Twilight's First Official Photo and Why I'm Passing

May 2, 2008
Source: Cinematical

Twilight's First Official Photo and Why I'm Passing

I'm sure today feels like Christmas for many a teenage girl, since we now have the first official photo of the cast for author Stephenie Meyer's upcoming adaptation, Twilight. Isn't it simply dripping with adolescent enchantment and tension? Okay, maybe that's a little gruff. But since first writing about the film's progress and the overabundance of the term "sensation" and J.K. Rowling references that seem to follow Meyers and her books, I'm still not converted. In fact, I can safely say now that I'm really not into it at all. I can just hear the clank of earrings being taken off as the throngs gear up for a fight. Take a breath and hear me out.

I'm certainly not saying Meyers work is bad. As I mentioned before, I haven't actually read the series since it's flown under my twenty-something guy radar. But as the movie's exposure ramps up and with the incessant coverage from MTV, coupled with the film's supposed extreme loyalty to the source material, I'm becoming more attuned to how far outside my interests Twilight actually sits. Sure, the whole vampire undercurrent certainly makes pretty, battling high-schoolers a bit more interesting, but the central love story is just too damn sweet - a dark chocolate kind of sweet, but still too much for me. Angelic Robert Pattinson even wrote the tune, "Bella's Lullaby," himself. I'm sorry, but there goes my lunch. Plus, I have a feeling I'd just be rooting for the wicked Nomads anyway, which would surely leave me disappointed. Again, I haven't read the book, but I'm pretty sure the bad guys don't win in this story.

And here's the photo, courtesy of Cinematical, for you to feast your lovely eyes upon.


If the content weren't enough, there's borderline mob mentality when it comes to the material. MTV started Twilight Tuesdays to feed the ravenous masses. There's a site dedicated to Twilight moms. And I dare you to count the followers on all of the various MySpace and Facebook identities. The list of fandom goes on from there. I feel like I'm slowly being suffocated my Meyer's minions in what is becoming a real Twilight Zone. (Sorry, it was just too easy!)

Of course, I'll definitely check out the teaser trailer as it's slated to appear before the upcoming Speed Racer. But I have a feeling it won't entice me any further to see the actual film come December 12th. But for the sake of conversation, let's hear from GUYS who like the material and why? And no, don't you girls you just type in a dude's name in the comment box!

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Wow. What a misogynist post. Earrings thrown at you? I'll see anything with Kristen Stewart in it, even though the make-up looks lame and has that whole vague homoerotic vibe of an Ambercrombie and Fitch store.

Andrew Wickliffe on May 2, 2008


that's of course meant in jest Andrew 🙂 but I think it's safe to say the majority of the material's followers is female

Kevin Powers on May 2, 2008


How disgusting, Kevin. Grow up a little.

E on May 2, 2008


Thanks for keepin' it real, Kev! The only way I'd go see this bullshit is if my little neice had my balls in a vise grip and dragged me. Looks like they took 6 of the whitest, blandest actors they could find and made them up to be even paler and homo-goth. A&F store indeed!

kevjohn on May 2, 2008


Haha "How disgustin, Kevin." NERD. I haven't heard about the book or the author til' right now. I also refrain from watching MTV since they no longer show MUSIC on the MUSIC TELEVISION CHANNEL.

Les on May 2, 2008


Is that what this Twilight crap is about? I was looking silent vampire films up on IMDB and there was all these postings about Twilight on there! Don't believe me. Go to IMDB, look up Alice Guy's Vampire (1920), first post. Enough for me to boycott Twilight.

Christopher Goudos on May 2, 2008


Well, it just goes to show that if you haven't educated yourself, you don't know what you're talking about. I know some college guys that are eating up these books (having to go to the store and buy the next one after they've read the first). Seems like you're being put into the category of 'Harry Potter is evil because my minister says so, and I know it's so, even though I haven't read the books'. Go educate yourself, man, so you don't sound so ignorant. The book ain't half-bad.

first_time_user on May 2, 2008


umm...if you're talking about educating myself on the demographics of the story, I have. even the book's publisher states as much: "Stephenie has tapped into a new level of yearning in teenage girls." this is why I'm curious what the guy fans have to say. where are they in this conversation? and what's a minister?

kevin powers on May 2, 2008


I've read and enjoyed all the books. While the story is accessible to and marketed towards teenage girls (and their mothers), it does not exclude anyone from enjoying it. My problem with your post is that you cast aspersions on the books and movie without any foreknowledge of the contents. The book actually does sound silly when you read the basic premise, but there is definitely something compelling in the telling. It's just really hard to take your article seriously when you start as a basic premise with, "I haven't read this series, but here is why it sucks." Your credibility is completely non-existent at that point.

David on May 2, 2008


we all have our own oppinions

amanda on May 2, 2008


I think you should read the book before you say anything bad about it.. How can you say bad things when you havn't even read the book?!? O.o

Charlotte on May 2, 2008


This photo makes me mucho happy. But how DARE you critique Twilight, when I doubt you have even read it? I don't see how you het "A&F store" out of this. I love Twilight. I hate A&F. End of story. Thank you for reading.

Sylvia. on May 2, 2008


to clarify, I'm not casting some widespread judgment on the written material, per se. I've simply seen a lot of what the movie seemingly has to offer, considering the videos & vignettes & news out, and feel pretty comfortable in deciding this isn't my cup to tea (for the stated reasons). if you want to extend that to some opinion of the source material, well...there's nothing I can do about that. keep in mind, this is a movie site, as well, so my opinion rests within that realm.

kevin powers on May 2, 2008


Last I read, Robert Pattinson was considering writing a song for the movie and if that happens, then the powers that be will consider using it. Yikes, your article is a perfect example of the telephone game. This book series definitely falls into the category of "need to read it to understand it." Many fans admit that they were skeptical at first. Don't know if the movie will be decent or not.

Sheri on May 2, 2008


If you really want to know what guys think of this, please go to He has an open mind about this and is actually trying to understand. Go see if it convinces you. And really--you should try to read this book. Edward is the new standard from which all the girls will be measuring their boyfriends with. It pays to know what makes Edward tick with the chicks.

Tisha on May 2, 2008


Seriously i know its been mentioned, but you can't talk trash about something you haven't even read. Given, the book is more of a love story pointed toward chicks but its not a bad read. I made fun of the story line a bit and then Tiff gave it to me to read and i made fun no more. It's not harry potter good but its pretty damn close. That and Alice is just ridiculously hot. so read the book and then write an article. i read it over night so it shouldn't take a professional that long.

MIchael on May 2, 2008


The whole discussion going on in the comments remind me of that woman speaking ill of that video game (mass effect?) without having played it first. This movie, however, looks like emo-girly Harry Potter. It could of course turn out to be something outstanding, but there are some things you can judge from the cover of a book, and that is the target audience.

Korinthian on May 2, 2008


Okay, listen up. I know you wanted a guys opinion but oh well. Twilight is an amazing book. The storyline is great and the descriptions of the characters, setting and such are fantastic. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it annoys me SO much when people say negative things about the book without having already READ the book. Once you've read the book then you can say you absolutely hate it or whatever. What bothers me most is that many guys don't want to read the book and say the book sucks when they haven't read it, simply because there's romance in the story. My own boyfriend won't read it because of that. Just because there's some romance doesn't mean that Twilight is a bad book. All in all, Twilight is a great book, so please, read the book before you make judgements about it.

Tiffanie on May 2, 2008


even as a girl i thought the premise of the books was stupid when i first heard it..i read and i really enjoyed...BUT i totally see where you're coming from..the movie does kind of look like and A&F commercial for the pastey haha ..i respect your opinion..and i too wonder where ARE all the guys ..we know they're here somewhere

El on May 2, 2008


When I first read your little article, I was an angry Twilight fan. But then I paused for a second and realized that I had my doubts about it being that popular with the guys. It's a love story but from what I heard, they are making it more into an action flick so that it'll be marketed towards men too. An actress who plays in the movie said something along the lines that it can't all be about a love story (where's the enjoyment in that?), and that they need to have more action in there too. So maybe instead of boycotting it, you can go see it and if you don't like it then you express your opinions on this website. 🙂 (Sorry, I'm a girl but I just couldn't hold my opinion back)

Karen on May 2, 2008


Haha. I love the attention this movie is getting. I love the series, but I guess I don't understand why the guys are already in an uproar about how dumb and girly it's going to be. Typical male. Everyone may have their own opinion, but I promise you I will value it more so if you decide to read the books and then post how odd the fandom is for being obsessed. The book sat on my night stand for two months before I would read it. I was thinking how weird it was that a human would fall in love with a vampire. No thank you. But I really loved it. AND the books were not written focused on being YA novels. Since there was no sex in them, and the characters are teenagers it became YA. I encourage you to read it and write again. Perhaps you're opinion will not have chnaged at all, but at least then you can say "told ya so!" Right?

Heather on May 2, 2008


I do agree with you on some level that I wouldn't see a movie IF the summary and whatnot was horribly written... or too simple to catch my interest. However, I think you should give this one a chance. Twilight (and Stephenie's other books) does centralize around romance, but there are a broad range of subjects that also make up Meyer's central message, such as morality, religion, friendship, etc. The characters in the story aren't the shallow vampires one would usually see or hear. Stephenie has that charm that pulls her readers into the character's life and thoughts and shows them that these vampires are so much deeper and real; they can be so relatable to anyone. Yes, the summary of this book can repulse you. It did for me. I thought: "Ugh... vampires!" Being such a huge fan of the book now, I can assure you that I have been proven wrong. As for the movie, seeing that Twilight adaption is "extremely loyal" to the book, without a doubt, if you decide to read the series, most likely, the movie will interest you.

Jessica on May 2, 2008


It's really funny how it changed from guy posts to mainly girl posts by the middle. I personally like all three of the books a lot and I'm looking forward to the 4th book and the Twilight movie as much as anyone else who loves them. You should give it a chance though because the movie's not supposed to be as gushy as the books; more fast-paced. And I know a lot of girls that don't like it, and a lot of girls that refuse to give it a chance, but really, it's your call.

Radhika on May 2, 2008


OH MY GOD!!! I love the picture it totally perfect!! Robert and Kristen are the perfect Edward and Bella. I can't wait for the movie!!!!!!

Imaan on May 2, 2008


I have to agree. We (the readers) are aware that this is, in fact, a movie site. But since most movies ARE judged by how closely they relate to the corresponding book (ex: HP, Lord of the Rings, Eragon, The Golden Compass, etc.), wouldn't you find it a bit more helpful to actually read the book before writing it off altogether? Makes you look just a tad less judgmental if you have every piece of the puzzle together. In your defense, I agree that the target audience is teenage girls. But the target audience for Harry Potter was probably (at the beginning) children, however, we've seen that many generations, genders, races, and whatnot have got something out of it in the long run, myself included. Keep in mind that it's no Harry Potter, but it's certainly not bad and there's something addictive about it. Just a little FAQ: I loaned my copy of it to my History Professor and he enjoyed it quite a bit. He went in with a certain mind-frame about the book and after he read it, he was asking me what the title of the sequel was and told me that it was different than he expected.

Carissa on May 2, 2008


Why don't you fucking read the book before you write such a ridiculous and non-credible article!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

C on May 2, 2008


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is like my FREAKING BIRTHDAY! It's AWESOME!

Ummmm..... Alice Cullen! on May 2, 2008


OK, the problem I have with this article is that it blends the books with the movie. They'll be pretty different, so I think that they should be judged separately 😛 Sure, you don't have to like the books--but don't discount them because you don't like the looks of the movie.

Maddy on May 2, 2008


Also, isn't this a Anitha Blake rip-off?

Korinthian on May 2, 2008


You don't have a clue as to what this movie is about, or all of the hype surrounding it. Let me fill you in. You already know what it's about in general, but you don't know how big Twilight is going to be. I, being a hardcore obsessed fan, know that we've been following the making of this movie from the very beginning. We pounce on every single bit of news and updates. The release of this promo picture made people all over the world shriek with happiness. There's much more to Twilight than just a girl falling in love with the vampire. There's an intense struggle between life, death, and ultimately love. Okay, I know that sounds cheesy, and if you're a guy you probably won't feel the same way. But you also get to watch some vampire fight scenes that I'm sure will be freaking sweet. Yes, the majority of the fanbase is female. But we have a fair share of guy fans too. Twilight isn't your average teenage love/vampire romance novel. There's originality. Stephenie's (or our) vampires don't have fangs. They don't burn in the sun, they glitter (read the book before you start laughing), and they are all breathtakingly beautiful. We don't just love the books, were in love with the characters. They all seem so real and they all have their own histories and everything. So when we found out about the making of the Twilight movie, we (the millions of fans), freaked. We've reacted reasonably well to the casting choices for the "perfect" vampires. Oh and they're SUPPOSED TO BE PALE. Read the books. Anyway... fans have been visiting the sets from day one, getting pictures with the cast, and reporting on every little detail. We're passionate about this book, and the director Catherine Hardwike knows that. She's worked very hard to make it just as amazing, if not more, than words on a page. If you want to know more (which you should), check out these sites:, and most importantly I hope that covers what you need to know. :]

Priscilla on May 2, 2008


dude, maybe I'm not girly enough, maybe I expect MORE from children's books, but I HATED Twilight. Yes, I read it. Oh I enjoyed it, for the same reason I enjoy Glitter. IT WAS AWFUL. I tried to count how many times Edward was alluded to as DANGEROUS and MYSTERIOUS. I lost track. and Bella? How stupid is this girl? "Ooooh look at that sexy really pale dead guy! Let me walk right into his fangs!" Not to mention the part where she wanders aimlessly in a large city, stumbles into the 'ghetto' and HAPPENS to find thugs who want to rape her? WTF? I had to laugh. Not to mention the fact that the girl can't take care of herself, and constantly needs to be rescued. Um, excuse me? What happened to girls WITH a clue. This is like Regency romances written for young girls, giving them unrealistic expectations. You want REAL YA books? You want girls who actually have COMMON SENSE and the ability to WALK without falling into the arms of their undead lover? Try a Tamora Pierce novel, or the vastly underrated Patricia C. Wrede.

Lauren on May 2, 2008


ummm... ever heard of "don't judge a book by its cover"???

whatever on May 2, 2008


So was there a hot rape scene or not? Or was there the standard knight in glittering armor moment we'd all expect?

Korinthian on May 2, 2008



Lauren on May 2, 2008


Sounds like some kind of Care Bear vampires wrapped in a story of a helpless princess pining for the tall dark and handsome man her mother tells her she isn't allowed to be with. I can't wait to see/read this.

Korinthian on May 2, 2008


Yeah sure, the story plot sounds redundant and corny when you sum it up, but how can one sum up a story that is so large? (remember people its a freakin adaptation) If one condensed it into a few paragraphs it would surely sound like some lame ass movie. **You haven't read the DAMN books so why write a blog about why you WOULD NOT watch it? It just doesn't make sense to me (and prob. to other people as well).** Sure the twilight fan base is VERY VERY large, but what does that matter? isn't that a good thing? and... so what if MTV is providing us with great behind-scene-footage. I personally think its awesome that Twilight is getting attention. you should see the movie on December 12 before you write something so grotesque and idiotic as this.

Esther on May 2, 2008


21 year guy here, and to be honest, they're as bad as they look. The books are horribly written, the "plot" is laughable, and the comparisons to Harry Potter are completely and utterly insulting to J.K. Rowling. My dislike for it has nothing to do with the presence of the romance itself; it's the fact that it's badly written, unconvincing romance unsuccessfully disguised as "edgy" teen fantasy that really gets me.

Patrick on May 2, 2008


perdona tio pero soy un chico de diecinueva años de madrid, españa y a mi me encantan los libros translation: sorry dude but im actually a 19 years old guy from madrid, spain and i like the books and i want to watch the film i think you should read the books first

carlos_cruz on May 2, 2008


ummm....EXCUSE ME....! What do you think you're talking about...?!! you have no right to critique the twilight books or the movie when you haven't even read/watched it..... i have read twilight and the rest of the series and thing they are the best things i have read and think that the movie will be great aswell.... alot of people including GUYS have read these books and know what they are saying "the books are the best".....but you wouldn't because you haven't read them how about you make yourself useful and go read the books an then come back here and write something that isn't so pathetic the picture is awesome by the just gets me more excited.....the "TWILIGHT" movie will be awesome! and as for you i think you're going to get more than just earrings thrown at you....

sarah jones on May 2, 2008


OMG you're pathetic.... the books are awesome! and guess what?! ROBERT PATTINSON is hotter than you....moron!

emily_rox on May 2, 2008


okay look i am a GUY and kind of think this book is quite cool so yeh! and man can't wait for the kickass movie it's gunna be cool as

chris on May 2, 2008


I can see where this kind of opinion comes from. I may not be a guy but it's not like all girls get giddy when they hear there's a book about vampires. I was definitely skeptical about this book. I thought it'd be a waste of time reading about vampires. I abhor science fiction. My friends got me to read this book and it definitely was compelling. I think I would respect your judgment better, if you at least tried to read Twilight. Who knows, maybe you won't like it even after you read it. But at least there's some support to your opinions. Or maybe you'll at least think that it's better than the movie, whether or not the movie IS BAD. I feel as though the movie may ruin or make the books better. Hopefully, better because seeing the cast has already ruined my image of the beloved characters. Try and experience reading this book, and THEN you will be able to state your opinions. Thanks.

Cindy on May 2, 2008


Go here: Also check out the Twilight lexicon and look at the 'newbie' boards for all the guys... there are more than you'd think.. They say why they like it... BUT... I will give you that I think this story is more appealing for women... It is a love story. BUT if you have go see a movie with a woman, i.e. a date, why not take her to an amazing love story that also has the action scenes, suspense, and blood lust that Twilight will offer? Won't both of you be happy?? Have you NEVER gone to see a movie with a woman before just because she wanted to see it? I guarentee we do it (yes I've seen my share of 'guy-flicks'), so I hope you offer it up to your significant other once in awhile... Oh and why not see what all the fuss is about and actually READ the book...pick it up and read it...or give it a try, the first 100 pages or so and see if you are even interested... Then write an article on what you thought. I guarentee we'd all be interested to hear it...

Melissa on May 2, 2008


i'll have to agree with Patrick on the fact that the book is poorly written and that it is no way as good as Harry Potter. i'm a teenage girl and i do think the plot is pretty silly, however there's something about it that i like. Even tough it sounds like just a love story, it's really not. I like the general story but the way it's written stinks. I love the characters though. It's very difficult not to like the story. I personaly enjoyed it a lot. As for the movie, i really hope there's a bit more action in it because it would be really boring other wise. As for the writter of this article, you shoulod definately familiarise yourself with the story. I'm not saying read the book, because this is about the movie. But you should definately do some further research. Robert said he MIGHT write the song, they're going to have several of them written, and they'll choose the best. It's good to give Robert a chance just like you should give the movie a chance. Please INFORM YOURSELF!!!

Ellah on May 2, 2008


Wow, honestly, I feel sorry that some many people are inclined to quickly insult you on this article. What you said is very much the truth of things, by the way. Twilight's an extremely self-indulgent series, no one can deny that, it's like Fan-Fiction that had no typos and managed to get published. I do read the books and I am a fan, but barely, and only because this is admittedly my guilty pleasure. If it weren't for the Sci-Fi in it, I wouldn't have given it a second thought. The hype around it being "The Next Harry Potter" is also a load of bull, because if it was really good enough to knock JKR's work to one side, people wouldn't be constantly in the need to compare it. Rowling's is art that took years to complete into what it is, Meyer's looks like it was a day dream outcome of spending the night watching Bram Stoker's Dracula. It's totally understandable that the majority of fans are women as well, because hardly any men would want to know about how much Bella thinks her boyfriend Edward is oh-so cute. In fact, I had my fiance read the first book only so that when I get into these kind of rants, he can understand what on earth I'm talking about. I never expected him to honestly enjoy it, and I was right in thinking so. These books are good, but they're not that good.

Roxana on May 2, 2008


what the fuck is Twilight?...

Garrett.king on May 2, 2008


Ok so Im not gonna load down your wall with a bunch of...OMG....or.....WTF?..cause Im 23 and well your ears are probably already bleeding from the high pitched squeals you can hear when you read these comments. I however have read the series and enjoyed the books greatly for the reasons why so many people disliked is a unrealistic love affair, a romeo and juliet of the underworld love story. On that note my boyfriend also read the series and while it has not replaced his Maxim mag. on the nightstand he did like the books as well and is eager to see the movie. From what i have seen and read about the movie it seems as thought they are trying to have it appeal some to guys with stunt work, fast cars, and pretty girls (not to bad looking at Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, and Ashley Greene for 2 hours). Anyways, all i have to say is give the book and the movie a shot, if you go in thinking "this is gonna suck" whats the worst that could actually like it?

Allie on May 2, 2008


Oh you messed with the wrong fandom dude. Seriously nearly EVERY guy in my school has read this book! It's amazing I was not quite sure of it but I was BLOWN away by the amazing action scenes. Seriously GROW UP and READ THE DAMN BOOK!

Kendra Dumbledore on May 2, 2008


I understand the nausea that you must be experiencing due to all the sickly sweetness that's been appearing about the movie. But seriously, give it a shot you may find that you actually enjoy the books if not the movies (we all know how "well" often times books will be adapted into movies). And those Nomads you fear would disappear quickly might be around longer than you actually think, give it a try....maybe just not with your lunch, just in case.

Carolina on May 2, 2008


Oh I'd like to agree with someone else who said that not everyone is excited/intrigued by the Vampire aspect... That is actually the thing that makes most people NOT want to read it... I just have to insist that its not as stupid as it SOUNDS...just try it... And not a single person I've had read it didn't like it So it's hard to explain why Twilight is so appealing... If you read it you might understand what we mean

Melissa on May 2, 2008


Okay, I am not going to blast you for this post, it's your opinion! Yay freedom of speech. I'm just replying to the twentysomething guy comment... Check out It's pretty good! Personally I can't wait for the movie release. I still love this site!

Stephanie on May 2, 2008


Okay I know you want guy's POV but like I care. I actually passed up Twilight many times. I hate fantasy type books, don't really care for love stories either. But after one my friend, A GUY I might add, told me that he was reading it I actually called him a prissy. He ended up punching me in a nose and forced me to read the books. And really the entire series isn't about love. There is plenty of action in it, life lessons. Yes Bella does need to be saved all the time and is always in danager but reality check alot of children are constantly in danger. And really want's wrong with reading a book that has been called a "teen flick"? If a guy reads pink, does that make him less of a man? I find that if a guy goes OUT of his comfort zone that it makes him more of a guy, not some ignorate jerk.

Ginger on May 2, 2008


I'm a guy. I read the books and liked them. I am pumped for the movie b/c I think it's going to be better than the book( for a guy)... it's going to actually have some action. I don't want to judge the movie fully until I see the trailer but I like Catherine Hardwick as a director and think she is going to do a good job. I also like the fact that summit is doing it instead of some big name that would cheese it up more than it already is.

Zeke on May 2, 2008


Well you do have your constitutional right to say what you want, but I am using the same right to say that you are a jackass. You are very unprofessional writing this article and not really doing your back up work. If you are to lazy to read a couple of books then how can anyone really ever take your work for serous?

Mary on May 2, 2008


Congrats on the discovery on how to find girls on the Internet. You should be able to make lots of money doing just that. And I think the comments have once and for all proved what the target audience is.

Korinthian on May 2, 2008


Kevin, I'm curious if you plan on reading the books now after reading all of the comments? I hope you read it and give us an update on what you think of it. Also, I'm really impressed by all of the early guy comments. There is no way any of my male friends would consider giving the book a try. I've enjoyed the series and I'm looking forward to the movie and the 4th book, which comes out in August. 🙂

Janet on May 2, 2008


Hi. I'm a girl and I have read the books. They are fun to read and the whole thing is just a giant romance story (with action once in a while). But it is NOT very original and it does NOT have a lot of point. I've seen at least three anime series with all of the same aspects; humans who love vampires. The whole premise is "Everyone wants a piece of Bella, oh noes! What is she to do?" It's like comparing Maggie Furey to Robin Hobb; Furey writes fantastically intricate and engaging stories, but they're just fluff and fun, Hobb writes intensely character motivated and humanly insightful novels. Kevin, I think you're right. Guys (mostly) won't be interested in this movie. It's like something that Disney would produce. The poster is serious eye candy. And does anyone else think that almost all of the fans of the books are rabidly defending their bible. A little too hysterical for me, thanks.

Nettle on May 2, 2008


yo! thanks for promoting this movie. you may talk shit about it, but atleast it's on your mind, and also every other ignorant person out there that can't read romances. after re-reading your opinioned article, you sounds like you're "afraid" to like Twilight, therefore, you smack-talk away like a shallow guy. it's okay, everyone's a bit ignorant sometimes, you just happened to openly expressed yours to people that will, and already have, openly bash(ed) you right back. don't be so quick-to-judge next time.

Alex on May 2, 2008


Dude you just brought a knife to a gun fight...Im a guy that read the books and actually enjoyed them. yea I got into it by yes a female telling me how good the books are. Also was warned that it is mainly directed towards female genre cause it is infact...from a females point of view. I took my chances and read the first book and i liked it...alot. Now im not as psyched up about the movie like my friend is but Im sure as hell goin to watch it. It looks like its gonna be pretty damn good. The books are very well written, and her helping with the movie is only gonnna make the movie that much better. My only concern about the movie getting this much publicity is that its being blown up to these great great expectations...which if you enjoy the books your gonna love the movie and it will be that good. But to the people that are just goin to see it they may not understand the concept and might not be as impressed as the rest of us going to watch it. Im gonna leave one more comment because im getting tired of typing about your ghey ass comments...Read the book before you decide to comment on something you know absolutely nothing about...and well you fail at life. My only hope is that they infact make it a 3 movie series like the books instead of trying to fit it all into one the fans something to look forward to as being able to get into more detail and make it as close to the book as can be. Yet no movie has ever been as good as the book and thats mainly cause of the imagination factor. Im leaving now...go say hi to your gerbal for me... XD

Basa on May 2, 2008


"I can just hear the clank of earrings being taken off as the throngs gear up for a fight." Seriously.. what is the point of writing unfounded, insulting, pointless, whiney crap like this?

Kate on May 2, 2008


I agree with this basa guy, read the books before YOU think you can actually make any type valid opinon about Twilight. You set yourself up for such a bashing >_<

Lola on May 2, 2008


it's funny how combustible this topic is...let's go back to what I originally wrote: "I'm certainly not saying Meyers work is bad." so I'm not bashing the material, actually. I'm simply stating it's not for me. if folks construe that as me hating on the author's work...well, then, that speaks to something else. I wouldn't outright say Twilight sucks, b/c, of course, I haven't read the material, nor, more importantly, seen the movie yet. but I think I have enough of an idea of how the film will play out, that I can say its not my bag. it's as simple as that. (and again, this is a movie site, so I apologize for not being able to read the source material for EVERYTHING that hits the screen.) but the mere fact that some folks are outright volatile on anything negative on the topic definitely makes me think twice about "joining" such a base. #54 gets at that type of discussion that's needed. and #58 -- relax. it was a joke. but the statement has definitely proven correct given some of the discourse here.

Kevin Powers on May 2, 2008


Okay I've already commented but here I go again in response to your latest post.. for the movie: Don't need to join our fan club, but I still don't see what would turn you off to seeing a 'chick flick with action in it.' Doesn't that equal perfect date movie?? Then both you and your date are happy people! A lof of Twilight fanbase (and oh yes I am a rabid fan as well...just a rabid fan that is a bit older than a lot of the more vocal fans) is young and is very rash when they write comments back... you are entitled to your opinion. As for the book, we REALLY would like to see you give it a try and tell us what you think. I guarentee you we'd all come back and read your articles...

Melissa on May 2, 2008


If you haven't read the book, to be honest, I dun really see why you are giving yourself the open right to just rant away and complain mate. lD These sods will flame you to a crisp. hrm As far as why a sod would like or read the book...I read it for school, to be totally blunt. I don't like romance, and I do begrudge Meyer's for even comparing her book to Wuthering Heights or Romeo and Juliet, because come on, Mercutio doesn't exist in such a world. And WH was about Heathcliff, it wasn't in all trueness a love story. Anyway, the books actual "action" or "fight" sequences are rather vague, it's in female perspective, but whatever. Read Midnight Sun if you want the gory details.

Julian on May 2, 2008


Kevin: "relax. it was a joke. but the statement has definitely proven correct given some of the discourse here." That's why you call a self-fulfilling prophecy, ain't it? Don't throw bait in the water if you don't expect fish to bite.

Korinthian on May 2, 2008


That's why = That's what*.

Korinthian on May 2, 2008


Wow...sorry you walked into this one, Kevin. For the record I'm with you. This looks like a CW drama that I'm going to avoid just to keep from having to bash it. I simply don't think I'm the target demographic. As for reading the source material, I have a VERY limited amount of free time between working two jobs, doing a weekly podcast, playing games, catching up on comics and reading the series that I actually enjoy (Dresden Files, in this case) on top of spending time with my wife. I simply don't have the time to start another series that I seriously doubt I'll finish the first chapter of, let alone like. If Twilight gets a bunch of good buzz from people I respect, I may take the time to watch it on DVD. I really think that Kevin would probably give it that same chance. Since this is a movie site that primarily caters to the film geek community, you really shouldn't be suprised that we'd rather read "Conversations with the Great Moviemakers of Hollywood's Golden Age: At the American Film Institue" than this series. I MAY give the movie a chance, like I did with Harry Potter. I still haven't read the books, but I've enjoyed the movies. It's a longshot (again, for me personally), but it's certainly possible that Twilight may end up the same way. Like Kevin said, though, if this is the way fans of this series act, I'm much more inclined to steer clear completely. Seriously, you'd think that Kevin had taken a wizz all over a Bible or something.

SG Dave on May 2, 2008


@SG Dave #65: Lol, way too true, man.

Nettle on May 2, 2008


OK so here's MY question! If you haven't read the Book, and dont plan to read or see the movie... why do you even waste your time writing about how badly it will or does suck!? Seriously why waste your and MY time by writing negative stuff about it? If u dont want to see teh movie, DONT! dont waste your time telling people NOT to see or read the book series! REaD IT FIRTS and then JUDge it... OR DONT EVEN! Just dont waste a moment of your life tlking about something tht MILLIONS or more people are completely excited about. Was your purpose to have an angry MOB behind you?! cuz u've done an AMAZING JOB!!!! Gees what a waste of time uve made.

Laura on May 3, 2008


@ 67: And well-informed posts like this are going to make us change our minds. Really, spell check is your friend. If there's one thing that every geek I've ever known has in common, it's that we're willing to give something a chance if we're given a reason to. The negative reaction is that this photo looks bad. I'm more than open to having a discussion, as long as it isn't, "OMG ur the sux0rs becuz you havnt red teh buk!" Maybe this is a topic that should've been left alone, but 40 people essentially saying the same thing over and over and over isn't going to change anyone's mind. You want to know why I posted in this thread? It's because I got more annoyed with every single post I read. I decided to try to be as rational and explain how we work as a community so you can try to get your point across. If everyone wants to keep screaming how awesome this is, go for it. You're just going to galvanize a movement against it. For crying out loud, if someone even said, "Yeah, that picture is pretty bad, but the cast looks to be a great match for the books and it'll be worth checking out", that would be a start. I look forward to a more civilized conversation, and I'll happily join in. Otherwise, I'll just stop by for a good laugh.

SG Dave on May 3, 2008


I'm not going to bite your head off because I can understand where you're coming from, but I agree with everyone else, you should read the books. I can't tell you if the movie is going to be worth it because I haven't seen it, but I'm personally excited about it. See the thing is, although I am a girl, I had no desire to read Twilight, or see the movie either. I thought they were only for young teenagers, and the fact that it was a vampire romance turned me off completely. Finally, a few weeks ago I picked up the first book and ended up reading all three in as many days. No, that doesn't mean you would like them or the movie. It is perfectly reasonable to say "That doesn't look like something I'd like" and you may even be right about that. But I do have to say the way you said that came off in a slightly offensive manner and that's coming from someone who hasn't been worshiping at the Twilight shrine for years. I do get that you were trying to be funny. And like I said, I get it. The premise sounds cheesy, the picture looks cheesy, and the fans seem way over the top not to mention everywhere. But there really are a lot of positives about the books (even some guys think so) and from everything I've read/seen the movie seems like it will be more than worth seeing. If you disagree, I 100% respect that but just like fans need to not respond to this article with "You don't like Twilight? Well, you suck!", not liking anything to do with Twilight (without having read the books, or obviously seen the movie) mostly because of how much OTHER people like it rubs people the wrong way. Hope this makes a little sense and doesn't annoy anyone further...

Taryn Lentes on May 3, 2008


I have a couple things I want to comment on. Alot of people are really angry that Kevin hasn't read the book but it's important to remember that he is only commenting on the movie because this is a movie website. Personally, I have seen plenty of movies without reading the source material. A great example of this is oh say every movie based on a comic book. 🙂 All he wanted to know was what the readers of this site thought of it. On the other hand Kevin, I must admit that some of your comments did seem like you may have been intentionally trying to provoke fans. I only say that because there have been plenty of sites doing the same thing over the last few weeks. You have to admit that this all ready has a lot more comments then some of your older posts and I am curious if that was something you were trying to achieve with this. I would hope that you and others would not let fan reactions dictate whether you try reading the first book or not. What attracted me so much to the series is that Meyer does something with vampires that I have never seen before. Her vampires don't have fangs, they don't turn to dust in the sun - they sparkle, and they don't sleep in coffins because they don't sleep at all! I was so fascinated by such a different take on something that has been done for years. It is really interesting if only for the creative value of it. I mean have you ever seen vampires without fangs? That's just clever. You don't have two neat holes in the neck because her vampires (the bad ones anyway) rip apart flesh and it's not neat or clean. Also, I want to let you know that a popular twilight fansite linked to this article and I think that's why there are a lot of intense fan comments coming in. One last thing in response to the photo - you guys should check out the unofficial ones that are floating around because those are a lot worse. Just my two cents. Now I'm done. Thanks!

Janet on May 3, 2008


Its not the point that hes trying to bash a fanbase or movie or anything like that #65. He hasnt read the books so he has no leg to stand on for what type of movie its goin to be and how crappy he thinks its going to be. People are passionate about this set of books. Im sure someone pisses on your comics or your wife (hopefully your passionate about and or with her at the same time) your gonna get upset and defend what you care about. People care about the book and the movie. some one attacks it they are going to go in defense mode. same way someone does about a loved one in trouble. #68 you already took the time to comment to bitch about everyone's well bitching or w/e. your a idiot wrapped in a moron... oh and im pretty sure no one cares that you are reading everyone's posts for fucking spelling errors.

Basa on May 3, 2008


Kevin, you sure seem opinionated about books you haven't read, this series is not your typical bloodsucker blather, the vampires headlining are resisting their baser urgers. The heroin is intelligent and homely there is no sex, less profanity and the theme seems to be that love grows when differences are embraced and obstacles overcome thru sacrifice. This is a refreshing change from the "me" generation's usual spew. God forbid our teenagers emmulate these characters. If the movie is as good as the book we may have a few possitive influences for our children. P.S. chicks dig guys who will read what they'll read. It's not like they're asking you to recite the vagina monologues. Not every movie has to include guns, blowing stuff up, Keanu Reeves, and frontal female nudity. Plus this one will have more women in the audience than the Harold and Kumar crap most guys frequent. P.P.S Don't you want to be the lone guy walking out of a theater full of horny 19 year old women at 10 o'clock at night? You do the math.

Jared on May 3, 2008


Im a HUGE Twilight Fan!!! This probably doesnt surprise you because im a 21 year old female. However, when my friend told me to read the books i looked at her in disgust. I read the first chapter and i was like youve got to be kidding me. i dont want to finish this book its so corny. But I forcd myself to keep reading, and i found that Its not bad. Im not one for Romance or chick flicks. I dont waste my money on going to see a movie with a happy ever after movie. I would rather see blood and guts and lots of fight scenes. I dont read happy, love story books either. I think they are tacky and stupid. Im a down to earth person and live in reality not fantasy. I dont believe in 'and they lived happily ever after THE END' But this book caught me by surprise. The thing is, even though its a romance story, its way more realistic... take out the vampires, and its just about dealing with loving someone and all the obstacles that you face. Its more about living life at 17, and going through puberty. It relates to girls because the main character is a girl and its her thoughts and feelings that your reading about. As for me i can read it and say, hey ive felt that, hey ive done that. Most 17 year old boys arnt going to care about that. I personally think the movie could go both ways. Dont get me wrong, im really excited but look at reality. Kristen Stewart, she is an awesome actress, yet alot of the movies she has done arnt that great. Can she act this part without coming across corny? Robert Pattinson is a hearthrob, but so was Josh Hartnett, and please name a recent movie that hes done which was good? And Catherine Hardwick... well ive seen a couple of her movies and they are ok, but nothing to scream over. Yet, she seems to have a really good handle on keeping the story line. And again, its a book turned to movie. That rarely ends well. Lord of the Rings was a great movie, and kept to the story line, but yet so different. And lets not forget the Harry Potter phenomenon. I would say that about 90% of the people that I have talked to say that the movies arnt as good as the books. But i have never read the books and I do like the movies. My POINT IS... I dont think saying at this early stage 'Its not my cup of Tea' without seeing anything substantial about he movie (the trailer isnt even out yet), and not reading the books, is Wise. My advise is take a look at the books, if you dont like them fair enough. there is nothing wrong with that. We all know what we do and dont like.My guy friends look at me like im nuts. But trust me, its not as corny as it looks. And the movie, well we will just have to wait and see. but I have a feeling it will be worth seeing. Its a rare thing when the Author is involved in every step along the way. Im interested to see the difference it makes. but again, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I would advise to look deeper into the subject before making a judgment. -J

J on May 3, 2008


umm....look i just want to say you are free to express you're opinion but you cannot judge something without actually knowing what it's about i personally think the book is great and think that the movie is going to be amazing aswell so i think you should read the books before you can criticise it

kate on May 3, 2008


i totally agree with #73!

anonymous on May 3, 2008


This just goes to show that you need to read the book before you read it. I know plenty of guys that love the Twilight series, and I think that before you judge something, you should find out what you're talking about and READ THE BOOK. Please get over your own ignorance and read the book. Twilight IS amazing, and, though the movie could never surpass the book (what movie ever does?), the movie will also be amazing.

Rin. on May 3, 2008


Meant to say "You need to read the book before you judge it" as the first line.

Rin. on May 3, 2008


ok so what is your point here really? "i don't im not gonna watch this movie... is not my cup if tea bla bla bla ..." therefore what? why criticize and bash about Twilight in such a negative way?????? yes is a movie website, but thats not what movie websites do... sooo not profeccionsal. =/

Maria on May 3, 2008


I read just a few comments alongside with the article. I understand the author isn't' criticizing the books, though he does impale that the reason for that is because he thinks they're underneath his age (we're round the same age btw) and sex (where we differ). Never mind that, we're talking about the movie right? Which he also haven't seen because it's not done yet. Anyhow... why don't you wait for the movie to come out? There'll be quite a few wanna-be-different critiques who'll flame it then. You don't have to like the book, you don't have to like the movie, you don't have to like the number of fans they both have. (You don't have to underestimate fans and judge them either when we're at it) (By the way...good move! Your post already has round ten times more comments then your other posts and I guess the number will only grow. Actually, you made a pretty smart move with this critique... I must admit that.)

Rhin on May 3, 2008


hey everyone....just to respond to a couple of points: a) thanks for those who have offered constructive commentary (you know who you are) b) despite my lack of interest in seeing the movie, I'm still interested in Twilight as a topic in general; I think Meyer's background and the product she's created (not to mention the following generated) is pretty damn fascinating. considering that, and that there's folks that read this site that would be interested in this news, I posted the photo and my opinion, just like I did with the last article on the subject c) also, I felt it worthwhile to "fess up" as it were, that I'm not really into the story at this point; that seemed a decent decision considering the swarm of support and Twilight mania going on; as #49 said, things have been a bit too "sickly sweet" d) as for judging the movie prematurely, we do that all time, and usually with a lot less fodder to examine (e.g. just a poster or casting announcement); so forming an opinion right now is not at all unusual, especially since we've already seen a number of behind-the-scenes clips, interviews, etc. and e) a couple of folks have mentioned since my time here at some nefarious scheme to incite controversy to get comments; that, of course, is not the case and this is genuinely my opinion (and I'm bringing this news forward for the reason states); but if we were being shady, do you think we'd want most of the comments here? I've, in fact, already deleted a few b/c they're outright vulgar but in any event, thanks again to those folks who are positively contributing to the conversation. I might even take #63 up on her offer...of course between the many screenings every week, my day job and my two dogs...we all have priorities

kevin powers on May 3, 2008


I think Twilight rocks, I must admit when I first heard about it I blew it off, because I heard it was a love story. But I eventually read it anyway and just couldn't stop reading it. Now I'm counting down the days until Breaking Dawn, and am pretty hyped about the movie. Granted there are some parts of the books that get a little too lovey dovey (sp) but it's manageable. So yeah I'm not ashamed to say that I think Twilight is one of the best books I've ever read.

Chris S on May 3, 2008


I really didn't hate this so much. I thought it was kind of funny. (The earing bit at least, haha) Any publicity is good, no? 🙂 Why can't everyone just share the l.o.v.e? Even though I'm a RABID twilight fan, I don't think anyone should take offence at this article. Atleast it posts that fab new pic, and who can be angry looking at the Cullens? I mean, REALLY? So why doesn't everyone just back away from their crowbar and take a breather? And remember, atleast there IS a movie being made now for this guy to 'pass on'!!!! 🙂

Anne on May 3, 2008


I'm not a guy, but I'm married to one 🙂 My husband is a man's man; 6'4", 200s, won't "dress up" for anything, "don't cry, or you're a sissy lala" kinda guy. He has just finished listening to "Twilight," "New Moon," and "Eclipse" for the second time on audiobook. (Maybe you should try listening to it. Seems that's what a lot of guys are doing) Now, he doesn't like that the action doesn't start until later in the book, he thinks Bella is dramatic, and that Edward is kind of gay. BUT he likes the story over all, and I think that is in part by the way Stephenie writes. She just writes a good damned story!! At first, my husband didn't understand the fandom either, but he just sorta says 'whatever' and goes about his life, LOL. Now, since this is about the movie, I think he will like the movie much better because there is obviously a lot more action in it that the book has. I won't repeat what is totally obvious (because everyone else seems to have done that already), but I will say that if you are the movie connoisseur that you say you are, you will see this movie. Only then, will I believe that you truly are into movies for the sake of what they are, not just whether you think you'll like them or not. I will watch a movie no matter what it is, if only to say that I at least give everything it's fair shake. If then i don't like it, at least I can say I tried to. As my father said to me a LONG time ago, "As long as you're not risking your life, try everything at least once." Now, you writing this article, that is risking your life more than a visit to the theater, huh? Of course, that's only until you shout how bad the movie sucked (if AFTER seeing it, that's what you still think) while walking out the theater door.... BTW, #74, I laughed my ass of reading that. GREAT ending to your comment 🙂

Jcking78 on May 3, 2008


Would everyone please just calm down? The article clearly wasn't written to talk trash about the book. However, some of the comments do talk trash about it. Yes, everyone has their own opinions and no, not everyone enjoys the book. I think we've all firgured that out. And yes, the target audience IS teen girls, however, it's not just the teen girls who enjoy it. It all depends on what kind of stories you like and, quite frankly, not everyone likes vampire romance/action stories. Personally, I don't think Twilight should be compared to Harry Potter. I love Twilight and used to be a huge fan of Harry Potter, but as tthe Harry Potter books progressed I found myself not wanting to read them anymore. I just wait for the movies. In my opinion I believe Twilight is much better than Harry Potter, though many people will disagree. I respect everyones opinions, but please... Keep your negative opinions to yourself, especially if you haven't read the book or don't really know what it's about.

Tiffanie on May 3, 2008


Okay, Twilight fans... I am one of you but some of you need to calm down. Seriously we can have discussions about this without swearing, insulting, and...yes spelling things very poorly. It makes us look bad. Please try and read some other comments before you jump down to the end and just start insulting and swearing and saying the same things over and over Not everyone is going to like the movie we are all so excited to see. We are angry because he hasn't read the books...I agree he should give it a chance so he'll know why there are so many rabid fans... but this is a movie site and he's expressing why he thinks this movie isn't for him. So instead of insulting maybe we should try and say why we think he should give it a chance... I have said it before, its a great date movie for him... action for him, romance for her... He doesn't have to LOVE it the way we do...

Melissa on May 3, 2008


Man Kevin. Be careful dude. This and your Jared Padalecki thing...

Ryan on May 3, 2008


I like how he went to bashing and talking trash about the movie and all this to now he is gradually giving all of it "interest" and its props. kinda back peddling if you ask me now kevin... And everyone saying to calm down and talk this out civilized just reminds me of the puss, dick, and asshole conversation off of Team America... Im laughing right now lolz its funny to me XD

Basa on May 3, 2008


Well, I can see why some guys would not like the book series. I am of the female persuasion and also a teenager so sue me for that, but yeah. I believe that guys will like this movie because a) Hot Girls b) Pretty good action and c) The actual movie itself seems like it is going to be amazing. Now, I am attempting to see this from somewhat of a positive dudes point of view. I mean, I can also say that when guys are dragged into the theatres they will be grumbling which will only ruin the movie for them because hell, my uncle did that with all the Pirates of the Carribean Movies. It may be somewhat hard to ask this of guys but just go into the movie theatres as if you were about to watch "Iron Man" or whatever the hell it is that you want to watch. I am just going to make this clear real quick ; Be careful what you post about "Twilight." Had we not learned our lesson from the flame-war over at /Film? If anyone attempts to post bad stuff about "Twilight" I guarantee a war and it really is not that pleasant. The one over at /Film was 100 times worse than the one over here. Check out "Kaleb Nation" he's a college dude who reads the books. But if you would rather not, oh well. I actually don't care what you think now that I got all that stuff off my back XD VIVA LA MAFIA =D!

Rawr on May 3, 2008


Im not from the US so I don’t watch MTV, so MTV has not affected the book or movie for me. Twilights not really talked about hear in Canada so people haven’t ruined it for me ether. I hate it when people talk about a movie so much that it totally destroys it when it comes out. But I like the books I’ve read them all. I don’t really like Bella but I like the vampires and werewolves. Emmett has to be my favoured character, same with Jake. The books are intense and funny I don’t see why people should dislike the books much. My girl friend actually got me reading the book. She loved it so much that she demanded I read it. I wasn’t all for it in the beginning but then the book became really interesting. So ya hope that helped.

dan on May 3, 2008


I actually have to be a little 'catty', so to speak, about one thing in particular. What is wrong with Robert writting the lullaby? I mean, dude come on. Immature much for a what? Twenty year old guy? I'll just let you on a little secret; girls don't find that whole 'macho' facade, mainly when it is used inappropriately. =/ I'll be attacked/debated over with this with all of the nega-guys but hell...Do I care? I try and debate intelligently (try is the key word), but when I read an article like this it really does push some buttons. It would be like me saying that "Iron Man" was the worst movie in the history of films before it even came out and honestly, "Twilight" has a much better chance of becoming a franchise than any other film that "Hollywood" or any other big named companies are working on. Let's have a wager, shall we? Starting with statistics; over two million copies of "Twilight" were sold and translated intoo 20/30 languages. Next, the FAN BASE is VERY similar to Harry Potter because majority of us WERE/Still are Harry Potter fanatics. A reminder: Not everyone knew what Harry Potter was UNTIL it became a movie/franchise. I never even touched the books until after the Fourth Harry Potter film. Give it a chance and don't poke at the Twilight Fan base, the books, the movie, or the actors. As you can see messing with this kind of magnitude of fandom does not come without a major reaction. Rant over for now...And now time to be optimistic. Have a great day.

Rawr on May 3, 2008


Wow, amazing, a guy that read Twilight and actually liked it. Now here I can say I am actually shocked. Because most men wouldn't admit to something like that, due to fear of being shunned by their friends and such. Anyway, I read through quite a bit of the previous posts and such, and I can say this much. Twilight is a wonderful book series, I have read every book that is out so far, and I am looking forward very much to the release of Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun. For those of you that don't know, Midnight Sun is Twilight, but from Edward's point of view. As for the movie, no movie is as good as the book, that's just how it is, because they always have to leave things out. But if the movie is at least somewhat close, and they at least put the important things in the movie, then the movie will be a success and a big hit. And yes, I have watched every behind the scenes clip that is out and it has been said that they are leaning toward a bit more of an action/romance/horror genre with this movie to attract both men and women. The clip I saw involving the fight scene in the ballet studio looked great, which you can see here, and here is also another behind the scenes clip from MTV

Kayla on May 3, 2008


Ok I haven't read it and I'm probably not gonna see it but I'm gonna throw my $.02 in... Pardon the pun I think vampires have been done to death. I kinda stopped being into them after Anne Rice turned them into misunderstood anti-heroes. The whole mystery and danger part has been taken out of the myths, they've been defanged if you will. I guess I just prefer my vampires as monsters, rather than teenage outcast love interests. (sigh) Time to throw 30 Days of Night into the DVD player...

jason_md2020 on May 3, 2008


go to it's a guy's blog about reading twilight with stories from other guy readers

Emily on May 3, 2008


Kevin.... David..... Just have to apologize for all the crap comments on here. And David, I'll say it. I'm a Twilight fan, and really enjoyed the series (as did my husband), but I have to agree that the shot posted on this page doesn't exactly make me want to see the movie. I hope that the trailer is a lot better. Although I DO believe the movie was cast well based on my idea from the novels, the makeup looks kinda freaky and goth. And although the vampires are supposed to look VERY pale, their not supposed to look goth. In the novels, the vampires always dress in light clothing so they don't look as pale as they would otherwise, kinda trying to avoid the goth look and blend in. As far as enticing you to see the movie, there's not much to say. Either you are interested in the story or not. I do have to say you may be surprised if you give it a chance. I started reading the novels almost a year after my sister-in-law (the most tom-boy girl I know) recommended them to me. I read them because I got them for a gift on Christmas and I liked the cover-art. After the first book, I read the second and then bought the third. As far as chick-flicks go, my husband and I both love the 6 hour version of Pride and Prejudice. Neither of us likes it for the love story. If it was just the love story I liked, I'd stick with the two hour version with Kjiera Knightley because although the love story is great from a female perspective, it's the sarcastic humor of Mr. Bennet that I love, and you just don't really get that in the 2 hour version. I see Twilight as being similar (I am NOT saying that it is on par with Pride and Prejudice in terms of literary esteem) in the sense that what is REALLY enjoyable for my husband is not the love story, and there are other things in the story that make it enjoyable which will hopefully be apparent in the movie. I agree, however, that the photo doesn't do anything good to promote the movie to those who are not rabid fans of the book series. That being said, I think it is cast well and that Catherine Hardwick will do a good job of directing the movie. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Married to a man on May 3, 2008


The first time I heard about this movie was from FS and that is when I also heard that Kristen Stewart was going to be the lead. I'm a fan of hers so I had to find out what exactly all the hype was over, so I read all the books. They were pretty awesome. I'm looking forward to this movie 1) for Kristen Stewart, 2) i enjoy Vampire movies and 3) I also enjoy the occasional love story movie. I just hope I'll get to see it in Japan.

robert_b on May 3, 2008


Twilight is terribly overrated. I read most of the first book and couldn't finish it. I find Edward Cullen TERRIBLY UNATTRACTIVE (Please girls, my idea of perfection is the late great Robert Palmer). I also find Bella Swan to be a complete idiot easily swayed into being obsessed over a shallow vampire loser who happens to look good and sparkle like in the sunlight. There are better men out there aside from this overrated fictional Cullen fella. This book series is giving girls a false sense of what they want in a man. If you want a shallow, conceited asshole who will just abuse you, go ahead, girls!

ClubScum on May 3, 2008


This movie looks to me like a sequel to "The Covenant" which was an awful teen vampires movie.

Hector on May 3, 2008


hmm.. well..can I just clear something up?... THE TWILIGHT SERIES IS THE GREATEST BOOKS I HAVE EVER READ..and they will continue to be the greatest books I have ever read for the rest of my life. Harry Potter sucks actually...whats better, Wizards or Vampires?--VAMPIRES..they actually sparkle in the sun..=D.. Stephenie Meyer is a better writer than the chick who writes the Harry Potter books.. (see,I can't even remember her name...) but,anyway..this is not about Twilight Vs Harry Potter. Kevin..I think you should read The Twilight books first,or look up Twilight are a guy..and Twilight is from a Girl's perspective,so it probably would be a little weird for you..but .try reading Edward Cullen's perspective on 'twilight' -'Midnight Sun' -you can get it from here- and by the way,I love that picture of bella,edward,rosalie,emmett,alice and jasper. they are PERFECT. I think the movie will be really good,from what I have heard,and seen. I actually,have a few guy friends who ADORE the books..and, he has actually been screaming over it,and the movie!!! so take that Kevin. I first got 'twilight' in 2005...and I have re-read the many times,that its crazy. thats how much I love the story. Yes,we all have our doubts about the movie..but,just be thankful that they are actually making a movie of it....we get to see the story,in front of our eyes,instead of in our head. Twilight the movie,is going to be AWESOME. the end.

Lauren on May 3, 2008


To the guy who said this>> "This movie looks to me like a sequel to "The Covenant" which was an awful teen vampires movie." HAHAHAHA,the convenant wasn't even a VAMPIRE MOVIE. idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren on May 3, 2008


I don't get why people judge everything when you haven't WATCHED or READ it. Seriously, that's stupid. And yes, I know everyone has their opinions, but at least read it, or attempt too before you write a stupid, idiotic report about it. Which, by the why, why did you even post this? It served no purpose whatsoever. All it did was bash something you know little about and get thousands of fans angry. Good job.

Ashley on May 3, 2008


Idiot indeed for watching that movie. I want my 10 dlls back!

Hector_n on May 3, 2008


I came across this series quite by accident, and though at times the writing is repetative I must admit I became I fan. I cant wait for the movie and have no expectations. I think what I most enjoyed from it was the lack of sex and swearing (and believe me I like a good amount of cursing) because lets face it thats all thats out there now. I found the story at its core to be a pure love story and at times sticky sweet but whats wrong with that. Its basically about the rush of first love (throw in some vampires and werwolves) which appeals to young and older audiences. My question is what did you expect the movie to be like? Honestly I'm curious.

GLD on May 3, 2008


@#102: This is a movie site about past, current and prospective movies. It is their JOB to anticipate how a movie might turn out. You say it's a waste to post something that he's never seen or read. The Love Guru won't come out until summer. No one I know has seen the movie or read the script, but it's pretty safe to say that it will turn out horrible. There aren't any Mike Myers fans on a crusade against any bad comments, so why the hell is everyone making such a stink out of this. You people make me embarrassed to be a Twilight fan!!

Nettle on May 3, 2008


GLD, I've pretty much seen the movie! I have seen so many pictures, and videos...... A lot is different, but it is all aproved by Meyer. SPOILER: (Im mostly excited for the new field trip scene with Jasper,Alice,Edward, and Bella. As well as the waterfall.... and Victoria is at the prom!!!! ) (/end spoiler)

Anne on May 3, 2008


I love twilight but man some of you fans go all out. People are entitled to their opinions. I myself can’t wait for the movie I have read all the books and liked all of them; I thought new moon wasa little sad though. The books are mainly about Edward and Bella’s love for one another but there is a lot of intense drama/ action. And some of my guy friends actually like the books. Im dragging them along to go see the movie with me when it comes out.

jen on May 3, 2008


I like your honesty but I believe your not giving the book a proper chance. Atleast try to read the books and give it a go. You may be surprised!

Thalia on May 3, 2008


Wait Victoria’s not at the prom in twilight. Unless they added that in. And what waterfall?

jen on May 3, 2008


Kevin's To Do list: 1) Read Twilight 2) Read New Moon 3) Read Eclipse 4) Print retraction 5) Beg for forgiveness

Feel sorry for you on May 3, 2008


Ok, Twilight is DEFINITELY not the next Harry Potter; Harry Potter is a masterpiece while Twilight is a...typical teenage romance book with werewolves and vampires thrown in...quiet enjoyable, but that's it! 1. The writer of this article shoud get a little more informed, it seems that you're talking with nothing to support you. 2. Twilight's plot IS really silly, and almost no one outside the US knows what Twilight is, while I personally don't know a single person who doesn't know what Harry Potter is. 3. Twilight has a lot of potential, with better writing and a BETTER PLOT, it'd be awesome. I'm sorry but the plot is very "ok, I'm going to make a plot just because it'll be boring to read about Bella thinking how hot Edward is...voila!" 4. I enjoyed Twilight, I thought it was a bit forced at some points, but hey, I enjoyed it! 5. I'm actually quiet excited for the movie, it'll be a HIT in the US, but only there, believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

Cristina on May 3, 2008


You disgust me. These are acually good, well written books which im proud to say ive read. [and NO my girlfriend didn't make me] dont look and "love story" category and think it's crap. Be a real man and give it a try.

Ben on May 3, 2008


Okay, this really has gone too far. I do not think that Kevin should be forced to read the books or have any affiliation with the novels. He's giving his opinion on what he thinks about the movie which everyone has the right to do. He shouldn't have to read the books or even watch the movie! This is just one person's opinions and people can't go around trying to change everyone's opinions. This is a movie site and as a fan of Twilight, I will definitely go see it, no matter what. Jen #109: They did add extra scenes in the movie (hence Victoria at prom) & the waterfall is at the part where they go hiking to the meadow. #111: Twilight has been translated in over twenty languages & there is large following in Spain & Germany. Even Canada is already doing news coverage on Twilight (and the movie is still filming!). I think that it might not be big money makers like Harry Potter (and although I am a bigger Twilight than HP fan, I can admit that HP has a big following for it & is a far complex novel) but there is a pretty large following for Twilight outside the USA too. But Twilight is going to be a great movie & I bet you that once it hits the theaters, it will spread the word & become an even bigger international sensation. Just watch. 😉

Jessica on May 3, 2008


I totally understand where Kevin is coming from when looking at all the videos and crazy fanpires, twiligters and twi-hards. Honestly, the only way all the vids and pictures are good is if you have fallen in love with the story and the characters, otherwise, it all looks silly. I love the books and even I find myself being repulsed by the over exuberant fans. How wonder you feel this way, it's only to be expected. But I encourage you to the read the book anyways, you may be surprised.

Annie on May 4, 2008


"Angelic Robert Pattinson even wrote the tune, "Bella's Lullaby," himself. I'm sorry, but there goes my lunch." Oh the lulz, they cannot be contained. I completely understand why this would be unappealing to guys. It's even funnier knowing how many fangirls wanted to shag him after learning that news. We'll just have to see how it turns out. Frankly, I'd be horrified if every guy liked Twilight. That's kind of messed up.

Anon on May 4, 2008


I would just like to say to all the commentors that are either saying "the book is FANTASTIC, can't you seeeee!!!!!!!!1" or "it really SUCKED" that this is part of the nature of the human race. We aren't all going to enjoy the same things, we all have different tastes and just because one person believes one thing, you dont have to convert them to your views. I don't think it is appropriate, however to complete trash another person's views, simply present your arguments for others to consider. As for my own opinion on the books, I enjoyed them and I'm really looking forward to this movie in the same way I hopefully waited for The Golden Compass and Eragon, two books that could have made fantastic movies but in my opinion, fell way short. Also, for the people who want a male opinion, my 17 year old brother is in love with these books so it can be enjoyed by some of the males of our species, as long as they don't mind some really cheesy romance 😛

Annabelle on May 4, 2008


seriously dude. u havent even read this book so how can u freaking be against it? sure u probably heard really cheesy things about it but u shouldnt be slamming it before u even read it. & earring thrown at u? my girlfriend would probably do that... im not saying i like the book because i havent even read it yet. do i plan to? i dont know yet. but im going to see the movie just to watch people [vampires] kill eachother.

victor on May 4, 2008


wtf go read the books before you judge them asshole. talk about uneducated masses

Rees on May 4, 2008


Well I'm a girl, I read the books, and quite frankly, enjoyed them very much. I don't think it's a kind of book that's the ultimate-best-writting-ever-masterpiece-for-eternity thingy, like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, but the plot it's quite interesting, and, I must add, very addictive. It's basically your average triangle love story, but with a couple of mystical beings thrown in. I know everyone already said this, but really it isn't nice to make a review of a book without reading it. It's exactly the sort of things that kids do. (- I don't like lasagna! - How do you know if you've never tried it? - It doesn't smell good!) It actually raises a bunch of deep moral issues, without falling in vulgarity. And it is not your average teenager book. I can assure you that. I can understand why this type of literature appeals for women better than men. But if you're going to bash it, at least make sure you do it AFTER you've read it. And yes, the lullaby situation. I myself found it quite adorable and think it adds a speacial touch to the movie, as well as feeling when the actor actually gets to play his own composition. But that's just me, apparently. Yes, I'm going to see the movie. And yes it was a GUY who first introduced me to Twilight. Greetings from Portugal. 🙂 (and HURRAY for freedom of speech)

Carla on May 4, 2008


Question: Why haven't we had this many female posters on any other movie discussion? Just curious...

jason_md2020 on May 4, 2008


The book primarily caters to an audience of teenage girls, and while that's not necessarily a bad thing (not everything written for a teenage audience sucks horribly, you know), it does tend to predilect the novels to a certain amount of campy romance. It would be wise for people to stop comparing the novels to J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter" series, and the recently popularized J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. They might be of the same genre (fantasy), but, that is the ONLY similarity that can be drawn between the three series. They didn't even cater to the same audiences. I've read the books- my little sister is enamored with them and I hear no end of praises on her end about them. However I do not care for them. Stilted prose and over-worked descriptive euphemisms tend to turn me off to a book rather quickly, and a needy protagonist that needs saving every five minutes is better left to the Harlequin Romances I pick up for my mom at the swap meet. But that's just my two cents.

Michelle on May 4, 2008


The immaturity of some of the comments amazes me. This is a movie review site, there is no need to read the original material to formulate an opinion on the movie (opinions are formed on much less than kevin has formed his opinion). I have read all the books and I am not excited for the movie, I am also not amazed by Meyer's writing which I find very formulaic. I respect what she is trying to do with the genre but find it to be just another Romeo and Juliet-esque love story transported to vampirism and modernism, not exactly a fresh take. I agree with Kevin about the poster as well, at least to me a 20 year old male it reminds me of the abercrombie and fitch models i see as i walk the mall, albeit a bit more pale. This movie could be good, it could be the worst piece of tripe standing next to Meet Dave and The Love Guru, I won't know it until I see it and finish formulating my opinion. But right now my excitement is a Giant 0 and my hype for the movie is the same. Furthermore, due to the rabidness of the fan base exhibited by much of the comments I have read. I am almost ashamed to admit I have read the books. I enjoy a good fluff read and that is all I see these books as. I hope Mrs. Meyers continues to write and that her writing becomes more original as time goes on. As I hope with all current writers I enjoy to a certain extent. But as of right now, I still do not support this movie or the hype behind it. I welcome december. Memento Mori

Sojourner on May 5, 2008


I loved all the books that i have read so far. I cant wait till the next book, i'm in love with them

Amanda on May 5, 2008


I found your take on this whole thing pretty typical for someone who hasn't read the book yet. I would give you more credit had you read them. I am a girl who read the books and absolutely loved them. When I first heard what they were about I was a little hesitant to read them. They didn't exactly seem to appeal to my likes. But after everyone in my extended family gave them a try, I decided to as well. They were wonderful. They sucked you in (pardon the pun) and really made you feel for the characters. I was amazed at how well Ms. Meyers developed her characters. Her writing style is amazing and easy to follow. I will admit the movie hype has gone a little crazy given there are still 7 more months until December, however I am still excited for this to play out on the big screen. I suggest that you give the books a try and then formulate an opinion. It seems there have been a slew of articles lately about Twilight and half of the authors have not read the book and that bothers me. I don't care if you don't like the books, doesn't bother me at all. I would just give you more credit if you studied your subject material a little more.

sam on May 5, 2008


Kevin, a teaser trailer is out. I hope you watch it and do an update. Even if you still don't like it. It's interesting to hear what people think of it who are unfamiliar with the books. I hope the movie is good and does well but it's still really early and I can't get a feel on what non-readers will think of it. Thanks!

Janet on May 5, 2008


LOOK guys a teaser trailer (as Janet has already said) But here's a link:

Melissa on May 5, 2008


Wow. Kevin has gotten hell from just posting his opinion of THE MOVIE. Whether or not he aggravated you fans, whe wasn't trying to say that he didn't like it. He was just trying to express his opinion of the movie, NOT THE BOOK. I'm a guy and I came across the first book a while back. Did I finish reading it? No, I stopped after the first chapter. Didn't intrigue me one bit, and as some posters have said, the storyline itself is old, unoriginal, and just plain idiotic. The vampires being good (or in this case and some others, a love interest) storyline has been done to hell. I'd like to relive the good old days of vampires being the monstrous villains once again. Just my 2 cents, and this probably isn't going to be read.

ADN on May 5, 2008


I was reading many of the comments others posted, and what one girl said hit me... Why are you writing an article on a book you haven't read? I mean, I wouldn't write an article on something like Star Wars or Lord of the Rings or something if I didn't like it, or at least have some interest in it... You either have serious issues about whether or not the movie really does interest you but being the kind of guy who must think he has to be so "manly" he won't addmit his interest, or you just wasted your time on a topic you shouldn't concern yourself with because, you don't even care about it. If I have nothing good to say about something like SpeedRacer or Rambo, I have the decency to not go rant about how awful it is, and how its only for guys and racer fanatics... Sure the sterotype of Twilight is over all related to romance, but there is so much more to it than just "o la la"... "smooch smooch"... If you had read it, you would know. Unfortunately you are one of those people who judge a book by its cover, or by what you hear in the media... The characters of Twilight are exceptionally deep (in the book at least), alot of thought went into them, they arn't just characters in a book, like most other material you find on the shelves nowadays. Its actually like they exist. But you wouldn't know that, now would you? Plus Twilight isn't just about romance it portrays to alot of deep things, like the meaning of life, and the existance of heaven, or hell, or even the possibity of being "damned", or a higher being. But I doubt your a religious person because hell you didn't even know what minister meant and you're what twenty? Sad, really. Just for the record, a minister is a member of a church or orginization. The book brings up things most people are afriad to ask about in life, for fear of being judged, or rejected. Many of the messages are subtle, but deep nonetheless. Plus there is tons and tons of humor in the book, and I mean humor! I mean, I was always smiling or laughing. Though there are sad and tense scenes as well. Bella isn't just some normal boring girl, she is funny and thoughtful. Not like most nowadays. So all in all, it really was a waste of your time to write that, because sure you got backup from a few guys here and there, but nonetheless you've gotten hell, because real fans know why they like the book, and instead of try to convert you or anything like that we'll leave you to your warped opinion.

Shannon on May 6, 2008


While it's true the Twilight novels will never be true literary classics, they are utterly compelling, and impossible to set down. They truly are addictive, because they target directly at a concentrated mass of secret fantasies every girl in the world has ever had (and most guys, too) and hit dead-on, in a 500 page piece of another world to fall into. Everyone I know feels a deep connection to the SETTING and situation (not necessarily the characters) when they read the book, and it is like a drug for many people (I happen to be one). While the fans may go over-the-top on many issues (ie: t-shirts, fan-fictions, long road trips to meet the author and/or stalk the actors--it's actually happened) I can understand why. Sorry it's so lengthy. Just trying to explain it's appeal, and a little of the craziness of the fans. The movie looks like it will be excellent, if not perfect, though these promotional photos are kind of ugly and a little too "freaky". All the same, I'll be going to the show on the twelfth!

Mary-Celeste on May 6, 2008


thought you should know what the TwilightMOMS have been up to:

keith on May 6, 2008


Wow, and you wonder why people are turned off to the subject matter. Those of you vehemently trying to defend or express why you enjoy the series are coming off as bad as the xbox /ps3 fanboys that troll other websites. You're pushing people away as opposed to opening their eyes to what you enjoy. Kevin was expressing why the MOVIE would not interest him (though at this juncture I realize the point is falling on deaf ears). Everyone has a right to their opinion don't flame him because his differs from yours.

Batosai on May 6, 2008


OKAY, "twilighters", you seriously need to CALM DOWN and stop dissing people who put down 'twilight' for whatever reason.

creeped out on May 6, 2008


I agree! THANK YOU! Twilight is so overrated, but everyone at my high school talks about it- CONSTANTLY. It drives me insane.

Lillian Jean on May 6, 2008


I enjoyed the books...although I am on Team Jacob. Yes, team Jacob. I'm a big fan of the books 1st and the movie 2nd. So I have to say I didn't love the recent movie pics that much but i did enjoy the teaser. I'm still iffy if the movie will be able to convey the emotions the book did but I'm willing to give it a try. Apparently Kristen Stewart is an amazing I will just have to wait and see the finished product.

beth on May 6, 2008


Oh My Edward.....Oh Edward No... Alright, I'm going to be the female Twilighter voice of reason. I am female. I like Twilight, I think it's a good STORY. The writing leaves something to be desired, but the characters are engaging and I ended up really CARING about Bella and Edward. It is hard to compress a 600 page book into a two hour movie and I think that it'll turn out well for what it'll be. I understand that guys wouldn't initially be very interested in the book because of it's chick-flicky appeal but I know many guys that have ended up loving the book as much as I do. There are many people who have gotten into the fandom; my fifteen and thirteen year old best friends for into this book as did my 47 year old mother, it appeals to many different sexes and age groups. Back to the movie...I would not judge a movie on a few pictures and it's target audience. Look at HP, it was targeted to kids and it has turned into a billion dollar franchise. The fandom I must admit, is a fickle one(as are most if not all fandoms!) When RPatz (Robert Pattinson) was cast, there was an uproar of 'NUUUU! HAAAAATE!'but as time has passed, it has settled. The fandom will also cover its back when faced with adversity, but unfortunately in this case, it was with flames and 'U DON'T KNOW! REED DA BOOKS!' It would be better if someone who has read the book and had a passion for it wrote the articles but we can live without it. As a final note: To the fans: Shut up and chill for a sec To the haters: calm down and it's fine if you've red the books and don't like them. NOT FINE if you proclaim your hatred out of the gate with nothing to base it on. Oh and go to He gives an open and honest opinion about his experiences reading and trying to understand the book.

Nylota on May 6, 2008


Woah, woah people chill out. It's okay. Kevin is just giving his opinion on the movie and he is perfectly entitled to do that. This is coming from a girl who likes Twilight. I am not going to chew someone out for difference of opinion. Different strokes for different folks. Plus, as he said, this is not a commentary on the book; this is a commentary on the film and film alone. It is not worth losing a head over, there are more important things to worry about in the world. I really enjoyed the book. After I read it, I went out and bought copies for my friends to read. So far although I cannot say I have been impressed with the movie. But I will wait and see.

April on May 6, 2008


Okay, some of the people posting on this article are getting out of hand. There is no need to put Kevin down, girl and guys. People who didn't like the book, there is no reason to put it or the fans down. I am a girl who has read Twilight and loves it just as much as every other fan. I don't agree with the author of this article (I'm a Jacob fan, myself), but he is entitled to state his own opinion, just as you are. If you really want people to listen to you, speak like you have a brain. Example of what NOT to do: "OMG!! HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT YOU NOOB??! I HATE YOU! POOPFACE!!" or "OMG!! I HATE THAT BOOK!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY WASTED PRECIOUS TREES ON THE SCRIPT!!" If you hate the book, don't rant about it. DON'T WATCH THE MOVIE. Everyone else, take a breath. -Kerri.

Kerri on May 6, 2008


I just don't think that you can make a judgment on material you haven't read. I know you said you've seen some of the write ups etc. but that gives you an extremely vague idea of the books. Number one rule of thumb is never judge a book by it's cover AND the book is always better than the movie. I know you're a guy and this kind of stuff probably doesn't attract you in the least, but why content yourself with making fun of those that do? The tone of your article was both demeaning and insulting of course people are going to be angry. If you are going to make an argument against the books (and here i stress the books) than you must first READ them. If it's the movie then you first must watch it. Otherwise you only seem to be purposefully arousing people's anger and that is neither mature nor admirable.

Grace on May 6, 2008


Umm, there have been like, 137 comments before this, but can I just say something that's probably been repeated OVER and OVER again? I repeat it because I think that we need to drill it into your head. Don't judge the fucking book by its fucking cover. This doesn't apply to JUST Twilight.

Lala on May 6, 2008


Huh, last I heard Muse was gonna do the "lulliby" which is really just supposed to be this intense piano balled-or at least I heard they were in talks with the band (Meyer is a big fan). Then Kristen said that Rob was thinking about doing it and he was like "I don't really know" and then MTV wen't and blew it all out of proportion (cos that's what they do of course). Just clearing that up. I doubt Rob will end up doing it. He didn't seem to thrilled about the idea either. All in all it was just a brief comment blown way out of proportion.

Moriah on May 6, 2008


he can judge a book by its cover if he wants to.

creeped out on May 6, 2008


ok i read twilight and im not gonna lie, it was awsome. it doesnt matter if your a guy or a girl, you can find a character were you can relate to. Give the book a chance i was ify on it at 1st, but im nothing but glad i read it and cant wait for the movie.

Nick on May 7, 2008


Just to point out to all of the people that are saying "Kevin was only dissing the movie", he wasn't. He said that based on what he's seen from the movie, he would never want to read the book.

Rin. on May 7, 2008


While the majority of the book's followers are females under 18, I have to say that my friends and I, who are all in our mid-20's (and that includes one male who loves the series too), we love the series. I'm not sure how the movie is going to be, it honestly seems like they are darkening up the book considerably. The simple fact that the initial following of readers are teenage girls sets off a guy's mentality that it's "not for them," but I can honestly say that every male and female I know who's taken the time to read Twilight have loved it, (It is such a short read, only about 300 pages in large font, that an adult can complete it in 2-3 days time or less). To Kevin Powers: Why not take a day or two and get the book from your local library and read it before you knock it? The book is bound to be better than the movie anyway, and it won't take you long at all to read it. I finished it in about 8 hours of reading time spread out over 2 days.

Audra on May 7, 2008


this thread has really gone off the rails and the repetitiveness of comments is pretty useless. to put it plainly, again: I'm not interested in the movie. reading the books or otherwise will not change my interests. (the whole world of Meyers and her productions, however is intriguing). and before you say, "well, if you're not interested in the book/movie, then why post?" read my comments above. I'd state which # it is, but I don't want to weed through it all. and honestly, since I've arrived at this point, Alex might start posting on future Twilight developments...since again, I've now decided I'm...not...interested and again, this is a movie site. since we all know movies usually render much differently than the source material, a retort to go "READ THE BOOK" before one judges a film is just stupid.

Kevin Powers on May 7, 2008


Why dont you read the book and find out why everyone loves it??? it is rather AWESOME!!!! yah im a girl 🙂

Nicole on May 7, 2008


#146: Did you not just read his comment? Are you really that ignorant?

Nettle on May 7, 2008


I agree #147, this is ridiculous. Kevin made every attempt at keeping this a civil discussion and so many people just jump down to the end and say "excuse me this is the best book ever.." bla bla bla.. I mean his comments are IN BOLD so you can scroll down and see where the conversation has gone if you don't want to read every comment. I am embarrassed, Kevin. I am afraid that this is not a good place to have a conversation about Twilight... I personally have been interested lately to see reactions to the trailers from non-Twilighers so I could discuss it with them and everywhere I look I see a repeat of this... bashing for ignorance. Well I am sad that these conversations have further pulled your interest away from Twilight.

Melissa on May 7, 2008


Well I'll simply say I'm a Potter fan and well since that is over as far as books I have started reading these and I do enjoy them. A lot of my friends read them too (guys too) and we're all pretty psyched about the movie. I think it's pretty cool but I'm a geek so what does my opinion matter XD

Kurt on May 7, 2008


the clean air of reason. thanks Melissa 🙂

kevin powers on May 7, 2008


funny how this a was a movie review, not a book review.......

ben on May 8, 2008


To tell you the truth even i had my doubts about the book when it first came out and i read it. At this point i wasent very intrested in vampire/werewolf books. BUt once i picked up twilight i couldent put it down , i loaned the book to all my freinds and they had the same reaction eating the books up with enthusasim. This series was a romance that wasent smutty, And had a great plot. I enjoyed it far more than almost any other series i ever read before hand and so far it has remained my favorite.Myers makes you feel as if you can relate even in this fantasy story. She makes it real and belivable , like it could truley be . She makes you form a sort of attatchment to the carecters even if you dont relize it , and soon you dont want to put the books down. Most of the male Creatures i have given this book to have enjoyed it with the exeption of one or two , so it isnt just the females but it is understandable that the guys woudent like it quite as much.

Sarah Shearman on May 8, 2008


I don't know who you think you are, but you have no damn right saying that about this movie when you don't know any freaking thing about it. So maybe before you right an article and try to critize one of the most loved books-and MOVIE- in America..IT IS NONE OF YOUR CONCERN! THANK YOU!

Anna Paul on May 8, 2008


You know, it's really sad when people can't tell the difference between good literature and fun reading. Wow.

Nettle on May 8, 2008


First of all I don't freaking care if this is or isn't a movie sight. The whole movie is basically based on the book. And if he hasn't read them yet he has no right to say that crap about the movie or books. And just because us "Twilight Fans" are telling you off and making you mad you shouldn't just decide not to read them because you get angry. That's Just Retarded. And I don't know what #154 is reading, but it looks like she is the one who doesn't know what good literature and fun reading is. WOW.

Sara on May 8, 2008


My point in making that post, Sara, is that all of you fans out there don't have an open mind to ANYTHING!!! You're putting this book on a pedestal next to the f***ing Bible! This. Is. Not. A. Work. Of. Art. It is just a fun, romantic story that is very engaging. I have read the series (note: plural; which means I didn't stop at one) and I really enjoyed it... in the same way I enjoyed Eragon. Eragon was fun and involving on the EXACT same level and it even got turned into a movie, but I don't think anyone would say it a was a great piece of contemporary literature. The "themes" that other people are spouting that have so much meaning can be found in ANY teenage book or drama. DeGrassi had better themes than this book. Have you ever even tried reading something with more substance? Mark Twain, Shakespeare, even Neil Gaiman? Or am I preaching to a grade school level audience? Have we really degenerated so far as to label entertainment like Twilight as a classic writing? What pisses me the hell off is the mob mentality of all the fans! I honestly didn't know about the movie or the massive following these books had until I read the comments on this site. Almost every fan was completely close-minded to what Kevin had to say and they were adamantly defending their book, saying that you can't judge a MOVIE until he's read the BOOK, when he already explained that he didn't have to... twice! It was simplemindedly irrational! I'm now proud to say that I hate the books, not because of its simple prose, but because of the benighted following it has spawned. Thank you, and good night.

Nettle on May 8, 2008


Okay Kevin, Wow you really know how to start something to piss off a whole lot of people. LOL I actually read all the posts and have to say if the level of intelligents indicated by these post many of these poeple must be young teens, or at least we can hope. I would like to reiterate what you said, this is a movie site and to #155. Do you have any idea how many movies are based off books? You should do some research then cause you will find a startling amout (excuse my spelling I am being lazy tonight) are. Out of that how many general public movie goers do you think actually run out and buy the book. I can name at least 20 that saw Lord of the Rings (hard read so don't blame them) Lion the witch and the wardrobe, or how about Harry Potter without reading the books. Kevins oppinions are sound from the information provided by the studio it is unlikely that many guys are going to want to see this movie as it stands. Yes the book may be good (I too have no interest in either) and if some guys have read it then yes they most likely would see the movie. But I agian state that this is a movie sight and rarely does hollywood do anything good when translating into a movie the book is always better. So remember that before making "retarded posts"

Christopher on May 8, 2008


Three Cheers for Nettle, Hip hip hoooray!!!!!!!

Christopher on May 8, 2008


Well, Nettle and Christopher, for your information I have read Eragon, The Chronicles of Narnia(Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe), Lord of the Rings and all of Harry Potter. And believe it or not I have watched all the movies. And they were pretty cool. Maybe Twilight is not your f***ing style, so deal with it. There may be some people out there who consider it there bible which is gay, but I don't, I just really enjoyed reading it. As for the angry mob of fans, maybe you should take a look at all the Harry Potter geeks out there (no offense, most of my friends are) before you judge Twilight fans. And if you like your Shakespeare, then you can take Macbeth and shove it up your a**!!!

Sara on May 8, 2008


Case in point.

Nettle on May 8, 2008


Congratulations Sara and your continued 4th grade attitude-expletive laced posts. Not only do you reveal your true maturity level, but you continue to remind my why I am now ashamed to publicly admit I enjoyed the Twilight novels. Nettle and Christopher have made valid points and all you continue to do is perpetuate the intolerance that is continuing in this discussion. Thanks for the information once again Kevin and trying to keep this discussion on track. Memento Mori

Sojourner on May 8, 2008


The only reason why I'm doing this is because this man has no right to dis this movie if he doesn't know what it's going to be about. So don't get mad at me if I'm speaking my mind. You people seem to be doing the same thing here. And I don't get why your ashamed to publicly admit that you liked the books, then you liked te books. And as for the maturity level I am a 27 and a half year old woman. So as for maturity levels go you have no right to be talking.

Sara on May 9, 2008


"27 and a half"....Who after the age of 12 uses halves?

dale on May 9, 2008


lol this was a great post and its interesting to read all of these reactions to a teen romance book. For myself, I am completely over angsty vampires in any genre, whether book, movies or TV. I gave that up after I reached 25, and yes, I am a woman. I have absolutely no desire to see this movie or read the book. BUT I do hate the fact that a lot of guys think this is the sort of movie all women love. Give me Iron Man, Hulk, Hellboy and Batman anytime.

Laura on May 9, 2008


Sara, Of course he has the right to dis the movie, as do any of us. The premise of the movie seems with out any self thought and truly unoriginal. This movie is intended for one thing to get young girls into the theater. And from the shear magnitude of the Posts here from young girls I would say it is working. Kevins opinions are based on the way too much promotional crap that MTV is spurting out to entice and brainwash the millions of young viewers that will simply go to the movie like Lemmings. (maybe they could add that in the next video game. Lemmings vs Twilight...)

Christopher on May 9, 2008


I have to say, I love the books. I am kind of a romantic, though. The greatness of the books aside, I think the movie looks like it's going to be awesome. There's going to be a lot more action in it than there was in the book, though, both the author and actors said that. Yes, it is a romance story, but what great story isn't? Has there ever been a movie that you've seen that doesn't have any romance in it at all? I mean, Memoirs of a Geisha was a love story and I know lots of other guys who loved it, because it's just an awesome movie. I will say, I am ashamed to be affiliated with all these people who are just acting immature and blind toward anyone with a different opinion. Yes, Twilight is the kind of book that captivates you, because of the raw emotion in it, but there are always going to be people out there who don't like things that you think everyone should like. It's common knowledge, everyone has different opinions. That's life, deal with it.

C.J. on May 9, 2008


Yay CJ 🙂 And as embarrassed as I have been with the Twilight fans on this site who seem to not realize this isn't a phone text message conversation and you CAN actually type out entire words.. I have to defend a tinsy bit... Post #165 (Christopher) says: "...way too much promotional crap that MTV is spurting out to entice and brainwash the millions of young viewers that will simply go to the movie like Lemmings." MTV stated the reason they started 'Twilight Tuesdays' is because of one of their reporters who insisted on doing a small story on it.. then they had OVERWHELMING resonse that kind of shocked them. So they dug in and did more, and you can see that each and every one of their articles/pictures/videos are highly viewed... But having said that... I think the response was based on the built-in fan base. I don't know if many non-Twilight fans go check out articles on some movie that doesn't come out until December... so I don't know how many 'lemmings' they are going to 'brain-wash' into going to the movie. So even if our fanbase does include a lot of young, rash, 'rabid' women, I don't think you should underestimate the force behind the movie... even if you don't understand it. If it's hugely successful and popular, it doesn't mean that people were brain-washed. It's possible that it just means it's a great story and we are excited to see it come to life

Melissa on May 9, 2008


Christopher, I just don't get though, would you say that you hate Harry Potter just by looking at the book or movie cover? Just because he saw a, what?, 20 second teaser trailer he says he doesn't get it and he doesn't like it. If he just gave it a try.. He doesn't have to become obessed with it like some peole, only read it, before he writes an article that he doesn't know anything about. Even if this movie had come out when I was younger I wouldn't have went into theater (I'm to shy), but don't forget it's not only attracting young girls across the world, but the women too. It just gets me so frustrated!

Sara on May 9, 2008



Sara on May 9, 2008


Actually #169, your point for the past three posts is that Kevin isn't allowed to judge a book based on the synopsis. Have you not read the post about this summer's worst upcoming movies? All of them are based on a synopsis, a trailer, and a poster and everyone has already stated that they'll be crap. So yes, he can. Thank you CJ and Melissa for reaching the middle ground.

Nettle on May 10, 2008


Sara, Sorry not really getting were you think I hate Harry Potter, I actaully loved the books, however the movies for the most part are what sucked yet I will still see them to find out if they can actually grasp the heart of the books. What Kevin Nettle and myself are simply saying is that the question was from the promotional material is any GUY interested in seeing this movie, since Kevin is a Guy he has formed an educated opinion based off what he has seen and read (as have I) and we simply have no interest in this MOVIE whatsoever. My comments earler are to that effect that you do not have to read the book before making a judgment on an upcomming movie. Wether or not that is our loss then it is our loss for not seeing it. However I am not going to spend the money to go see a movie that really does not reach out to me personaly whatsoever, and having people get mad and personally insulting is what I find rather poor. However your arguments Sara to your personal credit (albeit I dissagree with them) have been well informed and intelligent. However I can not say that about many of the other posts in here.

Christopher on May 10, 2008


Well thank you, Christopher, you seem to be the only one not saying that I have a "immature maturity level". You seem to be pretty nice after all. And I wasn't saying that you didn't like Harry Potter, if you go back and read I was saying IF you didn't, not that you did. I was just using an example. And I do agree with the guy thing, this is probably going to be a bit of a chick flick, but I see your point. Once again thanks for responding to me a bit nicer than the others. I have to admit I was a little mad about this whole thing, but not so much anymore.

Sara on May 10, 2008


Listen, I see that a lot of posts are complaining that the article says that the book is bad. Regardless of how good the book is, the movie could still suck. All I'm saying is just wait for the trailer.

Ajax on May 10, 2008


Ajax, the teaser trailer is out 🙂 Did you not see it yet? The real trailer won't come out until probably the end of summer (so says the rumors) but here's a link to the teaser trailer... HD version: Regular version:

Melissa on May 11, 2008


I am so friggen surprised how long this thing dragged on...Sorry @ Kevin who facedd the wrath of the Twi-hards. I can see you were merely expressing your opinion, but, yeah some of us are pretty defensive over the series XD This is a dude in his mid-twenties who wrote this. It is a hillarious article about Twilight and I think that any guy would like to see something about "Twilight" from a guys point o' view. :]

Rawr on May 12, 2008


jeez kev, people are really giving you a hard time eh? i guess thats the internet business. people really get worked up about the silliest things don't you think... good post, thoughtful opinion, what's not to like?

karl on May 13, 2008


# 13 and #143 I love how he says he's seen "a lot of what the movie's about"---and there's only been this one tiny teaser trailer. What "more" have you seen that has determined your course of action for you regarding this movie?

jh on May 15, 2008


To answer that question MTV has been releasing quite a bit of info about the movie. Interviews, vignettes, things such as that.

Sojourner on May 15, 2008


We read this book in my English class, and I never got to finnish it, but I can tell you this. 1) The cover picture was kick ass. 2) But the summary on the back made it sound corny. 3) When I actually read it, I was blown away. I couldn't help (along with just about all the rest of the people in my class) but admit that it was brilliantly written. 4) I also can't help but admit that the picture here and the text in it looks like a cheesy mix between Harry Potter (nothing against Harry Potter) and Peter Pan. 5) I'm not sure how the movie is going to turn out, but I'm going to go see it even if I find out the critics hated it. I like to form my own opinion on things. 6) At least TRY to read the book, even if you honestly believe you will hate it with a passion. Then you can at least say, "Yeah, I read it. I have a reason to think it sucks." Then no one can b**** at you. That's my opinion and advice. Thanks for reading. Shawna

Shawna on May 15, 2008


has anyone seen that show "dark shadows" ? its ridiculous, a soap opera from the 60's-70's about vampires. Thats all i can think about when people talk about twilight or the other books in that series... ha

karl on May 15, 2008


kev, we have different opinions and i know that but please ponder on this, "don't judge the book by it's cover" i know you haven't read it. and yeah read whatever kerri said.

C on May 16, 2008


Let me start this out by saying I love Harry Potter. I also love Tamora Pierce books (as previously mentioned.) Yes, Tamora Pierce has strong female characters and I love that about her books. However, in the case of Twilight I think it is unfair to say that no one is like Bella. Her character is more realistic because there are a lot of girls LIKE her in the world...I think that's why we love the book. Personally I don't like it for the romance (I don't care too much for romance honestly) but for the supernatural content. I love anything to do with vampires and werewolves. I also think the trailer looks great. 🙂 I admit though the synopsis of the story sounds stupid and stereotypical but somehow when reading the story and letting it all unfold, it's different. Although I can see how the romantic storylines might not be a guy's thing -- it's not just about the romance. It has some pretty sweet action if you can just suck it up, pretty much everything has at least some romance in it nowadays. Look at Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter. This movie and book can appeal to both sexes if they'd just stay open-minded. If you don't like the book or the movie, that's fine, but you don't need to make fun of the people that do.

Jasmine on May 17, 2008


I am 21, a guy, and I do not care for the book. Do not assume for a moment that I am biased against romance in fantasy, I love the romance in Terry Goodkind's Epic fantasy series, The sword of Truth. I have never read another story with such a believable love story. The problem for must us "haters" is that twilight is overly promoted as something it really isn't. It does have some action, but not enough for most male readers. Call it "Typical Male" if you want, but we like more action, more epic battles. News flash, men and women are different. I can say "typical women" right back at you. It is a great book targeted at teenage girls, that is a fact. Men can read it, men can like it, but little girls are the audience. In reference to Harry Potter, I do not think it is fair to compare the two, for either author. They both write equally well, just with a different approach. Harry potter appealed to a broader audience while twilight appeals stronger to a more specific one. Who really cares? Nobody. You like it or you don't. I try not to bash it because it is obviously is a success, Props to Stephanie for scooping up some of the lost audience from harry potter, giving them a reason to keep reading. Literacy is on the rise with younger people and that is due in part to J.K, and Stephanie has successfully continued that. Jasmine is right, don't make fun of people that like it, i am sure you read something that other people don't like. Or if you haven't, you might not read enough which is doubly sad.

Jesse on May 18, 2008


Awesome comment, Jesse 🙂 I'm in love with the books (I'm almost 30! Eeek!), but I agree that it's great and more important that kids are at least reading! My stepdaughter tackled these books and had them read in days. She sees the awesomeness that a 600-ish-page book can be and is definitely a reader, as I am. Thanks to SM and all other authors that are gifted to give us this entertainment! The movie is just another way to experience the book's story, IMO.

Jessica on May 18, 2008


OMG, does there always have to be ethnic diversity? In the movie there are characters that are of different ethnicity, if you look it up; however, they are your average Americans.

Jessica on May 19, 2008


Where's the ethnic diversity here?

Kabbymoh on May 19, 2008


I really don't like the look of the cast here. It might just be the combination of makeup an lighting, but still, they don't look beautiful and gorgeous like they're supposed too. I think the only person who seams like the character in the books; or should I say, LOOKS like the character in the looks is Alice. That's just my opinion. And who is the guy on the far right? Jasper? Because he certainly isn't how I'd have pictured him. I ope Carlisle, Esme and Jacob all look better than the rest of the cast, otherwise it might be a bit of a let down for me (maybe a reason making a book like Twilight isn't such a great idea. We all have ideas of what the characters look like, and many will be disappointed with the people casted)

KIrsty R on May 19, 2008


Since when do we have to read the book to critique a movie/ movie trailer/ or movie concept???? Just beause you enjoy a subject doesn't mean you bash the opinions of those who do not feel the same as you do. Did you read the books to ALL of the movies you heard would be coming out before deciding that you wanted to see it? Probably not. You may have read the book because it peaked your interest, but the man is saying 'this does not peak my interest'. So WHY in heavens name would he read the book? Side note...if I hadn't seen this on his site I wouldn't have known any thing about this movie or the books. It doesn't interest me either, but I know some people who it will, so I'll pass it on. THAT is the purpose of him speaking on it whether he has read the stupid, insipid, mind-numbing books or not.

Monica on May 19, 2008


I'm a guy and have actually read the books. I'm one to read anything with a vampire in it, and so i dived in. The story was just as tactless at it sounds. The back flap summery is enough because anyone with basic knowledge of a tastless teenage romance could connect the dots of the story. Sure, Meyer's had some decent ideas, as I did like her modern update of a vampire's lifestyle, but her main character, Isabella, was the worst heroine since Legally Blonde. It suffices to say that Kevin is correct in his prejudgement, as I've said before, because the back flap summery is enough to reveal the entire story.

Matthew on May 20, 2008


Lauren (comment 32) said "IT WAS AWFUL. I tried to count how many times Edward was alluded to as DANGEROUS and MYSTERIOUS. I lost track. and Bella? How stupid is this girl? "Ooooh look at that sexy really pale dead guy! Let me walk right into his fangs!" Not to mention the part where she wanders aimlessly in a large city, stumbles into the 'ghetto' and HAPPENS to find thugs who want to rape her? WTF? I had to laugh. Not to mention the fact that the girl can't take care of herself, and constantly needs to be rescued. Um, excuse me? What happened to girls WITH a clue. This is like Regency romances written for young girls, giving them unrealistic expectations." No, I haven't read all (currently) 189 comments on this blog. But this was the first one that actually had something to do with the way I feel about this book. I don't understand the hype at all. My friends and I did purchase a copy of the first book so that we could see what it was all about - we're all big vampire fans, so hey, this should be good, right? 😐 We were wrong. The fact that Edward glitters in the sun is just... ugh -shudders-. There aren't any real words to express my distaste. Not to mention the fact that he even walks in the sun! I see comments talking about originality. This is original, yes, but where does the line fall between "original vampire" and "unrealistic vampire"? (Yes, I know vampires aren't exactly real beings.) Common vampire lore that has been around for probably centuries - that's the real thing. Vampires are generally supposed to be scary, at least, that's what most of us have been brought up to believe. There is also another point I'd like to bring up: Roxana (comment 45) said "Twilight's an extremely self-indulgent series, no one can deny that, it's like Fan-Fiction that had no typos and managed to get published." Twilight is much like fanfiction. It also managed to get published. However, it is most definitely not free of typos. There are many grammatical errors that can be found within the pages, one of the most glaring of which is, "The room had been belonged to me..." which can be found somewhere around page 8 or 9. I don't have the book with me, so I can't give a definite location for that, but it is there. You can probably find errors in the things I've typed here. However, I'm tired, and I'm not proofreading it. Meyer should have proofread her work; so should her editor and publisher. So many errors that should have been caught made it to the bookshelf, and I find that disgraceful.

Melissa on May 22, 2008


Wow. It's incredible how defensive fans have been. Not sure what's so threatening about saying a certain film is outside one's range of interest. In my case my wife recently read the series to see what the hype was all about. I got from her that Edward is really sexy and she enjoyed the series a lot. Now I read all the time, and I got a pretty good feel for what to expect from the books but I have not had a desire to read them. It's not that I think they are inferior or beneath me, I'm just not interested. So there you go Kevin, you're not alone. I might get dragged to the movie (or my wife might take some girlfriends) but you can guarantee I won't be seeing it on my own and especially not with my brother when we go out. But that's ok for the filmmakers and the fans. The film will make (apparently based on the fan rabidity) a lot of money and the fans will get their movie. For those insulted by hearing Twilight is outside my demographic, don't be. My little pony is out of my demographic too, along with most horror movies. Nothing wrong with media being aimed at different audiences.

Scott on May 23, 2008


If you haven't read the book, if in fact you can even read a book and not just a fricking article, you might understand the picture better. It is true to Stephenie Meyer's vision, which is more than I can say for what happened to the movie version of Eragon. Just because it might be "emotional" and "romantic" don't get your tighty whiteys in a freaking bunch. Its meant to be FOR TEENAGE GIRLS AND WOMEN. Not to say that its bad for teenage boys and men to read it, but that is the target audience. That would be like a female journalist getting up in arms about a film based on a book that is targeted for men. You need to stick to what you know and stop pushing people's buttons. Its a good story, its an enjoyable story that alot of people have enjoyed. That is all that matters. Its getting people to read again, and its getting people to imagine, which is more than I can say for your article Kevin. I read about half of it and rolled my eyes. Excellent, another cynical male who doesn't believe in love or romance. Point and case: "Angelic Robert Pattinson even wrote the tune, "Bella's Lullaby," himself. I'm sorry, but there goes my lunch." Did you go to see the Lord of the Rings movies? Did you see the part where Aragorn is singing a soft tune to himself? Viggo Mortensen wrote that tune himself, and it was about Arwen, is that going to make you "lose you lunch" too? Its called getting into character.

JG on May 25, 2008


Well, I read the first page of the Twilight and had to stop because I found it to be laughably horrible. Really, it contained some of the most unnaturally written narration ever, which wouldn't be too horrible except that it was in FIRST PERSON! NOBODY THINKS IN LURID PROSE! NOBODY! Anyways, I do like vampires and supernaturaly things (and Robert Pattinson...mmmm), so I'll probably see the movie. Hopefully I'll find it enjoyable, even if I end up just laughing at it the whole time and marveling about how Bella and Edward's relationship is ridiculously unhealthy and Stockholm Syndrome-esque. Oh yeah, and the majority of Twilight's fans are...I'd say tween/teen-girls. My little sister absolutely loves it, as does my best friend's little sis (they're both high school underclassmen). I don't know why that would be surprising or offensive as it seems pretty darn obvious.

Kelly on May 26, 2008


dude, i was actually disappointed at how little romance exists in the twilight series. especially new moon and eclipse. the majority of shit that goes on is like action. and the romantic parts weren't like overdone or anything. i was afraid the books were going to be disgustingly gushy and romantic, but the romance was way outweighed by action, if you ask me. everything romantic only lasts a little bit because edward is afraid he's going to break bella or something happens so one of them has to be like 'whoa, slow down, buddy.' and i used to make fun of my friend for being so crazy obsessed with this series. but once you read the books, and ENJOY how that kind of relationship is so far from anyone in the real world's reach, you like totally fall in love with them. it's okay if they're not down-to-earth. they're not supposed to be. also, i saw some comment way up there about how bella is such an annoying, typical damsel-in-distress female character, but she isn't. she's awesome and reminds me of myself in a lot of ways. in conclusion... i imagine the movie will live up to the book. the actors all seem to fit their characters pretty nicely, so we'll see how it goes, i guess.

karen. on May 28, 2008


also, just as a disclaimer, i don't want you to think i'm being like 'hey man, go read the book'. you probably wouldn't like it seeing as how you've like researched it and shizz, but you should give the movie a shot once it comes out. like borrow it from a friend or something. because, without a doubt, the movie will be different from the book. and probably more likable by the people who didn't really get into the books.

karen. on May 28, 2008


Kevin, I admire your patience... Enough said...please just let this drop people. Or better yet, read all the bolded comments, they are not hard to find and Kevin is really patient in all of them..

Sojourner on May 29, 2008


Okay............................... Let me start by saying I don't agree with the author of this article. However let me second that just because you do not agree with someone, it is not right to yell at them and call them names. I mean honestly when I first read the article, I wanted to leave a nasty comment about how you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover and yada yada. But after reading what other people had to say and reading the author's explanations of why he doesn't want to read Twilight, I don't care. It's really none of my business. I don't know this man, nor does it affect me whether or not he reads the series or sees the movie. I am part of the crazed Twilight fanbase, and I am happy to say that because I love Twilight. However, alot of fans are WAY to quick to judge and I don't want to be thrown in to the group of close-minded fans because not all of us are that way. To Die-Hard Twilight Fans- If you hate this man so much for writing this article, why not just close your browser and move on? To leave a nasty comment and call this man names does not make yourself or the fanbase look good, and I could see how it would make others not want to read the book, not to mention that it's kind of a waste of time. Especially when 100 people before you said the exact same thing. Show some dignity and get over it. To each their own and if they do not care about Twilight, why should we care what they have to say on the matter. Obviously they may not be making a well educated assumption. We know how good the books are and we don't have to convince the whole world to read it, as fun as that would be. They don't know what they're missing and it's not our obligation to constantly remind them. To Those Who Have Decided Not To Read The Books Because Of The Crazed Fans- I would hope that you would not be as quick to judge and as close-minded as some of my fellow Twilighters, and that you would give the book a chance as you see fit. Whether it's reading it or NOT bashing it everytime you hear something about it, or just going to see the movie, you can be the judge of that. I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do, not by any means, I just wanted to give you the invite as a more poised Twi-hard than others. Because maybe that's all you needed, was the invite. Kevin Powers- I can't really apologize for everything that's been said about your article and your opinion by other Twilight fans, but I do apologize for judging you myself when I first read this article. I myself would not like to be judged for being a Twilight fan and I assume you do not like being judged for not being interested. I'm not going to tell you to go read the books or to go see the movie because I think that's been said enough. However, if ever at some point in your lifetime you see the Twilight movie or read the Twilight series and you enjoy it, more power to you. Even if you don't read it or don't like it, if and when you do, I thank you for voicing your honest opinion. Oh and another thing. Do you people HONESTLY not have ANYTHING better to do than sit on here and argue about this book/movie??? I mean seriously some of the same people have posted like 10 times. Please just let it go. Okay so now that I've officially wasted everyone's time, not to mention my own, I would just like to say that even though this is a very LONG comment I just felt that I needed to voice my OWN honest opinion. P.S. I'm an Edward fangirl, and I happen to fall in the 18 and younger crowd. I'm 15 and 9 months, to be exact. (Just wanted to throw that out there to show not ALL teenage girls are that crazy) 🙂

Amanda on May 30, 2008


I personally am a 22 year old female (not within the ~*target fanbase but I KNOW there are countless fans my age) and I tried to read Twilight twice and couldn't make it through. There is an abundance of purple prose, blatant Mary Sue-ing, and overall just a bunch of unoriginal, self indulgent crap for the masses. I was going to try to keep this sentence from this comment, but I can't: TWILIGHT SUCKS. There is no comparison to Harry Potter (I haven't read all of the comments here yet), not with content, but mass hysteria. The difference being? While JK Rowling was no great writer, she had a few inventive twists and turns within a story that had been told before. Meyer does not do that. So shut up with your dumb ~*TWILIGHT ISN'T LIKE HARRY POTTER crap and understand that it's a comparison of fanbase, not of content. I have seen this movie "defended" (and by defended I mean BLATANTLY FANGIRLED FOR) on LJ, DeviantArt, and here. The crazy ones are always little girls. Thank you for embarrassing my gender. Anyway. Point being... I'm within the general fanbase age. I think Twilight is crap. Honestly, I'm ashamed that this was made so vastly popular by my gender just because they want to get laid by a Gary Stu-ish vampire. Go get a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend. @Amanda - If you have nothing better to do than argue about a movie, why did you leave a NOVEL of a comment about it?

Lauren on May 30, 2008


I'm a 60ish straight white male, a former aerospace engineer who reads science fiction, fantasies, and mysteries. I also sometimes read the better YA novels, the ones which deal with growing up because, frankly, I've never quit growing up and trying to quit being a bit of a macho ass-hole. I also write science fiction and am halfway through the third book of a series I call the Shapechanger Chronicles. When done I'll start looking for an agent. I mention this because I've long studied writing and worked at being good enough to be publishable. The Twilight books fascinated me. I thought the writing was excellent, and I compare it to the best around including "literary" works by Hemingway, Faulkner, Conrad, and so on. More importantly the people interested me too, especially Bella, who is the kind of feisty female to whom I've always been attracted, and with which I've lived for the last 15 years. Those are the books. I'll go see the movie, hoping pessimistically not to be disappointed. Perhaps my biggest objection is that I don't like the character playing Edward. He seems too pretty, physically wimpy, and brooding - which is Hollywood's idea of what teen girl's are attracted to. In other words, he's a sexually non-threatening boy, not a man. The Edward in the books is decades old and a grownup inside if not outside. The Hollywood movie-Edward romance-object may be even be true, at least for tweens, those young women barely into adolescence. But I've gone through a dozen years of my three nieces growing up, and those aren't the boys they dated. And they are all quite pretty, and have their pick of guys. The young men I met were mostly worthy of "my girls" and believe me I'm as protective of them as their mostly absentee father. The also weren't wimpy, pretty, sullen boys. Larry Carroll, AKA Laer Carroll and Elle Carroll

Larry Carroll on May 31, 2008


I'm sorry. I'm laughing too hard that you just put YA romance fantasy in the same league as Faulkner.

Lauren on May 31, 2008


I agree. My sides are splitting.

Nettle on May 31, 2008


Wait seriously? I am sorry Faulkner is a god compared to those books. Respectfully of course.

Sojourner on May 31, 2008


I haven't bothered to read all the comments, but I'm quite sure that I'm one of few adolescent females who actually despises the book. Book. See, I got through the first one but it left me with no incentive to read the sequels. The plot was insipid and drearily overdone, and Bella was a whiney, self absorbed bitch. Edward liked Bella because she smelt nice and Bella liked Edward because he was good looking. 'Nuff said. I thought it was actually going somewhere before Meyer decided to do a rather stupid thing by introducing another lustful vampire, who, like Edward, couldn't resist the alluring scent of Bella. *yawns* As for the ballet-centre set up, that was done for the sake of making it seem like it was all planned out - or that's how it appeared to me. It was out of the blue, random, and didn't seem like it had been thought out very much. As for her writing style, yeah, she's got some talent. It's just a pity that the character development was non-existent, the plot unoriginal and boring, and the story as a whole, unappealing. Any one who knows me knows that I'm the biggest fan girl around when it comes to romance. And apparently I can safely insult Twilight because I am female, which apparently makes my opinions more valid than if I were male. Or so the vast majority of females seem to think.

Lynette on May 31, 2008


Its really interesting to see all these different opinions. Personally i loved reading the Twilight series. And i started reading the series becuase i got so excited when i watched the trailor. But i guess im just one of those "girly obsessive teens." But i was really wondering-since all you who have a "different opinion" on Twilight and keep on saying how it so lacks in originality, tell me how so? Can you honestly tell me that all the events in this book have been written before in another? Sure the whole vampire love story is old school but still im sure that the rest of the story differs in many ways. Also keeping an open mind, I was wondering what books would you suggest to read?

Angel on Jun 1, 2008


As a sixteen-year-old, I love the Twilight series but I'm not so excited to see the movie. The cast looks pretty great (except for the guy who is playing Jacob, he looks about twelve and a Disney star run-off), but I really don't want to see the books ruined. Anybody remember the tragedy of Eragon? Great books, good movie (by itself), but paired together did not work out whatsoever. Of course, I probably only liked Eragon because Garrett Hedlund is in it... But still. I hate it when books go to movies and they die. Like Blood and Chocolate. We could sit here and continue throwing out names, but my point is I am probably going to shoot someone if the movie turns out cheesy. And I have a really bad, bad gut feeling it's going to.

Erin on Jun 1, 2008


i'm 16 as well. when i learned who was playing Edward, i was really, Really mad. he didn't suit edward at all! but now running through some photos from the movie and what he looks like NOW, i see that it was actually an ok decision on the caster's part. i'm still not so sure about the one playing bella.....but the others i can live with. and i agree with #205. the movie is not going to statisfy all those twilight addicts, i myself being one of them, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will at least turn out as good as humanly possiable

Elicia on Jun 2, 2008


Ahahaha, the Twilight fandom is totally batshit. The books aren't that good, but I still read them because they're entertaining. And all these comments about how you're being a jerk for "judging the books before you read them" are really stupid and just make me roll my eyes because, um, *hello*. You're reviewing movies, not the books. I'm looking forward to the movie, but only to judge it based on the books. I might enjoy it, because I know Robert Pattinson is an awesome actor, but that's about it. Bella's a stupid, silly young girl who doesn't know what she's getting into. Edward's overdoing the whole "I'm dangerous and I have no soul!" thing, and Jacob's an emo, arrogant teenager who needs to learn that when people say no, they mean no. The entire Twilight fandom embarrasses me, even though I moderate a comm dedicated to the books on LJ. Some of them honestly scare me and the rest are just stupid. There are some who are actually sane and not totally obsessed and I admire that. But the overeager, obsessive teens - and even the Twilight moms *shudder* - make me wish I'd never heard of the books sometimes. And when the casting choices came out, there was judgment all around and fights broke out over opinions of the actors and many people were calling Nikki Reed a whore for getting the part of Rosalie. Based on what you know, and who you are, I would agree that the Twilight movie doesn't seem like the type of movie I'd want to see. The only reason I picked up the book in the first place was because of the cover and the summary - I'm a vampire book aficionado. I'm currently reading "Blue Bloods", another YA vamp novel, and it's really good. And if I'd never read the books, I'd probably still be going to see the movie, but that'd only be because of Robert and because, of course, of the vampires. ...this was a lot longer than I expected and really tl;dr, but eh. I got my opinion out there.

Meg on Jun 3, 2008


I'm a girl but i won't be throwing earrings at you because I feel the same way as you did The whole vampire idea was very interesting but when it comes down to it, the whole lovey dovey story just doesn't do it for me I'm on the 3rd book of the series, Eclipse, and I find myself always waiting for some vampire action It's not a guy thing or a girl thing, you either like love stories or you don't and sometimes sticking to the book or movie is worth it for certain parts that you would enjoy

Sonia on Jun 3, 2008


The Twilight books fascinated me. I thought the writing was excellent, and I compare it to the best around including "literary" works by Hemingway, Faulkner, Conrad, and so on. ---------- You're kidding? Right? What series are you reading? Wow. The Twilight that I read was like reading bad Fan-Fiction with hilariously bad dialog on par with Plan 9 From Outer Space. Meyer can't write her way out of a paper bag.

Selma on Jun 4, 2008


These books are much more about the author blinding readers with her characters' appearances and her over-womanized leading man. Seriously. No guy in his right mind would act like Edward Cullen does: women only WISH guys were like that-- you know, like the ones in all the bad Lifetime Original Movies. I would love to see the series played out the same way, only with Edward being a reclusive, acne-faced teen boy, and Bella being her same stupid, flawless-minus-clumsiness self. In short: it wouldn't work out. Twilight is a big heap of SHALLOW. It reads like a mediocre author-insert wish-fulfillment fanfiction. The only reason it's so popular is that teens can imagine themselves in Bella's shoes (because Bella is so stale a character that anyone can take her place), and who doesn't want a sexy vampire who looks like a "seraphic statue of Adonis with marble skin" laying on your bed with a come-hither look right as you step out of the shower wrapped in nothing but a towel? Well, I don't. But millions of girls and women do.

Petra on Jun 4, 2008


um... okay.. let me just say this one thing really quick.....WOW. there is really no reason for all this. this whole thing just snow-balled and went in the complete wrong direction. . . . atleast its what it looks like to me. yes people think it is a good book and yes people think it is a bad book...... but sorry wrong site for blogging your entire thought process about that subject. he has repeated that "THIS IS A MOVIE SITE" more than once.... you all talk about know what your talking about before you speak your opinion on it well..... if you would have went through this heap load of comments you would understand why your input was probably not needed or very very very very redundant (unentended pun) (sorry hehe) i know mine probably isn't either... so i'm a hypocrite ... but o well. just watch the movie if you want. don't watch the movie if you don't want to. he was just voicing his own thoughts on the movie. deal with it. simple. =]

Brittany on Jun 8, 2008


I was the person in the beginning that said the Twilight series were stupid because they were about vampires. But then I read Twilight and could not put it down. I read it in 2 days!! Then I read New Moon in 2 days. I think I loved it so much because that romance between Edward and Bella is so exciting, so you never know what is going to happen next. If I was Bella I would probably react the same way she did with the whole vampire thing. She knows that even if she did get bitten, that she would spend her immortal life with Edward and that would make her happy. With the actors in the movie, I think they could never find a better cast than is selected right now. Just looking at Robert, he looks different than other actors today. He has a mystery about him that no one can figure out. So I will be one of the girls waiting at the premeire waiting for hours on end to see the movie. ( and to get the fourth book, Breaking Dawn, which comes out on August 2, 2008!!)

Madison on Jun 11, 2008


Twilight is awful. I’ll be brief. This book is, as Napoleon Dynamite would say, a “decroded” piece of crap. Bella is an idiot. She’s like a robot, but with less emotion. She is a beaten dog cowering and whimpering and tippy-toeing around her master. She is in love with a vampire; a vampire that is mean, verbally abusive and condescending. She is 17 and therefore knows everything. She’s 17 and “IN LOVE”. Evidently, she is so unaware of herself and everyone around her, that the only option she has is to get bitten and turn in to a vampire so she can live with Edward forever. Because as we all know, when you’re in love at 17, you know it’s real. Bella is always in a trance and awestruck over the marbleness of Edwards creepy white-glitter-skin. Edward has a bad temper because, GRRR, he’s a vampire. He bosses her around. He stalks her. He treats her like the piece of meat that she is and he only loves her because she smells good. Bella is more than happy to take the abuse and gawk at his statue-like physique the whole while. Bella can’t think past tomorrow. She has a sick and twisted world perspective. Someone should hand Bella “7 Habits”, because she’s in dire need of a paradigm shift. Here is a positive message for young women, “if you love someone, drop everything and leave family and friends for them.” A very healthy anecdote. If I was Edward and an idiot chick was in love with me and wouldn’t stop staring at me and being an idiot and begging me to turn her into a vampire, I would tell her to hit the bricks. If she persisted, then I would bite that girl’s neck completely off. I would bite her, but not let her become a vampire because she would be harder to destroy. I would just let her die because I wouldn’t want to be with a girl that lacked all personality and sense of self. I would want someone who is there own person. Bella, the main character, is not. Edward is a total douche. He treats her like crap, but she needs him. She can’t function on her own, she can’t survive on her own and she can’t be without someone that is constantly bossing her around, looking at her like an idiot and fighting every urge to kill her. If I was a regular person and had a love interest that was a vampire and she kept bossing me around and looking at me like I was some stupid person and verbally abused me, then the next time we had a date, I would hang her with a garlic noose, shoot her with my super-soaker filled with holy water and then drive a big, fat wooden stake right through her heart. Where are the feminists and why aren’t they rioting in the streets? As popular as this book has become, you would think that they would have something to say about how Bella represents young women in a disgustingly inferior light. The demographic here is teenage girls and the main character is in an abusive relationship and LOVES IT!! There is something wrong with this picture. I haven’t even gotten to the actual writing itself. It’s repetitive and redundant and repetitive and redundant..etc. It’s a high school romance novel. - Example of the crappiness that fills half of the book: Bella: I love you. Edward: (sneer) I know. Bella: Don’t ever leave me Edward: never…(grimace and clenched fists) Bella: (in a trance)…turn me into a vampire Edward: I have to leave you. Bella: (in a trance)…wtf? You just said you wouldn’t. Edward: (snarl) j/k…I can’t leave you, but I might kill you. Bella: (pouting) I’d rather die in your hands than live a normal life ME: (puking all over the book) - There is no description in the writing except for repetitive drivel of Edward’s flawless body and his oh-so-nauseating “sneer” - There are typos, specifically the run-on sentences jump off the page. - The whole subplot with the other vampires was contrived, lazy, random and grossly elementary. - The preface is absolutely unnecessary. The referring passage is anticlimactic. - For the most part, only teenage girls like it and they only like Edward Cullen. Therefore, there is no way that this book is good. Twilight is life after Harry Potter? I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that. Now if only I could pretend I didn’t READ that.

michael on Jun 11, 2008


I love the books. I'm unhappy with some of the casting but I think the trailer looked great. My boyfriend has read the three books that are out and hes' looking forward to the movie too. I don't understand why you seem so negative about the movie, its the ancient retelling of good vs. evil and in the next two books it's vampire vs. werewolf. So what if it's a love story? That doesn't mean guys won't like the action in between. Bella basically is a magnet for a danger so I think guys will get a kick out of it and girls will enjoy the romance side of it. Just try and give it a chance is all I'm saying.

Amelia on Jun 11, 2008


All of this that i am looking at is bull. Her books are amazing ( especailly the twilight series ). The reason i say this is because not many 8th graders these days read , but her books go tso many people into reading . The twilight seris captures the attention of the reader , you want to know what happens next, you cant put the book down. This movie is the latest news every body is talkin asbout it and waiting on it and to see if they make a movie to new moon and eclpsie. I dont know why but her books are adicting. Even though most of her readers sre teen girls.:] I love her books and im positive im going to love the movie, and so do many other people.

Amber on Jun 12, 2008


Dude my sister bought all three of these books and I trash talked them because there about vampires and love and all that gay crap. So she got mad and said she'd do my chores for a month if I read the books, so dude I totally read 'em. And man there actually pretty good, so before you ask guys for our opinions why dont you read the book yourself. You'll be surprised, it may seem sappy, but they are really good. My school even started a book club one for guys and one for girls. There are more boys then there are girls, so educate yourself Kevin Powers and read the book.

Kyle Anderson on Jun 17, 2008


I didn't even bother to read the article. I just wanted to express my love of twilight! I mean, right now I'm making a PowerPoint of it. That is pure love right there! I'm a girl and I am so going to go see the midnight show of Twilight!

Twilight fan! on Jun 20, 2008


ok yea they should totally switch the actors for edward and jacob. lik i know that they fit apperance wise their characters but Stephanie Meyers makes Edward seem really hot and the guy playing him (wasnt he in goblet of fire? the guy who dies?) really isnt that good of like a looker. no offense or anything. i love the books and hope the movie turns out really go. DAYBREAK ON SALE IN AUGEST! I PREORDERED MINE! BARNESANDNOBLES.COM pre order yours!

mary on Jun 24, 2008


SO, i got so addicted that my friends(i hate them now), teachers (principal included) and family won't let me read the Black and Red Bible(Twilight books). I hate all of them for that. I mean,im not aloud to read BREAKING DAWN when it comes out. JUNE 20 was EDWARD'S birthday. WHen i went to Port Ludlow( about 2 hours from Forks), i had my grandma drive me to Forks. When she figured that i wanted to go there because i thought Vampires lived there, she turned right back. I can't believe my FRIENDS won't let me read Twilight. They're just as about as addicted as i am!!! Well, maybe not, but still. I created my own Twilight website. It's POWERELEMETS.PICZO.COM. My mom made me take down all the Twilight posters i MADE in my spare time and if she even hears a word relating to Twilight, im grounded for 4 days. Like one time Mr. Ball (english teacher/7th grade dean) caught me reading Eclipse, and gave me a LUNCH DETENTION!!! i didn't do anything wrong!!!! And when we did a book report, i did my book report on New Moon, and everybody was complaining on how addicted and weird i am about the Twilight Seres, so i didn't get to present my project, and i got another lunch detention. HELP ME BEFORE I DIE OF STARVATION FROM TWILIGHT!!!

Bree on Jun 25, 2008


Well, my boyfriend is planning on reading the series/seeing the movie with me. He'll likely make fun of it because its not his style of book, but he'll try. 😉 I'll give you his opinion once I have it. I think, in order to enjoy this book/movie, you have to be conscious of the fact that teenagers are the target audience. If you expect it to be a masterpiece on the level with some vampire books, you'll be disappointed. But it is a fun, slightly addictive read. It IS slightly fanfic-ish, but that appeals to the target audience. They want cute love interests and thoughts of true love and detailed descriptions. One complaint I've heard often is the fact that Edward & Bella's relationship progresses so fast. Stephenie Meyer has stated that she started writing from the meadow scene, worked to the end, then wrote the beginning to fit. So of course it'll be rushed. Also, to the person who said that guys in real life don't act like Edward- keep your eyes open, darling. I've met at least one, perhaps a few more, who are pretty similar. Or even, a guy can be the total opposite of Edward but once he finds that girl who he plans to spend the rest of his life with, can become that Edward. I've witnessed it, so don't give up hope 😉

Fizz on Jun 25, 2008


I SINCERELY hope post number 219 was written as a joke. If it was real, then God help this country's youth. O.o

Missa on Jun 25, 2008


I thought the same thing when I read that, Missa. Okay people. Lets get this clear. This book is not a Bible. It was not intended to BE a Bible. Go ahead and try to make a religion out of it, but the only commandment you'll have is "Thou shalt not eat people", which is an everyday courtesy anyway. I don't think that this young girl realizes that perhaps her family/friends were really worried/really annoyed about her obsession and are actually trying to help.

Fizz on Jun 26, 2008


okay first # 219. yea that bitch is crazy. second ive read all the books and ill be the first to admit that they had some corny parts to them that may have happened quite often.but the nooks had a good story line and lets face it yes these books were made and based off of the opinions of teenage girls. but i do know guys who have started the books and really enjoyed them. and who could really disagree? who in life really doesnt want to fall in love sure this book mite present it like its just going to smack u in the face someday and im sure in most peoples lives it didnt or it wont happen that way. love at first sight at least. but there really isnt anything wrong with letting some (SOME(yes not including u crazy bitch #219)) people know that no vampires dont excist but yes love really is out there and it came smack anybody in the face. but anywho as far as the movie goes. when i read the books i didntpicture ANY of them to look like that. and on the trailer where it shows when shes asks how long hes been 17 the deff. were not in the woods they were in a car. but yea the books were good. but as much as i say i liked them and that i try to say that the movie will be awesome. i would have to agree with alot of these ppl. THIS MOVIE LOOKS LIKE TOTAL BULLSHIT! the cast sucks. the make up sucks and the way they tried to remake it blows!

kenzie on Jun 26, 2008


i have to agree with you kenzie when i read the book i certainly did not picture the characters to look like any of the cast. the fact that they change so much of the plots when books are turned into movies drives me crazy! sure you can leave out irrelevant crap but when it comes to something that you ae actually going to keep it should be in the same context. Ill probably not enjoy the movie as much as the book cause ill probably just pick out all the things that were missed out or changed or completely made up but i still think it'll be a brill movie in general. i really cant wait for breaking dawn to come out though my friends and i are so impatient!!!

carrie mcclenaghan on Jun 29, 2008


Haha! I'm a girl. You've pretty much seen everything to be said here, if you really are reading this. My advice: Don't explain why it sucks even though you haven't read it. -_- It doesn't exactly get people back on your side, lol! ^_^

June on Jun 30, 2008


EDIT: Also, just be happy that they are going to make a movie based (BASED I tell, you not a relica of the script and description it would be 10 hours long or something if they did that, lol) on your favorite book! If it sucks, well then too bad. All the "we'll be so misunderstood!" is shit, okay?

June on Jun 30, 2008


Until you actually read the books, I don't think you can criticize them. What are you so afraid of? Why don't you actually read them ( or at least the first one)? Are you afraid you might like them? Then, what oh what would you do?

kristin on Jul 9, 2008


I understand that this is the internet. And i am not about to berate the reviewer for their opinions- however misinformed they appear to be. I simply want to convey my response to your review as well as other people's comments/ perception of the book. that being said, here we go. I can completely understand where you would regard the book as another rehashing of forbidden love, or as an attempt to market a brand of desire to teenage girls... if you hadn't read the book, that is. And i mean truly reading it, internalizing the material, synthesizing. Applying it to yourself and making it your own. As previously stated in the comments above... Bella is rash, and Bella is swooning over Edward, and yeah she's a sorry excuse for a rational teenager. Bella is something to be avoided, her responses to events are ones that should be suppressed. That's the point. In all honesty, this novel reminds me of Romeo and Juliet in its essence, forget Harry Potter. and Edward is described as a total god, because in Bella's eyes, that's exactly what he is. She can't even begin to fathom his flaws, and quite frankly she cant afford to if the plot is maintained. The book is centered around a romance, yes. But at its core, the novel depicts impulsiveness, and how both characters restraint is not entirely consistent. The book is about temptation and sacrifice,the latter being an element of which true love is often comprised. the romance being portrayed in trailers and whatnot might be cutesy, but i can assure you that within the novel itself this was not the case. The novel is laden with an obvious sexual tension and teenage girls, myself included, will find that appealing. Raging hormones and all that jazz. That lends itself to having a "cult following", but the popularity of the book, or its audience for that matter, cant detract from the book itself. And the promotion picture looks corny as hell, I'll be the first to admit. I understand, once again that, you were not reviewing the book, only the movie. BUT THAT DOESN'T NECESSITATE A DISPARAGING REVIEW OF A MOVIE FOR THE SAKE OF IT. I believe that if you had read the book, you would look differently on the adaptation that this movie is proposing to be. You are completely and utterly entitled to your own opinion, and the premise for the series and movie just may not be appealing to you. But i think that your reaction to the onslaught of hype would be slightly modified if you understood where the author was coming from. this post is ridiculously long as it is. so, in conclusion- thanks for reviewing. have a lovely day.

Jessica on Jul 14, 2008


wow. i just started reading the books and i must say, im hooked. they are very real (except for the whole part about vampires) and i cant wait to see the movie come out very soon! =]

twilight_luvah on Jul 17, 2008


It makes me laugh to read how many stupid comments there are here Do you know if you like popcorn without eating it? No It may not seem your 'thing' but unless you give it a try I guess you'll never know, and unless you give it a try you will never, have a right to say anything about it, whether it be putting it down, saying its good, or just pushing it away from you, which seems to be what you are doing. Loads of guys read these books And a book is coming out from Edwards prosepective, so looks like all you immature guys out there with closed minds better open them fast 🙂 Also, you can't tell about the book from the picture, I'm not too happy with the picture, but there's nothing I can do about it. A picture can't give away all the good that there is in the book, as the picture denotes the MOVIE, not the BOOK. there is a difference... one is on a screen...the other is on paper...

Christina on Jul 17, 2008


who the hell are you to say its crap if you havent even read the friggin book?!?the book, fyi is directed at TEENAGERS not mentally retarded 20 something yr old guys! its a vampire love story and sure, it wont inerest everyone but dont be predjudiced about it!! if you havent got anything nive to say about Twilight then dont say anything at all!! I love Twilight...great great book! Great Job Stephanie! CAnt wait for Breakng Dawn and Midnight Sun

Aasta on Jul 17, 2008


Twilght is Great! Don't go and assume that its bad by looking at the cast pictures. Do the twillight comunity a favor and read the book or see the movie before you go and accuse it of being an ooy gooy love story!!!! So what if it is directed toward teenage girls. I know plenty of boys who have read and love Twiilight too! I LOVE TWILIGHT!!! Kevin, give it a chance would ya!!!!!

Desiree on Jul 23, 2008


bite the poor mans head off would ya. so he doesnt want to read the books or watch the movie, why waste all ur effort on being mad at him. if you love the books then his opinion probably isnt going to stop you from watching the movie. also i do know some guys who are just as into the series as i am. now everyone take a deep breath and let it out slowly. hes just curious about the world of twilight let him make his own opinion of it

band geek on Jul 25, 2008


OK. I am trying really hard not to judge you for your opinion, since i had the same exact one before i read the series. But i have since become a MAJORLY OBSESSED fan. and i do have to say that you cannot judge twilight so badly when you haven't read it. if you must, please keep it to yourself like i did before i read the books. or here's an idea! maybe you should try reading it! i do like a good romance, but it has to be good. like really really good. i myself prefer thrillers and mysteries and action, which is what i found in twilight. in fact, the whole action, thriller aspect of the book is mainly the reason why i love it so much. so for all you guys who think its just a lovey dovey romance, its not. but don't take my word for it! read it yourself and you will see what i mean.

Brooke on Jul 25, 2008


Ok...I have read all the way to the second book. I had trouble putting it down!! But, Twilight is more then a love story. Twilight is the unimagened!! At first when all my friends said that it was a good book, i just ignored then. But, then they convinced me to read them, and now im hooked!! You cant just look at the cover and a judge it, you have to read it!! Once you read it and get to an really intense spot, you have to keep reading!! All the edventures that they have are really good. It is something like a romance novel, but yet different. There is a romance in the novel, well there is a couple, but they are really good. You just have to read the book to understand what we are talking about!!!

Autum on Jul 27, 2008


20 pages thats it! just read 20. come back and tell us what u think. thats it and you will know that its just written different than other books... it gives you more than any other book ever could. like a movie but yet more in depth. just trust me and go twenty pages deep!

Bret on Jul 30, 2008


I read the books, and loved them, but i can agree with anyone who hasnt read these books that the trailers and pics make it look completely idiotic. The only reason im going to see it is because Stephenie Meyer has said she thinks they captured the characters, although from the previews, i would probally disagree. Twilight (the book) is amazing for its complex characters and relationships, romantic or friendly, its very real, just with vampires 🙂 what im trying to say is that Twilight is a amazing because of it characters and their relationships with each other, but it dosent exactly have an origionally overall stoyline (boy likes girl, girl likes boy, they cant be together for one reason or another, they overcome it), so this wouldn't appeal to the very large part of the male population that haven't read the books, and for me personally, there dosen't seem to anything close to the kind of chemistry Bella and Edward have in the books between Kristen and Robert. Overall i think most people are assuming the movie will be good because the book was good, but lets be realistic, how many times has Hollywood screwed up.

Sarah on Jul 31, 2008


Calm down people! The guy said that he's judging the MOVIE not necessarily the books. Haven't you ever seen a preview for a movie before, and thought "I definitely don't want to see that?" That's all the guys saying. I read Twilight, and only the first one. It was certainly addictive (I read it all in one sitting), but I'm not eager to find out what happens next. I still haven't read New Moon, I think I can live without seeing the movie, and that's the end of it. It's so sad that Twilight fans get SO hyped up over these books so that if anyone happens to think the books are amazing they must be idiots.

Emmanuelle on Aug 5, 2008


OOh I think It would be really great if Robert Pattinson actually wrote 'Bella's Lullaby' himself. It would make us Twilighters feel more into the movie, and would give it a more realistic twinge. I hope he did write it himself.

Charlie on Aug 8, 2008


I AM in the target audience, and of the target gender, so I guess I'm the black sheep here. But the book...just...just no. The main reason, I think, that teenage girls are so fanatical about this series is the fact that it reflects every one of their personal fantasies. The fact that is is entirely in first person might help. I think the POV what put me off in the first place. Thirty or forty pages into the book and all I learned is how hot the Cullens are, and how miserable and emo Bella is. There is no plot. There is 500 pages of shining Mary-Sueisms, and wasn't THAT hidden well. Yes she's plain and not too attractive, but the boys are attracted to her anyway. Because she's 'something new to look at.' I hops that is not the general mentality of all small town students because America is in some freaking trouble then. I don't even care if she's just a damsel in distress, some quirks would be nice. Defining characteristics. DEPTH. And the next J.K.Rowling. You're kidding me. I can't say all that much for her writing, but it has plot and at least an interesting concept. Twilight has...glitter vampires. If that hasn't made you barf all over your shiny new shoes, go ahead and read the freaking book. And go drown yourself while you're at it.

Not a fan on Aug 21, 2008


As a female, I must say that I really didn't like Twilight, the book. I probably won't go to watch the movie - mostly because I really see no chemistry between the main characters, Bella and Edward. It seems to me that Bella is attracted to Edward merely because of his cold, stone, marble, alabaster, perfectly beautiful sparkly vampire self... I think Robert Patterson sums it up well with his statement that Bella would love a piece of cheese if it was of the above description. Edward is immediately attracted to her scent... and I really don't see anything endearing about Bella other than that she is decently pretty. She's certainly lacking in common sense - he stalks her, then breaks her car because he doesn't want her to see Jacob... oh, and he's a vampire. I also really didn't like the writing style, but that's just my opinion. Also, I really enjoyed Bram Stoker's Dracula, if anyone's wondering.

Lone on Aug 25, 2008


Hmm.. I LOVE Twilight, and after reading ONE Comment, I became pretty pissed off Comment #111 said that NO ONE Outside the US has EVER HEARD of Twilight 1) I come from Northern Ireland in the UK 2) I only started on the books because about three quarters of the people I know have read it, or know about it 3) I HATE LOVE STORIES.. AND VAMPIRE NOVELS [Personally, I blame Darren Shan for my hatred], and I picked up the book and loved every thing about what she had written 4) I used to be THE Biggest fan of Harry Potter EVER, But TBH Twilight is the best thing I have every read [Sounds OTT, But it's true] So I say Kevin Do what ever the hell you want BUT The books are pretty fricken sweet But 'Dont judge a book by its cover' OK, Rant over 😀 -Kitty

Kitty on Aug 26, 2008


Okay so I have three brothers, ages 23, 20, and 19 who have read the series or started to read the series and love it! Plus my dad listens to them on itunes. None of these boys are ones who you would expect to be reading sappy love stories and the 23 year old has actually made fun of them quite often until he started reading for himself. One of them is a marine and he even took my copy of Breaking Dawn to a training he went to. Anyway, I know this is about the movie, and I can't say that I am all that excited about it, because the books were so good that I don't know how it is going to measure up. But you should for sure read the book, and there are four boys for you who actually like them.

Lacie on Aug 26, 2008


I'm as sure of the movie's grandeur as much as the series' overall long-lasting impact on the teeming masses waiting in line for Breaking Dawn or Midnight Sun or whatever novel's coming next to hypnotize us. Anyway, I expected a lot from the first book. Mom, being the bookworm with good taste, presented it to me one day, telling me that it was a pretty good read. I guess she must have thought it would be good for me to read it since I was part of the target audience, which was 3 years ago. I started reading Twilight, got excited and chattered with my classmate about it, who was an equal Twilight fan. I thought it was going to be pretty good. But then I noticed that the story, the characters as well, began to be pretty bland somewhere in the middle. I thought Bella and Edward were going to have something special and more meaningful, but the truth is, it's very flimsy. No real attraction between them, like they picked each other out of the crowd and decided they were meant for each other, just like that. Someone once said it was a "run-of-the-mill" romance, and I agree. Mom also agreed after I was done reading that it's a pretty overrated series, and it's not much to commend. And I don't want to get into the plots, consisting of Bella being constantly saved like she's not only clumsy and alienated, but a magnet for trouble. *sigh* Let's just say I got immediately bored in the middle of Twilight, but I kept on going for the sake of hoping that it turns out wonderful in the end. Erm...everyone's entitled to their opinion. Me? I cast the vote for the ending as "anticlimactic". And what's with Bella being so attractive to all the Forks guys when she wasn't in her old town? Disturbing yet, she doesn't know that she's such a cute thing. You mean to tell me that for 17 years that she'd looked into the mirror, she didn't noticed that she was drop-dead gorgeous? Lame. I hate these kinds of heroines. If Edward was the only one to see her beauty(inner and outer), then she's a blessing, a gift. But considering that the male population of Forks all want her to the point they rip each other up everytime they try to get close to Bella and fail because some admirer ruins the moment, then she's just a cheap handout. A handful of fans going wild for the movie, and discrediting and complaining about the cast and how it didn't suit their [fantasies/demands] ideal appearances. I feel bad for Rosalie's actress too, having to tolerate fans who throw hissy fits just because her character happened to treat Bella wrong out of jealousy[since Bella was just human and Rosalie just wishes to be one again]. All in all, I'm neutral about the movie and the series and...everytime I hear the word Twilight, something high-pitched screams "Edward!" in my other ear and I hope it was just a twelve-year old.

Isabelle on Aug 29, 2008


The chose a really good actress that could play Bella but Edward on the other hand... That just isn't Edward! You know what I'm saying? He looks more like a Jacob to me not an Edward. Edward was supposed to have black hair and I know he is supposed to have pale skin but they just made the actress too pale. It wasn't the picture of Edward that I had in mind. Although I"m going to the midnight showtime I am SO syced for it to come out. If you haven't read the whole series READ IT!

Courtney on Sep 3, 2008


... actually, Edward's hair is supposed to be bronze. As in reddish brown with a bit of a gleam to it.

Fizz on Sep 3, 2008


acctualy she says that his hair is a dark color and in the light is bronze!!

rr on Sep 4, 2008


rr Edwards hair is bronzed in the first chapter Bella describes him as boyish lanky and bronzed haired and then she asks Jessica who the bronze haired boy is. So I am really excited about this movie. I think they chose OK actors (with the exception of Rob cause man is he yummy) That picture up there ^^^ isn't good. It makes Edward look so MEAN. I like the more recent ones better. But I think everyone is entitled to their opinion but I also think Twilight is definitly a book you have to read to understand you can't just have the "jist of it" that doesn't work. The details are what makes the books so incredibly amazing.

Edward Lover on Sep 4, 2008


EDIT I meant that Rob was the exception to being OK I think he is amazing.

Edward Lover on Sep 4, 2008


First, I apologize for being a girl while posting. Secondly, I can understand where you are coming from. To a point. There are a few things; I love to read, and I adore the vampire genre. This compells me to read quite a bit of vampire type books; but for some reason, no matter the hype, I wouldn't forcefeed ( forceread? ) Twilight to myself. I'm more of an Anne Rice fan ( and not just for Lestat, Tarquin Blackwood and Armand hold my interest. Maybe Tom Cruise killed Lestat for me? ) and for the longest time I wouldn't go near Twilight, it seemed so very childish sounding to me. I decided later, when the movie was said to be coming out, that I'd probably watch it on princible alone. And that got me thinking that I'd only get the full effect by reading it first. So I took a chance. It was a bit bland for a bit, and then I ended up falling in love with the complexity of the characters and plot that unfolded. That took me by surprise because not only was it aimed towards teenagers, and quite clean for this reason, but because it did that and kept me wanting to read more. A surprise, of course. ( I read it within less than twenty four hours; hook, line and sinker, ladies and gentlemen. ) And now not only do I plan on watching the movie ( I can't say I quite approve of the cast, sorry ), but I will be buying the next book today, which I will also devour pretty fast, I'm sure. But this book was a lesson to me, and I'm glad to have learned it; can't always judge a book by who it's aimed for, or how corny the first few pages ( plus covers ) may look, I should give them all a fair chance. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Meral on Sep 5, 2008


look would everyone please just fucking calm down?!? Kevin...grr dont judge a book by its cover!!! well all i have to say is that Twilight is a very good series, one of my very favorites and even thought ob Pattinson isnt my ideal choice for Edward, i think the movie will be great, i realy hope they dont fuck it up!! but yeah, back to my point, dont judge a book by its cover.. read the books before you make any more bad comments about it. and is not just girls who love the books, heaps of guys at my high school LOVE the books just as much as all the girls!!

vampire-girl on Sep 5, 2008


GOD, kevin, your such a misogynist! i wonder if any of you have noticed that while your all trashing twilight just because it has romance in it, FYI HARRY POTTER DOES TOO!!!!!! and seriously, you should just shut up and read the book. you have absolutely no fact to base all of your crap around. thentwilight series was amazing, and even if the movie doesn't look great, you honestly shouldn't say that stuff.

Sabrina on Sep 12, 2008


#252: I suggest you "should just shut up and" re-read his article, mentioning just the movie and its lack of impression on him, only mentioning the actual series by saying it's "flown under my twenty-something guy radar". You can't blame him for that. And since when is Kevin not being fond of the whole vampire-love story misogynistic? Do you even know what that means? Last note: He does have the right to speak about his feelings here. It's called constructive criticism. 😀

Isabelle on Sep 14, 2008


I agree with 244 totally.

Ann on Sep 16, 2008


mmm so yeh, besides what anybody else has to say...very inspiring, i couldnt put the book down.

jarrett on Sep 21, 2008


If they made Edward exactly as the book describes him - that is, marble-white and SPARKLY - then maybe things would get interesting.

Exodia's Right Leg on Sep 22, 2008


amooooooooo crepusculooooooooooo diossss es el mejor libro que me he leido en toda mi vida!!! espero que la pelicula sea igual de genial que el libro!!! PORFAVORRR que la nana de bella sea la canción RIVER FLOWS IN YOU!!! es hermosisima y es perfecta para ese papel!!!! es LO MAXIMOOOOOO

elizabeth on Sep 22, 2008


Ugh. Boys dont be such pessimists! Ive read all the books, all the way through about, 4 times. And im reading them again. I don't know why you complain about 'how bad it is' well boo hoo! You havent even read the books. They are amazing, haven't you read all the amazing reviews? You peeps who bother to do ur 'anti-twilight' speeches are so lame. Apparently you have nothing better to do. I just came accross this web and just to say I LOVE TWILIGHT. We all have our own opinions so don't diss Stephenie!! Full stop 😀

Kate on Sep 22, 2008


This is what I did: 1.) Found all the guys who posted 2.) Read mostly those (I was curious) 3.) Read some girls, but didn't really have to because most of their responses were obvious 4.) Stopped reading at about Comment #230 Yes, most of the fans are girls. Girls like romance so that was to be expected. And guys like the rough 'n tough stuff. But, hey, there are guys who like the Twilight series too. Just chillax, people. Don't get in a huff. I'm a Twilight-loving gal myself, but I wont rant on and on about how great it is and how everyone should love it. Fact of the matter - People have different opinions. Enough said.

*Fireflye* on Sep 22, 2008


Twilight must be worth having a cat and dog fight over for. We're still going at this. I can't look forward to the movie if Edward's going to come out looking so...demonic. Not vampiric. I'm not sure how a vampire should present themselves. Aside from otherworldly. Anyway, not watching.

Isabelle on Sep 22, 2008


this movie is going to be amazing i read the book and its good and the movie is only going to be better! anyone who read this bi=ook is gona wanna c the movie no dought about it cant wat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greg on Sep 25, 2008


I love twilight!!!!!! It is the most greatest book i've ever read.When my mom bought me the edward t-shirt i todly cried, because i never seen edward before. Omg i just love edward so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love edward and bella!!!!!!!!!! They're the greatest !!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE TWILIGHT BOOKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Catherine Pierotti on Oct 4, 2008


when you read a book, its usually good. if theres a plot that relates to any life time thing its awesome.. but once i started reading the twilight series.. there wasnt a single book that id read in the past that was even close to being ok.. they were all terrible compared to them. you have no idea how much im into these books. i fell in love, literally with edward culler.. now, edward pattinson isnt very hott, at all, but in the movie as edward, he is the most gorgeous being i have ever seen, makeup and all, and the personality makes it even better, thats half the reason why he is so hott, because i fell in love with him in the book, and i love the hair, hes perfect for the part.. and i love kristen stewart so im so happy shes playing bella.. its the best series and i cant wait until stephanie meyer is done redoing the first book in edwards perspective.. if any author should do that for a book it should definently be this one.. you have to read the book to know how exciting that is.. i have always wanted to know edwards side. i hope she does it for all of the books!!!!

jewel on Oct 14, 2008


Hey I am 32 years old. I am married and we have a 3 year old. I had never heard of these books or Stephenie Meyer until last labor day. My brother and his wife came down from Seattle to visit and she was reading a book called BreakingDawn. I told her no way...and secretly thought why is she reading this dumb book for young girls? fast forward... 2 weeks ago,my neighbor-a 30 something year old is going on and on about I go buy it at Target...then I read all 4 books that weekend..Ha I loved them!!! Of course they are not great literature-it is called ESCAPISM for a reason. Cant wait for the movie-I watched the trailer like 10 times and my husband told me that I was "sick and needed to see someone" I convinced him to watch it and Quote" well, it actually looks better than I thought.ok I will go see it with you Unquote" so my 34 year old husband will be there and lots more 30 somethings will be there too!

kristi on Oct 15, 2008


Are you kidding me #265? If you knew the first thing about, you know a huge component of the site is opinion/perspective, including the authors. If you don't care about how I/we feel, you probably shouldn't read our stuff. If you just want bland facts, head on over to THR.

Kevin Powers on Oct 15, 2008


Kevin Powers:: How can you critique something you know nothing about? I suggest you read the series before you dish out your bullshit opinions. No Twilight fans want to hear that. Plus, if I'm correct, you're supposed to give us information on the movie, not spend the entire article saying how much it disgusts you. No one cares how you feel about it. All we care about is the information you're not providing us with.

annie on Oct 15, 2008


How dare ANYONE flame Twilight..its bullshit.

Leah on Oct 16, 2008


you're right. This is a place for opinions, but there's a fine line between opinions and insults. Plus, if it's a place for opinions, shouldn't I be able to state my opinion of your opinions?

annie on Oct 16, 2008


that last one was for kevin powers

annie on Oct 16, 2008


Opinion: Belief stronger than impression and less strong than positive knowledge Criticism: A critical observation or remark (topic-related) Insult: To affect offensively or damagingly Does the insult definition apply to Kevin's article? Because I don't see it. If he how badly it sucks or it blows and uses degrading language, then that's insulting. You can't call it criticism(I later realized and I hope you do too) either since it pertains to specific details about the MOVIE and the series, not the general overview of what both mean to him. Ergo, it's an opinion. Do I have to talk about that to defend poor Kevin? Or should I spare the countless Twilight fans who've been deafened by a handful of Twi-haters?

Isabelle on Oct 16, 2008


Before you decide to write crap on this book you should read it. I mean just because alot of girls read it doesnt mean that it is a girl book. There is fights, gore, love, confusin, things that anyone can read! So make sure to read the book or at least ask someone whos read it what it is about guys. I promise if it is your kind of book you will never be able to put it down!! The movie: i was sceptical about Robert Patersion playing Edward, but i soon saw that he is perfect(so is Bella's Actor and everyone elses!! I think its great that he wrote Bellas Song. It makes it real and personal!! READ the Book before you talk crap!!

Kelly on Oct 17, 2008


its sounds really good. i read the whole series, plus the first 12 chapters of midnight sun. if u dont like it then F OFF!

Lily Wilcox on Oct 18, 2008


OMG!!!! i jus gotta say that ive only read Twilight so far but im awaiting 2 read the other books. n i jus wanna say 2 all the haters that havent even read the books and r dissing the series and the upcoming movie, i side with all the others Twilight lovers when i say READ THE BOOKS B4 U TALK TRASH ABOUT IT!!!!!! i almost never read nething except jonas brothers magazines but the first book is UNBELIEVEABLY AWESOME and i cant WAIT 2 read the rest and im SO EXCITED 4 the movie 2 come out.

Bella & Edward forever on Oct 23, 2008


omg i CANNOT wait to see this movie it will be the best movie in the world!! ha!! thank you for making it a movie i love the book so i really wanna see the movie its so misterious and then yet romantic. i saw the up coming movie in comercials so i was like flipping! ha Thanks

Katarina on Oct 29, 2008


I don't care what your opinion is, but at least WATCH the movie (or read the book) or you are pulling said "opinion" out of your ass and can't expect anyone to take you seriously. Just because the main demographic something appeals to is teenage girls doesn't make it "bad", either. So it's a cheesy teen romance. It's ENTERTAINMENT. Of course it doesn't appeal to you; I kind of hope you don't have any interest in hot 17 year old boys. Try reviewing stuff that falls within your interests, and you might find something that interests you, yes?

Chris on Nov 1, 2008


Hi, My name is Jen Fisher and I go to Robinson Secondary School in Virginia. I am currently on the newspaper staff there and I was wondering if we may use your (Twilight) picture in the schools newspaper? We will site you however you please. Thank-you. Jen Fisher Photographer Editor Robinson Secondary School 5035 Sideburn Road Fairfax, VA 22032

Jen Fisher on Nov 5, 2008


"OMG" i "CANT" wait till the movie is out and water you say aynt gonna stop my obsesiveness of Twilight! or stop me from seeing the movie.

Shizer on Nov 6, 2008


Wow. Some people need to back off. Edward may not be the best but i mean its never the way anyone pictures it. Besides Stephenie Meyer was on set for most of the time. If she didn't like who was picked then she could have changed it. So back off. OMG! I can't wiat for the movie. Everything seems okay. The books wee amazing so the movie should be too.

Katelyn on Nov 11, 2008


Even though I'm female, I just want to say something to all the women in here who are calling this post sexist and misogynist. I'm a female in the 18-24 range of age, and I'm never going to actually read the books nor watch this movie. In fact I may even actively hate this series with a passion. However, I can say with full confidence that this book series is more demeaning to women than Kevin will probably ever be in his life. Here's Bella, a dumbass goth-wannabe Mary Sue who wants Edward to wisk her off and make her stay "17 4 EVR." Can't take care of herself and wants Edward to help save her from every damn thing. I believe a previous poster commented on this point. Now, what kind of message is this sending to young women? Compare that to Kevin wanting to know what men think of this series. I think the misogynist claims are rather unwarrented.

Andi on Nov 11, 2008


#279: Isn't being a misogynist to mean hating or demeaning women? It's not like Kevin said "the women who love this series suck". It just oozed too much mushy crap for him to like, and I understand how this degree of 'sentimentality' can turn a guy off. I guess things would've been handled better if a level-headed female critic discussed this than be pummeled to death by angry TwiTwi fans as a guy. Lol. Anyway, yeah. I think that's how you can sum up Twilight as a whole: Bella the clumsy(and might I say confidence-killing) heroine, and Edward the shady ILU-Bella-4ever vampire who seems to be able to keep his sperm intact after 100+ years and still knock her up. I never understand this series. And today, I heard a girl in the hallway gushing about the series and the movie, and that the whole plot(that's completely overused) is so cute, and blah blah blah...I think I was going to die hearing that. Well? Are there anymore violent reactions to throw around? I'm waiting for you to make me laugh.

Isabelle on Nov 12, 2008


who ever hates twilight can shut up.

deven on Nov 14, 2008


this is the best book i hav read anyone who doesnt like it is a loser i cant wait to watch the movie friday!!!!!!!!BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!!!!!!TOTALLY!!!!!!

S K on Nov 18, 2008


just saw the movie. teen girls are going to eat this up. the rest of us? well, maybe not as much. Oregon (which doubles for Forks)—especially The Columbia Gorge—looks breathtaking. And both the leads, Robert Pattinson and Kimberly Stewart, were pretty good.

byron on Nov 18, 2008


Look, if you [people who are just hating it because its 'stupid' or something] haven`t read the Twilight series then you probably don`t really get want is going on. If you are just gonna base your point of view on one thing then that`s just stupid. If you people don`t like the idea of teen girls going crazy for something that may or may not go successful, then why spoil it for them? Why ruin the fun for them? It's their money. And if you don`t like the actor/actress who are playing the characters then don`t watch or look at it. But I`m not saying that you, Kevin are a mean person but I do understand your point on Twilight. And about the clothing.. LOLLLL, yeah.. I KINDA do see the whole A&F thing going on but.. eh, plus they are trying to "fit-in" with the whole 21st century. But don`t forget, Meyers' had a DREAM about this and if she loves writing these kind of vampires then let her write -.- If you don`t like the whole thing about good-looking-modern day vampires then don`t read about it or look at it [but it is hard not to.. LOL]. #283, that maybe your vision of vampires but if teen girls love the 'good-looking' vampires then let them. And tho I`m rooting for the 'good vampires' but I still love the Nomads. =) I`m a teenage girl in the range of 13-18 and I love these books but I don`t go around and like be like "OHHH I LOVE TWILIGHT SOSOSOSO MUCHHH!!!!!" And if I sound like a 12 year old on my opinion then fine, be a partypooper.

Amanda on Nov 19, 2008


#285: We read the books. We still no like. And we've seen the fangirls on Mtv the other night. Pulling their hair out, screaming insanely while down on their knees, EVERYTIME the word 'Twilight' was mentioned, gives a whole new meaning to the words, "crazy fangirl." I knew these women would lose to the insanity at some point, but not to this degree. It scared me, and it takes things like "the world's going to end" or "the apocalypse is approaching" to scare me. This, my dear, is the apocalypse. We also don't care much about the cast. I'll leave that to the fans, since the actors worked hard to be appreciated by them, when at first they didn't want these actors to play the parts, since they had other, various versions of who should be cast for this person and that person in their minds. Yes. She can write about this. She wrote it for herself in the beginning, that much I understand, that much we all understand. Thanks to her sister, she goes and publishes it. Something she should have never done. Never. And the problem here isn't "good-looking modern day vampires." Kevin's probably been introduced to the concept of good-looking modern day vampires. Underworld, Interview with the Vampire, Lestat, you name it. In fact, all vampires that came out in books are gorgeous. I don't really care about that. It's just the fact that in the Twi series, they SPARKLED in the sunlight rather than suffer from photosensitivity, effectively reducing their chances of any sort of vulnerability. Everything has a vulnerability. Even Achilles had a weakspot, his heels. Meyer didn't want to let them have any sort of weaknes, so she sparklifies them instead. It's just plain wrong. While 283 had a point, vampires are pwetty so that they can lure victims. Teen girls are at the top of their food chain. Range of 13-18? How is that possible? Because it's quite a range, girl. Lulz. Actually, you sound 15.

Isabelle on Nov 19, 2008


Hmm, well, seeing as the books were directed to the teenage let-fall-over-every-gorgeous-guy population, yes, there would be more female fans. However, I think that you should at least try to read the book and understand why we girls love it so much. It's not "bella falls in love with edaward" and "omg, bella gets in to trouble and needs to be rescued.....AGAIN". It's because Staphanie Meyer creates the almost perfect guy. We, the twilight fanatics, are in love with the characters. We love how they each have a history. Everyone is welcome to have their own opinions. Personally, I'm going to watch. Because I love the books. If you don't want to, your problem, dude.

Faye on Nov 20, 2008


Also, to those who assume that no one has heard of twilight outside of the US, let me say this: I live in Singapore, South East Asia. And the twilight fanbase here is quite large. =] Almost all my friends read it, including the guys. For those who do watch the movie, yay! For those who don't, your problem. Not mine.

Faye on Nov 20, 2008


omg i just love twilight i red all the books edward is soooooooooo hot i just love him jacob is okay i loved the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the end of the movie i was like nooo dont end i dont want it to end WHY i sad that because it was such a good movie they should make another twilight movie called new moon they should!!!

zenab minhas on Nov 25, 2008


Ok, so I read it all and I can't be totally mad at Kevin. I started reading the book last spring, and at first I absolutely hated it. I had read about 7 chapters, and I have to say it was one of the SLOWEST STARTING books I had ever read. I didn't really start liking it until the 8th chapter, and even then, I was only reading it to give it a chance. Once I started though, I couldn't stop. I must admit, I'm a pretty big sucker for romance. What can I say, I'm the classic girl. So, unless romance has even the smallest appeal to you, you're not gonna read the book, or watch the movie. The book is so popular with girls because most of us yearn for the love that Bella and Edward have, yet most of us will never experience love like that. Hey, it's alright to dream. Anyway, I don't see why all of these girls (and some guys) are getting upset. I totally understand why most guys don't like it, even if they haven't read the book. Even the trailer pictures foreshadow a strong, Romeo and Juliet type love story. It says on Stephenie Meyer's website she wasn't trying to write a book to be published, she was writing for leisure. So, in the mind of a girl (or woman in her case) this story is something you'd want to read. She wasn't writing in the mind of a guy, which is why it's probably not going to appeal to you. Kudos to Meyer Sorry the fellas didn't like it half as much as I did!

Brittanie on Nov 27, 2008


hahai!!!!!!!!!!!!! the movie is fantastic especially the male actor, he is a real hunk yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rea on Nov 30, 2008


it hasnt come out in the UK yet and its so bloody frustrating!!!!! dosnt come out till 19th of december im so sick of waiting!

carrie on Nov 30, 2008


I think that the actors in the movie preformed with passion. First of all the movie was fantastic becuase there was no gory sences. to all those hypicritical people out there, I'd like you to preform a bolod suking creature or girfriend to a vampire when you've done that then complain and say how difficult it is. Twiligth and the series are fabulous, There was nothing wrong Aboaut it! Good Job cast you were amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. Edward (Robert pattinson) is a talented actor as well as Bella

jocelyn on Dec 4, 2008


Edward's HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Edward fan on Dec 4, 2008


huh, i REALLY like the books but the MOVIE..omg! where does that actor look just a BIT like edward? he´s more frightning than enchanting, and wasn´t edward used to have reddish-brown hair, falling undone and kinda *out of bed* around his face?...sry, but except Jasper the staff is really sucking...-.- SO it more looks like a bad vampire-goth-watever.. and i wouldn´t compare it to harry potter, they´re both real good fantasy, but different on their own, so I wouldn´t use the one to judge the other! in short: i loved the books and definitely won´t watch the movie! to kevin: i guess you should read the book first before bad-mouthing it, but it may really not be to your liking. you just shouldn´t see that as some kind of victory, because everyone has other likings ^^ and now a book-recommendation on an media fansite XD KAREN MARIE MONING ! i really do LOVE her fever-series and everyone who likes fantasy, self-confident girls (with big breasts XD) and karens way of writing it both funny and with a great sexual tension will fall for it too, BOTH men and women i suppose XD its just wickeeeeed xD check it out:

sue on Dec 13, 2008


OMG Im so mad you article is so wrong Im one angry twilight fan The movie and book is awesome

RONI on Dec 15, 2008


look the movie could have been better but it was still very good and i love the books as well so dont diss it until uve either read the book or seen the movie. dont judge a book by its cover

Aasta on Dec 18, 2008


what i didnt say was that people should red the book though becoz it is a lot different to the movie

Aasta on Dec 18, 2008


not all the moviegoers had the chance to read the book, irregardless of wether the book was ok or not, the most important is that, the movie was done perfectly that even made it to the top grosser. The casting was good and the movie left something to the viewers that made them fall in love not just in the movie but as well as in the actors and actress in the movie. I hope there would be twilight part 2. hooray!

ivy on Dec 30, 2008


(no its not pernounced jakie its pernounced jc) kevin i have a few questions for you: 1.did you read all 4 books? 2.did you at least read twilight(the hole thing not just the first chapter) AND NOW FOR MY OPINION 1.unless you have at least read twilight you wont get it if you havent at least read twi light and new moon you probably wont have a "love" for it (being your a guy) if youve read all four books you will like/love the movie ive read twilight, new moon, eclipse, and breaking dawn. i have all the posters, i have the calender i have the shirts,the sweaters, the stickers, the pins, all four books. btw any girl who does not like edward anthony mason cullen (who i happen to LOVE) or jacob black must not have a life or a heart!!!!!!! my opinion

jaci on Jan 6, 2009


if you havent watched it dont comment bcuz it is acctualy extreemely fab (i no i cant spell but w/e)so dont critizie it b4 u watch it

twilightfan100% on Jan 10, 2009


edward is a fitty i agree with jaci on that one

twilightfan100% on Jan 10, 2009


i love the movie and the book. Edward is so cute. I would want him to watch me sleep. i think Bella is so pretty.

Emily Hatcher on Jan 27, 2009


I liked both the book and the movie. I really don't think that they put half as much detail in, and Bella does not really look like she likes Edward, although we all know she does!!! Wow

Molly on Jan 29, 2009


just from a guys point of view the books are actualy quite interesting.. the movie wasnt im gunna have to say i think that meyers knew what she was doing...but i guess i might be the only guy who thinks that oh well..but like i said its pretty good because every guy wishes that he could be the one person to save the day even if he acts like he doesn't

liam on Feb 4, 2009


God damn!!! Its just a movie!!!! Some people like it and some people dont! So all you assholes can stop talking shit on a movie you'll never see!

Madison on Feb 28, 2009


bella descrubes them as hot but they all are butterz except edward

tamana on Mar 6, 2009


the book's are excellent ,,,,,,,,,,,,, the movie did not do it justice it was all out of wack,,, it was if thier rolling the film and opps we forgot to add this part and they could of get better actors to play the part............ sorry if offend you but read the books they are truly good.

melissa on Mar 12, 2009


I think twilight is the best movie in the whole intire movie world in the history movies and i also thing that edward is the hottest man in the whole intire universe.

cheyenne on Mar 27, 2009

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