Transformers 2 Update: Michael Bay Writing the Script?!

February 12, 2008
Source: Rotten Tomatoes, IESB

Michael Bay on Transformers

Of all things to report on today, the best news just happens to be about Transformers 2 and everyone's favorite action movie director, Michael Bay. The annual Visual Effects Society awards took place last Monday night and just about everyone from Transformers was there, including Megan Fox, Michael Bay and the entire ILM visual effects team. Multiple sources have quotes straight from Bay's mouth on the project, including that Bay has been writing the script himself! If you're a hardcore Transformers fan or if you loved the Transformers movie last summer, then you need to read on. Bay and company spill so many juicy details that it would make any Transformers fan foam at the mouth.

Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, they just did. I'm not as big of a Michael Bay hater as some people, but that doesn't mean he knows how to write a good script. Rotten Tomatoes asked Bay about the status of Transformers 2 and he told them some very interesting news.

"I've been writing Transformers 2," said Bay. "We've got our characters all designed. I always write all my scripts, my movies anyway so at least I've got something to give the writers. It's like a template. We have a really good outline so I worked on that."

Why, oh why, do you ask? Michael Bay is such a diligent director and so excited about that sequel that he wouldn't like the strike prevent him from working. "We had to because I want to make my date. I'm not going to let the strike take me down." I'm glad he's sticking with the date Paramount set of June 26th, 2009 next summer. To be honest, I don't think Michael Bay is that bad, but I know some other people will say that it is an absolute travesty to see Bay writing Transformers 2. It's probably nothing but explosions and… more explosions!

Our friends over at IESB also caught up with both Michael Bay and ILM's Scott Farrar at the VES awards. They first questioned Bay about the fans involvement, and he did say that "the fans did have some influence on some stuff." But what exactly can expect in Transformers 2? How about the Dinobots that used to kick some serious ass in the cartoon? Unfortunately Bay confirms that there are no Dinobots, but there will be "a lot of different, new stuff." Bay continues, saying, "it's just the tip of the iceberg what you saw last movie, in terms of characters, a different types of species, I guess."

Transformers' visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar, one of ILM's head honchos, also added some more details into the mix (via IESB). Farrar said that they've already started work on Transformers 2 and and that they've seen some of the "beginning animatics and they're unbelievable." Farrar also points out the obvious, saying, "Michael's added a lot more robots" and that "this one is going to [have] a huge production value." Hopefully we can trust his word more than Bay's. Considering he works at ILM, the top digital effects house in the world (just barely above Weta Workshop), hearing him say that there are some "unbelievable scenes" is definitely a good thing.

Considering how much I actually loved Transformers last year, I will say without a doubt that I'm excited to see what Bay whips up in the sequel. Whether the far-fetched rumor about transforming air craft carries is true or not, I'm sure Transformers 2 will feature plenty of awesome new robots and plenty of explosions. Bay and the entire ILM team will be back, in fact they're already working on it, and I'm hoping that like Spider-Man 2, we'll get an even better movie than the first. Transformers 2 is currently scheduled to arrive in theaters on June 26th, 2009.

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While it may not be a travesty that hes writing it.....even though i didnt care for Transformers..... The fact that he didnt support the strike is worse. More concerned about money than the people that write his movies.

Heckle on Feb 12, 2008


I loved the Transformers movie, thought Micheal Bay did a awesome job. Really looking forward to the 2nd one like you said lets hope its like Spiderman 2 meaning better then the first...

Curtis on Feb 12, 2008


It isn't really worrying me at this point if he usually writes his scrips and then hands it over to the real writers.

Stephen on Feb 12, 2008


Transformers was good enough to allow me to forgive Michael for the disaster that is Bad Boys II. That and Smith going on to do excellent performances in both Pursuit of Happyness and I Am Legend. You're in my good books, Mr. Bay.

Brad on Feb 12, 2008


Awesome news! Michael Bay knows action--very well! The fact that he just wrote an outline, a template, makes me realize that he wants to make a kick-a$$ follow up. He's got great ideas and it's not as if he left the writer's jobless--the writer's DO have a movie to write. Although it may be a doodle of explosions and action sequences who better than Michael Bay to come up with them. I seriously doubt that the writer's would have stopped writing if the Directors Guild were on strike. However, I'm so glad that the writer's strike is over! Loved the first "Transformers"! It seems everyone will be happy working on "Transformers 2". Can't wait for the flick!!! I think Michael Bay is one of the best action directors of all time!

Spider on Feb 12, 2008


Bwghahahahahahahahah@ everyone's favorite action movie director. YOU'RE KIDDING RIGHT?

REAL6 on Feb 12, 2008


Never mentioned that he's my favorite....but he ranks pretty high! I admire his work---ACTION! He did an awesome job with "Transformers"!.....and NO I'm not kidding!

Spider on Feb 12, 2008


i think seeing as how transformers was such an awesome movie, i dont think michael bay will ruin it. and who knows maybe the strike will end in time for the script to be reviewed or maybe rewritten by someone else. who knows. but idk what you say man i love all the action and the explosions, thats why i go to see michael bay films anyway :p

casey on Feb 12, 2008


My least favorite action movie director. Actually, I dislike him so much, he wouldn't even make my list of least favorite.

Zach D. on Feb 12, 2008


Ok, I want to start out by saying TRANSFORMERS SUCKED!! and I have no idea why anyone would like that ridiculous piece of shit. This movie costed 150 million dollars. Most of that money went to the special effects for the Transformers, but what did they do the whole time. Lets make a list - listened to masturbation jokes, peed on John Tuturro, giggled, laughed, told stupid jokes, hid from Shia LaBueff's parents, pretty much made into jokes, by doing a whole lot of other retarded shit except the two things I expected: Transform and Fight. They waited till the end for this to happen, but that fight was ultimately disappointing. They fought for like 5-10 minutes at the most and by that time I couldnt take any of them seriously after they have just been acting like 15 year old school girls the other 2 1/2 hours of the movie. I seriously want to know what the fuck anybody could have like about Transformers. Please, tell me. I am fucking angry that this turned into such a sensation.

Vega Bro on Feb 12, 2008


Well Vega Bro! I'm NOT about to engage in "Transformers" dissection because it would be a LONG night. I loved the flick! Clearly Vega Bro, you liked it enough to mention your favorite scenes. I'm sure you own the DVD! "Transformers" kicked a$$! Get ready to be pissed next year when "Transformers 2" rakes in more money than its predecessor!! Just read'em and weep! ...and Zach D.-- you hate Michael Bay--and CARE enough to post it----point taken!! WITH THAT SAID: Allow me the "Dirty Harry" response: "Opinions are like a$$holes--everybody's got one!"

Spider on Feb 12, 2008


To be honest, if anyone can't see this movie is about nothing more than pure fun, action and (occasionally immature, yes, but light-hearted) jokes, then they should probably take the stick out of their ass before watching it again. You can't take a movie about giant transforming humanoid robots serious, so why make it serious? Things don't have to make sense, and they don't have to be logical. It's pure, mindless, larger-than-life entertainment with just enough of the other elements (drama/romance) to keep it from flying off the rails. Just suspend your beliefs and have some fun.

Brad on Feb 13, 2008


Vega Bro acting like he paid for the movie wit his own money. "Transformers sucked, i paid $150 mil for the movie, i giggled and laughed like a 15 year old girl for 2 hrs". just shut up b/c you gonna go see TF2 when it come out anyway

theTruth on Feb 13, 2008


Right on Brad,pass the popcorn!!

Zerge on Feb 13, 2008


I like how 2 out of the 3 people that tried to disagree with me were complete retards. TheTruth, Spider, I'm glad you have stong opinions about the film, but really, read your comments back to yourself and tell me if they made any sense (because they all.) Brad on the other hand makes a valid point. I did just what you said I should do. I knew I was walking into a Special Effects parade and still, Bay completely fucked it up. You see, I wanted mindless action action, yes, occasional jokes, but what the movie ended up being was one big huge joke that I dont think I laughed at once. Mostly I cringed when the rest of the theater thought certain jokes were funny. I wanted to see it at first though, because of the trailer. There was action everywhere in the trailer, but I dont think one action scene from the movie isnt in the trailer, which kind of sucks for an action movie. And you make a very good point "You cant take a movie about giant transforming humanoid robots seriously, so why make it serious". The reason I did is because Michael Bay meant for me to take them seriously and I think the movie set out to take them seriously, and I probably would've if they did something serious, but no, for 3 hours they did nothing serious or cool or action-y. If anything, I would have wanted more action in the movie, but there wasnt any. Transformers was a faliure through and through.

Vega Bro on Feb 13, 2008


God help us all...I'm sorry but Bay's movies are terrible, I cant even think about how much worse this next movie will be. There's only so much Slo-Mo and BIG music a guy can take ya know?

Herbert on Feb 13, 2008


i'm a pretty stand up guy and i respect what a man has to say but Vega Bro, you the retard, maybe more than that. i know what i was saying when i said what i said dude. there's no need to hear everybody's opinion and criticism when the facts are in your face. if someone came to tell you that Jesus didn't get nailed to a cross when he standing there showing you all 10 fingers then why would you listen to that person. honestly, i agreed wit you when you said that the humor in it wasn't all that great and the robots could've fought longer but you can't say something "SUCKED" when everybody from here to the Mississippi went and saw the movie and thinks differently from your opinion. and i agree wit my mans Herbert... i say if JB and MB don't do something to change it up this time around and be careful not to give the audience the same movie then yes Vego Bro, it will indeed suck, but no one has or never will complain about success. where i'm from, we call you a hater, keep doing ya job!

theTruth on Feb 14, 2008


So my opinion is wrong because I hated a movie everyone else liked? If you really think that way, then I cant help you.

Vega Bro on Feb 14, 2008


i think from what i saw is that it is the best movies ive seen...cant wait till part 2 comes out i also hope that u kepp the same characters.

jp on Feb 15, 2008


dude!! transformer is better than spider-man..cause like in spider-man had alot of animated scenes and transformer , the only thing that was animated was the transformers. man if u like spder-man is better then u r the most fucking stupid person i know

jp on Feb 15, 2008


well in my oppinion transformers was a kick ass movie i actually just got watching it and i love it to me it a type of movie you can watch over and over again and never get tired of it..but that me and im so excited that another transformers movie is coming out as long as it keeps hot ass megan fox in it if they take her out id be pissed she so hott but other tan that i cant wait i wish it was coming out at the end of this year and not next year i cant wait that but what an alsome movie if he did this one perfectly he can do another one in my keep doing what your doing and ignore some of these dumbass that disagree with you....

russell on Mar 3, 2008


ummm---do you get paid to write good things about bad movie makers? michael bay sucks and always has....he ruined the moved so fast you couldn't see ANYTHING...and don't even get me started on the script! he needs to leave out the stupid teen sex wasn't in the show and it shouldn't be in the movie....the transformers fan base are out of their 20s by now and personally, i was offended by how many dorky comments he had put into that script towards women.......not only that, but what was up with that meek little teen surviving that fall from a building inbetween two gigantic fighting machines and it also seemed like every human who got hit directly in the head by a metal fist was able to recover with a small cut and bruise......i've been in a major car accident and i didn't come out of it that unscathed........if you're going to make a cartoon into a movie that's trying to make it realistic, PLEASE make it realistic! to VEGA BRO: don't put so much stock into anyone who comments your comments, most of these people are teens who don't know much about good movies anyway...anyone who would describe the transformers movie as "the best movie they've ever seen" or anything good about a guy who's mainly known for Cher videos and plans to redo Friday the 13th, obviously hasn't seen many good movies...don't sweat it dude!

greg on Mar 11, 2008


you can please some of the people all of the time "if that" but you can't please all of the people all of the thime

Neonblue on Mar 15, 2008


I'm tired of people calling it a "2.5 hour GM commercial" I still like the Saleen mustang! anybody know if the maggie girl is going to be in the second one?

Ster on Jun 10, 2008


transformers sux

bailey on Jun 13, 2009


michael bay DOES suck and anyone who thinks otherwise is a blockbuster rats don't know good filmmaking 'cuz they're too busy watching things blow up and their intelligence doesn't go any further than cars and tits....... michael bay is absolutely THE WORST film director there is....... 1.i'm sure that cute little Shia dude would come off with hardly a scratch if he was tumbling down a skyscraper in between two GIGANTIC battling robots made of metal not even found on this planet! (meanwhile, people get wrapped around dumptrucks and skewered!) 2.i'm sure the hottest chic in the movie just happens to know about cars.... 3.i'm sure NONE of the neighbors would notice the GIGANTIC robots clinking and clanking whilst hiding from cute little Shia's parents..... 4.i'm sure that a Misfits fan would ever be caught DEAD with a Blink 182 poster on his wall....(note the posters on the dork's walls) -if you're going to try to make a realistic movie about a cartoon.....MAKE IT REALISTIC......DON'T PUT A BUNCH OF PRETTY CARS MATCHED WITH HIGH SCHOOL JOCK HUMOR IN A MOVIE THAT WILL BE WATCHED BY THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY WATCHED THE CARTOON.....THEY WILL SEE THROUGH IT....AS MOST OF US HAVE......the only people that actually liked the first Transformers are people who didn't grow up watching it and are only newbie alterno-geeks who grew up wearing the tshirt to come off cool...........WHATEVER! MICHAEL BAY SUCKS BIG DONKEY DICK and you'll be sucking on one too as you wait in line to pay 10bucks for toilet humor.......good luck with that!

Gracie on Jun 13, 2009


I am really disappointed about the latest transformer movie. There was so much fowl language and adult scenes that my Grandchildern was not allowed to go see it. I thought this was suppose to be more of a family film. My Grandchildern were so dissapointed expecially my Grandson since he is such a transformer fan. I surly hope the next one is cleaned up.

concerned grandparent on Oct 6, 2009

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