Update on The Creature from the Black Lagoon Remake

December 4, 2008
Source: Latino Review

Creature from the Black Lagoon

A remake to the classic '50s monster movie The Creature from the Black Lagoon continues to stick on my radar, despite there being little news of the project since we first reported on it back in May. Thankfully, Latino Review caught up with screenwriter Gary Ross (son to Arthur Ross, one of the writers from the original) who provided a few decent updates on the rather slow-moving project. Similar to Scott Frank's Planet of the Apes project, Ross and crew intend to approach the Gilman creature from a realistic and scientific perspective. Ross said, "We found some scientific under pinnings for it, which my Dad actually felt in the original… In fact, he based it on a lung fish that was found around that time."

Bolstering the serious tone, Ross also commented, "We're going to treat it with a certain amount of dignity… We're not approaching this a in a retro campy kind of way." If there's one thing of certainty to take away from this, it's that the Lagoon will be camp free. Not as clear, however, is the choice of director. While I thought Breck Eisner has been a lock for this for some time, when asked about the choices, Ross replied, "Well, I can't really talk about it. We've talked to some directors." Ross also mentioned that the project wasn't, in fact, even greenlit at this point, which is equally confusing considering the amount of effort that has been made and Ross' statement that the project "is going great… we're moving forward." Ah well. Any news is good news, I suppose. You can check out the complete interview over at Latino Review.

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It looks like his making a phone call in the pic. I hope Universal does this, Im already excited for the Wolfman next year, why not have the gill-man also.

Joker on Dec 4, 2008


Ok, I absolutely oppose a total lack of camp here. The creature's prime motivation is (DUH) A HOT LADY. This might sound kind of barbaric, but I'm thinking that all dignity and no camp makes Creature a dull movie.

Universalicious on Dec 4, 2008


I have a feeling that this wont be that good, it'll probably turn out like one of those made for tv movies on the sci-fi channel

Scott McHenry on Dec 4, 2008


Just to put a more rational spin on my other post, I would argue that the real tragedy of the Creature is that he feels a tremendous physical attraction towards a human woman and, unable to express that attraction in human terms, this eventually destroys him. This, combined with the sexual tension between the woman and her two male research companions, help to define the role of jealousy and passion in the original story. To disregard that as mere campiness could gut the heart from this classic story.

Universalicious on Dec 4, 2008


#1 - "Yeah I'm a little busy at the moment, can you call me back?" 😀

Will on Dec 5, 2008


#5 "No no just a kidnapping. No I dont want to go to Dracula's party, his such a prude."

Joker on Dec 5, 2008


it would be nice to hae this done using todays advanced effects...the original story is good but they were so limited to what they could actually bgring us on the screen back this case, I dont think the remake/reboot will disrespect the original...

cornholio_by_the_sea on Dec 6, 2008


The original Creature was a such an iconic 50's sci-fi monster. He's even alluded to briefly in Marilyn Monroe's SEVEN YEAR ITCH. The old Creature costume had a great design that stood out when compared to many of the other film monsters of that time. It was a nice touch how the gills, and throat moved when he tried to breathe out of the water. Also, the original film was able to portray him as a sympathetic creature, and not just some hideous monster. Hopefully, the new film won't stray too far from the design/concept of the original film. It just wouldn't be the Creature From The Black Lagoon if he looked, and acted completely different.

Derek on Dec 6, 2008


right with you, # 8 / Derek. although i wouldn't want to go overboard, you can argue that the original, undoubtedly iconic Creature follows the tradition of (the original) Frankenstein and (the original) King Kong, the being unsure of its surroundings, unsure of its purpose, a child trying to learn. if the remake, if such thing we must have, goes the wrong way, then all you have is the Emmerich Godzilla, all flash and smash but not emotional core. films like the Creature endure because the audience connects in some way with the main protaganist. Peter Jackson understood that with his King Kong remake, a film i thought i'd hate. mind you, he did have a lot of flash and smash as well...

lumière on Dec 7, 2008


can't wait for this remake i hope they make it look like a real jungle and a real creature,as for the story i hope that does not change much.

chris on Jan 18, 2009

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