The Moviegoer's Most Anticipated Summer 2008 Movie - Still Indy 4!

March 31, 2008

Indiana Jones 4

Last October we ran a report from MovieTickets.com on the Public's Most Anticipated Movies. The site held a survey and asked moviegoers who were buying tickets what movies they were looking forward to the most at that time. The top result - Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Now we're starting April and there is one month left until the summer movie season kicks off, which means it's time to ask that question again. This time Fandango.com held the survey and yet again, the top result was Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. But that's not the shocker - what's missing from this list is what concerns me the most!

The full results of the online nationwide survey, conducted on Fandango.com from March 13 to March 30, are as follows:

Most Anticipated Summer 2008 Movie:
1. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (82%)
2. The Dark Knight (42%)
3. Iron Man (38%)
4. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (37%)
5. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (30%)
6. Get Smart (29%)
7. The Incredible Hulk (22%)
8. The X-Files 2 (20%)
9. Speed Racer (19%)
10. Sex and the City (19%)

Most Anticipated New Character Portrayal (Fresh Interpretation of a Familiar Role):
1. Heath Ledger as The Joker in The Dark Knight (55%)
2. Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart in Get Smart (34%)
3. Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in Iron Man (32%)
4. Edward Norton as Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk (26%)
5. Anne Hathaway as Agent 99 in Get Smart (21%)
6. Ben Barnes as Prince Caspian in The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (21%)
7. Angelina Jolie as Fox in Wanted (21%)
8. Meryl Streep as Donna in Mamma Mia (12%)
9. Emile Hirsch as Speed in Speed Racer (11%)
10. James McAvoy as Wesley Gibson in Wanted (9%)

All-Time Favorite Action Movie Character:
1. Indiana Jones (76%)
2. James Bond (51%)
3. Jason Bourne (43%)
4. Batman (40%)
5. Die Hard's John McClane (38%)
6. Spider-Man (33%)
7. The Terminator (28%)
8. Superman (27%)
9. Matrix's Neo (24%)
10. Lara Croft (24%)

All-Time Favorite Action Movie Star:
1. Harrison Ford (75%)
2. Bruce Willis (57%)
3. Will Smith (47%)
4. Mel Gibson (46%)
5. Nicolas Cage (38%)
6. Arnold Schwarzenegger (37%)
7. Clint Eastwood (37%)
8. Angelina Jolie (29%)
9. Russell Crowe (29%)
10. Samuel L. Jackson (27%)

There are a few educated observations one could make from these lists. First, this proves that it will definitely come down to Indiana Jones 4 vs The Dark Knight for the year's biggest box office earnings. Although Indiana Jones (and Harrison Ford) tops all the remaining lists, Heath Ledger as the Joker toping that list about most anticipated portrayal is key. Without trying to be too morbid or disrespectful, I call it the Heath Ledger factor - everyone has to see his last movie. And that's going to guarantee The Dark Knight a top spot, if not the #1 spot this year.

However, I'm wondering… where the heck is Wall-E or Kung Fu Panda or The Happening or Pineapple Express or Hellboy II: The Golden Army?! I'm saddened most by lack of Wall-E, but I think Speed Racer makes up for it. I'm excited to see that it has as high of a ranking as it does (with Emile Hirsch even getting the #9 spot on the most anticipated portrayal list). I was worried that no one wanted to see Speed Racer because of the negative vibes I always get from my friends (specifically Pete at SlashFilm and Neil at Film School Rejects). I'm glad to see the theaters will be full with people having their minds blown out by the Wachowskis…

What are your most anticipated summer 2008 movies?

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I have said this before and I will say this again. Hellboy 2 will be a flop because it is a fanboy heavy movie yet it didn't make it in that list. The happening is not a fanboy movie. I think the last 2 shyamalan films sucked and hence it will have some impact on this movie but I think it will do fine. The top 10 makes a lot of sense. Notice Star wars isn't in that list. Pineapple express isn't there too. Tropic thunder isn't there as well.

Jojo on Mar 31, 2008


Kind of surprised that Wall-E wasn't mentioned or Kung Fu Panda. Not surprised about the Happening, Pineapple Express or Hellboy though. Those three have the best chance to NOT succeed but I see them all making a pretty penny. But not as much as the others. I am SHOCKED how high Mummy is without even a trailer yet! I love the Mummy so I am glad I am not alone on this. However Alex, you make this mistake every time. Ledger's LAST movie is DR. PANNARUS (something like that) not the Dark Knight. But I do agree, it will certaintly be a selling point. Oh its pretty funny. Lara Croft and Jolie are both up there.

Ryan on Mar 31, 2008


Interesting results. Well, my top 5 most anticipated films are (in order): 1) Indiana Jones 2) Hellboy II 3) Iron Man 4) Wall-E 5) The Incredible Hulk And whether or not Wall-E made that list or not, everyone knows it'll make 200M or more.

Rob on Mar 31, 2008


I'm in the minority again here as I'd rank Indiana Jones/Harrison Ford down a few notches across the categories. Hard to believe there's 2x the jonesing for Indiana Jones than the Dark Knight. Is this totally out there, but do you think the latter would have gotten a higher ranking if it actually had 'Batman' in the title? (meaning, Indiana Jones is a much more recognizable name than "The Dark Knight")...anyway, just curious. Totally looking forward seeing Heath Ledger, and Bruce Willis is the sh*t! 🙂

kevin powers on Mar 31, 2008


Actually, Ryan, Alex is correct in stating that the Joker will be Heath Ledger's last role (unfortunately). The other movie, Dr. Pannarus, was dropped because Ledger did not finish the filming of it before he overdosed accidentally.

Justin Guenther on Mar 31, 2008


i know its November but..Quantum of Solace is at the top of my list

Kevin on Mar 31, 2008


Huh, I still thought The Dark Knight was the top pick to see this summer (not that I counted out Indy). My top 5 is as follows: 1) The Dark Knight 2) Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 3) Hellboy II: The Golden Army 4) Speed Racer 5) Iron Man Honourable Mention: Wall-E

Andrew Braid on Mar 31, 2008


i thought they got depp and a couple other actors to finish off dr pannarus with him changing identities? im apalled to not see pineapple express up there(but there really hasnt been that much publicity for it) and that mummy 3 is up so high, theres been no news except someones replacing frasers wife(cant remember her name). i cant wait for pineapple express, if im bored ill watch the trailers a few times and im completely entertained my list: 1: Indy 2: Dark Knight 3: Pineapple Express 4: Ironman 5: Get Smart and yea whats angelina jolie and tombraider doing on those lists? beating out russel crowe and samuel l jackson no less, travesty i say

harrison on Mar 31, 2008


Actually, Justin, That movie did not get dropped. They're keeping Ledger's parts, and having other actors fill in the rest of his parts.

Tom on Mar 31, 2008


see i told you alex!!!! haha 🙂 🙂

ha1rball on Mar 31, 2008


You didn't tell me anything ha1rball! This survey is rigged! This isn't an accurate representation of the biggest summer movies! My own list is as follows: 1 - Speed Racer 2 - Wall-E 3 - The Dark Knight 4 - Iron Man 5 - Indiana Jones 4 Though once I get Speed Racer out of the way (which will happen on April 18th), the rest will move into position like they should. What a ridiculously awesome summer line-up!

Alex Billington on Mar 31, 2008


It was so difficult to pick just five movies I wanted to see the most this summer. Bottom line is, it's going to be the best summer season in years. Can't wait.

Rob on Mar 31, 2008


you put it at #5?!?!?! what is wrong with you alex!!! the only one i can see maybe being number 1 is dark knight wall-E looks good but shit!! haha

ha1rball on Apr 1, 2008


WTF?!?!? 1. The Dark Knight (one and only) 2- Indy IV 3. Iron Man 4. Hellboy II: The Golden Army 5. Wall-E 6. Speed Racer End . Of. Story.

m4st4 on Apr 1, 2008


Hahaha, okay, the reason WHY Indiana Jones isn't higher is because I'm skeptical at the moment! I'm excited, but those other 4 have literally blown me away. I have never in my life been this excited for those movies. Right now, for Indiana Jones, the footage/trailer we have isn't much, and I'm just not sure... I need more!!

Alex Billington on Apr 1, 2008


wait! what about forgetting sarah marshall and harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay? was just looking at the release schedule again and had to ask how could we forget

harrison on Apr 1, 2008


Nobody (on lists or fans) mentionned Hancock...for a big July 4th-Will Smith release that might have a hard time breaking any records... i still dont understand the whole Mummy excitement...ROB COHEN guys... ROB (STEALTH) COHEN... but other than that, yes it is a great summer lineup, a lot of variety (though very superhero/comic oriented , 6 movies in one summer) and should be a lot of fun!

maxwell on Apr 1, 2008


You call him Docta Jones!!!!

REAL6 on Apr 1, 2008


I cant settle for just 5. 1. The Dark Knight 2. Iron-Man 3. Indiana Jones 4 4. Speed Racer 5. Wall-E 6. Pineapple Express 7. The Incredible Hulk 8. Get Smart 9. Hellboy 2 10. Definitely NOT sex and the city...what else is coming out?

Keith on Apr 1, 2008


only 3 movies I REALLY REALLY wanna go see...they are 1) The Dark Knight 2) Indy 4 3) The Fall (sleeper hit of the year)

justin on Apr 10, 2008


I just don't see how Indiana Jones is going to actually be the biggest film of the summer, its topping the online polls becuase it has a lot of eagerly waiting fanboys, but in reality, pretty much nobody is talking about it, me and one of my close friends are both looking forward to it, but other then that, nothing, no talk of it. But naturally, people are going crazy for The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and Prince Caspian, I personally think they have a better edge at #1 film of the summer, with my personal vote going to The Dark Knight, everyone will want to see Ledger's last real performance, that alone will draw quite a few more people then usual, being the last real must see movie of July, the biggest month for the box office of the year, won't hurt it either.

Chris G. on Apr 12, 2008


Top 5 Summer Movies: 1. Batman The Dark Knight 2. Iron Man 3. Prince Caspian 4. Wanted 5. Get Smart I have a $500 bet that Indy 4 will make more $ worldwide than Batman The Dark Knight. Am I an idiot for making that bet or is that a easy $500 for me?

Sahil on Apr 16, 2008

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