Twilight is Officially Getting a Sequel - Are You Worried?

October 14, 2008
Source: Deadline Hollywood

New Moon

I should have seen this coming had I been paying attention to the Twilight madness, which is bordering on an epic frenzy in anticipation of the film. Deadline Hollywood is telling us that Summit Entertainment has already lined up a sequel (presumably titled New Moon after the second book in the series), which actually surfaced as a rumor much earlier this year. This should really come as no surprise, considering Twilight has a following that is surprising (if not scary) to most. I'm certainly not cheering at this news, but not for the reason you might think. Twilight is certainly not my bag. Nevertheless, it's always a bit sad when you see a creative property hooked up to the corporate machine and bled dry. So while most fans will see this announcement of a sequel as the second-coming, I say you should be a bit worried. Here's why.

Obviously, all the "Twi-hards" and other classifications of fans of Meyer's books spell financial success for whomever can extend and market those properties. Summit is going to make a ton off of Twilight, no matter how good or bad it might be. As Deadline Hollywood points out, the film's soundtrack is already in the Top 5 Best-Selling Albums on Amazon and a calendar Borders placed on shelves sold out immediately. The fans are foaming at the mouth, and companies are all too willing to leverage that hunger. Be prepared for Twilight overkill come November. Following the film's release and almost assured box office success, I bet companies will line up in droves to get a piece of the Meyer's brand. Do fans really want to see the characters they adore on slurpee cups and kickballs? And let's not kid ourselves, the Twilight fans skew a bit younger and female, so I think it's safe to say the marketing channels there are nearly endless. Put simply, Meyer's and her books will become a veritable goldmine for the highest bidding companies.

Don't get me wrong, marketing and brand dilution runs rapid across the industry. But given the passion that underlines Meyer's fans, I have a sneaking suspicion that some may be turned off at what looks to be a thorough prostitution of the properties on the horizon. You know what they say about things that burn hot and fast. Of course, I could be totally wrong, and fans could open-wide just like a baby bird for all of this exposure. But if I loved a series and characters as much as these fans do, I'd be a tad perturbed to see those loves used in whatever way corporate America sees fit. So will Meyer's start to protect her creative? And while I'm sure you're excited, does the news of a sequel give you just a small sinking feeling?

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Too bad the film looks like rank-and file CW crap...

The Real Alex on Oct 14, 2008


Oh no... I read the first book to see what the hype was all about and it bored me. And the second book is even more boring, and so are the rest. I watched the trailer for the movie and there's nothing excited in it. It looks all too cheezy! Why aren't they making movies out of better books? And why are they wasting the talent of Kristen Stewart (I wasn't fond of her until I watched the movie "Speak" of her, and she was amazing in it.) And the actors/actresses are getting older... Rob Pattison doesn't even look 17 in "Twilight" movie, how will they preserve that for the second one?

HFC on Oct 14, 2008


What a predictable waste of time. Somebody go remake Cadillacs and Dinosaurs into a movie. That would sure be a curveball.

vegeta on Oct 14, 2008


well if the first one bombs they might cancel... but it probably doesn't matter until they make you go watch this type of crap

Janny on Oct 14, 2008


I am so excited! Does anyone know how to get cast in the sequel? Do the need extras? I am willing to travel! Please give me any more information at my So happy for Ms. Meyers her books have taken us by storm~!

Ramona on Oct 14, 2008


is twilight even out yet? and have they watched the trailer for it? looks like a shitty piece of shit with extra shit on the side, are they really that starved for ideas theyll greenlight anything seriously c'mon they should hire me to go around to preschools and ask the kiddies for a good movie idea and they can come up with better shit than most of the hollywood execs

harrison on Oct 14, 2008


I wonder if the 'Twi-hards' are going to crucify you for this post as they did the last. Throw some sexism in there and you and Alex would be quite the tag team against these ravenous teenage you guys take a beating from the public for your opinions which I find quite ironic considering your job title is a critic and the people who read this site always make you out to be monsters while continuing to read your reviews... For the record I enjoy your comments and hope they continue to create's quite entertaining

Peloquin on Oct 14, 2008


Yeah.. for every bad movie based off of a bad game/book/comic/etc.... I die a little on the inside.

CSpuppydog on Oct 14, 2008


Not so much the sequel but yes to all of the merchandising that is sure to follow. There is definitely a part of me that wishes it had remained smaller in scope then what it appears it will grow to. As for the sequel I think they'll have to change a lot of the book to make it work as a movie at least compared to the first one where it looks like it has stayed pretty true to the book. Hmm...I wonder if they will turn 3 and 4 into movies as well.

janet on Oct 14, 2008


Twilight ain't my thing either, but yeah. It's gonna be overpopular and get completeley commercialized. Money. That's all it comes down to.

-peter- on Oct 14, 2008


Yes, all that you say about Hollywood bleeding a property dry with sequels and marketing tie-ins is true. But it also applies to, say, another Dark Knight sequel, which you await with as much hysteria as any teenage girl does for Twilight. I mean you can't get much more pathetic than the Domino's Pizza / Dark Knight tie-in. I think the real difference is that you don't like Twilight so the thought of a sequel is nauseating. (I'm completely agnostic about Twilight, btw.)

cajaygle on Oct 14, 2008


My wife is going crazy for this, which is partly my fault because back when this site first was talking about it I thought hmm vampires, based on books huh, cool, my wife needs a book to read and she read them all in like a month or less. Now all her friends have read them, my sisters and I kid you not, almost all the women at my work. I thought it was too adolescent for many women but I guess its not. I guess at its core its about love and vampires which is all good in my book. No I'm not dying to see it but I'm excited that shes excited so I'll be there opening day and try to not over analyze it and just have a good time. As far as marketing overload, who cares, if someone wants it let them make it, I still get a little smile when I see LOTR and Star Wars merchandise so why cant these guys have their day in the sun? I'm in no way comparing the too movies but in a way they have a similar fan following and that's a good thing so I don't know why you guys are bitching about it, you sound like all the women who actually read it.

Richard on Oct 14, 2008


Wow... I feel completely and utterly sorry for Ms. Meyer... She's just going to end up like J.K.Rowling: completely controlled by the media. I personally can't wait until Twilight comes out, even in theaters, just to see how much of a disgrace it is. The trailers completely suck, the actors all could do much better, and Hollywood is just corrupting the poor minds of helpless female fanatics around the world. I can't believe they pulled Kristen Stewart (one of my favorite actresses) into a gig like this. But, then again, I'm sure all of the actors realize what a big thing Twilight will be and they're fullheartedly rooting for it to go big (which, as we all know, it most certainly will). To think, Hollywood has so much power. They've easily disgraced millions of (at least semi-) great authors such as Cornelia Funke, Dan Brown, J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, and don't get me started on J. K. Rowling! All they've done now is jumped right back in and sunk their claws into another unsuspecting author. Sad really.

-Olive-Out- on Oct 14, 2008


Also this is almost a copycat of the Harry Potter thing, sure I didn't care to see the "kids" movie when it came out and still never read any of the books but my wife loved them and I ended up liking the movies and they get better every year as the franchise gets more popular so why would it be any different with Twilight?

Richard on Oct 14, 2008


Olive, you didn't like LOTR? Then why are you even interested in this genera you should GTFO IMHO.

Richard on Oct 14, 2008


miss myers if you have any heart you will not let this happen the whole pubb thing movie is shit it makes me want to gag

ken on Oct 14, 2008


Richard -- Why would it be any different with Twilight? You just have to read the books. I've read all four, and they are awful. I admit, sappy teenage romance with no redeeming quality is not my thing. But they do not hold a candle to Harry Potter (not saying it's the best written series of all time) but man the Twilight books are horribly written. That and the movie looks like poo.

Sam on Oct 14, 2008


I realize that there isn't a lot of Twilight love on this site (which is okay, everyone's got their own opinion) and I'll come across as one of those crazy, young teen girls (which I'm not, by the way), but there are those of us who are interested in a sequel because we truly enjoy the books. I'll be the first to admit that they aren't the best the world of literature can offer and the movie is certainly not the best Hollywood has ever made, but I enjoy the characters and the story and to me, at least, they provide great entertainment. Meyers herself has said it that the books were only ever meant to entertain, not carry this great message and provide some huge insight into a particular topic....and I don't see anything wrong with that. Yes, it looks (and is) pretty cheesy but that's the way it's supposed to be and enjoyed. If you can accept that, then great and if if not, well, it's just not the story for you that's all. Getting to the matter at hand, however, as much I'm looking forward to seeing a sequel, I do agree that making one and the way it'll be hyped up will only serve to make this a huge vehicle for the studio and Hollywood to milk it completely dry because they know that it will sell. It's certainly something that Hollywood is good at. Look at the Harry Potter franchise (which I'm a much, much, much bigger fan of than Twilight). There isn't a single thing out there that you couldn't get with Harry's face on it. I mean, a friend of mine gave me a toothbrush she found in a store with a picture of Harry on the handle as part of a funny birthday present. I'll admit that I buy into all of it when I get a poster or calendar, thus becoming guilty of supporting such commercialism, but I'm the kind of fan that borders on obsessive and I just can't help myself. Sorry, I'm only human. would be nice to go back to the days when the Goblet of Fire book was released and it wasn't a huge franchise and we could love and adore JKR's wonderful characters that only existed on paper. By now it's so common to see Potter merchandise out there that it no longer saddens me to see it so commercialized as much as it did in the beginning. I'm just too used to it. I think some fans will enjoy and even welcome the amount of exposure that the Twilight saga will receive -- and is already receiving, really -- when the movie is released. But I'm sure that there will be many out there who will be saddened by the fact that it'll lose its uniqueness once the mass marketing turns it into just another series out there that can generate a massive profit.

Hazel on Oct 14, 2008


WOW - you all sound like a bunch of haters! I wonder if you would feel this way if it was your work that merited national success and attention? Personally, I'm not the least bit sorry for Meyer...she is getting the national attention and success that most authors only dream about. If corporate america doesn't cash in then their stupid! This is a marketing dream, only thing I've seen (as a marketing professional myself) is a lack of good marketing and capitalization on the front end of this project. Also, not every book or film for that matter has to capture a wide massive audience. The reality is that this series always appealed the younger female audiences. The great thing about this particular audience is that they can drive other audiences. Mothers will see it to share and relate to the their daughters and younger guys will see it while dating these girls (regardless of whether they want to or not). How could you not love the power of marketing?!

Charis on Oct 14, 2008


my main problem is it feels as if Hollywood is force feeding twilight to us and say its the new HP sicne they only have 2 more movies left

nelson on Oct 14, 2008


I was hyped for this because I'd read the books and loved them, however since watching True Blood on HBO I've been bummed. That book series mirrors Twilight in so many ways it's scary...and True Blood came out like 10 years earlier - so Twilight is a complete work of hackery and plagarism. Oh well.

jason on Oct 14, 2008


I've only ever even HEARD of this movie from this site. I don't see anyone anywhere waiting with bated breath for this film. I mean, I've never read the book (and honestly... a young-adult book about vampires? Could they manage to cash in on Buffy and Ann Rice any more if they tried?), but I don't see anything anywhere. It's as if this film doesn't exist in my world at all. Of course, that will all probably change after the religious nutjobs start coming out of the woodworks to condemn the film and call for protests and boycotts. Maybe that's what they're waiting for before they start advertising the film? I've honestly never seen any of this merchandise you're talking about anywhere. The only images I've seen for this film were in articles on this very site. I tend to keep my ear to the ground, and I can usually see something that's supposedly this big coming from a LONG way away. The fact that I have heard practically nothing at all about a film that is supposed to be such a huge event just blows my mind. But then again, I also had no idea who the hell Hanna Montana until there was a news report that parents were spending thousands of dollars for tickets for their little darling spoiled brat spawn. If this movie is targeted at that audience, then that would probably explain a lot. Doesn't say much, tho, when all you can compare the film to is Hanna Montana and N'Sync. I don't think that audience really demands much quality from their entertainment.

Squiggly on Oct 14, 2008


I was at Comic-Con for the Twilight announcement. Alex and I were trying to find ways to kill ourselves during this panel. It was sheer hell. This movie is going to ruin my Thanksgiving.

Andy Adair on Oct 14, 2008


Haha Andy. If you were trying to kill yourself because it was so loud, I know exactly where you're coming from. Alex: Although I haven't read the books, I think it's unfair to say that they are being "hooked up to the corporate machine and bled dry." If the author of the book had lost or given up the rights and then it was created into a piece of shit, then it would be a valid claim. But she has approved of all of this, and it wasn't taken out of her hands, so I don't think it can be said that the property is being bled dry of any value it had to begin with. Catherine Hardwicke is a very good and capable director, the actors are all talented (some of them to a greater extent than the others), and the book has received positive reviews overall, so I have no reason to believe this will be a bad movie.

Keith on Oct 15, 2008


you are correct! It was insanley loud and incredibly annoying. This isn't anything like harry potter because at least those books were promising. I just want to you number 24 that while I agree about your comments on the director, the actors all seemed like idiots. I just hope they can deliver lines better than they can hold a conversation in real life! 🙂

Andy Adair on Oct 15, 2008


Dear God that cast has no charisma or chemistry whatsoever. I feel like everything they do in that movie is forced out of them to make a nation of squeeing, drooling fangirls pee in their little knickers (as demonstrated in the final trailer). So yeah Andy, I completely agree that they seem like idiots. As for corporate America and the shit hole that is this franchise, I am sick to death of seeing it on TV and the internet all the time. By the time they come up with Bella Barbie and Edward Ken, I think I will have gotten myself a rope and done the inevitable. If they do intend to make this into a half-decent film franchise, they better get one hell of a group of writers because as far as I've read in all the books, nothing much happens. It's bulked up by purple prose and literary air holes. You are going to alter the plot like nobody's business if you plan to make it the least bit decent for the action craving masses of movie goers (aka. a little something for the boyfriends that will be dragged to everyone of these movies, and the general populace of non-fans which will be bored like hell with all of the "Edward is so pretty and I'm just average and don't deserve him" scenes).

Hyacinth on Oct 15, 2008


"I should have seen this coming had I been paying attention to the Twilight madness" Kevin Powers: This is blasphemy! This is madness! Twilight Hordes: THIS IS TWILIGHT! (last "300" reference from me ever. I swear.)

kevjohn on Oct 15, 2008


I'm so NOT excited..I HATE the whole Twilight crap... that's enough SMeyer!

samy on Oct 15, 2008


Richard - I never said I didn't like the LOTR series. In fact, I think the actors did a tremendous job and the directing was spectacular. But, being as big a fan as I am of the BOOK, I just couldn't help putting how I thought the MOVIE didn't reach what I had invisioned... Hazel - You have an interesting point. I'll agree that I have had a few fan-filled moments of my own, I don't know a book reader/ movie watcher who hasn't. I'm glad that someone's able to say that and I hope no one thinks to bring you down for it =]... and just because you're a fan who has, let's say, posters hanging up, doesn't make you a crazy, psycho... Charis - Look, if I were a writer and my book was coming out as a movie (and even if it wasn't!) I would expect people to not like it and to disagree or even hate everything about it! No one's perfect which means no one's writing is perfect! And isn't this site supposed to be for us to comment about these things, whether good or bad? Yes, I'm a HUGE fan of the Twilight books, but that doesn't mean I don't have ANY bad thoughts about it. So don't call any of us haters for speaking out minds and giving our input!!!!! Nelson - Agreed... and, for some crazy, mixed-up reason, people are starting to believe this and, inevitably, so will the corporations. They will just make more products, put more special affects in the movies, and pretty much fight amongst themselves for the top spot... Hyacinth - hahahaha! I love the way you put that! I can already see the new Bella Barbie and Edward Ken dolls on the racks! Believe me, when that day comes they'll be a lot of corpses to bury...

-Olive-Out- on Oct 15, 2008


Wow... I spelled a lot of things wrong in my last post... Please excuse the bad grammer and spelling people...

-Olive-Out- on Oct 15, 2008


Wow Alex. I never picked up one of these books in my life and have no attention too, but this article was merciless:). There is no way in hell you will influence people against it so the best thing to do is stop reporting on it.

Ryan on Oct 15, 2008


I agree with Hazel and I am not a teen either. I enjoy the books; I understand they don't hold a candle to some other books out there but I enjoyed them very much anyway.

Aryn on Oct 15, 2008

33 Video/s from Comic-Con 2008, showing what #23, #24, & #25 are talking about.

HallHCoverage on Oct 15, 2008


awww, come on. Give Twilight some credit. Twilight is the book that made me want to read more books. Its an inspiration to all people who wants to be a novelist. If its so crappy I would like to see someone beats the twilight mania

jamain on Oct 15, 2008


To Nelson -- I hate that they're "force feeding" it to us as "the new HP", too. Twilight is NOT the new Harry Potter and I'm a fan of both, I should know. It's just another book series that got incredibly popular that has absolutely nothing to do with Harry Potter. Depending on who you ask, one will be better than the other (my very personal opinion: HP is better), but I don't understand the need for comparisons. Why can't Harry Potter just be Harry Potter and Twilight just be Twilight without having to draw comparisons in order to make it more appealing to viewers? I'd like to think that most will be smart enough to know that they're not the same, even if they've never read either series! To Hyacinth -- I hate to pass on the bad news, but they already have an Edward doll out. To Olive-out -- Thank you! lol. To Jamain -- It's pretty awesome to hear that Twilight has made you want to read more books. People can say it's crappy and terrible all they want, but if it inspired you to pick out different books to read then it's served a very valuable and wonderful purpose. =]

Hazel on Oct 15, 2008


yea but wat if twilight makes like only 45 mil at the box office. what's the budget on this thing, cuz i'm pretty sure the first one, judging by the comments, is gonna suck and/or bomb at the b.o. i hope they reconsider and put their money into something that not just girls can watch

LeeMan on Oct 15, 2008


Olive-out: Thanks! Glad even a Twilight-lover and a Twilight-hater can agree on something. That gives corporate America something to be scared about. LOL! Hazel: Shit. Oh well, gotta find me some rope then. I'm sure Bella Barbie will follow soon. Till then, I better find something for standby. Maybe blankets tied together 🙂

Hyacinth on Oct 15, 2008


Sadly I am one of those teenage die-hard fans of Twilight and I couldn't wait for the movie... until I saw the first trailer. They've killed it from day one and killed any hope of having a good sequel. I'm hoping for no sequel but we all know that there will be one and that I will pay good money to go see it and do nothing but yell at the screen for how much they've f***ed up the series.

EikLovesYou on Oct 16, 2008


Hyacinth - You know, you have a point... When two people, a Twilight-lover and Twilight-hater let's say, are able to agree on something like this, it easily shows that the corporations are in trouble. Sure, they probably think they're all too high and mighty to care about what a few simple fans think but, in all honestly, a few brave people can really bring them down (or, at least make a point). I don't know... I'm just thinking out loud. =] EikLovesYou - Well at least you can admit that you're a die-hard fan. Many people can't even do THAT. And then for you to go on and say how you think they killed any hope of a sequel... well that takes a really intelligent person =].... Yes, we all know that a sequel is definitely coming, it's obvious just from how much publicity the first one is getting without even coming out. And, sadly, I must admit that I'll also definitely being paying money to go and see this crap-ass movie... I guess that's just how life goes, right? jamain - lol... You know, I'm surprised that, after reading all the crap that we've put on here, someone is actually brave enough to stand up and say how much they enjoy the book. I myself am a fan of the book... heck! I'd die just to live Bella's life lol... And, believe me, I'm happy that Twilight inspired you to read and I'm sure Stephanie Meyer would be too. I'm glad someone's brave enough to challenge all of us "haters".... Cheers to you! Sorry guys... Once again I'm simply rambling lol

-Olive-Out- on Oct 16, 2008


35- you are incredibly right! the book inspires many aspiring writers in the sense that if such a bad book/saga can be published, why not the others? yet it scares me because whereas there are dozens of great books + writers that seek publishing and get rejected everyday, a very awfully written book as Twilight got published, sold out and is made into a movie. i've read better fanfictions than the book. i hope the movie will suck

HFC on Oct 17, 2008


~ Sorry to disagree with most of you, but I am very excitied about the news of NEW MOON being a sequal to Twilight 🙂 ... You know, I tried reading Harry Potter, I thought it was dry and boaring... To say the least. And the Movies for Harry Potter... Wow - LAME. But Twilight captivated me so much I read all four books in a week. The Passion is intense, and the author takes you on twists and turns you never see comming... I say make all four books into movies... Maybe even all five, depending on how Midnight Sun ( To be relaesed later ) turns out. My daughters love these books, my husband even read them and took a fond liking of them... And as for me, I think it is one of the best Fairytales ever written. I hope all four come out, and I think people will be impressed with the first due out on 11-21-08 🙂 I am counting down the days to see it 🙂

Kate Mac on Oct 17, 2008


Look .. i may understand that to some of you ppl.. this book isn't much.. but it is for others.. i respect these books alot... those books are the reson why my neice has changed soo much... personally .. i never really got the hang of them.. when i saw my neice change i said.. ok , i have to see what this is all about... so i read the first.. & let me tell you.. i thought it was really good... why?? i don't kno! if you pay enough attension to it.. it'll probably get you really interested... if you haven't really read these books.. i would suggest u not to say a word... its like insulting someones child with out you even knowing the story behind the person or judging the book by its cover..if you get what i mean... anyway.. i hope they don't ruin it.. there would probably be a mod outside the studio if they did.... 1 more thing ii'd like to mentiion... just because its rude... there was a girl who wished death upon a twilight actor.... that.... you do not do that... the actor is just doing its job .. it's not his/her fault that your favorite actor didn't get choosen for the role... or anything... thats 1 of the worst things you can say... i'm dissapointed in some of you ppl.... ohh well.

anabell on Oct 19, 2008


I am thrilled by this. It is funny, because I felt the same way as the poster of this blog did about harry potter. What disgusted me more was that it was a child's book yet adults in their forties were changing their religion to witchcraft because of it. I feel there is a huge difference between twilight series, and harry potter. harry potter was a moronic book in the first place. Stephenie Meyers writing is much better, and you feel the characters. I want to see all of them on film, and tshirts would be cool too, but cereal boxes and such I see the point where that would be crossing the line. It was the best series I have ever read, and cant wait to see them on film. Ok well there was my opinion for the day.

Stephanie on Oct 25, 2008


I am, I guess you could say, one of those crazed teen obssesed girls who can't wait to see this movie, and I'm okay with that. I work right across from a barnes & noble and while getting off work at 11pm I was a little suprised to see so many cars and people inside, considering the store closed at 10pm. I went over to see what all the fuss was about so I asked a group of girls going inside and they told me it was the release of the 4th book of a series called "Twilight" that all these girls were reading. I went home bc the name sounded familiar and realized I had the first one...i had never read it and immediatley pulled it off my shelf to see what all the fuss was about. my friend had given me this book because she loved it as soon as it had come to stores and wanted me to experience the same thrill and love she had for it...soo while I was laying in bed reading it I realized myself becoming obsessed. I couldn't put the book down, and I was even crying and laughing with it out loud. I finished the book in a matter of days and went to the bookstore to get the next. it was a vicious cycle of reading, crying, and laughter as I longed to have just a second of the life bella had with edward. I finished the 4 books in about 3 weeks and realized that I was very upset it was over. I've never been so emotionally involved with a book in my life. soo I was extatic, to say the least, to hear that twilight was going to be made into a movie. it meant my journey through this life changing series wasn't going to be over. I honestly can't wait for this movie to come out, and I'm even more excited that there are going to be sequels. The movie might blow but I honestly have to say I don't care either way. I want to see the characters brought to life. this movie, to me, is like any other book brought to theater. its a love story brought to life just like, "The Notebook", or "A Walk to Remember". so guys suck it up and suffice your girlfriends, it will make them happy in the end, meaning only great things for you.

Michelle on Oct 26, 2008


Boring.... the books bored me to tears... i checked them out at the library cause i've always been a fan of Anne Rice's Vampire Chornicles and I figured well someone else is trying it too so i'll give it a read.... bad move. Teenager falls in love with a boy who just happens to be pale as shit and she finds out, oh my god, he's a vampire. didn't see that coming huh? The movie wont flop because of the loyal fans (like mentioned above they are mostley female) and the males will more than likely be dragged by their girlfriends to see this pile of worthless self indulgent crap! I would rather suffer through The sister hood of the traveling pants again than watch Twilight make a mockery of vampire books/movies. Modern day vampire stories most of the time suck ass. Anne Rice is the only writer who can pull it off, because she has a back story to all the vampires mentioned! Twilight is garbage.... way to kill a rain forest to publish it...

Josh on Nov 1, 2008


i'm a huge fan and i want to see all four of these movies and the host if they make it, but i'm terrified about what could happen. my nieces are stuck in that whole "i'm nine, let's go be like miley cirus and lindsey lohan and be crackwhores!" thing. i don't want little kids that think they're adults ruining those books. i want the movies but to commercialize them would be a sin. people freak out over his reviews b/c a critic isn't supposed to be so severely biased by the way. do your job right. if you don't think it looks good, you can say that but don't say it's a pile of shit. it's completely unprofessional you a-hole.

Tucker on Nov 5, 2008


I`ve read New Moon and it was kinda boring to me but STILL GOOD! .. maybe its because I don`t like the whole Jacob-Bella thing. LOLLL. If they are gonna make New Moon into a movie, I just hope it turns out good =)

Amanda on Nov 19, 2008


I hate the books. The movies are going to suck--you can tell just by the first 30 second clip, at least five things happen there that DO NOT happen in the book. What a disappointment to the twi-hard horde. LOL.

Blegh. on Nov 20, 2008


Fist off let me say that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I respect that. But, there is no need to verbally bash something over and over again. I get it you hated the books you hated the movie. I personally loved the books. I found that the books to me were fascinating. The books were my own escape into something unreal. To those that hated the books... Haven't you ever read a book that was special to YOU? That you enjoyed reading and gave you something to believe in if it was just for the moment? That is what the Twilight saga is to most, it gave them something to believe in their own escape! So, good god people! Show a little respect to those who actually liked the books and showed interest in the movies!

kiss my ass on Nov 22, 2008


Well either way, the fans get what they want, and other people get money. Everyone is happy, so why do you need to get involved and state your...interesting...opinion?

Nikki on Nov 22, 2008


Ok first of all i went to see twilight last night and its the brest freakin movie ever and the books are AWESOME and im crazy excited about the next one and i truly love twilight like crazy and also believe that harry potter turns to dust in the twilight

Ashley on Nov 23, 2008


look i proly sound like another hpnotized tween but i loved the 4 books they were awesome!!! yeah the movie will never live up to the book but it was a darn good movie. and i have to say im excited for the sequel. and no i did not go to movie for the dude that plays edward.and also i agree with ashley. I CANT WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

N.Y.B. 13 on Dec 26, 2008


Some of ya'll people are so dissappointing'i mean really come on.The movie isnt as bad as ya'll make it seem,haha,bitter is what describes you.Would you rather see someone dying,getting kidnapped,abused,having sex,murder,i bet ya'll would thats what it seems to have come to in this world today.Then you finally get a series of love'a strong powerful love'which i bet most of you dont have considering the high divorce rate we have these days.I mean really sleep on that thought.As far as the merchandising give em'what they want ,ahaha,hasnt it always been that way?The cd's are great and even though some of carter burwells work was repetetant it was beautiful'take it from someone who can feel music and consider it an art form.lmao'well stop being so sinister all of you 'ehmm cough'cough'haters.Hopefully the next movie will be better.BUT HONESTLY THINK ABOUT IT ARE THE MOVIES EVER AS GOOD AS THE BOOK NO BECAUSE THE BEST PART OF READING IT IS LETTING YOUR IMAGINATION RUN WITH YOU'oh and i bet to most that dont like the series or the movie don't have imaginations'GET OVER IT.

Briana Brown on Jan 3, 2009


i think that the saga of twilight is great. no one can compare them 2 harry putter cause they r 2 totally different subjects. ones about vampires and he other is bout wizards and stupid old ppl. i think that everyone has there own opinion. i hav mine and ppl hav theres. i just say give them a chance. she wrote these books for ppl to read. its not fair for her to read all those idiotic ppls opinions and sit there and feel bad bout it. how bout if someone read a book that u wrote and said it was the worst book writen in the history of would u mean and stupid ppl feel? huh? ya i dint thinks so. be nice to stephanie meyers okay? she went through alot of thinking and pressure from her publishers trying to get this done.the movie could be better but the producer put his or hers best effort in it okay? i can understand that the movie wasnt exactly like the book but u hav to give it some credit okay? thnxs for reading this thingy i put up. plz let stephanie meyer hav a break? bye 🙂

lola on Feb 5, 2009


Look, all I have to say is this: while I AM a teenage girl (and therefore unfortunately and forcibly exposed to every aspect of Twilight) I in no way endorse the film or the books. It's vapid and shallow and inane. To be frank, I find the books badly written, whiny, and monotonous - something I would expect from my nine-year-old sister, not an adult woman who has graduated college. However, despite my having to put up with all the hype, I do admit that the Twilight series has instilled a love of reading in many people my age, for which I must be eternally grateful to Meyer. But why, oh, why can't they read something that I wouldn't consider tossing in a compost heap? And a word about the movies: they couldn't have chosen a worse cast, for one, and the screenplay was obviously written by someone totally inept, considering all the various inconsistencies and pathetic dialogue that wasn't straight from the book. I don't mind so much about merchandising - they have to make money somehow, and even though a minority of us may not appreciate Bella-dolls and t-shirts with Edward's none-too-attractive face on them being constantly shoved under our noses, if it makes the rest of America happy to buy Twilight products, well, then, I hope they have fun with their merchandise while they can, before the economy takes a turn for the worse. At least Meyer will be financially secure for a long time. Well, love me or hate me, that's my opinion. I'm out. 😀

Aileen on Mar 11, 2009


Well first and for most... All the opinions expressed on here are far tooo harsh... I personally am a big fan of ALL the books. I couldn't put them down, not for one second! I think I read them all in one week. They were cute romantic and absolutely entertaining. I can't believe how ignorant and selfish people are, at the sound of a great Romance story. Even though Edward is a vampire and Bella is human... it all is tooooooo exciting to know how the outcome is going to turn out. SO Since there wasn't too many good opinions in here ... I thought of putting one myself. I didn't start reading the books until after I saw the movie. So that tells all you people that I DO love the movie and LOVE the books even MORE now. CANT WAIT FOR "NEW MOON"!!!! OH yea I think "Edward" is absolutely sexy and Jacob as well. "NOW LOVE ME OR HATE ME"!!! That's my personal opinion.

yari on Mar 20, 2009

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