Watchmen Video Journal: Blue Monday - Dr. Manhattan

October 6, 2008

Watchmen Video Journal: Blue Monday - Dr. Manhattan

It's that time of the month and that means we've got the latest Watchmen video journal to share with all of you. SciFi presents the 7th of 12 behind-the-scenes video journals chronicling the development of the film. Today's video journal focuses on the one true superhero from the Watchmen universe - the blue man known as Dr. Manhattan. It's obviously a monumental task integrating a giant glowing translucent blue man into nearly ever last scene, but Zack Snyder and crew knew it was an integral part of pulling off a literal adaptation of the graphic novel. Billy Crudup stars as Jon Osterman / Dr. Manhattan and gives us an intimate look at the process of making the CGI superhero come to life on the big screen.

Watch the seventh Watchmen video journal - Blue Monday:

SciFi Watchmen Video Journal

Each new video is release on the 6th of every month, so check back again on November 6th for the next Watchmen video journal in the series. Last month: Watchmen Video Journal: The Look of Watchmen.

Watchmen is directed by Zack Snyder (of Dawn of the Dead and 300) and written by David Hayter (The Scorpion King, X-Men, X-Men 2) and Alex Tse. The movie arrives in theaters everywhere on March 6th, 2009. Stay tuned for even more Watchmen coverage, photos, and more exclusives right here at!

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im not gay but i cant wait to see his big blue penis.

Hugo on Oct 6, 2008


I was waiting all morning for this and it definitely didn't dissapoint

Jaf on Oct 6, 2008


great can't wait.

darrin on Oct 6, 2008


I was on the floor after reading #1's post... This movie is going to insane, i can not wait to see this movie.. It will kick major TDK ass for sure.

Big R on Oct 6, 2008


A LITTLE CURIOSITY. Will it gross more money than the dark night? Will it be better than the dark night? Who else is tired of the dark night?

Shelby on Oct 6, 2008


Shelby... My best answers for your questions. No it won't gross more than TDK - that's no question. This is an R rated film. The most it could do is beat Matrix Reloaded for highest earning R rated film, but even that will be very hard... That is a tough question. I'm not sure... TDK, in my opinion, is one of the best movies ever so it'll be hard to beat that. But let's just say - from what I've seen, I think it has a very good chance it could be as good. And most films don't even have a chance... but Watchmen definitely does. Lastly, tired of TDK? Maybe until it comes out on Blu-Ray... How could you be tired of one of the best movies of all-time? I don't know... Anyway, those are my answers.

Alex Billington on Oct 6, 2008


Don't care if makes more money than Dark Knight, just want to see it.

Crapola on Oct 6, 2008


I'm getting more and more excited. Did I miss anymore news on it's legal status?

Will S. (Co Springs) on Oct 6, 2008


first of all, because of the r rating, which it will have due to the nude dr. manhattan and the nite owl/silk spectre sex scene, and also the march release, watchmen won't even be close to the matrix, let alone 300's 210M. i talked to all my firends about it, trying to get them to watch it, but they all found the trailer confusing and insist that its just another comic book and not one of the greatest graphic novles of all time if not the greatest. this means that the only ppl that are gonna see this come opening weekeend are cult fans and a few others. idc how great it is, it ain't gonna get within 300M of TDK, but im still excited as hell

LeeMan on Oct 6, 2008


i agree with LeeMan. ive shown the trailers to my buddies who are big film watchers and they really cant grasp what this movie is, let alone what the story is. i think the biggest group of people who will see it (as mentioned above) is the people who have read the novel. other than that, i can only imagine the general public going to see it as some new, innovative action flick and not head into the film with a knowledge of what watchmen is TRULY about, and i think that it will leave those people who havent read the novel a bit disappointed possibly. because Watchmen is no where close to the average super hero flick like TDK or Spiderman or Superman. its almost in a whole class unto itself. regardless, i cant wait for this movie. its gonna kick ass.

cameron on Oct 6, 2008


i do agree Watchmen is going to be HUGE when it will be release at some point in next year… but i totally disagree Watchmen can overtake TDK on box-office success…why??? bcoz batman has a huge fan base worldwide rather than Watchmen, considering it has been created since late 1930's…?? Watchmen only being much known in the States and some countries in Europe…not enough to push TDK to the bottom of its feet…?? whatever it is TDK and Watchmen are masterpiece at their very own class…you cant compare both of it…its not fair…its too different…but both of the movies are hard act to follow/beat…?Watchmen has nothing to compare with TDK…bcoz both of it are from different act…respect both films for its achievement, superiority and originality…?? Batman is not Watchmen…and vise versa…? so please stop mentioning Batman is better than Watchmen or Watchmen is better that Batman... you gotta love both of it for what it is... anyway…All Hail WB for keep producing great movies!!! keep it up WB!!!

safichan on Oct 7, 2008


Hugo is a flamer

Josh on Oct 7, 2008


It won't make TDK money, but it's going to be a classic (like the Warner Bros Studios need some....HA!!!). God bless Zack (I'm buying him a six-pack of beer, if I meet him!!!) and the crew for making the film.

Roy on Oct 7, 2008


The thing i'm most psyched about is that from what I've seen to this day, they seem to mimic the look and feel of the comic very nicely. Here's to hope that they truly can catch that special Watchmen feeling and bring to the screen.

Drama on Oct 7, 2008


Yes Josh, Hugo IS a flamer, and while I am here.... SCREW YOU ALEX BILLINGTON!!!

Alec Baldwin on Oct 8, 2008


Eerie blue guy. Hot chick in tight clothes. Highly artistic cinematography. Count me in!

Borrego on Oct 16, 2008

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