Will Smith's Seven Pounds Gets a Trailer, Too

September 29, 2008

Seven Pounds Trailer

In addition to the fantastic trailer for Australia released earlier today, Sony has debuted the first trailer for the follow-up to Will Smith's Pursuit of Happyness. Directed by Gabriele Muccino, Seven Pounds stars Smith as an IRS agent who sets out to make amends by helping seven strangers. As touching and heartwarming as this trailer looks, I'm completely confused. Is Will Smith some sort of superhero who has the power to heal these strangers? Or is he giving them money? I really don't want to know what the spoiler is, but at the same time, I'm so lost I don't even know if I want to see it at all. Anyone else confused?

Watch the first trailer for Seven Pounds:

Trailer removed at the request of Sony. It will be back again soon!

Ben (Will Smith) is an IRS agent who is depressed and guilt-ridden about mistakes from his past. He sets out to make amends by helping seven strangers. When he meets Emily (Rosario Dawson), a beautiful woman with a heart condition, he falls in love with her, thereby complicating his plans. Woody Harrelson also appears as a blind pianist who befriends Ben.

Seven Pounds is directed by Italian filmmaker Gabriele Muccino, of One Last Kiss, Remember Me My Love, and The Pursuit of Happyness previously. The original screenplay was penned by newcomer Grant Nieporte. Sony is releasing Seven Pounds in theaters on December 19th this holiday season.

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At a guess, I would say that he's giving his organs to them. Maybe he killed someone else and now he's dying himself (or ready to kill himself?) he wants to see if they're worthy of receiving his organs to keep living. After all, blind character - corneal transplants, patient with heart condition - heart transplant. It's gotten my attention, anyway.

Michelle@FSR on Sep 29, 2008


The organ donor theory sounds about right. But it's an expertly put together trailer because it grabs our attention and forces us to ask these questions. When the lady at the end asks "What are you going to do?" I'm sitting there thinking, "YEAH?! What are you going to do?!" That said, is it weird that I want to see this movie more for Rosario Dawson than I do for Will Smith? I find her very authentic and interesting. Smith has "MOVIE STAR" stamped across his forhead in glitter.

Tom Brazelton on Sep 29, 2008


Good call! Nothing could be a better follow up to Pursuit of Happiness(or to have everyone in the theatres sobbing) than to have Will Smith give each person(or just one) his organs. Well played Michelle

Nick Sears on Sep 29, 2008


Confused? What's to be confused about? And just because your confused and don't know the story behind the story you don't want to watch it. That's just silly. Finally a trailer that doesn't give the entire story away. Looks like a very heartwarming, inspirational story. I'm game.

K on Sep 29, 2008


Can someone PLEASE tell me what the music is from starting at 1:30ish until the end? It is bugging me like crazy!!!! Oh, and Will is a good man, I like his stuff. So I will see this. PoH was a great movie from him, and having the same director is a good sign

Josiah on Sep 29, 2008


Looks kind of like another pay it forward type of movie

Derek on Sep 29, 2008


"My name is lincoln" steve jablonsky from the island soundtrack. (that is the song) phenominal song, and honestly i love will smith, with movies like this, he always pulls at the heart strings and sells his role. ill definitely see this, and rosario is not to shabby. if Jablonsky scores it, its a definite win for me! 😀

Taurinh24 on Sep 29, 2008


Not even slightly interested. Terrible trailer with not much of a plot line... Is he a messenger from God or something? crap

Conrad on Sep 29, 2008


Not extremely enthralled by this. Not even with the possible prospect of a Rosario Dawson nude scene. heh

kevjohn on Sep 29, 2008


I got seven pounds for ya, right here baby!!!

Peter Griffin on Sep 29, 2008


He dies in the end and Rosario Dawson has his baby that weighs Seven Pounds? meh, I tried to think of something a bit different than the organ donor theory. It could be both, who knows.

Keith on Sep 29, 2008


The organ donor thory is spot on, but he also helps some out with cash & House

taraji on Sep 29, 2008


ROFL @ #10. I think it's too early to judge the movie specially with a trailer that doesn't reveal much (which is a good thing)

Phizik on Sep 29, 2008


Great trailer! I'm looking forward to this movie. Great music!

James Dean on Sep 29, 2008


hmm that would complicate things if you fall in love with the girl your gonna give your heart to. Im Always up for more Will Smith films.

bret on Sep 29, 2008


looks good...until the next trailer comes along and gives it all away! i'll be seeing it!

chrisUK on Sep 29, 2008

17 Nice trailer, its very obvious to me as to what he is going to do.. but its all so self righteous.. I hope they dont let it get out of hand - will smith aint no god.

dom on Sep 30, 2008


SPOILER ALERT - He will die and provide his organs to those seven in need - SPOILER ALERT

dom on Sep 30, 2008


does anyone else think that this will be the film that will end will smith's 100M streak. i guess he's gunnin for that oscar instead

LeeMan on Sep 30, 2008


7 pounds is the total weight of his donated organs. 😉

Hai on Oct 2, 2008


yeah by putting spoiler alert in caps people wont see the spoiler.. ruined it for me.. now i can't be all sensitive when seeing the movie.. shit!

creator on Oct 10, 2008


I thank you for the spoiler. I want to know if it's going to be too sad for me beforehand. I can take gore, adventure, and comedy.... but I don't want to wish I hadn't put myself through the agony of a sad movie. I would be too sad. What is it about movies and books that have to be tragic to be consdered great? Why can't things be happy?

scared to cry on Nov 6, 2008


tell me more.... pleeeeese.

scared to cry on Nov 6, 2008


ive kind of guess whats going to happen in the end in this movie... because Will Smith is on a mission to help seven people including falling in love with a women that has a heart problem. i im guessing in the very end he will give his heart to help her and keep her alive and he will die to save the life of the girl he loves and in the same time helping her completeing the seven people mission he set fourth... thats my guess.... we'll find out soon enough

Joseph on Nov 6, 2008


You're probably right on target about the suicide thing and giving his organs to the those he's designated to help. Once he meets these people and develops their trust and they know that he's going to "heal" them somehow.. falling in love with the woman and then WANTING to live could very well complicate everything. I'll pay the money to watch the movie! You Betcha!!!

Sherilyn on Nov 10, 2008


Brilliant movie trailer! This is a story that hasn't been done. Finally, a truly unique script. Yes, organ donation is the key, but this is not about suicide, or, it better not be. Kudos to those who edited this trailer and chose the music. This will be a tearjerker.

Duane S. on Nov 13, 2008


I think it might be a reference to 'a pound of flesh' from the Shakespeare play 'Merchant of Venice'. Not a literal pound of flesh, but as a penance for when you do something terrible. So maybe he is doing a good deed (or giving his 'pound of flesh') to/for 7 different people to make up for something he did in his past. 7 people= 7 pounds. Just a thought.

julie on Nov 13, 2008


spoiler...I just read that he is an IRS agent and messes up on someone's tax returns and he's finding someone to give the money too before the government gets it from him. SERIOUSLY, this is a spoiler and the movie sounds DUMB NOW!!!

Tara on Nov 14, 2008


Hey, I work for a Ogan Procurement Organization and from the first time that I saw this trailer I thought about organ donation. The only thing that is throwing me is that you can save 8 lives by being an organ donor with your 6 organs that you can donate and enhance the lives of up to 50 w/ tissue donation. I want to see the movie but I'm also conserned that this will just spread more myths about organ donation though, a person can't pick the people that they donate to and a doctor would never agree to help someone kill themselves to donate to others- it's against the law! Sorry for the rant, it looks like a good movie, I just wish people wouldn't believe everything they see on TV and in movies.

DK on Nov 20, 2008


7 lbs, weight of an average brain... Organ donated among 7 people is worth a thought, brain, 2 eyes, heart, liver, penis.... oops... but you get the point, anyways, should be a great movie! From PoH to IAL to Hancock it's time to slow it down again... Will Smith ROCKS!

Tony Balogna on Nov 29, 2008


Actually the human brain weighs about 3lbs. Just FYI

Lisa on Dec 5, 2008


C'mon people....ask yourself....what weighs seven pounds and makes Will Smith sad?!?!?!? You can see it in his face!!!!! A new born, (or unborn) BABY!!!!!

Tom on Dec 7, 2008


the IRS angle doesn't make sense - just because he messed up the tax return doesn't mean he gets the money, when you pay taxes it goes to the government, not the specific agent handling your case. Also, if he messed up that guy's life and somehow was able to get the money why wouldn't smith's character just give it back?

jennifer on Dec 8, 2008


The organ donor thing is a good idea. WHAT if he is finding these people because he needs new organs, or someone else that he knows does? Finding the people that are needed to harvest their organs? After watching an interview with Will Smith, he said that this character has a more dark side than any of his others. And, he said at the end of the movie will be a sucker punch you wouldn't expect to happen. But, it's to soon to say anything, but with any positive movie couldn't there be an opposite? You think it's going to be a heart warming movie and it's played out to be so, until he turns bad. It's been done before, and it will happen again. And, the whole IRS thing does make sense, wouldn't he have access to all these people's personal information? Just a thought, let me know if you think I'm wrong.

Alex on Dec 9, 2008


Lisa, thx... Alex... good point..//

Tony Balogna on Dec 9, 2008


I also work for an organ donor organization, and they're already sharing with us that a main plot point surrounds organ donation. (We sometimes get advanced warning when, for example, Grey's Anatomy is about to present a completely unrealistic organ donation story in case we get questions from the general public).

KJ on Dec 9, 2008


The trailer has ni plot because its good advetisisng. If they give away to much of the movie, it becomes predictable, thus making it less interesting. they want ot keep you in the edge of your sit...

ta on Dec 10, 2008


"what are seven nice things you can do for someone today?"

k mccaffrey on Dec 11, 2008


I agree with the organ donor idea, but he implies he's paying for some past mistake. Maybe the seven pounds has to do with the death of a baby? A seven pound baby? So, he's saving lives for the one he somehow lost?

JJ on Dec 12, 2008


When I saw the trailer, I thought that Smith's character knew he was going to die from some terminal illness, and decides to choose the recipients for his organs, in order to make up for mistakes in his past. It is a nice trailer. It does its job, and does not show, nor give away the whole movie; as is the norm these days.

Kevin Banks on Dec 14, 2008


Seven pounds is a play on words.... The tax man takes it all from you, to your last pound of flesh.... Ben (Will Smith) feels the need for redemption, henceforth the need to give back a pound of flesh to each of seven deserving people.

Les on Dec 15, 2008


Because I'm a theatre nerd, my first thought went to Shakespeare. In "The Merchant of Venice" a man (Antonio) signs a contract where if he breaks it he forfeits "a pound of flesh" to a money lender (Shylock). Antonio does break the contract, and Shylock intends to take Antonio's heart as his "pound of flesh". I'm sure the organ thingy is correct.

Brian on Dec 16, 2008


The organ donor angle is what I've suspected since the first time I heard of this movie. The title is interesting, probably too interesting for the sake of this movie, it makes you want to figure it all out. Just another Will Smith as a superhero movie only this time he is repenting for past sins. Can it be that Will Smith has no real range or is it that he has a psychological fixation on being a hero every time out of the gate? Boring saccharine drippy waste of time and money. Prediction: Lukewarm to cool box office receipt.

Liz on Dec 17, 2008


This movie is so heartfelt and touching I cried so much! Ben Thomas (Will Smith) pretends to be an IRS agent so he can come into contact with the people he helps. He was using his blackberry on a winding road while driving his wife one night and gets in a car accident which kills his wife and a family of six. So for the seven lives he ended he helps seven lives. Donates part of his liver to a social worker, one of his lungs to his brother, a kidney to a philanthropist, bone marrow to a child with cancer, his eyes to a blind man (Woody Harrelson), and his heart to Emily Rosa (Rosario Dawson) who has congenital heart disease. He also gives his large house on the beach to a woman with kids who was being beaten by her boyfriend. He has a childhood friend sort out the legal details to make sure his organ donations go to Woody and Rosario's characters and the other donations happened while he was alive. I wish Emily did have Ben's baby since they did share a night of passion before he commits suicide by jellyfish, but the movie does not mention that. Even though Ben does tell her he wishes they had children and were married and that they loved eachother; I suppose giving her his actual heart was enough. The pain and emotion on Will Smith's face while acting in this movie makes you feel the depths of the character. Lovely wonderful movie, can't wait to see it in the theater!

Stephanie on Dec 18, 2008


The only thing that I'm still wondering about is the movie trailer states (and website) state that he's helping seven strangers. I don't consider donating one of his lungs to his brother as helping a stranger.

jck74 on Dec 18, 2008


I think some of you are close and most of you missed the mark. Remember Will Smith has been saying he is going to do movie with a meaning... What's with this number seven...sounds like a good clue. What is the weight of the human heart? Why is Will Smith giving us movies with sad endings? I guess seven different people who need something(HELP) and someone who is willing to (HELP), sounds good to me. Prediction: Hot to sizzling box office receipt, what movies have you guys been watching lately?

Zookeeper on Dec 18, 2008


The organ plot is utterly stupid. You can't choose to give your organs. Particularly if you're dead. The system doesn't allow for that.

Bill on Dec 19, 2008


Bill, if you would SEE the film, it briefly touches on how he does that. He has lawyer friends and other cohorts who help make sure it all happens correctly. In theory, you're right, and the movie doesn't focus on it, but it does address that issue... Just go see it, stop complaining!

Alex Billington on Dec 19, 2008


just saw the movie and not planning to give away the plot, but i really thought it was good. and i MUST say that Rosario Dawson is GORGEOUS. she only had makeup on in 2 scenes of this movie and was absolutely beautiful in all the scenes w/o it. Stunning.

ak on Dec 21, 2008


all of the organs that he gave weighted together 7 pounds heart eyes part of liver

ashleigh on Dec 25, 2008


thats bull. the eyes, liver, and heart do NOT weigh 7 lbs. i can see why it would be called 7 years (the life expectancy of a heart troubled dog) i can see why it would be called 7 people (the amount of people he helped) but 7 lbs? maybe if like.. each heart weighed a pound and he touched 7 people's hearts? and who are the 7 strangers he helped? the heart girl the liver girl the eyes man the poor lady the poorly treated woman his brother doesnt count? he isn't a stranger. unless you count the poor woman's 2 kids.. he only helped 5 strangers. hmmmm...

CG on Dec 28, 2008


I thought the movie was okay but there was one part that still has me wondering. Towards the end of the movie when Will Smith has dinner with Rosario Dawson, he gets out of his car with a gift and then he decides to put it back in his car. Later on during the dinner, he runs out to retrieve the gift. What exactly is the gift and is there any significance in it? Or is it more just a plotline to get him to run outside where he encounters his brother? Thanks!

DG on Jan 3, 2009


Although his brother, it appears that he is disconnected from his brother. In the movie his brother is asking where the hell he has been. So one could argue his brother is a stranger. That brings it to six. Someone else suggested that the 7th is a baby that Rosario Dawson was carrying.

BD on Jan 3, 2009


Smith kills seven people when he was text messaging. One of those individuals is his wife he goes through life full of guilt and depressed. He decides to end his live but in the process of ending his life he will give others the opportunity to life; however, he is determine to give his organs to good people. Ben was dieing slowly day by day and he wanted to give his organs to individuals that deserved a second chance to life. 1 Lung Kidney Partial Liver Beach House Eyes Heart Bone Marrow The average weight of a heart is seven pounds.

DeeDee on Jan 4, 2009


Sorry, but the average heart doesn't weigh seven pounds. The average weight of a male heart is 10-12 ounces and 8-10 ounces for a woman.

loretta on Jan 5, 2009


Loretta, So, what is the meaning of the word pounds on this movie?? Does any one know?

DeeDee on Jan 5, 2009


Doing some rough calculations, the net weight of everything he donates is approximately 1.8kg (about 4lbs). However, the movie title could be taken more loosely as the total weight of the parts he donated rather than the weight of just the donated segment - because then you have 2.6kg of bone marrow rather than just 50g which is the donated amount. adding all that together would get to pretty much upto the 7lbs that the movie is named after.

Aashish on Jan 7, 2009


The seven pounds comes from the shakespear theory people,geez. u guys are wearing me out calculating the weight of organs and stuff.

jojo on Jan 11, 2009


Does anyone know what the note said on the bathroom floor next to the tub? u can see it when he is getting into the tub full of ice and when he is dying by jellyfish at the end of the movie, but its hard to read. looks like a note left for the paramedics to find, but what does it say??? Geat movie. i wish i had figured out that it was a tearjerker. i hate those kind of movies. very profound, it made u tear up.

jojo on Jan 11, 2009


It said something along the line of "don't touch the jellyfish" just get me to the hopsital.

Rita on Jan 14, 2009


Seven Pounds comes from Shakespear's term "Seven Pounds of Flesh". It is not literal. It simply means that you are willing to give your life to repay a dept.

Frankyx10 on Jan 15, 2009


I too need to know what the significance of the gift in the car was.

Frankyx10 on Jan 15, 2009


I thought it was a really nice movie; it touched on the dark side of human emotions. I haven't seen that many Will Smith movies, but I really enjoyed his acting and it showed that he has a real depth of character.

anusha on Jan 22, 2009


"Does anyone know what the note said on the bathroom floor next to the tub?" The first half of it says "DO NOT TOUCH THE JELLYFISH!" i cant make out what the rest of it says though. i'd like to know aswell

Jack on Feb 12, 2009



Brian on Feb 21, 2009



Steven on Mar 26, 2009


sometimes when you what to watch a good movie ! you dont have to judged them ! believing they are from the real somewhere !!

rania on May 5, 2009


I had for long shelved this DVD...i thot it was just like other boring hancook kind of stuff until on this lazy afternoon am embarrased to admit i cried out loud and it was wet! can some tell me how to find the song the blind pianist was playing with the kids towards the end of the movie? what is the name? regards

Mlush on May 27, 2009


I had for long shelved this DVD...i thot it was just like other boring hancook kind of stuff until on this lazy afternoon am embarrased to admit i cried out loud and it was wet! can some tell me how to find the song the blind pianist (Woody Harrelson)was playing with the kids towards the end of the movie? what is the name? regards

Mlush on May 27, 2009


Will Smith is reported to have confirmed that the title refers to Shakespeare's The Merchant Of Venice, in which a debtor must pay a pound of flesh.[8] In this case it amounts to seven gifts to seven persons deemed worthy by Smith's character, apparently to atone for seven deaths caused by the auto accident he caused in the plot.

Peter on Jul 13, 2009


the song the pianist plays with the kids at the end is called 'I'm into something good' by 'Herman's Hermits' hope that helps and is what you were looking for Mlush! =]

andy on Jul 24, 2009

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