The International Trailer Uses a Scene From Ghost Rider!

September 13, 2008
Source: SlashFilm

The International

I always love when Hollywood thinks they can trick us and hides something in a trailer and expects us to never notice. Here's another classic case of borrowing footage in order to make a trailer look more explosive for American audiences. SlashFilm has pointed out that the trailer for The International, that we just posted a few days ago, features an actual scene from Ghost Rider edited to look like it fits. We've got photographic evidence below - you can even see the line where the motorcycle is supposed to be! And I even noticed a scene later on in the trailer that looks like it was taken from Black Hawk Down (but I couldn't confirm). Obviously they're trying to beef this up with more glamorous explosions. What the heck Sony?!

There's actually nothing illegal about this. Sony owns all three of those movies and can use footage from each wherever and whenever they want. Here's the thing - Tom Tykwer, who directed The International, is a European filmmaker. He's got a lot of style in his films and I bet this really doesn't have as much explosive action as the studio wants. So to beef up the marketing and capture the attention of the Michael Bay-hungry audiences of America, they threw in an exploding car and some extra helicopters. Yep, that's how our society works. From the trailer for The International, the exploding car can be found at 0:22, while the helicopters (that I think are from Black Hawk Down) are at 0:51.

From Ghost Rider:
Ghost Rider

From The International:
The International

Unfortunately this isn't an uncommon practice. Last year some people spotted a scene in Transformers that was "recycled" from Michael Bay's previous films. And as I mentioned earlier, Sony is doing this because they need to market their films to American audiences. I doubt we'll see this scene in the actual movie, but it's there right now to try and gain the attention of moviegoers. Thanks again to the reader at SlashFilm who sent this in, or else I would've never noticed. Now I'm really quite concerned for The International. It got moved from this summer to March and the trailer looks fairly mediocre. Plus I wonder how much money Sony wasted hiring a company to digitally remove all evidence of Ghost Rider from that scene?

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The beginnings of another big scandal... I guess they thought not enough people saw Ghost Rider to tell the difference...

The Real Alex on Sep 13, 2008


sneaky, sneaky

Al on Sep 13, 2008


thats actually quite pathetic!

Curtis on Sep 13, 2008



Darrin on Sep 13, 2008


And your point is? It's one shot! I am also sure it is much cheaper to use a half-a-second of archive footage than reshoot the whole thing, spend money on the set and cars, pyrotechnicians, crew and film.

Ryan on Sep 13, 2008


A bunch of sneaky snakes...

Joshua on Sep 13, 2008


You can still see the streak on the pavement where the bike lit it on fire lol

Chris W on Sep 13, 2008


Shame, shame, shame

Silver on Sep 13, 2008


Maybe it's not the studios that play Frankenstein on movie trailers...Maybe it's Tyler Durden!! I wonder what we shall see in the near future...

MajesticXIII on Sep 13, 2008


maybe the exploding cars are in the actual film...

Jimmy on Sep 13, 2008


My guess is that Ghost Rider makes a cameo appearence on this one...who knows?

Ricardo on Sep 13, 2008


ive seen black hawk down prob a hundred times and im almost positive scenes .49sec and .51sec are from it even with the scenes the trailer didnt look very interesting anyway

harrison on Sep 13, 2008


Stock footage is used all the time. They had scenes from Training Day in Malibu's Most Wanted.

Frame on Sep 13, 2008


Yeah I notice this type of thing a lot. It doesn't normally say much about the film though. They either haven't finished editing it entirely yet, or it was just a move based on laziness. They needed an explosion....they found one and stuck it in there. They've been using the music from other films for years. I think the music from American Beauty, Dragonheart, or Last of the Mohican's is in about 1 out of 5 trailers (for drama's at least). No one seems to say much about the music, so it's not surprisingly that they would subplant visuals as well to add alure to a trailer. To be honest I thought this trailer made this movie look better than it's actually going to be simply because it was just a montage of cool scenes. The preview itself had no style that made the movie stand out.

ImaginaryVisionary on Sep 13, 2008


Kind of like how you hear the score from Requiem for a Dream used in a lot of trailers. Ive also heard the music from Rudy used quite a bit. Then again, re-cycling footage is a little different.

Zach D. on Sep 14, 2008


I don't know why, but your use of exclamation points in the title of this article upset me greatly. As if this was huge news that everybody MUST know. I really want to roll my eyes in such a way, that it can be seen by all. Yes, its stupid and pathetic, but exclamation point worthy? I think not. Let's save the exclamations for something a little more worthy.

Jayme on Sep 14, 2008


I don't imagine Sony wasted too much money 'removing Ghostrider' from that scene. He wouldn't have really been there in the first place!!

RP on Sep 14, 2008


It is sad, but hilarious at the same time

L on Sep 14, 2008


The only question now is will The International be Ghostrider bad?

kevjohn on Sep 15, 2008


I know it's ol das the hills, but once upon a time there was a trailer for the lastest Highlander flick (I know, it should never have seen the light of day...but...) It was chalk full of sequences that just plain weren't in the film. Now, i am used to being duped into thinking the story is one thing (in the trailer) and finding out the story is different, in theatre. Or Having scenes out of sequence, so that the idea you get is one way and the truth is different. I understand marketing - but when the entire trailer is made up of scenes that just never happen... in any order, in any sequence... c'mon! The Highlander: Endgame's trailer had a guy cut in half -vertically, then he sews himself back together using his sorcery - COOL! - never in the picture. It has the same sorcerific guy, stop a sword flying through the air, with his mental powers... it floats there and then gets flung back at the thrower...McLeod... - never in the movie. It was a slow weekend, but those scenes are what made me go see it! I felt raped.

Ian MacLatchie on Sep 15, 2008


Well now I gotta wonder. Was this explosion scene even shot for Ghost Rider, or is it just some stock footage that Sony has been using for years. I mean, that exploding car looks none too new and neither do any of the other cars parked there. How long has Sony been using this footage? And don't rule Tyler out. Did anyone else catch that shot of penis in Eragon?

Feo Amante on Sep 15, 2008


Seriously? Get over it. Someone has WAY TOO MUCH time on their hands... It could be a duplicate trailer for Bambi for all I care. It's just a friggin commercial. Clive Owen is in it and that's all I care about.

elle on Nov 12, 2008


We got "over it" back in September elle. Ahem.

Feo Amante on Nov 13, 2008


The problem is that this is GROSS misrepresentation - and it's actually borderline illegal. They're basically getting audiences in on false pretenses - the scenes are NEVER going to be in the movie, so it's not like it's even just cutting room floor stuff.

Bobby on Nov 22, 2008

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