Tim Blake Nelson Confirms More Incredible Hulk Sequels

November 21, 2008
Source: MTV

Tim Blake Nelson

With The Incredible Hulk now out on DVD, the number of fans who want to see another sequel is constantly growing. As much as we'd all like to believe that Universal is already in pre-production on a sequel, that's just not the case. We've been reporting the minor details over the last few months, but nothing concrete. MTV caught up with Tim Blake Nelson recently who confirmed that he actually signed on for a trilogy, but doesn't know if they'll actually eventually get made or not. For those wondering why Blake Nelson is important, he's the one who turns into the villain named Leader near the end of the movie.

Leader"I'm signed on to do Hulk 2 and 3 whether Edward's there or not, so it's not even up to me," Blake Nelson told MTV. "When I agreed to do Hulk, I signed off for two sequels, so it's a moot question. I certainly hope Edward is on the sequel — but that's up to Marvel and Edward." That Edward he is talking about isn't the one from Twilight, it's fellow actor Edward Norton. As we all know, Norton and Universal got into a bit of a fight, and while we still got a great movie, that experience has made the possibility of Norton returning quite unlikely. "I feel Edward and I are well-suited for one another. It's really fun collaborating with him, and he made these characters [in Hulk and Leaves of Grass] better," Blake Nelson explains.

So what does all this have to do with the Hulk universe? Tim Blake Nelson's character in the movie was Dr. Samuel Sterns, who eventually becomes the villain known as Leader. "I already did [research into Leader] when I was doing [Dr. Samuel] Sterns, because I felt that it would be helpful to lay in stuff as Sterns for what Leader would be," Blake Nelson recalls. Previously, director Louis Leterrier confirmed that Leader was a villain that the film would set up and we all saw the scene where some of the serum dripped onto Sterns' head, causing his brain to start expanding, physically making him more like the comic book villain (seen above to the right).

Unfortunately Blake Nelson didn't have any updates on whether or not a sequel is moving forward. At this point in the game, I'm already afraid that we'll never see one. Maybe they're waiting for Marvel to figure out their plans for The Avengers movie first? Although it's setup at a different studio, it might eventually involve Hulk, putting any sequels on hold for quite a while. Do you want to see a Hulk sequel?

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I'd probably like to see a Hulk sequel, but I am NOT excited about seeing him battle The Leader. Why Hulk have such puny rogues gallery?

Nick on Nov 21, 2008


Very body wanted a Hulk Sequel so bad.

Gilberto Edwards on Dec 7, 2011


We need another contest, Alex! Someone here can come up with a good Hulk sequel script.

Nick on Nov 21, 2008


Maybe or not.

Gilberto Edwards on Dec 7, 2011


Hmm, I'm not so sure I want to see another movie with the Hulk. The Incredible Hulk was alright, but the acting was a little wooden and it would be great to see an actual plot than Norton running away from the government the whole movie.

Brooke on Nov 21, 2008


No Brooke, we want to see the Hulk fight villains not the gov'ment. What about Stern's "test subjects". I'm sure we can flesh that out. What's wrong with fighting the Leader? Didn't he make lots of machines and traps for Hulk to smash? People I know who saw the movie wanted to see more of Hulk as a hero. Especially if they're setting it up for him to help create the Avengers.

Malcolm Edgecombe on Nov 21, 2008


The Avengers has to be the critical factor here. Besides the other movies Marvel already has lined up, of course. And I personally am not opposed to the guy playing the Leader, but he doesn't strike me as a particularly menacing villain... but maybe kinda creepy.

Carl Denham on Nov 21, 2008


If Edward Norton isnt in the sequals, then they shouldnt even make them.

Faust on Nov 21, 2008


Arggg. I'm hope they make a sequel. I'm kind of tired of having to see re-booted movies without giving them a chance! I want to see movies move forward not re-establish what we already know from a different writers POV. Just like the punisher, now we have to re-watch the movie again before 3 years later they make a sequel to it, (if it does well). Or hollywood will just re-boot it again. Rather then persuing on with the franchise. When they make more sequels it means more action, more of what we want, story progression, Characters, ect...

The_Phantom on Nov 21, 2008


i was a bit disappointed with the incredible hulk. there was a lack of action. Only three. If there is a sequel make atleast 5 or 6 action sequences. Ang lee's hulk had alot of action. don't lie we all know his one had more action

Darrin on Nov 21, 2008


The Incredible Hulk was my favorite comic book movie of the year and i hope they do another one. If anyone hasn't seen it give it a chance you will like it.

dac_fan on Nov 21, 2008


I agree with Faust. No Norton, no Hulk.

Chris @ on Nov 21, 2008


Oh Man I hope this becomes reality!!! I loved the new HULK, best movie of the summer for me. Although (and don't kill me ya all) I have yet to see TDK. Amazing story, great actors and the action was fantastic! Plus the HULK is my favourite comic book character. Please Mr Edward Norton come back for the sequels/prequels. Marvel do whatever you need to get him signed and give the go ahead for more HULK movies.

K on Nov 22, 2008


This sequel has incredible room for improvement and I would like to see The Leader on the big screen. The Hulk has faced a physically threatening villain (Abomination) and now may be the time to face an intellectually threatening villain.

SlashBeast on Nov 22, 2008


he cant "fight" the leader...all the leader was ever after was the hulks powers, all he ever tries to do is replace youn banner with himself....not much of a story there, unless they stick to the comics and have iron man or cap save his sorry skin!!!

theori on Nov 22, 2008


Of course another Hulk can be made without Norton; it's ridiculous to think no one else could play the character. But if Tim Blake Nelson looks like that Leader, it'll be Coneheads all over again, and unintentional laughs every time he's on screen. Maybe Hulk should be rested for a few years before another attempt is made.

avoidz on Nov 22, 2008


That don't make any sense because Ed Norton will be in a Sequel because he did the Hulk in 2008.

Gilberto Edwards on Dec 7, 2011


i think they should keep norton he made the hulk great and im ready for a sequel. as for the leaders cone head they should only give his skin a green tint and make the head either see threw or were you can see the brain,they need to make it kind of gross AND real. can't wait.

chris on Nov 23, 2008


if they do the sequel or when they do it they need to bring back the abominatation for his fourth round as he would say to help the leader. they should have him locked up and leader should use his mind to penetrate the prison and release his creatation. could be great.

chris on Nov 23, 2008


Unsure why the first one got such bad press. I loved it. It seemed pretty damn good compared to that Ang Lee bs.

bozoconnors on Nov 24, 2008


Then why in the Hell did IH end with the scene with Stark and General Asshole? What about the cross-over? Son of a Bitch!!!!!!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Nov 24, 2008


I think if you take Eric Bana from that horrible Ang Lee Hulk movie and and put him in the recent Hulk movie - it would have been better. Ed Norton was to skinny and dorky. Bill Bixby's David Banner wasn't corny like Norton's was. But regardless - I think they should do a sequel. Definatlely - they nailed the Hulk dead on with the CGI

J-Dub on Nov 25, 2008


I like Edward Norton because he looked like Bill Bixby than any other movie actor out their.And They need a Second Edward Norton Hulk movie instead of The Avengers,because the avengers is not popular at all yet. That's why they need The Incredible Hulk 3 after they do a Hulk 2.And have The Avengers in the Incredible Hulk 3 with Ed Norton three peat.

Gilberto Edwards on Dec 7, 2011


Ed Norton was the transplant that the Incredible hulk needed to come back to life. The sequels for now are not important as much as I would love them. Its the Avengers movie in 2011. and w/o Ed it would simply drop a taste of insecurity now that so many fans have excepted Ed Norton as the true David Banner.

McSnoopaloop on Dec 27, 2008


I like your suggestions there Edward Norton is under the contract for muilple Hulk movies based on the Television series and the marvel comics.

Gilberto Edwards on Dec 7, 2011


as a hulk fan i hope marvel and universal studios decide to make more hulk smashtastic movies the 2003 hulk movie was a complete sham hulk looked too cartoony but in the 2008 hulk movie hulk looked more realistic ed norton was definately suited as banner lets hope more movies r going to be made and ed returns for more action come on marvel/universal studios bring the hulk back for more hulk smash

daniel on Aug 9, 2009


I will go see another Hulk Movie with Edward Norton because marvel said the will not rule out a Incredible Hulk 2 with Edward Norton under the contract.

Gilberto Edwards on Dec 7, 2011

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