The Joker's Worldwide Bowling Alley Treasure Hunt

April 1, 2008

The Joker's Worldwide Bowling Alley Treasure Hunt

The next phase of The Dark Knight viral marketing campaign has again yet kicked into high gear. Early this morning the envelope on was opened to reveal a list of 28 cities around the world (including London, Hong Kong, Paris, and Brazil). The message stated that there was only one "bag of fun" to be found at each location on the list. With that information alone, I gathered up my things early in the morning and ventured an hour north into the suburbs of Denver to find out what Joker had left for us. To give you a hint: it involved a bowling alley.

On my drive up, my friends and I discovered that the places were bowling alleys and the message on the site was a riddle that actually specified bowling alleys (with mention of a "ball", "strike", and "spare"). With that, I began searching around Lakewood, Colorado for any and all bowling alleys and ended up finding the right one a few hours before the address would hit. City List

Every hour a new set of locations is revealed. Until each address is revealed, just the name of the city is listed. If you were lucky enough to be the first to one of the locations, you'd find a bowling bag with a ball and evidence bag full of more goodies. All of the locations in the US were bowling alleys with lockers. Once the information was revealed, you'd enter the combination written on the site on the locker and pick up Joker's goody bag inside.

Here is information from Empire on the first pick up from London:

The ball was in the basement of the Tavistock Hotel, also known as Bloomsbury Bowl. Queensway, Bayswater is also home to a bowling alley. So, we're guessing these are all hidden in bowling alleys.

The ball apparently had a telephone number scratched into it and the bag also contained an evidence bag, inside which were a phone, a charger, Joker playing card and a note saying to call the number immediately. One of our users, Sowasred2012, says he found one of the bags, the lucky boy.

Each bag contained a bowling ball with a telephone number and Joker name on it (the one in my area had Groucho), another cell phone and charger, a brief message, and a Joker card. You can see the photos below of one of the bags (courtesy of the SuperHeroHype boards):

Joker Bag and Bowling Ball

Once you pick up the bag, you can make a call on the phone to the number on the ball and it gives you the standard "we know who you are" and "await further instructions" message. It seems like the Joker is really building up his army. You take those 17 that were involved in the anagram on Sunday with phones and add on another 28 of them, including internationally, and that now makes 45. That's 45 people who now have phones that are directly in touch with the Joker, who must be planning some incredibly expansive worldwide domination campaign come July. He really wants to take down Gotham City!

Unfortunately I didn't get the bag… Well, I was at the right bowling alley a few hours beforehand, but the place was scammed. Some guy had shown up at the same time of me and begged the confused manager to give him the information. After admitting that he had heard about some game being played, he searched through their records to find the information and gave that guy the combo. An hour and half before Colorado's information showed up officially on the website, this guy had stolen the bag and ball right out from under me!

As of now, 21 of the bags have been picked up (which leaves another 7). Many are still speculating that something big will arrive at the end once all of them are picked up. Another trailer perhaps? New photos? Something else that makes this viral game even more exciting? All we know is that we got screwed out of our ball and cell phone and we're still awaiting some big news to hit once they're all picked up. Stay tuned!

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i love the joker this fucking rules

john on Apr 1, 2008


Thats so dang cool. Lucky!

Joel on Apr 1, 2008


That sucks Alex. I could have got the one in VA, it is pretty much right up the street, but I was at work. I just hope it is not a bust after they are all found, it is the 1st.

Stephen on Apr 1, 2008


Good research Alex, too bad that schmuck got the ball and phone. I had a a bead on mine here in KC, but had to work and was picked up about 20 minutes before I got there. Had a friend in Austin ready if it was at his location a block from his house(it was nearly across town though, and picked up in less than 10 minutes) Phoenix did not get back to me in time and My friends in Las Vegas, I have nto heard from... GRRRRRR... I just want the ball.. hahaha I hope that douche that 'stole' that ball from there in CO has his phone shutoff, and does not get a clue at all. Good luck

Dusty on Apr 1, 2008


That guy that took the ball in Denver should have that ball dropped on his junk. That is cheating the game the joker setup. What a loser.

Heckle on Apr 1, 2008


Is the canada one released yet?

Arv on Apr 1, 2008


Tried to pick up the one in Florida. Unfortunately, someone else got to it before me...

B33 on Apr 1, 2008


Alex, did you go to: http:/ yet? Its another site. As soon as you give your # you get a call from Gordon! Its crazy!

Ryan on Apr 1, 2008


I did Ryan! Now it's just time to see what's next... I told Gordon I want to go to jail, but he didn't respond, hahaha... I wish there was a trailer! What's next!

Alex Billington on Apr 1, 2008


So, I am the one the has the ball in Austin. it seems that each ball has a different name on it. Pretty cool stuff.

Joker in Austin on Apr 1, 2008


What is the name on yours? And you haven't been called back on your phone yet have you?

Alex Billington on Apr 1, 2008



Joker in Austin on Apr 1, 2008


I just had my ip address, phone number, and email address taken into gotham city evidence. check out my website to see pictures and feel free to use them. Lt James Gordon tricked my ass....

The Count. on Apr 1, 2008


Yea, now there is a website posted after it shows you the locations. Its It says the password is needle, and after you give your information you get a phone call. check it out.

Achilles on Apr 1, 2008



The Count. on Apr 1, 2008


Kids, never give your information over the internet! You could get molested by a guy in a Batman costume! Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!

Kail on Apr 1, 2008


Woohoo! Seems I'm now part of the Gotham Police Dept.! Thanks, Gordon!

Tom on Apr 1, 2008


You got scammed, little colorado cheater sucks. (But you can't say he isn't clever for finding a way around the system.) I was hoping you'd get one so I could follow it from your site. Oh well. Sucks though man.

Icarus on Apr 1, 2008


Dood the idiot who stole my ball made a ridiculously lame YouTube glamour video of himself!! Check this: Not even kidding, that's the stupidest video I have EVER seen!

Alex Billington on Apr 1, 2008


awww that does suck alex 🙁 but he likes coheed so cambria so i give him props for that haha

ha1rball on Apr 2, 2008


that guy is a prick, looks dumb too. i just did the acmesecurity thing, funny phone call, so now im a supporter of Harvey Dent and I work for the Gotham Police Department, neat.

Alexander on Apr 2, 2008


I am so going to spam the hell out of that arsehole for stealing that and then bragging about it.

Heckle on Apr 2, 2008


I went to the site out of curiosity, then to Acme Security, entered the info and my cell started ringing. I am like, who the hell is calling me the number was 000-000-0000, wtf?. I answer and it's Inspector Gordon saying that either I am with the Gotham Police or I am going to jail, we will be in touch. AWESOME Guess I'm a cop now.

Scorpio on Apr 2, 2008


I was so ready at one of the two alleys here in SF with a partner in crime on the other end of the phone, waiting to give me the combo. I spent a lot of time milling around the snack machine that was right next to the lockers. But, dang. Wrong alley. I also got stung by Gordon- but since I left a tip on a dirty Gotham cop at one of the other sites, if everything is connected I might be in big trouble!! 😉

Melissa on Apr 2, 2008


Brasil is a country not a city :)) Great marketing tho 🙂

sng.Sheep on Apr 2, 2008


is there an updated pic of the list?

andrew on Apr 3, 2008


I have heard that people who have been trying this acme security site are now not having any reaction. Could this mean that the people who went to that site are part of a limited group beholden to Gordon? I am siked if that is the case.

Achilles on Apr 3, 2008

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