Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon's Four Christmases Trailer

September 12, 2008
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Four Christmases Trailer

Four Christmases is your standard big budget Holiday comedy full of all the shenanigans that we see over and over every year. This time, Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon are a couple planning to skip out on Christmas in the tropics, but when all the flights get canceled, they're forced to visit all four of their divorced parents on Christmas Day. Sure it might be charming, sure it might be funny, but it's not going to be the next Holiday classic. Remarkably this is directed by the guy who brought us the awesome documentary The King of Kong last year. Unfortunately Vince Vaughn's humor is getting a bit old and Reese Witherspoon hasn't been funny since American Psycho. Please don't tell me you think this looks good?

Watch the trailer for Four Christmases:

[flv: 596 336]

You can also watch the Four Christmases trailer in High Definition on Yahoo

Four Christmases is directed by indie filmmaker Seth Gordon, of the hit documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters from last year. The story was written by first-timers Matt Allen and Caleb Wilson and the screenplay itself was completed by Allen and Wilson as well as Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. New Line Cinema will debut Four Christmases in theaters everywhere on November 26th - Thanksgiving weekend.

Four Christmases Poster

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This sounds almost identical to Christmas with the Kranks just without the daughter. That's a real shame cause Vince Vaugan used to be really funny and Reese Witherspoon won an oscar a few years back. This is a real shame

Chris Henry on Sep 12, 2008


It's a cute poster. Looks like it should be the usual fun fluffy holiday romcom. I love Vince Vaughn when he's not paired with Will Ferrell.

Serafina on Sep 12, 2008


This looks good. Much better than Fred Claus. Who doesn't like a comedy? Why So Serious, Alex?

Saif on Sep 12, 2008


Haven't even seen the trailer. Just had to say, Vince Vaughn's humor will never get old. Anyway, my 2 cent's.

Krayzie8z on Sep 13, 2008


The trailer looks not that bad -- nevertheless this seems to be a hugely disappointing movie. It just seems so unoriginal. And then, of course, I absolutely can't stand those kid-throws-up-scenes! It's disgusting and not funny at all. Besides, the fact that Vince Vaughn is in this movie just reminds me of "The Breakup", that truly bad movie. Here again, Vaughn shows no talent at all - he simply acts terribly annoying. A better recent Christmas-movie is "The Family Stone" -- there at least I could laugh and have a good time.

sauvignon on Sep 13, 2008


Vince Vaugns humor is old. Over acted and trying way to hard to be funny. This looks like complete garbage. It would be nice if there was a good Christmas flick put out every once in a while.

JBeans on Sep 13, 2008


Reese Witherspoon being pretty hot (and remarkably short) still isn't a good reason to watch this. Getting dragged to see it in exchange for sex or going to see it and getting baked with your friends might do the trick though.

That one guy. on Sep 13, 2008


i never thought vince vaughn was that funny and i thought wedding crashers was extremely overrated, but its the only x-mas movie this year, which amazes me because the genre seems to be on a decline. the poster is charming, but i would much rather see transporter 3 instead

LeeMan on Sep 13, 2008


Vince Vaughn was never funny, merely coasting on whatever his co-stars delivered. Unfortunately, he's paired with Reese this time and she's not strong enough to support his lack of talent. Still, nice poster.

Chris on Sep 13, 2008


i do that same thing when someone hurls. if i smell it, then it causes me to hurl too!

Ray G!!!! on Sep 13, 2008


Come on people.... Take it for what it is, a cute silly comedy. Yes it's been done before and I'm sure it will be done again. So what? I'll give it a viewing and I'm sure I'll have a few laughs. Sounds good to me!

K on Sep 13, 2008


Cute poster and looks alright for the holiday shlock. But how has Reese NOT been funny since PSYCHO? What about LEGALLY BLONDE?

Ryan on Sep 13, 2008


looks good

Darrin on Sep 13, 2008


Every time Hollywood releases a film like this, God kills a kitten. But Reese Witherspoon is still smoking hot and a damn good actress.

Devon Shaw on Sep 13, 2008


I don't know about you guys but Jon Favreau had me cracking up each time I saw him in this trailer.

Heath on Sep 13, 2008


I was all ready to hate this and then I surprisingly found the trailer entertaining. *shakes head* I like the poster too.

janet on Sep 13, 2008


this has been done already in "Xmas with the Kranks", which was an extremely poor adaption of a wonderful John Grisham story...this doesnt look any better...I got more laugh out loud time reading the Grisham novel...wish I had as much $$$ to waste as Hollywood apparently does...

moldybread on Sep 13, 2008


Vince Vaughn looks like her father in that poster. Yuck.

avoidz on Sep 13, 2008


Very funny stuff, great cast, looks like a good flick!

Derek on Sep 13, 2008


Ah....I can't argue with the cast of this movie. Robert Duval is in it. He's normally pretty picky with his movies. As much as I get tired of seeing crappy Christmas movies that rely on the cheesy love moment in the snow....I think this looks great simply because it's been awhile since a really good Christmas movie has come out.

ImaginaryVisionary on Sep 13, 2008


Come on, the baby blew fun-bag juice all over the legally blonde chick and that’s funny. I hate holidays with my family. I’m gonna see this movie just to see how well they capture the misery…lol.

Defeatedfrog on Sep 14, 2008


Everyone mentioning Vaughn and Witherspoon...what about Favreau. He looks fantastic in this. And it did make me laugh especially that last scene with the baby.

heckle0 on Sep 14, 2008


I mean, Alex, get a real job dude, you're not good for films, you just can't say that from Reese, she's gorgeous and funny in everything from Penelope to Legally blonde. Vaughn is crap, don't know if he thinks he's funny, he should be on some b-class or direct to video action-violence-vampires-nude movies

David on Sep 15, 2008


Happy Holidays Alex!

D-9 on Sep 15, 2008


What are yall talking about? You read to much into movies, this looks really funny! Enjoy it for what it is. Laugh, love, and feel good! That is what christmas is all about, and the birth of Jesus! I can't wait to see it this coming season with my family and friends!

b131 on Sep 17, 2008


Vince is amazing and reese is sexy as hell. It looks like just the perfect movie for the holiday season. I can already feel the christmas gifts and the red and green everywhere. It looks pretty good and i cant wait to see it!

big r on Sep 18, 2008


Lol...overdone maybe...I'll wait for it to come on cable but some parts definitely made me laugh 1. The baby vomit "I'm gonna do it too!" 2. "We're named after the cities we were conceived in" 3. "I didn't know you were getting shanked by four year olds!" Priceless...

ewilson131 on Sep 23, 2008


il bet everyone that thinks vaughn isnt funny either is a girl or hasnt been laid in 5 years vince is a classic and one day will go down as one of if not the funniest actor of all time and wedding crashers was only 2nd to bad boys 2 which will make u piss ur pants lol crashers over-rated

drdetroit on Sep 26, 2008


i wish vince vaughn would take better parts, you watch him in swingers and its like 2 different people. he's got such style in that movie and he looked like he could become a huge star, and then he makes this stuff. on a related note, mikey (jon favreau) and sue (?) from swingers are both in this too 😀

teamsolovictory on Oct 8, 2008


Okay I've never been a real Vince Vaughn fan I love Reese there hasn't been a movie I've seen with her in it that I didn't like..and the 1st trailer I saw for this movie I was very confussed as to what was going on then when I saw a more detailed trailer I thought it looks very funny and I don't see how its like christmas with the kranks..the kranks loved christmas and was not going to go to it and then they had to put a party this one they always skip christmas and this year they can't and have to GO to 4 parties..don't see how they are alike at all..I plan to see it...looks like a cute romantic comedy and a good family movie.

Laura on Nov 5, 2008


I think this looks really cute. I can't wait to see it!

Kathi on Nov 19, 2008


Vince Vaughn should to win "The Most Spaztastic" award every year... whether he makes a movie that year or not

patrick on Nov 21, 2008


Hi there I just cant wait to see this movie anyone know when its coming to Arizona and where abouts it will be playing i dont see it anywhere in casa Grande so maybe Phoenix wouold be closeest to us if anyone knows where it is goung to be playing. It looks like a good christmas show.

Carol on Nov 24, 2008

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