Who Said Candyman Five Times? He's Back?!

August 15, 2008


It seems all we report on nowadays are remakes upon remakes. Some are worse than others (e.g. Rocky Horror Picture Show), obviously, but what about a visit back to 1992's horror hooked-man, Candyman? All you have to do is same his name five times in the mirror, right? Apparently that's the buzz Shock Till You Drop brings us today as it appears Sony is eying another go at the bee-ridden ghoul. "Early talks" is reportedly the word on the street in Hollywood. That, and oh… that Candyman might be white this time around. I really, really hope not. Has the studio totally forgotten Candyman's back story?

If you recall from the franchise, the murderous ghost (played by the very familiar Tony Todd) was originally a slave in the 1800's that was killed by a group of men for getting the daughter of a powerful white man pregnant. The method of choice: cutting off his hand, smearing his body in honey and then locking him inside an apiary full of bees that stung him to death. His ghost is stirred by saying his name five times in the mirror, after which point he appears and usually kills the conjurer. The Candyman franchise, which was adapted from Clive Barker's original "The Forbidden," spanned three films with the first being the most successful both in boxoffice draw and reviews (not surprisingly, right?).

Honestly, Candyman is a fantastic horror tale that I wouldn't mind seeing remade. It definitely struck me as one of the most disturbing movies of my youth; though I have to admit, I never saw the subsequent two films. I've been told that I didn't miss much. As long as Sony doesn't turn Candyman white and secures a decent writer and director, I'll be on board. What about you? Looking forward to more Candyman?

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Ya, It was a good Flick, 2 was good as well the Barthroom with the Bees still sticks with me if i go to a crappy Public Bathroom. Im on board for a good remake

Ripper on Aug 15, 2008


Why not a sequel instead? Bring back Tony Todd! To me, Candyman will always be Tony.

Jane on Aug 15, 2008


Why remake a pretty recent film that was well done in the first place? Seriously, is Hollywood really that desperate? In the next couple of years we are getting remakes of Death Race 2000, Scanners, The Wolfman, Friday the 13th, The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Birds, Short Circuit, Westworld, Clash Of the Titans (actually excited about that one), Flash Gordon, Hellraiser, Swiss Family Robinson, Escape From Witch Mountain, Farenheit 451...we're getting more X-Men movies, more Saw sequels, another Jurassic Park, Grudge, Piranha, an A-Team flick, a Welcome Back Kotter movie, and about a million video-game adaptations! DID WE COMPLETELY LOSE ALL ORIGINAL IDEAS??

BobbyB on Aug 15, 2008


Are the remaking Candyman or a diffrent version of Clive Barker's original short story? It's been a longtime ssince I read "The Forbidden" but it was sat in England and I think it was about lower-class English. Either way, the original film is one the most overlooked and brilliant horror movies of the 1990s and not in need of a remake anytime soon.

goudos on Aug 15, 2008


my point exactly, the movie industry so totally bereft of talented/imaginative writers that this is all we can expect from now on??? good incentive to go back to reading real books for entertainment...f*&% Hollywood...

PIMPIN'MYSISTER on Aug 15, 2008


a new candyman movie would be kickass, unless they turn him white! back story would definatly NOT support that idea! i liked all the candyman movies and even though we are in the midst of remake heaven in hollywood this is a series i wouldn't mind revisiting although the old lady sure would...heh heh heh! just please keep the story line the story line the same......PLEASE!!!

thejugfather on Aug 15, 2008


I think this franchise employs two of the greatest fears in this post 9/11 world: black people and bees.

DCompose on Aug 15, 2008


One of the most original horror movies that worked and they want to change the back story? I mean come This was a classic, cult classic, and had an original theme. Sucks to see Hollywood dipping in the well early , writers in Hollywood are a dying breed. I can't wait to see House of the Dead re-boot! Yesssssss!!!!!!

dee on Aug 16, 2008


#3 Dude, everything that can be invented has already been invented.... or somethin like that... 😐

Carlos on Aug 16, 2008


Hopefully this is a sequel, that would be awesome AND with Todd. Otherwise, PASS!

Ryan on Aug 17, 2008


I like this horror franchise and I wouldn't mind seeing it redone as long as Tony Todd comes back. He's just like Robert England is to Freddy, I couldn't see anyone else playing him. Plus if we are going to talk about remakes. How about a redo of Hellrasier with our CGI abilities now. Or even a scarier and more true version of Steven King's IT. So many possiblities as long as the story works. If it doesn't work please don't remake it.

Aaron Kent on Aug 18, 2008


Well, i don't mind a remake of a movie providing it's done right. Candyman 1 was a hit, it was as scary as sh*t. It will choke a$$ if a white guy plays the role. Tony Todd has the look and will always be the "Candyman"....producers and directors DON'T screw with what works. Bring in Tony Todd....

We like movies on Aug 18, 2008


They have to bring back the music from the first one. To me, the music is what really made the original so memorable. Remember the Omen remake? They replaced a wonderful score with complete shit, and made the visuals almost a shot for shot remake.Bad idea. And bring back Tony Todd.

Chris C. on Aug 18, 2008


Candyman is the best horror film of the 90s. Remaking it is silly. And Chris C., you're correct, the music by Philip Glass was pitch perfect.

Krug on Aug 18, 2008


Film Will Eat Itself.

Crapola on Aug 18, 2008

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