Where Has Baz Luhrmann's Australia Been Hiding?

November 2, 2008


Just last week, Focus Features was being criticized for their lack of early marketing for Gus Van Sant's Milk, which hits theaters on November 26th, a little over three weeks from now. But no one is criticizing 20th Century Fox over their lack of marketing for Baz Luhrmann's Australia, even though it hits theaters the exact same day. Why is this? Because the film isn't done yet. I had heard some mention from within the studio that this was the case, but Christine Jackman at The Australian confirmed it. This isn't necessarily big news, but more of an opportunity to talk about a film that I think could be this year's Best Picture.

These are the stakes: Australia is the most expensive Australian film ever made, at an estimated $130 million, with the longest shoot in Fox's history, and an estimated 170 minute running time. They've got a lot of work to do over the next three weeks if this is going to make the money they're hoping it will. "We always thought it was extremely precarious," Luhrmann admits to The Australian. "We're going to give it our all and at the moment it's an absolutely real date. But I would not be truthful if I didn't say it's a little like landing a jumbo jet on an aircraft carrier in a storm…" So the film isn't finished and the execs at Fox are nervously trying to figure out how to turn this into a huge box office success in just over three weeks.

Baz LuhrmannBaz Luhrmann (seen to the right) is in need of an Oscar. Moulin Rouge was nominated, but lost to A Beautiful Mind; Romeo + Juliet was also nominated but didn't win. From what I've seen so far, Australia has the potential to be the big winner this year, at least if The Dark Knight doesn't gain more buzz. Luhrmann's film looks fantastic and I'm anxious to see it - but I'm not criticizing Fox or Luhrmann for being behind schedule. In fact, I think the suspense of waiting to see a film that has the potential to be this year's Best Picture is what is making me so excited. But don't hold me to my word, because I haven't seen every big Oscar contender yet, and I'm likely to change my opinion once I've seen them all (including Australia).

Getting back to the original question - the reason why there is no buzz yet, no Oscar talk, nothing, is because it's not finished and no one has seen a final cut yet. I rely on other industry folks to feed me early reports on films they've somehow been shown early - but not a single soul has seen Australia yet. This is merely just an interesting tidbit worth mentioning in my early Oscar discussion on this movie. We haven't seen a new trailer since the last one debuted a month ago. Not to fret though, I'm sure we'll be hearing plenty more about it over the next few weeks. So where has Baz Luhrmann's Australia been hiding? In the editing room, of course!

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No one's criticizing lack of early marketing on this one because it isn't about gay people, is my guess.

JL on Nov 2, 2008


Remember, this is from Hollywood's enemy of quality, 20th Century Fox. If it's actually good then they won't want to give it a chance.

Ethan on Nov 2, 2008


No marketing for Australia? I've seen the trailer in theatres at least three times now (two of them in the last three weeks).

Sean Kelly on Nov 2, 2008


nÂș1 gets it right on the first try.

Darunia on Nov 2, 2008


Some people have seen Australia at advanced screenings but they had to sign NDAs. Can't say anything else about it.

Blake on Nov 2, 2008


people have seen this... aren't you affiliated with aintitcoolnews.com? they've been screening this to test audiences.

CX on Nov 2, 2008


Im an Aussie, and we have had heaps of plugs, we've got this ad campaign where Aussie stars (soaps and sitcoms) plug our country and the film. And at the end of the ad, the movie logo pops up and is says "Baz Luhrmann's Australia" So we're getting heaps, not sure about America.

Matt on Nov 2, 2008


**Jaw Drops** You're Saying There is a lack of marketing for Australia??? Bahahahhahhahhahah! Where I am, in Australia the marketing is insane (depending on what television you watch). The amount of tv ads with an aboriginal man speaking the words from 'We Are Australian' is ridiculous. The amount of trailers at the cinema is ridiculous. But what got me surprised was the opening ceremony to the 'Rugby League 2008 World Cup' hosted by Australia was just a giant plug for Australia. It had aboriginals dancing (which isnt surprising for an opening ceremony) but then their was other people too, and then they were holding stuff saying Australia. Ridiculous.

Rory on Nov 2, 2008


Why did you have to rope in The Dark Knight again to this?

Conrad on Nov 3, 2008


Alex, the marketing for this has been insane. There has been a trailer for this in every commercial break on every show! I have TiVo, but still manage to catch a glimpse of Nicole's ginormous forehead while zipping past.

Ryan on Nov 3, 2008


I haven't seen any trailers for this on broadcast television. I don't get cable. But I agree, Ryan, Nicole has a ginormous forehead.

JL on Nov 3, 2008

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