Taylor Kitsch Playing Gambit in Wolverine Trilogy?!

February 19, 2008
Source: SuperHeroHype

Taylor Kitsch Playing Gambit in Wolverine Trilogy?!

Holy crap these Wolverine updates never end! Our friends over at SuperHeroHype bring us yet another casting update today for X-Men Origins: Wolverine. We've mentioned Gambit quite a few times in the last few updates as one of the confirmed Marvel characters that will have a cameo. Now an inside scoop from SHH reports that youngster Taylor Kitsch will play Gambit, but not just in one movie, apparently three of them! All you Gambit fans - you've been waiting years to see him and now he's going to appear in no less then three movies!

The report comes from a user on SHH's message boards, so take this as an unconfirmed rumor at the moment. He says that 26-year-old Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch, from The Covenant and "Friday Night Lights", has signed a three-movie deal to play Gambit. I'm guessing that the producers, or maybe director Gavin Hood, finally realized how popular Gambit was and decided to throw him into the new Wolverine trilogy. So why exactly is this exciting news? Gambit is one of the most popular characters from the Marvel universe that everyone has wanted to see featured in a movie because he's so damn cool. If anything, I might call him the cult favorite amongst particular comic book fans and the perfect superhero to see in a movie.

The character of Gambit first appeared in 1990 in issue #266 of Uncanny X-Men. He is a mutant and member of the X-Men who possesses the ability to manipulate kinetic energy as well as limited hypnosis. He is known for his love and manipulation of playing cards, being incredibly skilled in card throwing and hand-to-hand combat. Gambit is the X-Men's self-described ladies man and has held a relationship with Rogue over the years. Gambit was rumored to appear in the third X-Men movie, but the character was later removed.

Leading up to the events of X-Men, Wolverine tells the story of Wolverine's epically violent and romantic past, his complex relationship with Victor Creed, and the ominous Weapon X program. Along the way, Wolverine encounters many mutants, both familiar and new, including surprise appearances by several legends of the X-Men universe.

Not only is this exciting as hell to finally see Gambit appearing in multiple movies, which confirms that he has a bit more of a role than just a cameo, but I'm interested in the fact that this is a trilogy more than anything. It's certainly obvious that they would be aiming to make a trilogy, considering how hugely successful (financially) the trilogy of X-Men films were, but I'm very interested to see how a story will play out over three of them, and for that matter, how Gambit will be involved in all three. Maybe things are really shaping up well with X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine is directed by South African filmmaker Gavin Hood, of the Oscar-winning Tsotsi and Rendition, and was written by David Benioff (25th Hour, Troy, The Kite Runner). The movie arrives in theaters on May 1st, 2009.


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All the women in America are going to be at the premiere night of this film. One hot guy after another. Do you know how many Tim Riggins fans are out there? LOADS (his "Friday Night Lights" character). And from the very beginning Hugh Jackman as Wolverine had a mega-female following. I can hardly wait.... Squeee!!!!!

Movie Lover on Feb 19, 2008


Hey Alex - do you think that they are referring to a "Wolverine" trilogy, or do you think that Gambit will appear in some fashion in all of the "X-Men: Origins" movies they seem to be working on? We know they have plans for "Wolverine" and "Magneto," but maybe there's a third in this category. Just a thought - I'm not sure how a "Wolverine" trilogy would work because I thought the first one was supposed to lead up to the beginning of the first X-Men film. What do you think?

Ben on Feb 19, 2008


just hope they get the knee pads rights 😉

kenrick on Feb 19, 2008


Just to let you know that we were actually able to confirm this news at 🙂

Matt on Feb 19, 2008


I think you're kind of jumping to conclusions here: the three-picture deal is most likely to mean Wolverine and at least one proper X-Men movie (they need to have some characters now that they've killed half their leads!), not that there's a Wolverine trilogy.

Gordon on Feb 19, 2008


Gordon, not necessarily... They already finished the X-Men trilogy and I think the only plans Fox has at the moment is making more spin-offs. They have the Magneto one in the works, too. So, to address your question too Ben, maybe he could do any combination of movies. Like Wolverine, then Magneto, then some other spin-off. Or maybe he will get his own movie, too. I think for them to make an actual Gambit spin-off, they'd really need to build the character first and get the audiences to know him. As in, I'd expect the two side roles in other X-Men spin-offs, then a third movie for Gambit. Who knows?! Either way, this is pretty exciting. There are so many possibilities, whether it's a Wolverine trilogy or a Gambit spin-off or what. I REALLY hope Fox knows what they're doing from now on and doesn't screw up this next generation of X-Men movies...

Alex Billington on Feb 19, 2008


I sure wish Sunfire would be in the movie, he's so badass.

Sunfire on Feb 19, 2008


My real point of contention was that your headline and article imply that there IS a Wolverine trilogy planned ("I'm interested in the fact that this is a trilogy more than anything" Fact?), when I see nothing in the original article or message board post to suggest that. I stated that poorly (I always want to re-edit everything I post, ever), but whatever. Anyway, yeah, it's pretty cool that Gambit is in it... hopefully in a modern-day framing sequence or something and not weirdly worked into Wolverine's origin story...

Gordon on Feb 19, 2008


This makes my Gambit tattoo happy.

Stephen on Feb 19, 2008


I apologize for that confusion Gordon, and I'll certainly put more care into writing headlines in the future. I actually put the question mark at the end and wrote it that way to strike up interest and discussion. I want people to think, a trilogy? Then come in, read what this says... You know, writing a headline that way brings in readers, and then from there you present what's been said and discuss whether it's actually a Wolverine trilogy or something else.

Alex Billington on Feb 19, 2008


Nice pick for Gambit I've been waiting a while to see him in one of the movies and its finally happening, Im glad that they're gonna make a trilogy, Wolverine is the bomb...

Curtis on Feb 19, 2008


'Salright, Alex. I just have to bust your balls because you're one of the few movie news sites outside of the trade mags that actually has decent writers. But when I see a headline like that, I just think some blog is going to link to this, repeat it as fact, not speculation -- that there will be a trilogy -- and then some other blog is going to cite that other blog and say it's confirmed... Notice how Curtis here (right above this post) is already saying it like a Wolverine trilogy is going to happen? I mean, I don't know: maybe he's kidding or something, but this is crap rumors get started.

Gordon on Feb 19, 2008


Hell yeah! Not having Gambit in any of the X-Men movies ruined them for me. And this kid looks like he could actually play the part. Hooray for Avi Arad.

MitchyJC on Feb 20, 2008


finally, not having gambit in the xmen trilogy was a crime, finally doing him some justice as a comic book great by putting him in a movie, his own movie would be good too if the kid can pull the character off

harrison on Feb 20, 2008


gambit is my favourite character. but i just don't see how they can just throw him in a prequel when he wasn't in any of the xmen movies, because if you know the story he's actually an important character in the xmen yer, im excited to see him finally in a movie, but thats bothering me!! LOL. and also...i don't think xmen is only a trilogy. i know its called the last stand, but it can't be the end of it...they already set it up after the credits. not to mention the sentinels haven't even come into play...

tim on Mar 10, 2008


besides wolverine gambit is my favorite charater in the x-men trilogy i love wolverine and gambit to death

denise gomez on Aug 15, 2008


Finally gambit! the most hes been in the x-men movies is in 2 when you see his name on the computer mystique is on. .. Kid seems ok his acting will be the tell all, they could do a spin off of gambit if they build his character in this (not really shore where he fits in the time line, kinda like rogue,(which is a really disappointing portrayal of that character espesially because before she became an x men she stole miss marvels powers w/because of mystique, and going a 360 on the way sabertooth looks. u never know

jaymz on Feb 7, 2009


I loved Taylor as Gambit, I think he did a great job! Im very proud of him for actually learning how to use the cards instead of relying on cg as well (stated in interviews). As much as I hated x-men 3 id really love to see a 4th to fix the pos that 3 was. But only because Id want to see rogue and gambit together (Im a hardcore fan of the two)

Brenna on Jul 1, 2009

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