Wildstorm's Comic The Boys Being Adapted by Sony

August 27, 2008

The Boys

Another new vulgar comic is headed for the big screen - The Boys. First published by Wildstorm and later by Dynamite Entertainment, the comic follows a CIA squad, known informally as "the boys", whose job it is to keep watch over superheroes and eliminate them if necessary. Aeon Flux and The Tuxedo writers Matt Manfredi and Phil Hay have been hired to write the adaptation of the comic, which will head into production under producer Neal H. Moritz. No director has been attached just yet. This is one of many projects that Moritz has announced recently and should be exciting to follow as it develops.

My comic book friend is a fan of The Boys and is quite excited to see it head to the big screen. However, he mentioned that it is incredibly vulgar and includes some crazy violence and sexuality. He said it's similar to Wanted and would only be able to be an adaptation on that level - meaning rated R and excessively violent as well. I'm curious whether Sony will actually go with something that vulgar or whether they'll tone it down for the big screen. If you're not familiar with this comic at all, it's apparently up in the same vein as Wanted, so be sure to check it out. After I heard some details from my friend, I was actually quite excited to hear that it was going into production.

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In the same vein as Wanted?! Not even close!! There is no way, NO WAY, they will be able to do this comic, or Garth Ennis, justice on the big screen. Getting an R Rating will be less than a miracle if they want to keep it faithful to the book; and "toning" it down will take too much away from the intent of the comic. If pedophilia, homosexuality, beastiality, rape, and racially charged images, that Ennis is known for, make for a great summer movie, then SONY has lost there minds!!! Lets hope so, cuz I would love to see the Directors Cut for this film.

K Myers on Aug 27, 2008


... I don't think this is going to work >_< And will Simon Pegg play 'Simon Pegg'? lol!! ^^ ((those who read the book may know what I'm talking about))

LW on Aug 27, 2008


I'm pretty sure Garth Ennis doodles are even NC-17. If you're doubtful consider this, his Punisher stuff is proably the most family friendly work he's done. Mark Millar pushed things in Wanted, but Ennis pushes them, kicks, them over sets, them on firem, craps on them, glues them together, and starts all over again nearly every issue of every book he writes--god I love'em. The guys who wrote Aeon Flux and The Tuxedo are adapting it? I thought the writers' strike was over. Well, at least Fox isn't attached to it.

goudos on Aug 27, 2008


Plus, Alex's quick synopsis isn't exactly accurate 😛 The Boys only go after superheroes who have done something most vile... then beat the shit out of them. 😀

LW on Aug 27, 2008


@1 The Boys is similar to Wanted so just calm down.

Soup Nazi on Aug 27, 2008


I agree with the above. This comic is well beyond anything that has been brought to the screen so far. It is at times offensive and disgusting. The fact that the people who did Tuxedo and Aeon are brought on this has convinced me that it will be watered down and not Ennis' vision.

Heckle0 on Aug 27, 2008


Okay, if wanted changed a major plot point where they aren't supervillains, but some kind of secret society, there is no way in hell they are going to stick to killing superheroes in this one. I love Ennis and the Boys, but this is just too intense for the big screen. I'm much more excited for HBO picking up Preacher... 😀

Marty McFly on Aug 27, 2008


HBO is not doing Preacher. Too violent. They wanted it toned down and the producer refused. Wildstorm/DC no longer publishes The Boys, as you noted in your story, so why isn't it correct in the headline?

Rockin' Rich on Aug 27, 2008


By the two guys who did Aeon Flux and The Tuxedo. Well this movie bombed before it wqas even made. Horrible choice in writers it's as if Sony doesn't care.

Jesse on Aug 27, 2008


i agree with no.9. get the same guys who did wanted.

Darrin on Aug 28, 2008


To #10 But do the guys who did 'Wanted' know about 'The Boys'? And if they do, how will we feel if they changed the corrupt superheroes to corrupt... cops instead?

LW on Aug 28, 2008


It is not published by Wildstorm it's published by Dynamite Entertainment. Wildstorm did publish, but then DC (who owns Wildstorm) stopped it's publication because of some of the subject matter. And really this is way beyond Wanted as far as graphic content. Just like Wanted you would have to completely scrap the original material to make it into a movie, so at that point, why bother? Why not make a movie called Super Killers, put some explosions and bullets flying, market to the teenagers, pay Alex to post the "MUST SEE" preview, and call it a day.

Nick on Jan 19, 2009


I would surely go see this movie no matter what rating it is. It will be interesting to see who the actors will be. Lucy Liu, maybe they will open it up to some new actors. Do not use the same guys who did Wanted.

Amiga95831 on Jul 17, 2009

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