The Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Trailer is Here!

February 14, 2008
Source: Yahoo

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Trailer

He protected the power of the divine. He saved the cradle of civilization. He triumphed over the armies of evil. Now he's back! Indiana Jones returns this summer in a new adventure that stretches from New Mexico to South America. The first full trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull has debuted and it is absolutely amazing. Whether you're a huge Indiana Jones fan or just someone looking for a good summer movie, this trailer delivers on all fronts. You've been waiting for the first glimpse of the new Indiana Jones and this is it. Without any further delay, jump ahead and enjoy!

If you look carefully there is a sign in the trailer that says Roswell, New Mexico on it. A bit of a hint or spoiler there? We're very interested to hear your reaction to this! Did you enjoy the trailer? Do you think this looks good? I know I'm excited as hell but that's because I'm a huge Indiana Jones fan and from the looks of it this will be one hell of an awesome adventure! Let us know what you think below.

Watch the trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull:

[flv:indianajones4.flv 598 254]

You can also watch the Indiana Jones 4 trailer in High Definition at Yahoo

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg with a story by George Lucas and screenplay by David Koepp (Mission: Impossible, Spider-Man, War of the Worlds). The movie is the fourth in the Indiana Jones series and takes place in the 1950s, around 20 years after Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull arrives in theaters this summer on May 22nd! The first poster for the film is featured below.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Poster

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Fan-freaking-tastic.... I can't wait... I haven't even seen the first three (I know, I embarassing?) and I already want to see this one. It does however look a little corny... but nonetheless, it still looks like a great summer blockbuster. I'm just not a fan of anything George Lucas touches...

Jeff Warner on Feb 14, 2008


I was really looking forward to this trailer, but was disappointed. I think the movie will be great but this preview sucked.

e on Feb 14, 2008


Well, I know what I'm doing on May 22nd! That was absolutely sweet!

Hilander on Feb 14, 2008


Alex hhhhhhhhh some times you make me crazy man πŸ™‚ You just got the idea that it is New Mexico ? Why you don't speak about Mexico it self were we see the Indian pyramid and all these Indians running down on it πŸ™‚ it is another clue πŸ™‚ Take care and good job for the Trailer

shero on Feb 14, 2008


Uhhh... no shero... that is not what I did... I said New Mexico because there is a sign in the trailer for Roswell, New Mexico meaning they are there so... obviously I put down New Mexico...

Alex Billington on Feb 14, 2008


Yeah I know that but you mention the sign and make it a clue ...but why you don't put more focus on the place that the action will take place ? I know you have a wolf eye ( Training day ) for stuff like that but mention the Indian pyramid too because it is a bigger clue and more interesting for people who read your stuff ... πŸ™‚ Don't get it personal I like your site and I come here every day but I want you to be more than a fan because you do a good job and give a lot of information but you still want to be a fan ...not a real journalist that care more about movies .... give it more contrast ...because you are doing a journalist work but you don't put away a fan skin until now .... Again don't get me wrong ... It is from the respect that I have for your works nothing ells ... Take care

shero on Feb 14, 2008


My father and I are immense Indy Fans. We know the films word for word - Sad, but we love it! This films looks immense. I e-mailed the trailer link to my Father and all he replied with was "Must buy tickeeeeeeeeeeeeets! Must buy tickeeeeeeeeeeets! Muct buy tickeeeeeeeeeets! Oops, Boss just walked in... He must buy tickeeeeeeeeets too!" We're looking forward to the forth installation of the Indiana Jones Series! I'm not too much of a fan of Star Wars or anything George Lucas has done to be honest, but Speilburg! He is amazing! I love his movies! I believe I've seen nearly every one of them! I've recently suffered emotional problems from breaking up with my girl friend and this trailer has made my day! Oh yes! I can't wait!

Mike Murphy on Feb 14, 2008


I just came... like everywhere.

CSpuppydog on Feb 14, 2008


I loved it, too! YAY! Indiana Jones is back!!! And I'm thrilled to say both my kids are old enough to go see it with me and enjoy it, too! As for the intro...I thought it was good to slowly lead into it. I'd rather have a trailer that shows me too little than too much. It left me DYING to see it. I've missed Indiana Jones. The only sad thing is that once you walk about of that theater, you know you won't see Harrison Ford in that hat and holding that whip ever again. I'm kinda hoping they set up Shia LeBeouf as the 'new' Indiana Jones. I could totally go for that. There was always something campy and delightful about the Indy movies (this goes to the commenter who has NEVER SEEN the first three!!!)...but purposefully so. That is what made the movies so great. If you haven't seen the first three, I am begging you to add them to your Netflix queue. The first one is a film classic. Brilliant.

Movie Lover on Feb 14, 2008


Man...I just had vivid flashbacks to the initial rush of excitement when seeing the films in my childhood. Welcome back, Dr. Jones!!!!!

Kaiser Soze on Feb 14, 2008


So good. So good. So good.

mike on Feb 14, 2008


Movie Lover, Please you got to be kidding!!! I'm kinda hoping they set up Shia LeBeouf as the 'new' Indiana Jones. I could totally go for that. NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No SHia no anybody. What they need to do is just kill off Indy in a heroic death at the end of the movie and lay to rest one of the greatest movie people!!!!

REAL6 on Feb 14, 2008


Shero... I think he mentions New Mexico as a clue because Roswell is where the supposed alien spacecraft crash took place back in the late 40s (I think). So maybe this "crystal skull" is an alien artifact...

Showtyme on Feb 14, 2008


Wow, REAL6, no love for Shia, huh? I was just thinking that for a new generation this would work. I would really miss the excitement, fun, and adventure this series has brought to the movies. And if the quality is there, it could work, with a few quick appearances by Harrison. πŸ™‚ If they kill off Indy, I would be pissed. He can go quietly into retirement amongst his treasures and put his alter ego to rest. The hardest part about growing older, for me, is seeing my favorite screen heroes age as well. I want Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, and Mel Gibson to stay young forever. There are just certain characters these guys can play, and I haven't really fallen in love with any new action hero as of late. Hugh Jackman, I guess, can fit in there. Who are the next action stars who will last??? Where are they?

Movie Lover on Feb 14, 2008


Hey movie lover, dont get my wrong, i dont hate Shia. I HATE HIS ACTING!!! He cant act for shit. He plays the same person and the same style in every movie and its just so annoying. Thats all. I dont want anyone to pass the torch. Either make a few more movies or just kill him off in a heroic death. That would make me more immortal id say. Just my 2 cents. But in the books he did live to be in his 90's i think if i recall???

REAL6 on Feb 14, 2008


To be honest with you. I don't like Shia that much, but I respect him and I know he's a talented actor. I do agree with REAL6 about killing off Indy, but then again - That ISN'T Indiana Jones. We're going to see him at the strangest way in this upcoming film because he's older and that for me is the greatest realism a hero can ever have. Starts off as this amazing hero then he grows older into a hero who makes mistakes but at the end he will most likely show that he is still the Indiana Jones we all know and adore. Over and Out.

Smurfox on Feb 14, 2008


Cool movie,harrison is back

darrel crawford on Feb 14, 2008


Looks good to me!

Stephen on Feb 14, 2008


Good lord this looks lame. Harrison Ford is like 75.

Beastie on Feb 14, 2008


Hahaha, looks AMAZING!

Ryan on Feb 14, 2008


I actually think this looks pretty bad. I'm a huge Indy fan and this trailer started out well enough, but will someone PLEASE tell directors that films DON'T NEED heeping helpings of CGI to be effective? I suppose I shouldn't be surprised with Lucas involved.. but this looks and feels like a video-game commercial. The sci-fi angle is starting to worry me as well.

Indy 'Burgh on Feb 14, 2008


LOVED IT! Welcome back Junior!

Kevin on Feb 14, 2008


The best is back indeed. Awesome! And for those people who obviously need to hate something: One word - Spielberg. This ain't no Episode I where it's going to tarnish a trilogy. This is the real deal. Stephen Sommers should get down and weep after seeing this trailer. Hack!

Alex on Feb 14, 2008


Showtyme ... It may be a SPOILER but I am sure that Alex got the point ... But maybe you didn't until now ... Why Mexico and why the Indian pyramid ? That is the biggest clue because there is theory that the Indian gods were Aliens as the Egyptians too and that Alien build the pyramids or made the human to build it ..and every pyramid hide secretes of the Aliens .... that they discover day after day and they said it is impossible that human begin can have that knowledge in that time .... It is just a theory but it make a bigger and better clue ... πŸ™‚ Do you get the point now ?

shero on Feb 14, 2008


OK, now I want to see the movie. I know Harrison Ford is probably too old to be doing this kinda thing, but damn, these guys know action and humor like no one else does. Gotta see it.

GlossGreen on Feb 14, 2008


I just pooped my pants, that was awesome...especially the silhouette of Ford putting the fedora back on...AWESOME

Herbert on Feb 14, 2008


It looks good but idk if this sci-fi twist is going to work........BUT WHO CARES IT INDIANA JONES BEEEEEEEYYYYYAAAAAAHHHHH!

alex on Feb 14, 2008


Looks good to me, though one thing, it should say 20 years later not 30. The Last Crusade took place in 1938 and if this one is in the 50s then the latest it can be is 21 years if its in 1959.

Bryan on Feb 14, 2008


hes not too old, hes turnin 66 in july, hes got more actin in him, look at jack nicholson and morgan freeman, theyre 70 and just came out with what looked like a terrible movie but hopefully they keep turnin out movies preview didnt sell me but ill def be seeing it without a doubt, and they cant kill inidiana jones, its not possible, he'll just have to retire and hes still got his part time teaching gig

harrison on Feb 14, 2008


There's a website that leaked a picture of the crystal skull. I think it was a link through "". The skull is definitely extra-terrestial though, it looked pretty wicked too. Anyways, I'm a Harrison fan, and I think this movie will be pretty good. Although I agree the sci-fi twist is questionable at best, and the preview was missing something Don't get me wrong it looks amazing, but It had a sort of "blah" feeling in the begining. Nonetheless I'm going to see it, no doubt.

KingKiller on Feb 14, 2008


Am I the only one? This was a pretty bad trailer. First off, just the way it was cut. But secondly, the content. The action looked so staged and unexciting. Really worried. This looks like a shaky film Yeah, Harrison looks old as hell, but I think he still fits the shoes well. So I'm not worried about that. But I feel a lot of "I'm too old for this" kind of stuff comin' around the bend, and I did NOT want this film to be like that. Ugh!

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Feb 14, 2008


oh man, so far it looks good. i'm excited to see it. i'm sure i'll be there for opening night. can't wait to hear more on it!

crAziemutant on Feb 15, 2008


I think this is only a teaser, not a proper trailer - but I could be wrong. I'm a huge Raiders fan, and IJATTOD and Crusade were great too at the cinema. I'd prefer not to have had a fourth Indy outing as the third movie wrapped the story (and the decade) up nicely in 1989. I've been fooled by a Lucasfilm movie trailer before (yeah, I know this is Spielberg, but who bank-rolled this baby), so I'll wait for the reviews before seeing this at the theater. Otherwise, I'll catch this on DVD just to see what they did with an older Dr. Jones "Junior" πŸ™‚

avoidz on Feb 15, 2008


Brilliant, just brilliant!!! tell you what, he cant half move for someone who's pushing 60 lol cant wait for it!!!

Spider-Ed on Feb 15, 2008


CGI can make anybody move like Spider-Man πŸ™‚ Pushing 60? Harrison is 65!

avoidz on Feb 15, 2008


who else got goosebumps on that first crack of the whip? sign me up, i'm there!

Nater on Feb 15, 2008


This is going to be great! Great film to go see with my dad πŸ™‚

Robert G on Feb 15, 2008


I agree: Indy looks very old, and I suspect there will be plenty of old man jokes in there! I'm afraid that just like Rambo 4, Die Hardest and Rocky 7, this movie will just prove to be a cry of nostalgia for the movies of our childhood - except it won't be as good as those... For the person who said the action looked corny and staged, I completely agree - then again, go watch the original Indy movies - a lot of the action scenes are blatantly choreographed; it's like a ballet. I don't know....very skeptical about this one...I'm afraid I'll just end up feeling sorry for the bowlegged old man running around with a whip....

Mikey Billz on Feb 15, 2008


The best is back!cant wait to see this one.That Shia kid is alright man, he cracked me up in Transformers,the next Indy...type maybe, but theres only one Indy Jones. All in all I think i'll be adding this to my DVD collection.

Cyfer1 on Feb 15, 2008


Awesome! Looks KICK-A$$! My favorite movie trilogy of all time! Great to see Harrison Ford back in action as Indiana Jones! Can't wait! 1st Stallone came back as "Rocky" and "Rambo". Then Bruce Willis came back as McClane in "Live Free or Die Hard". Even Arnold in "T-3" a few years ago. Now, it's Harrison Ford. How freakin awesome is that?? All my childhood action heroes are coming back for another round--and hopefully more. Hope Mel Gibson(Lethal Weapon??Mad Max???)and Jean-Claude Van Damme(Timecop??Universal Soldier??) are staging a comeback like this too!!

Spider on Feb 15, 2008


I'm am so dying to see this, Lucas and Spielberg really did an awesome job on the trailer. I have to see this moo-vay. IT IS A MUST-SEE-HISTORICAL-EVENT!!!! I want to be there for the big opening and savory ever piece of morsal that Lucas and Spielberg throw at me. THANX FOR THE RIDE.

JakeDaGr8 on Feb 15, 2008


I'm Very excited! BUT also very worried! Huge Huge Huge Indie fan. But Indie is an adventurer/archaeologist! I don't want any close encounters thank you!

Ben Fielder on Feb 16, 2008


Maybe E.T. will return like a Short Round sidekick πŸ˜€ Funny, but I'm more interesting in seeing Marion back on screen than Indy at this stage πŸ™‚

avoidz on Feb 16, 2008


I knew it! he's coming back for the Ark!

jomar on Feb 18, 2008


I think Indiana is passing (quickly) through the warehouse rather than stopping to revisit the Ark again πŸ™‚ But I'm thinking if they do stop (and we hear the Ark Theme), maybe the Ark will be missing again; it's location unknown. "Who?" "Top men."

avoidz on Feb 18, 2008


Looks like a solid concept, and I have no doubt Ford will deliver. But...I want to see him crawling under a real army truck at 80 miles an hour, not these obviously computer generated action sequences.

Scott on Feb 20, 2008


One of the benefits of the use of matte paintings in earlier movies was that there was a limit to their use, and how long they could be shown. I agree the visual effects in the trailer (the driving sequence) don't look particularly convincing.

avoidz on Feb 20, 2008


That's the problem--in the first film, for instance, we KNOW that the army truck chase is actually happening, although we also know that there are stunt doubles and other camera trickery involved, we can suspend disbelief because we're still seeing real-world scenarios. With the cg, there is no actual basis in the real world, except for the actors and perhaps a bit of decoration. That driving sequence in the trailer lacks the organic quality that can only be achieved (as of 2008) by actually staging the scene. I've seen this same problem with a few other movies lately, the 30,000 B.C trailer for instance, and the Superman Returns film--I absolutely hate that space intro, because it looks more like a video game than an actual journey across the galaxy. I've heard the new Star Trek has pulled back on the cg, and are using actual sets as much as possible. So perhaps there will be a new trend coming that will bring sci-fi and fantasy back toward the believable.

Scott on Feb 21, 2008


Remember when we first saw those awesome CG effects in T2 (1991) and Jurassic Park (1993)? The possibilities seemed limitless. Now we're just kinda tired of them and how fake they look 😐

avoidz on Feb 21, 2008


that was asume i am soo seeing that!

seth on Feb 28, 2008


Re: Jurassic Park: The Cgi was not buried by all the complex stuff we see now. Plus the setting was so organic already, those cg dinosaurs looked even more believable. I think the worst cg effects I've seen so far was Attack of The Clones, which really just looked like a cartoon in many of the scenes. I give Lucas a lot of credit for being so ambitious and wanting to push the envelope, but it also means his 'experiments' sometimes flop.

Scott on Feb 28, 2008


There's certainly a fine line between good CGI and bad CGI; a little, or too much. I'm hoping Team Indy sticks to their earlier comments about keeping the stunt work as real and traditional as possible. I don't wanna see obvious enhancements and fake-looking sets.

avoidz on Feb 28, 2008


For those who commented, yes; what's up with the CGI promo? We know the over-stimulus will force it's way into the movie to suspend belief and sell video games and market for the CG studio teams for future films. ...It would've been the summer blockbuster WITHOUT any graphics whatsoever, which I hope is the new mainstream trend. "Care to wet your whistle, Marcus?" - Walter "I'd rather spit in you face! But I haven't got any spit." - Marcus "Snakes! Why'd there have to be snakes?" - Jones "Asps, very go first." - Sallah "Indie?" - Jones Sr. "I don't have time for sentimentalities now, dad." - Jones Jr. "I have to tell you something." - Sr. "What?" - Jr. "The floor's on fire... AND the chair!" - Sr. "What is it with this junior?" - Sallah "That's his name... Henry Jones... (points to himself)...Junior (points to Indiana)" - Sr. "I *like* Indiana." - Jr. "We named the *dog* Indiana." - Sr. "The dog? You were named after the dog? WAAHAAHAAhahahahaha..." - Sallah

Mike on Feb 29, 2008


Just a quick comment, the trailer looks awesome and I can't wait to see the movie. I love that they're not trying to make Harrison Ford into a young action hero, but they're playing with his age in the film. "Damn, I thought that was closer". Just one nit to pick with the post...1957 is most certainly NOT 30 years after "The Last Crusade". The Last Crusade took place during WWII or just prior to it. At most, it's been 20 years, and probably closer to 10.

pawnman on Mar 1, 2008


With regards to the comments about killing off Indy. As many of you have undoubtably seen The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, an aged, one-eyed, Dr. Jones is featured prominently in the preambles to the stories. As this is Lucas' work, I assume it to be canon. Of course as this takes place in the 90's, that would put Indy somewhere in the realm of the century mark- making that grail-juice have some lasting effects.

philcolby on Mar 2, 2008


This film looks awesome.

Daniel Willis on Mar 4, 2008


I was there when they filmed this Harrison ford and Steven did an awesome job on this film it is going to be huge when it is in theaters. Good job Indy thanks for one more

Movie dude on Mar 8, 2008


I had to wait almost 20 years but its going to be worth it!!! WB Indy!!!!

mh on Mar 13, 2008


OMG!! It looks fantastic!! And it seems to exploit a bit of humor on his age too ("Won't be as easy as it used to be", "Damn I thought that was closer!"), which I think is absolutely delightful! Can't wait!!!

Jose on Mar 26, 2008


It is the order of this court that Jeff Walker be taken to a place of dark confinement, strapped into a chair, and forced to watch the entire Indiana Jones Trilogy until it is determined that he is legally caught up! Seriously, you have never seen the series? It's not what movie making was supposed to be, it's what it SHOULD be! Spielberg and Lucas. What MORE do you need? Yeah, I'm a fan. I've also been studying movies and storytelling for over forty years. There's room for all sorts of stories, all sorts of films. Indy just happens to be one of those icons like the Sean Connery James Bond films that you keep watching just because the films are so darned good. This is going to be yet another film we all remember. Is it going to win an Oscar? Sure, special effects, sound and costume maybe. Is it going to bring it box office? When hasn't it? The whole rant about "art" and "commerce" and film integrity are just words bandied about by film snobs. The difference between a snob and a fan is the quality of film they watch. Me, I'd take Indy over anything "significant" because in its own way, the films are significant. Okay, I'm off the soap box now. See you guys at the movie. I'll be in the middle row with my oxygen tank, iv's and walker, cheering Indy on!

Robert Santa Maria on Apr 14, 2008


Indiana is awesome but they should have just remade the first not make a 4th

Max on Apr 24, 2008


Awesome! Can't wait!

Melissa on May 12, 2008

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