This is What Halo: Fall of Reach Will Hopefully Look Like

September 2, 2008
Source: Latino Review

This is What Halo: Fall of Reach Will Hopefully Look Like

Over the last month, our friends at Latino Review have been debuting concept art for Halo: Fall of Reach. As was explained originally, this isn't concept art for a movie that's actually in production, instead it's concept art that was attached to a spec script written by Stuart Beattie in order to try and sell it to studios. They were drawn by concept artist Kasra Farahani and are from various scenes in the script. These have been hitting individually every week, but now we've got a comprehensive final look at all of them together in order to show you what Halo: Fall of Reach will hopefully look like, if it ever gets made. Definitely check these out - they look pretty damn good and should make you excited if you're a Halo fan.

The script by Beattie is based on the book of the same name, Halo: Fall of Reach. Latino Review say they put these out because they "figured the fans would get a kick out of it and appreciate the fact that there is a filmmaker out there refusing to give up and see a Halo film come to fruition." I'm on the supportive side and really hope this gets made - just look at these photos, wouldn't it be incredible to see them actually in a film? We've featured all five below, where they can be viewed in full by clicking each one.

Halo: Fall of Reach Concept ArtHalo: Fall of Reach Concept Art
Halo: Fall of Reach Concept ArtHalo: Fall of Reach Concept Art
Halo: Fall of Reach Concept Art

Clockwise from top left: a scene that takes place halfway through the film (in space); a scene showing Spartan children in training (fences); the ending of the film where the first Halo game begins (purple planet); a scene showing Spartans fighting the Covenant (wide photo); the climax of the film where Master Chief is fighting on Reach to get Cortana (on the planet). The story in the book follows the introduction of the Spartan soldiers and their fight on the planet Reach against the invading Covenant.

The reason why I'm featuring these is because they look great and are exciting for Halo fans to see. I've been a supporter of the Halo movie all-along, even claiming that Neill Blomkamp's District 9 is being made as a way to prove to Microsoft that Blomkamp can make a big-budget sci-fi movie - or more specifically, the Halo movie. I'm expecting the buzz that these images will create might cause some Hollywood studios to take an interest again. Some have said that the Halo movie and even this script is dead in the water, but I just don't believe it. I'm sure it'll happen, it may just take some time, maybe even a few years. Do you think this concept art is good inspiration for a Halo movie?

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OMG they just need to make this movie already. i love the games and i really cant stand the fact that noone wants to make it.

casey on Sep 2, 2008


is it going to be live action or animated.

Omega on Sep 2, 2008


I just hope who ever picks this movie up doesn't mess it up...

Anthony on Sep 2, 2008


Through this movie I've heard 200% more about the Latino Review than usual.

DCompose on Sep 2, 2008


i hope this film is going to be animated. Can't see it being real.

Darrin on Sep 2, 2008


I actually really enjoyed the Fall of Reach, I'm excited to see how it'll turn out. And I didn't even play halo much, outside of the 1st one...

Mike on Sep 2, 2008


As long as this movie is going to be kick ass then cool. But if its like DOOM, im out of here.

AllmightyKeim on Sep 2, 2008


I have always said Halo needs to be CGI because its too epic to have a live action movie and it would turn up the corny factor. CGI with lots of cool action and I would be there. Also Fall of Reach would be a great place to start. You get the origin story and its chock full of action both with and without aliens. I just cant believe a gears of war movie is already being made after one game and halo is huge and cant seem to be made? why?

Unseen on Sep 3, 2008


I agree with Unseen (no 8). If HALO is going to work as a movie it needs to be done like Final Fantasy and Polar Express, I just don't think it works in live action, because the game and the characters in it have a cartoon look particularly the grunts. The elites and brutes however would make excellent enemies in a live action film, but they would probably end up being CGI creatures anyway.

chrisi on Sep 3, 2008


Has anyone seen the Halo short, Landfall, made by the guys at WETA (did the sets/costumes for LOTR)... If you get these guys on it, a live action Halo would kick ass... Plus, they've already built at least one fully functioning warthog, well aside from the machine gun...

nate on Sep 3, 2008


all i've got to say is that any studio fearing they won't make money off this movie is retarded. It really pisses me off. on the other hand, if it does get made, they have to know its gonna reach mass audiences meaning there might be brain washing bullshit in it. I don't know what's worse.

vu on Sep 3, 2008


Yeah I saw a halo youtube video a while back that was just a buncha nerds making a halo clip. It was done suprisingly well, there was even a part where a brute comes in and owns this guy with his hammer but anyway....Theres so much you could do with a halo movie its rediculous. But the only problem I would have would it being pg 13 just so the little halo kids can see it. This needs to be rated R or just be very epic but I cant imagine a live action Halo movie without extreme amounts of gore.

Cody on Sep 3, 2008


In Hollywood, millions get thrown into the crappiest projects. Then along comes an awesome project where many talented people in hollywood would like to be part of, and what happens? Studios say no because it's a videogame adaptation so they think it won't make money. Comic book adaptations weren't going to make money either. Hollywood will end up learning. It just needs a hit, let's hope Gears of War is good.

Darunia on Sep 3, 2008



Kail on Sep 4, 2008


Fall of Reach, great start, but it can't be animated, you can't take one of the largest space epics and turn it into complete animation (Star Wars: The Clone Wars /barf). It can be part CGI like how the other Star Wars were done, but it has to be human characters. And if the Halo Movie turns into Doom, there will be one majorly pissed community. Whoever makes it that crappy will have no career in movies, EVER! P.S. Seriously, how the hell do you make a Doom movie? The main character was white with a buzzcut, definately not the Rock, and there is no story behind it.

Steven on Sep 10, 2008


I've noticed people commenting that no one wants to make it, and that it upsets them. They've tried producing the movie - but did you see the graphics in just the pictures alone? How much that'd cost to use computer graphics and animation to make half of that look that good? They've been trying since early 2000s to produce this movie - and I wouldn't doubt if they've blown their budget each time to try and make this movie. Think about it - Bungie did an incredible job making these games, and finished it off with grade A work on the last game, Halo 3, that's a huge shadow that the people trying to create this movie are standing in. Could you imagine if they made a Halo movie and just bombed it hard? How bad they'd look? They've got a huge name to represent and if they don't represent it well - I am sure that there will be a lot of unhappy people. It's supposed to be released in 2009, but was also supposed to be released how many other years also? So I am personally hoping they can get past whatever it holding them back, and hurry the hell up and make this damn movie because I don't know how much fricken longer I can wait before I get my panties in a bunch. Yeah, you heard me...

Teff on Sep 12, 2008


The concept fits the script.. but then that means the script doesn't fit the book. I don't see why they needed to adapt the script the book was badass. just condense it some. go with what works

Staus on Oct 2, 2008


HELL YES!! make the damn movie already my bones are itching to see it. And put vin diesel in the role of spartan... that would be wicked cool!!

spore225 on Oct 13, 2008


The Halo movie... I heard about this last year and I've been awaiting it to actually get into production. And I hope that it is made, and I also hope that its a Live Action one too. I can picture Elites choppin marines in half with their energy swords now...

Red on Oct 13, 2008


all the film companies are wanting to make the film, why wouldn't they, the chance to make a film on the worlds best selling game series. the problem is that they can't agree on the merchendise, microsoft want too big a share in the profits, too much for the film companies to take. if microsoft would reduce its share then the film would be up and away. until then its all ready but the cameras arn't rolling

Shadows0fIntent on Oct 14, 2008


so lets kill bill gates so the movie can be done!! >:)

spore225 on Oct 15, 2008


that is some cool stuf...

Jerole on Jan 9, 2009


Microsoft you retard! We want this movie!

Febreze on Jan 26, 2009


To all those who say Halo can't be made because of CGI... They freaking made the Lord of the Rings trilogy, don'T you think they can make Halo if they want to? They are just dumb.

Febreze on Jan 26, 2009


we are going to make one. It won't be WETA quality but it won't suck either 🙂 @

dave on Mar 16, 2009


I am a really big fan of all the "Halo" books, and i enjoy playing the games, but there are a few big questions i have. Such as... "Who will star as John117(Master Chief)? "Are there goign to be tweaks in the story? "Are they ACTUALLY GOING TO MAKE THIS" "Who will make this movie?" and ... "Will there be a series of movies made much like the Harry Potter books had a series of movies?"

Martin on Apr 10, 2009


thats a cool idea, a whole halo series of movies. imagine, the actor of the role of the master chief......... SAMUEL L. JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would be funny.

John on Aug 2, 2009


The main reason that a Halo movie hasn't been made is Bungie's unwillingness to let stuck-up directors from Hollywood change the script that they had written. When the idea of a Halo movie was first being thrown around, Bungie hired a team of writers and made the script for the movie that *they* wanted. All the fancy directors wouldn't touch it beacuse they couldn't warp it to "match their vision" of the Halo series.

Spartan-051 on Aug 31, 2009


when will halo be released?

mark on Oct 8, 2009

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