The Dark Knight Selling All The Way Through 6AM!

July 9, 2008

The Dark Knight

Recent reports from tickets website have noted that various movie theaters across the country are adding 3AM and 6AM showings of The Dark Knight because it's already selling out so quickly. Didn't I tell everyone to watch out? They report that there are over 1500 showings between midnight at 6AM across the country. Although most of the 3AM and 6AM shows aren't going to sell out, this definitely means The Dark Knight is barreling towards breaking some big records next weekend. I knew this was coming, but for those who didn't, now is your chance to really get a feel for how big The Dark Knight is going to be. This already tops off the previous announcement that Dark Knight had sold eight times as many tickets as Spider-Man 3 at that time. Excited yet?

Before this news gets blown out of proportion, just because 3AM and 6AM shows have been added, they're probably not going to sell out. It's just a question of money: can the theater sell enough tickets to make enough money to cover the staff needed to man the place throughout the night. I remember Spider-Man 2 had 24 hour opening days, where they would run the film non-stop from midnight to midnight (and a friend of mine went to every single showing). This just means The Dark Knight is going to have a huge opening weekend - but we already knew that right? This is my favorite statistic from Fandango's reports: 38% say that they intend to take off a few hours or the entire day from work on Friday as a result of seeing the movie the night before. The Dark Knight is going to have one hell of an epic opening weekend.

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bring it on i hope this detroys spiderman please

jono on Jul 9, 2008


Count me in that 38%, haha - I took that friday off specifically because I knew I'd be going at midnight to see this. Got my midnight ticket locked up. So pumped!

Boo-Yah on Jul 9, 2008


I remember when I pre-ordered by tickets for the IMAX screening, there were only two shows left and as a result I won't be seeing the film until the 21st.

Sean Kelly on Jul 9, 2008


ya i ordered imax tickets last week. im excited. really excited

Josh on Jul 9, 2008


I'll be there at the 12:01 am showing. Its too bad I have to get up at 6 am for work but sacrifices must be made.

Film-Book dot Com on Jul 9, 2008


I'm guilty, I asked for Friday off 😀 haha.

Joel on Jul 9, 2008


This is gonna be HUGE! My god, this movie could possibly save the movie theater business from home video, until The Dark Knight comes out on DVD lolol.

Kail on Jul 9, 2008


I was going to be part of that 38% until I got my prescreening tickets today for next Wednesday. I counterpart will get there at 3pm for the 730 showing. I still plan on seeing it in IMAX though. Warner Bros. will still get my money. Now I just have to make it until next Wednesday. haha.

Nick on Jul 9, 2008


im with you N0.1 ! i hope this film comes tops every blockbuster i've seen except for transformers. Reason is said that is because i loved transformers when i was young and i loved the movie. Sorry if i offended anyone.

Darrin on Jul 9, 2008


Your friend must be slow, quite go to Spiderman 2 more than once.

Chrisbo on Jul 9, 2008


Seems to be quite a few shows still at the Seattle IMAX, probably wont be soon though Damn, figures I am so damned broke right now I cant buy some tix!

interl0per on Jul 9, 2008


I bought my tickets for midnight at IMAX as soon as I could.

Bridget on Jul 9, 2008


I bought tickets for the 3:15am showing at the Universal Citywalk Hollywood IMAX about three weeks ago and within the week i bought them, it was sold out. Yeah this movie is gong to be EPIC!

Bryan on Jul 9, 2008


3:15am at The Bridge, here I come!

Keith on Jul 9, 2008


i am of on Friday so i am gonna see it at 9:30 am imax Dublin CA

Davor on Jul 9, 2008


The $ that Spiderman made aint shit! This movie will be everything that the movie goer will pay for 10-fold! Batman Begins has twice the emotional content and action as all three spideys combined. In retrospec...this movie will be the best sequel since the New Testament!

Dave V. on Jul 9, 2008


I've already bought one ticket for 2 luxury screenings here on melbourne on the 16th and 17th of July (australia gets it a few days earlier than america for some reason) and have bought my IMAX tickets for the night session on the 17th. The 16th can't come fast enough damnit.

Leon on Jul 9, 2008


I'm worried that this is all just hype prompted by the viral marketing campaign and it isn't going to succeed like we're all hoping. Don't get me wrong I REALLY want TDK to smash some records, but I'm worried that it won't carry through the weekend.

Nettle on Jul 9, 2008


I am surprised. The only times really selling out online pre-order wise are midnight and Imax. My IMAXs near me are soldout all night Thursday, Friday and Saturday and almost all day Sunday.

Ryan on Jul 9, 2008


i got my imax tickets last week for the 19th at 4pm at citywalk. hahaha it's all they had left so i bought 4 in case any of my friends want to go 😀

Chris on Jul 9, 2008


i took thursday and friday off.

tom on Jul 10, 2008


Hi all, I've seen Darknight this morning at a press projection in Paris, let me tell you in a few word, this is the best super heroes movie I've ever seen ! This is a real serious adult movie, very dark, heavy. Compare to DK, Batman begins is a simple good movie, but this one !... I can’t find my words I can't stop thinking about it. Don’t worry, you will enjoy it

Arnaud on Jul 10, 2008


I've never gone to the very first midnight showing of a movie before, and as of this afternoon The Dark Knight will be my first experience doing just that. We just got tickets to see it at 12:01 AM on Thursday night. I think it's awesome that the first movie I see in this manner could possibly be the biggest opening weekend ever.

Viper on Jul 10, 2008


the dark knight is about to be the best movie of the year!!!!!!

Leonte williams on Jul 16, 2008


just saw it... it's everything that you've heard.

Brian on Jul 18, 2008


High School Musical 2 was better than this sequel.

Spencer on Jul 29, 2008

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