The First Avenger: Captain America To Be Set in WWII!

May 23, 2008
Source: CHUD, IESB

Captain America

When we first broke the news that Captain America's shield could be found in Iron Man, which was preceded by Marvel's announcement of The First Avenger: Captain America movie for 2011, speculation began as to how exactly the movies would play out and how it would all eventually converge into The Avengers. In a recent update, numerous websites caught up with Marvel's Kevin Feige as part of an early promotion for The Incredible Hulk. Not only did he speak on all of Marvel's upcoming films, but he confirmed some details regarding Captain America and The Avengers. First things first, he did confirm Cap's shield was in Iron Man and went on to say that the Matthew McConaughey rumor was not true. And if that weren't enough, he mentioned that The First Avenger: Captain America would be set in World War II, meaning they're following the actual comic origin story pretty closely.

Reports on all things Marvel from Kevin Feige come from both IESB and CHUD. Feige said that "they plan to remain very faithful to the source material and completely traditional." This somewhat confirms my theory that we'll most likely see Captain America frozen at the end of the first movie and unthawed and revived somehow in the actual Avengers movie. I successfully predicted this would probably be the story. I even threw out the idea of seeing a piece of floating ice with red, white, and blue in it at the end of Thor in 2010. Thus it would get fans excited for the following summer, but that exact story still wouldn't continue until The Avengers movie, only because the Captain America movie would be set in WWII to introduce the character. Now it all makes sense!

In the comics, Steve Rogers volunteered for a top-secret defense project called Operation: Rebirth that was created to develop physically superior soldiers during WWII. Rogers was the first human test subject for the Super-Solider serum which transformed him into a human with maximum efficiency, greatly enhancing his musculature and reflexes. Subsequently, the man who had created the serum was killed, and thus the ability to duplicate the process was lost. In turn, the government reimagined Rogers as a superhero hero who served as both a counter-intelligence agent and a propaganda symbol to counter Nazi Germany's head of terrorist operations, the Red Skull. He eventually fall into a block of ice in the North Atlantic where he was frozen for years before being discovered in modern times and revived by S.H.E.I.L.D., to eventually become the leader of the Avengers.

Is it necessary that you see The First Avenger: Captain America to understand The Avengers movie? Feige says no, claiming that "each of them have to stand on their own. You won't have to have seen any of the films to understand The Avengers… but it will help." Of course! And we know that true comic fans will see them all anyway. And speaking of the Avengers, now that there is confirmation that the first Captain America takes place during WWII and the origin story in the comics will be followed closely, what about other key members of the Avengers team? Namely Hulk, who wasn't on Marvel's schedule after this year. Feige answered by saying, "this is three years down the line, so it's a long way down the road. But surely the Hulk is one of the core members."

Ever since Marvel announced its slate through 2011, I've been foaming at the mouth with anticipation. We're finally going to see a unified superhero universe comprised of some of the greatest superheroes ever. I'm already expecting The Avengers movie to be one of the most anticipated films in, well, probably ever made. You think Spider-Man 3 was big? Just wait until 2011. And now that Marvel confirms that they're going to stay true to the comics, it means we can expect even better films. This is definitely a very bright future for Marvel!

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i can't wait! And speaking of Hulk...theres a short clip of him beating the hell out of Abomination with the 'car boxing gloves' on Yahoo:

chrisUK on May 23, 2008


When I grow up, I want to be a superhero hero too! 😉

Andreas Climent on May 23, 2008


noted!!! from Iron Man to Hulk to 2011... definitely, these years will sizzle...

miracle disease on May 23, 2008


no.1 thanks for the hulk thing going to check that out. thank you

Darrin on May 23, 2008


marvel needs to take a break from adaptations. i say wait until the iron man trilogy is over, then get a new project. last but not least that clip of hulk on yahoo is wicked. check it out. Thank you chrisUK. im a big hulk fan.

Darrin on May 23, 2008


I read this news a day or two ago on IESB, you guys at firstshowing gotta pick up the pace man. Anyway, this is awesome news!! Can't wait to see Cap on the big screen. Marvel is really kicking some serious a$$ right now!

Daas on May 23, 2008


from a Vietnam verteran's stand point I really dont think the whole Cpt. America theme is going to play out all that well. the younger kids and children may find it good entertainment. but for those of us that have been put in harms way for real, lost firends and family and then returned home to bear the hatred of our own citizens because we answered the call, it simply doesnt work. smacks too much of political propaganda. but then again, maybe an amendment to the Patriot Act will make it required viewing for all good Amerikans.

moldy bread on May 23, 2008


The clip on yahoo....HOLY FREAKING GOD!!

Leon on May 23, 2008


After i heard that Matthew McConaughey may be casted as Captain America i thought this movie would be a total mess, but now im really looking forward to both Captain America and Avengers, Avengers more because its going to be totally bad ass lets hope they get someone who can do a good job.

Curtis on May 23, 2008


I figured out how they can make the Matthew McConaughey thing work. He could be steve rogers before the serum.

K-man on May 23, 2008


You know, Marvel movies really can't go wrong when they actually stick to the original comic book premise and origins. In each instance where they've discarded that, the films ended up badly. I'm okay when they update certain aspects of it. X-men and Spiderman both had some minor updating, in regards to costume or the science behind their origins, but the heart and soul of those stories and characters were nearly perfectly translated to film. Here's to hoping they stay on track with Captain America.

Scott on May 23, 2008


moldy bread, I'm going to address this to you and all those who continue to hold the belief that Captain America needs to change because of America today. The one thing you need to get through your head is that the point of Captain America isn't a rah-rah let's go red white and blue kind of hero. His original run in the 30's and 40's was for that purpose, but Marvel brought him back to life for a completely different reason. What make's cap interesting and still relevant is that he represents a lost time in our history. His story is beautifully illustrated in The Ultimates comic series, which is an updated version of his story. The guy is a man who was a hero in a time when good and evil was much clearly defined, but he wakes up in an alien world... OUR world. Good and evil isn't so clear anymore. In his time people wore suits and ties to baseball games, the biggest comedians were Abbott and Costello, and all of America worked their butt off to pull out of the Great Depression. Today people wear clothes that show off ass cracks, our biggest comedians are not what you would call family friendly, and many Americans can't think of a world without illegal Mexican immigrants to do the dirty work that we wouldn't do even if our lives depended on it. On the flip side, women and minorities have a lot more rights than in Captain America's time. America is now politically correct, when during Cap's time you watched Popeye kick the crap out of a buck-toothed Tojo... and that was perfectly okay! Television, cell phones, computers, internet, jet planes, and modern war machines where you can take out a single building in a crowded city by simply pressing a button hundreds of miles away from the war zone. It's how he changes and adapts to our world that makes him interesting. It's how he changes and still remains an iconic hero that keeps people reading. It looks like Marvel is doing the right thing by sticking close to the storyline, and it better stay that way.

Chris H. on May 23, 2008


ummm wow... kudos to chris H. very very nicely said i agree with you 100%

ha1rball on May 23, 2008


this is crap. they're auditioning guys from American Gladiators.

Andrew Wickliffe on May 24, 2008


Actually, in the comics, Captain America was discovered by the Avengers (see issue #4) who were tracking down Namor at the end of issue 3. Cap was revived on board their sub, but the Avengers were petrified before they could make Cap a part of the team.

Liesl on May 24, 2008


Oh my God, someone give me a time machine to go directly to 2011!!!

Juan on May 25, 2008


this will not appeal 2 anyone outside usa

jono on May 28, 2008


Chris H., you said that beautifully. Cap in the Ultimate universe was handled amazingly by Mark Millar. He's the PERFECT 40s soldier, like you said, in a time when good and evil were clearly defined. I think to have this film based on the Ultimates version would play out best. He was written like a human being, not a super "America rules" robot. He's certainly not used as propaganda anymore; in fact Mark Millar shows just how out of touch he is sometimes. But his spirit is something to behold, that's the important part. So far, it looks like they're going to do this well, maybe they are serious about making good comic book movies. And thank goodness the McConaughey thing was just a rumor. How awful would that be.

Tom the Cap fan on Jun 7, 2008


I loved how in The Incredible Hulk they kept referring to the supersoldier project as "on ice"

Mitchell on Jun 14, 2008


I can guarantee that the "Avengers" movie will be based or even called "The Ultimates". All you have to do is read the the two different 13 issue runs that started around 1999-2000. This run of books was when they changed Nick Fury, from a older white dude with grayish hair, to look EXACTLY like Samuel L. Jackson. They even make a comment in one of the issues about how "when they make the movie" Samuel L. Jackson will have to play Nick Fury. But I think based on how well Iron Man and Hulk have turned out, whatever they do will be bada$$!

Jim on Jun 17, 2008


A regular continuity cap won't work, while an Ultimate captain america would work beautifully. And the Ultimate Costume should be used. Its more practical in combat.

Sparky the mutant. on Jun 24, 2008


what would be cool is if they made a wolverine movie. that way people can know more about wolverine and also what he did in wwII. Wasn't he also fighting with cap? I forget. if he was, they should have him in as well to make it a bit cooler. oh, and like the cartoon that was out, it would be cool to have a young magneto... it may not follow the original comics, but it would be cool.

Dane on Jun 27, 2008


Jono, I'm positive that it'll appeal... Marvel are really strong here in Brazil with a bunch of fans. I can't wait to see Cap and The Avengers movies.... IronMan and Hulk both was great.

Fabs on Jul 21, 2008


I think that yes it should start in WWII because then they can show him get frozen and then unfrozen in the future our time, and I think Brian Bosworth would make an excellant Captain America!!!!

Carl Martin on Jul 30, 2008


Has anyone heard if Bucky Barnes is going to be part of the story?? This could be good as far as Cap's motivations. The death of his young partner is a BIG PART of his personality. It could also be VERY CHEESY if it's not done correctly. If Marvel does choose to include the Bucky story line, I'll trust them to make it cool and not "sidekick crappy".

Lee Lewis on Nov 13, 2008


This movie looks awesome, the avengers is my fave comic. I think that they should cast Paul Walker for the part of Captain america. You know the guy from Into the Blue and The Life and Death of Bobby Z.

Mitchman on Jan 12, 2009


i think the movie will be great as long as they dont make daniel craig cap.i mean how are you going to make cap have a brittish accent.

bigiss on Feb 5, 2009


All I wish for is to see the latverian monarch Lord Doom in a Marvel movie, the way he needs to be. Not a business man who becomes greedy and puts on a mask. No, the real Dr. Doom, the creepy Doom I know from the comics. Having him as the ultimate badguy in the avengers movie would be great. I also wonder how they'll take on Red Skull. No doubt he'll be the badguy in captain america's movie

Doom on Jul 15, 2009


that person will play captain america is john cena i like to see john cena as captain america on the first avengre of captain america and the avengres i hope john cena as captain america will beat the incredible hulk played by ed norton on the avengres i like john cena as captain america so i will see the first avengre of captain america in theatres and i will see john cena as captain america on the avengres in theatres may 4th 2012 see ya.

andries price on Aug 3, 2009

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