The Cloverfield Monster Attacks Chuai Station!!

January 6, 2008
Source: SlashFilm

The Cloverfield Monster Attacks Chuai Station!!

Don't be alarmed, the Cloverfield monster has NOT been revealed (yet), but rather some awesome new viral videos of Tagruato Corp's Chuai Station being attacked and destroyed have appeared online. The connection between Tagruato Corp and Cloverfield was first revealed back in October, where a viral site at appeared online and some interesting details regarding a research station in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Now several news reports from around the world are showing footage of the station being destroyed by the monster! This viral marketing campaign for Cloverfield is now getting really intense!!

You can also watch the German and Spanish news reports as well by clicking those links.

Tagruato Corp revealed the following statement regarding the destruction of Chuai Station.

There has been an altercation at the Chuai Station. Although details are limited at present time, be assured that Tagruato is taking every measure necessary to ensure the safety and well being of all staff and crew. Specialty teams have been deployed, and are working aggressively to restore harmony at the site.

The cause of the problem is currently being investigated, although it is suspected that an eco-terror cell is responsible for the disturbance.

We have top investigators on our side. Everything will be resolved shortly, and all problems will be fixed. If you have any questions, please contact us at +81-3-5403-6318 for further instructions.

Cloverfield will land in theaters on January 18th! Be prepared for one hell of a show!

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Saw these a couple of minutes and have been dieing of laughter because of the fleeing ninjas in the boat.

Stephen on Jan 6, 2008


Yea, they are funny... I was wondering why there were ninjas on the station...

Alex Billington on Jan 6, 2008


I thought the same thing! Why where there ninjas on the boat? And how did they get the footage if the boat was sunk by the debris? I don't mean to be a party pooper but that little clip ruined it for me because there's no explanation of how the footage got to the stations, unless they explained it but I only speak English, so maybe I just didn't pick up on it. Still excited as hell for the movie though!

Kail on Jan 6, 2008


They had the ninjas there in case the monster got out, but after the monster got out and the ninjas saw him they ran. Thats my theory on the ninjas.

Stephen on Jan 6, 2008


"Tagruato was in the past repeatedly accused of employing a large private army." A direct quote from the German edition of the videos, that should explain the ninja theory. Also, in the final clip of the Spanish version you can clearly hear the monster roar.

eric on Jan 6, 2008


I have found a translation for the German and Spanish video:

dave on Jan 6, 2008


Those wern't Ninjas. lol. Man yall wild. I'll be there at midnight though this looks so interesting. I can't wait to see what it is.

Tirrell on Jan 6, 2008


This looks SOOO terrible. The CG is absolutely atrocious. WTF?!

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Jan 6, 2008


I would rather the CG be terrible in this viral marketing video, because with their limited budget, they ought to put all of the effort into the main feature

Adi on Jan 6, 2008


Yea Marty, this is just a viral video. I thought the CGI looked terrible too, but I also thought, oh well, it's awesome because of the viralness of it and how intense it is. Besides that, it does look terrible. This doesn't have that much to do with Paramount on the film, it's just the last minute tie-in with the actual day-and-date events in the movie and that's what I love about this viral marketing.

Alex Billington on Jan 7, 2008


I don't know about the spanish or italian version, but the news reporter's german is quite terrible, for a news reporter. A couple of obvious grammar mistakes and quite a lot spluttering.

tronicIO on Jan 7, 2008


Not ninjas. Security guards. They're holding rifles & on the boat you can see an insignia patch sewn onto one of the uniforms. By the way, remember last summer in the first trailer when we were all commenting on it being 63 degrees in January on the newscast at the party? I'm in the Chicago area and it hit about 60 this weekend. Spooky.

jason_md2020 on Jan 7, 2008


This might be a stupid question, but did anyone try calling the phone number?

Jedi on Jan 7, 2008


I think the monster might be a godzilla like thing. The fact that the news broadcast was in A forien language and that there were "ninjas" helps out my theroy. Plus there was the same sound that godzilla made in the american in the trailers too.

XXX on Jan 7, 2008


Wrong. The monster is obviously the Moon. Still pissed about getting poked in the eye back in 1902 (See: "A Trip to the Moon"), it's been plotting revenge for the last 106 years. Mystery solved, you can go back to your hovels now.

IHateChildren on Jan 7, 2008


HOW THE HELL IS THE MONSTER THE MOON! Yeah the moon, if alive could, take out the oil station. But knock the head off the statue of liberty. and the moon can't walk on the ground and make that horrible sound. RETARD

XXX on Jan 7, 2008


Uhh...XXX meet Sarcasm. Sarcasm this is XXX. Post #15 was a joke dude. Lighten up.

jason_md2020 on Jan 7, 2008


Hey. That joke was funny. I was just asking him how it can be the moon. I mean how can the moon be the monster.

XXX on Jan 7, 2008


Jedi- Yes, there have been attempts by other Cloverfield News Sites One has said that there is a message trying to "explain" the Chuai Incident after someone speaking Japanese (but we all know Tagruato is usually full of shady lies). Then at the end it asks for an exstension after a long time of hearing of some one talking Japanese again. One of them typed in 310 and from there it asked for a password. At this moment no one i know has found out the password. Viral Marketing makes for a fun time.

eric on Jan 7, 2008


Top Five Reasons why it's the Moon 1. The moon is not shown in the sky in any of the trailers For obvious reasons, it's down here kicking ass and taking names. 2. Destruction of the oil rig Obviously due to destructive ocean tidal changes caused by the moon being in the immediate vicinity. 3. Presence of secret anti-moon security ninjas These highly trained operatives would only expose themselves if the moon was indeed attacking 4. Beheading of the Statue of Liberty Numerous historical documents discuss the longstanding animosity between the moon and Frederic Bartholdi over a botched game of chess. 5. Bloating woman and buzzing sounds are red herrings The rapidly swelling woman is just someone fast-forwarding "Slither" while screaming in agony because it's such a horrid movie to watch. The buzzing sound is coming from a secret underground lab where Bolsheviks are breeding oversized killer dragonflies for the sole purpose of murdering Daddy Warbucks. There. Irrefutable evidence.

IHateChildren on Jan 7, 2008


Love the Tagruato logo "Bleeding the Planet Dry Since 1945" F$#@ing hilarious! Can't wait for the movie. Also, you guys complaining about the CGI; can you do better?

Crashman6 on Jan 8, 2008


I'm really impressed by this campaign. And honestly, the newscasts are imho the best foreign specific content produced by Hollywood. E.g., the Russian newscast is really authentic, without any accents, with realistic messages. The same is Japanese and German versions. I think, even if the movie won't rock, the whole viral story becomes part of the history of modern popculture.

Merzmensch aka Kosmopol on Jan 8, 2008


There's a Russian newscast? Funny there's not one in English. Wonder who Tagruato is paying off in the States?

jason_md2020 on Jan 8, 2008



XXX on Jan 8, 2008

25 is URL in last few frames of news report. Site for eco-terrorists accused by Tagruato of taking out the research station.

BSquiggles on Jan 8, 2008


Enough already. It's a movie, supposedly a source of entertainment, not obsession. Interestingly enough, the makers of this movie have succeeded in bridging the gap between passive entertainment and active involvement. In the past, we would go, watch a movie and be entertained. It would end as we expected, didn't expect, were let down, (a la "Sopranos") or a teaser about a sequel. (Godzilla, Fantastic four, Spider man etc, etc.) When the show was over, it was over. We came, we saw and were / were not fulfilled. Sometimes more questions would arise from a viewing. Sometimes an anticipation of a sequel. In this case, I believe there will be no closure at the end. The audience will be left with the need for more ('You can't drink just six") We have been made addicted to the drips and drops of the clues left behind, spending far more time than necessary on this seemingly Alternate Reality. We will click away our days looking for clues on phony websites, bogus viral sites and videos and such. Just another way to get us to spend our money and valuable time under the control of others. Shame we do it voluntarily and even ask for more. Please do not get me wrong, I will indeed flock, lemming-like to the theatre to see the movie, and will in all probability curse myself afterwards for not heeding my own intuition. For the sake of entertainment, I hope I am wrong.

Mattd on Jan 9, 2008


English Vid

BigTone on Jan 9, 2008


The whole "viral marketing" thing is stupid. It's a shame that so many people don't have jobs and everyday life that get in the way of scanning fake webpages for "clues". What clues? It's a stupid monster-destroy-city movie, we're not going to have a Shakespearean plot here. Instead of searching webpages for movie clues, search yourself for the reason why you are a fcuking idiot.

Dean on Jan 10, 2008


Nicely put. I think it is similar to the habit of wearing sports jerseys and such; perhaps an inherent "need" to belong to something, to be participating in something which gives more purpose to an otherwise dull existence. I was astonished to read of a party actually being held in SoHo for the characters. Talk about the blurring of the line between fantasy and reality. Will these people watch the harbor with some bizarre hope that this fantasy will become real? Are they hoping that the "characters" show up at tis party, giving credence to their fantasies, validating their hopes? If only one could quantify and put a value on the time spent poring over websites, MySpace pages and such for more information regarding this "epic". Kind of reminds me of the Star Trek phenomenon, where languages are created and people "become" these people and creatures. Viral Marketing is driven by us, the ones who click and surf; we dance to the music of those who we beg to play. They merely are giving us what we ask for, albeit with a twist. Take the "Sopranos" for instance, a case where we all wanted completion but were denied. The producer smugly sneered and trotted off to the next project with a load of cash. I predict this epic of the Gen X world being destroyed will be the same.

Mattd on Jan 10, 2008


Oh! I am realy happy right now. For the you to undstand this post read post 14-18 and post 22 and 26. IHate children is 100% WRONG!!!!! I am CORRECT! J.J. Abrams said himself that the movie is in fact based of the american godzilla. SO IT IS NOT THE FREAKIN MOON!!!!! Please make a comment based of this post.

XXX on Jan 10, 2008


Dear Jedi And Eric- I XXX (said triple X) may have found the password. It is (tido wave) please tell me the results on the coment board. -XXX

XXX on Jan 10, 2008


@ 28 "Instead of searching webpages for movie clues, search yourself for the reason why you are a fcuking idiot." Instead of flaming movie boards why don't you look up how to spell "fucking". It's a shame you don't have a job and everyday life that get in the way of scanning other people's comments & pissing on their choice of entertainment.

jason_md2020 on Jan 12, 2008


Weird. I am just excited about the movie. Go to heck.

XXX on Jan 13, 2008


This better NOT be Godzilla. If I find out it's Godzilla I will poop in someones popcorn and walk right out of the theater. ... I bet it's penguins again. God, I hate the penguins. Real penguins Surfing penguins Dancing penguins and penguins that sound like Norm MacDonald. Die penguins.

Jerry on Jan 15, 2008


Hello, I have itchy testicles

m_manchee on Jan 27, 2008

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