Tucker Max's I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell Gets Cast

July 9, 2008

Matt Czuchry

If you haven't heard of Tucker Max, you soon will. Some (well, a lot, actually) probably remember him from his personal website, which featured the self-described asshole's alcohol-laden, scandalous escapades. A riveting and bawdy read, Max's short stories were turned into a book in 2006 entitled "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell", which became a New York Times Best Seller three years in a row. It seemed inevitable that a movie of such titillating memoirs would follow. Hollywood Reporter brings us news that TV lesser-known Matt Czuchry ("Gilmore Girls", "Friday Night Lights") will play the indecent anthropologist in the Darko Entertainment production. Joining Czuchry as Max's friends are Jesse Bradford (who I only remember from Swimfan and Hackers) and "7th Heaven" alum Geoff Stults.

The plot for the film "follows [a] trip to a friend's bachelor party, where [Max] ensnares the groom in a lie that threatens the wedding, then abandons him to pursue further carnal knowledge. After being banned from the nuptials, Max attempts to get back into his friend's good graces." I get a distinct Wedding Crashers vibe, but that's probably just reflex. There's no word if the film's plot follows actual events of Max's life, but it's safe to say the particulars are certainly "inspired by." I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is written by Max and first-timer Nils Parker, and directed by novice director, Bob Gosse.

I'm not sure what to think of the project just yet. Reading this kind of material is a much different experience than seeing it on screen. Adaptations like this have a high risk for cliche, such as dropping squarely into the romantic comedy category. Max's adventures are pretty brazen in their saltiness and completely unapologetic. I'll see how my opinion sharpens over time by watching the developments over at the film's official blog. However it turns out, I don't envy Czuchry. As you might have seen from Max's site, the first-time movie lead will have to play a guy that describes himself as follows:

"I get excessively drunk at inappropriate times, disregard social norms, indulge every whim, ignore the consequences of my actions, mock idiots and posers, sleep with more women than is safe or reasonable, and just generally act like a raging dickhead. But, I do contribute to humanity in one very important way. I share my adventures with the world."

For followers of Max, are you excited to see the movie coming down? For those who've never heard of the guy, does this movie hold any promise?

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I haven't been so excited for a movie so far from the opening in a very long time. I think I've probably been waiting several months for the casting announcements.

Jeff on Jul 9, 2008


DAMN! I should have put my life story on paper if I knew they'd of made a book and a movie out of it! Sounds like a recapping of my twenties!

Dave V. on Jul 9, 2008


IF they maintain this tone throughout the entire film: "I get excessively drunk at inappropriate times, disregard social norms, indulge every whim, ignore the consequences of my actions, mock idiots and posers, sleep with more women than is safe or reasonable, and just generally act like a raging dickhead. But, I do contribute to humanity in one very important way. I share my adventures with the world." Then I think it will be a pure gas. A total delight to watch. It will be like watching the adventures of myself.

cornholio_by_the_sea on Jul 9, 2008


I am on the edge of my seat waiting for this movie. I have been following the production blog and after seeing the casting, I know that this is going to be EPIC. My friends and I live on a freaking island in the Bahamas and we are planning on flying to Florida to see this when it premieres.

divebunny on Jul 9, 2008


I have never thought Tuker Max was funny one bit. It seems to me that he is that drunk ass hole from the dorm who is a total piece of shit. It would be nice if Hollywood actually let good movies get made nowadays.

John on Jul 10, 2008


I like how this site keeps saying we`re gonna be hearing a lot about Tucker Max soon. But fuck, was everyone talking about Rudy when that shit came out, or I dunno... Patch Adams!

DCompose on Jul 10, 2008


I read the first chapter of that book and thought it was the most ignorant piece of shit I have ever read. I doubt T. Max believes in Karma and I'm sure he wouldn't be afraid to admit it. Which is why I can't believe this is getting made into a movie. Hopefully it will not do well. I AM A MALE, I LOVE BEER, BUT T. MAX IS RETARDED. DO NOT THROW MONEY TOWARDS THAT ASSHOLES WAY. PEOPLE LIKE HIM IS THE REASON TERRORISTS HATE US. EXERCISE SOME INTELLIGENCE AND WATCH "SUPER HIGH ME INSTEAD" LOL.

vu on Jul 10, 2008


Tucker Max? You mean the dolt who has been called out repeatedly for his fabricated stories? Oh well, I enjoy a good time as much as the next guy. But Tucker's stories are not funny, entertaining or even true (reportedly, his friends have called him out publically on a few tales). As long as the movie is not rated "R", it might sell a few DVDs... If it's rated "R", then 80% of Max's fanbase wouldn't be able to purchase it, as mom or dad won't give them access to a credit card.

Derrick on Jul 10, 2008


yeh...the whole thing is a bit gratuitous and self-indulgent. I haven't read much in regards to his stuff being fabricated, but there's some kind of audience if his book has been a best seller for so long (and there's another coming to be timed with the movie's release).

kevin powers on Jul 10, 2008


Derrick's right, he's been proven a fraud. Just Google "Tucker Max fraud," there's YouTube videos of morning DJ's calling him out live, with him in studio and him stumbling over "facts" and having no clue that they're actually making fun of him. The donut story I think is the one they chose to focus on, how he could run a car through a store front and yet there's not one mention ever of the incident in the public domain? He's good for what he is, but he needn't portray himself as the actual character he writes about. Bret Easton Ellis was successful enough, leading his life how he chose to lead it and writing about the characters he chose to write about. It has sold so well, because for whatever reason guys (and girls) feel the need to live vicariously through his stories. He never looks bad ever in one of his stories or gets put in his place or even knocked out, is that really possible? To be completely flawless when you're getting this obliterated? His marketing strategy was genius though, he targeted the military and the young men serving. Which is his perfect demographic, 18-30 who have yet to complete college.

Ian on Jul 11, 2008


Tucker's books are shit enough as they are but the film will be appalling. I really can't see the appeal in sitting through a couple of hours of the self gratification of a spoilt sociopath. His books are full of the sort of stories that we all have tucked away from our youth, except that we grew out of that stage in our lives and moved on, and the writing itself is not exactly great. Worse still is that there is evidence that Tucker has lied or at least exagerated various tales. Its little else than an excercise in stoking the already oversized ego of someone who really does not have anything of any real importance to say except "look at me aren't I great." To which the answer is well, no, you sound like an irritating jerk, and if I had to spend too much time in your company you would risk on the recieving end of a knuckle sandwhich. The factthat he hasn't, in any of his stories, been punched out despite his actions do tend to make me suspect that he has but covered it up or that is stories are exagerations/downright lies.

Kendo on Aug 22, 2008


I thought the movie was titled "I Hope There is Beer in Heaven."

justdee1 on Aug 22, 2008


i cant wait for this movie ; ! i read the book and i couldnt put it down ; it wa soo funny

Erikaa on Nov 7, 2008


honestly, if i wasn't 17, i would totally want to meet him... seriously.

wouldn'tyouliketoknow on Nov 13, 2008


I love the book...if you dont like him then why bother commenting... you're all negatives to this tucker max world!

Bobby on Jan 23, 2009


Some people are just too uptight to enjoy Tucker Max's humor. His stories have a bit of self-glorification, but it is done in a away that he is almost ridiculing himself at the same time. THAT IS WHAT MAKES IT BOTH FUNNY AND INTERESTING! I love that sophomoric humor can be written this intelligently. I hope the movie comes across the same way. HILARIOUS!!! Anyone that fails to believe his stories just hasn't had much fun with their own lives. I felt like I was having beers in the back yard reminiscing with friends, when I read this book. I'm sorry if you haven't ever partied.

Jeff on May 5, 2009


This movie is going to fail horribly. It didn't even get a distribution offer, which is why they are going DIY with freestyle. The book was nothing more than a collection of badly edited short stories full of low brow poorly executed toilet humor; almost none of which happened, despite claims to the contrary. Tucker Max is a liar and a douchebag, and is also about to become indebted to some extremely pi**ed off investors.

dave on Jul 30, 2009


Tucker max, i give him some credit - he got paid, but alot of the crap he wrote about is made up and exaggerated. You ask most guys to write about ass they got in the best 10 years of their lives and throw some extra b.j.'s in it as well - they've written the same book. Guys who pull ass all day long no that most of Tuckers book is a bullshit, Guys who never get any ass think this bullshit is real life.

bruce on Aug 4, 2009


Tucker's stories remind me of the scene in "The 40-year old Virgin" when Steve Carell's character tells his co-workers about a sexual experience he actually never had and he fills his tale with all the macho cliches that are presented to us by popular media. How could a thirty-one year old with all this supposed sexual experience still be so clueless about women and life. I was never this immature even at 17.

Dan on Aug 27, 2009


p.s. I guarantee you that all the positive comments made about this movie in this blog have been written by Tucker Max himself.

Dan on Aug 27, 2009

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