Warner Brother's President Updates Where the Wild Things Are Progress

July 12, 2008
Source: LA Times

Where the Wild Things Are

While the reshoot fiasco involving Where the Wild Things Are never reached the levels of insanity that Jon Favreau on Iron Man 2 did, it's still one of the most controversial issues still being discussed. The LA Times finally jumped on the whole debacle and started investigating themselves, eventually working their way up to Warner Brothers President Alan Horn, who provided a much needed update on the recent progress with the film. If you need a refresher regarding why reshoots were even necessary, you can read this article first and this one second. Horn explains that they've given Spike Jonze additional money and more time to work on the films in hope that he'll patch it up before they scrap the whole thing entirely.

For the first time ever, it sounds like someone at Warner Brothers understands what's going on. And as far as I can tell, unless this is some PR bullsh*t, they're not trying to turn it into something that it isn't, they're instead trying to improve upon it and make it better. Here is what Horn told the LA Times:

"We've given him more money and, even more importantly, more time for him to work on the film," Horn said. "We'd like to find a common ground that represents Spike's vision but still offers a film that really delivers for a broad-based audience. We obviously still have a challenge on our hands. But I wouldn't call it a problem, simply a challenge. No one wants to turn this into a bland, sanitized studio movie. This is a very special piece of material and we're just trying to get it right."

Horn also explained that they sometimes do take risks with creative filmmakers like Jonze and they're hoping this one still turns out the way they wanted it to. "But we remain confident that Spike is going to figure things out and at the end of the day we'll have an artistically compelling movie." At this point I don't have much to say, because I haven't seen any of the film and can't comment on whether this is moving in the right direction or not. However, I've heard that Jonze is doing the reshoots himself. With this update from Horn, it sounds like they're not taking the project out of his hands (as was originally speculated), instead, they're giving Jonze more time and money to go back a second time to improve the film. I'm a bit more confident now and hopefully this means we truly will see the version Jonze intended.

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I don't remember a whole lot about the original story, but I do know it's a classic and that the cover always interested me. I think I had it read to me in elementary school, some 14 years ago or so. I hope this turns out great. Kinda always wondered what it would be like as a film.

Garrett.king on Jul 12, 2008


You quote Horn as saying "We've given him (Jonze) more money and...time to work on the film." You then follow that in your own words with, "it sounds like... they're giving Jonze more time and money to go back a second time to improve the film." You think? Wow, what riveting commentary. Does switching the order of the nouns constitute an original thought? If you're going to attempt to analyze the situation, at least take the time to offer actual analysis.

Jeff on Jul 12, 2008


Why the fuck do so many people come to these blogs and trash the writing, or whoever wrote it? Does it actually matter to you, Jeff? Does it drive you mad to see all of this imperfection surrounding you? If you hate the site so fucking much, why do you waste time to not only come here, but to comment on practically every story? I bet you have a box of tissues next to your keyboard so you can clean up after you post. End your obsession and go get some friends.

Squiggly_P on Jul 12, 2008


To Squiggly _P: Actually, I've never commented here before, although I've read many of posts over the last few weeks. In fact, I think is a fine sight and I enjoy it very much. But I see nothing wrong in challenging a blogger to do better. Neither individual holds superiority over the other. I've done radio for over 21 years, having hosted a daily morning show heard by hundreds of thousands of people in over 50+ markets. Trust me, I get criticism every day. It's impossible to satisfy everyone. That doesn't make the criticism somehow wrong. Occasionally, I've actually chosen to grow and learn from it. In the writing field, unlike live radio, we're afforded the opportunity to write, re-write and write some more before hitting the "publish" button (what I wouldn't give for a similar button in my profession). If a blogger decides to offer analysis of a quote by simply repeating the words in a different order, he or she has wasted my time. I arrived because I was intrigued, at least initially, at what the blogger had to say. Instead, I left disappointed, feeling as if more effort could have been put into the process. I chose simply to make my feelings known. My question to you then would be, "How does a complete stranger's participation in, and opinion of, a single blog post inspire you to write such and angry and foul response?"

Jeff on Jul 12, 2008


Well said, Jeff...Squiggly_P:?

Conrad on Jul 13, 2008


Someone's got to write a book on what people's blog postings and Flame-posts in particular REVEAL about a person's psychology. It seems to me anyone who'd take the time to post invective, impulsive knee-jerk reactions against a person they truly do not know, is more often than not guilty of the exact traits they're taking the time to point out in another "virtual person". Thanks for your response, Jeff. Glad to see there are some adults on this site, who can maintain a degree of civility & eloquence on the net. I will say I think it's obvious that Squiggly P had you confused with another Jeff, who posts on here regularly. So about this movie ...

Django on Jul 13, 2008


Alex, question for you.. "While the reshoot fiasco involving Where the Wild Things Are never reached the levels of insanity that Jon Favreau on Iron Man 2 did, it's still one of the most controversial ....." What's the deal with Iron Man 2?? Did I miss something in the news?? Or do you just mean the ordeal with him directing it? Just looking for clarity... Thanks!

Daniel on Jul 13, 2008


There is another Jeff who posts here often who simply attacks the author constantly. If it isn't you, then I apologize for flying off the handle. Critiques are fine (even tho the one in your original post has at the least some smoke and spark to it, if it's not an outright flame), but seeing a petty, argumentative 'Jeff' post on just about every article got my back up. There seems to be an army of people who contribute nothing but negativity to society. I just know what running a website feels like, and I've run and shut down a couple of sites due to the overwhelming negativity. Running something like this is a largely thankless task. You do it because you enjoy it, but it's often made extremely difficult by people who seek to actively destroy your creation for no reason whatsoever. I don't know how much this site makes, and perhaps Alex can dry his tears with $100's, but I know doing it for free - or PAYING for the experience - is not fun.

Squiggly_P on Jul 13, 2008


That was, unfortunately, not a criticism of "Radio Jeff", but of your invective against him, Squiggly. Whether it's that Jeff or another Jeff, you don't really know the guy- do you? I'm just saying why post negativity, even to 'combat' negativity? There are certain situations in life in which one must assert themselves, but the flaming I was referring to was actually yours. Jeff wasn't so much flaming, as challenging the reviewer. In either case - I don't know either of you personally. But in my experience getting riled up over something I've read on the net almost always proves to be wasted energy. And I've found Posting a knee jerk reaction is always more regrettable than worth the time. Just a note, to keep us all aware of our own behavior. As "Radio Jeff" noted- this site, overall, displays a rather civil Posting platform, not to mention pleasant to read user interface. So .... how 'bout this movie, eh! All I can really say is that this one single image they keep showing has me DUALLY psyched to see what Spike Jones is UP to, with this project! CAN'T WAIT. Dude's a visionary. Glad to see the Studio publicly recognizes that, FINALLY!

Django on Jul 13, 2008


You're completely correct, I was probably way out of line in the first place. You know, when I first heard about the movie being made, even if it was Spike Jonze making it, I didn't really have much hope for it, but when I heard it was a much darker, adult-oriented sort of film I got interested in it. I hope the film is something that Jonze can be proud of in the end, and that the studio doesn't pull a Blade Runner on him or anything. I've always considered Warner to be one of the few large studios who seem to respect the film maker and to take risks with some pretty outside-the-box sort of projects, so it would be a shame if they got cold feet on this, as it sounds like it could turn out to be a really interesting flick.

Squiggly_P on Jul 13, 2008


🙁 this is one of my favorite books still even after reading The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, The 7 Harry Potters & everything related to The Lord of the Rings this book, as short & sweet as it is, is an absolute classic like chicken soup when you've got a cold or something I didn't hear anything about it until maybe 3 days ago though for some reason heck, I just found out about this site tonight (I love it, btw, thanx fs) I have read this book a ton of times it's a dark book, MONSTERS "HELLO!" they're supposed to be weird & slightly scary at first that's the whole point of the story is realizing that things & people can change for the better to become peaceful & even playful It seems like Warner doesn't notice that true a flash in the pan movie can make some quick cash by being annoyingly kid friendly almost nothing as annoying as seeing a kid ask for an expensive toy to a movie that they'll be bored with in 3 months or they could make a classic like the classic book it is deserves the first Willy Wonka could've been a flash in the pan like the second one but the difference is the friendly nature of a classic even though for this movie they should lean towards a Tim Burton-esque look & feel

Scott2099 on Sep 16, 2008


Hey Mick - You've come a long way from that coin flip on Oxford high street. So very very proud of you pal... all the best. The Glasgow One

The Glasgow One on Oct 9, 2008


Here's my email in case you ever read this... info @

The Glasgow One on Oct 9, 2008


Its so obvious that theres no need for cynicism. This film is being butchered by the Studio! this Studio Head guy who says he's not even seen what the Director's done is stating that they told him to reshoot the film or else "in hope that he'll patch it up before they scrap the whole thing entirely" Every Thing this Writer quoted is almost straight up Text Book Dooms Day Scenario for a directors film. Saying that they gave him more money is not any indication of anything beside the fact that Yes you have to pay money if you have to go back and re shoot the film, unless he demanded everyone work for free when they thought the job was over. I know these people in charge are Idiots and its a shame that they even attempt to let a real director make a film(this is what happens when they do) Embarrassment!!!

Jumpin on Dec 8, 2008

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