Tropic Thunder's For Your Consideration Ads for Kirk Lazarus!

December 5, 2008

Tropic Thunder's For Your Consideration Ads

For You Consideration: The Most Acclaimed Actor of His Generation… Gives the Performance of a Lifetime. Those are the words that are featured on Kirk Lazarus' For Your Consideration Oscar ad. Who is Kirk Lazarus you ask? He played Sgt. Osiris in Tropic Thunder! No, not Robert Downey Jr., the other guy, disguised as the dude playing the other dude. Paramount has begun some extra marketing for the Oscar season and put out a hilarious series of ads, some of which show up on Hollywood Elsewhere (via Awards Daily). Interestingly, I have a very good feeling Downey Jr's going to actually get nominated. Why?

Tropic Thunder's For Your Consideration Ads

Because if they nominate him, even just to have him as a nominee, since we all know Heath Ledger is going to win this category anyway, it's going to cause people to watch the Oscars. And the Academy wants nothing more than millions of viewers next February. The numbers have been going down and they're desperate to turn it into a big event again. Why do you think they allowed new trailers to air during the commercials? And do you think these ads are to be taken seriously? Maybe this is all a way of saying "we're sorry" to Robert Downey Jr. and company for pushing back The Soloist to next year? What do you think?

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Jeff Portnoy for best supporting actor!!!!!! either way they'll both lose to this guy named heath ledger

LeeMan on Dec 5, 2008


thats cool the movie was really funny i understand why they r trying to push this

dave on Dec 5, 2008


Pure rubbish!!!!! Fucking Hollywood!

THERBLIG on Dec 5, 2008


lol the movie itself at least has to be nominated for best editing...and tom cruise as Les lol.

Carlemile on Dec 5, 2008


I like this, its good humor

Scott McHenry on Dec 5, 2008


Ugh, no. Not that good, not that funny (sure, he's fine, but Oscar Worthy?? No)

ThePlaylist on Dec 5, 2008


I think its great, yeah it was a comedy movie...and? That doesnt take away the fact that the performance done by Robert Downey Jr. was great and he shouldnt be overlooked just because of the genre of film his character was in. If the Academy or anyone is going to overlook his performance just because of the genre/film then they arent doing there job.

Derek on Dec 5, 2008


I dont care who wins as long as its not Heath Ledger, talk about a dreadful performance... kids in a 6th grade play were more convincing... we get it your "dark" and "scary"

Brian Roque on Dec 5, 2008


I dont care who wins as long as its not Heath Ledger, talk about a dreadful performance… kids in a 6th grade play were more convincing… we get it your "dark" and "scary"

Brian Roque on Dec 5, 2008


LOL i had to have RENTED THAT MOVIE 3 times already and that is going to be my new favorite funny movie...i swear to goodness downey jr stole that whole movie and cruise shut me up as not being a comedian

ill will on Dec 5, 2008


The NBRMP gave Supporting Actor to Josh Brolin, which I completely disagree with. I didn't think he shined all that much in Milk.

Will S. on Dec 5, 2008


the problem is the Oscars will lose its esteem. I've always dreamed of Animation (Walle) Action/ Sci Fi (Dark Knight) and Comedy (this) to get a chance, and now that its happening, im not so sure. Every time a compromise is made, it opens a door to an add on to that compromise, and next thing you know, it becomes something shitty. Like with the trailers allowed to be shown, theres a lot of crazy rules now like, first time its seen, or cant be a movie before may. But in a few years they'll say, lets let more trailers advertise. Things are gonna go down hill, i am sure of it.

al on Dec 5, 2008


@Brian S You're likely in the minority... He was not meant to be dark and scary.... He was meant to represent twisted purity, a sadistic icon of pure anarchy, which he most assuredly did. The academy will likely see that. Also posting twice doesn't add validity to your statement.

Clarke on Dec 5, 2008


The Academy is the most crooked group of crooks to ever plague hollywood, they only ever give props to "major" art films, never to films that really deserve it. These films aren't made to be art, but rather, to win awards. Movies like Tropic Thunder were made for a laugh, and thats why it is true art, because it was made to entertain the masses, and that it did. If this Robbie DJ gets nominated I will piss out my ass.

Kail on Dec 5, 2008


The Academy will see that Heath is dead and succumb to the hype. They need to take an objective look at his performance and not judge based on the fickle trends of the masses. You're not a rock star til you're dead, as the saying goes. People thinking Heath's performance wasn't all it was hyped to be might be in the minority now, but wait for the furor to die down. Hopefully Downey will be given more consideration since he played about four people in Tropic Thunder, and pulled it off very well. The man has serious acting chops.

D.R. on Dec 5, 2008


People are missing the point completely! No duh Heath Ledger is going to win. Competing against him on a level playing field is impossible. SO instead they're taking time to promote their movie! It's a publicity stunt and a damn good one. It costs them nearly nothing and will be brought up a TON in the press and media. I mean look at this! This will get talked about on every radio station from here to TimBukTu tomorrow and that alone may allow it to actually get some kind of goof factor vote. It's classic.

Kent on Dec 6, 2008


that's pretty lame, He was good in it but they don't really expect him to get a nomination, at least I hope they don't otherwise their delusional. There's about five other performances that will better fit the supporting category. And as good as Ledger's joker was he has some serious competition from Josh Brolin in Milk, as well as Michael Shannon in Revolutionary Road, Ralph Fiennes in The Reader, and the kid from Austraila(I'm drawing a blank on the name). So all in all I don't see any room for Downey Jr.

adrian on Dec 6, 2008


for everyone saying Ledger will only win for is death, although that may be true, if he wasnt dead he would still deserve an academy award. the same as you all seem to think Downey Jr. deserves one. As far as great performances go Ledger's Joker > Downey's Lazarus.

al on Dec 6, 2008


I will bet on Eddie Marsan from Happy-Go-Lucky, he was outstanding, but the oscars are rarely fair. I wouldnt mind Downey or Ledger winning, though. Greetings.

Mario Tenorio on Dec 6, 2008


It doesn't matter how brilliant the performance the award will always got to gay/liberal themed type performers and movies/politics the stuff that Hollywood likes to consider progressively innovative. This trend also displays a disdain for the regular cinema goer. Note how many times excellent performances were denied proper accolades because of this trend. For example Joaquin Phoenix was robbed for Walk the Line while his ditzy co-star secured an Oscar. The mediocre Milk will be highly nominated, for this reason, and for no other as will its useless star. W will also get several nods for something despite it being a "so so" movie. I honestly wont be surprised as it is becoming more and more apparent that it is never about the movie, or the performance, but rather the zeitgeist or cause de jour. Probably the only awards at Oscar that posess any serious integrity anymore are those for Sound, FX and other technicals. I don't think anyone takes the Oscars seriously anymore now that Hollywood has gone full retard.

James on Dec 6, 2008

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