USA Today's First Look Max Payne Photo

July 15, 2008
Source: USA Today

USA Today's First Look Max Payne Photo

Although we already shared with you some remarkably similar photos from Max Payne last Friday after the awesome first trailer hit, USA Today has just debuted one of "their own" photos. And considering the film has quickly become one of the most talked about features, I think it's best we continue to write about it - because the more we present, the better it starts to look. USA Today did also catch up with both Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis briefly and talked with them about playing Max and Mona Sax, respectively. Unfortunately they don't say much, so let's continue to focus on how awesome the trailer looked and keep our hopes up for this movie. Maybe the future is bright for video game adaptations?

Max Payne

Mila Kunis, who sounds genuinely worried, talks about her own fear of video game fanatics. "I made the mistake of stumbling on an internet site of fans and what they thought of the casting," she says. "I hope I don't cross them on the street before the movie. Maybe they'll change their minds when I'm in leather pants and bustier." I'm certain this will be true - have you seen her sitting nude on the bed in the trailer?! If not, go find it now. As for Wahlberg, his story might even be more depressing for fans. He's never played the game himself (what?!), but explains that one of his assistants "plays it all the time, and I probably watched him play more than I should. It's got a story line more complex than most video-game movies." I'm glad he noticed. As long as Wahlberg still holds true to the character, we should be fine.

Max Payne is directed by Irish filmmaker John Moore, of Behind Enemy Lines, Flight of the Phoenix, and The Omen previously, with a screenplay written by first-time writer Beau Thorne. The film is based on the popular Max Payne series of third-person-shooter video games that first arrived in 2001. Fox is debuting Max Payne in theaters on October 17th just before Halloween. I'll be there!

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Okay... admitting never having played the game will probably get Mark Wahlberg killed by some of the mentioned video game fanatics. 😉 But I'm cool with the cast and really looking forward to seeing Max Payne on the big screen. =)

c-r-u-x on Jul 15, 2008


I'll be there too! And judging by the response to the trailer, most of the other faithful will be too. I didn't know Mila Kunis was in this though. Her performance in Forgetting Sarah Marshall totally changed my tune about her total inability to act. She was fantastic in that, and looked gorgeous to boot.

kevjohn on Jul 15, 2008


It kind of looks like he's running sideways down that wall.

Tom Brazelton on Jul 15, 2008


Alex, that wasn't Mila Kunis on the bed. It was Olga Kurylenko. She plays Mona's sister Natasha.

Tyler on Jul 15, 2008


trailer looked good, photos look good. i especially liked the black 'angels of death' that seemed ready to pick people up after they get killed

chrisUK on Jul 15, 2008


A must see.

Xerxex on Jul 15, 2008


I like the cast Wahlberg is a great actor and really enjoy his movies (excluding the Happening) and Mila Kunis is damn hot. Im really looking forward to this now, since the trailer hit looks like its going to be bad ass im really hoping it doesn't turn out like Hitman last year, this has such potential.

Curtis on Jul 15, 2008


hey heath ledger said he didn't read the batman comic books and look how well he is going to turn out in the dark knight. So i hope mark walberg the best for this movie.

Drake on Jul 15, 2008


Yeah well, nobody expects The Dark Knight to cling to the comics too much since Nolan's doing an overall new interpretation of the franchise. Max Payne, however, seems to have a fanbase that urgently demands the movie to be somewhat of an 1:1 translation of the game, or so I have read and heard. Whatever, my best wishes to Wahlberg and the crew as well.^^

c-r-u-x on Jul 15, 2008


uh, yeah!

Dave on Jul 15, 2008


Any chance of a higher res version?

Mitch on Jul 16, 2008

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