Warner Brothers Developing Marvin the Martian Movie

July 30, 2008

Marvin the Martian

What have we done to deserve this?! Warner Brothers is officially developing a Marvin the Martian movie as a family feature along the same lines as Racing Stripes or My Dog Skip. The film will be a blend of live action and CGI, similar to something like Alvin and the Chipmunks, I imagine. The story focuses on Marvin coming to Earth to destroy Christmas but he is stopped from doing so when he is trapped in a gift box. Unfortunately I don't think Bugs Bunny is going to have anything to do with this. Is it just me, or is this a little bit of a wacky decision for them? I don't even think I know anyone who loves Marvin the Martian? Do we really need an entire movie? Please tell me they know what they're doing!

Marvin was created by Chuck Jones and made his first appearance in a Looney Tunes cartoon in 1948. No other writer or director has been hired yet, although the studio is currently searching for suitable choices. Whenever I hear about projects like this, I think of Jim Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas, one of my all-time most hated movies. I can't stand how frickin' awful that movie was and although I know Marvin the Martian has absolutely nothing to do with the Grinch, it's just that similar family film feeling that gets under my skin. This movie could potentially go down that path, too, with the Christmas aspect already in place, so let's just hope they don't screw it up. Is anyone excited by this announcement?!

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I love Marvin the Martian, and I've always hated Bugs Bunny...I'd be happy about the news if the plot didn't suck ass. Keep with the same old "going to destroy the world" movie, and rip on War of the Worlds and Independence Day..maybe even the day after tomorrow. some shit like that, but don't make it a "I learned the true meaning of christmas, and am sorry." kind of BULLSHIT story.

Garrett.king on Jul 30, 2008


Baby Jesus Christ being nailed to a manger! They'd be better making a really good cartoon, but people wouldn't go to see it unless it's CGI and has some crap actors in it.

Crapola on Jul 30, 2008


on a side note. there's a TON of fucking people that LOVE Marvin, Alex. My mom has a huge collection of Marvin toys, and she got started on it from her friend..over 11 years ago. I'm sure there are many more out there 🙂 .

Garrett.king on Jul 30, 2008


I know you're probably right Garrett (or they wouldn't be making this), but I just like to ask anyway... And honestly, I don't feel like that many people I know are a fan, so maybe it's just my friends...

Alex Billington on Jul 30, 2008


I can't wait for this movie. Not only is Marvin the Martian my favorite Looney Toons character, but the plot actually sounds pretty interesting. Doubt he's coming to earth to destroy christmas. He'll probably land on earth to destroy our planet and it just happens to be on Christmas or Christmas eve (which I think works much better).

heath on Jul 30, 2008


Marvin was always my favorite. I agree totally with #1.

That one guy on Jul 30, 2008


I think Marvin the Martian may be one of the most popular Looney Tunes. Bugs, Tweety and Taz are probably more popular, but Marvin the Martian has always enjoyed that trendy spot on the occaisonal vintage t-shirt over the years. This movie would have been huge about 10 years ago when it seemed like everyone loved him, but just the other day I saw a dude on a motorcycle with a Marvin the Martian helmet (with the brush tassle on the top and everything) so this movie will still be appealing to a lot of people. And while we're all adults here, lets not forget Marvin the Martian wasn't designed for us. He's a cartoon character! He's for kids, so it would be in Warner's best interest to make this a kids movie along the lines of the Grinch. That's 3-5 tickets per trip vs. 1-2 cult fans per trip if parents don't find the movie suitable for kids. I think he's a good choice for a movie because he'd be easy to build a plot around, and if everything works out maybe Warner could make a franchise out of movies starring individual characters. A Taz movie would be pretty cool, but they would definitely have to be CGI. No one's going to see another version of Space Jam.

ImaginaryVisionary on Jul 30, 2008


allow me. ***AHEM*** They better make my movie good, or I'm going to get angry. Very angry indeed. and there better be a fucking earth shattering KABOOM!!! Nuff said. Bugs blows. Marvin is king. Now if they could make a Gossamer the Monster biopic, I would truly be in cartoon geek heaven.

Derek on Jul 30, 2008


i LOVE marvin the martian but i don't think this will be made for fans but rather for kids so i'll probably take the kids to see it but i won't have very high expectations for it and so then maybe i'l enjoy it.

thejugfather on Jul 30, 2008


Marvin The Martian as a family movie? Fuck that! Marvin's gonna shoot a bitch!

DCompose on Jul 30, 2008


i love the marvin the martian! i would love to see the movie, but PLEASE dont make it in to some type xmas feel good movie.....let him blow up the earth or another planet for once.

aileen on Jul 30, 2008


I saw a small Marvin the Martian tattoo on a cute girl's upper thigh before. I did not get to touch that tattoo. I hate Marvin the Martian.

kevjohn on Jul 30, 2008


I would be really excited about this if it was a Duck Dodgers movie.

Jesse on Jul 30, 2008


I love Marvin the Martian!! I even have a tattoo of him... granted it has a little more meaning than what people think but still I think it's awesome that they are going to make a movie. I just hope they stick to the true marvin the martian where he destroys the world... no happy endings or i'll have to smack a few people.

Carolyn on Jul 30, 2008


Marvin the Martian and Daffy Duck were my two favourite WB characters when I was growing up! 😀

Tabraz on Jul 30, 2008


"The story focuses on Marvin coming to Earth to destroy Christmas..." WTF kind of plot is that? This should be set in space, if anything. The brilliant cartoons will make this so-called movie look like shit.

avoidz on Jul 30, 2008


Cool. But when it says live-action CGI, is it supposed to be like SPACE JAM or BACK IN ACTION where it is still a cartoon or actual three-dimensional b/c THAT would suck. You can use real people but PLEASE keep the characters a cartoon. I would expect though some other looney characters to show up.

Ryan on Jul 30, 2008


Marvin the martian is the best charecter ever i got lots of figures tshirts jeans plush toys cards money box i could go on i cait wait to see it

random on Jul 31, 2008


A Marvin the Martian and Duck Dodgers movie I would go see. I am not interested in a Marvin learns the WB Studio's meaning of Christmas.

The alchemist on Jul 31, 2008


Marvin is awesome. I love the little dude, always have. Movie looks stupid, but just don't go dissing Marvin.

Marvin Fan on Aug 1, 2008


Marvin is the best ever. I mean he only ever had less than 10 cartoons made about him and look how popular he is compared to bugs and the others who have thousands! a movie that is done well would be great, and i cant wait to see it!!!

Joa on Aug 1, 2008


I'd go and watch a Marvin Martian movie but this story sounds like a joke. Please tell me this it not going to be the actual story.

Los on Aug 2, 2008


I'm totally down with a Marvin the Martian movie, but it should be a story about Marvin. Sci-fi parodies would be welcome, CGI/live-action hybrid is okay (I guess) but Duck Dodgers would be brilliant. Marvin the Martian has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas and that's the stupidest idea I have ever heard of. Maybe in a few generations we'll be getting these film adaptation ideas right.

panuru on Sep 26, 2008


Marvin the Martian is totally cool, and you know it. As for how you happen to hate one of Jim Carrey's Christmas movies,I don't think that should really play into effect, here. Two completely different scenarios make for two completely different movies. You never know, small off-shot productions like this have ways of surprising people int the end.

Maiku the Paladin on Jan 17, 2009


Hey, warner! Would it kill you to change the screenplay on that movie?!!! Like, who the heck wants to see a live action/CGI marvin's chrismas movie? It Stinks!!!!

susan stringham on Mar 22, 2009


Okay. For me, Live action SUCKS!!!!! I don't want live humans in this movie. Have warner get together with Pixar and see what they can comeup with in the way of humans for the cartoon world. And WTF?? Christmas????? For the 2/3's of the planet that do not celebrate Christmas, this plot line is STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's an alien, have the movie in outerspace with Marvin and Duck Dodgers having to fight together against Rigelian's or raiders from dog populated planets around the star Sirius. SOMETHING THAT MAKES SENSE!!!!!!!!!!! <>

Kvivik on May 21, 2009


Are you kidding?!? I freakin' LOVE Marvin the Martian!!! My sister and I are HUGE fans! We scour the malls and cyberspace for Marvin collectibles and what not! In fact, I got a few Marvin figurines on my computer desk as I type! So...yup, there are people who love the little guy, as evident by myself and a few individuals who left comments. I guess we're a little hard to find since Marvin himself is quite hard to find and, let's face it, he's kind of an obscure character due to only appearing in a handful of Loony Tunes shorts. Anyways, though the plot doesn't sound exciting, I will still see it, only because it's Marvin the Martian. I'm not expecting anything epic, as I'm quite sure this will be targeted to the kids, but it's freakin' Marvin so I'll freakin' be there 🙂 Take care!

Veronica on May 24, 2009


Ok... 1st. You'd be surprise how large of a fanbase Marvin the Martian has. 2nd. Don't be dissing a film that still has two years of development so its subject to change. 3rd. You act as though the fucking world will end once this film is released. 4th. The Grinch was awesome. 5th. Take some Ritalin and call in the morning.

Rene on Aug 15, 2009


Marvin Martian deserves to be in the spotlight for once. He's always been a side character that has a whole flock of fans just chomping at the bits to buy his merchandise. I've loved him since the first moment I saw him on saturday morning cartoons and even in the duck dodgers series. I even went to see that crappy space jam movie just to see him for those two - maybe three scenes he was in. As for it being a christmas movie... I wouldn't mind it so much. Marvin can pull off any role and lord knows there arn't a lot of villian movies out there. So this will definitally be on the top of my to-see movie list just for the two reasons of Marvin's in it and a villian is finally in the spotlight.

kinkachu on Sep 28, 2009


Ahem, I love Marvin the Martian! I'm going to get a picture of him tattooed on my ass.

Dr. Von Juicy on Nov 15, 2009


You would be surprised how many fans Marvin the Martian & his dog K9 have. My daughter who is 35 years old has a Marvin & K9 collection worth about $7,000 or more. And when looking for Marvin the Martian merchandise I found that people paid more for Marvin stuff than any other Looney Tunes character. Older Marvin items (licensed merchandise) are getting very hard to find. As popular as Marvin is, I am glad to see they are making a movie actually starring him. Something else to collect. And adults are some of his biggest fans.

Judy on Nov 21, 2009


I colect marvin the Martian itens and Toys since i was eleven! Marvin is a very interesting character, and became a cult one! i have more tan 100 itens of him and K9 and Marvin is very special to me because he inspired me to draw and i learned by myself doing cartoons of him! 'think i'm gonna like the movie but this story of wanting to destroy the world isn't so necessary for Marvin in these days! I think he is a very lovely caracter, and that's just a created story! there could be another contest for the movie, but allright still! a picture of this cute space being!

Paula Williams on Dec 9, 2009


I have MArvin Tatted on my right shoulder blade. You would not believe how many comments i get on it every day. Marvin rocks and I am so excited to see the movie.

Birdi Austin on Dec 10, 2009


i love marvin the martian he is very happy to be getting his own film please i don't want the film to be a live action film mixed with cgi just keep it as it is trying to blow up the world and i would mind a cgi film but don't mess it up who would be the voice of marvin the martian i prefer mike myers to voice him oh it is coming out christmas 2011 it will be a long wait oh yes i want it to be like independce day war of the worlds

Ciaran Bradley on Dec 22, 2009


Oh GOODY~ Makes me glad to know the lil' guy's finally getting his own movie, he's just about my favourite looney tunes character! I hope his voice doesn't get messed up, it'll have to be just perfect for me to not feel a little let down.

Em on Mar 29, 2010


If the plot dosent blow, then I will go see this. I love Marvin. I collect Marvin items and even have a Marvin Tattoo on my left arm. 🙂

Waffles on May 31, 2010


I always prefer Marvin the martian at Bugs Bunny.But a movie of christmas sounds me a little crap.A movie with him and Daffy fighting together will be very exciting and martian queen too

Julien on Nov 1, 2010



marvie on Dec 31, 2010


I PERSONALLY LOVE MARVIN THE MARTIAN!!!!!!!!!!! He is the best of all Looney tunes (besides Wile E Coyote) i would love to have a movie for him, they have not done enough with Marvin the Martian in my opinion, give Martians a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christy on Feb 17, 2011


My mother, brother, and I are extremely excited actually.

Nikki91dsakt on Apr 23, 2011


i want to see a modern more "adult" telling of marvin

Travis Earleeray Braxton on Oct 25, 2012

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