The Dark Knight: An Extraordinary Cinematic Revolution

July 1, 2008

The Dark Knight

This is not a review of The Dark Knight. However, considering the film isn't even in theaters yet, it might come as a surprise to hear so much profound praise, but I can't help from sharing my feelings on this absolute masterpiece. In fact, I've decided to move beyond calling it a masterpiece to calling it potentially a cinematic revolution. Not since Lord of the Rings: Return of the King five years ago in December of 2003, did I walk out of the theater so moved, so amazed, and so extraordinarily impacted by the movie I had just watched. Instead of reviewing this film and its many brilliant elements, I must explain why it truly is a flawless masterpiece that the world will experience together on July 18th. Don't necessarily change any of your expectations, but be prepared for an unforgettable theatrical experience.

The biggest reason that I believe The Dark Knight is a cinematic revolution is its use of IMAX cameras and stunning cinematography. This was unlike anything I have ever seen before and that's because it literally has never been done before until now. I have never normally enjoyed watching movies converted to IMAX, but the work in this was breathtaking, a true look at a future where movies constantly push visuals to these extremes. It's a true revolution because when The Dark Knight arrives and the world is so drawn into how amazing the film looks on IMAX, it will instantly become the standard for the future, similar to bullet time from The Matrix. Christopher Nolan has shown us a world without filmmaking boundaries. And for the first time ever, I can't suggest you watch this anywhere else besides on IMAX.

One of the other elements of The Dark Knight that I consider a revolution is its brilliant viral marketing. Every last element of the viral "alternate reality game" ties in with the film - from the locations to the fictional characters to the events - they were all directly involved with some part of the actual story or the film. This isn't just a game that's set in a fictional Gotham City that exists solely on the internet, it felt like it was truly a part of the film. Without spoiling specific details, the viral marketing elements that connect with the film included: corrupt police officers, the election of Harvey Dent as District Attorney, TV newscasts from Gotham Cable News, defaced newspapers, locations (Gotham Ferry), buried cell phones in "things" such as cakes from last year, and much more. This is the ultimate in fan interaction.

The last major element that will incite endless discussion is the potential for The Dark Knight to change comic book movies forever. As for how exactly, it's tough to get into that discussion without the entire world having seen the movie already, but for the first time ever I actually cared more about the story and the progression of the characters than the action. Most comic book fans look for great action in superhero movies and that's it, but this is definitely not just another big budget action film. Christopher Nolan has showed us that a superhero movie with a fantastic story can achieve a level of brilliance that few thought was possible. It is only a potential right now because it is dependent on the financial success and how well both critics and fans receive the film upon its release.

Thanks to David Goyer, Christopher Nolan, and his brother Jonah Nolan, the story in The Dark Knight is entirely incomparable to any other previous superhero movie. It twists and turns nearly every twenty minutes and keeps you on the edge of your seat, gasping for air and accelerating your heart rate, throughout all 160 minutes of it. Not only is the story amazing, but the film combines that with phenomenal action scenes for a result that is an utterly flawless combination of an intricate story with intense action. This may not be new for filmmaking on a whole, as films like The Coen Brother's No Country for Old Men are this will crafted, but they're not a part of the comic book genre. It's up to the fans and moviegoers to embrace this style in this genre, but it certainly has the potential to change the comic book genre forever.

Given Batman Begins wasn't exactly the biggest box office earner for Warner Brothers, it's amazing to see that the studio has let Christopher Nolan have this much free range control over the film to create such a dark, thematic, and long feature. It's not just great filmmaking, but it's something that really breaks the general rules for studio summer tentpoles and yet succeeds at its progression throughout three finely crafted acts. What I must continue to emphasize is how much The Dark Knight accelerates past the limits of typical expectations for summer superhero blockbusters yet achieves an amazing level of brilliance that most movies in general don't even come close to anyway. At nearly 160 minutes, the film is immensely epic and races you through one of the most astounding cinematic experiences in the last few years.

The in-depth discussion of the cinematic revolution of The Dark Knight won't truly begin until July 18th. It may feel like a long wait, but it's worth it, every last minute of it. The first time I saw the film it was such a profound experience, that I want everyone to be able to walk out as completely moved as I was. The moment that the credits started rolling, I finally let out a breath that I had been holding the last few minutes. I didn't want it to end because I felt as if I had been personally involved in an intense and unforgettable experience. It's just that incredible. It might not change your life, but as Christian Bale said in Batman Begins, its filmmaking achievements will undoubtedly "rattle the cages" of Hollywood.

The Dark Knight

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LOL, that's pretty funny since you always talked down IMAX. Now if only TDK had been done in 3D, you would have come completely over to the dark side. 馃檪 Vic

ScreenRant.com on Jul 1, 2008


As Alfred says - "Nevah!" And yes, what is has done for IMAX is a revolution.

Alex Billington on Jul 1, 2008


RE: IMAX Told ya, Told ya, Told ya, Told ya, Told ya!!!! 馃槈 Vic

ScreenRant.com on Jul 1, 2008


My anticipations for this film is not funny- I have never seen a movie in IMAX- I do have three already for the showing here in san diego at the IMAX theater in la mesa- Maybe I should wear adult diapers just in case; all this hype, early reviews and so called cinematic revolution- HAHHA!

Vic on Jul 1, 2008


This sounds exciting. Two of my favorite movie scorers are on this project. Chris Nolan is becoming one of my favorites. This is gonna be fun.

Fisherman on Jul 1, 2008


My video, Gary Oldman: "Heath Ledger Joker better than Jack" on youtube has over 60000 hits just in three months, HHAHAHHA!

Vic on Jul 1, 2008


hahahaha... Alex... and to think that IMAX has a digital projection system now that is being rolled out into AMC's ... Bring on the 3D... hahahhaa... I would love to hear about them having some footage that was shot in IMAX 3D that will be rereleased in a couple years.... CRAZINESS.... anyways... before you smack me for my 3D diversion. I am going nuts for this film... can't wait

Dusty on Jul 1, 2008


Maybe I'm a bit slow or I missed the article, but the July issue of Wired magazine had an incredible interview with Nolan about TDK. Ya know that scene of Batman jumping off of a building all awesome like? That was actually done by Bale. No stunt double. He also goes into depth explaining how he wanted to use as little digitization as possible and even refrained from using voice overs. Cool stuff.

Nettle on Jul 1, 2008


Okay stop getting me excited about this movie......I am already impatient and this is movie has me mesmerized. I try finding more and more out about this movie without trying to get spoilers. Urgh, How do I get press screenings again?

Bishopsring on Jul 1, 2008


To bad I don't live near an IMAX.

Jesse on Jul 1, 2008


The hour cometh.. Im sure everyone and anyone in the world is waiting with bated breath for this film to deliver. Too high expectations you may say, but so what! from the few review so far, the reviewer had the same, if not more, of an expectation for the movie and the fact that you were all blown away is an epic achievement in its own right. Seems to me like Chris Nolan is heading for legendary status as a filmmaker. if this movie succeeds heavily (which i firmly believe it will) he will be promoted into the higher echelons of directors. Furthermore, its about time the Oscars paid some real attentions to comic book movies. Yes i will agree that in the past they have been to faithful to the comics or have exuded a certain unsatisfying realness about them, but i believe TDK can and will change that! an Oscar for Heath Ledger will be a great start. Lastly, i am glad this movie has come along and really set a benchmark for comic book movies. Being a huge comic fan, i have been dissapointed time and time again by the frail adaptations of comics, by the almost gimmicky approach to the wealth of material comics hold and by the constant dismissal of superheroes as an unwanted genre if you like. Lately, big name actors have taken to movies very well 谩 l谩 RDJ, Ed Norton, Tobey Maguire etc etc..its finally beginning to show that the world cinemagoers are ready to accept superhero movies so the studios are ready to risk an A-list actors in these lead roles. Now hopefully other accomplished directors will begin to turn their heads. The amazingly cool Guillermo Del Toro made his mark with Pan's Labyrinth and came back for Hellboy 2 (thank you GDT) rather than going off to direct some other useless tosh. Chris Nolan is also destined to gain universal praise with TDK. Rejoice comic fans! Its all coming together very well! bring on wolverine! thor! ant-man! the avengers! captain america! and TDK 3!

Caged Wisdom on Jul 1, 2008


wouldnt it be awesome if the Coen brothers directed "The Avengers"???!

Caged Wisdom on Jul 1, 2008


i have free tix to my local imax (i love my parents, even after getting married and moving out they send me prepaid tix with every correspondance :D). my wife and I are holding onto the tix for opening night. i can't wait.

avelanch on Jul 1, 2008


The movie was partialy shot with IMAX cameras.

Vitor on Jul 1, 2008


i cant wait for this movie, a few months ago i did not even know about this movie and now i am waiting anxiously i will go see this twice unless hell boy gets a good review.

alan on Jul 1, 2008


Devin at CHUD is wrong to attack this piece.

Terry on Jul 1, 2008


The first movie I had seen of Christopher Nolan was Batman Begins and I sure did tell then that this guy has got a vision and would direct great movies in the future. But to my surprise - He had directed Memento and The prestige and that made sure that I have to look out for his movies in the future. Character Development, Perfect Dark Tone, Tight script, Tight Direction, less CGI and more on quality, Great Cast = Batman Begins. As per the reviews I have read and the trust I have in Nolan and now Heath, I am only concerned about how short/big of greatness its gonna achieve because I am very sure its in no way gonna be Bad

losted on Jul 1, 2008


Alex you should stick to copy and pasting other peoples stories and posting them as your own. It's what your best at. I'm not attacking the movie here as I'm sure it will be a great flick. I'm simply commenting on your inability to post a story about it without coming off sounding like a fanboy who posted this on their live journal or myspace blog.

jason on Jul 1, 2008


I cannot wait any longer i just want to see the movie already, i wish July 18th would come faster, least i have some movies to hold me down till then (Hancock and Hellboy 2) thanks for sharing your feeling about the film Alex im even more pumped!!!

Curtis on Jul 1, 2008


I have to agree with jason - I like coming here to read about new movies, see trailers, get some news - but this endless gushing about particular movies (Wall-E, now The Dark Knight) actually puts me off wanting to see them. Partially because they can't possibly live up to the expectations being set, but partially because I feel like I'm being TOLD I HAVE TO SEE IT.

Robert on Jul 1, 2008


Damn you! Now I HAVE to drive alllll the way to the big city to see this on the IMAX. Here I thought I could get away with seeing it at a regular theater but you have convinced me otherwise. Can't wait!

Traveler on Jul 1, 2008


Who let this autistic 15-year-old into a Dark Knight screening? This is the same genius who gave Saw III a 9.5/10. It's a little painful to see CHUD tearing this kid apart, but wow, he's just such an idiot.

Trevor on Jul 1, 2008


I never thought in 10000000 years that a "cinematic revolution" would = Batman move lol. I mean seriously, look at how the new films stack up to the last ones, from campy LSD trip Schumacher batnipples era, to a groundbreaking serious look at how Batman might actually exist in real life, and the mental and physical consequences that would come along with it. I can already tell that the arc of Batman not knowing if he really is doing the world a favor or just making things worse is going to be a powerful element that has never been explored in other films. I cant F&#)# wait!

interl0per on Jul 1, 2008


I agree with Jason, Robert, and Trevor. And Devin.

Carlo Dennis on Jul 1, 2008


Are you in high school, Mr. Billington?

Andrew on Jul 1, 2008


In Alex's defense I can understand why he wants to put the word out there...I love movies and love to discuss them and he has seen Dark Knight waaaay before we will and he cant really talk too much about it in detail but he can say what he thinks of it...it would eat at me if I couldnt talk about every little facet of a film I was hyped for and actually live up to that hype...so let him be a fanboy it doesnt make this site any less of a place to go and learn about updates on new movies and such...

Maxx on Jul 1, 2008


wow...Jason, Rober, Trevor, Devin...and Carlo Dennis. Do y'all know each other? all decided to come together and attack the writing of a man simply in awe of a movie he thoroughly enjoyed. He is NOT forcing anyone to see this movie or see it in IMAX. there is something known as freedom of speech where one is allowed to talk freely about what they want. IF it influences other people's opinions, that is no fault of the speaker. Try living in a civilised country and im sure you will experience what i mean. Anyone who was been followin TDK campaign will want to see it no matter what articles are written. If perhaps this article had talked about the movie being bad, im 100% loadsa people will see it regardless. Lastly, you are under no obligation to read this article so F**K off haters. Suddenly everyone is a critic. When you cant appreciate, you just look to criticize. Idiots.

Caged Wisdom on Jul 1, 2008


alex is a fanboy? not only is his website very successful, firstshowing.net events get more people hyped about movies then you guys get excited when your mom calls you up from the basement when meatloaf is ready. how many of you "jokers" (ha) have seen the movie? trust me, july 18th you'll realize he's right

funnytunney on Jul 1, 2008


a masterpiece. thank GOD this is not some lie. everyone has been saying its the best comic book film ever made.

Darrin on Jul 1, 2008


1000% agree with you Alex. Saw it on IMAX and it was unbelievable. It was like tears!!!!!!

Ryan on Jul 1, 2008


fuck these fools alex there just jealous little twats thats all well done great talk i bet your dying 2 give a real review

jono on Jul 1, 2008


Glad to see I'm not the only one who questions the extreme manner in which some movies are hyped!

Nunya on Jul 1, 2008


What's up the with the over the top hype here? I'm excited as the next person, but this isn't the cure for cancer. It's just a film.

Sarah on Jul 1, 2008


Cool I cannot wait!

John on Jul 1, 2008


great work Alex, thank you!

bltzie on Jul 1, 2008


damn it! all the imax shows here in new york are sold out already. EVEN THE 4AM!

john on Jul 1, 2008


Wow... people are really digging into Alex here. He's just seems like a guy that gets excited about movies. You guys just seem upset that his soapbox is taller than yours. Let him be excited, let him say what he wants to, let him be a fanboy. If you guys want to actually engage in intellectual debate, then present your case why you think TDK WON'T be a cinematic revolution. Devin over at Chud seemed more 3 paragraphes more interested in whining about Alex than critiquing his article. Whatever, sorry if I like reading the content of a guy who clearly just likes movies.

Icarus on Jul 1, 2008


Isn't this alex's fucking site? Shit, he could turn this into Dark Knight Fanboy Page if he wanted too. Yall need to stop hating. And That Devin guy on chud? What a douche bag. If journalism is writing a full article bitching about someone else's writing, then I guess we can all be journalists. Who the fuck does he think he is? If it was the president of WB or some big movie exec, sure maybe I would give him the two cents. Looks to me like he is just an overweight blowhard who is jealous of Alex's work. God I am so pissed.

HealthyPoison on Jul 2, 2008


Jesus Christ Monkey Balls! THE DARK KNIGHT is certainly not revolutionary. Best of it's kind? Maybe. But so what? The whole "comic-book movie" is a false category. Comic books are a merely a source, subject to the same varying quality in adaptation as any other. If comic book movies are a genre at all, you would have claimed that BATMAN BEGINS transcended the genre, and SPIDERMAN 2 before that, and something else before that. [Your argument completely falls apart if you include "graphic novels" in the genre] So TDK is the best and most divergent so far? Great, but that's not revolutionary. Also, TDK's audience (let alone the "world") will not be "drawn into how amazing the film looks on IMAX," because ninety-nine percent of viewings will never be on an IMAX screen. Even if IMAX filming were to become the standard for filmakers (as opposed to film-goers) that just leaves it open to the same lazy, incessant imitation as the MATRIX and "bullet-time." Viral Marketing? Who the fuck cares?! Seriously. There are, literally, one hundred better uses for your time. You know this. Don't glorify a waste of your time as "the ultimate in fan interaction."

M. on Jul 2, 2008


Please watch some good movies that are more than 5 years old and than talk about a revolution.

Brodie Lister on Jul 2, 2008


Also, your "enthusiasm" for THE DARK KNIGHT raises a host of interesting and fun philosophical questions, and hypothetical dilemmas. For example: If THE DARK KNIGHT were to become personified in the body of your mother, would you have sex with it?

M. on Jul 2, 2008


Lay off Alex for his opinion of the movie. Film is subjective, and if what he experienced at the screening (we all experience film in different ways) was "revolutionary" to him... then who are you to criticize it? I saw the movie too and loved it. No... I didn't think it was as great as Alex thinks it is... but that's my experience.

John Campea on Jul 2, 2008


well i for one cant wait for this movie to come out!! ive been readin the early buzz about dis movie and im gettin pretty excited about it. doesnt hurt to does it, to b a fanboy??

fobhustler on Jul 2, 2008


So once I see this movie, I'll never see another one? I'll be satisfied for life? OR will I take heed of the interesting points made over on the Chud site? Fascinating pickle indeed.

Bruce on Jul 2, 2008


To Icarus I never said that it would not be this kind of a revolution. My argument is and was that it was a poorly written article. If you would like me to debate his points I briefly will. The IMax Cameras: This is an OK argument and I do hope that action movies continue to use these cameras more. However due to the amount of Imax screens around the country how revolutionary can this really be. 6 years ago digital projection was going to change the way we watched movies if Lucas had anything to say about it. Well digital projection looks amazing also but if you go see 10 movies this year how many of them are going to be digitally projected? Unless there is a huge explosion in the Imax market this kind of filming will only ever apply to a few huge movies each year. The Viral Marketing. Playing a game to get more out of the movie when you go see it will not change the business of show. Keep in mind this is far from the first movie to do something like that. Cloverfield, the matrix there has been a number of movies that have done such things. Even if they did it 100% better than anyone else the fact is of the people who will see Dark Knight probably 1% will play this game. That is not a revolution. change comic book movies forever: The argument here is an option that many people could easily argue. Anyone who is a big fan of the Spiderman movies and Spiderman two in particular could easily argue that they cared about the character development more than the action. I know I'll be taking a page out of Devin's book here but the fact he said comic movie instead of superhero movies really makes this look stupid. And Healthy Poison ....first off breath before your head explodes. Ok now you are correct this is his site however he is the person that put a forum under each article opening it up for discussion and debate. This allows people like me who have an option other than "Alex is God" to express themselves.

jason on Jul 2, 2008


All i have to say, as kindly as i can say it, is that i think Alex is a clone, of the Dean and Hank Venture variety, so to him, this movie is Revolutionary Cinema. And maybe someone, out there, more than 1 or 2 or 3 people, gasp even 5, have never heard of ARGs or Viral Campaigns, or have never seen a film that was shot with IMAX camers, or have never heard of an epic film. What landscape is being changed here Alex? what road is actually being paved? The Comic-Book film adaptation? Ok, sure I will give you that, but are you believing this movie is going to walk away with 10+ Oscars. Are you saying this is going to wave smelling salts under the noses of filmmakers and filmgoers like never before? Is this Al Jolson talking to his mom? Is this Buster Keaton? Is this a film by Lean, Cassavettes? Is this Film really a Cinematic Revolution or is it just a really good film? Has the landscape become so over-saturated with Comic Book film tripe that this makes you piss your pants, or is it simply a good movie.

Adrian on Jul 2, 2008


"Not since Lord of the Rings: Return of the King five years ago in December of 2003, did I walk out of the theater so moved, so amazed, and so extraordinarily impacted by the movie I had just watched." So you haven't been to a movie in 4 1/2 years?

Bucket on Jul 2, 2008


"Please watch some good movies that are more than 5 years old and than talk about a revolution." LOL That's hilarious!! Anybody remember this terrible article about the Top Twelve Films Ahead of Their Time? https://www.firstshowing.net/2007/02/14/top-12-movies-in-history-that-were-ahead-of-their-time/ It had STARSHIP TROOPERS and FIFTH ELEMENT on it!!!! I was lambasted for taking Alex to task for that article, and now Devin is taking him to task for this one. It seems young Alex needs to sign up for a film class or ten, and take the time to truly examine a variety of films rather than the special effects extravaganzas of the last fifteen years (i.e. the time he's been alive and cognitive). NOTE TO ALEX: You probably shouldn't write the articles for your site after getting stumbling drunk with Campea. LOL. That's the only explanation for some of them, and the rest, as Devin has pointed out, don't come from you at all.

Ray on Jul 2, 2008


I think a lot of the debate here is over the term "Revolutionary." Here's what dictionary.com lists as the first two definitions of the word. rev路o路lu路tion路ar路y adjective, noun 1. of, pertaining to, characterized by, or of the nature of a revolution, or a sudden, complete, or marked change: a revolutionary junta. 2. radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure, principles, etc.: a revolutionary discovery. I'm going to say the type of "revolutionary" that Alex is talking about here is NOT the first definition. I personally believe that this film will not incite a "sudden, complete, or marked change." However, I DO think that The Dark Knight certainly falls under the second definition. The Dark Knight IS radically new and innovative. No summer blockbuster film has ever utilized IMAX cameras to the extent or the magnificence that Nolan and his crew have done here. The Dark Knight IS "outside or beyond established procedure." While viral games have been done before, this viral campaign was extremely fun, interesting to follow, and unique (they put phones in cakes for god's sake!). And while it could be impossible to track the financial impact of the viral marketing campaign, it personally psyched me up for this film MONTHS before we saw a trailer. Finally, if you want to disagree with Alex, I'm FINE with that. We all have the right to have our own opinions. So argue YOUR opinions to the contrary. Jason (#45) answered my call for intelligent debate nicely, he stated his own opinions on the matter and came across sounding like an informed and intelligent person. Argue your own opinions, not someone else's right to have theirs.

Icarus on Jul 2, 2008


As a friend and colleague of both Alex and Devin (yes, it is possible), I'll say this; personal/professional beef aside, it is rather conspicuous, with so few early reactions posted at this time, for anyone to throw around words like "cinematic revolution" and "flawless masterpiece" - especially without including convincing arguments as to why The Dark Knight deserves such praise. I agree with Devin's piece, in that using points like the IMAX aspect and WB's viral marketing do not support such claims; then again, Alex explicitly states that this is not a review. It's more of a reaction, and he's of course entitled to that. I look forward to seeing Alex's arguments laid out in a real, in-depth review of TDK. I also look forward to the day when backstage beefs in the online community can be sorted out personally, and not publicly.

jen y. on Jul 2, 2008


Well Devin also thinks TDK is a good movie, but is worried about all the "OMG BEST MOVIE EVAR!" hyperbole that's going on. It's never good when a movie gets TOO overhyped - leads to dissapointment. I haven't seen this movie, and though I could obviously be wrong, I seriously doubt its anything CLOSE to revolutionary. I'll come back and eat my words if that's the case. The other half of his beef is clearly focusing on the ripping off of other's peoples articles/art and reposting them on their own site. Clearly that's just clownshoes right there. Can't really respect anything like that... I'd much rather have him claiming TDK to be revolutionary (without ever hearing of Rebel Without a Cause... Jesus) than just copying/pasting other's articles for his own site's benifits.

Bosh on Jul 2, 2008


Oh, and Alex! Ask some freakin questions at these junkets! I'm sure there's plenty of other "journalists" who would be chomping at the bit if they had your opportunity! We're all cenephiles... I'd be full of questions if I was in your shoes!

Bosh on Jul 2, 2008


All the reputable sites??????? hmm.. nope just Chud making a personal attack at someone excited about a movie

Dusty on Jul 2, 2008


Wow I would be more concerned for the guys chewing people new assholes...I mean talk about disgusting...that is some weird case of cannibalism...maybe they should be arrested for assault...

Maxx on Jul 2, 2008


Nick, before I start deleting your incredible offensive and completely false comments here, I need to ask you... Since when do I pass stuff off as my own? Can you please find an example? You may not like my opinions, as is obviously the case, but I have never claimed anything was my own. Please go through and read all of my articles - each of them is written entirely by myself or one of my writers. We have never "stolen" content and passed it off as my own. It's obvious you are the one who is lying when the evidence on my behalf showing that I clearly DO write my won content can be found publicly right here on FirstShowing.net.

Alex Billington on Jul 2, 2008


hmm... then why waste your time and OURS for reading your banter... stay where you want to read... we are happy here... bye

Dusty on Jul 2, 2008


Sorry my 59 was to 57's comments

Dusty on Jul 2, 2008


#46 - Adrian, since when does a film HAVE to walk away with Oscars to be a revolution? Wouldn't you say Matrix was a revolution? And that didn't win any... What else? Oscars are a just political award, not necessarily the deciding factor for a cinematic revolution!

Alex Billington on Jul 2, 2008


I work at an IMAX theater, and I just want to say that The Dark Knight will be revolutionary. HOW you may ask? Anyone who knows anything about IMAX knows the money pit that it truly is. No REAL films are shot with IMAX cameras. Only documentaries are TRUE IMAX FILMS. It is impossible to cover the cost of an IMAX theater only on documentaries. For the first time, an IMAX film isn't a documentary. It's a real movie, shot with IMAX cameras, for the IMAX. It really is a big deal. Isn't it all truly in the eye of the beholder anyways? If Alex thinks the movie is revolutionary, then it is to him! I think it will change the way movies are made. I too think it will be revolutionary. And I haven't seen it yet! And while we are here, can we look at the definition of Revolutionary on Dictionary.com? 1. of, pertaining to, characterized by, or of the nature of a revolution, or a sudden, complete, or marked change 2. radically new or innovative; outside or beyond established procedure, principles, etc.: a revolutionary discovery. Marked changed? New or Innovative? Outside Established Procedure? Hmmm, sounds like something the Dark Knight brings to the table. You decide I guess, but it seems to me that Alex has made a very accurate assessment thus far.

Andy Adair on Jul 3, 2008


"Adrian, since when does a film HAVE to walk away with Oscars to be a revolution? Wouldn't you say Matrix was a revolution? And that didn't win any鈥" -- Alex Billington Not saying I disagree with your point, but The Matrix won 4 Oscars.

Fuzzy Donlop on Jul 4, 2008


OMG dude, Dark Knight is going to totally ROCK! I can hardly wait. JT http://www.ULtimate-Anonymity.com

JAmes Dean on Jul 4, 2008


This stinks of payola and viral marketing. Looking at this kid's top 12 or whatever...Tron???? The Fifth Element??? And the up comer's or whatever?...300?-maybe middle school kids in the closet liked it, A Scanner Darkly? I like Linklater, the actors and PK Dick and still thought the movie sucked. ...But back to this movie, I wonder what they really had to give you? Probably just a free screening. You should have held out for the Netflix membership so you could watch a few more movies. So, please let us know what you got to write this? Was it just the tickets? And do they ask you to say certain things, aka buzzwords? And if it's money, how much? If these viral ad campaigns aren't outed they'll be able to continue to low-ball people and buy them off with a box of twizzlers. Publish it. Oh, and I loved the last Batman movie (harmless fun). But a comic book movie involving a guy in bat costume that's on rehash number 6 or whatever? Come on....

Viral Dude on Jul 4, 2008


Oh, honestly! Mop up after yourself why don'tcha? This page is up to its ankles in drool. This is not a revolution. It's a summer movie based on a comic book. OK? That's it. Take a deep breath. Don't go in expecting the universe to change cos that way lies only disappointment. Nobody here is aiming for Art; they jst wanna take you out of yourself for a couple hours and sell you some t-shirts & drinking glasses, action figures, commemorative plates, etcetc in the process. I'm sure it will be very shiny, and have many enjoyable explosions, but there's a tad bit more out there in movieland. F'rinstance. You take Metropolis, one of the first Sci-Fi films ever made. Amazing movie--if you've ever seen Blade Runner, or...well, any Batman movie, they owe a lot of their look to what Fritz Lang did in the '20's--the friggin' 1920's! THIS was a revolution. It was no summer blockbuster; it was a major risk. Nearly bankrupted the studio. Now it's recognized as one of *the* badass films of all time. And just yesterday they discovered that footage of the film that has been missing for *over eighty years* has been found! For the first time in *generations* the whole movie can be seen again! Do you even understand how big a thing this is? And you wanna go on about friggin' BATMAN!? Sheez.

Just Kelly on Jul 4, 2008


I wanted to see this movie in IMAX even before I heard about the hype to see in IMAX. Thank God I bought my tickets early.

Tre on Jul 4, 2008


Now they need to take this talent and translate DMZ to the theaters.

Jesse on Jul 4, 2008


#62 and #63 do you even read other comments or do you just let that shit fly out of your mouth willy nilly? Read the comment #60. Then realize why the film is a revolution weather you like it or not! Thanks!

Andy Adair on Jul 4, 2008


I just think it's funny watching people attack someone for his opinion. If he thinks it's revolutionary, then so be it... Hell, Peter Travers seemed to give it higher praise than this article, and he's more of a writer/movie critic than anyone on this site or CHUD's...his voice actually carries weight...yours does not. Having said that, it's also funny watching Internet Blog Reviewers going at it for whatever personal beef they have with one another.. Why don't you guys just beat the crap out of each other the next time you see one another instead of this text fighting over the Interwebs..it just looks ridiculous. Grow up; there's plenty of space on the Interwebs for everyone's opinion...

Justin on Jul 4, 2008


Reading this further confirmed that I am as giddy as a school girl in anticipation for July 18th.

sunny beach on Jul 5, 2008


Funny banter...and so serious! WHY SO SERIOUS?? All puns aside. You're all a little bit right, if not a little bit melodramatic. Revolutionary sounds fine to me. Internet/Viral campaign is revolutionary marketing.

MikeinIndy on Jul 5, 2008


Jealousy runs deep. Especially when the internet works as a guise for the anonymity of the poster. I for one am excited for this film. The IMAX part is truly revolutionary. So many films shown on IMAX are just 35mm films put on an IMAX screen utilizing the better sound. As far as I can tell, a good portion of this is filmed in full 70mm? And the parts not shot in 70mm are up-converted from the standard? I'm no expert, but I think that's the dish.

Will S. (Co. Springs) on Jul 6, 2008


Haven't heard anything bad about this movie yet...except for the haters who haven't even seen it yet and will still hate once they see just because they love to hate things. Of course there will be some bad reviews, there were bad reviews for movies like The Godfather 1 and 2 so not everyone can be pleased because those are masterpieces of filmmaking. I have a friend who can't stand comic book movies as he calls them and he is just as excited to see this movie as I am after he started reading the reviews. He said it sounds like a good movie...just plain movie, not comic book movie. Doesn't hurt that he loves movies like Heat which he has heard The Dark Knight compared to. Great review btw. 12:01am July 18th can't get here fast enough.

Lynn on Jul 6, 2008


I was really impressed by Batman Begins--my favorite of the comic book genre. I don't see a lot of films in the theater, but I'm going to make a point to get out and see The Dark Knight in IMAX--there's something to be said for seeing a movie exactly as the director envisioned it, and IMAX can never fully translate to a smaller screen.

John on Jul 8, 2008


Comic book fans don't look forward to superhero movies for 'the action'. That's one of the reasons why so many superhero films have sucked major ass. Sure, the action and the art are important - it's what differentiates the superhero from the everyday guy. But every comic book fan knows that it is the character and the story that drives a comic; the action is only a means to an end. The good movie is no different. Sometimes you can get away with a weak story and dazzle your audience with special effects and explosions, but not very often.

Sumant on Jul 10, 2008


watch it twice! PLEASE listen to my advice. if you don't like it 100% the first time, watch it twice.

watchITtwice on Jul 17, 2008


In the past I've complained about my little semi-hicktown Tallahassee, FL not getting IMAX films when they are first released. We usually get the films several months after the initial released date. I'm pretty sure we just get some other, more important, city's print when they're done with it. "Sloppy seconds" is how I like to refer to it. For instance, my local IMAX ( http://www.challengertlh.com/ ) just started showing Kung Fu Panda this past week after it had been out everywhere else for a month and a half. The prints are pristine, of course, and show absolutely no signs of any wear or degradation. That's due, most likely, to the fact that the IMAX film supposedly never touches any moving parts in the projector. It just glides on a cushion of air, or so I've been repeatedly told. So there's no loss in quality, only a delay in the gratification. So what's my point? My point is that I have seen TDK in the theaters already. And I'll most likely see it again with my little movie group on Wednesday ( http://movies.meetup.com/600/calendar/8373856/ ). Knowing me, I'll probably see it at least one more time after that. And then just when I've had about all I'll be needing from TDK in the theaters... then it'll come here in GLORIOUS IMAX FORMAT!!! It'll be like a totally new, rejuvenated experience, just like the first time I saw it! Delayed gratification rocks! I can't wait to see Hong Kong and Gotham on that giant, crystal clear screen.

kevjohn on Jul 21, 2008


The Dark Knight Best Movie of 2008. Worth Repeat viewings. Unless you hate yourself, Go and see the Dark Knight, it's not just a movie, its an event.

Larry King on Aug 10, 2008

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