The Dark Knight WILL Be Back in Theaters in January - Updated!

December 2, 2008
Source: SuperHeroHype

The Dark Knight Will NOT Be Back in Theaters in January

In early September, after The Dark Knight had already broken all kinds of box office records, Warner Brothers announced that they were planning to re-release the film in theaters again in January. Not only would Oscar buzz make the re-release successful, but a desire to see the film again in IMAX would've pushed its total past the $1 billion mark (it currently sits at $996 million). Unfortunately SuperHeroHype has learned that Warner Brothers has canceled their plans for the re-release. As heartbreaking as this might sound, hopefully the impending DVD release next week will overshadow this news.

At this point I don't think there is much I need to say about The Dark Knight that I didn't already cover in my Sunday Discussion. I do think it is completely naive to simply shrug off the film as an Oscar contender because it really does have the backing it needs to potentially win. Sure it's a comic book movie, but that doesn't mean it can't win. In fact, I would hope that people could entertain the idea rather than completely pass it off as impossible. And on the topic of the re-release, I know I would've loved to see it at least once more in IMAX, but that unfortunately won't be happening. Another bad decision Warner Brothers!

Update! It looks like SuperHeroHype screwed up big time! I guess we've learned not to trust sources like this one in the future. They say that Warner Brothers is still planning to re-release The Dark Knight in both IMAX and regular theaters in January. An official press release is pending from IMAX. Just forget we even mention this, pick up your Blu-Ray copy next week, and get ready to head back to IMAX in January!

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Oh well...I would have liked to see it again too, but at least the Blu-Ray has the IMAX version.

DinoChow on Dec 2, 2008



Matthias Galvin on Dec 2, 2008


thats got to be the worst new i have read all day TDK was perfect on IMAX

dave on Dec 2, 2008


....and the "The Dark Knight" brown nosing continues, eh Alex!! 🙂

Blue Silver on Dec 2, 2008


I was really hoping to catch the IMAX version in Jan. That kinda sucks. Oh well. TDK on a continuous loop starting next week.

ScottyR on Dec 2, 2008


Wait - news got changed! Shouldn't trust SHH goodness... It WILL still be back in theaters in January as originally planned!

Alex Billington on Dec 2, 2008


Someone from Warner should probably fork over the $4 to make it 1 Billion.

wm on Dec 2, 2008


WOOO HOOO!! NEver got to see it in IMAX!

AllmightyKeim on Dec 2, 2008


This is great news. Glad to know that report was inaccurate. For those who want to support a push to get Dark Knight nominated for Best Picture, check out the unofficial grassroots campaign site here: Can't wait to watch it again in IMAX.

Dark Campaign on Dec 2, 2008


Thank Gordon! I get to check out TDK on IMAX! Huzzah! TDK on a continuous loop starting next week!

ScottyR on Dec 2, 2008


Alex, what the fuck?!! hahaha, j/k

Conrad on Dec 2, 2008


i dont like the ending where you told us to "pick up the blurays." Blurays sucks. im not in the mood to start over(again) my film collection in a different format, after only 7 years with DVDs. But i digress. Dark Knight re-released in all theaters is great news. i see them getting 30 million easily, but 70...i just dont know.

Al on Dec 2, 2008


thats really great news

dave on Dec 2, 2008


Damn SHH! What the hell do they think they're doing breaking our poor hopes for fun?! LOL! But good news all around. At least they're wrong XD Definitely buying a ticket or two again!

Hyacinth on Dec 2, 2008


#12 - Who said you have to start over your collection? No one said you need to re-buy your DVDs? Just start from this point forward on Blu-Ray... All of your old movies still DO play on every Blu-Ray player out there!

Alex Billington on Dec 2, 2008


^ Also the dvds will look better on Blu-Ray than they will on the dvd player because dvds are really capable of 720p! Great news on TDK. I will see it 4 more times!

big r on Dec 2, 2008


#15 - Who said we needed you to sell us on anything at all?

Black Guy on Dec 3, 2008


WAIT where did you get your other source saying it will be released again

HELLO on Dec 3, 2008


Tell me the source

HELLO on Dec 3, 2008


TDK is still playing in IMAX dome in Tampa at MOSI. Has anyone seen it on an IMAX dome? I watched 300 on it and it made me sick.

Adam on Dec 3, 2008


300 at Tallahasee's Challenger Imax (it's named after the space shuttle dammit!) made me a bit nauseous as well, and that wasn't even on the dome. No such bad luck with TDK. I've seen it 3 times there with no ill effects. By the way, TDK is still showing there as well, although it didn't get there until about a month ago.

kevjohn on Dec 3, 2008


Kick-ass photo.

Noemi on Dec 3, 2008


About the update: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian on Dec 3, 2008


this is awesome. in january i will have seen the midnight showing of TDK in IMAX twice!!! lol lol lol lol.

jim on Dec 3, 2008


Heath Ledger was terrific in this, but once was enough for me.

avoidz on Dec 4, 2008


#25, go kill yourself you dumb son of a bitch!:), and theres plenty more where that came from!

Joka on Dec 5, 2008


i agree!, number 25 should go eat shit and die!

Sam Burnside on Dec 5, 2008


I liked Heath Ledgers joker alot more than I thought I would...It was incredible as far as method acting goes... this might sound weird, but does anybody else but me think that Gary Oldman would've made a better joker, or is it just me? think on it for a sec...Gary Oldman...incredible method actor, (Fifth Element, Leon the professional, True Romance) The guy made his stake in hollywood playing psychos... I think Gary Oldman should've been joker and Ledger could've been a dynamite riddler...Paul Giamatti as the penguin (not Phillip Seymour Hoffman) and maybe somebody like Rosario Dawson as catwoman(remember that creepy smile in sin city)...

CHICK on Dec 6, 2008

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