Wanted Already Getting a Sequel? Really?

May 4, 2008
Source: Pajiba


One of this summer's upcoming comic book adaptations that seems to have the least amount of buzz is Wanted. While I do think it could be fairly entertaining, I just don't think it's up there with the likes of Iron Man, Hellboy II, or The Dark Knight. And odd bit of news has recently been discovered surrounding Wanted - a sequel is already in the works. In fact, it has been since September of last year. SlashFilm recently discovered an interview over at Pajiba with the film's writers, Michael Brandt and Derek Haas, who said back in September of last year that they were already hired to write a sequel.

Brandt and Haas are a screenwriting duo who have written screenplays for films like 2 Fast 2 Furious, Catch That Kid, and 3:10 to Yuma. The movie Wanted is actually based on a comic book written by Mark Millar. The two clearly state in their interview last year for 3:10 to Yuma that, "we've been hired to write the sequel to Wanted by the same studio." At that time, not only was there not even a trailer yet (the first one was in October), but Universal hadn't even moved the release date yet. It was later switched from late March to June - a very confident and bold move. Are they really so sure that this is going to be such a huge hit that a sequel has been in the works since last year?

Although they didn't say anything else about the sequel, this is what Brandt and Haas said about Wanted.

"Wanted has been terrific. We first started working on it when only the first issue of the comic came out, and as the book became crazier and crazier, we tried to keep the script grounded. Timur Bekmambetov is directing and has been interesting and gratifying to work with. The movie is going to be a gigantic, hard-R action movie that we hope will satisfy the comic fans."

My question to everyone out there is whether this really seems like a good idea. I'm not claiming this is a 100% official - everyone knows that the studio won't greenlight a sequel until they see how much money it makes in June. However, they've already got a script and, from the sounds of it, are trying to turn it into a big franchise that will be loved by many for years to come. Can anyone really see that happening? Especially with the crowded summer line-up this year? Is anyone going to watch Wanted and remember it as the best movie of the summer? I really doubt it…

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I think Alex that you are giving WAY to much hype to HELLBOY than WANTED. When the marketing push kicks in I think it will be talked about. Whenever they play this trailer at the theatres it always gets some murmurs and after the superbowl commercial I remember there was a lot of talk about it at school. I just think as of now there really isn't much of a push just yet.

Ryan on May 4, 2008


Oh, forgot to write. Nowadays it seems like the new fad is LATE MARKETING. I mean for every DARK KNIGHT and IRON MAN there are a lot of films today only being marketed the month before they come out. I think it may be beneficial money wise, I mean, will you REALLY remember a trailer 9 months before the film comes out opposed to one that comes a month before??? It lacks the buzz but when you are pegged with commercials for it during every commercial break I think it will build quickly.

Ryan on May 4, 2008


I dont think real comic fans can call this a comic adaption if a) no ones ever heard of the comic, b) they made the movie when the first issue came out and c) they are making the movies decidedly different then the comic, heh.

Richard on May 4, 2008


personally i dont care for this movie to much at least at this time, i mean it'll be action packed and a lot of fun but im not to concerned right now, with such great movies coming out pretty much ever week i can wait for this movie to hit dvd before watching it, i dont think it warrants a sequel though its just not gonna compete with the rest of the competition its up against, im sure people will enjoy it but i just cant see my self going to see it this summer.

Curtis on May 4, 2008


universal cares about their films rather than having a money making machine like 20th century fox and columbia pictures. Why do you think hellboy 2 production company is now universal. Before it was columbia pics. Well if they say this film is going to be off the chain then it would definitely be.

darrin on May 4, 2008


I don't know. I'm a fan of James McAvoy. I think he's one of the more talented newer actors and I was surprised to see him jump into this kind of role. I think this will be an awesome action flick that would have much higher anticipation if not overshadowed by the colossal amount of colossal movies being released this summer. I am still looking forward to this one, though.

Reverend on May 4, 2008


This movie does look cool and all... but I dont think it's the summer blockbuster movie they're hoping it would be... especially with the competition around it

pogi on May 4, 2008


one question: why? did they even have a screening of this before giving a sequel the greenlight? from the previews it looks like a pile of cgi crap

harrison on May 4, 2008


It baffles me, too. Sitting next to the other summer comic films like Iron Man and Hellboy II, Wanted just looks - ironically - bland.

Minic on May 5, 2008


This is going to be a horribly sub-par movie. Anyone who has read the comic book (which is amazing) knows they are not sticking to the source material at all. For anyone who hasn't read the comic book, it is about an alternate reality where all the super villains got together, killed all the super heroes, and made everyone think that none of them ever existed. It's about the main character, Wesley, choosing between doing what is good and being a nameless cog in a wheel or doing what is evil and changing himself into the next great supervillain. Anyone who is at all interested in DC and marvel based comics will get a real kick out of it as it is really just one big superhero farce of the Marvel/DC world. They mock villains like clay-face, bizarro, and scar-face the dummy with characters named Sh*thead, F*ckwit, and Johnny two dicks. Of course, NONE of this, the real meat of the book that actually makes it worthwhile, will actually make it into the movie. They've overly mainstreamed it. I really hope anyone really interested will go out and buy a copy of the comic instead of seeing it in theaters. Any real fans of the comic should boycott this movie.

Josh on May 6, 2008

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