Vadim Perelman Directing Poltergeist Remake?!

August 30, 2008
Source: Bloody Disgusting


The last gig that Ukrainian filmmaker Vadim Perelman was attached to was an adaptation of Ayn Ran's Atlas Shrugged. While that book does deserve a film, Perelman previously expressed his lack of interest and has now moved on. Instead, he's supposedly directing a remake of the 1982 horror classic Poltergeist. Is anyone else tired of these ridiculous remakes of iconic classics always popping up every day?! Our friends at Bloody Disgusting via SlashFilm recently picked up this scoop on Perelman and are reporting that he "is in heavy talks", but not officially confirmed, to direct the remake being developed at MGM. Maybe it's just me, but I would've thought Poltergeist would never ended up being remade…

Just last week, Juliet Snowden and Stiles White were officially hired to write the remake. The two previously wrote the 2005 horror flick Boogeyman as well as the upcoming Knowing with Nic Cage and The Birds remake. I'd like to find out why these two are so adament on writing rehashes of great horror classics, especially if they admire those horror films to begin with. As for Perelman, whose filmography only includes House of Sand and Fog and The Life Before Her Eyes, I don't know enough about him to say whether he's a good choice or not. However, I do know enough to say that a remake of Poltergeist is entirely unnecessary to begin with. Horror remakes seem to be the hottest thing in Hollywood at the moment.

I can accept remakes of Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street, those can be done somewhat successfully. But remakes of films like Poltergeist or The Shinning - that's a bit ridiculous. There isn't much that sounds too exciting about this remake so far. Is there any one who is hopeful for this remake?

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aside from the obvious lack-of-talent/imagination involed in remakes, I think the #1 dissappointing feature is the fact that you already know what is going to will just be acted out by different people and maybe have a few changes but it is still the same story...why pay/waste time to go see it again??? jmo...

moldybread on Aug 30, 2008


Hollywood will never stop remaking classic horror films, or any film for that matter. Just look how they butchered the Psycho would think they would have learned their lesson. Eventually such classics as Cassablanca, Some Like It Hot, Schlinder's List, etc. will all be done again. It's a shame really. And what's worse is people will pay to see it!!!

Shane Black on Aug 30, 2008


I would love to know who came up with this idea and beat the shit out of them

OCP on Aug 30, 2008


Everyone sign the petition against the remake!

Horror Fan on Aug 30, 2008


Man is their revenue down that much? Is there a plan here? Like, cash in on all these franchises, then build Hollywood II, equipped with a thousand money printing machines? On an island? Are they financing an island with all this shit? They'd fucking better. I'm drunk.

DCompose on Aug 30, 2008


this is just as bad as what i heard WB is trying to do, make straight to DVD sequels to all their film vaults.

The Delightful Deviant on Aug 31, 2008


There is no reason why this movie needs to be remade. Aside from the dated culture references there is nothing new to add to this story. If anything re-release it with new effects to replace the old ones (and only where it was needed like the guy ripping his own face off or the tree or the tornado. All of which look dated and could use a good covering up).

Jeep-Fu on Aug 31, 2008


No need for a remake here! Im surprised they would touch a movie Spielberg was so heavily involved in. Although I think that director is a solid choice, and far from your typical hack! on Aug 31, 2008


remaking this movie is a ridiculous idea! they should can this idea and NEVER open it or think about it again! this one was good enough the first time around and does not and should not be remade. the reason the original was so good was the ORIGINALITY of it. we're really scapping the bottom of the barrel if this is all they can come up with to do in hollywood. sad sad sad......

thejugfather on Aug 31, 2008


Alex, don't give them ideas with a SHINING remake! Well, if somehow this manages to get made (I would imagine Speilberg has enough drawing power to stop it), Vadim is a very good director.

Ryan on Aug 31, 2008


Maybe Tobe Hooper could be given the chance to actually direct this one, as opposed to his part-time job on the original. I still hate all these damn remakes.

avoidz on Aug 31, 2008


Just Stupid!! 1st a Re-Make "Friday the 13th" which should never happen, now this! Great Hollywood is just killing my childhood!

Christopher on Sep 1, 2008


Just say no. I agree stop with the damn remakes of classics.

John on Sep 1, 2008


Uh...The Shining was remade already as a TV mini-series (6 parts?) in 1997. Don't think they'll be doing that one again for awhile. I guess Poltergeist is old enough (26 years) to be considered a classic. I'm aged--I still think of classics as things like the Universal horror films, maybe some of the Corman Poe flicks, Hammer films, House on Haunted Hill, The Exorcist, The Omen, stuff like that, but, yeah, Poltergeist is a pretty good movie... and old enough to be in the "classic" range. There are only a couple of examples in which horror remakes worked for me. This was not by "improving" on the original, but by providing another take (perhaps updated) on it. These include: The Hammer Frankenstein, Dracula, et al; The 1982 The Thing I'll probably think of more eventually. Re: No. 7, Jeep Fu As I said, I'm old. I don't think classic movies need to be re-released with "updated" effects. While I appreciate what CGI has done, I think there is now an over-reliance on it to the point of boredom/cliche. Some of us old farts like old-style effects, done with models, mattes, blue screens, stop-motion, mechanical devices, in-camera methods, makeup, etc. I wish they'd bring some of those back. How about a good big-budget HP Lovecraft movie? This has yet to to be done. There have been some fine low-budget and indie efforts. Remakes in general- It used to be "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." Then it was "Imitation is the sincerest form of television." Now it's "Imitation is the sincerest form of Hollywood."

zubzwank on Sep 1, 2008


Can't say Im in favor of a remake on this. I'll wait for it to come on tv.

DJ SID on Sep 7, 2008


Poltergeist is my favourite movie of all time. Not necessarily the best movie I've ever seen, but for a lot or reasons the one I feel more attached to. I've watched it again on Christmas day and it was so powerful that reduced me to tears. Not sad tears but pure emotional ones. And that music! Bless you mister Goldsmith, rest in peace. So I've got just some requests: Mister Perelman please do a good job. Mister Perelman please choose a good "real people" cast and not just pretty young faces. Mister Perelman please remember the balance between humour and horror. If not, the dead will be after you forever (and I will lead them...). Thanks.

MeIcon on Jan 2, 2009

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