This Can't Be - New Tron 2 Plot Details and Title Change?!

December 1, 2008
Source: SlashFilm


The latest issue of Production Weekly apparently has quite a few nuggets of information. In addition to the tidbit about Scott Frank directing the new Planet of the Apes movie, they also have an update on the Tron sequel, initially titled Tr2n. First off, they claim that the sequel will now be titled TRZ instead of Tr2n - anyone know what that even means? Additionally, they include a synopsis, but if you read it carefully, it sounds like the same plot as the first movie. What is going on here? As excited as I was based on test footage, I'm getting a bit worried - at least if this turns out to be true and not inaccurate information.

Here is the new plot synopsis: "After being transported into the surreal landscape of a mainframe computer to destroy an intruder, a programmer finds himself allied with the leader of a rebellion against a corrupt cyber-entity." In the original Tron, the programmer Flynn (played by Jeff Bridges) was transported into the computer world. He joined with Tron, the leader of a rebellion, to fight a "corrupt cyber-entity" as well. Sounds a lot like the first one, right? However, it could mean that this time the computer is bringing Flynn back in to help defend and fight against an uprising. Anyone else think it's the same as the original?

Anyone who has seen the Comic-Con test footage (in high resolution - not bootlegged) knows that it looks unbelievably amazing. And ever since we actually heard from Jeff Bridges about some early details, I've been very excited for this sequel. But this update really worries me. First off, what the heck is up with that new title? TRZ is frickin' terrible and I hope they go back to Tr2n - I preferred that one so much more. Second, this plot doesn't sound right, but if it turns out accurate, is another story like that actually going to work? I was hoping for something much darker and deeper this time. What about you?

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TRZ? What a kick in the gonads..... I was excited for this film, but i dunno now.... I would think it would have to be good to lure Bridges back, but who knows these days?

aaron on Dec 1, 2008


We don't know what TRZ stands for yet... it could make a LOT of sense by the time the movie comes out. I mean TRON sounds stupid too... and why is TR2N better? Tron 2 sounds better than both to me... lame placements of 2 always bug me. 2Tron 2Digital...

Kent on Dec 1, 2008


How come the same magazine that reported the change of name for the new Apes movie is also talking about a name change for the Tron movie? Are they just trying to mess with our heads? Cuz I liked the original title of both those movies better than the one they reported. Also, the plot sounds lame. It's the same story. There's no growth... no wider scope. It would be as if Matrix Reloaded had been about a new guy who learns about the Matrix and that's it.

Alfredo on Dec 1, 2008


The main character is Flynn's/Jeff Bridges son. Indy 4 anyone?

Abanarzar on Dec 1, 2008


Maybe TRZ is a virus?

moif on Dec 1, 2008


TRZ is better than TRtwoN, at least it is pronounceable.

Vole on Dec 1, 2008


Maybe TRZ is the working production title? Maybe they just rethought their original title after so many sites railed on the "TR2N" name. *ahem* And from the sounds of it (and this is just the impression I got from the article) Production Weekly doesn't know a damn thing about the sequel, they just printed that article to make it sound like they do. That could be why it sounds like the first movie: it is the synopsis for the first movie.

Pete the Geek on Dec 1, 2008


I'm inclined to agree with Pete the Geek...

moif on Dec 1, 2008


Tron 2!!!!? Where the hell is Tron 1? This film is gonna flop like a fish outta water! Can anyone say RENT ME?

Black Dynamite on Dec 1, 2008


It would really suck if this ends up being more of a remake/sequel (kind of like how remake/prequels are in these days ala Zombie's crappy Halloween or Nolan's Batman) as opposed to a straight sequel.

BahHumbug on Dec 1, 2008


If we're talking about computers, shouldn't it be Tron 10?

Michael on Dec 1, 2008


Can someone tell me if last minute changes during post on a film have ever affected the outcome in a positive manner? It seems like just the mentioning of a change causes the internet world to go into a frenzy and draw conclusions that the changes they're making are for the worse; which usually is the case because the studio is altering the film makers original vision. However, I'm just wondering if there was ever a film that was enhanced due to last minute name changes, reshoots, etc...guess we'll have to wait for Valkyrie and Where the Wild Things Are.

Peloquin on Dec 1, 2008


LMAO #11 - that's exactly what it should be...

R3last on Dec 1, 2008


definitely smells like a remake

Jaf on Dec 1, 2008


Regardless of what Black Dynamite says, I can go with "Tron 2". They could even go with something cheesy like "Tron 2: The Return of Flynn" or "Tron De-resolution" or "Tron: Back in Action!". TRZ is as bad a title as Gigli. Tr2n wasn't much better though.

kevjohn on Dec 1, 2008


I wonder how many people missed #11's (*ahem*, #1011's) joke

Chris W on Dec 1, 2008


#16, Oh I get it. Anyway, after seeing the footage, I think that it could be that Flynn wants to protect his computer, and another programer is brought in to stop him.

Ajax on Dec 1, 2008


While we're on the subject of suggesting Tron titles...let's use the Die Hard franchise to infuse some creativity...Tron 2: Tron Harder...Tron Hard With a Vengeance...or...Live Free or Tron Hard

Denver on Dec 1, 2008


Denver your the!!

jeffrey on Dec 2, 2008


It could be the entity that is helping him survive in this new film. I think that they should do this but Flynn should have kids and decides that hes to old and lets his sone or daughter go. That would be cheesy as hell but i think it just might work

THERBLIG on Dec 2, 2008


Tron 2.0 ok?

flappylips on Dec 6, 2008


Okay. So, I'm getting the feeling that Production Weekly is effectively trying to drop a bombshell before other industry rags do. What they've said seems to be an educated guess reconstituted as information handed to them. As for the title switch to TRZ, I have two opinions that interlock. #1. I'm reminded of Lucas' working title for Return of The Jedi... "Blue Harvest: An Experiment In Terror". It was a decent bluff, yet deliberately printed using the lettering style from Empire Strikes Back. He threw us off and still threw us a bone at the same time. #2. A brief scouring of the internet brings me back an answer on what the hell TRZ is. It's a file format. More specifically, a Norton Anti-Virus file format... Now, look back at the footage of that teaser. I don't think that was really Flynn inside the computer, exiting the game grid through the hole in the wall, like in first movie. I think that was a new full fledged A.I. like he was working towards in the original movie. Support for this idea is the fact that while the digital Flynn was getting knocked around and ultimately de-rez'd in the system, the real Flynn was getting up and looking at all those computer banks with intense concern and worry; he knew something was wrong in the system. So, now I pull you back to essentially overlay what Lucas did for SW:ROTJ's working title with TR2N's apparent new title. Now, add what I found out about the .TRZ file type... I'm willing to bet that MCP is still alive. After all, all good programmers back-up their files to a remote location. There's room to argue that MCP is either trying to hack it's way back into the system or has taken up shop somewhere else and is trying to passively corrupt the system by way of viruses, system vulnerabilities and small, easily overlooked hacks. Hence we're getting smacked with an anti-VIRUS file extension for a working title that also happens to share some aesthetic mnemonic qualities with the name TRON. Don't forget. TRON was created by computer nerds for computer nerds. Hahahahahaha! sudo apt-get TRON.TRZ

artisan002 on Jan 14, 2009

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