Trailers Before Dark Knight: Watchmen, Terminator Salvation, Body of Lies

July 9, 2008
Source: ComingSoon

Watchmen: Night Owl

Not that anyone needs any more encouragement to go see The Dark Knight, but trailers for Watchmen, Terminator Salvation, and Body of Lies will all show in front of the film next weekend. Now I'm sure I've just made everyone even more ridiculously excited for July 18th. My guess is that at least two of those won't show up online before they debut in theaters only, but who knows? Our friends over at ComingSoon have officially confirmed that the aforementioned trailers will show, which is good news considering it's usually a guessing game until someone confirms it at the midnight shows. One trailer we won't see: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. In fact, those three (and a few more from other studios) are probably enough lest the feeble minds of geeks might explode from too much excitement.

Why am I sharing this news with you? Because I'm a big movie geek (like all of you) and although I've seen The Dark Knight already, even I'm excited to see these three trailers. Warner Brothers has got their shit together and if I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty damn sure that these three movies will shoot to the top of everyone's most anticipated lists soon after they debut. I'm most curious about Watchmen more than anything. I was on set last year, but I'm anxious to see some finished footage. I've got a very good fuzzy feeling that this trailer is going to make jaws drop. And of course I'm looking forward to seeing what McG has done with the Terminator franchise and I'm always up or Ridley Scott's latest production.

Watchmen is directed by Zack Snyder and due out in theaters on March 6th, 2009. Terminator Salvation is directed by McG and is due out in theaters on May 22nd, 2009. Body of Lies is directed by Ridley Scott and is due out in theaters on October 10th. Stay tuned for the online debut of all three trailers soon!

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There's really no guarantee that all three trailers will show at all theatres showing Dark Knight. New prints usually have one trailer attached that we're "required" to play (the "required" rule is sometimes broken if it's a crappy trailer/for a crappy movie) and there's as many as 8 other trailers in the can with the feature and there's usually no requirement to play any but one of those. Some theatres have a corporate office that tells them what to play and others - particularly mom & pop operations - just let the person building the print decide what to play. We'll probably run the Watchmen & Terminator trailers but I bet we'll show something other than the Body Of Lies trailer - depending on what shows up by the 17th.

Mat on Jul 9, 2008


Growing up, I was a big comic book fan but I never had a chance to read watchmen. It just wasn't popular where I was from. It seems to be getting a lot of buzz, can anyone (ALEX) explain to me what the hype is all about? Is it really THAT good?

damuh_yuzah on Jul 9, 2008


I doubt we'll get these in the UK, but it'd be nice to see them. I have a question about Batman, there's the opportunity in London to watch it on the huge IMAX screen, or just a standard cinema. Should I opt for the IMAX? Or would some people argue that you can't concentrate on the whole picture when the screen is gigantically huge?

Jon on Jul 9, 2008


good trailers to hype you up for the dark knight. too bad i live in trinidad i might not get that.

Darrin on Jul 9, 2008


The Watchmen was the Godfather of the comic world back in the day. Fingers crossed they haven't screwed it up but from what I've seen it doesn't look like it.

Dr Phaust on Jul 9, 2008


Dagger! I sent you the tip on Body of Lies before TDK almost three weeks ago. Where's the love?

Hollywood Hills on Jul 9, 2008


@#6 +1 love.

dRailer on Jul 9, 2008


mmm, I know my theatere gets the prints on the 12th, unfortunately the IMAX print will take about 6 hours to process. Since IMAX usually wont play trailers for non IMAX movies I doubt I'll see those trailers till the 17th either.

pk on Jul 9, 2008


Watchmen looks hilarious. It will be the funniest shit of all time. Look at those retarded costumes. HAHAH. This will be a boxoffice bomb all the way because general audiences won't give a fuck about this flick. T4 could be pretty awesome. Body of lies??? Is this a porn movie?? About some girl cheating

Jojo on Jul 9, 2008


I can't wait now, for real, like theres one thing I love about movies and that's trailers! The trailers are SOMETIMES better than the movie itself (especially when I saw 1408, god I was dissapointed when the trailers ended), but y'know, thats the whole movie going experience. Thats why grindhouse was so much fun, it was the fun of being in an actual movie theater seeing actual movies.

Kail on Jul 9, 2008


Jojo, please educate yourself.

Staatz on Jul 9, 2008


...seriously JoJo. But anyway, I can't wait for them to show those trailers, altho I'm goin to the IMAX showing so Idk if they'll show non-IMAX movie trailers.

Alfredo on Jul 9, 2008


I'm honestly not very excited for Watchmen... It doesn't look that great to me.. Kind of reminds me of a darker MysteryMen.. lol Sorry if this offends people.. Just looks really goofy to me..

Blake B on Jul 9, 2008


you should do this more often for big movies

Cheater on Jul 9, 2008


I would love to Cheater, but as #1 pointed out above, it is absolutely impossible. Not only does this information rarely get out there, because it comes from inside the exhibitor side of studios (and not publicity), but once it gets down to individual theaters, it's in their own hands. There is every only ONE trailer attached to a movie max that MUST be played (for example, Watchmen on this). But otherwise, it's up to the theater and what they have. I've even seen situations where a theater has 4 screens of a certain movie and trailers for each are entirely different. That's even because they potentially ran out of a certain new trailer and had to run "whatever they had" on hand at the time. Because of that local disconnect, there is no way to judge what will show up in front of movies except for that one attached trailer. Hope that helps explain why I don't do this more often... 🙂

Alex Billington on Jul 9, 2008


Man, Watchmen is going to be my next BIG movie after TDK!!! One of the best super hero stories ever told. For those of you who's not giving Watchmen a chance, I hope you do yourself a favor and look into it some more before you make up your mind on it. The clip art and costumes so far looks great, it totally matches the mood of the original comic. Can't wait for the trailer and TDK next week!!!

omega728 on Jul 9, 2008


I have a feeling TERMINATOR will just be a teaser with no footage really considering how they started filming not to long ago. Probably some CGI and words with a title. Not expecting much action in it.

Ryan on Jul 9, 2008


NO HALF-BLOOD PRINCE TRAILER?!?!?!? Grrr.....We are soo overdue for one, WB!!! I'm excited for Terminator though. =]

Hazel on Jul 9, 2008


OMG...people will crap their pants for a T4 and Watchmen trailer (even if it's teasers) and I’ll be among them. The only thing that would make it even more perfect is a Harry Potter trailer. The theater would go absolutely ape caca...and be that much happier when Batman finally started. Although with those three trailers in front of this potential kick ass (and that’s an understatement) movie, I think we’d riot thanks to the temporary insanity due to all these awesome looking movies.

JeepFu on Jul 10, 2008

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