The Wackness Kicked Hancock's Ass This Past Weekend

July 7, 2008
Source: Box Office Mojo

The Wackness

We don't normally mention box office earnings on a regular basis, but today I'm proud to announced that The Wackness kicked Hancock's ass this past weekend. Well, not entirely true, but it is accurate for per theater averages at least! While Hancock took in $107 million and The Wackness took in only $179,000, when you divide the totals by the number of theaters each movie played in, The Wackness did actually kick Hancock's ass. Wackness made $24,166 per theater (in only 6 theaters) whereas Hancock only made $16,645 per theater (in 3965 theaters). I know I've been supporting this movie since it debuted at Sundance and have been writing about it excessively, but it's such a huge relief to see it do so well. And I just can't miss an opportunity to take a jab at Hancock while praising The Wackness at the same time!

In addition to the film's theatrical debut this weekend, two new positive reviews from top critics have hit. The first comes from USA Today's Claudia Puig, who says: "Funny and poignant, The Wackness is one of the better coming-of-age films to hit theaters in a while… Though teen angst is familiar cinematic turf, the key to the film's authenticity lies in Peck's winning performance." The second positive review comes from the very well-known New York Times critic A.O. Scott, who says the film: "makes a good-faith effort to steer clear of such clichés, and succeeds and fails in roughly equal measure… Mr. Levine is careful not to overstate the melodrama of young love, allowing Luke’s own longing and confusion to set the tone."

The most I can do now is tell you to check out Sony Pictures Classics' tentative release schedule and anxiously await the arrival of The Wackness in your own city. Although the film unfortunately hasn't been receiving positive reviews across the board, I'll continue to hold my breath and hope that it remains successful in theaters. It deserves to be a huge success, not only because it's a fantastic film, but because of the passion of everyone involved and because I want to prove to Sony Pictures Classics that indie gems can be huge hits with tender loving care. Please give this great little indie flick a chance when it swings by your city. I guarantee that you won't regret your experience. Has anyone had the chance to see The Wackness since it opened in New York and Los Angeles?

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I've seen it twice now -- at Tribeca and at the Angelika in NY this weekend. It played through the roof both times.

Carlo Dennis on Jul 7, 2008


I know this is a blog-like site and that you have been excited for this flick for a long time but you cant really think that if Wackness had the same reach in the theaters as Hancock it could get anywhere near the Hancock box office intakes. The target audience is waaaay too small for that. Now, I'm all for indie films and they can be just as entertaining as any blockbuster but lets keep this real.

Shige on Jul 7, 2008


both movies looked like shit, don't care. shouldn't of even i'm bored.

Garrett.king on Jul 7, 2008


You know all this "Wackness This" and "Wackness That" talk is starting to wear a little thin. I get it, you really liked the film and you want us all to see it. However, please stop talking about it already! Truly, if I see the film and am not blown away by it, I'm blaming this site.

Sean Kelly on Jul 7, 2008


First, Shige, that claim was a big joke, it was all for fun... Second, Sean, you're not obligated to read *everything* we write, but it's just because I love this little movie and I want it to do well!

Alex Billington on Jul 7, 2008


hmmm.. Garrett #3.... you are right.......... . . . You should have saved your time and not posted, cause others of us are just waiting for it to open in our areas so we can see it. And considering you said "they looked like shit" I have to make a strong prediction that you have NOT seen them. So I take it this is based on the trailers and others responses. One thing I have found is that noone experiences movies the exact same, and some may love the movies that others feel are the fecal scum on the bottom shoes after walking out of the gas station bathroom. Shit, if we all liked the same movies, my wife and I would not have to spend our money on the films that just one of us likes to make the other happy(then again, most the time the other ends up liking it as well). Just messing with you Garrett.. I hear your points, but I am gonna give this one a try, and I KNOW my wife will have the same response as you when I show her the trailer. But we will see.

Dusty on Jul 7, 2008


Alex, I get what you mean, and I probably wouldn't have even cared about the film if it wasn't for this site. However, you have to know you when to draw the line. Overexposure is never a good thing and I think you got your point across about "The Wackness" long ago.

Sean Kelly on Jul 7, 2008


I have to agree with #4 After all the hype and the super bogus you must be on crack 10 out of 10 you gave wall e i can never trust or have faith in movie reviews on this site anymore. Don't get me wrong i love firstshowing its one of the best movie news sites on the net but you guys suck at reviewing, and i suck at spelling.

dac_fan on Jul 7, 2008


I have to agree with #9. Not only is that guy smart, but he's a damn handsome man as well! I can't hold it against the site for hyping up a smaller film that may have othewise gone unnoticed by the general masses. Not every film is going to have the massive advertising budget, or mass appeal, of an Iron Man or Wall-E. I appreciate a site that gives just due and increases awareness about worthwhile 'indie' films as the huge blockbusters we've all been foaming at the mouths for since the summer schedule was announced.

kevjohn on Jul 7, 2008


Kev.. you mistyped.. you were at least supposed to put 6 and 9... damn man.. I am hurt

Dusty on Jul 7, 2008


Saw it at the LA Film Festival and now heading with more friends to see it again. I'm glad i knew to catch this indie gem from you guys at FirstShowing thanks guy.

Eric on Jul 7, 2008


I saw both films this weekend in LA...actually, I saw The Wackness TWICE! It is a great film and the trailer does not do it justice, so don't judge purely based on the trailer! BTW- The Wackness also kicks Hancocks ass with a better story, character development, and - dare I say it - just an all-around more entertaining movie to walk away from.

Erin on Jul 7, 2008


I doubt ill see The Wackness even if it does come to my theater, ill just wait for it on DVD or The movie channel i dont no with all the trailers and talk about it, it almost feels as i have already seen it. I could be just out of mind and the movie could be good but i can wait.

Curtis on Jul 7, 2008


Thanks for spreading the much-needed Wackness love. The lack of unanimous critical support for such a special film like this reminds me why I don't give a damn that print critics are dying on a day to day basis. Keep up the good work on pumping the living shit out of The Wackness. It's the kind of movie you fall in love with and immediately want to share with others. I saw it TWICE this weekend, as I figured I'd bring other people back to see a movie I loved instead of paying to see Hancock, a movie I knew/heard would disappoint. GO SEE THE WACKNESS!

Drew on Jul 8, 2008


Why is there so much hate on Hancock??? Seriously... What it is? Jealously? Anger? Someone tell me? It's obvious... the title could have been The Wackness does well. No, its the Wackness kicked Hancocks butt. Come on now!?!? Lol, what is it. On another note... BATMAN IS ALMOST HERE!

Great on Jul 8, 2008


I finally saw the film today. While I can't say that I was blown away, I can say that I really liked the film.

Sean Kelly on Jul 14, 2008


i saw the wackness finally this weekend and i loved it. it was a true underdog story. after i watched i watched 2 more times with friends and they also loved it. the characters felt real and the storyline was one that anyone could relate to. great acting, great feel, and great movie. final words on this are "JUST INCREDIBLE"

UGLI on Jul 23, 2008

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