Watchmen Mania: New Photos, Comic Comparisons, and More!

July 18, 2008
Source: Entertainment Weekly, Rope of Silicon

Watchmen Mania: New Photos, Comic Comparisons, and More!

Warner Brothers has very successfully started the buzz on Zack Snyder's Watchmen with the debut of the incredible first trailer this weekend. Since that trailer hit yesterday afternoon, most of the internet has instantly become enthralled by all things Watchmen. So to top off that trailer, a plethora of exciting new goodies has arrived today. First up, Entertainment Weekly's upcoming issue features the Watchmen on the cover (in their classic pose) and we've posted a few of the photos that can be found inside. Additionally, our friends at Rope of Silicon have put together an awesome comic comparison piece. And lastly, MTV chats with Zack Snyder about the trailer and the latest progress on finishing the film for March.

”In my movie, Superman doesn't care about humanity, Batman can't get it up, and the bad guy wants world peace,” Zack Snyder tells EW. ”Will Watchmen be the end of superhero movies? Probably not. But it sure will kick them in the gut.” The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly hits newsstands this weekend and features a full Comic-Con preview (also see this). The best of all is that Zack Snyder gets his own exclusive in-depth article with new photos (see below) and even a cover shot. I've included the cover at the bottom of this article for your viewing pleasure, so check that out as well as the photos from the article. And if you care to read more, you can read the entire article online right here.

Watchmen in Entertainment Weekly

Watchmen in Entertainment Weekly

Watchmen in Entertainment Weekly

Watchmen in Entertainment Weekly

Watchmen in Entertainment Weekly

After the debut of the trailer yesterday, Rope of Silicon put together an incredible feature article comparing frames of the trailer directly with frames of the comic book. They've done a great job of putting this together stylistically and it looks fantastic. I've put a few examples below, but you can see a total of 10 comparisons over on their site. This definitely shows us that Zack is going for a visual style that mimics the comic yet again, but changes the colors and the tone. And I've got to say, I love the new colors and tone that we saw in the trailer - it all looked so stunning! This is going to be such a perfect adaptation of Watchmen that I'm already starting to wonder if anything else will live up to it after it comes out?

Watchmen Comic Comparison

Watchmen Comic Comparison

Watchmen Comic Comparison

Over at MTV they have a quick interview snippet from Zack Snyder who explains that they had to change a gun in one scene to a walkie-talkie due to MPAA demands. Apparently the MPAA wouldn't allow them to point a gun at the screen, even for a half of a second, so they had to CGI a walkie-talkie in instead. If you're looking for more updates from Zack Snyder, just hold out. He'll be presenting an hour long panel at Comic-Con on Friday morning. I'm expecting that there will be quite a bit shown there, including some scenes or an extended trailer. Be prepared, for Watchmen has finally arrived!

Watchmen is directed by Zack Snyder (of Dawn of the Dead and 300) and written by David Hayter (The Scorpion King, X-Men, X-Men 2) and Alex Tse. The movie arrives in theaters everywhere on March 6th, 2009. Stay tuned for even more Watchmen coverage, photos, and more exclusives right here at!

Watchmen Entertainment Weekly Cover

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I believe this is a movie where there will be people that will not want to watch it and people who do. People who dont want to watch this will most likely be people that do not know the story, and people who do want to watch this are most likely people who do know the story. I do not know the story and do not want to watch it. But for those people who know the story, you must be psyched.

sebastian on Jul 18, 2008


this looks to be pretty epic....and with the score DC is going to make on TDK, the Watchmen makes for a nice one-two punch (albeit a slow one considering the March debut). DC needs to line up another solid project to really give Marvel a run for the money. But from the looks of things, they might just have the chops to do so.

Kevin Powers on Jul 18, 2008


to be honest, i think this is speed racer 2. the movie would be great but the audience might not turn up.

Darrin on Jul 18, 2008


Yeah guys, it's Speed Racer 2...

DCompose on Jul 18, 2008


The trailer was a little flashy for my tastes, trying a little to hard to be young and hip while at the same time trying to appeal to fans of the book. And you can't have it both ways. 🙂 Unless you're Cristopher Nolan. Heh. 🙂 Oh, and Nite Owl is supposed to be overweight! :)))) What's Patrick Wilson doing looking so hot and buff in that costume? Look at those thighs. Those are not the thighs of a middle aged overweight retired vigilante. 🙂

Diana on Jul 18, 2008


Oh my... DCompose, that's the most ridiculous thing anyone has EVER said. Not only did Zack shoot a LOT of this practically with some green screen, but this is not even close to as stylized and glossy and colorful as Speed Racer! That's just a very sour generalization because you can't handle good looking films!

Alex Billington on Jul 18, 2008


I remember what they were saying about the colour palettes. That shot there in the bar, brilliant.

James on Jul 18, 2008


alex, remember there are people out there not just like you.

sebastian on Jul 18, 2008


until hearing about the movie here on FS, I had never heard of the Watchmen...the trailer is definately the hook for me...I will see it based on that alone...looks like it will be, at the very least, a fun time at the theater...

moldybread on Jul 18, 2008


Dr. Manhattan looks like Kevin Spacey, I also don't know anything about the Watchmen but the trailer looks nice!

Hector N on Jul 18, 2008


I'm really excited for this, and yeah, sebastian, you're right, if you don't know the story then you're probably not excited for this, that's why they gotta get the story out there to get people who don't know the story psyched for it. Watchmen is a truly amazing story, comparable to The Dark Knight, and if done right could be better than The Dark Knight, and it'd be a real shame if this movie didn't get the audience-size it deserves.

Kail on Jul 18, 2008


let's watch if the watchmen end up being watched... watching for the sound off, would be quite a wait to watch though

miracle disease on Jul 18, 2008


@#4&5: Comics are a global thing and Watchmen a very widely acknowledged totem of the genre's excellence. I imagine the majority interested in the medium will be intrigued as to how this film works out. Somewhat unlike Speed Racer, don'tcha think?

sleepykid on Jul 18, 2008


I'm in. And I don't know the story. The trailer sold me, and Zack Snyder's last adaptation sold me. He's a good director, I have faith that this will be good for fans both new and old.

Fisherman on Jul 18, 2008


Here is a good comparison of why the Watchmen trailer worked; The Spirit trailer. Neither told you what the movie the movie was exacly about, both sort of showed everyone major characters and gave a taste of what the films look like. My best friends soon to be wife knows nothing of comic books and was blown away by the Watchmen, but left cold by The Spirit. Non-comic fans are going to get hooked by the Watchmen trailer. When I saw Dark Knight the Watchmen trailer was first and it really made the other trailers look flat in comparison.

Goudos on Jul 19, 2008


What I keep on reading about Watchmen is that it comes from the most renowned graphic novel. So what. If it came from the best selling second hand garage store two dollar bucket sale i'd still say "So what". For those to don't read graphic novels, or are that familiar with them it doesn't sell the film. The only way i'd know what it was is to read up on the Watchmen and read the Novel to find out what the big deal is. But to advertise and hear people talk about a film that only sells interest to those who know about it doesn't help much. It looks cool, effort and money has been put into it and its got some great people developing it so i'm curious about it. But thats because I like movies, not because I like to blindly follow the hype

Darren on Jul 19, 2008


This looks like a wonderful success so far, but it will hinge on two items: - stick to the source material; you're a fool if you think you can improve on Alan Moore. - allow the movie to be as long and as complex it needs to be The days of mandatory 120 page scripts are long gone; LOTR showed the studios that we can sit in the seats longer if the story is there. With DK timing in at about 2:30 or so, this will reinforce that even more.

William Mize on Jul 19, 2008


To date Watchmen is the only Graphic Novel to recieve a Hugo Award and is also the only graphic novel to appear on Time Magazine's 2005 list of "the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to the present. I highly recommend those who have not touched Watchmen because of the mere fact that it looks like a silly comic book to crack it open and read it. Sometimes I think this story has more in common with likes of 'Atlas Shrugged' and 'Fahrenheit 451' than 'Batman', 'X-men', or 'Superman'.

Psybil on Jul 20, 2008


i am going to see this. when i first read about it here i felt it was way lame. the trailer before batman sold me completely. from a concept art stand point i cannot wait to see images about that alien pantheon object at the end. i have no idea what is its i am googling it now

Jont on Jul 20, 2008


I'm sorry so many of you are "not impressed" by the Watchmen hype. It's not hype. This thing came out in 1986 and it's still a top seller. Why? Because Alan Moore is one of the best writers of his generation and the story is both incredible and incredibly badass. If the Watchmen movie conveys a third of the book, it will sell incredibly well. Those who feel that they must disdain something they haven't read, just because they don't like the implied "bandwagon," will feel different ten minutes into reading it. Or, if stubbornness persists, they will miss out on one of the truly great pieces of pop culture. If you like comic book, or superhero films, if you like Sci-Fi like the revamped Battlestar Gallactica or LOST (which is admittedly greatly inspired by Watchmen), if you like smart thrillers or epics... you will become an advocate of this book and hopefully if Zack pulls it off, this film.

Stuff Daddy on Jul 23, 2008


One thing we haven't seen yet is how the soundtrack will play in. With all of those flashback scenes to the 40's & 50's, I certainly hope Zack Snyder isn't going to use Smashing Pumpkins to cover all that ground. And once the 60's hit, there's plenty to choose from, or at least to emulate, for instrumental soundtrack material. Then the 70's & 80's are a different animal altogether. I sure hope he figures out how to get some Velvet Underground in there, or at least something that sounds like it... I am less pleased with Dr. Manhattan's LOOK than I am with Billy Crudup's PORTRAYAL of him. Crudup's an excellent actor, and his performance really looks to be what will carry the film's mythic weight, if they manage to weave his full story alongside Rorschach's, the way they did in the book. **Am I the only one who sees a resemblance to Silk Spectre's outfit and the horrible "Nuclear Man" character from Superman: the Quest for Peace?

Django on Jul 24, 2008


Incredibly enough, had never heard of the Watchmen Graphic novel but after watching the trailer I was really curious and a little excited, but also a bit confused...I knew this was something very different from other "superhero" movies just from seeing the seemed to make no sense!? So I went out and bought the it in two sittings and was blown away....then I re-watched the trailer and was totally split into atoms.....I CANT WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!!!! But I hope that it isn't just like one long MTV video...the comic is reflective and film noir at times so I hope it goes slow enough....yes, it doesn't seem to capture the feeling of retired middle aged hero's which starts out the novel....this twist is what makes it quite unique, and makes you want to read more just to find out what the hell is going on...

Stefan Pokorny on Oct 4, 2008


muito, muito foda!!! no more works...

Eder on Feb 15, 2009

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