The Wackness Trailer for June - The Best Yet?

June 9, 2008
Source: Yahoo

The Wackness Trailer

This now marks the fourth entirely different trailer for the Sundance hit The Wackness in two months time. I don't know what Sony Pictures Classics is thinking, but releasing trailer after trailer isn't going to help market this movie. They just need another really solid red band trailer and the buzz will pick up. You can watch the first, second, and third trailer here and catch this newest one below. As a reminder, The Wackness is an incredible indie gem set in New York City in 1994 about a teenaged pot dealer named Luke Shapiro and his drug-addled psychiatrist Dr. Squires. As we always say, keep in mind that this movie is actually wonderful no matter how much you do or don't like the trailer below.

I'd love it if they could put some actual quotes from websites who loved this movie, but that probably won't happen. Oh well, we can dream! If you're up for a fun adventure into the world of The Wackness, then I suggest you check out the official website. That "1994" section is a trip! Is this newest trailer any better than the others?

Watch the new trailer for The Wackness:

[flv: 598 248]

You can also watch The Wackness trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

The Wackness is both written and directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Jonathan Levine of All the Boys Love Mandy Lane previously. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January and was bought by Sony Pictures Classics for under $1 million. Go read our 9 out of 10 review of the film to understand why it's so damn good. The Wackness hits theaters this summer on July 3rd - be there or be square! The latest teaser poster is featured below.

The Wackness Poster

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Seriously guys, if THE WACKNESS makes a cent in the Box Office, it's because of you guys. I saw the preview to groans in the theater a couple weeks ago and haven't read about it anywhere else. But if it does all right, it'll all be thanks to First Showing.

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 9, 2008


I agree with Andrew, I'm even more uninterested in this movie because I see a new marketing tool for the movie every 5 days. I'm not a fan of the title, or the subject matter... it just doesn't sound that great. It seems like Cheech & Chong's Nice Dreams already conquered this territory. As much as I like Ben Kingsley (the dude seems to have a Merlinesque getting-younger-all-the-time quality), I just don't care about some smalltime drug dealer in NYC in 1994, especially one with his hand down the front of his pants and a Franklin Pierce haircut. This site had the same kinda overhype with Speed Racer and now the Incredible Hulk, it makes me wonder if there's some sort of under-the-table deal going on.

The Brain on Jun 9, 2008


this is best wackness trailer. looks really good.

Darrin on Jun 9, 2008


An under-the-table deal? That's a joke right? My goal is to always bring you everything that promotes movies and with the three you mentioned, there is so much that they put out that got ME excited, that I couldn't help but share it all with you! If you've followed the site at all, I became a huge fan the moment The Wackness showed at Sundance in January. I was at the world premiered at praised it the moment I got out. I later criticized Sony Pictures Classics because I knew they'd destroy it. And if you even read what I wrote about, it's obvious that I don't like the way SPC has marketed this film so far. I actually agree with you - there is WAY too much out for this in such a short amount of time! But alas, if I can show this one trailer and have this one trailer convince one person to go see The Wackness, then I am all for it. I love this movie so much that that is all I am trying to do here... 🙂

Alex Billington on Jun 9, 2008


Re: an "under-the-deal" table... Didn't you guys mention you were externally funded for your sneak preview stuff in Co. Springs? I mean, I'm not suggesting any under-the-deal from SPC as I figure you're subsidized by the theater companies, not the studios.

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 9, 2008


Andrew - we make 100% of our revenue from the ads you see on the site. We aren't funded externally by anyone.

Alex Billington on Jun 9, 2008


"we're paid to camp out and turn midnight movies into unforgettable events"

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 9, 2008


Really Andrew? I appreciate all the stuff Alex posts, more than most websites and that is why this is my main site (other than IMDB of course, sorry firstshowing!). I like how steady Alex has gotten with the trailers and if nto could add more for movies that don't look as good too because I like to see the next flop coming out 🙂

Ryan on Jun 9, 2008


im really looking forward to this film! reminds me a little bit about Kids!

Adam Araujo on Jun 10, 2008


Is this movie a re-imagining of Good Will Hunting with a drug dealer?

CJD on Jun 10, 2008


That kid from the Disney Channel show really irks me. I don't care for him as an actor.

CJD on Jun 10, 2008


For once, I would like to read response comments on blog sites (such as this) where people are giving their opinion about a movie, and not slamming the author or other people who leave a comment. Ben Kingsley looks like Harvey Keitel in this! It's weird seeing all that hair on him. Keep up the good work First Showing!

Tim on Jun 10, 2008


Just want to add my support to this site. I like everything about it, from the design to the content. Keep up the good work, Alex.

kitano0 on Jun 10, 2008


I'll point out my initial comment was a compliment to the site and its dedication (regardless if I think THE WACKNESS looks incredibly ... well, whack).

Andrew Wickliffe on Jun 10, 2008


Sorry, this still doesn't look that interesting. Seems like a coming-of-age indie film set in the glorious 90's. And with drugs. And an Olsen twin. And it's coming out July 4th weekend? Although it's being released against Hancock, another film that I think will be better than its trailers are indicating. Maybe everyone will be so worn out from all the adrenaline-pumping movies released in June that they'll feel the urge to go settle in for a smaller, quieter film before hopping back the Action Train with Hellboy II and Dark Knight. My prediction: this will be the biggest hit of the summer.

kevjohn on Jun 10, 2008


If nothing else turns out good about this film at least I'm buying the soundtrack!

jason_md2020 on Jun 10, 2008


I think the film looks awesome, maybe it won't live up to my opinion of it.. but whatever. The movie going public is so fickle these days, so full of themselves. Everything, good or bad, requires a second or third look, followed by endless sarcasm. I've been a visitor of this site for maybe 2 months, so far I trust your opinion.

Poole on Jun 10, 2008

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