Twisted New Poster for Shyamalan's The Happening

May 20, 2008

Twisted New Poster for Shyamalan's The Happening

A new international poster for M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening has been revealed today via This poster arrives only three weeks before the release of the film and is one of the only other posters out there besides the one revealed last December. You may have also recently seen the extended red band trailer over at IGN. I really thought that trailer was a direct combination of the shorter red band trailer we posted recently and the other recent green band trailer - so there was no reason to mention it again. At this point, I'm considerably excited for The Happening and think that the more grungier, violent aspect that M. Night Shyamalan has taken will really make this more than just another boring thriller.

Thanks again to for first picking up the poster. If you weren't aware, The Happening is actually M. Night's first R rated movie after making five other PG-13 films. Definitely looking forward to June 13th!

The Happening

The Happening is both written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, of Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Village and Lady in the Water previously. This marks Shyamalan's sixth feature film as an auteur. The Happening will arrive in theaters everywhere on June 13th this summer.

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I'm suprised, there's no otiose argument on the decline of M Night Shyamalan's movies yet.

Vega Bro on May 20, 2008


I hate the tagline on these posters. We've sensed it. (hmm, The Sixth Sense) We've seen the signs. (hmmm, Signs) Now.. It's happening. Lame.

Nick O. on May 20, 2008


Wow. You figured that out too? But you're too smart to think thats clever...or to ignore it and not just find another excuse to try and degrade the movie.

Vega Bro on May 20, 2008


yeah #2 , that's lame alright! I don't know i feel like this movie is going to suck big time. Unbreakable was the last Shyamalan film I enjoyed.

bltzie on May 20, 2008


I dont know I feel your comment isnt really based on any intellegent foundation

Vega Bro on May 20, 2008


Hmmm... there are no suicides on this poster.

Alex on May 21, 2008


I don't think suicide on a movie poster is going to work out very well.

max on May 21, 2008


very offputting poster-and along with the nondescript title,the vague taglines and generic looking photos (mark & family clinging for safety?humph) will kill this movie.

twispious on May 21, 2008


great poster, why not???.... its he's movies and if he wants to "tag" his own words referring to the movies he made, good call! stop tryin2 degrading the fact of the tags used will be a shite movie.

hero on May 21, 2008


Yeah, that poster's twisted alright. I like it.

Sean Kelly on May 21, 2008


Nice poster. I'm still hedging my bets on the Hulk, and rooting for an M. Night TAKEDOWN. Here is a HILARIOUS mock-story about the young M. Night:

Djo-Bot on May 21, 2008


It would be hilarious if every movie he directed was leading up to this. And the tag line onlt WHETTENS my appetite. So there'd be ghosts, and aliens, and mermaids, and the Amish.

DCompose on May 21, 2008


Actually Shyamalan has made SIX PG-13 movies. People sometimes forget that directed two films (the PG-13 rated Praying With Anger and the PG-rated Wide Awake) BEFORE Sixth Sense.

Sean Kelly on May 21, 2008


I think this is the first film that each new poster or trailer actually makes me LEss excited for it. Bleah...

interl0per on May 21, 2008


I'll just post this, since it's so damn awesome. But follow the link above if you want to see the perfecta accompanying picture that goes w/ the article! December 5, 1978 – Class Annoyed by Young Shyamalan’s Show-and-Tell Presentations Eight-year-old Penn Valley resident Manoj Shyamalan has been annoying classmates with a series of ludicrous show-and-tell presentations, according to his Penn Valley Elementary School teacher. “Each week, Manoj stands up with a comic book or an action figure and tells a long, convoluted story about it,” moaned Doris Vinson yesterday, rolling her eyes. “Then he has this ‘big finish’ that contradicts the whole thing. It was kind of neat the first time, but it’s really gotten tedious.” December 5, 1978 – Class Annoyed by Young Shyamalan’s Show-and-Tell PresentationsShyamalan’s fellow second-graders were also dismissive of the melodramatic presentations. “Last week, he had a Ziggy comic, and he said his dad cut it out of the newspaper for him,” remembered Jennifer Behrens, 8. “And then he goes, ‘But... my dad doesn’t get the newspaper.' It was so silly.” According to Ben Humphries, 9, “Manoj is a fart-head. He always acts like his show-and-tells are cool, but they’re not cool at all. They’re the stupidest.” Shyamalan, however, seemed impervious to such complaints. “I don’t care if they don’t like my show-and-tells,” he said, squinting mysteriously. “I’m working on my next one right now. It’s about how my baseball glove is magical… or is it?” Vinson, for her part, said that she would allow the youngster to continue with his wearying presentations. “Even though it’s gotten tiring, I’ll let him keep doing show-and-tell,” she sighed. “He puts a lot of effort into each story, and he really does enjoy himself. Unfortunately, he doesn’t understand that he’s pretty much the only one.”

Djo-malama-ding-dong on May 21, 2008


when did I say ANYTHING about the movie? I just commented on the tagline that has been on all the posters, it's stupid. I'm hoping the movie is actually good, since M. Night's movies have sort of been hit or miss through his career.

Nick O. on May 21, 2008


The poster really doesn't say ANYTHING about the movie. I do think this movie will flop, espically with it's R-rating. Also I really do think that the twist will be WAY too implausible to work and early screenings have been AWFUL!

Ryan on May 21, 2008


Alex, here is a GOOD poster for THE HAPPENING (granted it's not for our country but it captures the film PERFECTLY)!'

Ryan on May 21, 2008


@Vega Bro if you're going to insult someone's intelligence, maybe spell 'intelligent' right.

Nick O. on May 21, 2008


This poster SHOULD be titled: "Mark Wahlberg in: Honey, I've Taken Too Many Mushrooms!"

Djo. on May 21, 2008


#13(sean kelly) if he directed two movie before the sixth sense, doesn't that make it SEVEN pg-13 movies...i'm just sayin, maybe i'm wrong but i counted seven anyway this poster is pretty much a waste and the tagline is pretty bad. the only thing that could possibly be worse is: we've sensed it we've seen the signs we've walked through the village and seen the lady who lives in the water who's magical powers are unbreakable HAPPENING!!! however, i don't just judge movies on taglines, posters, or advanced screeining reviews...when i see some real reviews from REAL critics, THEN i'll use my discretion

a-non-uh-miss on May 21, 2008


If you read my comment correctly, you would have saw that I said Wide Awake was rated PG.

Sean Kelly on May 22, 2008


the international poster is so awesome... this one is pretty weak. this is coming from a graphic designer's standpoint, not a consumer's standpoint.

wholemilk on May 22, 2008


So, it looks like Night's twist this time is that no one is really dying, it's just a really long bad acid trip for Marky Mark and Zooey D.

jorgenstingle on May 22, 2008


Can't wait to see Zooey on screen.Y AY!

flo on May 22, 2008


Shyamalan's movies suck soooo bad. I haven't seen one that I've liked. The Village was so terrible I asked the movie theater for my money back. They second Lady in the water should've went straight to video. And this one, well lets just say he fooled me twice it wont be a third. F*&^ Shyamalan!!!

Tirrell on May 23, 2008

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