Where Could The Dark Knight Go Next - Contest Winners!

July 29, 2008

Where Could The Dark Knight Go Next - Contest Winners!

Last weekend after The Dark Knight hit theaters worldwide, we decided to host a contest to see who could write the best story for a third film in Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. The challenge was to write a story that would top everything that took place in The Dark Knight. We received over 200+ entries in a few days and have finally chosen the winner of an awesome Dark Knight prize pack. All story submissions were required to be around 500 words and were judged by our resident comic guru and Batman fan Roman Chavez and contributing writer Andy Adair. Not only can you find the winner's story published below, but we've included four runner-up stories as well, just because they were all so damn good. Read on to check out a few of the stories and be sure to comment with your own thoughts on our winners.

First off, thank you to all of the entrants who submitted a story. It was a challenge reading through all of these in the midst of Comic-Con, but we enjoyed hearing some great ideas. Obviously choosing the winner was an arduous task. Many of the stories were quite similar, so it was hard at times to differentiate one from another. As we began to weed through entries, we also began to look at writing style and structure in addition to just the story. We really feel that these winners listed below are the best of the best and while a few of you may be upset, keep in mind that this was our own choice! We chose winners that would fit in Christopher Nolan's universe and made sense above all. With that in mind, we present to you our Where Could The Dark Knight Go Next? winners and four runner-ups (in no particular order)!

Grand Prize: Nicholas M.

Following the events of The Dark Knight, Gotham City still bears the crimson scars of the Joker's twisted rampage. Damaged infrastructures need to be rebuilt, civic pride is at an all-time low, and citizens are now scared to walk even the busiest streets, for fear of the wanted vigilante known… as the Batman. The average citizen believes their former symbol of justice is now wanted for the deaths of five people, including police officers. Led by the tenacious Commissioner James Gordon, the police have orders to arrest the Caped Crusader on-sight for his crimes. Batman's difficult mission has now become an impossible catch-22, for how does a man protect those who fear him?

Bruce Wayne is a drained man. Barely struggling to hide the results of his nightly war on those who would strike fear into the innocent, the billionaire decides to focus more of his attention on his family's company. And it has been garnering the eyes of the business world, as company inventor and board member Lucius Fox has just completed the prototype for an encryption device capable of repelling any electronic security threat known to man. His timing couldn't be more perfect, as the traveling exhibit for the Rand Diamond has just made its way to Gotham City - and it has been chosen to be the encryption device's first public test.

Meanwhile, after the death of their chieftains, the families and gangs of Gotham City are hammered to near-submission. In spite of his sudden and unexpected passing, the landmark prosecution brought by former District Attorney Harvey Dent has resulted in half the city's known mafiosos taking an extended vacation to the slammer. Even the mob's rogue officers inside the Gotham Police Department have run for cover. With organized crime structurally in shambles and paralyzed by fear, it's only a matter of time before a new heir ascends to the throne, atop the pile of their defeated colleagues in crime. That time is now…

Though the Joker safely resides in the maximum-security ward of Arkham Asylum, the chaos he brought will not soon be forgotten. However, a puzzling new threat observes the proceedings from a distance, methodically planning his criminal debut to the world. Motivated by obtaining the Rand Diamond and displaying his sinister intelligence to the city, a man enveloped in questions stands ready to strike. Wayne Enterprises attorney Coleman Reese nearly revealed to all that billionaire Bruce Wayne is in fact Batman. However, that isn't the only question the devious Mr. Reese ("mysteries") is prepared to pose to the public:

"What is black and once loved by all, should be prepared to meet his fall?
He who had crime on the run, has now become public enemy number one.
True, he put the clown back in his box, but how will he fare with paradox?
His secret is mine - he cannot free…his mind from unceasing duality.
The Bat should fly into the sky, where me he meets, prepared to die!"

Enter the Riddler!

Runner-Up: John P.

With Batman on the run, Sal Maroni and his men no longer live in fear of the Dark Knight. Gotham is more dangerous than ever and Bruce Wayne is torn between being himself and taking control as the hero that Gotham deserves. When Lucius Fox discovers that a Wayne business executive known as Roman Sionis (a childhood acquaintance of Bruce Wayne) is involved in less than admirable activities, Bruce fires him and tells him to never step foot in Wayne Enterprises again. Eventually, Roman loses everything (including his girlfriend) and is forced to move in with his parents at the city limits. He blames Bruce Wayne for this and becomes obsessed with him, constantly thinking up ways to sabotage Bruce Wayne. His parents notice the change in him and become worried. They tell him that they won't support him any longer unless he stops obsessing about Bruce and straightens his life out. One night, as he is frantically writing notes trying to find a way to get his revenge on Bruce Wayne, he knocks a candle over and his desk goes up in flames. Rather than putting the fire out, he stares into it menacingly and leaves the home burning with his parents inside. As the house burns to the ground, Roman carves a mask out of the burnt wooden remains and transforms into Black Mask.

Eventually, Black Mask kills Sal Maroni and takes over as the lord of the Gotham underworld, forcing Sal's men to wear masks at all times. He begins referring to this group of criminals as the False Face Society. Eventually, Black Mask decides that it's time to get his revenge on Bruce Wayne. He begins kidnapping employees of Wayne Enterprises and their bodies turn up around the city with masks on their faces. Black Mask also abducts his ex-fiance, and disfigures her horribly so that they could be reunited. She eventually kills herself and Roman replaces her with a mannequin that he talks to as if she were Circe.

Commissioner Gordon can't stand the new Gotham and holds a press conference to speak with the citizens. He explains to them that they were all responsible for casting out the Batman, but it's now that they need him more than ever. Bruce is reluctant to put on his suit. It isn't until Black Mask and the False Face Society break into Bruce's newly build mansion in the middle of the night and kidnap Alfred, that Bruce realizes what he needs to do. He needs to save his city from this menacing evil, he needs to do what's right for Gotham, and for Alfred. Gotham needs Batman.

While fighting Black Mask, someone else enters the chaos, and Batman is knocked unconscious. When he comes to, he is being dragged through an alley to safety. The young man explains that Black Mask killed his family. Batman thanks him for saving his life. The young man explains that he was just following Batman's lead, Gotham needs heroes they can trust. As he leaves, Batman calls out to him and asks for his name. The young man turns to him and says, "Just call me Robin." He turns and catapults himself into the air, soaring away into the Gotham night. A caped crusader.

Runner-Up: Sarah A.

Gotham is a new place. Slowly, even the most vicious drug runners and murderers have fallen under the terror of a new breed of villain, those that wear masks, haphazard makeup, and give themselves only enigmatic names like Scarecrow, The Joker… and Batman.

With the loss of so many things important to him, while the malice and decay of a rotting city exist in his nightmares, never before has Bruce Wayne felt more alone.

Suddenly, a cloud billows up from below, which envelopes the windows in white. Looking down, Alfred begins to ask what on earth is going on, but mid-sentence he turns to see Bruce has disappeared.

Equipped with a gas mask devised by Lucius, Batman tries to see what the commotion is down on the streets. He hears a screaming laugh that seems all too familiar. As a strange shadow moves before him, the laughter reaching a shattering pitch, Batman expects to again encounter the twisted face of Joker. A young woman is covered in blue paint before him, playing cards stuck into the wet glop, screaming with laughter, her blond hair cut off in chunks. Her eyes are wild. Drugged.

"Joker," he says.

"This is not an encouraging opening for a conversation," a squeaky voice declares behind him.

Batman turns to face a small man with a top hat, his teeth clenched in a grotesque smile and his hands pulling awkwardly at his ratty suit. The hat is oddly shaped, as though strapped on over something larger. The girl jumps on his back and pulls him down.

"I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then."

He darts away, and the girl scrambles wildly after him. The chemical cloud begins to dissipate and Batman carefully vanishes, confused but with a clear sense of purpose once more.

"He calls himself the Hatter," Gordon says, pounding his fist on the desk in his office as Batman stands in the corner, "and he's been kidnapping girls, some kind of pedo with a murder streak. Keeps a gas tank under that hat of his. That paint he uses, too, mixed up with LSD, all kinds of compounds that cause neural lapses. I just can't figure out how he keeps himself from going under, all that gas. His face shows up clear as day every time."

Looking at each other, they realize he exposes the gas to himself too, time after time, becoming more unhinged with each strike.

Commissioner Gordon asks, "Are you going after him?" Batman says nothing. "Of course you are."

After a moment of thought, Gordon says, "There will always be greater depths of darkness. Gotham doesn't know how lucky it is, how unburdened her people should feel; you have taken all the darkness with you, for them."

"Let's hope it doesn't take any more of them with it," Batman says in his gravelly voice, "Arkham is getting pretty full."

Runner-Up: Clint N.

Gotham's Underworld, crushed and realing from the slaughter ensued by The Joker and Two Face, is in complete disarray. The GCPD, preoccupied with the witchhunt for the vigilante known as Batman, is unable to devote the necessary attention to finally finish off the mob, and unwittingly allows the most dangerous Villain yet assume command over the remaining power of the mob, who brings with him the unchecked introduction of Venom to the streets of Gotham. Bane, now commanding an army of Venom addicted thugs, wages war on the people of Gotham, while The Police act as a detrimental force to Wayne's Crusade, all the while depleting their own assets on the fruitless hunt for Gotham's true Hero. Harvey Bullock emerges to lead the hunt for Batman, and undermine and discredit Gordon, Bruce's only remaining ally inside the force.

While the the Police are distracted with Batman, and Batman the Police, Bane does irreversible damage to the people of Gotham with the new drug Venom, as well as freeing countless inmates in a raid on Arkham. Crane who will join his ranks, and Two Face, who was secretly locked up at Arkham by Gordon and Batman after the second film in an effort to preserve Dent's persona. (Leaving the Joker in his cell however, "Not relishing the competition.") Dent however, does not enlist in Bane's army, instead continuing his vendetta against the corruption of the Police and City Officials, and his unfinished business with Batman and Gordon.

As things continue to get worse, and the mob power peaks, a war erupts between the Police and Bane's army. Meanwhile city officials and cops continue to be executed by a mysterious figure. The three way battle continues as Batman tries to stop Gotham from becoming a war zone, the police try and stop Batman and Bane, but at the same time must decide if they need Batman once again, and if their hunt had been misguided from the beginning… and Dent must decide who deserves Justice amongst this chaos.

This entry in the series would once again be focusing on Batman's effect on Gotham, what would happen if all of the leadership in the mob was suddenly and violently overthrown. (Who would rise to power.) And if a society is pushed, and made to fear, how far will it go to be made to feel safe again, and can the powers that be overcome their pride and admit that Gotham might need Batman once again.

Runner-Up: Rudy H.

The hunt is now on for The Batman; the law has turned its full fury against him. Gordon, his position precarious due to his association
with the now wanted criminal, can do little to arrest the tide of ill sentiment.

Criminals begin turning up dead in droves, killed by bladed instruments. Batman takes the blame for this as well.

Compounded upon this is the alarming swiftness with which a new lord of the underworld is seizing influence, a man known only as The Black Mask. He is systematically eliminating his competition, as well as those cops that can't be bought. He also seems to hate Wayne Enterprises, whose personnel and property he targets ruthlessly. Politicians are meeting untimely ends, and being replaced by those favoring cowardly appeasement policies with regards to the mob.

Bruce Wayne, the entire city turned against Batman, his business suffering greatly, is in poor shape. Lucius has refused to do any more work for Batman, stating simply that "power corrupts." With Alfred and Gordon the only ones still in his corner, Bruce continues
to patrol to the best of his ability.

One evening, the Batman comes across a mugging where the criminal is stopped and dispatched by a black-clad woman wielding a short blade. He pursues her until she turns to meet him and they exchange blows, her greater agility proving a near match to his superior strength. She reveals herself as Talia as Ghul, daughter of Ra's and new leader of the League of Shadows. She is aware of his identity, and says that she is here to observe him. Her father would have wished her to kill him outright, but her views are not quite as extreme. Prove to me, she says, that your naively idealistic methods can serve true justice, and I will leave you be.

A newly motivated Bruce Wayne sets out to deal with this supposed Black Mask. The Mask, infuriated at the loss of many of his men (at the hands of Talia,) plans his revenge: releasing a "secret weapon" of his at a dinner celebrating Commissioner Gordon's appointment whilst simultaneously planting a bomb elsewhere in order to distract Batman.

Fortunately, Bruce manages to get Talia's assistance. The bomb is dealt with, and they jointly tackle the "secret weapon," which turns out to be a monstrous brawler named Bane, drugged out on experimental steroids and heavily armored. He is finally subdued, but dies due to the stress on his system. The Black Mask is exposed and convicted as a result of these crimes.

Batman's actions have greatly swayed public opinion back in his favor. Talia says that she still finds Bruce's methods to be grossly inefficient, though agrees to leave Gotham in his hands for now. She departs the city, though not before they share a night together, and she indicates that he'll be seeing her again. The movie ends with Bruce reflecting that having "a sidekick" turned out to be more useful than he would have thought.

Thank you again to all of our entrants. Grand prize winner Nicholas M. will receive a hardcover copy of the Batman: The Killing Joke graphic novel as well as three full-size Dark Knight posters (painted wall, burning building, Bat Pod). We hope everyone had a great time with this contest and we suggest you keep on the look out for more fun contests as they arrive! If you have any good ideas for more exciting contests, be sure to email us any suggestions at Until then, see you next time!

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Wow, the first one deserved to win. I think the Riddler is an obvious next contender, unless they go for something a little more old school. I dont think Freeze would be bad. But Robin? For the love of god please no! The Hatter actually sounds like a pretty good idea too, but seems like another Scarecrow. Bane is a big NO, especially since it would just carry bad mojo. Black Mask is my favorite to win though, he's underrated and really REALLY creepy, and Im refrerring to John P's version, not the last one, - Talia? Batman should work alone, it defines the series. Although I must admit it would be an interesting replacement for the love interest, but then we'd get a whole "Padme - Anakin that-really-stupid-10min-romance-scene-that-ruined-The Clone Wars" thing. Anyway, Black Mask FTW!

Boris Van Der Ree on Jul 29, 2008


Nicholas' story starts out great...but it's incomplete. I'm jaded because I lost, but doesn't a story have a beginning, middle, and end? Where is his end? His entry is incomplete. If the contest was simply to create a premise or to set up the third movie, then please say so. I had a difficult time using just 500 words for a COMPLETE story. But congratulations, Nicholas. John's story sets up with Black Mask storyline very well, but does Batman defeat the Black Mask? Does it end with Robin saving Batman? And in his story, Robin is not trained by Bruce? You say that you chose the stories that would fit best in the Nolan universe, but Nolan has gone on record as saying that he will never have Robin in his films. Again, Sarah's story sets up the Hatter very well, but I feel like she wrote the first 10 mins of the film and that's it. I like Clint's the best. He incorporates much from the sequel, clearly understands the consequences of Gotham not wanting Batman, but not much is written about Bruce's internal conflict of running away. Rudy has the most complete entry as his story has a clear ending. But Bane dies a pathetic death, and the story does not dwell much into how Batman is affected with his connection to the Black Mask. Great job to the five of you winners, but next time the contest needs to be specific and consistent in it's rules. I would love for this type of writer's contest to become reoccurring whenever a new movie comes out.

Matt Suhu on Jul 29, 2008


The thing I liked about the first one was the Lucius Fox encryption angle vs. the Riddler's riddles. If you think about it, it's an obvious choice for Christopher Nolan because a mystery wrapped in an enigma kinda movie would take him back to "Memento" territory. Still, everyone's been pointing out that the Joker was kinda Riddler-ish in the Dark Knight.

The Brain on Jul 29, 2008


First writing was excellent! Great job by all, but I have to agree with the first poster that if Robin was introduced I'd hate life. Awesome story tie-ins by the top winner, especially with Riddler.

John on Jul 29, 2008


Just so that me being a jerk can be was my entry. But seriously, thank you Alex and all for presenting such a rich topic and contest. The Dark Knight Returns Both cops and criminals are hunting Batman. Bruce distances himself and hides in his new Batcave. A serial bomber surfaces who likes to leave the police with a riddle as a hint to where his next bomb is. Gordon is being investigated as an accomplice to Batman, but he finds a way to contact him. Batman solves the riddle, but is too late and more people die. A new riddle is found. An arms dealer, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, arrives in Gothom. The mafia calls him The Penguin because he is short, overweight and wears a black tuxedo. He hires an assassin named Bane who is intelligent and skilled in weaponry and the martial arts. Wanting to kill them both, The Riddler contacts them and informs them that Batman is someone who works at Wayne Towers. Bruce cracks the riddle which says the bomb is at Wayne Towers and rushes over as Batman to find Bane waiting for him. A huge battle ensues and Batman is severely beaten. The bomb explodes and Batman is crushed by a collapsed ceiling. Bane is unhurt and leaves believing that Batman is dead. Batman recovers and finds that Lucius Fox is among the dead. A new riddle surfaces, but Bruce is injured and demoralized and refuses to help. Gordon and the cops are clueless and many die from a bomb at Wayne Hospital. Gordon’s wife is a nurse there and is in critical condition. Gordon blames Batman for not helping. Alfred chastises Bruce for his cowardice and indifference and tells him that instead of relying on armor and gadgets, that just like his father, he should use his mind and heart to help people. Another riddle is found and Batman deduces that Gordon will die. Batman also discovers that The Riddler is Edward Nigma, a genius. He was abused as a child and ended up killing his parents. Batman rushes to Gordon’s police station, fends off the cops to disarm the bomb, and regains their trust. Batman finds and interrogates The Penguin who reveals that Bane was hired from Asia. Bane returns and kills The Penguin for snitching. He then contacts the Riddler who tells him that Bruce Wayne is Batman. Gordon gives Batman a new riddle and immediately discovers that Bruce Wayne’s butler will die. He rushes over to Wayne Mansion to find Bane holding Alfred hostage. Batman tells Bane he knows that he’s from The League of Shadows to avenge Ra’s al Ghul’s death and to take over Gotham. During the fight, Bane rips off Bruce’s mask. Batman beats Bane and frees Alfred, but then a bomb explodes. The Riddler arrives to finish off Batman, but Gordon saves Batman and fights and arrests Nigma. Nigma is obsessed with Batman and views themselves as lost brothers. He threatens to reveal Batman’s identity, but Batman is unconcerned and tells him that a riddle is not good if everyone knows its answer. Gordon says that he can’t see without his glasses anyway.

Matt Suhu on Jul 29, 2008


Oh WOW... My entry was crap in comparison. My kudos to the winner.

Juan Carlo on Jul 29, 2008


These are all great stories, but each one one "irks" me in some way >_< . The first one almost has it, before he made Coleman Reese the Riddler... which I admit... yanks my chain a little 😀 . Anyway, congrats to the winners.

LW on Jul 29, 2008


Congratulations to all the winners. However, I believe Matt Suhu (#2&5) is correct in saying that some of the entires were not in line with what was thought to be the rules. Yes, there is a great deal of good writing going on here, but some entries are not complete stories as one would have thought the contest was about. Plus the entry with Robin totally goes behind what a Nolan universe would look like because Nolan had stated so. Matt: I too love your story, and I understand why Lucius Fox had to die so that Batman would have something personal against the Riddler. And it's great how you incorportated three villains realistically, although the Riddler is a bit too similar to Ledger's pyscho joker.

Mark on Jul 29, 2008


Agreed, Congrats to the winner but he didn't present a complete story. What happens after the Riddler is introduced? What's the climax? How does the story end? I thought this contest was for a story, not an intro. Anyways...

Omega728 on Jul 29, 2008


Catwoman? .... The riddler story(Nicholas M) is excellent but we need the catwoman as a distraction to rachel's death and the devastation of gotham. Batman meets Catwoman after months of her stalking gotham they entangle and their relationship picks up along the lines of the HUSH series. (number 2 -- I think the whole idea of the catwoman and bataman starting this thing at a time of bruce's desperation would be just the right timing. Then the eventual team up, fight the riddler together, and then the break up. Because as we know, Catwoman as a reluctant partner is many times better than bringing Robin into this. please no robins. If you have to do that, consider the mutant gang from "The Dark Knight Returns" instead( -- batman defeats their leader and they admire his brutatlity and integrity and so decide to adopt his philosphy. not one robin, but a gang of robins. I dont think I could stand even one more movie with robin the boy hostage.

goliad on Jul 29, 2008


If you guys chose half-assed stories with Reese as the Riddler, and Robin saving Batman, then this contest was a fucking waste of time. Yes, the prize is small and nothing to fight over...but we're all arguing for fairness in a contest.

Alex T. on Jul 29, 2008


In my opinion, the third movie in Nolan's trilogy should avoid characters of any previous Batman films. No Catwoman, Riddler, Freeze, Robin or anything... if there is going to be a villian, it should be created from scratch. With the way Nolan has presented the first films, I don't really think it is absolutely nessicary to have a villian.

Merc on Jul 29, 2008


Well... since we're being so honest, I'll come out and say it then: The first story... _almost_ has it. And the other stories are good! They sound interesting. But they also made me die a little inside. As a Batman fan, there's parts in these stories that leave a real bad taste in my mouth... but they're just small parts 😀 . So far, the Black Mask stories are really close to the heart and source of who Black Mask is, but they still contain things that really.... really... irk me. To #10 There's nothing wrong with Robin.

LW on Jul 29, 2008


** actually, there is... in that one story submission... which is one of the stories that made me gag a little. But there's nothing wrong with the character of Robin.

LW on Jul 29, 2008


Wow, fantastic stories and congrats to the winner!! 🙂

Jess on Jul 29, 2008


I completly agree with #7 REESE DOES NOT, DOES NOT EVER BECOME THE RIDDLER. Why would he want to go after the man that saved his life by recieving the business end of a speeding truck? I'm I the only one that is very confident the look between the two was that reese owed wayne one. And im very confident that since he knows reese knows the riddle in the first one would give him away.

Darknight on Jul 29, 2008


ive never really got behind the character of robin, but that's me. After living through the 70's DC era, the stories become so tired when we start discussing circuses and highwire acts. if they could remake the robin character's storyline fit with the film. i dont see why not. As to not bringing back the old villains... i would suggest that CN takes some liberties with the origins of these charaacters and that the reinvention would allow for more engaging storylines. I guess what my comments here reflect are that I really have enjoyed the last two movies and if they are going to continue the franchise, I dont want to see the classsic hollywood fuck ups that happen when you involve people that don't understand the comic book genre. insert danny devito here. I just hope that the franchise maintains iits currnt course.

goliad on Jul 29, 2008


I kinda figured the next batman flick would see a lot more street level crime going on, and I think the Riddler would use everyone's assumptions about Reese (the name, the fact that he supposedly knows who batman is) as a trick to keep people guessing who he REALLY is. Reese would be dead, but the Riddler would make it look like he was behind it all. The first one sets up catwoman perfectly... and then it does tie in the encryption thing with the riddler. Maybe Nygma would be the guy who develops the system, which means that he would be able to get around it once it's used in governments' systems, etc. I don't really see how an encryption device can protect a physical object like a diamond, but who knows... maybe there's an angle there. But I think that making Bruce Wayne a bit of a villain in the eyes of the Public (with the failure of his company's encryption system) coupled with Batman's new status as a public enemy would be an interesting take on the story, and would add to the tension.

Squiggly_P on Jul 29, 2008


Jeez. If I knew that you guys were accepting such incomplete, unfleshed out stories, I'd have submitted mine to your contest! (Already have the Killing Joke book, so incentive was pulled from under me just like that!) Oh well - if these are acceptable (And they're all very good, really. I commend you all - just didn't know you weren't looking for full stories or scripts) then here's my rough treatment entry, which I'd posted on the contest thread. Keep in mind, this is based on an in-depth analysis of just what the Hell the Dark Knight was really about, and where the Hell you can REALISTICALLY take the Bruce Wayne/Batman personality disorder, post DK: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It would be smart to start the next film in Arkham, and portraying both two-face and joker as conflicting resident patients, as Batman catches someone like Killer Croc, during an opening alleyway chase scene. Then advance to a shadowy female vigilante assasin - namely Talia Al Ghul, who brings news of her father's plans w/ the Lazarus Pit. As Batman tries to prevent his resurrection in the far east, Ghul's henchmen hold Gotham hostage, and their disruption creates an opportunity for several Arkham inmates to be set loose. Batman, Talia, Gordon, and a double crossing two-face will seek to wrap things up around the inmates, while Ghul works his way up the foodchain, to kidnap the most corrupt mobster in all of Gotham City: the mayor himself. Batman alone will go after the mayor, as a symbol who must be preserved amidst the chaos, while Talia guards Arkham. Ghul has a series of wide-scale incendiary devices, and several mass threatening toxins ready to go, positioned to bring the greater Gotham Metropolitan area to its knees (if not the entire Eastern Seaboard). Batman enters tells him he loves his daughter before kicking the living snot out of him, mano-a-mano. (Bc/ every bad-girl loves a guy who can stand up to her asshole Dad.) Talia is meanwhile kidnapped IN Arkham, by the inmates, and Batman goes in after her. Two-Face will finally overcome Harvey, who will have tried to held Talia out, while Two-Face put her right in the hands of Killer Croc. The Joker laughs maniacally in a straightjacket, in Arkham's basement solitary room, as Batman enters Arkham - playing out the Angel chopping away at the arteries of Hell motif from the "Arkham Asylum" book. This cuts off power to the facility, and allows Batman to go on a no holds barred hunt of all the criminals he's previously put away, to work his way to Talia. She will be alone in a room - driven near mad by the inmates and the very atmosphere of the place itself. Batman will pull her from the bowels of Arkham, conflicted now that he has sacrificed yet another of his loves for his cause. She will escape the hospital, and board a private plane, bruised and bandaged, with her father's corpse wrapped in the back of the plane. (Implying that she will now resurrect him, after Batman's leaving her to her own devices to save a corrupt politician...) Batman will return to Arkham, after rounding up the final inmates. Then the news of an escape: and we see a shot of an empty solitary cell, with a straightjacket torn to shreds, strewn on the floor. The movie will be called - due to its bookend conflicts - Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Django on Jul 29, 2008



DCompose on Jul 29, 2008


#19 Django Your Arkham story is good, but it leaves out what the rest of Gotham is doing. And I think the habit of having inmates miraculously break out of Arkham time and time again is being over redundant. Please find another way for criminals to surface.

Matt Suhu on Jul 29, 2008


Might as well post mine. Batman Ends: A renewed Gotham struggles to its feet. No longer a mob run city, Gotham police occupy every streetcorner, and hunt Batman like a dog. His refusal to hang up the cape is seen as a vote of no confidence in Gotham’s Finest. To them, Batman is now a trophy, and his capture (or death) the ultimate proof that Gotham no longer tolerates lawlessness. While crime is down, one thing is out of place: A series of tragic events, including a school bus rollover on a hairpin turn, killing all onboard – has left the city shaken. Chalked up as accidents, Gotham police have closed the books on them. Bruce Wayne hasn’t. A newspaper photo of the bus crash shows dozens of occupants thrown from the bus, their arms and legs sprawled on the ground. To a trained eye, the tableau seems grotesquely artistic. Theatrical. Like something by Hieronymus Bosch. “These bodies were posed,” Batman tells Gordon. “At best, we’ve got a crime scene tamperer. At worst, a serial killer targeting children.” “Give me something I can use,” says Gordon. “Evidence, not conjecture. We have plenty of go-nowhere leads to chase. Take this one.” Gordon hands him a sheet of paper. “Came in the mail last week. Our crime lab says it’s gibberish. The symbols don’t repeat. There’s nothing to decode.“ Scribbled all over its face are question marks at odd angles; question marks with lines through them, boxes drawn around them. Obsessive, inscrutable. * * * At a benefit for Gotham schools, Selina Kyle, wearing a plunging neckline and a dazzling necklace, meets Bruce. “Oh this? I stole it,” she tells him. “I’m a thief. When I see something I like, I take it.” Bruce smirks and raises an eyebrow. “I’m kidding, of course,” Selina says. “This is fake. But I love all things shiny. And I love to pretend.” “Don’t we all.” “Well, pretend you’re a gentleman and ask me to dance, then,” Selina says. As Bruce takes Selina’s hand, a sudden thought seizes him. He gives her hand to Alfred. “Pretend I did,” he says, leaving. * * * “Sherlock Holmes,” Batman tells Gordon. “The Adventure of the Dancing Men. The posed bodies aren’t just the killer’s art. They’re a coded message in plain sight. Each body a letter.” Gordon covers each body in the photo with the letter its pose represents in the Sherlock Holmes tale. Like a game of Hangman, we see the letters gradually spell out: WHO KNOWS WHY I DID IT A new case file is quietly opened for a serial killer, codenamed Riddler. As secretive as the Joker was flamboyant, Riddler’s talent is in making his murders invisible. Crimes only Batman can perceive, victims only Batman can save. This time, instead of the Dark Knight, we meet the World’s Greatest Detective in a thriller-procedural more akin to “Silence of the Lambs” or “Se7en” than "Superman". * * * 500 words really is too short, although I understand why it was chosen. I had a nice reveal in mind for the Riddler's Zodiac-style note: Investigating some markings of crisscrossing lines left at the Riddler's apartment, Bruce Wayne, on a hunch, turns to an origami expert who recognizes them immediately. He takes the paper, and folds along the lines until it becomes... a bat. In Gordon's office, we see the inscrutable, obsessive note from Riddler being folded into the same shape. With each fold, lines come together to make new letters, letters make words, words make sentences. Riddler's puzzle-confession finally becomes clear... Rather than make the Riddler prone to singsong riddle-me-this wordplay, I imagined him as obsessed with more philosophical puzzles, including the puzzle of his own nature. Brutally abused as a child, a sociopath as an adult, he has no conscience, and he longs for someone to see through his invisible crimes and discover him, hence the clues he leaves, the clues only Batman is able to discover. Batman, the living embodiment of conscience, a surrogate father figure. As Batman closes in on the Riddler, we see through the clues Riddler leaves that he is closing in on Batman as well, closer to discovering his secret identity. In the final showdown, Riddler makes Batman an offer. "No one else has to die," Riddler says, earnestly. "Walk away, retire the cape and cowl for good, and I'll stop. God may have wanted to treat us as puppets -- by taking away your parents, and by giving me mine -- but we can cut the strings. We can make the choice to end this. To walk away. There's no reason any more people have to die except your commitment to continuing this destructive game." Riddler has presented Bats with the ultimate puzzle. And of course, Batman can't walk away. In the end, he carries the day, and defeats the Riddler, but not before the Riddler can carry out his final plan, killing several of Gotham's finest detectives. We leave Batman with a Pyrrhic victory, knowing that, even if the Riddler's offer was genuine, even if he could be trusted, the situation would've ended in death, because Batman won't let Bruce Wayne stop. All this, played out against a romance with Catwoman. Yeah, 500 words just a wee bit too short. 🙂

I.D. on Jul 29, 2008


I read them all and they were all very good treatments, good job people!

Dave V. on Jul 29, 2008


Can we somehow have a fan contest instead?

Matt Suhu on Jul 29, 2008


I think the Ventriloquist and scarface would be a pretty twisted addition if done correctly.

Peloquin on Jul 29, 2008


I.D. - Dig it! Matt Suhu- Thanks. 500 words ain't much, so I set up tentpoles. (really all I guy has time to do these days) Re: Miraculous Arkham breakout. He gets out when Batman cuts the power, voluntarily setting criminals loose to clear the way to his lover (w/ Gordon's cooperation, & perhaps a military group resembling Checkmate (?)) I concede to I.D. I really like that it's a dialogue driven script - that'd easily take more than 500 words to flesh out. I'm glad you guys threw the contest, was a nice enjoyable interactive activity. I put enough faith in Nolan & Goyer to basically assume they'll under-cut ANY of our guesses, and produce something truly stellar. Because I wouldn't even want to be the one to say, on that day- "I told you so."

Django on Jul 29, 2008


This Contest was a JOKE...and for what, A Poster!!! The only reason why I didn't enter this sham of a contest is because, I get paid to write stories. Like the Joker said, "If you're good at something, never do it for free!"

Rob on Jul 29, 2008


To #22 Your Catwoman is too light, your Riddler is too dark. Riddler is a big-time crook... first and foremost. He's not like the zodiac killer, at all. He'll kill if he has to and dosn't mind doing it, but far, far from being the psychopath you make him out to be. :/ When the Riddler does kill, he likes to use death-traps more then guns and knives.

LW on Jul 29, 2008


Hello...I am glad you guys set up this contest, it was a lot of fun to write. I also realize it is a bit more of a set-up than a full story, but 500 words sure do go by fast. ^_^ I really like the winner's story: Nicholas you really captured the tone of the end of Dark Knight!

Sarah on Jul 29, 2008


Django, Thanks for the kind words! LW, Totally agree that Riddler isn't the kind of serial killer that uses knives or guns. The bus accident, for instance, is meant to be a death trap he set. Part of his goal is to create crimes that don't seem like crimes at first glance. It's a darker interpretation of the character, obviously, but it's in keeping with the universe Nolan has created. There has to be a sense of genuine danger, genuine menace from any villain in the film, a sense that the stakes matter. Obviously, Szasz could fill the same sort of role, but he comes off as too oversimplified to me. The mental challenge that the Riddler provides is what drives the story. As for Selina Kyle, well, she has to come off as Batman's equal to make any romance between them seem believable.

I.D. on Jul 29, 2008


im not sure how should be in the new batman. the thing is the joker was SO good it will be hard to top that movie or even get to the same level as the dark knight. then again the joker never really died in the movie and they didnt show two-face in his cascite so they both coold still b alive. if they have a riddler again it will have to be a dark version because of what the joker did to the series. he made it a darker one so dont compare it to the old series with jim carry because thats old!

carlos on Jul 29, 2008


#24 I was wondering about a fan contest too, but I wasn't sure how to overcome two BIG problems: reliable, impartial judging as well as sponsoring prizes. One thing that could be done is a jackpot kind of deal. This contest had 200 entrants. What if there were a $5 entry fee? Then you could give three prizes 1st - 50% of entries, 2nd - 37.5% and 3rd - 12.5% or something like that. Of course this has problems too mainly an entry fee will keep some people out and there has to be some organization so that everyone can trust where there money is headed. But its a possibility. Of course there is still the issue of impartial judges. You could pay someone, but that dips into your reward money.

skinny on Jul 29, 2008


#24 what i meant by fan contest is that the fans vote, probably 1 vote per email address to prevent repeat voters. and then each week keeps eliminating half the entries until we have a winner, sort of like how maxim and fhm do their contests. the only difficult problem is that firstshowing would have to somehow give each story it's own web page.

Matt Suhu on Jul 29, 2008


Good work guyz.. Though every story had its negatives, the creativity is definitely laudable.. Riddler FTW!! 😀 And good work with the contest Enjoyed readin it..

Gdn | TD on Jul 29, 2008


To the writers and judges at First Showing.Net, I can't possibly put into words how ecstatic I am that you chose my entry for the Grand Prize winner. I am humbled and honored beyond words for even receiving an opportunity, thank you so very much. To my fellow contest entrants, thank you also for both your praise and constructive criticism. When it comes to writing there is always room for improvement, and I already see a few things with my entry that I could have fixed. I enjoyed The Dark Knight immensely and look forward to the next film in the franchise, one whose premise will surely be one million times better than I could ever hope to compose. Again, thank you all so very much. Sincerely, Nicholas M.

Nicholas M. on Jul 29, 2008


well, i think its interesting to see the creativity, i applaude the people's work. wether we like it or not, its creative. what about the reference to the batsuit stopping a Dog, Lucius adds that it could even stop a cat, maybe hints of a catwoman, good timing too as dawes is removed. Nolan has stated that as long as he is doing the batman franchise, no one will ever play the joker again.

taurinh24 on Jul 29, 2008


wow, that sucks. not the stories, which were all well done. i mean the fact that my first draft was over 1000 words long, so i had to edit it and thats what probably cost me. it's very difficult to write a 500 word COMPLETE story, but with no offense to Nicholas M., i thought that an incomplate story should not be counted, for if he did finish it, it would be borderline 1000 words. i have no prior knowledge of any batman comics whatsoever and i also forgot to put my name and i think i sent in the wrong script, which didn't help the matter. here's my storyline, and hopefully someone can tell me where i went wrong: With Scarecrow, Joker, and Two-Face gone, so is Bruce Wayne, who is now incognito with Lucius and Alfred. When Gordon attends Harvey Dent’s funeral, he can’t help but think about Batman and his whereabouts. The new mayor is intent on getting rid of the Batman as the city continues its ongoing hunt for Batman, but when the crime rate reaches new heights, the government of Gotham considers calling off the search. With Batman seemingly gone forever, Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, who goes by the street name of Penguin because of his obvious physical appearances, and his mob take it upon themselves to wreak havoc upon Gotham City. They institute raids, explosions, and arson. Harley Quinn, who visits the Joker while he is in captivity, is told by her lover to get even with the Batman and make sure he dies before the police get to him. As if it wasn’t bad enough, the police department has to deal with the mysterious Edward Nigma, who has baffled Gordon and the rest of the detectives by committing various crimes and leaving a green question mark at the scene of every crime. This leaves only one solution-bring back the Batman. When Gordon convinces the mayor to discontinue the chase, he still has to convince Bruce to come back and protect his city. Through a secret meeting with Alfred and Fox, Gordon confronts Bruce, much to his chagrin. He tells Gordon that Dent was right, he has lived long enough to see himself become the villain, but eventually persuades Bruce to return to Gotham and restore order to the corrupt city. Meanwhile, after Selina Kyle is left for dead, Oswald brings her in from a dark alley and gives her a choice, either go back to the way she was, or become the richer than ever. The catch-she must find and kill the Batman. After an ill-fated attempt to do the job, she realizes that he is the good one, and she has a sudden change of heart. Catwoman gradually begins to fall in love with the good-spirited Bruce, and while Catwoman is able to take care of Harley Quinn, Batman focuses on the puzzling Riddler, who he eventually defeats. The mission is nearly complete, but the worst is yet to come. Batman must combat the Penguin, his mob, and the newly established Penguin Float as they crash the parade on the 4th of July. This sets up the climactic head-to-head clash between the Batmobile and the Penguin Float to see who has the stronger ride and will take over Gotham City. Batman emerges from the ashes, but cannot bring himself to finish off Oswald, leading to Gordon killing Penguin in an attempt to defend the helpless Batman. After Gordon slays Penguin, he is left to contemplate his status as a heroic villain. Gordon then tells him that there are many heroes in Gotham, but there is only superhero, only one knight, only one Batman. He then goes back to find his new love interest as the rising sun dawns upon the new Gotham.

LeeMan on Jul 29, 2008


oops sorry for the double post. the first one is chicken scratch

LeeMan on Jul 29, 2008


#36/#37 not a bad story, but it jus seems diff. from the other entries in terms of how u wrote it, but chris nolan sid that he would prolly never put catwoman or penguin in the sequel so... gj everybody!!! especially to nicholas m.

SHY on Jul 29, 2008


#37, too many characters to work with. Maybe you could do without the Harley Quinn side story. Also, Gordon doesn't know that Bruce is Batman, so you can scratch that part out. Otherwise, you have a pretty decent outline there.

Omega728 on Jul 29, 2008


the thing that I CANT UNDERSTAND is why people think you need 1324938 villians ALL IN THE SAME MOVIE. That's one HUGE problem with all of the Batman movies (along with the Robin character). HOW DUMB

Daniel on Jul 29, 2008


You want a surefire blockbuster? Here's the deal: Batman goes into hiding. Bob Stencil shows up, pimping Catwoman, Talia Al Ghul, and Harley Quinn each on different appendages 😉 Batman assesses his threat as neither hero nor villain, but recognizes a Pimp when he sees one ... and hangs up his cowl and gets a job pouring bubbles into $tencil's jacuzzi. The END. (That'll be five hundred grand and a bottle of bourbon, stencil. I ain't doin' this $hit fer Free!)

Django on Jul 29, 2008


the joker was too much like the riddler in this movie, playing the mind fuck games, you cant have him as your villain. Plus Nolan mentioned there were hundreds of batman villains from the comics, which is where he writes his movies from, not past batman movies

batman on Jul 29, 2008


After Joker and Two-Face, the best villains are used. That's why it's sometimes better to take a lesser villain and give them a smaller part. I don't know if the Riddler could carry a movie on his own. Here's a brief? synopsis of the idea I came up with after seeing the movie: At this point in time Batman is thought to be a murderer and the police have orders to shoot on sight. Gordon is constantly setting traps and Batman keeps getting out of them. During an investigation of a suspicious shipment Batman discovers a large scale arms deal and destroys the shipment. This angers a secret office in the Intelligence community who begins to see Batman as a threat. To combat this threat they set up a federal task force to bring Batman to justice. Leading the force is Oswald Cobblepot, tactical mastermind with decades of experience in the intelligence community. He's nicknamed The Penguin because he's short, plump and a limp caused by an old combat injury makes it look like he waddles. To find out who Batman is, the Penguin enlists genius and puzzle expert Edward Nygma. Nygma begins collecting information and running analysis. With upgraded manpower and fire power, the hunt for Batman begins anew overseen by Cobblepot and his man on the ground, a drug enhanced super soldier called Bane. A phony arms deal is set up and when Batman arrives to stop it he's attacked by Bane and is nearly killed before escaping. Nygma determines Batman's identity and an EMP is set off at Wayne Manor before it is stormed by soldiers led by Bane and Nygma. The defenses of the cave are useless after the EMP and again Bruce barely escapes with the aid of Alfred who is captured. The media begins to question the competence of this task force that seems to endanger citizens and destroy millions of dollars of property. Cobblepot is furious that Batman escaped but he uses his power to cover up the incident and implicate Bruce Wayne in a variety of crimes (without revealing his identity as Batman). He seizes Wayne's assets and keeps Alfred, Lucius Fox and James Gordon as prisoners. The Penguin's shadowy masters tell him that they will use this chaos in Gotham as the perfect distraction from their biggest shipment yet including a large supply of biological weapons. To aid in the plan Bane detonates a bomb destroying city hall and killing the mayor. Martial Law is declared with Cobblepot controlling his own private police force consisting of combat mercenaries. This further angers the citizens, some of whom still blame Batman, but most of whom blame Cobblepot. Bruce has gone into hiding in the slums feeling unable to fight this powerful enemy and questioning if the people of Gotham even want him to prevail. As he collapses in a gutter he is found by a young boy. The boy finds Bruce's utility belt and realizes this is the Batman. But instead of turning him in the boy, a homeless orphan, gives Wayne his meagre supply of food for the evening. This gesture is enough to give Bruce the energy he needs to start planning his counter-attack on Cobblepot's new regime. He asks the boy what his name is and asks where his parents are, the boy says his name is Richard Grayson and his parents are dead, killed in an attack by the Joker. Bruce gives the boy all the money he has left and tells him he'll see him again soon. Batman determines the location of his allies and proceeds to bust them out of their holding cells. He finds Nygma in the same complex and manages to get information about the shipment before incapacitating him. Fox broadcasts Nygma's confession to convice the people of Gotham that Batman is on their side, Gordon goes to rally the police to help fight Cobblepot's private army, and Batman heads to the shipment to stop it. The Bat Signal blazes in the sky as the people rise up against the mercenaries patrolling the streets. With his cover blown The Penguin's only choice is to escape with the weapons or threaten to detonate them and destroy Gotham. The Batmobile races to the airport facing jeeps, tanks, and Bane in a helicopter. The car is destroyed but Bruce launches up into the helicopter. Here he fights with Bane and injects him with a drug that conflicts with his performance enhancers. This drives Bane insane and attempting to kill Batman he kills the pilot and the chopper crashes. Batman climbs from the wreckage to face the Penguin. Seeing his plan in tatters the Penguin decides to release the biological weapons. Batman produces another detonator which causes the Penguin's detonator to overload giving him an electric shock which stuns him. Batman explains that the detonator is an old Wayne Enterprises design. Oh, and so was the EMP generator which he sets off remotely in the Penguin's headquarters destroying his evidence against Bruce Wayne. Batman walks up and takes the detonator from the Penguin just as the police arrive. Cobblepot is confident in his position but is shocked when the police arrest him instead of Batman. Gordon says it might mean his job but he's going to look the other way and let Batman escape. With the confession of Nygma and the evidence of the shipment, Cobblepot is imprisoned and likely will be killed by his superiors because he knows too much. Bruce decides that because evil of all kinds will always be present, so too must the Batman.

Zac on Jul 29, 2008


This is the story I sent in, its over 500 but I took a shot anyways. It might have been better (especially after the first two paragraphs) if I didnt try to fit it into 500 or close. Gotham Vindicated The film opens one night after the events of The Dark Knight. A diamond exchange is being broken into by a at the time unknown assailant wearing a skin tight costume, sharp nails able to cut threw glass and whip. As the unknown female assailant is about to grab a handful of precious jewels, from the darkness behind her, the Batman emerges. A fight ensues until police are heard pulling up to the scene as Batman turns around to see and turns back the assailant had escaped. Still a highly wanted fugitive The Batman runs to the back exit and hops onto the Batpod and drives off. Commissioner Gordon arrives on the scene wondering why he had been called on a simple robbery. One of the officers shows him a batarang that was stuck into the wall stating “Robbery is a downgrade compared to what he already has done.” Gordon agrees lying threw his teeth the entire time. Meanwhile at a hospital lays Sal Maroni having survived the crash caused by Two-face. He is in the middle of a meeting with what is left of the criminal organizations of Gotham after being decimated by Batman, Dent, and The Joker. Believing Batman to be all but out of the way the mob expects to grow back to its old ways. A nurse with red hair walks in and serves drinks. Then a man wearing a green suit and a purple domino mask walking with a cane enters the room. Maroni asks what it is with the freaks in this town. The man wants to be in control of what’s left of the mob. Maroni responds saying he starting to sound like the Joker. This infuriates the man saying he is no nutcase he is a genius. Maroni asks if it’s getting hot in here. The man asks for the nurse “Miss Ivy can you bring Mr. Maroni here a drink”. Maroni asks how he knows the nurse name.” Nurse she’s not a nurse she’s my understudy you could say Mr. Maroni meet Ivy, Poison Ivy.” Maroni goes into cardiac arrest as do the rest of the mob members. The man in the suit leaves an envelope behind with a question mark on it. The next day is the funeral for Gotham’s white knight Harvey Dent still no one but a few know what truly happened to him. All of Gotham’s elite are there including Bruce Wayne who realizes a blonde haired woman keeps looking at him. At the wake the woman introduces herself as a former college girlfriend of Dent’s her name, Selina Kyle. They decide to have lunch instead of dinner because as Bruce put it “I work late.” That night in the finally rebuilt cave and Wayne Manor, Bruce prepares to go after the diamond thief again. Alfred asks is this is a female copy cat. Bruce replies no just a cat. Alfred “What are you doing with that busted Lamborghini”. Bruce “You’ll see soon enough”. Bruce drives off on the Batpod. The Riddler now realizing how much money the mob had lost hires out to someone to help get him more earnings. He hires the Jewel thief now called Catwoman. She agrees to do it for a fee of course. The Riddler asks just one thing no matter what leave behind the riddles he gives her. She asks wouldn’t that help them get caught. His response “Is part of the fun and games”. Meanwhile Poison Ivy becomes jealous of Catwoman and the way Riddler treats her as his new favorite woman. Gordon having little luck seeks out Batman but Batman finds him. With all the pieces together Batman goes after The Riddler. At the Riddler’s hideout (The Gotham Light Tower) the fighting between the two women continues until Batman with his new Batmobile crashes threw the front door. A fight between Batman and Riddler starts. Poison Ivy snaps when Riddler asks Catwoman to help him instead of her and starts to fight with Catwoman. In the process she loses her mask revealing that she is Selina Kyle. Batman notices this and before he can say something Poison Ivy spears Catwoman and herself out the light towers window and over the cliff. Batman defeats Riddler and takes him to police head quarters where Batman is finally vindicated. At the Batcave Alfred asks “Is it over Master Wayne?” He responds “It appears so Alfred it appears so.” That’s when breaking news reports that The Joker has escaped Arkham Asylum with the help of Assistant Head of Therapy Harley Quinzell. “Or not, Sir” “Or not.” “Please don’t be to late Sir we do have tickets to the circus tomorrow.” “I’ll try.” END

Rodan8812 on Jul 29, 2008


Hmm... while I won't claim to have a superior story, as my opinion and judgment is unavoidably biased, I was under the impression that complete stories were required. When you ask for a story, as opposed to a lead-in, an idea, or a concept, that is the implication. Just something to keep in mind for future contests. Fortunately, the prize is nothing great, or I might feel more embittered =D

Rudy Henkel on Jul 29, 2008


there were alot of good entries, and I would have posted them all up if I could! It's tough to find a diamond in 200+ entries, and we did the best we could! It really is tough! thanks for the entries!

Andy Adair on Jul 29, 2008


This whole thing was fixed. Mine had Riddle Aids.

DCompose on Jul 29, 2008


AHHH! Okay, so heres a short version of my idea. Even though Nolan said he wouldnt use Penguin, in the viral campaign, "the iceburg lounge" was that Harvey Dent is believed to be dead by Gotham, the city is looking for a new White Knight. Enter Cobblepot, a business tycoon who now has his hands in politics, and promises Gotham that he'll keep Dents dream alive AND capture the Batman. Cobblepot puts the mobs in his pocket, by giving them pieces of his businesses if they "play nice". However, Jim Gordon smells something fishy. As does Bruce Wayne, who Cobblepot considers his business world rival. Due to this, Cobblepot hires someone to take Wayne out, so that he can lead Gothams business world. He hires Deadshot, and at a Wayne press conference, Deadshot attempts an assasination, but fails due to a mysterious black figure who knocks the gun out of the way at the last second. The gunshot is heard all along the streets and the figure is seen fleeing from the rooftop. Gotham suspects it was Batman attempting the assasination. So in a nutshell... Penguin misleads Gotham and hires Deadshot to take out Wayne, Gotham thinks its Batman, Wayne tries to figure out who saved his life. Deadshot now hunts the person who made him fail THAT is CATWOMAN Gordon tries to open Gothams eyes to Penguin Wayne and Gordon tell Gotham, it was Batman on the roof, but he SAVED Wayne Penguin is found out Catwoman is now pissed about the lie Wayne told and gets blinded by it while being hunted by Deadshot. Batman saves Catwoman from Deadshot.

Dave on Jul 30, 2008


I have to agree with a lot of the other posters. Being well written doesn't make the winning entry any more complete. I mean, the contest is called "Where Could the Dark Knight Go Next?" and it doesn't even answer that question, unless the answer is "another villain emerges."

The Shakedown on Jul 30, 2008


All great entries! Congrats to the winner! While I think the focus should definitely be on Batman being more of a detective; It'd be nice to see a secondary villain who can match or even overpower Batman in an actual fight. Batman's has had a pretty easy time, physically against all the bad guys so far. It'd be kinda cool to see someone give him a run for his money.

Darren on Jul 30, 2008


Ok..this is what i think..all winning stories are Batman's worst nightmare!! Who is sane enough to have written these things? First of all show some respect to Nolan and Bale and what they have accomplished..i was waiting 25 years to see Batman the way he truly is. I was expecting this to be a serious contest ..but no!! Robin? You truly believe a worthy TDK sequel must have a Batman sidekick? No way!! Batman's dark origin means that he has to endure in this by running around at nights with a stupid teenager in red underwear. DC's expanded "bat family" is a cardinal sin! These characters should never have existed in the first place...including Catwoman. They are simply lame. Batman is alone, no sidekicks, no nothing. NOT TO MENTION, Nolan said that no Robin will ever show up in any Batman movie he makes. Bale also said that if the producers were eager to re-introduce Robin he would quit playing Batman instantly!! So i guess that is the true answer to your contest. Regarding a possible return of Dent: He is without any doubt, dead in the end of TDK because his death served a purpose, served Nolan's script. Dent in TDK isn't an ordinary criminal. He is motivated by Rachel's death, only that. So it is most unlikely that Two-face will be coming back to form any kind of evil outfit. This is not Nolan's Dent/Two-face. Also that "mastermind" bookkeeper Reese won't be forming into Riddler..not in this lifetime. My idea for a possible TDK sequel, a serious one, is that Batman just fights crime lords and that's it. No other iconic villains. No one is better than Joker unless proven otherwise by Nolan. So i leave u with an idea for a TDK sequel that is closer to the essence of this contest. Batman fights crime. The main villain is emo Peter Parker (from Spider-man 3).Batman in the end kills him by messing with his haircut. Of course he gets married to Mary Jane Watson who is Rachel Dawes's cousin from planet Crypton. But Dick Grayson (M.J's & Harry Osborn's secret offspring) emerges to to stop the wedding because he wants to marry his mom. He tries to kill her but Bruce saves the day (with a little help from David Hasselhoff). Bruce then registers Grayson as an intern in Xavier's school of mutants. Grayson's mutant abilities is to wear corny outfits because it makes his skin feel so tight and smooth. After his graduation he becomes a senior associate in Wayne enterprises (with a little help from David Hasselhoff again). He and Batman engage together in crime-fighting. Wayne is afraid that some clown might probably recognize him in the dark, wearing the batman costume...Batman kills Superman by revealing to him that Crypton is destroyed (Superman had a heart attack) and then he puts on Superman's red & blue costume so that himself and Robin now look alike, hoping for some villain to kill Robin instead of him, releasing him once and for all from the humiliation of having a sidekick.

MajesticXIII on Jul 30, 2008


please god please no robin or catwoman

urface on Jul 30, 2008


MajesticXIII, who died and made you Batman? XD How about you set up your own contest, then? Cry cry cry, I want a Batman movie without any villains from the Batman

Wow, really? on Jul 30, 2008


I agree with several of you that there should be no Robin. Two obvious reasons: 1. Too gay 2. The apparent trend here seems to be that Batman will always work alone in the universe that Nolan has created (remember that in The Dark Knight, scarecrow and Batman wannabe's are trying to screw a mob boss in the beginning and Batman tells them to, essentially, knock it off.) And about the villains. Maybe you haven't noticed, but with the exception of Two-Face and Joker, Nolan hasn't used any of the villains from the previous movies. Part of what I enjoyed about Batman Begins is that I was surprised to find the man villians were Scarecrow and Ras al Ghul, which is something neither Tim Burton or Joel "give me the gayest Batman suit possible" Shumacher have done. If you ask me, the antagonists you're likely to see in the third installment will be ones you won't expect. One more thing. I am very appreciative of the fact that these two most recent movies didn't have supernatural characters in it. The gritty realism here is too great to cheapen with the Lazarus Pit and Killer Croc. I like the idea of a Riddler, but not as a villain. As an anonymous tipper who has uncommon knowlege of the dealings of the organized criminal underground and valuable info to give Batman and commissioner Gordon. Or maybe, he could be a criminal minded person inspired by Joker's example.

JL on Jul 30, 2008


I also have to say that I agree with Majestic XIII. And his sarcastic scenario made me chuckle a little.

JL on Jul 30, 2008


reply to user "Wow , really?" Who died and made me Batman? My parents died

MajesticXIII on Jul 30, 2008


I couldn't resist to leave some kind of comment on everything I've read on this page. Frankly this whole contest just proves to me how hard it is to be a really great screenplay writer, because none of these stories come even close to anything that is seen in the previous two movies. These stories just remind me of the movies we've seen before Begins: simple plots, usage of extremely campy bad guys, etc. etc. Look, there's just certain things that don't work outside of the comic book realm, Nolan has understood this, which is why his movies are so revolutionary. I understand a lot of you big time fans would love to see the old villains appear one more time on the big screen, but try to look past your own nostalgia. Let me give a few specifics of why certain things just wouldn't work in Nolan's trilogy: The Black Mask becoming a villain because of the whole 'losing everything' (his girlfriend? come on) routine, carving a mask out of his parents old place and 'transforming' (are you serious?) into the Black Mask. This kind of pedestrian revenge tale is exactly what Nolan made the Batman series break free from. Catwoman and Pinguin, being both characters based on animal characteristics shouldn't be used, as these kinds of archetypes are just not of this time anymore. Do you guys seriously want to go to the theatre in 3-4 years to watch a woman acting around like a cat? Or some overly fat short guy with a tux? Besides, Nolan already stated that he would never use the Pinguin, as he would be too 'far-fetched'. I'm also wondering if people who're coming with this 'Reese as the riddler' bullshit were actually impressed by this characters incredible charisma and personality in TDK. Honestly, this guy is clearly not villain material. In Begins, Batman takes center stage, it's not that much about his enemies, it's more about his journey into finding his place in Gotham as it's protector. In TDK we see him struggle with this new found role, as the Joker pushes him further than he ever had to go. So far even, that he would have to renounce his role, in order to give Gotham what it needs. The third movie should be much more than just a repetition of things these great movies have already given us. Somehow Batman would need to finish what he set out to do at the beginning of TDK, something that Nolan has been hinting at from the beginning, to make Gotham able to stand on it's own. Batman can't protect it forever. Also the focus should be heavily on the consequences of Batman's renouncement of the hero role at the end of TDK. If a villain can help in telling this part of the story (or another end to the trilogy that taps into an aspect we haven't seen before) that'd be great, but it should remain a means, not an end to introduce a new villain. BTW I didn't enter in the contest, so this criticism shouldn't be confused with jealousy.

Omnia on Jul 30, 2008


Re: Majestic XIII Really? My parents died, and I'm not Batman. I'm ... Me, Man. The one & only Me-Man.

The Djo on Jul 30, 2008


Ofcourse u are not batman he already stated that HE is... better wait in line! 😛

badman on Jul 30, 2008


Bad Man. That was very bad. VERY Bad, Man. Besides, look what happened to the Batman copycats. You know what? Go ahead. If you don't know any better, the worst you'll get is what's already coming to you - right?

Me-Man on Jul 30, 2008


Omnia: Thank you for writing the only intelligent assessment of what this contest really reflects. Writing IS hard. I'm writing a book and a play right now, and all I have to say is - Right on. Rock on wit'cho bad self.

Djo on Jul 30, 2008


Not to put down anyone, but none of these are that good in light of the actual movie series. They would all be fine if written as novels or comic series, but this is Nolan's work, where the world of Gotham has texture, depth, and meaning. How do any of these stories coincide with Nolan's themes? This is what separates fan fiction from the original. Fans are only focused on what they want to see and not by what is appropriate for the story. And having a "comic guru" judge the entries is just as bad. He'll only accept what is faithful to the medium he is familiar with, but we aren't talking about inking a new issue of Batman for DC. Suddenly the game changes and you really are forced to think how to make a better movie than TDK as opposed to just one-upping all its plotlines and characters. I give praise however to the one who implemented Talia in their script, as that surely could work if they tied it into the first one. It'd be a hard sell, but could work nevertheless.

SpencerJ on Jul 30, 2008


Thanks #63, I did think Talia was necessary to provide a tie-in for the trilogy, since there's no way Nolan's going to do anything goofy like bringing Ra's back from the dead. I don't think, however, that making a *better* movie than TDK is a realistic goal.

Rudy Henkel on Jul 31, 2008


#58 Thank you, probably would have never said it better myself. #63 "This is what separates fan fiction from the original. Fans are only focused on what they want to see and not by what is appropriate for the story. And having a "comic guru" judge the entries is just as bad. He'll only accept what is faithful to the medium he is familiar with, but we aren't talking about inking a new issue of Batman for DC." Then why did the winner completly blow the Riddler character, not saying your thoughts are are wrong though.

Darknight on Jul 31, 2008


With all due respect to SpencerJ and Omnia (who touched on some solid points about Batman's relationship to Gotham), you're deluding yourself if you're expecting any sketch of 500 words or less to give you the kind of rich, smoky flavor you'd get from a film or screenplay. Plot is the basest level of storytelling, and most filmed storytelling isn't about plot at at all. It's about character, revealed through dialogue, mood, and performance, among other things. Take a gander at IMDB's or any other plot summary for "The Dark Knight", and you'll see it sounds pretty "fanboy" as well. What I enjoyed about this contest is that, walking out of TDK, I had to admit that I didn't see where Nolan could go next. The Joker assassinates public officials, robs banks, blows up hospitals, assumes control of the mob, issues terroristic threats, and kills Batman's love interest. How could any future villain not seem like a poor relation, doing what the Joker did, but not as well? For me, that was the primary challenge: To create a villain that maintains the reality and the genuine sense of risk in Nolan's films, without seeming like an inferior version of the Joker. That was the interesting bit that made the exercise worth doing. There's a part of me that would like to go on, to go through the characters and scenes and dialogue I sketched out and talk about why I think they work; why my Catwoman isn't some cat-obsessed dominatrix; why I think a detective story makes sense as the third installment, &c. But the bigger point I'd rather make is that you bring your own preconceptions to what you read, and a few hundred words isn't going to be enough to talk you out of them. I've enjoyed reading all the entries, and I'd love it if there was a contest like this for actual screenplays, where the readers could vote. Then criticizing someone's story or characterization could be meaningful.

I.D. on Jul 31, 2008


@ I.D. I completely agree that 500 words is hardly enough to convey any sensation of depth similar to what makes Nolan's movies so great. But you have to admit that it's retarded that the winner of the entire contest is the one who figured Mr. Reese was a character worth making the next movie revolve around. Actually, his entire entry is nothing more than a statement that things go bad after TDK and that there'll be a new bad guy to take over the underworld. The mob shouldn't just be some torch that the Joker passes on to just another guy, to just do the same thing the Joker did. If there'll be a next villain, he/she shouldn't be an attempt of trying to outdo the Joker in his extremity. In that aspect you're absolutely right. 500 words aren't enough to write a screenplay, but they could be enough to describe an important event in the movie, something new, something creative. A concept that could spin the third movie in a new direction, something that could get the series toward a fitting end. Sadly all entries I've read are just obsessing over the next villain. BTW, I'm curious about your ideas for the Catwoman. Since I really don't see how that might work.

Omnia on Jul 31, 2008


For me, the "concept that spins the third movie in a new direction" would be turning it into a detective story. In TDK, we saw the individuals who make up Gotham's legal system -- human, flawed prosecutors like Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes, trying to get justice done in Gotham's courts. In the sequel, I'd like to see us turn that same spotlight onto Gotham's detectives and cops, making them a human, flawed police force trying to keep order and get justice done on Gotham's streets. It's a natural progression, since Gordon is Commissioner now. I think there's a fascinating tension to be explored between Gotham's detectives and Batman, especially as it becomes clear that Batman, while an outlaw, is better at sheer detective work than any of them are. If you've ever seen "The Wire", you can imagine how Gotham's detectives might be portrayed. Gotham's police department rewards stats: murders solved, perps captured. The last thing any of them want is for cases that were written off as accidents, missing persons, &c., to suddenly turn into nearly impossible-to-investigate murder cases when Batman begins covertly feeding Gordon his discoveries. And yet, these detectives are still, most of them, good people. They want justice, too. Their resentment of Batman doesn't come from his reputation as a murderer, which they universally believe is bunk, but rather because his continued presence is a public insult, a vote of no confidence in their ability to do their jobs. Some resent being forced to work harder than they think they should, but one, at least, resents the embarrassment of being out-detected by an amateur in a bat-suit. In my treatment, I called this character Det. Kieran, and imagined him as a Kiefer Sutherland/Josh Brolin type. Strong, keen-eyed, mostly quiet, good at his job, he wants his son to look up to him, not Batman. Omnia wrote: "it's more about his journey into finding his place in Gotham as it's protector." I agree with that, and this would be part of that journey. Kieran becomes Batman's primary rival in the film, the Lestrade to Batman's Holmes, only with more enmity between them than amity. As for Catwoman? I don't even see a reason to speak the name in the film. I don't imagine she calls herself that. As a character, I saw her as a young, acrobatic, pathologically thrillseeking burglar that Batman encounters one night, who begins to appeal to him for reasons he isn't ready to articulate. Similarly, the Batman excites her adrenaline-junkie nature. She likes the idea of being the object of his attention, and is attracted to him. Her costume is simply the close-fitting all-black garb of the thief that doesn't want to be seen, along with the tools of her trade. Here's my treatment of their first meeting. They've seen each other, chased each other, both impressed by the skill and tenacity of the other. She's dropped her stolen goods on the roof, and is standing a hundred feet away from him, coaxing him on: As Batman takes it, they make eye contact. Selina does a slow, playful reverse cartwheel and then walks backwards along her roof, still maintaining eye contact, coaxing Batman to continue the chase. He can see her body silhouetted by the streetlights; she's athletic, sensuous, and enticing. Batman begins walking toward her. For every step he takes forward, she effortlessly takes one back. His standard grimace turns into a small smile. Oh, the hunt is on. He leaps forward and she spins around and leaps off the side of the building. We watch as they engage in an exquisite parkour courtship, Catwoman moving through urban space with grace and speed, only to be followed by Batman, muscling his way through the same space with agility and power. Leaping from building to building, Batman is a stag chasing down a doe. There is something primal in his pursuit. At one point, Catwoman stops to make a choice of direction, and we see her chest heaving rapidly in the moonlight. Almost caught. She laughs, and drops over the side of the building, just out of his grasp. This, we realize, is the only kind of courtship Batman could ever have. It's a romance of the gods. A race as old as Atalanta and Hippomenes. A contest of equals. The music swells as he closes in on her, and we feel our hearts quicken. Batman is lost in the hunt, delighted by the unexpected perfection of the moment. When he's in motion, there's no more thinking about crime or justice or murder, there's just the the feel of muscles contracting and lungs filled with night air. And the pursuit of something beautiful. That, of course, is when a volley of police fire from below disrupts their game, scattering them like a flock of birds. The police chase him with a fury, and he finds himself moving away from the mysterious stranger he was just chasing. When the drama is over, he surveys his environs from the top of the roofs, but she is gone. * * * This scene is still rough, and needs reworking -- Batman, caught unawares by mere police? Never! -- but the basic premise, I like. Love is a tricky thing to write, because it only works if you make the audience fall in love with the character, too. I think that's doable here. At any rate, ultimately, I think the only proper response to TDK is to take the next film in the opposite direction. Where the Joker's crimes were bombastic and larger-than-life, the Riddler needs to be a quiet killer. So discreet, so clever at making his kills look like accidents, he's virtually unnoticeable. By pushing police to look closer, Batman's upsetting the pretty picture of a Gotham reborn. I don't see the third film as some return to the tonic, where everything is put in its right place at the end. There's no triumphant resolution for Batman. He's a tragic hero, and Gotham is a tragic city. It needs to stay that way, IMO.

I.D. on Jul 31, 2008


Well said, I.D. I like your idea of a catwoman because I was thinking the same thing. A woman who dresses in tight, shiny black leather and meows isn't realistic and has no place in this current storyline. But a thief simply dressed in black with parkour skills is more believeable. And your idea of Batman's antagonist being a Gotham detective feeling like his job is being taken away is good.

JL on Jul 31, 2008


From reading this thread... It's too late for me say anything that will change any minds. I give up =_=

LW on Aug 1, 2008


Omnia Regarding your statement about Catwoman. Although I do agree that not all the villains would fit into Nolan's Bat world, I don't understand how you could say that Catwoman wouldn't fit when you're able to accept a man dress up as a bat. You're being a bit narrow minded here, yes Nolan's characters are geared more towards the real world but Catwoman is basically the same as Batman. She's perfectly capable of fitting into the superhero world that Nolan has created. I.D. that's exactly how I would see Catwoman fit. Not the traditional skin tight leather outfitted Catwoman with a whip but a more realistic burglary outfit, a character along the lines of Catherine Zeta Jones in Entrapment or Kim Bassinger in The Real McCoy but maybe with some type of mask to keep her identity. It's that simple. My quick idea: I would like to see Riddler in the next installment with the movie going along the lines of Se7en, but with Catwoman in to add a love/hate interest. More of a detective take. As good as TDK was, I really hope they gear towards a different direction in the next installment. Something to kinda take us away from TDK. I just don't see how they'll out do TDK if they decide to stick with the same concept. I want to see Batman fight something else besides a another villain trying to overtake Gotham.

Omega728 on Aug 1, 2008


Omega728: One thing that really made TDK such a success was that, to the fans, they FINALLY nailed the relationship btw. the Joker & Batman the way it's really portrayed in the best comics. It's not that they fundamentally changed him- it's that they went back to the core of the character and committed to it, pleasing fans and non fans alike. I think, at his core, Chris Nolan is also clearly a Batman fan, so he's going to change the core of any characters just to fit his movies. He may change context slightly, as he did with Scarecrow working for Arkham & Rhas Al Ghul being Bruce's trainer, but none of these changes mattered in light of how accurately and compellingly he portrayed the characters on screen - both in his casting choice and his methods of costuming. Two Face is another example of this. It think the reservation w/ Catwoman is that she can't be the major character she was in past movies if Nolan's committing to doing things fresh. I'm almost certain she will show up, in some form, but it certainly won't be a repeat of Batman Returns; Nolan-style. My bet is that he's trying to second guess us and surprise us, so if its the riddler it will be based on the best of the Riddler, brought into the semi-realism of Earth Nolan. Perhaps your Se7en idea isn't so far off ... that's a pretty good comparison & I could see how that would work. There certainly hasn't been a 'Catwoman/ Riddler' movie, villain-wise. As long as he doesn't pull a spider man 3 and just throw Bane in for no real reason. That'd kill everything he's worked so hard to achieve with this.

Djo on Aug 2, 2008


Sorry - he's NOT going to change the core of any the characters. (I'm quite hung over right now)

Djo on Aug 2, 2008


@ Omega728: The reason why it wouldn't work with Catwoman is because I think the typically cat-like traits, portrayed by a human being would end up looking real dumb. Batman uses the characteristics of a bat because they can be used as a means to frighten his enemies, which already makes it a lot less campy. The fact that Batman is based off an animal, something that clearly works, doesn't mean it's a free-pass for all animal inspired characters. Obviously if you would have villains based on, say... hippos or rabbits, it'd be ridiculous. That being said, I have absolute faith that if anyone can implement any of these characters, without making the movie extremely lame and campy, it'll be Christopher Nolan.

Omnia on Aug 3, 2008


I have had these crazy ideas that have been rambling around in my head. One has been in there even before TDK openned and the other just came to me last night. My first idea came to me when I was reading Frank Miller's 'The Dark Knight Returns'. For those of you who aren't famliar with this comic, the story takes place 10 years into the future and Gotham has become a city that has been ravaged by a sadistic and ruthless gang called the Mutants. Bruce Wayne is now pushing 50 and has become an empty shell of a man. He has donned the cape and cowl for a decade and has become an alcoholic. He has tried resist to the temptation of going back to his old ways, but he ultimately gives in to his inner demons. He then begins his mission to destroy the Mutants and give Gotham back to the people. I think that both Christopher and Johnathan Nolan, David Goyer, and Christian Bale should wait at least 10 or 15 years and make a movie out of this comic. I just think the story and way Miller wrote it is phenominal and would make one hell of a movie. I would be great to see if Bale could pull off the role both physical and mentally at like age 50. Considering how compelling the story was and how mind blowing the action sequences were in 'Dark Knight', this could be a gigantic and immensly entertaining film (if done right of course.) There is a storyline that involves Superman, but I think they should leave that out. But what they should leave in is storylines that involve both the Joker and Two Face. Although, I think the whole film should just concentrate on Batman's battle with the Mutants. The other idea that came to me deals with who would replace the Joker, provided that they want to bring the character back for future films. After watching the remake of the classic thriller 'Sleuth', I feel that the best replacement for the role would be Jude Law. After watching his mezmerizing performance in that film, I am convinced he is the right man for the job. As I watched him in this role, I could see little ticks and mannerisms that really looked Jokerish. Plus, he did portray a very convincing and vile killer in 'Road to Perdition'. I am well aware that a lot of people will dispute for making this suggestion, but I would like to point out that there were people who didn't like the idea of Ledger being cast. I am pretty sure now that those people are eating crow as we speak. Another actor I had in mind for this role was the great Daniel-Day Lewis. Whatever darkness or insanity that Ledger brought to the Joker, Day-Lewis performance would most certainly give the next film an R rating without question. Although, I am turned off by idea because of his age (he's 50!!). I think the Joker should be at least in his early or mid 30's. Out of all the ideas I have shared with you, I would most definitely like to see 'The Dark Knight Returns' become a reality. I think the film, if done correctly, would be 5 times more darker than TDK. Welp, that's about it. Thanks for listenin'.

Pat on Aug 7, 2008


Comic book fans seem to keep missing the point, no matter how important the joker is to the Batman story: if you have this character return in the next movie, played by a different actor, after such a performance by Heath Ledger, after all that has happened, a great deal of the audience will not be able to accept it. Don't make this about the whole "Joker is more important than Heath Ledger thing", the biggest part of the audience now going to theaters to see TDK does NOT share that opinion I'm afraid. If Nolan ONLY wanted to satisfy the die hard fans, you would've seen the last 2 movies be a lot more campy and far-fetched than they are today, the fact is he doesn't... obviously.

Omnia on Aug 8, 2008


I watched Batman Begins yesterday and they drop a couple of hints in that movie. At Bruce's B-Day Bash Ras Al Ghul(Liam Neson) tells Bruce that he is immortal. After Wayne Manor is burnt to the ground Alfred The Butler tells Bruce that they should concentrate more on The Southeast Corner(The Batcave). So I'm thinking we may see the return of Ras Al Ghul and, hopefully, a bigger and better Batcave! And since The Rover was blown up in THE DARK KNIGHT then maybe we'll see a sleeker Batmobile comlpete and replete with gadgets like a Bond car! Now that would be cool!

Tony on Aug 8, 2008


hey cool, RUNNER UP!!! I liked all those I read up there too, I would have liked to win but hey, I already own all those posters so w/e. I just really want to see Nolan explore the Jokers effect on Gotham in addition to Batman's, just as the Dark Knight Inspired copy cats, so could the insanity of the joker....enter Harley Quinn and Riddler...but he has to keep it a gritty crime movie at the same time...Hush, Black Mask, Bane...I hope Nolan finds the combination

Clint N on Aug 9, 2008


@ Tony: R'as al Ghul claimed to be immortal in the sense that he was merely a symbol, just like Batman, and in that sense he could never be destroyed. However, as a human being, he actually died. The question would be how much of a threat this symbol would be once the man pulling the strings is gone, just like Batman would have a hard time stopping badguys if he were dead (symbol or not). I wouldn't read into it too much. I believe the way Bruce Wayne meant it was that the symbol of Batman would shield his identity from the people trying to stop him, making it a lot harder for them to get to him, and of course because a symbol is more frightening than a mere man. I think Ducard tried to achieve the same thing, but instead of trying to mask himself he decided to put another guy in his place to be the focus of hostilities that may be taken upon him at some point. But being dead kinda takes away the purpose of this scheme. However, it seems obvious to me as well that we will not see a Batman without some sort of 'Batmobile', so surely the tumbler will be upgraded or replaced by something else. Also the Wayne Manor will surely return, that quote at the end of Begins will not have been for mere show.

Omnia on Aug 11, 2008


Omnia you do have a point there with immortality more of a metaphor rather than a fact. I just thought it was weird how Ras closed his eyes right before he died. In the comic book world, though, Ras was ASIAN not Scottish! LOL! And Ras was IMMORTAL in the comic books so I just figured he would resurface in the third film. While the idea of The Lady Shiva (Bruce Wayne's daughter right?) is intriguing the filmmakers would have to explain Bruce Wayne's affair with Talia Al Ghul! Right?

Tony on Aug 11, 2008


The Dark Knight Returns (not very original, but what the hell) Batman is on the run, Gotham's hopes have infact increased with the Joker locked in Arkham and with the likes of Commissioner Gordon keeping the Falcone crime family, now run by Sal Maroni at bay. The martar Harvey Dent has inspired Gotham to rid themesleves of corruption but there still exists a thorn in their sides, the Batman. Gordon and Ramirez (her act in Rachel Dawes death forgotten as long as she does not identify Two-Face as Harvey Dent.) are the only two who know that Batman is wrongfully accused and continue to work secretly with him, slowly but surely establishing law and peace in Gotham. However, codes have been found across the city, one to the rebuilt Wayne manor, one to the home of the mayor and one to Gotham police department, all of them riddles to dicover the location of a bomb. The result leaves Gotham City Bank in tatters with one riddle left behind, which when deciphered reads, 'I want him'. The Riddler unlike Joker has a purpose, he wants not only to know the Batman's identidy but to tear down Bruce wayne and Wayne enterprises for a reason that remains unclear. Riddles across Gotham lead to his next target but he is not Batman's only problem. With his alter ego now having to fully stay within the shadows of Gotham, Bruce wayne has turned his intentions to his enterprise, even more so with the threat of The Riddler, to convince his ceo Lucius Fox to stay and to chip away his playboy image replacing it with a beacon of hope and inspiration which once illuminated Hravey Dent, because as Batman looses his appeal to the city, maybe he can inspire people without wearing a mask and find out just who is Bruce Wayne. But as fate would have it, the downfall of his creation, begins with the arrival of a beautiful youg woman, a ruthless businesswomen who is the latest challenge to Wayne enterprise and who is strangly familiar to Bruce. Known as Talia Ducard to Bruce Wayne and the world but to the Batman inside him she is known as Talia Al-Gul, come not for revenge but to fulfull her father's wish and make Wayne the leader of the league of shadows. Bruce Wayne falls in love, Batman knows what must be done as Talia and her army promise to finish her father's work on Gothem should he not comply. But alas, talia's own feelings become intertwined with that of Batmans and the riddlers due to his discovery of Batman's identidy(thanks to one Coleman reese) who reveals himself to Bruce as Tom Rickman, a young peasent living in Gotham before Thomas Wayne took him in as his own, only to be replaced and discarded after the birth of Wayne's song, Bruce. At Wayne Manor, a final fight between Talia and Bruce(not as Batman) leaves him the winner, his love sent under Gordon's watch. Talia is then rescued not by her army, or riddler or Btaman, but a strange man with scars on his face, the notorious Joker. His escape made possible by the explosion and outbreak at Arkham, orchestrated by riddler,to call upon the prince of clown to seek vengeance on Wayne,in return for his help, riddler gives Joker the most precious gift of all, Batmans true alias. Joker hangs Talia over the edge of the building site wher Batman spared his life and challenges him, wanting to see Waynes face before causing the same pain on Batman once inflicted on him. The fight between the trio of Joker,riddler and Batman ends with Batman loosing his mask aand riddler aiming his gun at him, ready to kill only for the supporting walls surrounding him to explode leaving the ceiling crashing on top of him, smashing his skull through the floor. 'You spare my life,I spare yours' laughs the Joker, the detonator in his hands, Talia hanging by the tip of his fingers. 'Havent we been here before?' 'Oh Well' Talia falls, before Batman can save her, the Joker pulls a second detonator and the floor beneath the dark knight fals, sending him plummeting doen below,unable to save his love. Unmasked, Bruce looks to where the clown was standing but sees nothing and gliding to the bottom of the site there lies Talia's lifeless body. Behind him sirens, but only Gordon and ramirez arrive first to the scene and they see Bruce Wayne waring body armour and a cape holding the body of Talia Ducard in his arms. With the Joker and other Arkham inmates loose, Gotham again looks doomed, now, with crisis growing, no is when the people of Gotham looking at the madness of the Joker can see who their true hero is, the batman. Slowly,but surely his alter ego is growing strong again, but all that remains of his lost love are memories, and a card left in his jacket pocket, the one he wore when they first met, an address lay on it to a warehouse on the outskirts of Gotham and below were black lettering, his answer to the Joker, 'They are waiting for your instructions'. Talia AlGul : Melissa George/Olga Kurylenko Riddler : Robin Williams Joker : Adrian Brody

thecomedian217 on Aug 14, 2008


I got another suggestion for Talia Al Ghul. Jodi Lyn O'Keefe. She looks like a younger Lynda Carter! As for The Riddler, I love Robin Williams. I wanted him for my FREEZE. But I'm going to go with Matthew Lillard! And I think Adrien Brody has that Heath Ledger look but if you want neo-classic Joker then you got to go with Alan Cumming! I liked your storyline by the way. You packed a punch there at the end! So I guess we're to assume that Bruce Wayne is considering leading The League Of Shadows even though he wasn't too keen on the idea in BATMAN BEGINS! Batman is a lone figure. Bruce Wayne would never lead those assassins. That's what was so cool, the way he stood up to Ducard and Ras Al Ghul! He is the lone guardian, the sole protector of Gotham. THE DARK KNIGHT...he leads no one and no one follows him!

Tony on Aug 15, 2008


83: who says there assassins. Bruce Wayne will honour his love's final wish and finally defeat the Joker and the emergenz of the black mask. The film would focus on the loneliness of Batman, leading into the arrival of Robin(by this stage batman and the world will be ready.)

thecomedian217 on Aug 15, 2008


Did you sleep through BATMAN BEGINS??? The League Of Shadows are Ninja Assassins who move in the dark "restroring order to societies that have reached their peak" like The Roman Empire "or grown so corrupt they need to be purged" like Gotham. Make no mistake, they are ASSASSINS!

Tony on Aug 15, 2008


I would move away fronm the pathetic drones in begins and intrduce something new, vigilantes like batman, ones who stuck by Talia even after her father's death, each with different skills and ideas to solving Joker and Black Mask (Ramirez). Some are assassins and nothing more, others however are like Batman, and thats what scares Bruce wayne, its like hes looking at a mirror and i sleft with the dileema of what to do with them. Just an idea to move away from routine. Lets, shall we say throw a spanner in the works by having Bastman deal with an array of strange characters, some loyal, some insane, some deadly. What makes you think The league of shadows is limited to what was seen in Begins, if your imagination cant go past 'ninja assassins', thats your problem.

thecomedian217 on Aug 15, 2008


I guess I heard about this contest a little too late. This was my idea: Batman: Knightfall(?) Inspired by the antics of the Joker and taking advantage of Batman’s preoccupation with avoiding the police, a new wave of costumed criminals has emerged to drown Gotham in acts of violence and terror. For months, aid has been offered to the belabored GCPD in the form of anonymous letters filled with brilliant criminal behavioral profiles…an unparalleled understanding of the masked criminal psyche. However, the erratic penmanship and bizarre question mark signatures of the letters have them quickly dismissed as the scribblings of a crank. All that changes, though, when one of the profiles saves the police in case that stumps them, leading them to the most unlikely perpetrator in a rough arms deal…a tiny, deformed man with an inferiority complex and an obsession with gaining upper-class status. The mocking headlines brand him “The Penguin.” The man responsible for the letters, who seems to know these masked freaks intimately, is brought in to help catch the gravest threat of the bunch…Batman. With Edward Nashton [Nigma would be referenced somewhere along the way, but it’s too on the nose] suddenly talking over half of Gordon’s investigation, the two find themselves at odds instantly. Edward is arrogant, neurotic, condescending, and worst of all…effective, and Jim fears that it is only a matter of time before Edward’s genius tracks down The Bat. That’s when the murders begin. Costumed crooks and mobsters begin popping up dead all over Gotham as Batman seems to have resumed his killing spree. Only Edward knows the truth behind the deaths, because he is the one secretly setting up these death puzzles and traps to test Batman’s cunning (finally showcasing Bruce’s intellect in these movies)—traps that both serve to frame Bats and draw him out into the open where he might be caught. When Jim sees Batman hovering over a dead body on the scene, right after failing to save the victim from one of Edward’s traps, even Jim begins to grow suspicious. Perhaps the city’s pervasive hatred for him and this endless flood of criminals has finally pushed Batman over the edge. Bruce’s only ally at this point is a mysterious woman in a sexy cat costume, who also seems to be investigating some of these murders, the mobsters in particular. Reports charge this Catwoman with breaking into mob dens and making out with cash, and the tabloids even claim that she’s a prostitute. But though Bruce fails to get a straight answer from her about what she’s really after, he still feels inexplicably drawn to her. An attraction grows to this kindred spirit…a woman who will take equally extreme measures to see that justice carried through…a woman not unlike Rachel. When Jim spots the two of them in an embrace, his fears of Batman’s guilt only deepen. However, after glimpsing Edward’s taunting sneer in the aftermath of one of his successful traps (a close call where Batman is almost captured), Bruce knows that Edward is the man responsible. He confronts Jim to try and convince him of his innocence, telling Gordon that he will take off his mask and turn himself in right now if Jim asks…but the murders would still continue. He tells Jim that he is the only friend he has left and the only man in the entire city who might still trust him. He NEEDS Jim to believe that he hasn’t become the monster everyone says he is. They reconcile, and now their task becomes proving that Nashton’s behind the riddle killings. Yet, Edward is always two steps ahead, and he senses that Gordon is on to him. He makes a big play, setting a trap that blows Arkham open…revealing that Harvey Dent is in fact alive and that Gordon was responsible for the cover-up. Locked in the dark for so long, Harvey’s psychosis has festered, fueled incessantly by thoughts of vengeance against the one that put him there, Batman. He steps into the light for the first time in ages after the blast and spots his good side reflected in the shattered glass. Standing before the newly detonated exit, he flips his coin. Bad Harv wins and Two-Face escapes with an army of the equally deranged--all bent on making Batman’s life a living hell. As the worst of the freaks are set loose on Gotham, Batman’s first question in the aftermath to Gordon is if cell 28 is still intact, and Gordon seems just as relieved to tell him it is. Gordon is disgraced and kicked off the force, leaving Edward in charge of the entire investigation with a wave of public adoration at his back. He revels in the fame, presenting himself before the public in a new lavish costume and taking the title of “The Riddler,” a handle given to him for his irritating habit of answering a question with another question and his deep, probing inquiries into what makes these loons tick when making his profiles. He promises to not only bring in Batman now but Two-Face and his roaming Arkham inmates to the justice they deserve. Two-Face leads the criminals, who re-arm themselves with Penguin’s arsenal, which has been taken from police custody by Edward. It turns out that Penguin, or Oswald Cobblepot as he prefers (a fake name assumed in his desire to be apart of the elite that rejected him), collaborated to stage Cobblepot’s initial arrest to sky-rocket Edward’s fame and place him on the Bat hunt. Having already profited from the first sale prior to his arrest, now Penguin sells these guns and signature weapons taken out of the police vaults back to the desperate criminals at a hefty price. As they prepare to ransack the town, Penguin waddles away from the rest of the low-class rabble smiling secretly to himself. In the film’s climax, Batman has to deal with taking Two-Face and his gang of villains down while The Riddler closes in on his identity. Knowing where he’ll be, Edward dispatches the cops to the scene to add to Bruce’s dilemma. Downtown Gotham becomes a war-zone, wrapped in a battle-royale between cops, Batman, the inmates, and all the civilians trapped in between. Batman is overwhelmed and nearly defeated until Catwoman arrives to kill Harvey (for good this time)…perhaps not to save Batman, but as vengeance for him murdering Maroni…her father. Her true colors are shown. She wasn’t investigating the mob murders--she was behind them (though perhaps in self-defense), eliminating all of the contenders for her father’s throne after his death and reclaiming what was rightfully hers as his illegitimate child. She asks if Bruce can forgive her and perhaps understand her need to avenge. It was about her family, and nothing is more important to her, nothing more defines her…even if she barely had a chance to know them. Batman’s love is tainted, and once again, he is alone in the fight. In the end, she sits at the throne of the restored Maroni empire, deciding whether or not to take up the mantle now that she as achieved her vengeance. Jim, meanwhile, struggles to get those still loyal to him to stay their hunt on Batman and bring down some of the rogue villains, navigating through the chaos. It’s then that Batman realizes the real scheme was for Penguin to direct all the crooks in one location to for the arms drop off, so that Riddler could kill them all at once in his final trap. And though Bruce just barely manages to foil that plan and save the scum, he’s still too late. Edward has managed to uncover Bruce’s identity. Gordon’s squad bursts in to bring Edward in. He was a huge admirer of Batman, and as he is being dragged away, he asks the legitimate question of why Batman allows these people to live and continually escape. Why he would rather wage an endless battle with them as innocent people keep getting hurt in the wake. Nashton has no confidence in the police to do the job, having witnessed their incompetence firsthand. He tells Batman that it is up to the two of them as the only people of intellect to deal with the situation by the only means available to them…even if, as Batman pioneered, those means are rather unorthodox. “That’s just what this town requires in all that it’s become…you’ve played no small part in that.” Edward claims to know why Bats won’t put them down. Edward says that Bruce craves the constant war, so that he can have a purpose. Analyzing him as he did the other mad men, he says that he does it to regain as sense of power after feeling so powerless, to seek retribution…for the night his parents died. He delivers that shocker as he’s dragged into the police van for Arkham. He yells for Batman to pay him 20 million dollars or he’ll reveal his identity to the whole world. Batman meets with Edward in Arkham, where we take that great scene from Hush. Riddler starts making his demands to be let free. If not, he can have a press conference ready within the hour. Bruce surprises him, saying that Edward’s right--he’s won. But Bruce counters, “After all you’ve gone through to figure it out, now the only person who truly knows who I am (unlike that Coleman Reese farce), and you’re going to give that up…share the sacred knowledge, that you and you alone in the world were able to attain, with the rest of the dimwitted sheep out there who struggle to finish the daily jumble? I don’t think you can do it. You beat The Batman, and you wouldn’t trade that for all the money in the world.” Riddler breathes hard, conceding his point that even in losing, Batman remains the victor. However, Riddler retaliates with a parting shot: “You’ve just placed me closer to my prey. I’ll kill every last one of them.” Batman parries: “Really, pull that off and I’ll pay you 40 million. Place him in cell 28.” The guard says, “It’s already occu--,” but he’s cut short by Bruce’s menacing look. Edward is escorted to his cell and suddenly his confident smirk drops, turning to a disturbed grimace. He’s shoved inside to the sound of The Joker’s wild cackle as the door slams shut. Gordon meets with Batman and notes that they dodged a bullet there with Riddler. If he had unveiled his identity, it would have been the end of Batman. Batman surveys the damage that his unleashed villains inflicted on the city, and he thinks of Riddler’s comment about why he really dons the cowl. Is it for Gotham or for himself? Bruce tells Jim the end of Batman wasn’t the Riddler’s goal, but he succeeded. He takes off his mask and declares that his time as Batman is through.

Carl on Aug 15, 2008


Comedian you just might be onto something with your League Of Shadows angle. Complex yet intriguing! BUT RAMIREZ AS THE BLACK MASK??? Totally asinine and way too confusing! I think you should stick with Roman Sionis. It's like you are trying to rewrite the whole Batman universe dude!

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


Besides Ramirez is too MINOR a character dude! Just like Kyle Reese! These minor characters did their part to fuel the story of THE DARK KNIGHT. They are no longer needed for the series!

Tony on Aug 16, 2008


I know she was minor but I like to bring back characters, major or not to provide a link and so the audience is not bombarded with new characters who take away the stroy from Batman and Bruce Wayne. I like confusing people and making things different, for me Sionis character is boring and wont add anything new to Nolan's world. (Dont think we've seen the last of Reeses either.)

thecomedian217 on Aug 16, 2008


Hands down, John p's idea to use the black mask, in my opinion is the best. it really gives a cool villain you don't really hear about his time to shine. On top of it theres the great introduction to robin and the black mask is capable of taking Gotham down the apocalyptic path that we all want to see.

Brendan on Aug 18, 2008


Hey Brendan what do you think of Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus) playing The Black Mask???

Tony on Aug 19, 2008


Some people simply seem to forget or consciously ignore the fact that Nolan stated never to use Robin in his Batman adaptations, so just FORGET ABOUT IT!! Also, I think bringing in some sort of partner or other forms of a 'helping hand' would perhaps deminish Batman's loneliness in the third film (which I think is a key consequence of his choice at the end of TDK), so if it were up to me, Talia is off the board.

Omnia on Aug 21, 2008


The idea of Bruce Wayne on the run is intriguing I got to admit. I don't think anyone saw that one coming! I just hope the third Batman film doesn't suck like NO ESCAPE did. That was a "fugitive" film too! But that movie sucked balls! Good cast too!

Tony on Aug 22, 2008


One thing is for sure though. We're going to need a BIGGER THAN LIFE villain to bring Batman back into the fold of saving his beloved Gotham City! Catwoman's been hinted at. She's an interesting love interest for Bruce Wayne but no great shakes as a villain! The Nolans said that The Riddler is too much like The Joker and that The Penguin is too far-fetched. So I guess they're out! The writers said they want "fresh" villains. Two-Face is dead. Joker's in Arkham and I don't know if Heath Ledger can be topped. Too bad too because Alan Cumming eerily looks like The Joker! So they're out too right? So who does that leave? Ras was supposedly killed in the first one but he came back from the dead in the comic books! I think Ras being resurrected and trying to pick up where he left off with his League Of Shadows(League Of Assassins in the comic books) would be interesting. Then Talia Al Ghul and Lady Shiva could come into play. We'll just to wait(3 years?) and see right? I can't wait to hear what the new cast is going to look like though! And you can bet The Nolans are mum!

Tony on Aug 22, 2008


I don't think Catwoman would work at all in Nolan's universe, it took a large portion of Batman Begins just to explain why Batman wears his costume and frankly cats aren't exactly the most terrifying of animals. I thought that the third film could pick up approximately three months after The Dark Knight and follow the theme of redemption (the title "Batman Redemption" is one that I could see happening). Bruce Wayne has not fought crime as Batman for three months and the police department are vigorously hunting him, scavenging on any clues they can find. The public has lost faith in Batman although the impostor Batmen still believe in him and continue his struggle with little success. Gotham City is confused and no longer has anyone to believe in after the death of Harvey Dent. The police department has hit a dead end in their Batman search but a series of crimes soon are being committed by an unseen man called The Riddler who gives the police clues about the next crime he is going to commit and encrypts his codes in a series of riddles and puzzles (similar to Kevin Spacey's character in Se7en) which have all the information needed to prevent the crime if they are decoded. Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne having to no longer deal with his role as Batman has begun to invest large amounts of time in the future of his company and has become more cynical and reclusive in the process. Bruce still feels guilt over not being able to save Rachael and Harvey and his relationship with Alfred and Lucius has become strained. Bruce pushes Wayne Industries into taking over a company run by Roman Sionis, Roman resists stating that his father started the company and that it will destroy his father's work. Bruce merges the company into Wayne Industries and must contend with the fact that he and his company are becoming something that his father would not approve of. Roman has dinner with with Sal Maroni who was a friend of his father's and uses his mob connections to wreak havoc on Bruce Wayne and his company. Black Mask can be unique because his fight is not with Batman but with Bruce Wayne. The Riddler's clues are too difficult for the police to solve and the crimes continue to terrorize Gotham and after much reflection and turmoil Batman returns to stop The Riddler's crimes but the police continue to chase him. The Riddler only supplies his clues to the police department and Jim Gordon who is becoming the new White Knight of Gotham secretly supplies Batman with the clues leading to an investigation into the police department workings. Black Mask begins to unite the mob who are in tatters after Dent's crusade against them and plans to attack Gotham's economic infrastrucuture by terrorizing big companies and bringing the mob back up to it's once untouchable status. Bruce Wayne gets back into his social life and barely survives an assassination attempt in public by the Black Mask. After recovering, Batman begins to fight back against Black Mask's new mob who has been sabotaging Wayne Industries and other companies. After foiling his plans Black Mask captures Coleman Reese who publicly announced that they knew who the Batman was. Reese has been denying to the police that he knows anything (Bruce Wayne did save his life after all) and states that he merely did it to get attention and is now in protective custody after the Joker fiasco. Black Mask makes Reese divulge that Bruce Wayne is Batman which further enrages his hatred against Bruce and decides to end everything once and for all. With The Riddler and Black Mask simultaneously terrorizing Gotham, Batman must redeem himself in the eyes of the public and work to be the great man his father wanted him to be. Batman could possibly work to redesign a sleeker Batmobile (and one that could possibly turn into a boat to evade the police - I believe the production designer stated this was a possible idea). The Joker is still alvie (if they have extra Heath Ledger footage or just recast him)and kept in the highest level security in Arkham Asylum where doctors fail at trying to rehabilitate him. The Joker isn't a major role in the third film but he quietly reaffirms his menacing presence. In the conclusion of the film Batman confronts the Joker in Arkham and the Joker painfully reminds him that as long as he lives, Batman must exist because the walls of Arkham are not going to keep him in forever - The Wayne Mansion will be halfway rebuilt and The Riddler could be tweaked by secretly playing both the police and the mob or something along those lines. The Riddler will not be seen until the concluding act of the film and I could see Crispin Glover playing him as a cowardly and physically weak man who has an ultimate plan I have yet to think of. Black Mask will launch far more personal attacks on Bruce Wayne and make him confront everything he has become and although his revenge story is a bit cliche, Nolan could add some of his own flare to make it realistic and unique. Jim Gordon could be charged with aiding a criminal (Batman) and the stakes will have to be higher than The Dark Knight.

SlashBeast on Aug 25, 2008


Hey Slashbeast maybe you and I should put our heads together for GOTHAM THE SERIES and pitch to HBO! Just a thought...

Tony on Aug 26, 2008


TONY: lol, that would be an awesome idea for a series, one that could take the dark, gritty, realistic style of the Nolan films and translate it onto tv with villains which weren't in the film series.

SlashBeast on Aug 26, 2008



Tony on Aug 26, 2008


Anarky,Azrael,Bane,Batgirl,Black Mask,Catwoman,Clayface,Clock King,Deacon Blackfire,Egghead, Freeze,Harley Quinn and Mr. Joker,Killer Croc,Mad Hatter,Man-Bat,Nightwing,The Penguin,Poison Ivy,Ras Al Ghul ressurected,Riddler,Talia Al Ghul,The Lady Shiva,and The Ventriloquist. The resurgence of The Bat. All those box office receipts. The hot-debated sequel. HMMM. Yeah I smell a TV show. And don't forget. Warner Brothers owns Time-Warner which owns HBO. The possibilites are vast and numerous my friend!

Tony on Aug 26, 2008


The origins of Doctor Hugo Strange and The Scarecrow. The retelling of Two-Face. The back stories on Hush and Spawn.

Tony on Aug 26, 2008


Secretary(interrupting) Oh Mister Mayor,this came for you! (Offers a gift box). Mayor(taking box from ditzy Secretary) What's this? Who left this for me? Secretary(musing) He said he was a friend. Signor Roberto. I believe. Mayor(opening box of cigars and sniffing) MMMMM! Havanas! (Closes box) I will enjoy these! Gordon(concerned) Um Mayor, I wouldn't smoke those if I were you. Mayor(offended) Oh and why not? Secretary(excusing herself) I got to get back to my desk! (She goes to her desk and sits. The Mayor goes into his office. Gordon sighs and pads over to water cooler. He bends to get a cup of water and drinks. CUT TO the desk. The Secretary is gone! POOF! Just like that. Gordon walks over to desk slowly. He sees something shiny lying on the desk. He moves for it. It's a name tag. He fips it over and his eyes widen in terror! CUT TO The Name Tag. It reads NURSE QUINN! Gordon(screaming loudly) EVERYBODY DOWN! Suddenly we HEAR a very loud EXPLOSION as BIG FLAMES roar out of The Mayor's Office! The latest victim of Harley Quinn and The Joker. Felled by the good old "exploding cigar" trick...

Tony on Aug 26, 2008


Wicked aren't I?

Tony on Aug 26, 2008


Joker(reading paper) Hmmm. Someone blew up the Mayor. Tsk. Tsk. Politics are a dangerous game Miss Qunn. (Crumbles paper) At least the old boy went out with a bang! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Tony on Aug 26, 2008


All the people want The Riddler. I want more of THE JOKER!

Tony on Aug 30, 2008


I want to see the Joker recast in the next film too but people always have their retarded reasons as to why only Ledger could play the Joker. I think that the Joker should have a minor presence in the film sort of like Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs, possibly even a breakout near the end from Arkham. What nobody's asking is whether they will keep Joker's make-up on in Arkham or remove it, the face paint is an integral part of his identity and going either way could change the impact of the character.

SlashBeast on Aug 31, 2008


Once again Slash you are right! But I want The Joker to escape Arkham(where they have removed his make-up ans subjected him to the whims of the sadistic Doctor Hugo Strange)via Nurse Harleen Quinn. She dresses like a Merry Minstrel and brings him his trademark purple suit. He puts on his make-up. Stands before mirror. "The Joker is back in style." He and Quinn go on a killing spree like a fun-house version of Bonnie And Clyde! Have them play mind games with Penguin and The Riddler! Gotham goes to the dogs and Batman has to come out of hiding to save Gotham! BAM! There's your fucking sequel! Get Alan Cumming or Adrien Brody to play The Clown Prince Of Crime and a lot of people are saying Brittany Murphy to play Harley Quinn. 25 percent go with Murphy!

Tony on Aug 31, 2008


TONY: I'm not sure Harley Quinn would be on the top of the producer's minds for the next film, but hey, I can't make any judgement calls. I'm also hesitant because her quirky style of humour might not work in Nolan's dark and gritty world, the Joker was funny because of his dark style of humour. Harley also started in the television series and they might want to go with more traditional villains from the comics. Once again, (I know) I think that Black Mask and The Riddler would be the perfect way to go. The producers had already scripted Black Mask into The Dark Knight but he was removed later for some reason. I also feel that The DarkKnight showed The Joker when he was free to roam the streets of Gotham, A new actor could take a different route and portray a kind of quiet menace (once again like Hannibal Lecter) to differentiate himself from Ledger's portrayal. But make no mistake, Batman's biggest enemy in the next film will be the Gotham police force (think Mask of the Phantasm) and the people of Gotham.

SlashBeast on Sep 3, 2008


Hey Slash remember Bruce Wayne vs. The Gotham SWAT team from Batman Year One? That was CLASSIC Miller huh? That would be pretty hot translated to film! And Bruce was bare handed!!! That's how BADASS he really can be! They got to show that! Show all those naysayers that Bruce is not to be second-guessed. Even without wepons,the guy is still pretty damn efficient! As for Harley Quinn,you just might be right my friend. BUT I think the original idea was for Heath Ledger to come back in the sequel but he died. I once read an interview and they asked Heath "If they do a sequel, would you come back as The Joker?" Heath replied "Absolutely! Playing The Joker was the most fun he ever had making a movie!" Man! I almost cried when I read that. Sad how things work out huh?

Tony on Sep 4, 2008


TONY: Very tue, and I think the third movie has a huge opportunity to showcase Batman's detective skills and intellect. It could also show him when he's pushed to the absolute brink by the relentless chasing he has to endure. It's going to be incredibly tough and sad now that Heath Ledger isn't around but he'll forever be immortalized in his work and influence.

SlashBeast on Sep 4, 2008


Well put my friend. Heath Ledger is sorely missed. This year's Academy Awards should be interesting...

Tony on Sep 5, 2008


I cant wait...

SlashBeast on Sep 5, 2008


Neither can I. It will restore my faith in The Academy when Heath gets the gold for BEST ACTOR. Fuck Supporting Actor! THAT MOVIE WAS HIS and we all know it. There! I said it! Heath and the writing. That's why The Dark Knight is the monster hit it is! GOD I miss Heath Ledger. It's only fitting he gets that Oscar. And I am not alone in this. Gary Oldman says Heath just might get it. And I hope to GOD he does...Take that Nicholson!!!

Tony on Sep 6, 2008


It would be a crime if Heath wasn't nominated and no doubt wins. I think there's tons of other categories The Dark Knight could be nominated in as well and not just the usual technical awards.

SlashBeast on Sep 6, 2008


I could see it fetching a nod for Best Picture. All the critics and fans alike loved it. Nod for Best Actor. People can't and won't stop talking about Heath's crazy ass Joker. Maybe a nod for its Cinematography since all those action scenes were shot in IMAX! Maybe a nod for Best Score. The Joker had that creepy backround music. Maybe a nod for Best Director. Chris Nolan is a genius and he made it all come together. Maybe a nod for Original Screenplay. Let's face it,when was the last time we saw a script this wicked? Maybe a nod for Editing. That Bank Heist Segment was a tight six minutes! That's 7 noms right there! Could it get nods for Costume? Batman looked tight! So did The Joker. Make-Up? Joker was sinister. Two-Face was creepy as hell. Total of 9 noms maybe? Sweet! Not bad for a "comic-book movie". LOL! The Dark Knight leaves all those others in the dust friend!

Tony on Sep 7, 2008


The times are a changin' for the better.

SlashBeast on Sep 7, 2008


The Dark Knight is truly deserving of all of those awards but who knows, maybe the academy will screw us again and pick some obscure film nobody knew existed for the winner of best picture.

SlashBeast on Sep 7, 2008


NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN was decent but did it really deserve BEST PICTURE? The Academy needs to pull its head out of its ass and they had better recognize THE DARK KNIGHT!

Tony on Sep 7, 2008


No Country for Old Men was a brilliant film although I felt There Will Be Blood was a slightly better film. The Academy needs to start paying more attention to films which are actually relevant to most people. So far, I have seen no good reason as to why The Dark Knight can not win Best Picture and several other major awards.

SlashBeast on Sep 7, 2008


I have never seen so much praise for a "comic-book movie" in my life! Not even 1989's Batman recieved this much! That's my point,though. The Dark Knight breaks away from the pack. This is NOT your Saturday Morning Batman! This is the gritty Bat and The Joker as he was meant to be. Evil and nasty. A guy who sees humor in pain,torture,and ultimately Death! We got a meaner Bat. He drops Eric Roberts off a fire escape for Christ's sake! It took Christian Bale's intensity, the late Heath Ledger's energy and the wit of Christopher and Jonathan Nolan to pull it off. Caine is teriffic in his somber scenes with Bale. Eckhart is excellent as the tortured Harvey Dent. And Freeman and Oldman make the most of their "fatherly roles." The stunts are top-drawer. A stuntman died on the set. The costumes are fantastic. The music builds with every layered scene as The Bat and The Clown head for that final clash! If you have not seen this movie,go see it now. Go see what all the hype is about. What 52 million people already know. That this movie is indeed epic in every sense of the word. A modern-day classic!

Tony on Sep 8, 2008


Agreed, The Dark Knight will be one of the greatest and most memorable films for years to come.

SlashBeast on Sep 9, 2008


Plus, I haven't found any criticisms that were valid against The Dark Knight. - Some people said that Two-Face should have been left over for the third film but these people don't realize that the entire film was really about HIM, not Batman, not the Joker, but the middleman of Harvey Dent. - Some people also say that they thought it was too long, but I never once thought that when watching it, in fact, I thought there was more after Two-Face died!!!

SlashBeast on Sep 17, 2008


There will be more. Spinoffs. A TV Show. The long,awaited sequel. That's what Hollywood does. Milks the cow to death. And Dark Knight is a cash cow. They will carry on with or without Nolan.

Tony A. on Sep 18, 2008


The big question is "How to make a third film that could topple in ticket sales what TDK has done?" I'll tell you how. But first, to all of the people who are talking about bringing back Joker, Two Face, and Ras.........IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!! I did like the idea of a "Se7en" type riddler though, and done right, that story can be a winner. But that wouldnt topple TDK numbers. You see, what was missing from even TDK was a real one on one fight with an enemy that can actually fight hand to hand. Now understand that aside from merely a fanboy perspective on who you would want to be the next villain, you must understand that movie studios are after huge profits, and even though TDK had the Joker, and not someone that could really tear Batman apart, the joker is Batman's arch nemesis and is the "brains" end of the brains and brawn spectrum. So instead of bringing in the riddler, which would be kinda close to making another movie, recycling the same situations already seen by audiences with the joker, the "brain" end of the spectrum, you bring in the other end of the spectrum, "brawn"..........and this is why Knightfall must be told and introduce the brawn, BANE. And as much as a good story being a must, we love no holds barred action too! This route will pull a matrix reloaded/matrix revolution meaning that instead of just a third batman movie, a third and fourth movie will be tied together, with the third ending with Batman getting his ass severely handed to him by Bane (temporarily disabling Bats but not breaking his back) and the end of the third showing Azrael starting to not only sub as the bat, but to end the third movie, a new suit is revealed in the bat closet made by Azrael, and the screen goes black.(Azrael's story being told as well throughout the movie) . The fourth movie starts off epic with Azrael chasing Bane, and with Azrael still running around in the original batsuit (with improvements like bat claws) but is still frustrated with it after still not being able to catch Bane. Think of the fourth movie as following the events of Batman #500. Nobody can tell me that wasnt an epic fight between Bats and Bane at the end. In the end, with Bane begging for Batman to face him in the middle of downtown, with Gordon and Swat surrounding Bane, Azrael(Batman), wearing his new armor seems as anxious to face Bane as Bane is to face Batman(Azrael) Right before all of this though, Wayne has long conversation with Azrael about right and wrong and the right way to handle Bane....Azrael departs not convinced that you can save someone like Bane, or even spare him. Azrael goes to this epic showdown, with a huge audience, mixed with police, media and onlookers, a big batsignal spotlight all there to amplify the situation. Azrael swoops over the audience right in Bane's path. Gordon warns his guys not to interfere unless the vigilante has failed. Bane is not impressed by Bats new suit and says he defeated him once and tonight he was going to finish the job. After he says this the camera zooms in on Azrael as Azrael says......."prepare to be mugged" and that's when he hurls several batarang flesh slicers into Bane, and from there, it's on like a chicken bone!!!! But this fight actual transpire much like it did in the comic going to several locations right before the climax, where right in front of everybody, Batman rips the lines feeding venom into Bane, leaving Bane helpless. And as Azrael (Batman) beats Bane almost to the point of death, on the ground bleeding and broken, Bane utters in pain....."kill me" and that somehow triggers the humanity of Azrael (Batman) and everything that Wayne talked to him about comes to mind, and he spares Bane. Batman disappears before the police get close, yet in people's mind, this act of mercy by Batman proves that he is not a killer. Being too much of a responsibility for Azrael to bear, Azrael destroys the suit and relinquishes duties of the Batman back to a much healthier and wiser Bruce Wayne. Azrael leaves Wayne Manner (for good?) and to celebrate everything, wearing a batsignal platinum necklace and utility belt (nothing else) Bruce has an epic threeway with Catwoman and Vicky Vale (while Alfred whacks off watching on the monitors in the batcave) haha, just kidding!

CodeAzrael on Jan 10, 2009

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5. Blow the Man Down
6. The Invisible Man
7. Minari
8. Possessor
9. Feels Good Man
10. Color Out of Space
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