The Real Story Behind Captain America in The Incredible Hulk

June 11, 2008
Source: Collider, Judão

Captain America

If you're a Marvel fan at all, you've probably heard the buzz going around about the appearance of Captain America in The Incredible Hulk. Let's just cut to the chase - Cap is in it, but it hasn't been confirmed. Why? Because the scene was cut from the film and can't be found in theatrical prints. However, Louis Leterrier says that not only will it end up on the DVD, but that it might show up online within the next few weeks. I think Marvel finally understands how important crossovers are and by implementing them, they'll be the first studio to really push the boundaries of filmmaking. Mark my words, by the time we get to The Avengers in 2011, Marvel will be one of the most powerful cinematic enterprises on this planet.

So here's the full story. Collider recently interviewed director Louis Leterrier and spoke with him about both the Tony Stark crossover and Captain America crossover. He first explains how hard it was to convince Kevin Feige. "I begged Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel, when I knew that Robert got cast. I was like, we have to do crossovers. Crossovers—it's the future of movie making. Now that you have this, I was the one to beg them to do crossovers and then they said Robert is going to be tough to convince… So eventually I got to talk to Robert and we liked each other and he said, 'okay I'll come for a… I've got 5 hours that day.'"

As for Captain America's apperance, Leterrier promises it's in the film. "It's an Easter egg. It's not like oh, it's Captain America and it changes everything. It's still a Hulk movie, but it's really Captain America and it's there, you'll see. It's the real deal. You have to look for it." But instead of leaving it at that and sending everyone off on their own to search for it, we're going to tell you exactly where it is. And that's because unfortunately the scene, which actually sounds interesting, was entirely cut from the final print. In a separate interview with Judão, Leterrier explains where he actually shows up.

"There's a point when Bruce Banner gives up on his quest for the cure and decide to kill himself. So he travels far North and reaches the Arctic Circle. You might have seen bits of it in some of the promos. The result was a very dark and strong scene, which Marvel, me and everyone else's considered to be too hard to young audiences to take, so we've cut it. Having that said, when Bruce arrives at his destination he meets up with Captain America! At some point this week, we will make it available on the internet – but I cannot tell you where or when – and the material will definitely be on the DVD."

You have all probably noticed the scene in some of the trailers, specifically this one. There is a brief moment where you can see Bruce Banner walking through some snowy mountains - that's up in the Arctic Circle. In the cut of the film that I saw on Monday night, that scene showed up very briefly in the opening credits montage. As Leterrier just mentioned, it was cut from the film. But now we know where it is and that Cap is truly in there. Hell, I'm probably more excited to see that scene for the first time than I am to see Hulk again. Plus, everyone knows that the Tony Stark scene is in there, too - you'll see that for sure!

Not only is this a dream come true for every last comic book geek, but as Leterrier said himself, crossovers are the future of filmmaking. Once you realize that Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, Thor, and Captain America will all feature mentions of each other because they're all within the same universe and they're all set to converge in The Avengers, your blood will be pumping. This definitely is a new revolution in filmmaking and I'm so glad to finally see Marvel's central universe be applied to movies as well. If you really want to see big this all is, go and watch Hulk this weekend and tell me if the cheers when Tony Stark shows up at the end are the loudest in the whole movie. I guarantee you they will be.

The Incredible Hulk Arctic Circle Scene

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All I know is in the original script, the movie's supposed to open with a scene of Bruce Banner attempting to shoot himself, surrounded by glaciers, and on the trigger-pull, a giant Green Hand collapses to the ground, letting out a Mighty Roar. The have Glaciers below Argentina, too, you know. So either I'm wrong, or Louis Letterier is planning on retro-fitting that discarded scene to include Captain America, in an Arctic (as opposed to Antarctic) glacier. Personally, I think that would be TOTALLY, TOTALLY Awesome, and would work so well, increasing the Hulk's role in forming the Avengers, in a way. Hulk discovers Cap? I am SO game for that. ~I was hoping that this was a Theatrical release scene only, to be included after the credits. If it's not, I sure as Hell hope there's SOMETHING there! 70 minutes is a LOT to cut out, buck-o!

Django Djo on Jun 11, 2008


i wonder if captain america would be in his uniform?

Darrin on Jun 11, 2008


Darrin - I guess I forgot to mention... Since the Captain America movie was confirmed to be set in WWII, that means ALL modern Marvel characters could be familiar with his existence. Because if the film takes place in modern times, then Cap had been around in WWII originally. And he doesn't get unfrozen until The Avengers (in 2011). So yes, I'd expect him to be in his old WWII uniform, whatever it may have been. Django - You're right, that scene is the one, but Leterrier explained that he had to cut that opening scene (because it was too dark). I saw Hulk yesterday and there is a montage with various scenes, including a brief bit from the arctic (like the photo above), as the opening. It then leads right into Norton in South America. We'll hopefully see that scene online sometime soon, but it was definitely no in the final cut of the movie.

Alex Billington on Jun 11, 2008


And who's playing captain america?

Discateia on Jun 11, 2008


So Alex, what's the verdict? Do I stay till the end of the credits? Was yours a pre-release print??? Assuming the Tony Stark appearance'll be enough to keep the good vibes up, I'll probably just tell my friends we 'never know w/ these marvel movies', and stay till the end.

Django Djo on Jun 11, 2008


I HOPE they make it a directors cut with the footage in the actual movie not a stupid cop-out deleted scene, I hate that s*#&, why have all these great scenes and not recut them into the movie for the fans, instead they jsut have deleted scenes, I always hoped the future of DVDs were directors cuts, like T2 which might be one of the best of all time, but it sadly seems really hit or miss today.

Richard on Jun 11, 2008


Damnit, how could you cut cap? Ive heard a couple people say that seeing cap is the only reason they would go see the movie. im starting to think hulk will be ok but the blu-ray will be the golden ticket.

dac_fan on Jun 11, 2008


Django - Uh, well, the scene isn't in there, so there is nothing after the credits. The Tony Stark scene is BEFORE the credits. If I must make a statement, I would suggest everyone go see Hulk! It's a fantastic movie, with or without Cap, and kicks ass in more ways than one. Ed Norton is to Hulk as Downey Jr is to Iron Man. All of you guys will enjoy this even without Cap appearing in it!

Alex Billington on Jun 11, 2008


So.... Alex... Hulk or IM?? Which is better? I'm sorry I just can't wait til tomorrow night. I have to know.

Alfredo on Jun 11, 2008


Alfredo - Are you choosing one or the other to see?? Or do you mean, which do I like better? So... Hulk kicked ass, but, here's the thing. I'm slightly burned out on Iron Man because I've seen it 3 times and I'm more hyped about upcoming films. So when I saw the Hulk, it kicked ass up to if not more than Iron Man. But I'm thinking a few months from now when I think back on both, Iron Man will still be better. But Hulk definitely lives up to the level of Iron Man, at least I thought so... 🙂

Alex Billington on Jun 11, 2008


I was so iffy about this movie but if it is as good as you say it is then maybe I'll give it a chance.

Janet on Jun 11, 2008


Cool! You don't have to tell me - I'm super sold already! Just wanted to know how to "sell" it to my non-hulk/comic fan friends. Basically, we're in for an Incredible Roller Coaster ride, complete w/ favela chases, sonic cannons, berzerking generals, college sweethearts & the obligatory Monster showdown in New York. SOLD!!!

Django Djo on Jun 11, 2008



dac_fan on Jun 11, 2008


When Leterrier said, "...he meets up with Captain America!", is he implying that there's some sort of dialogue? Because before reading that part I assumed this is what happens: Bruce goes to the Arctic to shoot himself, bla bla bla.....he accidentally comes across the glacier in which cap is frozen, thus opening up for Cap's retrieval/discovery in The Avengers. Possible?

Nthngmn on Jun 11, 2008


Man he looks so badass in that pic. I hope they make a movie where he shoots people in the face.

DCompose on Jun 11, 2008


Manga has had crossovers for ages (particularly with Tsubasa and xxxHolic) and people need to read both stories to get the full story, even though it's not necessary. Filmmakers are just now catching on, so I'm sure we can see a lot of this in the future.

Nettle on Jun 11, 2008


Sweet!!! Now if the heads at Marvel would stop bein so f-in cheap and lock Favreau for Iron Man 2 and possibly Avengers, I'd definately be SUPER stoked!!

Knight Rider on Jun 11, 2008


if they are going to unfreeze Cap in the Arctic they should at least have a Namor cameo, seeing as he is the one who led the avengers to Captain America. i'm excited to see this movie now, i had doubts thanks to the Ang Lee version but now i'm amped.

The Delightful Deviant on Jun 11, 2008


Two possibilities: -Next Hulk movie starts w/ him & Namor duking it out in the Arctic & unintentionally freeing Cap from the Ice. -The Avengers movie starts w/ the same scene.

Django Djo on Jun 12, 2008


Who is playing CAP in the movie?

Cliffy on Jun 12, 2008


This movie gave me chills reading about captain America. But what kinda bothers me is, why was the sheild in Ironman. Either Ironman makes the sheild for himself but eventually gives it away or he already knew. But it confuses me cause Nick Fury talks to him after you see the sheild. And in the Hulk, From what i think is he will not notice Captain america when he tries to comment suicide. Maybe Iron man found the sheild and kept it as a token on one of his missions and eventually sees hulk and talks to him or something. I think this is all cool.....Ant man being in the avengers not cool, wasp too. I'd rather Spiderman and X-men or fantastic 4. Possibly make a Ultimate alliance movie

Spencer on Jun 12, 2008


Ok guys i have a serious question me and my friends argue about. The Hulk vs. Venom. Considering venom can amp his strength and so can hulk so who would win to you. And then Hulk vs. Superman. Just asking.

VEX Inferno on Jun 12, 2008


VEX Inferno: You're in luck (and so are ALL of us). Joey Quesada revealed in his latest "Cup o' Joe" that in fact, Marvel's lining up a showdown btw. the gooey Bad-boy and the Emerald Behemoth. It's on the drawing boards as we speak (or type, rather).

Django Djo on Jun 12, 2008


Oh and Hulk has beaten Superman in a pure strength contest. See Steve Rude's Superman vs. Hulk one-shot, printed just afew years ago (and featuring some of the FINEST Kirby-tribute Hulk & Superman drawings I've ever laid eyes on!). They've gone at it before, too, I believe. What it comes down to is Torn Jeans will ALWAYS be cooler than wearing red underwear on top of your tights. (*And that's EVEN if your jeans are Purple.) ~& If you don't buy that. Just consider it Raw Savagery vs. Boy Scout morals. The Bear'll eat the boy scout eventually, even if he climbs up in that tree!

Django Djo on Jun 12, 2008


In the end I am glad that Marvel has taken the reighs to what is really theirs. Movies that have an aim to be a trilogy but offer the cross connects to other comics is a really good strategy. It allows the film growth for the comic characters in a way that lets them have their own films, then converge into the Avengers later on. Many risks, but many benefits if they pull this off.

Breach on Jun 12, 2008


So, WHY are crossovers important to Marvel films? And what are the precedents that prove this is so? Would FANTASTIC FOUR have been a better movie if Thomas Jane had made an appearance? Would ELEKTRA have been better if it had thirty seconds of Wesly Snipes?

M. on Jun 12, 2008


@21 - because Stark Industries is developing it as a weapon, which they end up giving to Cap after he's discovered? (or the original was lost...was it even in WW2 anyway? i'm not up to speed on the Cap America origin!) @26 The aim of crossovers (which i think are starting WITH Iron Man and Hulk) is to set up and push the fact that the films take place in the same world, and the characters live in the same world. This will make way for an Avengers movie later on. Otherwise the Avengers movie would just be a 'hero people randomly get together' type thing and would need a whole new 'world' creating complete with backstories and explanations as to why none of them ever met before! The fan boys saying ' id only watch xxxx film if xxxx person appeared briefly' isn't the point!

chrisUK on Jun 12, 2008


"Mark my words, by the time we get to The Avengers in 2011, Marvel will be one of the most powerful cinematic enterprises on this planet." Not if they continue to piss off the directors/actors that are making their initial films a success.

Dr.Duvel on Jun 12, 2008


So Alex, i hope you have a review for this movie before days end. Thank you.

akumared on Jun 12, 2008


To hard for kids to see Banner nearly kill himself? Okay that makes no sense at all. If parents dragged their to see the Passion then c'mon a Banner attempted Suicide is nothing. Besides that I'm still seeing the film no matter what.

Xerxex on Jun 12, 2008


So if it will show up on the internet will it be on this website? Similar to the I Am Legend alternate ending?

Xerxex on Jun 12, 2008


To everyone talking about Cap's shield in Iron Man and why it was there: It's already been confirmed that the shield was nothing more than an Easter Egg for fans. It will have nothing to do with the continuity of the stories.

Tom on Jun 12, 2008


back from Hulk, NOTHING after the credits. And man, there were some suspect edits in the movie (won;'t say where for spoilers!) Also, there were scenes in the trailer not in the movie, and the dialogue seemed different in places (eg before banner jumps out the helecopter). Still really good though! 110% recommended, and there were more people at this than there were at Iron Man, which i saw in same cinema at same time when it was released...more kids too!

chrisUK on Jun 12, 2008


saw a new tv spot yesterday that had the tony stark bar scene in it, cant wait to see this movie

harrison on Jun 12, 2008


Its a shame that the scene got cut but will be looking forward to seeing it in a couple of weeks and for the movie cant wait to see it on Sunday..

Curtis on Jun 12, 2008


they should of put the cap scene after the credits put it might not of fit as wel has anyone found the vid yet?

stephen on Jun 16, 2008


ok....there was much killer referances to capt. America..the super soldier serum, WWII experiments, when Stark says, "Put on Ice"...did anyone read what the cannister said that they removed the SS serum from, I didn't catch it....bummed that Fury wasn't in it...and did anyone see familiar names when they did the SHIELD internet searchy thingy? Also, I think the "impromptu" thunder storm, that followed the hulk fight scene with the suped up Blonsky, as well as the distant thunder clouds that were prevelnt in the final scenes, were eluding to THOR....the reporter sais that the ?Thunder Storm caused the military to call off it's search...HMMMMM.... and lastly, anyone notice that the students who were interviewed, ones name was Jack McGee...the name of the guy that hunted banner in the series?!?!?! Cool huh?

SAM on Jun 16, 2008


Correspondence from Sgt. Nick Fury shows up in the opening sequence. Look for it. In addition to Jack McGee, Jim Wilson (the other student witness) was Hulk's buddy in the early Herb Trimpe comics. I really like how the cross-overs are being eluded to. I personally think Thor being responsible for the Thunder storms would be a bit cheap. They're thunder storms, for christ's sake! I always thought he simply had the ability to control weather & lightning. Being the God of Thunder wouldn't mean he's responsible for every single Thunder storm on Earth, would it? If that were the case, how would he EVER find the time to go out and kick some Ass!

Django on Jun 16, 2008


21 & 27 starks dad was around in ww2 (stane said tony's father helped give us the atomic bomb) so lets say tony's father made the first sheild (the one that looks like the NFL logo) for cap america, it is suppose to be indesturtable. then tony's father starts to make a new and impoved sheild (the round sheild) but cap gets blown up and falls in the the arctic and tony's father never finishes it then he dies. now tony finds it and finishes it. then when tony sees cap in his red white and blues, he saids he has something that would go good with his uniform. or something along those lines, i know that the sheild was just thrown into the iron man movie but stark creating a vibranium shield seems to fit even tho in the comics Dr. Myron MacLain casts the sheild, but the movies don't always follow the comics.

Seany Boy on Jun 17, 2008


ok so here is the deal SAM the canister he removed the ss serum from said Weapon Plus on it i actually intentionally looked at it because i figured they would label something that important for sure i generally dont post on these things i just read them but i have to say i have never cared for the hulk and i was blown away by this movie i grew up a X-Men junkie and now own a comic shop and read almost everything that comes in and marvel has so many well developed characters right now that the possibilities are endless as far as movies go now this will sound like a shameless plug but its actually the opposite because im not naming my shop and my shop might not be near anyone reading this but The Ultimates is an alternate universe Avengers book at this point has been released in trade paperback form for the first and second volumes a total of i believe 26-27 issues within 4 trades and if you love the marvel movies and dont read comics at all you should really pick those up while there are differences to the normal versions of the characters the book is done like a movie the most impressive thing i have ever read and i always recommend it because to me its the framework they should use for an Avengers movie there is actually a scene in hulk that i believe was taken from it anyways if you have a chance try it out im curious to see if people agree with me on the movie idea obviously there would be changes but framework ? why not if you read it i think you will agree let me know

deadpool on Jun 18, 2008


first off let me start by saying how impressed i've been lately with the comics to movies genre, i must admit that i was a little wery about the whole concept, but i can admit it when i'm wrong. it started with Spawn, even though it was a little dark for my taste, it was still a good movie. the first incredible hulk that can out was beyond terrible, but they made up for it with the remake( congrats on a job well done!! ). Transformers gave me my faith back , Ironman took me to another level of surprise ( which means I love that damn movie ), then I saw the new and improved Hulk, all i can say about that is BRAVO!!! Now the one i'm really looking forward to see is The Dark Knight, if they did it right it will blow the other contenders out the water. As for The Avenger, The Justice League, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and all the rest all i can say is only time will tell. But i can say this, when I saw the Hulk at the end when Tony Stark showed up at the bar, my clapping and cheering was the loudest you could hear in the theater, so here's hoping that the people who are making these movies keep up the good work and try not to disappoint the true fans of the comic book world.

Nikki on Jun 21, 2008


cap is actually still in the movie,, during the hulk v abomination fight sequence.... hulk rips apart a cop car,, hits abomination the first time you see a guy runnin towards the screen on the ottem left of the screen ( hulks right leg) and only for a second you'll a flash of red white and blue a shield if u look cloesely enuff,,, if you work bak from that point you'll find cap dives over the top of them lands and then runs off screen

james on Aug 23, 2008


yes crossovers....thats exactly what marvel has been missin. X-men, Fantastic Four, and even Spider-man, although great movies....not counting the last spider-man.....have been missing something and that was it....theres no mention of the whole superhero universe at all. All movies before now, have been thrust at us as if superheroes, other than those in the film, do not exist. Good thinking Marvel....crossovers...brilliant

theori on Oct 3, 2008


This attempted suicide scene at the arctic is at the beginning of the game, as well. I was disappointed when they cut the symbiote emergence scene from Spider-Man 3, where Peter is staring in the mirror and the toothy symbiote flashes over his face. They should leave stuff like that on the DVD, at least.

Gabriel on Oct 13, 2008


when i saw the incredible hulks ending when tony stark walks into the bar and tells the general he should listen i wathed the movie over and i listened and tied the hulk and captain america together. watch the part after the first confrontation between the hulk and the guy (soon to be abomination) where they talk about super soldiers experimantation during ww2 i was thinking wasnt capt america a super soldier during ww2 so i kept watching. The part when they inject the guy with that stuff i thaught that might be the same stuff that made Captain america super so, i think capt americas power was showed off in the second confrontation with the hulk (thats where i think Captain america showed up not phisically though). so, back to the end in the bar tony stark said that experiment sould of been kept on ice was because captain america is frosen in the alt beginning of the encridible hulk. but thats what i think

mikey on Nov 9, 2008


WOW OMDZ never about any of this captain america business but its 2009 now and there is still no picture or video of captain america in the incredible hulk an if it was on the dvd i would have knew but i might buy the incredible hulk dvd jus to see if the captain america scene is there .... MARVEL RULES

Lman007 on Aug 5, 2009


i like captain america in the incredible hulk i like jensen ackles as captain america on the first avengre captain america and the avengers this is so exciting im glad jensen ackles is captain america i really love jensen ackles as captain america so i will see jensen ackles as cap on the first avengre captain america and the avengres see ya.

andries price on Aug 10, 2009


I saw the scene with captian america in the incredible hulk and can i say im very disappointed u barely seen him very unclear and u only see him for like 1.5 seconds

TheLman007 on Sep 4, 2009


Whoever said that cap shows up in the fight scene between abomination and hulk, (running toward the bottom of the screen next to hulks right leg) .... First of all, that wasnt a flash of his sheild, that was a police car in the background, you can tell because you can see a blurred half of the police car, second that wasnt a guy running toward the screen, it was a girl, you can tell because she has a ponytail.

ostrikero on Feb 5, 2010

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