still waiting for a Jet Li Hollywood movie that does not suck...although I did enjoy 'The One' and 'War'. And this will suck also if he does kung-fu in the jungle...but also if he plays an 'average' machine-gun action hero.

Tschai on Nov 6, 2008


thought jet retired?

James on Nov 6, 2008


I hope Sly can properly direct them to curl their lips in order slur their words and yell incoherently.

Voice Of Reason on Nov 6, 2008


Can you say hardcore R?

Ryan on Nov 6, 2008


Rambo, The Transporter, and Fearless in the same movie? I'm there! 😀

The Real Alex on Nov 6, 2008


Don't worry, James! Jet Li retired from big-budget martial arts epics, but not action movies in general. Hell how could he retire completely? Way too much fun to do crazy movies like this one will be.

Vegeta on Nov 6, 2008


Dang..ah..I mean dang!! Serious fight scenes..and gotta have a smokin' car(s)....yeah...this chick will be there.

Bry from Chi on Nov 6, 2008


Wasn't Jet Li's last movie Fearless?

Kilo Alpha on Nov 6, 2008


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