Warner Brothers' Alan Horn Responds to Harry Potter Fans

August 20, 2008

Daniel Radcliffe and Alan Horn

In an attempt to calm the angry fans, Warner Brothers President and COO Alan Horn (pictured above) has released a public statement regarding the surprising release date change of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. As we all know, Warner Bros moved the release of Half-Blood Prince from November this year all the way to July 17th next summer, causing outrage amongst Harry Potter fans. We ran a follow-up article last Friday that outlined the anger that the fans, and myself, were experiencing in response to the move, and questioned whether Warner Bros might end up moving it back in fear of protests or boycotts. This obviously shows they're not going to budge, but does show that they're at least responsive.

Straight from Warner Brothers in Burbank, CA, here is Alan Horn's official statement in response to the fans who have written in expressing the anger towards the Half-Blood Prince delay.

Many of you have written to me to express your disappointment in our moving "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" to Summer 2009.

Please be assured that we share your love for Harry Potter and would certainly never do anything to hurt any of the films. Over the past 10 years, we have nurtured and protected each film, and the integrity of the books upon which they are based, to the best of our ability.

The decision to move "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" was not taken lightly, and was never intended to upset our Harry Potter fans. We know you have built this series into what it is, and we thank you for your ongoing enthusiasm and support.

If I may offer a silver lining: there would have been a two-year gap between "Half-Blood Prince" and the much-anticipated first part of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," which opens in November 2010.

So although we have to wait a little longer for "Half-Blood Prince," the wait from that film until "Deathly Hallows" will be less than 18 months. I am sorry to have disappointed you now, but if you hold on a little longer, I believe it will be worth the wait.

Alan Horn
President, Chief Operating Officer
Warner Bros.

Not that I would expect this kind of response to satisfy any of the upset fans, but I'm glad they at least responded publicly and have acknowledged that the fans are angry. It's worse to just ignore them and thankfully they didn't do that. But unfortunately, this statement says that they're not moving it back at all. We're all going to have to accept the cold hard truth and buckle down and wait it out. It's only an extra 8 months to wait and I think there is a fine line-up that should hold all of us over. And I don't believe his statement about the shorter wait between Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows is going to make everything better either. Will the fans finally stop protesting this? I doubt it…

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I honestly don't buy it. He is a COO for pete's sake. He just schmoozes folks. Ehh guess we are waiting no matter what.

Atomic Popcorn on Aug 20, 2008


poor harry potter fans... they're so pathetic. 🙂

adilator on Aug 20, 2008


If the fans were really that mad, then we should all protest and not go opening weekend. They wanna screw us by making us wait. Then lets screw them by giving them a shitty opening weekend. Of course I know that won't happen because come on this is America and people can't wait for anything. I am mad too but just arguing and throwing fits about it over the internet won't do anything.

Curtis on Aug 20, 2008


What line up? That Twilight shit movie?! Thank good FOX has good movies during that time. Still then can kiss my ass: not gonna watch the movie in July. I've got better things to do. And is he serious?? "'s only a 18 month wait instead of 24. Much better!" So what? Does he really believe I'd cared if there was a 18 months or 2 years gap. Are 6 months making a difference? No! Warner still fucked up my birthday plans and I'm still pissed off at them! And there's nothing and no film they can air that will make it any better. Screw them!

Dan on Aug 20, 2008


Oh and I forgot: Warner, the HP teaser was SHIT! It was a big disappointment for me to watch this shitty teaser trailer!

Dan on Aug 20, 2008


Perhaps this will end up being bad karma for WB *cough* watchmen *cough*. I agree that it is a bs response but I guess it's better then nothing. At least they are acknowledging that fans are upset.

janet on Aug 20, 2008


Im not going to see the movie in theaters if they aren't gonna move it back!!!! You want get a ¢ from me, you WB $/"%$&!

The Potter =) on Aug 20, 2008


Why is everyone so ridiculous here?! Okay, so the studio decided to push the film back... so now, because of this people will boycott the opening day? You really think WB takes that threat seriously? Yeah, this is all disappointing, but are you honestly going to say that you won't go to the film simply because it was pushed back? I know I'll actually be anticipating it more. Trust me, the last thing WB wants to do is slap us in the face. They have their reasons. And they may have very valid internal reasons for doing this. So quit being idiots and acting like WB has just ruined a film because it is coming out later.

Marty Martin - IMAGEN Films on Aug 20, 2008


all im saying is gay. just gay.

Corey B. on Aug 20, 2008


Marty Martin? Are you the dude from On the Lot? Anyway, I think Alan's lost it. Okay, so the gap between Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows Part I got shorter. Whoop-de-doo! I didn't ask for it. None of us fans asked for it. I didn't hear anyone complaining about the 2 year gap between the 6th and 7th installment, so why do it? Does Alan not realize that by making the gap between Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows shorter, he's making the gap between Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince bigger?

Micah on Aug 20, 2008


"Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!" All our Love, Warner Brothers

Tim "Cloverfield" on Aug 20, 2008


this is just in; Alan horn recieved millions of dollars from paramount to move harry potter to next summer. yessssssir.

scar on Aug 20, 2008

13\harry_potter Potter fans wouldn't boycott this even if it was just JK Rowling burning the fans hard earned money for 2 hrs whilst calling them'd still make millions and sell out for 3 months after release!

chrisUK on Aug 20, 2008


Number 4 said "What line up? That Twilight shit movie?!" Yes. If you only watch movies based on children's books than yes, that is the only movie until July 18. Some of us like to actually watch original and mature movies, though for us there will be plenty. Have a good year 😀

Aldonn on Aug 20, 2008


once more...Everything is about the money...Well Alan what about seriously ill children? .. UNBELIEVABLE ..

pop234 on Aug 20, 2008



Better than You on Aug 20, 2008


boooooooo to you....glupane

pop234 on Aug 20, 2008


The movie companies can do what they want when they want and theres not a damn thing any of us can do about it!!! Alan’s statement that he released just proves me right, he doesn’t give a fiddlers ass what anyone says he has made his decision and that’s that as they say and he can stick his half ass apology where the sun doesnt shine, as for those people who tell us potter fans to shut the hell up etc, its important that people voice their feelings, in fact its there god damn human right!!!! So shout it from the highest building and let yourselves be heard that Alan Horns response was met like a great big smelly turd!!!! Peace

Dar-El on Aug 20, 2008


You know as I was reading his statement, all I could hear in my mind was the voices of the adults in every Peanuts (Charlie Brown) cartoon ... "Whan whan. Whan whan whan whan." Yes it was nice to have a response from Warner Brothers, but it didn't answer the real reason WHY they moved it back. It was truly a greed-inspired move.

Hilander on Aug 20, 2008


I agree..

pop234 on Aug 20, 2008


I agree with above. He still didn't give a legitimate reason why the move. He could care less about what we think, his response was only a pr move to smooth over some gullible fans. We should all make a statement by boycotting the first weekend release. If he REALLY cares about the fans, he should move up production on the two movies for book VII by six months and keep HBP in July of '09.

Robin19 on Aug 20, 2008


oh yea, pushing back the movie another 8 months didn't intend to hurt any of the fans?! then what did it intend to do, make fans happier you greedy bastard. how bout just goin out and saying the flat out truth: we just wanted more money bcuz we know u harry potter fans will do anything to see this film and we honestly don't give a fuck if we ruined the holidays for you cuz you're gonna see it anyway so might as well move it up a "few" months

LeeMan on Aug 20, 2008


Yeah, his statement doesn't much ease the disappointment of having to wait until next year for the movie, but at least they understand that the fans are angry and they are responding to it. I honestly wouldn't be as disappointed about it if they hadn't released an awesome teaser trailer and tons of pictures. I was all excited for it and then suddenly it was like Christmas was canceled. ::sigh:: Nothing to be done for it, of course, other than wait because the reality is that as much as some fans out there are calling for boycotts and petitions, they're all still going to go and see it when it comes out. I know I will be.

Hazel on Aug 20, 2008


Just venting so please excuse me: Why did he say 8 months? It's freakin' 11 months. That is basically one year! It will basically be out this time next year. I feel like shooting someone...... maybe Alan Horn. j/k but I still mother f****** pissed at the greedy decision. I also hate the excuses that are given. The gap will be shorter. Wow 6 months!!!! I feel like f****** celebrating now. Now we ONLY have to wait 18 months. I heard no one complaining about the wait before. There has always been a huge gap between each movie. No one has ever complained! The one that I read somewhere that made me really f****** pissed was the Twilight movie release date movie was moved back. I read that it was supposed to "tide us over" until the release of HP and the HBP. Like wow!!! I can't contain myself. I feel so excited!!! I can just skip the HP movie now because what's the need?! Really whoever made that remark just needs to find a gun and shoot themselves! (rant over) Night.

Matthew on Aug 21, 2008


This is sad and disappoited to have to wait almost a year. i dont really understand why they changed it. ppl is gonna go to see it whether is in nov or july. so i guess the earnings will be like almost the same. . is waste of time.

kathy on Aug 21, 2008


First off, does anyone know how to contact this person directly? Like his public e-mail address or something? This would basically be my response to him should I ever find out how to contact him: I would tell him...he is hurting the films even though he says he doesn't mean to. The delay did upset the fans. Did they actually think the fans wouldn't be upset? They didn't care. They wanted more money. I don't care about a two-year gap between movies 6 and 7 (parts one and two). Now because of you there is going to be a gap of two years between movies 5 and 6. You said there was going to be a HP movie this year, you changed your mind because you wanted more money. If there were serious production problems I would accept such a delay. There were not. I am not. 8 months to be isn't "a little longer" to me. a couple weeks to a month is "a little longer" to me. If 8 months is "a little longer" I'd hate to see what is "a lot longer". No you're not sorry to have disappointed us. You're happy that you think you'll get more money from us in 8 months than you would in November. The movie will be worth the wait...but its a wait we shouldn't have to endure. This statement does nothing to make me feel better about the delay of HP. In fact it makes me feel worse about the people running WB.

Jeep-Fu on Aug 21, 2008


A boycott on opening weekend? Great! All the more tickets for me!

BenPanced on Aug 21, 2008


So he responded-he had to. Too many fans are angry so he needed to say something but it won't do any good. I am boycotting-my mind is made up and to those who say oh get over it, you are still going to, etc etc.....Nope not going and I'm not angry anymore just made up my mind and I am sticking to it-I hope it does worse than any HP movie for all I care. I've read the book and truth be told I don't want to see how bad they butchered it like the last 3 so there. boycott if you want (we all should) or go that's your call but I am not going.

Jim C on Aug 21, 2008


This is absolutely motivated by money. I love both the books and money, but this play by warner bros is gonna cost them. The fans are being pushed away. Although I cannot wait for the 1/2 blood prince to arrive, I will not be seeing it the first week. The fans have made warner bros a lot of money. Remember the saying, don't bite the hand that feeds.

boycott1 on Aug 21, 2008


You know, it's funny. They're moving Harry Potter into the summer 2009 season to earn some extra bucks? Here's some research thanks to trusty Wikipedia: The following numbers are the grosses for every Harry Potter film to date and release date (domestic): -Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (November 14, 2001) Gross: $317,575,550 -Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (November 15, 2002) Gross: $261,988,482 -Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (June 4, 2004) Gross: $249,541,069 -Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (November 18, 2005) Gross: $290,013,036 -Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (July 11, 2007) Gross: $292,004,738 It doesn't matter when they come out. They still roll in nearly $300 million every time. In fact, the highest grossing entry is the first film, which came out in November. Also, notice how there is only a 2 million dollar difference between #4 and #5. Not to mention that both #2 and #4 (both released in the fall) performed better than #3 (released in the summer). So, Warner Bros., I have this to say. Releasing this film in the summer will not make a lick of difference. In fact, I imagine that this purely insulting move to HP fans will only hurt ticket sales. It'll still make millions, but it may be the weakest return yet. Simply put, I have pwned Warner Bros. with cold hard facts.

Chris on Aug 22, 2008


Its the same reason why the prince of persia movie was moved back: the studio is probably afraid of having enough movies for the upcoming years if another strike happens, plus theres going to be a harry potter theme park that is in the works. its all stratagy, and hard to argue with

David on Aug 22, 2008


This is an stupid answer from WB... shame on you Alan Horn.

FAT on Aug 22, 2008


I am disappointed too, but I think true Harry Potter fans should and will go see it opening weekend to be supportive of something we love. If the moved it back to make the movie better then I think they made a smart decision, because nobody wants 6 to be as sucky as 5 was!!

Josy on Aug 23, 2008


They moved it back because they have BUPKUS for movies next summer, and they already made enough money this year with Batman to keep shareholders happy. The reason isn't MORE money for WB - because HP will be successful either way - it's to prevent having a total loser of a 2009 summer and getting trashed by WB shareholders. Mind you - I don't care...I want my movie in November...but the motive isn't greed so much as protecting their own butts/jobs.

Beth D on Aug 25, 2008


There's some groups in Facebook where we can share our disappointment. I invite you all to join this groups and sign the petitions to keep the original date. PETITION: PETITION 2: PETITION 3:

Brendaliz on Aug 25, 2008


We won’t see the movie on the weekend of July 17. WB is making us wait unnecessary just because they want more Money, they don't respect us and the least thing they can do is keep the original date.

Harry Potter Lover on Aug 25, 2008


They still haven't said Why!! it's delayed - just that it is

Bushbaby387 on Aug 26, 2008


If they make the fans wait, the fans should make them wait for the $$$. People are forgetting who has the real power now days. If the fans boycott then they don't make squat!!!! Read the book and skip the movie release make the $300 opening weekend drop to $1 million opening weekend. It is easy enough done.

L on Aug 29, 2008


Quit complaining, their gonna release it, alright? Is the extra few months that devastating that you won't see it at all? That's a load, anyone who's saying "Oh, I'm gonna boycott this movie" is fooling no one, same to everyone threatening to boycott Watchmen. Some people are never pleased.

Steven on Sep 1, 2008


since the film is done and just sitting there someone so let it "leak" out and make tons of bootleg copies ! then WB wont make doo doo ! i already put my day off for that day ! ugh ! makes me mad ! i waited forever and now i have to wait longer !

nathan on Sep 2, 2008



Mulanay on Sep 4, 2008


@ Steven: People aren't boycotting Watchmen, they are boycotting fox films, since fox is the reason for Watchmen's uncertain fate. Anyway, I'm just trying to see it from WB's point of view. Watchmen may never come out, and no other big films from them are coming next summer. So this decision is really to help keep the profits even for them next year. Other companies are gonna make a bundle next summer, and without Harry Potter, WB may not make enough to keep the numbers balanced. It's for their own sakes. That may not be a very good excuse, but it's the truth. Besides, I'm not all that psyched for this one anyhow. I know Kloves is coming back, but still yet . . . he must have been hiding under a rock the past few years he's been absent, because he didn;t even know Dumbledore was gay. He made a referrance to a past female love interest to Albus in the upcoming script that Jo Rowling had to amend. That's proof right there that this series isn't being handled by true fans of the story, rather just a bunch of money-hungry businessmen with no regard for the fans at all. So if you are really upset about delaying a half-assed adaptation a few months, fine, but for me, I don';t really care one way or the other. Yeah, I'll go see it, but if it's just as short and poorly done as the last three have been, it wouldnt have been worth the wait anyhow.

kain on Sep 4, 2008


WB and Alan Horn are a DISGRACE and have INSULTED us fans and Joanne herself, by moving HBP til next July. It seems to me that WB and Mr Horn DID NOT even care or give us fans a second thought when deciding to move HBP. If anything, us fans and JK should have been asked whether to move the film or not. WB and Mr Horn, have you heard of taking candy from a baby? Well, that is what this feels like to us die hards. Yo should have realized the outrage and uproar this was going to cause WORLDWIDE with us Harry fans. There is NO excuse or explanation you can give that will make this any better or fostent he blow you have cruely dealt us.

Jen on Sep 9, 2008


I would rather not protest on opening night, mainly because what good would that do? Yea, it shows we are pissed off, but hell. IT could ruin the rest of the harry potter movies. and who wants that? Id rather sulk and wait and HAPPILY watch it, than to protest and boycott opening night to where it could ruin our chances of the potters coming out 2010.

Celeste on Sep 11, 2008


YAY TWILIGHT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! good HP is postponed now Twilight comes out sooner =] =] =] =] I dont give a fuck about Harry Potter

Twilight on Sep 15, 2008


If all of you are devoted Harry Potter fans, you will wait untill the new release date... Silly people, getting upset about the delay Hahahahahaha! Patience is a virtue... Maybe the effects and outcome of the movie will be more than you will ever expect. Wait and see, just wait, it'll be worth it!

Warner Bros News on Oct 13, 2008


Being upset about the delay of the movie is not being silly, and worst is when we now that all they care is getting more money and they don't care about the people that made them rich, the fans. We are just angry because we have to wait 8 more months just because they want more money. WB Sucks!!!

Bren on Oct 13, 2008


well if they are going to do that then they need to put alot more that was in the book into the movie. It is really dumb to take half of the book out. it really ruins the moive as a whole. now that they have the time fix the damn movie becuae, from what i read about the movie so far half of the great parts of the book is left out. why the hell would you removed the Battle of Hogwarts and Dumbledore's funeral that is just dumb and it will indeed mess up the movie

brian on Oct 26, 2008


Wait, wait, seriously? I LOVE harry potter. And I DIDN'T think Order of the Phoenix sucked. And people are ANGRY because they're taking the TIME to get the movie RIGHT? You'd rather have a SUCKY film produced diarrhea-quick than something you'll watch more than once? Get your priorities straight, stupid fanchildren.

Auston on Feb 11, 2009

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