The Lounge: Kicking Off the Summer in Style!

May 5, 2008 Lounge

If you're not from Colorado Springs, you're probably not all that familiar with our local events. In addition to all of this wonderful coverage we provide here on the web, actually hosts midnight events at our favorite local movie theater here in Colorado. If you are from Colorado Springs, then you know we host some of the best midnight movie events you'll ever find. We give away full-size posters, shirts, hats, comic books, video games, and much more right to the fans who make it out to the midnight showings. This is what we're all about - the first showing, the midnight movie, and camping out. I thought I'd give all of you who aren't located in Colorado a small taste of what it is we do beyond the web.

This year we decided to build a campsite outside of the theater that would be more inviting and community oriented. In addition to the display wall, which features a poster and standee in relation to the movie we're camping out for (it's currently set for Speed Racer), we have color coordinated couches and a full TV setup. We've got a 32" TV as well as an Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii and copies of GTA IV, Halo 3, Super Smash Brothers Brawl, and anything else that's worth playing. The campsite is usually crowded all day long with friends and fans who want to stop by and relax in our Lounge. Here are some photos of the site setup for Iron Man. Click each for a full-size version. Lounge Lounge

Incase you're wondering, the sign that is built into the wall was handmade entirely by us. We built the entire wall out of four plywood pieces and some 2×4. The backlit sign is cut out of the plywood and made with a few pieces of white colored plexiglass and a total of eight fluorescent bulbs. If you see it in person you will realize how immaculate it actually is and it glows brighter than anything in the area.

In addition to our lounge, we also hosted events at both the 8:00PM and 12:01AM showings of Iron Man last Thursday night. We gave away over 100 full-size posters for the movie, a handful of shirts and hats, and two copies of Grand Theft Auto IV as well. The energy was through the roof for these midnight showings of Iron Man - everyone was looking forward to a great Marvel superhero movie to kick off the summer. Included below are a few photos from some of our competitions for Iron Man.

One of our competitions was an Iron Man endurance contest, essentially, a strength competition. These always go over great with the crowds because we put them through some tough tests. After seeing which three people could finish 50 push-ups the fastest, the remaining three went on to hold up weights parallel to the ground for as long as they could (see the photos). It's not as easy as you think and the audience ended up chanting for the guy they wanted to win ("M! I! T!"). Iron Man Event Iron Man Event

One of our other fun competitions that we brought back from Pirates of the Caribbean last year (they built ships) was an Iron Man building competition. This time we gave teams of four a bunch of scrap cardboard, tape, scissors, and a tap light. They had to build the best Iron Man costume within about 20 minutes. The twist: at the end, it wasn't which one looked best, but a duel between the two to see who could turn off the other person's tap light first. Easily one of the best games we've ever had! Iron Man Event Iron Man Event

If you've now been convinced to join us at our lounge or future midnight events, the complete schedule can be found here. We've got a lot we're still doing this summer and the lounge will be up and running in full operation for at least the entire month of May. We've even got a guy who is camping out there from now until Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on May 22nd! That's the kind of dedication we embrace here at And if you can't already tell, we love hosting events like this and turning your regular midnight event into something extraordinary.

You can call us geeks or nerds or whatever you want because we don't care! We love doing this and best of all, we're paid to camp out and turn midnight movies into unforgettable events. Both Iron Man midnight showings were 100% sold out (all 463 seats) and the entire audience had a blast at both events. Everyone here in Colorado Springs loves what we do and most of them make sure to come specifically for our midnight events. Hopefully you've enjoyed this taste of what it's like here in Colorado. Stay tuned for more to come on these events in the future! And if you want to learn more, head over to our official Summer Events 2008 Schedule.

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Santa, can I have an early christmas present and be in Colorado Springs for The Dark Knight opening? signed soj

Sojourner on May 5, 2008


Alex thank you for posting these pics.. I was wanting them. I love you guys.. we try to make it to every movie you guys do no matter how shitty the movie is *cough*Fantastic 4*cough* and you better believe we will be there for Speed Racer and the rest of the summer movies. Oha nd yeah that is tolly me in the first picture with the Iron Man suits (the one on the stripes) yeah we tolly won!

CSpuppydog on May 5, 2008


Congratulations Alex and the crew of firstshowing, ur dedication is inspiring and I only wish I could be there! And by the way those iron man cardboard costumes actually look pretty good! =)

bltzie on May 5, 2008


You Guys are by far the Biggest Movie Geeks i ever heard of ! ...But... this site is also one of the best conceived, most interesting, accurate and entertaining on the web. So i tip my hat to you and if i ever come across colorado springs (which is quite a from Canada...) on a thursday night ill know where to stop by! Thank you for your enthusiasm and expertise the iron man costume contest...priceless

Max on May 5, 2008


Wow, that is so awesome and great pictures! 🙂

Jess on May 5, 2008


Where are the pics of naked Iron Man (Joe) and his builder Kyle???????

Kyle and Joe from Cinemark on May 5, 2008


and way to go Harry for campin out for that long!!!!

Kyle and Joe from Cinemark on May 5, 2008


mark, jimmy, alex, evan the hairstylist jk i love you man, and my boy harry i love you guys

naked joe and kilogram on May 5, 2008


Thats awesome. I wished I live there.

Ryan on May 5, 2008


What's next? Are you guys going to challenge people to their best Hulk Out? (Stack up cardboard bricks and Smash through them, w/ rippable clothes & green paint?) Or see who can outdo the dancefloor, doing the BAT-DANCE? (... ... crickets chirping ... ...) You guys are kind of weird, but kind of fun. Would've been great to see an "Iron Girl" costume in there. Maybe you should open the floor to have Girls do their best Hulk Out, too. That'd be hot. You know they'd love it!

Djo. on May 5, 2008


Glad you liked the pics. I promise to have better quality ones next time!

Andrew on May 5, 2008


I am so upset im stuck in cleveland for training. I should have been there that night!!! Looks great. We have many more FS events this summer so keep checking back. I've heard rumblings and our TDK event may be the biggest ever.

Heckle on May 5, 2008


I had no idea you guys were from the Springs...but I did see your setup for Ironman Saturday morning when I went to see the movie.

Slider on May 5, 2008


It's great to see film-lovers banding together like this 🙂 good job

silver on May 5, 2008


That is undeniably pimptight!

kevjohn on May 6, 2008


damn that looks like it would be hella fun to bad i live in BC, i would totally be there...

Curtis on May 6, 2008


See the Iron Man on the right with the "pew pew" laser??..Yeah, that's me! 😀 What a great night.

Ty on May 6, 2008


this sounds like a ton of fun and a great way to pass the time when waiting in line for a movie...i wish they did stuff like that around here... those iron man standees are great, i saw one at a local theater recently. i make standees for a living and i like to see all the different licenced ones. if you want a custom standee from your picture check us out at

robbie on May 8, 2008


You guys....awe and inspire me sooooo much! I curse that Texas is so far away, because I would love to be at one of your events. I'm really jealous of everyone who got to be there. However, you guys are so brilliant: I could kiss you! My bestfriend and I are going to this school hosted after-prom-costume-party in a few weeks. Chace and I jumped all over being Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. Grow out his facial hair, cut my bangs again, invests in some business suits, and find a super-powered-magnet subsitute... The thing is, that "heart" is giving us a huuuuuge problem. We've being going through glow sticks and tiny flash lights like crazy. It's hard trying to find something that glows in lit rooms or isn't "Raver Tony Stark" (as we've dubbed this rainbow strobe light wrist band). But tap-lights! Brilliant! I can't believe we never thought of that!!!

Katy on May 8, 2008

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