Witchblade Adaptation Gets a Sexy Teaser Poster

May 27, 2008

Witchblade Poster

We missed this news when the details first hit a few weeks ago, but I guess now we have to mention it. Top Cow's next big adaptation will be of Witchblade, the comic that first appeared in 1995 and went on to become a TV show in 2000 that ran on TNT for two seasons. Remarkably, I thought this was a cheesy incarnation in the same vein as Xena or Buffy, but apparently I was wrong. The first sexy teaser poster for the film has been released well before even the announcement of a cast or director. Who is this lovely lady on the poster? No actress you know, just a digital creation for the sake of attracting some early attention. Hell, they got us to mention it, which is a start, given how uninterested I am. Care to check it out?

The new teaser poster comes alongside of the launch of the official website:


The comic followed Sara Pezzini, a NYPD detective who comes into possession of the Witchblade, a supernatural, sentient artifact with immense destructive and protective powers. The artifact is actually an ornate jewel-encrusted gauntlet that gives extraordinary powers to the wearer, a specially chosen female from each generation. We can expect that the film will follow a story based on that mythology with a central female character coming in possession of the gauntlet. IMDb lists Michael Rymer, of "Battlestar Galactica", as the director, although his involvement is entirely unconfirmed at the moment. The film is expected to go into production this September for a 2009 release.

I'm really not sure what else to say about this. I have no interest in the film, I have no interest in the comic, and I'm really expecting this to be a dud next year. I wish I could have some hope for this (as I usually do for almost every film), but this time I've got nothing. I think the fact that I can't stop connecting this with Xena and Buffy is what's causing the problem. Witchblade debuted right as Xena was coming to a close and right in the middle of Buffy's successful run. Both of those series I have an absolute hatred towards and thus can't imagine Witchblade being any better. Someone please tell me I'm wrong? Even if Megan Fox or Elisha Cuthbert gets cast in this, I still can't see it turning out good.

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Yup.. THAT poster WILL attract attention for sure. But I won't be expecting much out of this too tho. Too many movies based on comic adaptation will be released, and there's not much room left for this film to impress the target audience.

Glodokboy on May 27, 2008


The only way I'll see this is if Jessica Biel is the star and she wears THAT same outfit through the entire movie.

wetworks on May 27, 2008


Wow. I didn't know you could get away with that much ass on a poster. This will be in public spaces where children can see it, correct?

Tom Brazelton on May 27, 2008


i dont have much interest in it right now its a pretty kool looking poster but ill have to wait for news..

Curtis on May 27, 2008


There is NO WAY that that poster is going to be put up in public without protests somewhere.... The israelis were angry at the Sex and the City poster just for having the word "sex" on it!!!

Alex on May 27, 2008


well for once they got the costume right...

Garrett.king on May 27, 2008


This is just an announcement to all aspiring actresses about what they're REALLY looking for, to fill this role!

Just sayin' on May 27, 2008


"Both of those series I have an absolute hatred towards and thus can't imagine Witchblade being any better" What's wrong with Buffy? Buffy was one of the best shows ever!

Drew on May 27, 2008


OK I don't know what this is, but you cannot put Buffy and Xena in the same category! I loathed Buffy for awhile too, but fate intervened and I realized how awesome it was after seeing a couple episodes.

Traveler on May 27, 2008


buffy was the best show ever. someone just has their panties in a bunch

Caitlin on May 27, 2008


Since when did having Megan Fox or Elisha Cuthbert in a film somehow made it note worthy of significance? Oh I guess you probably just think they're just hot... Buffy is okay, and I love Xena. I don't see anything wrong with either shows. There is no given explanation on why they bother you so much. I guess you're not too fond of female action super/heroes. And Xena ended in 2001 and Buffy ended in 2002, so how could it [Witchblade] have debuted in the 'middle of Buffy's successful run'? I'm not sure if I comprehend your timeline version of events. Traveler, as for not being able to put Xena and Buffy in the same catergori, you're right, you can't. Xena proceeds Buffy by almost 3 years, and if it weren't for Xena there wouldn't be Buffy, Dark Angel, Alias and whatever show that appeared afterwards.

angela on May 27, 2008


That poster screams Straight to DVD!

sleepykid on May 27, 2008


Straight to DVD. Girl on the poster kind of looks like halle Berry.

Ryan on May 27, 2008


I loved this comic for about 15 issues, then I kinda stopped collecting altogether, so I'm interested.

Richard on May 27, 2008


The comic book had a combo of mythology, horror, action and whole lot'o boo-tay to keep me collecting it for about 25 numbers. The show sucked. Don't judge on the show. This MIGHT be good.

Juan Carlo on May 27, 2008


This reminds me of SHI with Tia Carrere. They hyped it up but no studio ever coughed up the money to create it. It would be interested if they can get Witchblade out by 2009.

Mike on May 27, 2008


My theater wont put that up. They had to take down the joker poster because it was too graphic 🙁

Rob on May 27, 2008


Alex, You hated Buffy? Xena I completely understand, but Buffy? Okay. Each to their own I guess. Just curious here. Did you like Angle?

Boonstra on May 28, 2008


Alex, you enjoyed Michael Bay directing Transformers, you have a really bad taste. I think that I will be getting here to see which movies you dislike so I will run to watch them.

Simon on May 28, 2008


I laughed at the design of the W. The curvature leads the eye to the womans ass. Ahh the joys of erotic marketing.

ramez on May 28, 2008


Unfortunately; this will end up like the plans for A Shi movie. The Shi comic books and the Witchblade Comic Books can't be translated into Movies or TV. Beautiful scantily clad women graphically killing their adversaries would require the deadly R Rating. Hollywood studios are looking for PG-13 Comic Book Movies like Iron Man. The women would protest that the film is sexist because of the alleged objectifying of the Heroines. Sexism is the new bogeyman. Senator Clinton has raised The Sexism Card every time some thing doesn't go her way. Now it's Alleged Sexism that could provoke a protest against the Movie Studios. Jean Grey and Susan Storm of The X-men and The Fantastic Four were acceptable because they were covered from head to toe in tight fitting suits that did not show any part of their breast or buttocks.Women practice sexism too. In closing; There will not be any comic movies that involve scantily clad Super Heroines.

Ivan A. Arcaya,Sr. on May 28, 2008

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