Two New Epic Day the Earth Stood Still TV Spots

November 4, 2008

Two New Epic Day the Earth Stood Still TV Spots

Nothing better to do on election day while waiting for the results to start coming in? How about checking out a few new TV spots from Fox's upcoming The Day the Earth Stood Still. Am I still the only one who really thinks this looks great? I don't have an attachment to the original, but that doesn't matter, because this remake still looks pretty damn awesome. A couple of things to mention from these TV spots - first, the line "your planet?" is quite badass; second, Gort is huge and looks like he's going to tear our planet a new asshole. That intensity combined with the sleek look of this is what makes me so excited for it.

Watch the first new TV spot for The Day the Earth Stood Still:

[flv:https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/TDTESS-TVSpot-01.flv https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/TDTESS-TVSpot-01.jpg 480 206]

Watch the second new TV spot for The Day the Earth Stood Still:

[flv:https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/TDTESS-TVSpot-02.flv https://media2.firstshowing.net/firstshowing/TDTESS-TVSpot-02.jpg 480 206]

The Day the Earth Stood Still is directed by up-and-coming director Scott Derrickson, of only The Exorcism of Emily Rose previously, with a script written by screenwriter David Scarpa, of only The Last Castle previously. There are a lot of fresh creative minds involved in this project who haven't yet had a lot of experience. The film is a remake of Robert Wise's 1951 sci-fi classic of the same name. Fox is releasing the re-imagined The Day the Earth Stood Still on December 12th later this year.

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looks awesome.

j. todd on Nov 4, 2008


Alex you are not the only one excited for this movie, i cant wait for this to come out. Im a sci fi guy, hence why im so pumped. I know that there is alot of bashing on this movie because of the original but i wasnt around for the original and have never saw it. I like the idea of remakes, it gives us a fresh revamped version of the originals. lets just take it for what its worth and be entertained!

big r on Nov 4, 2008


I'm a big fan of the original and this looks like a great remake! The cast is prefect! I can't wait to see it.

Samantha on Nov 4, 2008


if the remake follows the same idea as the original, there is no better time than now to enlighten people that we need to stop destroying ourselves.

wm on Nov 4, 2008


Is this movie gonna be a big global warming advertisement or something? I'd prefer they stick to the nuclear war overtone.

Hope Not on Nov 4, 2008


It's not going to be any good. 'The Day After Tomorrow' looked good to based on commercials, and it was horrible. This will be the same deal. Don't be fooled.

Lefthanded on Nov 4, 2008


WHy couldnt it be about nuclear war??! that would be sooo much more interesting... I am so sick of the global warming fanatics in hollywood....

The Real Alex on Nov 4, 2008


those trailers were not very well structured. The second one differed only by one shot, which is pointless. Anything with Reeves in it (minus the first Matrix) is terrible. This looks like it will be one those "the world is ending-great epic movies" that will fail miserably. Dont get me wrong...it will make good money in the Box Office, but as far as film goes...it will be pure crap.

one on Nov 4, 2008


We are Alex. Perfect! Pure crap you say 8? The Rogen Porno film just released was "pure crap!

Tim "Cloverfield" on Nov 4, 2008


I agree that the movie looks fantastic... but trailers are usually better than the actual film. And if you don't find what we, the human race, is doing to the planet Earth interesting AND infuriating... then your part of the problem. And probably deserve to be eliminated first...

Eric on Nov 4, 2008


Movie looks Fantastic, period! Girt looks awesom! keanu is pitchy perfect as an alien. Naysayers gotta eat! 😛

Sam on Nov 4, 2008


Movie looks Fantastic, period! Gort looks awesome! Keanu is pitchy perfect as an alien. Naysayers gotta eat! 😛

Sam on Nov 4, 2008


this is the shit it will be great in imax

Darrin on Nov 4, 2008


You mean global warming is the biggest threat to the human race and not a lie designed to destroy capitalist societies? I dunno...

Hope Not on Nov 4, 2008


this will be a great movie, and not everything he has done sence the first matrix has sucked. street kings was actually good and so was scanner darkly, and constantine was not all that bad, it had a realy interesting story. nuclear war is good but this idea will work just fine. it will be good in IMAX I do agree. oh yeah and alex it is about time you got these dang things up they have been out for like a week or two Ive been asking about them.

tyler on Nov 4, 2008


Looks incredible. Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama, Obama!!!

Kilo Alpha on Nov 5, 2008


Looks superb! Still iffy on Gort's CGI though....

mercy on Nov 5, 2008


Badass, nuff said.

Andrew on Nov 5, 2008


bring it on.. I am pumped for GORT

Dusty on Nov 5, 2008


I just climaxed.

vu on Nov 5, 2008


No Alex, now you are not the only one exited about TDTESS. With those TV Ads you posted, we had a glimpse of a thrilling upcoming movie. Thanks!

Rolando on Nov 5, 2008


I had my doubts when the remake was first announced but after seeing these TV spots I am now quite anxious to see the new plot that this one apparently has....I LIKE the idea that a higher intelligence has come to put an end to mankind's idiotic destruction of the planet....this could wind up being my favorite movie of the year.....

moldybread on Nov 5, 2008


The movie does look good, if not great. But it looks like a big actiony disaster movie and doesn't at all remind me of the original.

kevjohn on Nov 6, 2008


Can't wait and the IMAX will make it awesome.

Ryan on Nov 6, 2008


Yeah boy..I'm there. I wish it was Matthew Fox..but Keanu is all good. 🙂

Bry from Chi on Nov 6, 2008


Umm I could have a whole plate of KathyBates! I really like her. I will be there to see this movie. I liked the first trailer the best. I hope I don't go to pieces watching this one.

RSH on Nov 7, 2008


You will watch this, won't you? Maybe one day, on Netflix. Whoa.

HektikLyfe on Nov 7, 2008


I'm a sci fi fan & would love to see an actual remake of the 1951 movie instead of a movie preaching to me. The new religion of global warming will die out eventually & I can quit hearing how horrible people are & how we should just all kill ourselves already or live like they did in the stone ages. Whatever. I won't support this cause.

Ellen Sopa on Dec 7, 2008

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