The Hulk's CGI Finally Gets Upgraded!

May 17, 2008

Bruce Banner

The revamped version of The Incredible Hulk hits theaters in exactly four more weeks, however almost everyone seems much more curious than excited for it. We all know that the production ran into quite a few issues, primarily a "feud" between Edward Norton and Marvel (read more on that here), as well as last minute marketing snags. Now I've heard that the press junket has been cut down to nearly nothing because the film won't be done by the originally scheduled date. On that note, I ran across a new TV spot today and noticed some freshly upgraded CGI. Not that this wasn't expected, but there are some enormous differences between now and two months ago. Care to take a look?

This is really much more of a fun thing to point out than it is a problem. I'm not that worried about the film, I just think they need to take their time to finish it properly. Obviously they pushed out the very first teaser trailer in mid-March with half-finished visual effects because audiences and fans were getting restless. In the two examples below, you can clearly see the differences in the CGI. Considering I'm a very optimistic guy, I'm looking at this situation as if the glass were half full - which just means that the effects are going to look much better completed than we've seen so far.

The Incredible Hulk CGI Comparisons:

Hulk CGI Comparison

The first image (on the top) is a screen capture from the very first teaser trailer released on March 12th. This exact image was also released individually as a promo photo. The second image (on the bottom) is a screen capture from the latest TV spot released today, which can be viewed in its entirely further below. Notice that Hulk's hair is a lot more detailed and he has pieces of ripped clothing left on (which can be clearly scene when you watch the new TV spot).

Check out the brand new TV spot below (courtesy of IGN) that features just a few scenes of extra footage. Even at this moment, with multiple trailers and TV spots, I still don't know what to expect. I guess I'm just imagining that the movie will feature fighting or action in some fashion almost the entire time. That could be cool, but it could also be an exhausting mess that feels more like The Transporter with a big green guy instead of Jason Statham. Anyway, I'm still going to go in with my fingers crossed, hoping for the best. Maybe we will find the golden ticket inside of this one?

Watch the new TV spot for The Incredible Hulk:

[flv: 504 214]

Knowing that the CGI is improving as they put the finishing touches on, I've got to say I'm looking forward to this much more than I am worrying about it. My confidence lies solely in Edward Norton and him alone. William Hurt looks terrible and Louis Leterrier hasn't convinced me that he was really the perfect guy for this. But only time will tell! We'll be anxiously awaiting our first opportunity to check this out in June. Will these CGI differences make an impact on your opinion of The Incredible Hulk?

The Incredible Hulk is directed by French filmmaker Louis Leterrier of The Transporter, Unleashed, and The Transporter 2. The script for the film was originally written by Zak Penn (Behind Enemy Lines, X-Men 2, X-Men 3), but after joining the film as the lead character Bruce Banner, Edward Norton himself took over the reigns and re-wrote the screenplay. The Incredible Hulk arrives in theaters on June 13th.

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meh, if anything the added clothes makes it even more obvious it's CGI.

The Delightful Deviant on May 17, 2008


The hair does look better, but the rest looks worse actually. Before I read what you had wrote, I thought the top was the new one.

Nettle on May 17, 2008


This is the weirdest hype for me. I'm excited to see it, but nervous about it at the same time. I personally enjoyed both Transporter movies and wouldn't mind a slightly mindless action flick. But superhero movies aren't about action action action, we need a good story and characters as well. As for the CGI, I don't know how much of an improvement the hair gel and the ripped shirt really had. Time will tell.

Icarus on May 17, 2008


I believe it looks better now! but I can see where you're coming Alex about the exhausting mess and comparisson to the transporter movies, lets just hope this is action packed spiced with a tad of intelligence, not just lousy moves and stupid scenes for the sake of coolness.

bltzie on May 17, 2008


Why are there so many haters around? No one has actually seen the film.

Chuck A. Spear on May 17, 2008


Come on guys a big green monster will never look real. I think the effects a great and can't wait to see it 🙂 Ed Norton still seems a little bad-ass for Banner but hey can't win em all eh?

Silver on May 17, 2008


Ditto with post 2. I though the first screen shot looked great - a proper CGi. The second looks blurry and less detailed in my opinion.

Mubariz Ahmedi on May 17, 2008


I just generally believe that The Hulk is poor source material for a movie. While this is likely to be "better" than the first movie, I think overall the movie will still rate poorly. There's not enough depth to the Hulk, he's too simplistic. The trailer exposes this pretty obviously. What do we get? Edward Norton, CGI, and Hulk smashing things. Plot? What plot? I'll pass.

Quicksilver on May 17, 2008


It looks awesome. This film will rock!

Chuck A. Spear on May 17, 2008


I especially love the thunder clap at the end. WhooHoo!

Chuck A. Spear on May 17, 2008


I think it looks great, especially Edward's smirk at the end. My only worry is they're going to screw up the marketing and I'll not see ONE trailer on TV and noone will know when it comes out. Has anyone seen a TV spot yet?

Cate on May 17, 2008


I like the shirt. That's one hell of a torn shirt.

DCompose on May 17, 2008


the new and improved CGI looks way better then the original looks less cartoony it was way to green before now its darker and has more shades by the looks of it. Im a little hesitant with the final project lets hope Marvel didn't screw up what Norton set out to do.

Curtis on May 17, 2008


that was the best trailer/spot yet. just run that one for the next month and this film might actually do decent box office.

Keith on May 17, 2008


I personally don't see much of a difference other than the torn shirt. The green eyes are neat though.

Sean Kelly on May 17, 2008


#8 you couldn't be further away from the truth when it comes to the Hulk, he has more depth to him than any other Marvel character. the only thing about it is that it cannot be translated onto film properly, the whole mythos of the Hulk is the fact that he Bruce Banner has Multiple Personality Disorder and each Personality comes out as a superhuman monster. he's a walking tragedy all the suppressed rage from seeing his father abuse and eventually murder his mother in front of him comes out as a green behemoth, all his suppressed hormones and desire to just let loose comes out as a Gray Monster. his separate personalities all hate his Banner side for being weak, the government wants to use him as a weapon, he can't cure himself of the Hulk because it's more a mental disorder than a physical one. the Hulk has 30+ years of complexity behind him, the only thing is you cannot fit all of that into a 2 hour movie and expect to A. cover the entire personal history of the character B. put enough action into to satisfy the people with little to no experience with the Hulk storyline.

The Delightful Deviant on May 17, 2008


looks fucking cool

jono on May 17, 2008


Poor comparison!! Because if you look at the backgrounds, it's clear evidence that the whole scene has just been brightened and given less contrast in the newer (lower image).. The addition of messy hair and a ripped shirt is nice... but I prefer the deeper more colourful contrast of the first image. P.S. Goes to show that its true, CGI shots aren't always finished in the trailer.

nha on May 17, 2008


It's just the quality of the trailer. If you pay attention, the whole thing looks blurry and toned down. It has nothing to do with the CGI being less colorful or anything. If we were to see this trailer in a theater exactly as it is right now, people couldn't help but be pumped about it. I, for one, thing this trailer is as exciting as the Iron Man one, but short.

Alfredo2 on May 17, 2008


i actually download all 3 tv spots and to me this film looks great.We all know that hulk cant be too real but with all the insane action going on i think thats what people want to see, or and a good story

Darrin on May 17, 2008


it looks like taht bcuz of this site video quality u guys r dumb man go on ign n watch it it will show diffrent on each site it goes on but it will look riginal on tv or on the offical website plus wen u c it in theather it look much bigger n u will see the details but watchin it on ur crappy lil computer screen will portray it prediction is this gona b a suprise hit n be the best grossing movie of the summer watch mark my word

ricki on May 17, 2008


Ha. This is fantastic reading all of your posts on this movie. They put a ripped shirt on his torso and you think it's upgraded? How unbelievably ridiculous. And can't you read between the lines and know that a pared-down press junket means this thing sucks and they don't want it getting out before opening weekend? Boy...these PR companies sure pay you a lot to talk up their movies. Congratulations. You have now officially become the new AICN. What a joke.

brian on May 17, 2008


I wouldn't be suprised if the Hulk does better than everyone thinks it will. Im personaly a big hulk fan and I can't wait.

marco on May 17, 2008


While this will certainly destroy the first Hulk, I'm not impressed with the CGI one bit. Dark Knight & Ironman I predict will both destroy this at the box office.

Mike on May 17, 2008


Seems to me like they went back and added more "color grading" to the whole film. That could be a great idea and something that obviously could even out much of the glaring contrast and difference between CGI Hulk and the rest of the film. Spiderman 3, Lord of The Rings trilogy, Pirates of The Caribbean - Probably all blockbusters with major digital characters have relied on heavy color grading to integrate CGI into the film. With "Incredible Hulk" it first seemed as if the director was going for a more naturalistic look, obviously setting himself and Marvel up for some over-ambitious and costly CGI work. Maybe they compromised on that now, to serve the film?

Marcus on May 18, 2008


I've never understood these anal retentive complaints about "bad CGI". I can always tell when a character is CGI, and I think peoples' complaints are just odd. The Hulk in Ang Lee's film looked absolutely fine. And its emotional performance was what I really loved about it. And the Hulk CGI in the earlier trailers for this film looked fine as well. Perhaps someone who is more technically minded can explain to me the real difference between the models. Except for a few bits of cloth and a more muted skin tone.

Manfred Powell on May 18, 2008


I think everyone knows that when they see a big monster it is CGI. Unless it is claymation. Which would be awesome. Everyone is skeptical to a fault. Why don't people like things? I'd rather like something than not like something. Don't people feel like assholes when they sit in a chair and complain? Negative people never get shit done. It's a movie about the Hulk. It's about magic science. It's about a big, horrifying metaphor. What is wrong with people? They used computers to make it happen. Everyone dies.

DCompose on May 18, 2008


ummmm ppl who bash the film are hulk haterz and its about evry 100 peopl that like this film there is abut 2 haterz that dont like him cuz he more popular than they taught so they decided to hate on it to get it ou their system.guess wat haterz hate all u want u only makin it feel good

ricki on May 18, 2008


The newer CGI looks better!!!! I like the hair in the newer version!!!!

Mark on May 18, 2008


I think the new CGI looks immensely Smoother, in the context of the rest of the footage. I was afraid that the night fight scene, etc. would be another bad choice & be a real mess, like the confusing, poorly lit anti-climax of the Ang Lee's film. But overall I think everything new I saw in this spot looks good- including Ed Norton w/ his green eyes. (Allays my fears that Norton would be over- playing Banner's wimpiness, when he should be a confident, intelligent & likable person himself. Like Bixby's version.) Overall- they're delivering what we want: -More trailers. -New posters. -More action. -More Hulk. -Improved CGI. (Yes folks, in the rendering process, having everything in focus and detailed is considered an early stage, adding atmosphere and softening textures is indeed the "Icing on the Cake" of the CGI process) I think what we'll all be surprised by is Ed Norton's performance. We still haven't seen much of it at all, and he's the human element that will carry this whole film. I expect him to deliver a hit, and to exceed all naysayers' expectations.

Djo on May 19, 2008


I find it funny that Alex still has this dismissive tone, given the volumes of responses every Hulk post has recieved. "Is anybody still interested in this?" Yeah, like 170 people for every post you've put up, minimum! Go Hulk! What a stroke of genius to combine the 70's tv show w/ the best elements of the comics, old & new. Anyone who claims to like a 'misunderstood man/monster' will be perfectly used to people not getting it right away. But I'm sure when you put Incredible Hulk next to Iron Man, Indy, or Dark Knight, it'll easily hold its own. I just want to see Incredible Hulk knock out 'The Happening' the same way Iron Man knocked out Speed Racer!

Koby on May 19, 2008


"I just generally believe that The Hulk is poor source material for a movie."... "There's not enough depth to the Hulk, he's too simplistic." -Quicksilver You're obviously ignorant of The Hulk storyline and characters.

Joel on May 19, 2008


Alex, why don't you post all 3 new TV spots? They each have some new footage- and across the board people are responding well to it:

Rock Johnson on May 19, 2008


New Poster, New clips, new responses:

Djo on May 19, 2008


This is in my Top 5 for upcoming movies I'd like to see. I can't wait for this one. Not expecting a whole lot on the plotting front, but hey there aren't too many "roller coaster rides" with plots. Iron Man didn't exactly have the greatest plot either. I agree with Manfred P. I thought Ang Lee's Hulk looked damn fine, like the hulking mass that he should be. This Hulk, while also fine, looks more like some guy at Gold's got his hands on a really effective formulation of steroids and HGH. I hope this Hulk maintains the knowledge, and therefore the disdain and outright hatred, of his "puny Banner" side. That would be hard to capture on film though. It's easier to show Banner trying to rid himself of Hulk rather than vice versa. People, over the course of the next two months we're getting Indy, Wall-E, Hulk, Bats, Maxwell Smart, Hellboy, and Hancock! It's a great time to be a movie lover. If all of those deliver what they're promising and some others can bring the goods as well (I'm looking at you Kung Fu Panda, Foot Fist Way, Mongol, Wanted, and The Strangers), this will be a summer of epic moviegoing proportions! I'm going to be too busy soaking it all in to be naysaying on the runts of the litter. Like you, Speed. heh.

kevjohn on May 19, 2008


old one has more depth and contrast. new one has a shirt.

adam on May 19, 2008


yeah. but it's still gonna suck. they can work on the CGI till we see his giant dick vein through his shorts and it's still gonna suck.

satan on May 19, 2008


Great blog. Keep up the good work.

Salazar on May 19, 2008


Hey, excellent -- I know that background shot -- it's College / Yonge in downtown Toronto. Norton was there last year for the filming of the hulk, got to see a few parts being filmed there.

David McKendrick on May 19, 2008


I just saw this upgraded trailer on tv and it looked awesome! I think this is just a subpar copy here. It looks washed out.

kevjohn on May 19, 2008


Man, that guy knows how to buy stretch-pants.

Randy Tayler on May 19, 2008


WHAT?!?!?! An entire acticle over a phucking torn shirt they call "upgraded", grrr this is worse than the holocaust!!!

Jake on May 20, 2008


Man, both pictures suck. That CG is terrible. The hulk in the first movie looked better than this. He looks like he's made of play-do. Come on. The hulk is one of my favorite characters, this is pitiful.

Ben on May 20, 2008


I love it. It's like the WHOLE of the internet is just one Gigantic Art-class, with every person being an expert to throw their critique in the pot! Yeah, what's the point of a movie if the effects don't look real. I mean, if it were a body builder in green slippers and a Chia-Fro, that'd be SO much more BELIEVABLE, right??? I think what it boils down to is this: -If a pretty girl tells you she likes Ed Norton and doesn't care about what video game system you own, so long as the Games are FUN - ARE YOU STILL GOING TO COMPLAIN ABOUT EFFECTS???? Before you answer that question, I'll tell you the answer SHOULD be : No. If you guys can shut up about the FX for a second, you'll realize alot of people are interested in that KISS that Norton & Tyler have, before he drops out of the helicopter to go SAVE NEW YORK~! IT's a MOVIE~!!! And it looks plenty good enough for me to have already convinced some chicks to be interested in.

Djo on May 20, 2008


IT. To be interested in IT. Look at yourself in the mirror, and start whining about the same thing you've been whining about here, on the internet. And draw these letters on your forehead, backwards: R.E.S.O.L. I can't wait to FINALLY see the HULK kick some ass! If you don't go see it, you may as well admit it's because you don't want to be seen IN PUBLIC, whining about special effects! Because that's exactly what you'll be doing! Unless you get over yourself, learn a 3-D rendering program, and buy a bag of popcorn for you & your girl - WHEN YOU GO TO THE MOVIES!!! Does it look a GOOD. MOVIE? Hell yeah. After the rendering guys have consistently done what they have to do to get the job done - HELL. YEAH. It looks like a Good Movie! So see it - and apply for a job w/ Rhythm & Hues, if you REALLY think you can do any better!

Djo on May 20, 2008


It's hard to get behind a character if it looks to fake. That being said I feel this will be just as bad as in 2003. They should have stuck with a live actor and lense trickery.

richard on May 27, 2008


ok enough about how much this is going to suck or whatever it is that you guys are whining about something worth griping over....why in the name of all that's green and holy did they have to re-cast Betty??????? JENNIFER CONNELLY IS BETTY ROSS. Not livPUKEtyler. WTFxmillion? who's with me on this one? Ok, i got it off my chest. I can't wait to see this movie, but I will be thinking of Jennifer when I do.

skullduster on May 31, 2008


You guys make so many excuses for butt-0ugly CGI. LOTR had Gollum. Gollum loked like he/it was REALLY in the frame, from subsurface scattering of skin transluscence to lighting and shadows and movement. In fact, the only frames where Gollum lookd strange was when they didn't mocap his motion, instead just keyframe animating it (like when he jumped onto then off of the rock wall when he first sneaks up on Same and Frodo. This has been done and done very well already. This has been done and done well for a humanoid with extemely realistic facial expressions and closeups. This has been done and done well for a character that is a lead in an Academay Award winning series. This has been done and done well for a humanoid that is clearly of a different proportion to what we consider normal size, but still appears completely real in the frame. Hulk is a joke, and it is obvious. Again.

redgiant on Jun 2, 2008


For all the barking dogs: since you guys are so technical experts, Go Make HULK 03. I prefer to sit back and enjoy the film. Nothings perfect, So why blame the producers. Hell...I've been waiting for this for years...

BatistaSL on Jun 4, 2008


hey guys the ggi is not that good but reamber the first one had two years to work on this but this one only got 10 months.

dan sich on Jun 7, 2008


Perhaps it is because I was not brought up on video games, but I think that CGIs such as I have seen for this film and the last one too, as well as many others, would look great if the entire film were animated. Combined with live action , they look ridiculous.

John on Jun 13, 2008


ten bucks says, the shirt was added to the commercial spot because someone (network executives, fcc, whatever) had an issue with the hulk's CGI nipples being shown on TV where a general audience could see it. notice how the shirt covers them up now.

nate on Jun 28, 2008

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