Watchmen at Risk of Being Delayed Until June?!

September 1, 2008
Source: New York Times


We're doing our best to keep up-to-date in the on-going legal battle that Watchmen is in. Although I'm sure Warner Brothers wants us to steer clear of covering this until they reach a resolution, we can't help mentioning pressing news like this. The latest update comes from the New York Times, where they don't have any new details to add, except this worrisome bit about the trial date. "The report also outlined conflicting requests for a trial date: as early as next June, if Fox has its way, or April, if Warner prevails." And if this all turns out to be true, we may not see Watchmen until the summer next year, if at all! With a delay looming over head, I think fans are getting tired rooting for one side in this case.

The other statement that leaves me concerned is this one: "Fox has said it will seek an injunction blocking Warner's planned release of the film next March." For those who have been arguing for the side of Fox, just know that they're trying to stop the release entirely. We're hoping Warner Brothers wins, even though if they do, it might not be until June of next year. I'm not sure about the legalities of distribution, but I'm wondering whether they can just distribute it in March before they even go to trial or whether they have to wait to reach a resolution first. I just hope this isn't some spin on the story that's gone out of control. With the Harry Potter delay, I don't think fans want to see anything like this happen. Do you?

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I don't think that Fox would actually try to stop the movie from playing. It's all about money, who has the most and who can steal from the pot. Delay is hugely possible but I really doubt that it won't get released.

The Better Bard on Sep 1, 2008


Fu** Fox (the director: tom rothman) it's because of them that you(american) have just 90min's Babylon A.D. instead of having 15 min more(like in europe) ! And Warner can't remove Watchmen, because they have just remove HP6 for summer 2009. I hope so... I want to see it in march!!!

Florian on Sep 1, 2008


I don't think that Fox would actually try to stop the movie from playing. It's all about money, who has the most and who can steal from the pot. Delay is hugely possible but I really doubt that it won't get released. The Better Bard on Sep 1, 2008 Exactly, Fox know that Watchman is going to take a crap load of money, so if they can block the release entirely so they can make and release one, they wont hesitate. Its not about the movie to them, its about the dollar.

Stuart Mellor on Sep 1, 2008


The fact that Fox continuously tried to contact Warner before, during and after Watchmen was made to settle the legal issues but was unanswered until they went to court squarely lays the blame for this mess on Warner's shoulders and their legal department.

Film-Book dot Com on Sep 1, 2008


"I don't think that Fox would actually try to stop the movie from playing." Excuse me, they continuosly (sp?) have said they want to STOP THE MOVIE. Their attitude has always been "our way or the highway". Fox must fail.

Juan Carlo on Sep 1, 2008


Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fucking Fox and their fucking shit! I'm so pissed right now...If they delay this one... : (((

m4st4 on Sep 1, 2008


I Want my Warner made Watchmen.

m4st4 on Sep 1, 2008

8 much drama. As with others here, I don't think Fox would ever act the jerk enough to rob this film of a release. My real concern is with the quality of the finished product, because if Fox have any say in the finished cut, that's when the shit could truly hit the fan...and the fans.

sleepykid on Sep 1, 2008



Chris on Sep 1, 2008



Chris on Sep 1, 2008


"I shall cut the Watchmen movie in half so that both studios can claim ownership" WB: "No, don't....let Fox have it." FOX: "Fuck, yeah! Cut that mother in half."

Nthngmn on Sep 1, 2008


hahaha at #11

Chris on Sep 1, 2008


Crud, I didn't know someone else used the username "Chris" (although I shoulda figured as much). If Fox cancels this film, that would suck so hard because WB is at least getting this film made whereas Fox has sat on the film rights for YEARS. The trailer is really captivating and it not being released would be criminal.

Chris C. on Sep 1, 2008


if it is delayed than it should at least have a pattern in the date like 6•3•09

Cheater on Sep 1, 2008


This is bullshit. Fox can fuck itself for ruining so many good movies with their bad advertising and crappy management. Blegh.

Reza on Sep 1, 2008


I doubt Fox won't release it.

Ryan on Sep 1, 2008


If Fox cuts a single frame from the WB cut, then by golly...

Ajax on Sep 1, 2008


No, I don't.

Keith on Sep 1, 2008


What is with all the swearing? You're not sounding edgy or passionate when you just post the F bomb over and over, you just sound like a mongoloid. Of course Fox is saying it is going to be blocked, because they want to strengthen their position and back Fox into as much of a corner as possible. They make no money by not getting this film made, in fact, they lose money. They're positioning themselves to get paid and paid big. That's all. P.S. Someone in an authoritative position please block all the swearing. It's just unnecessary.

Ryan on Sep 2, 2008


I really hope they make it! The trailer was so cool that I went out and got the book and I am really enjoying it inspite of the fact that I have never read a graphic novel, or comic book for that matter, other than Garfield and Bloom County. I really really really hope they make it, Harry Potter getting pushed back was bad enough.

blueM on Sep 5, 2008

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