Who Would Be a Good Thor? How About Kevin McKidd?

December 2, 2008
Source: IGN

Kevin McKidd / Thor

With a director and writer set for Marvel's big screen Thor movie, the only name still missing is the actor who will play the Norse God of Thunder. Instead of throwing any old name into the hat, there is actually a specific one that we should mention, especially considering he's been talking with Marvel directly about taking on the role. His name is Kevin McKidd (seen above) and he's a Scottish actor who has appeared in Hannibal Rising, The Last Legion, and Made of Honor as well as the TV shows "Rome", "Journeyman", and "Grey's Anatomy". Yesterday night he confirmed to IGN that he's still in the running for the role.

McKidd said that there has been "a lot of back and forth" about the project, but nothing has been determined yet. IGN says that McKidd emphasized that he's in the running for the role of Thor and not a supporting role, which apparently contradicts what he told them last year when he suggested that Thor might be played by a younger actor. Unfortunately that's all he revealed to them, which means that Marvel literally hasn't chosen who will play Thor or just hasn't told McKidd that he didn't get the role. I've never heard of him until today, which would make this an interesting choice if he indeed gets the gig.

But since McKidd isn't confirmed, there's still a handful of other strong possibilities. How about Brad Pitt or Karl Urban or Vladimir Kulich? For what it's worth, I think Marvel will choose someone with a bit more name recognition than Kevin McKidd. Who do you think would be a good Thor?

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hey hey hey let's not forget about his probably most memorable role as Tommy in Trainspotting! yeah he'd definitely make a great Thor but it really is a shame that Marvel is likely to pick a name based on recognition/popularity or whatever

Florian on Dec 2, 2008


KMK would be perfect.

Nomad on Dec 2, 2008


Well Edward Norton or Robert Downey Jr. aren't really big names when comes to big budget why not McKidd? he's pretty much on the same level Downey and Norton were before their Marvel films...also he was in Kingdom of Heaven and Rome so he has some action training...I think the Avengers will have enough American names attached to it..they're going to need to branch out with more of an international cast

Christopher Marc on Dec 2, 2008


#3 "he's pretty much on the same level Downey and Norton were before their Marvel films" Not even close...I like McKidd especially in Rome but he has nowhere near the recognition as Edward Norton or Robert Downey Jr. as you suggest.

Davis on Dec 2, 2008


i would compare him more to bale when it comes to popularity before batman begins

nelson on Dec 2, 2008


Alex, You should watch him in Rome, which was the series shown on HBO. He was fantastic in that series. I think if he bulked up the way Daniel Craig did for Casino Royale, he'd be all set.

david on Dec 3, 2008


Really, Alex? You post on a movie news site, several times a day, and haven't previously heard of Kevin McKidd up until today? Then you suggest Brad Pitt of all people? That in conjunction with the fact that you're relaying this news which hasn't confirmed anything solidly, from another site no less, just doesn't make any reasonable sense.

Black Guy on Dec 3, 2008


#5 - That's a bit ridiculous... He has never had a starring role in a movie! And I'm sorry I don't watch much TV, so that won't justify his recognition either... #7 - Same thing man! He's not a big name actor by any means... He has barely been in any movies and since I don't watch any of the shows he's in, no, I don't know who he is... I'm sorry - is it so hard to believe?

Alex Billington on Dec 3, 2008


I really don't think a name brand actor should play the role of Thor, with the one exception of David Wenham (though obviously he'd have to bulk up a bit, and especially Pitt, Urban or Kulich (although he's got a barely close look, I just can't see it myself). I dunno if you've ever watched True Blood, but my housemate and I think Alexander Skarsgård, who plays Eric, would be a great fit. He's got the bulk, though needs to work on it some more. He's the right nationality, and just has that right *look*. But that's just my opinion..

Dan on Dec 3, 2008


#8 "He has never had a starring role in a movie" - Trainspotting. Dog Soldiers. Did you mean never had a starring role in an American movie?

Vole on Dec 3, 2008


This guy's awesome. It's great news and hopefully he gets the part, he would do good in it.

Itri on Dec 3, 2008


#10 HJe did not star in Trainspotting. Just Dog Soliders.

REAL6 on Dec 3, 2008


"Eric" on True Blood would be perfect. (HBO series)... he is towers over everybody and he looks like Thor. Kevin M. Kidd looks like a caveman.

aztech on Dec 3, 2008


Oh Wow! I like him, think he should definitely be considered. I usually prefer not have a huge star. Can't wait to hear more about this and of course the other Marvel flicks.

K on Dec 3, 2008


Ooooh, I think that would be a decent candidate(to put on the list). He'd need to hit the gym double time before shooting ever began. Not to mention a speech coach. Thor needs to be a huge guy. But then again Wolverine is only supposed to be what - 5'5''-5'10''? while Hugh Jackman is passing 6' Alex, do you have a breakdown of all the possible actors to play each Avenger?? Or at least a list from rumors/fanbase/your own observation(which seems to be in the crosshairs on this thread)?

Nick Sears on Dec 3, 2008


isn't he a little small to play Thor? I imagine Thor as being someone who's six and a half feet tall and weights like 250 pounds with flowing blonde hair and an angry attitude. Kinda like that wrestler Triple H.

jason on Dec 3, 2008


honestyly vladimir is too old to portray a good thor brad pit has too much ego and too many tatoos karl urban ... maybe but i dunno if he's able to have more than an angry/constipated face while playing any role it would be weird/interesting if this guy did get the role i mean look at robert downey no one really expected him to be as good an ironman as he was so really u never know but i agree with #15 he'd have to hit the gym big time. another interesting choice would be tyler mane ... if he can act at all... really though picking an actor to fill the shoes of such a large and i would assume a demanding role would be a hard decision ... not to mention fans could be riotous if the wrong actor was chosen and then they'd have to wait 5 years like they did with Hulk... just saying

Sam-Graeme on Dec 3, 2008


I like the suggestions KMK and David Wenham. I agree, whoever it is would have to bulk up a lot to around Triple H size. He needs to be imposing standing alongside the other Avengers. Wenham did a good job getting in shape for 300 so I imagine he'd be up for the task. On second thought though, they good just use a ton of CGI and rip him out like Dr. Manhatten in Watchmen.

Bobby on Dec 3, 2008


On a third thought, maybe they should just get Gerard Butler. He was great in 300 and would dominate as Thor.

Bobby on Dec 3, 2008


This guy IS Thor! Marvel should sign him up now!

Spider on Dec 3, 2008


Aw i thought of him for Captian America and the main lead off of Fringe for Sharon Carter if they made a cap movie in the present but i guess he could be thor

Samuel on Dec 3, 2008


Jay Cutler MR. O 2007 would be awsome !!!

Dave on Dec 3, 2008


#9 was dead on with the actor from True Blood, Alexander Skarsgård, who plays Eric. This guy is already massive and would fit the part perfectly. Only question I would have is that I have never seen him has a major role and dont know if his acting would be up to par.

Connor on Dec 3, 2008


"He has never had a starring role in a movie!" What? Kevin McKidd was the main character in "Bedroom and Hallways", where he ends up bedding James Purefoy. In secondary roles on that film are Tom Hollander and this guy named Hugo Weaving. He's a very good actor and has shown a great amount of range. Generally better known in the UK than in the US.

Iko on Dec 3, 2008


Dog Soldiers, anyone?

McChunlisonberg on Dec 3, 2008


mickey rourke?

Bill Olin on Dec 3, 2008


i would say Vladimir Kulich, for some reason he looks like he would do thor justice and he certainly does look viking-ish. if any of you haven't seen the 13th warrior id suggest watching it cuz hes certainly bad ass there...only problem hes gotta work on his accent =S, but overall i think hed be a good choice

cmedina on Dec 3, 2008


Alex Scarsgard fits the bill - absolute . . . 6'4", Swedish built! If you are questioning his acting, just watch HBO's "Generation Kill" - he had the lead in that mini-series. He's done a lot more, though mostly in Sweden, but there is no doubt he's got the chops . . .

Emcd on Dec 3, 2008


Mickey rourke?! I'm looking forward to him in The Wrestler - but only b/c he looks like he's already been through hell - This is the beginning of Thors' story, not his graceful exit into retirement. I just googled Alex Skarsgard and I gotta say I can totally see him playing Thor. Toss him in the gym for a few months, slap on a beard and you got yourself Thor. I've never seen him act/talk though, so I'm only green-lighting halfway based off of his appearance. What you do you think?

Nick Sears on Dec 3, 2008


Kevin McKidd would make a good Thor, although he needs to significantly bulk up. I still think DOMINIC PURCELL, Lincoln Burrows from Prison Break, would be great in the role.

Daas on Dec 3, 2008


The problem I'm running into in terms of wrapping my mind around this whole "thor" personna is you want to dude who can act, and do a convincing job... but if I recall, isn't thor supposed to be 6'7" and 350-400lbs? Let's not forget RIPPED to the core. I hate to say it but maybe Gunter Shlierkamp?? Can't act that well though... So, based off of simply the look alone, their choices are a lean & skinny Thor, a CGI thor, a Vonnie jones-juggernaut arms thor, or a big nordic-lloking dude who can't act... I think all of the above would look cheesey on some level. This is going to be hard to pull off.

j money on Dec 3, 2008


I am far from interested in a Thor Flick for the reasons pointed out by number #31. I don't really get Thor as character..But, I will be honest and say that I was not interested in Iron Man or Teh hulk films till I saw the footage and started hearing some of the plot lines...I will hold out for More information on Thor to make up my mind...

ERivas on Dec 3, 2008


Vladimir Kulich IS Thor! He looks like Thor, he's athletic, and he's a massive guy-6'5", about 300 lbs. He did a great job in 13th Warrior and he has the expression of a fighter. However, there is NO way Hollywood would cast someone of his age-52. (he certainly could play Thor's dad or part of Thor's clan) So now what? The powers that be may decide to go with an unknown the way they did with Superman Returns. OR, they could always cast 1998 World's Strongest Man champion, Magnus Samuelsson, LOL! He's 6'7", 343 lbs., has blonde hair (and eyebrows) and blue eyes, and is Swedish. Yep, they should go with Magnus. And they would have a ready-to-go wife for Thor as well. Magnus' wife Kristin, is a former two time champ of Sweden's Strongest Woman. Man, I oughta get paid for this! 😉

Kimber on Dec 3, 2008



Tony on Dec 3, 2008


Nathon Jones. Slap some hair on him then you got your 6'11 colossus. Brad Pitt would be cool but we've already seen him as Achilles meaning I doubt he would want to workout to the size of Thor if he was at all interested. Mckidd seems like an interesting actor to pick.

The_Phantom on Dec 3, 2008


I was thinking exactly the same thing about the True Blood actor! He is an obscure actor but could probably pull it off.

Greg Hernandez on Dec 3, 2008


what about Marc Warren? i kn he's british but he's got a square jaw and blonde hair so eh it could work he'd also need to hit the gym... and work on a non-british accent gerard butler might work he'd have to be dipped in blonde dye though lol i also agree with #33 they might find some (at the time) nobody like they did for superman returns this version of Thor i could see being very popular and this one isnt a huge bulking giant, hes well built and intimidating if this is possible on film i'd probably pay good money to see it

Sam-Graeme on Dec 3, 2008


Those are some of the worse suggestions I have ever seen. Vladamir Kulich??? Do you even know who the fuck THOR IS? Holy Crap...why not suggest Tom Cruise or Gary Coleman while you're at it.

Partridge on Dec 3, 2008


I don't think the True Blood guy would really fit into Thor. But still, I have to say that he'd be a great Don Blake, he has the same face as the Coipel one. In my opinion, any blond bastard with the right bulk would be cool ( I'm always thinking about HHH doing the role but I do not trust him alot about that big issue). I think that Vladimir Kulich would fit the role right. I never saw any movie with him in it, but he looks like a viking... still a lot more than Alexander Skarsgard or whatever his name is.

Antoine on Dec 3, 2008


To 35 and 36- Holy shit! I just looked at pics of Nathan Jones. He'll do! That guy is huge! Plus, he already has movie experience. Don't know what his voice sounds like though, and can he act? Scroll down a little and look at this pic of Nathan Jones with Conan Stevens. Are they even from this planet??!! 37-Yes, could be some unknown they choose. The domestic box office take for Superman Returns was $200 million, so that gamble paid off.

Kimber on Dec 3, 2008


Oh I just read Nathan went head to head with Magnus Samuelsson arm wrestling in 1995 and suffered a serious injury to his arm. Well, at 6'11" and 360 lbs, the Aussie certainly should be considered for Thor.

Kimber on Dec 3, 2008


You never heard of Kevin McKidd?? What, you live under a rock or somethin?? He's the best thing to come along in ages and yes, he has had starring roles in a movie or three! I've heard rumors about a sequel to Dog Soldiers, would love to see him reprise his role in that 😉 Marvel is crazy if they don't sign him.

L. Eckard on Dec 3, 2008


Yeah Nathon Jones is a giant. However, I think he would probably play a better Conan then Thor. As far as acting goes for the him though I don't know. He's only been in movies where he doesn't say anything. Troy, Fearless, and The Protector. But definitly a guy I wouldn't want to fight! haha.

The_Phantom on Dec 3, 2008


Look, lets face it - clearly people don't look like a lot of the characters that have been imagined up by comic book artists over the years. Yeah, sure, there are some that are going to translate well to the big screen, and others that aren't. It's hard to find someone that's going to fit yours, mine and everyone's ideal of a particular character, let alone have him live up to the stature of someone like Thor. First and foremost though, you want someone that can act, which clearly rules out people like HHH, Nathon Jones or Magnus - without that, the movie is just going to fall flat. The rest? Well, there is a certain amount of work that can be done to help a person fill the role. Just look at what Snyder managed to do to get Gerard Butler and co looking as good as they did for their roles in 300. Oh, and Alex Skarsgard is 6'4", which is only a couple inches off Thor's 6'6".

Dan on Dec 4, 2008


Vladimir Kulich

FXDWG on Dec 4, 2008


He would be the perfect choice me thinks...'nuff said.

Birdman on Dec 4, 2008


Kevin is bloody a fantastic actor. FANTASTIC and he has the look and skill to do this. Good job everyone who KNOWS who McKidd is and shame on you Alex for not knowing this.

D-9 on Dec 4, 2008


If anyone has seen True Blood lately and looked Alex Skarsgard...his character is basically (in build and in some other aspects) the vampiric version of Thor...he's even supposed to be a "viking" of the past in that show...however, acting wise, he might not fit the part he's very good but I think he's better in more Generation Kill type parts and his style might not fit the character well.

cgirl32 on Dec 4, 2008


Why do we need someone recognizable? I think we should give McKidd a chance. And Brad Pitt? Good Lord... I'd skip the hell out of that movie if I saw Brad Pitt was Thor.

Syphous on Dec 7, 2008


I'm a huge fan of "Tru Blood" and really enjoyed both "Rome" and "Journeyman". Really hated to see both of those shows end. Kevin McKidd would be and incredible choice for "Thor". I've heard that he's doing a gig on "Grey's Anatomy"...not that I would ever watch that sorry-excuse-for-a-TV-show! He's an incredible actor and after working with a trainer and spending some time in the gym, he'd really look the part. Alex Skarsgard would also be an awesome choice! Outside of "Tru Blood", I've never seen him in anything but he's amazing in "TB". And as a comment to #31....according to the most recent Marvel Encyclopedia, Wolverine is 5'3 and 195 lbs. Hugh Jackman is 6'2! Hugh Jackman is an awesome Wolverine....embodying all that makes Wolverine who he is. He proves that it takes a GOOD actor to truly capture the persona of these characters, not just some one who has the PHYSICAL attributes. That's why they had to utilize CGI for The Hulk considering that there are no 7'1, 1,040 lbs actors running around Hollywood. And despite the fact that Thor is 6'6 and 640 lbs in the comic books, I can implement my "suspension of disbelief" and see either McKidd or Skarsgard as's called IMAGINATION.....:-)

Jay-El on Dec 7, 2008


Thor fuckin sucks and so does Antman. The Avengers suck too! Who gives a shit? What about X-Force or some old school Image books like Gen 13 or Wetworks? X-FORCE, X-FORCE, X-FORCE!!!!!

sumonesumtime on Dec 7, 2008


i think mckidd would be a great choice because he has the acting chops. he can give thor a gritty whit to him and make thor really cool. i agree though we will need to bulk up a little, but in hollywood today that isnt a problem. David Wenham would be a good choice to, but same deal about bulk. plus he doesnt have the same edge that Mckidd would have. I think the dream person to play Thor is Gerald Butler because he can be massive like Thor, act really well, and has enough star power to make people see it. However the role I would possibly just keep thinking of 300 and Thor is somewhat too similar, so he probably wont take the role. Though if Marvel can get him, he is the safest bet.

zach s on Dec 8, 2008


I also think McKidd would be great. Not only he has the looks and fire, but he is also very good with accents, from Scottish to British to American, he has done it all and bulking up will be the easy part.

Anabel on Dec 9, 2008


Jouko Ahola would make an excellent Thor. His acting experience isn't great but Thor doesn't need to talk all that much. He was the the blond guy who got shot in the neck with an arrow in Kingdom of Heaven.

JaKo on Dec 10, 2008


I don't know anything about this guy but why not? He kinda reminds me of Boris Becker and I think he has the right kind of look. Thor can be played by a younger actor - he's an immortal after all so the part doesn't require the lived in look I expect someone like Tony Stark or Cap to have. That means 'no' to both Brad Pitt [way too and and I agree with comment 49] and David Wenham [doesn't have that nordic thing goin on]. Mickey Rourke? Come on!

Subi on Dec 13, 2008


it has to be Alexander Skarsgard... Have u seen him on Generation Kill and True Blood? The man got his wide range acting talents. Physically, he is perfect too as Thor.

Batgirl on Dec 28, 2008


ABOUT TIME SOMEONE SAID GERARD BUTLER!!!!!!!!!! The man was awesome as King Leonidas and Beouwulf. He has that rugged handsome look that a god should have and he is an excellent actor. He could carry this off without a doubt!!! He is still in damn good shape and he has the height 6'2" and with CG he can be made to be taller and he also has the ability to look fieresome! ( Did I spell that right?) The man is great for the part and he has the name now!!! Any doubts?!! Watch him in "300" and just see how awesome he'd be as Thor. You need that bigger than life appearance and Gerry has that!!

Joanie on Jan 3, 2009


thor should be liz pina who has a 345 pound and inch like parkwr from the csn softball team peniis or sexiest man alive brittany snow. jensen ackles was born with half a testicle and a peniiis for a buttt and a pusa for a pennis. jensen ackles had rough sexxx with shamar mooore and geeezer hamroids of the year patrick dempsey and jensen ackles, sahmar mooore and pat demsey started crying in agony how good it felt. greg hudgens got his dickkk cut offff while jerkng offf loooking at zacv efron when someone bombed the high school musical 3 ser

alexgweaponsex on Jan 3, 2009


Alexander Scarsgard would be perfect, make some great trailers and every woman in America will want to see the movie. He has an extensive resume, up until recently it's mostly foreign. He has the look. I'm sure a lot of us are sick of seeing the same actors doing the same movies over and over, a great movie makes an actor famous. Don't do something stupid like paying some famous actor 100 million to make the movie a flop. Time for some new blood (that was kinda corny--I know).

Tab on Jan 5, 2009


i think that tripple h the wrestler would be the perfect fit. hes just got that thing about him vat would make him just look like thor. n hes already gt the strengh n the role he played in blade trinity was gd so y nt giv him a go. n cum on kevin mckid dog soldiers snd trainspottin wer shit.

meesey on Jan 7, 2009


A scottish guy play a Nordic role? What the hell?!? That is a slap in the face to the Scandinavian heritage. Jouko Ahola should play Thor. There is no questioning it. Brad Pitt? Hell no. He is a pretty boy actor, and he is not big enough.

Mitchell Peterson on Jan 16, 2009


how about the wrestler Triple H from WWE, he has the hair, muscle, and the attitude

T Redd 205 on Jan 17, 2009


Personally I think Vladimir Kulich or Dennis Storhoi would perform Thor well.

Veilhelm Endori on Jan 26, 2009


THANK YOU 63 for those GREAT suggestions!! Dennis Storhoi is a wonderful actor, but he is too small. I know many of you like Kevin McKidd. I'm not familiar with him, but his face doesn't look the part, at least not naturally. I know, there's always makeup. Gerard Butler can bring it acting wise, but he already did 300 and has moved on. I'll say it again-Vladimir Kulich. He just looks the part naturally, so you wouldn't have to tweak his face with makeup, nor his body with padding. AND he can act! He's got a great voice and quite the physical presence.

Kimber on Feb 1, 2009


I would definitely go with James Preston Rogers to play the roll of THOR he as it all ,he is not a top actor but i think he could do it.

ARTUR THIMOTEO on Feb 2, 2009



Danny from austria on Feb 7, 2009


I believe the best choice for thor would be the guy who played in TROY named boagrius. He is the first person to fall by the sword of achilles. Him or the guy on american gladiators the blond he is like 6ft 8 and massive!

Eric on Feb 13, 2009



adumbnickel on Mar 10, 2009


The main reason why nobody probably mentions Dolph Lundgren is because Dolph Lundgren pretty much sucks as an actor. He barely pulled off the role of He-Man! All we basically need is a GOOD actor who is somewhat taller than the average Hollywood actor, which believe it or not, is not very tall. There are not many GOOD actors that are well-known who are at least 6'1. As far as being "big enough"....that is really going to come down to how believable the actor is. Yes, he will have to put on some size and become more muscular but does everyone agree that Hugh Jackman TOTALLY embodies the character of Wolverine? He is the true personification of Wolverine and yet, he is much TALLER than Wolverine is and is not as thick and muscular as he is in the comics. I'm sure the director will be focusing on what kind of performance whomever he chooses will deliver eventually and NOT on how BIG he is at casting.

Jay-El on Mar 11, 2009


It seems Jouko Ahola can also act. The movie in which he has a lead role is competiting in Cannes.

Gc on Apr 26, 2009


Vladimir Kulich, hands down. Didn't we learn not to type cast because of age with the Wizard of Oz? Sure they wanted someone who's "age" fit the part, Shirly Temple. But instead they got Judy Garland who aced the role and became a worldwide classic. Age = NOTHING. Acting = EVERYTHING. all he has to do is act Thor's age, and BOOM. It'll be a hit. And with the skills he's shown so far in what few opprotunities he's actually had, he's proven that he'd ace it. Vladimir Kulich = 10/10. sorry, but a wrestler and a metrosexual superstar who's ego is bigger than his biceps just don't fit the description.

Archibald Peepers on May 3, 2009

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